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Topic: Day 04 [2100hrs] Hot Rocks and Compromises (Read 53 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 04 [2100hrs] Hot Rocks and Compromises

March 14, 2381
2100 hrs

[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Aldean Spa and resort | Ibai Besi | Aldea] Attn: @Auctor Lucan 

Looking at her reflection in the changing room's mirror brought a scowl to the face of the Theurgy's 'senior' diplomat. Ensign Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers was the senior diplomat aboard by virtue of being the only accredited diplomat assigned to the Theurgy that survived the initial battle at Jupiter Station. As she flexed her false hand, she had to admit that surviving had been something of a miracle, and had not at all been a result of anything active on her part. Sheer chance had seen her blown out of the conference room, and on the right side of the blast doors after atmosphere was lost. That had only cost her an arm, and months in stasis.

She looked like she had been through it all over again. Yes, that was an exaggeration, but that did little to curb how the young officer felt. She had just spent a grueling 14 hour session in deep negotiations (arguing) with the Aldean Council on the subject of DNA submissions to the Gestalt program. That she was tired showed in the bags under her eyes and the way her hair hung limp against her head. Faye had the strongest desire to beam back to the ship, and curl herself around Riley Patterson, should the nurse be able to be spared from duty. As tired as she was, Faye could not recall what the petty officer's current shift schedule was (unfortuante on her part, as she had leave planned with the woman in the very near future, but all such plans currently escaped her wrung out mind).

Thankfully the young woman had not been forced to do so alone. While the telepath could have managed, it likely would have taken much more time to pull off. Those would not have been the first solo negotiation that Faye had participated in, but usually such actions had been related to considerably more trivial matters. During her assignment at Khitomer, she had often handled the minor points of protocol and the like, and would serve as an aide for more substantial negotiations, though occasionally she would lead a team in such matters.

Having Lieutenant Commander Dewitt, the ships assigned Liaison along for the ride had taken some of the pressure off of the junior ranked officer, even if her position still left her big shoes to fill and a heap of responsibility on her petite shoulders. Shoulders now snugly encased in a fluffy, off white robe.

Hardly one bothered by nudity, given her cultures tendencies, Faye still acquiesced to the requirements of the establishment they were currently in. For the moment that meant a sinfully comfortable fluffy robe to cover her otherwise nude body as she and the more senior Dewitt prepared to be pampered. The meetings had started at 0700 hours and thus run far into the night. at 2100 now, and both women were more than a little wrung out, despite having won something of a victory over the local population.

More like a stay of execution, she thought to herself, but not without a smile, as she belted the robe tightly and turned to face the other woman. She ran her tongue over her teeth, under her lips, and gave Dewitt a once over. This had been her idea, to seek out a spa to relax in after the marathon session. Something, something, self care is important, something, Faye thought to herself in a sing-song sort of mental tone. It would have been quite rude to decline the invitation, though this would be the first time that she had interacted with the former commander of the Black Opal outpost since her actions during their flight from the Azure nebula had resulted in a power struggle in the middle of a space battle.

Jennifer Dewitt struck her as entirely professional. Dedicated and determined to make the most out of the situation she'd found herself in. Faye could respect that in a senior officer, but it was hard to ignore some of the harsh thoughts other crew directed at the woman. That Captain Ives had full faith in Dewitt had gone a long way toward quelling some of the crews less than kind impressions. But Ives was currently off ship on some mission of great import, and thus Dewitt and Eloi-Danvers had been thrust into a situation of working together on Ives absent behalf.

Nervously rubbing her hands together, the tired diplomat flashed a smile at the other woman, quietly asking, "So what do you think, Commander? Shall we find the councilors advice sound?' They had come here on the recommendation of one of the Aldean leaders they'd spent a majority of the day across a table from. And on that woman's tab, to boot.
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Re: Day 04 [2100hrs] Hot Rocks and Compromises
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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Aldean Spa & Resort | Ibai Besi | Aldea ] Attn: @Brutus 
The question pulled Jennifer Dewitt from her thoughts, pulling on her robe as she was after having disposed of the tailored chlamys she'd worn for the whole day. She caught the Ensigns smile and returned it in full, even though she was quite weary after the long day. The suggestion from the Aldean representative, that she and Eloi-Danvers would visit the spa after the resolution had been reached, had not gone amiss. Dewitt took it as a peace offering, given the fact that the ADC had erred in demanding Human DNA samples for a defunct cloning program. What had they even been thinking? Of course they can't make such an outrageous demand...

