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Topic: Day 04 [2100 hrs.] Hot Rocks and Compromises (Read 1569 times) previous topic - next topic

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Re: Day 04 [2100hrs] Hot Rocks and Compromises
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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Aldean Spa & Resort | Ibai Besi | Aldea ] Attn: @Brutus 
Oh, but Jennifer got what she had wished for, with virtually no persuasion needed before the Betazoid was betwixt her legs.

Across the expanse of her oil and water-beaded body - which heaved with rising passion - she looked into the eyes of the Ensign with her wishes and pleasure plain in her green eyes. She felt those fingers digging into her thighs, and while she was no mind-reader, it was - to her - quite apparent how Eloi-Danvers thoroughly enjoyed herself that evening. Not just in the treatment they had received by their quite forward massage therapists, but this very recent development between them as well.

For Jennifer, it was a combination of the environment, the lighting, the build-up and the forbidden aspect of their ranks and positions - the adventure crossing borders not normally considered. It had been quite an experience, and she felt that the crescendo was nigh for her. She couldn't help but undulate her hips in answer to what the Betazoid was doing, and revel in what she did with her mouth against her nether lips. She made her delight known in the sounds she made, freely expressing her ecstasy. She fell back against the floor, just so that she could run her hands over herself in response to the pleasure. One hand sought Faye's head of hair, and she raked her fingers through it in an unspoken plea for her not to stop. She felt like she was tethering on the edge for quite a while, sensitive as she had become from all the ministrations of both the two who had serviced them as well as the attaché herself.

With the lights of the city playing over them both as well as the waters, Dewitt soon found that there was no way she could last any longer. Highly receptive to stimuli as she'd become, she groaned hard rather than screaming, but her whole body convulsed where she laid on the floor - a slave to the waves of pleasure that crashed through her nervous system. It was like she couldn't draw breath, gasping as she writhed there on the edge of the bath. Her hands had become fists at her sides, and her whole anatomy flexed in response to what the Betazoid was doing to her; her back arching up in full abandon to the pleasure dealt unto her by the Ensign.

Eventually, the crescendo might have tapered out, but the aftershocks immediately followed - rendering her a gasping wreckage of a woman. As if she had been stranded there at the edge of the bath. She could but laugh in delight afterwards, even as she tried to draw breath. "Wow...." she managed weakly, followed by another soft laugh.

She had no idea if Faye wanted to continue playing, or if the time had come to - sadly - return to the Theurgy; the late night frivolities finally coming to an end. Slowly, she slipped back into the bath in front of Faye, wrapped her arms around her waist, and kissed her fully in gratitude for what she'd made her experience. She had no words adequate, hoping instead that the younger woman would recognise her feelings nonetheless.

Re: Day 04 [2100 hrs.] Hot Rocks and Compromises
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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Aldean Spa and resort | Ibai Besi | Aldea] Attn: @Auctor Lucan 

Time became malleable as Faye worked her tongue and jaw, focusing on the sensations against her tongue and the pleasant pressure of the other woman's emotions as she made a sort of feedback loop, drinking down the results of her physical affections toward Dewitt. Her hips swayed side to side in the water, giving her an almost sinuous sort of air as she devoted her attention to the flowering snatch before her and the woman writhing on the stones. Not once did she shut her eyes; she wished to remember how Jennifer looked as she had her way with the senior officer.

At some her breasts had come to rest against the rocks, rubbing on their worn facades as she dined upon Jennifer, lapping and sucking and losing herself in the moment, gasping as she felt fingers rake across her scalp, tangling in her wet hair and pulling her face forward harder still. Eventually she felt the tale tell shudder, the building heat within from the other officer, and knew what was about to happen. This only caused the impish Betazoid to redouble her efforts to bring about that peak, not for the sake of releasing tension, but for the sheer sake of making her negotiating partner climax. Orgasm for Orgasm's sake, nothing more, nothing less.

Faye knew that she would remember the moment for some time to come - the other woman arching up off the stone floor, her body bending with desire, shaking as she came against the Ensigns mouth. Faye herself groaning in time with Dewitt, swallowing and sucking against those sweet folds, drinking down the moment, as the lights of the city played over the other woman's skin. Pulling back with an ever so pleased smile as Jennifer began to laugh, pressing a kiss to the top of the girls thigh and making room, all the while looking like the cat that caught the mouse.

They shared a deep kiss, with Faye purring into it, looping her arms around the other woman and simply existing in the moment. She breathed in and let out a slow, pleased sigh, content with the wash of emotions and release. They stayed like that for a few minutes, the water never cooling, the city moving around them, as if unaware of the tryst that had occurred between two officers in the little room. Eventually though, all things came to and end, and Faye stretched back, leaving her hands looped loosely atop Jennifer's shoulders.

"As little as I wish to go back to the ship, if I stay in here much longer I'm going to start looking like an aged Ferengi, and no one as pretty as your or I should ever be that wrinkled." She laughed a bit, finding her voice still slightly breathless. "I don't even want to think about what time it is, but I know we both have shifts in the morning and reports to make." There was that impish gleam in her eyes again, as she imagined the two of them making a report to Captain Ives in the hours to come, acting as if nothing had happened.

As she slowly rose up, out of the water, turning for Dewitt to watch as she climbed out of the tub and offered her hand to the other woman to help her out in turn, Faye found herself looking forward to seeing how the Lieutenant Commander would handle that report. Her smile was outright mischievous as she bent to kiss the senior officer lightly. The physical fun of the night might be over, but there was still plenty ahead in the days to come worth enjoying.

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