"I do think we've earned to be a bit pampered," she said and set her steps towards the changing room's door, which would lead them to the treatment areas of the spa. "Today, we went beyond the line of duty to twist their wits back into place. Now, they will have to solve the issues they have with the Gestalt Program before they return to the negotiation table, and by then, we will have Ives present. There is no way we can make the whole Human crew consent to submit their DNA to their genome pool. Some might, some mightn't, and the Aldeans will have to accept whatever we might offer. That is, if we even offer them anything, outrageous as their manner of approach to this was."

Leading the way, Dewitt's assertion was meant to bolster Faye in case she was worried about what might happen. Dewitt was concerned, of course, but she felt that if not even Ives could dissuade the ADC from making the absurd demand, they might as well have to use Martok as a hammer to slam down this notion that they had rights to the Theurgy crew's Human DNA.

When they reached their allotted treatment room, they found two massage tables, suggesting it was a couple's massage room. Dewitt gave that little thought as she looked around, the toils of the day bleeding from her mind as she took in the details. Dimmer sensors that caught their entry set several pools of soft, diffused light aglow. Candles had already been lit, and rich Aldean wall tapestries made for a soothing contrast to the rough stone walls, which also dampened the sounds of their steps. A stylish mirror stretched across one whole wall, and a wide panoramic view of the sprawling city-by-night along the opposite one. They were on the seventieth floor of the building, and the view along the Ibai Besi and the coastline was quite exquisite. Despite being in the middle of the city centre, the windows didn't let any sounds inside, allowing the Aldean musical notes from hidden speakers underline the impression of the room - music likely picked for stress relief.

"Quite a view," she said. There were some decorative items on shelves, side tables, and the windowsills. Aldean plants and unique stones that meshed with the walls. Baskets for linens and bottles, and two rustic crates filled with smoking stones. By the edge of the window, steam rose from two cups of tea, and a small plate with sweets had been set between them. Dewitt smiled while she walked there across the black wood floor and picked up one of the cups, turning to look at the Betazoid and the two tables set in the middle of the room no more had she nibbled one of the sweets when two massage therapists arrived, clad in thin chlamys and carrying baskets of their own for the treatment.

"Good evening, I am Lanar," said the tall man and stepped towards Dewitt, "and I will be taking care of you this evening. Please, when you are ready, disrobe and lie down on the table, facing down. We will begin with a traditional massage, followed by hot stones to release deep tissue tensions, and finish with an full urun session."

The Aldean, gestalt or not, certainly was handsome, with shortly cropped hair and a discrete beard, and Dewitt found that she certainly wouldn't mind having him rub out all the tensions in her body. She gave Faye a quick look that kind of signalled her thoughts, but then again, she was Betazoid, so he glance was hardly needed. The diplomatic attache would know her thoughts already. "Thank you," said Dewitt and set her cup down, and before she disrobed and lay down, she couldn't help but steal a glance towards the massage therapist that would take care of Faye.

What's an urun session? he couldn't help but wonder.
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Re: Day 04 [2100hrs] Hot Rocks and Compromises
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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Aldean Spa and resort | Ibai Besi | Aldea] Attn:

Tired as she was, it was easier now to simile at the more senior officer, especially now that they were both out of uniform. With the pips out of sight, the ever present pressure of rank seemed to dissolve away in the warmth of the changing room they'd been ushered into. With all that they had gone through that day, sitting across the table from the ADC and going round and round in circles about their 'pressment' policies in regards to individual rights and DNA sequences had been quite taxing indeed. Even if Faye had indulged a moment of private amusement that they had mistaken her for human at first, in their efforts to secure a copy of her own genetic code. Fat lot of good that would have done them, she thought with a mix of irony and malcontent.  Useless endeavor though it had been on the Aldean's part, her sensibilities had still been quite ruffled by it all, and some of her thoughts  had been rather less than diplomatic.

"I do appreciate their efforts to how shall we say, make amends?" she agreed as they moved from the changing room to the secluded parlor set aside for their use. She took in a deep, calming breath, smelling a faint perfume in the air, and closing her eyes to better listen to the music faintly piped in. It reminded her of a bathhouse back on Bodun, the betazoid colony world of her youth. This in turn had been styled in some of the more regal establishments on the homeworld of Betazed itself. "I understand their concern for viability but i'm astounded that any modern species could thing that they might impress upon us such a thing. Surely some of the crew would be more than happy to donate if just asked, but to take by subterfuge or overt means? As if it their due?"

Being charitable should have been her first recourse as a diplomat, and yet she found this issuance rather more difficult than most. "I wish Captain Ives all the best of luck dealing with this when they return. Assuming we can even help them sort out the issue with their program. The poor Gestalts." At this there was a genuine tone of sympathy and concern, nor did she make an attempt to hide such emotion. Their current plight was distressing to say the least, and if they could help stabilize what was happening, she would count that as a good turn well done, and never mind her thoughts on the DNA Harvesting practices of their current hosts.

But seeing Dewitt standing there, by the treat tray, did help Faye relax, which was the point of all this. The more senior ranked woman had been trying to put her at ease, and the surroundings helped in turn. Faye gave a little spin and walked to the window, looking out across the city. Struck by the beauty of it all, she sucked in a slow, humbled breath. This is what safety looks like, she thought, contrasting all of this with the cybernetic terror of the hard lined borg cube drifting out of a blue nebula could. The thing of nightmares, by any stretch of the imagination, more horrifying than the separation she had endured shortly after revival, and even so the attack that had cost the girl her original left arm.

Repressing a shudder, Faye turned from the window with a whispered, "It is beautiful, outside and in," and padded barefoot to join the Lieutenant Commander by the snacks. She smiled, and had picked up a cup of the tea to smell it, cataloging the distinct flora delights away in her mind and sipping, as their attendants entered the room.

Well, hello there, she thought, smiling brightly still, and setting the cup down, her teeth nearly gleaming as she beamed at the two, one male, one female, and both rather attractive. The evening was certainly looking up. He with the strong jaw and trimmed beard, and she, draped in a robe of her own, rich pink, or perhaps royal purple, with black accents, strands of blonde hair settling about her shoulders, and what looked to be an ever present smirk about her face. As the man made his introductions to Jennifer, so too did the woman, to Faye.

"I am Iskierka," she replied heartily, holding out a hand to Faye, whom took it with a light squeeze, taking the briefest of scans from the woman, so as to be polite. She detected a general sense of pleasure and enjoyment in her job, and a note that she found both of the clients 'easy on the eyes.' That crooked smile was endearing, and Faye felt herself quite enamored with the curved attendant, who could barely be considered 'restrained' by her attire. As she lent forward in a slight bow, Faye could make out some kind of necklace with a strip of pearles dangling from it. Needless to say it seemed to be designed to draw the eye lower, and she could only assume that this was done on purpose.

"The pleasure is mine. Call me Faye," she said genialy, and turned toward the table, catching Dewitt's eye. She needed not telepathy to pick up the other girls thoughts, for they were plain on her face, and Faye couldn't help but giggle, and then give a small wag of her eyebrows. It as a purely girlish thing to do, but she was tired, and this was going to be fun. She was, of course, in complete agreement with the other officer.

Iskierka, as she was called, dutifully helped Faye out of the robe, pulling it from her shoulders. The lithe girl stretched, nude, and not a care for it, never mind that her table was the one closer to the window, and then eased herself onto the table in turn. "Do you know what blend that tea is?" Faye asked of the blonde attendant, curiosity peaked. She had always enjoyed teas, and one of the first things that had happened upon her removal from stasis and surgery had been the assignment of Nurse Riley Patterson to oversee her recovery. The Petty Officer had quite the appreciation for Teas (and Faye) and had taken to introducing the Diplomat to many new blends. It would be nice to be able to return the favor for a change, and ideally with fresh leaves. "I found that to be quite fragrant, and a delight upon the palette. I'd love to be able to fetch some the next time I am in the markets." she felt the need to elaborate as she stretched out, her toes pointed toward the edge of the table, though short as she was there was still plenty of room beyond.

Coming up behind Faye, and looking her over, the barren expanse of her flanks exposed to the room, Iskierka shook her head gently, humming a bit. Her eyes flashed as she took in her charge, and spoke with polite regret, "Unfortunately I do not know the specific blend. But I am sure that I can find out for you, after we are finished here. Now, take a deep breath in through the nose. Hold release. Let's do that three times if you please, to settle yourself. Arms by your side, just let your face ease into the cradle there. yes. That's good." Thus instructed, so did Faye obey, taking the breaths and repressing the urge to giggle over it all, wanting to keep the pleased impressions coming from the masseuse.

Surreptitiously, she glanced over to where Lanar stood, his legs quite impressive - what she could see of them from this angle, and the way his chlamys clung about his body - before the table where Jennifer Dewitt was getting herself settled in. She tipped a wink at the other Stafleet officer, and mouthed 'wow'.

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Re: Day 04 [2100hrs] Hot Rocks and Compromises
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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Aldean Spa & Resort | Ibai Besi | Aldea ] Attn: @Brutus 
Lanar had helped Dewitt disrobe as well, given the massage parlour's setting and the atmosphere - it being a spa after all - Dewitt was not very self-conscious about baring herself. In fact, she was comfortable with her nudity, especially after leaving the Black Opal and starting to take better care of herself. She had no concerns on Faye's behalf either, her being Betazoid. So as she laid down and thought about what a urun treatment was, she caught the Ensign's facial expression, surely complimentary towards the Aldean that was about to pamper her. They were off duty, so Dewitt had no qualms about reciprocating the look. She even glanced towards Iskierka, her being quite a beauty as well.

"Our traditional massages include a cleansing of the body, so just breathe deeply and relax, and let your face ease into the cradle." Lanar's tone of voice was deep, reverberating in the air of the room, and Dewitt could see how he picked up a sponge-like thing from one of the bowls next to the massage table. She couldn't quite stifle the content sound she made when she felt the sponge with warm water rubbing over her back and the back of her legs - with Lanar's free hand joining in to rinse her. She could feel the lather of the soap run down her skin, and she began to relax entirely - eyes drifting shut. They only opened when she could feel Lanar spread her legs a little, and run the sponge between them. The warm water trickled down the apex of her legs when she cleaned her derriere, and she felt her eyes widen when Lanar didn't even pause before running the sponge up and down the outer folds of her labia. Her breath must have hitched, because he spoke.

"Relax, refresh, recharge... We are trained in applied kinesiology. The study of muscles, especially the mechanics of bodily motion. We understand your needs." Lanar's deep voice was very compelling, but Dewitt couldn't help but bite her lower lips when the sponge-bath continued, soon moving down her inner thighs. Meanwhile Lanar continued to speak. "Once your body has been cleansed, the massage will proceed using essential oils of the coastline, the finest kind to be found along the Ibai Besi. Now, please, it is time to turn over..."

Dewitt cleared her throat a little and did as asked, turning over on the layer of towels she laid upon, and in doing so glanced towards Ensign Faye to see how she was faring. In doing so, to her surprise, she noticed how the masseur had removed his own chlamys at some point, leaving him barechested. It looked expensive. Perhaps he didn't wish to ruin it. Lanar, however, did not comment on his state of undress. He wasted no time before calmly dunking his sponge in more water and soap, starting to rub it over Dewitt where she laid in the candlelight. "You are very... thorough," she murmured, giving the Aldean a small smile.

"Of course. Our services are believed to be the best that Aldea Prime has to offer, and you will be given our full treatment."

And Lanar didn't appear to have any boundaries when it came to modesty, since he lathered her up entirely using that delightful sponge and his strong hand, running them everywhere except her face. Jennifer found her lips pursed when he visited her sex once more, and gave due attention to her breasts. She barely kept herself from arching her back in delight, convinced that as meticulous as the Aldean was, the expensive parlour couldn't be that kind of establishment. Can it?

When Lanar finished, he picked up another bowl, and slowly poured the water over her body from throat down to her toes. Hidden cracks in the wooden floor took the excess water away, until he asked her to turn over again. She did, and a second bowl of warm water washed all the soap away. The cloth of the table beneath her must have been made of some nano-fabric, since the surface wasn't even very wet beneath her.

"Please tell me if the oils are too warm for you," said Lanar, but as expected, when his hands began to rub her shoulders and her back, the oils were at the perfect temperature. Dewitt saw movement in her peripheral vision... and she could be wrong, but had Iskierka also shed some of her clothing? Raising her head a little, she tried to gauge how Faye was doing.

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Re: Day 04 [2100hrs] Hot Rocks and Compromises
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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Aldean Spa and resort | Ibai Besi | Aldea] Attn: @Auctor Lucan 

"MMMmmmm," the younger Ensign let out a pleased noise from the back of her throat as she settled in after having exchanged looks with Dewitt. It seemed both women were rather pleased with the attendants they had been assigned. Each were strikingly appealing to the eye, and each's voice was soothing and steady, which Faye was sure they were trained to pull off. Quite well at that, as far as she was concerned. Just as Lanar's deep rumble was directed at Jennifer, so too was Iskierka's more subtle purrs to Faye.

"I want you to take another steadying breath, and let your worries be washed away," the blonde instructed as she swept the Betazoid's hair to one side, exposing the back of her neck, and Faye complied, letting her mind wander a bit. She picked up soft spikes of confusion and flickers of pleasure from her fellow shipmate, and mild levels of amusement from Lanar and Iskierka. Faye allowed herself a pleased little purr as the sponge, with its hot water, began to sweep across her tanned skin. From the nape of her neck, down across the expanse of her shoulders, heat and water sulcing away the grime of a day in uniform.

"Oh that is lovely," Faye said with little concern for the treatment. The sensations were delightful, and the young woman liked to be pampered. She thought nothing of it when the suddy water from the sponge dripped down between the cheeks of her bum, save to raise it up ever so slightly as the gentle touch worked over the rump, and then wiggle her legs apart to accommodate the way it swept up the inside of her thigh. Nor did she think it appropriate to stifle the small, pleased noise that escaped her lips when the foam pressed to her folds. It felt good, and she let the masseuse know, not realizing that this might not be the norm. Iskierka seemed unbothered by Faye's reactions, save for the occasional commentary.

"As the soap soaks into your skin, let your worries bubble to the surface. We will then wash them away," the aide intoned, leaning over at one point as hand followed sponge down Faye's leg. She gently raised the girls foot, scrubbing, and then running her thumb along the arch, eliciting a pleased groan from Faye, who had done a lot more walking in the past few days then she had expected, even with most of today spent in a sturdy chair across from stern Aldean Councilors.

"Take another long breath," she was told, but this time, the lips were hovering by her ear, and she shivered involuntarily at the warmth of the Aldean's breath. The sponge ran up her form, from between her legs, all the way to the nape of her neck, before Iskierka murmured, "Turn now, and lay on your back so that all of you may be cleansed."

The Betazoid compiled without hesitation, stretching out again and settling her soapy back onto the towels. She blinked in surprise, running a little behind Jennifer, who was already rolling back over. Just as Lanar had removed his robes, so too had Iskierka. The blonde stood now in a matching set of bra and panties, and Faye felt her eyebrows rise up a bit at that. But her attendant waved away the question in her eyes, saying, "This is nothing to us. The oils will be in use soon, and the less that is to  be stained, the better. Now, eyes closed, deep breath, and relax Focus on the feeling, the connection between your skin, soap, and the sponge."

Settling back, Faye did as instructed, keeping her thoughts and mind focused on the deliberate breathing, and the way the sponge washed over her skin. Her breath hitched in her throat when the girl washed her breasts, modest though they were, running the sponge first over the tops, then around the underswell, one after the other, before dragging further down, sweeping through the divot of her bellybutton. Lower still, across freshly shorn skin, and back, between her legs, eliciting another deep purr from Faye - and a graceful note of satisfaction from Iskierka, thought too loudly for Faye to ignore. To the telepath it seemed the masseuse was quite happy with how this was progressing, and the little diplomat felt herself blush.

Then the water came, and she let out a little yelp, giggling, eyes opening wide. Iskierka was still clothed as she had last seen her, in the form fitting underclothes, the permanent half smile on her face seeming somehow cockier now. "As the water flows off you, so too do all your worries. Roll over please." And now Faye was back on her stomach and the water was there again.

Thus washed, she wiggled, and snuck a glance over toward Jennifer, but Lanar was blocking her view. She could see his legs again - much more of them now, until Iskierka walked around her head to collect the oil. "We harvest these oils almost daily, and each treatment takes roughly a month to be complied. They will seep into your skin, making you shine, and soft to the touch. Breathe deeper now, and let the scents fill your nostrils, bringing you a sense of peace and vitality," The Aldean appeared to be barefoot,  and Faye looked up and up as best she could along the pale expanse of leg, without raising her head from the cradle. This time though when she gasped, it was much, much louder, and then it became a satisfied groan as the heat from the oil, liberally applied by Iskierka, flowed down between her shoulder blades. Jennifer just might be able to make out the way the girl wiggled on her table, adjusting to the feeling, as her toes gave a little curl. The position she was in had robbed her of the site of her blonde attendant, and thus Faye was unaware that the blonde had taken new precautions against ruining any clothing with the hot oil; removing anything that might get splashed by the oil at all.

"It is not too hot then, judging by your reaction?" Iskierka asked in a soft, husky voice. Faye could feel some of the girls hair trailing across her shoulder as she adjusted her stance to bend down to talk to Faye, as her fingers slick with oil, traced a line along the back of the Betazoid's neck. Taking Faye's pleased groan as an affirmative, she applied more of the hot oil, cupping her hands down the side of the girls neck now, and running the tips of her thumbs behind Faye's ears. The Theurgy's diplomat could practically give a cat their run for its money in a purring contest with the noises she were making, having no shame in showing her appreciation.

"S'really good," she managed to get out in a lazy sort of satisfied tone. The answer to that was what almost felt like a brush of lips against Faye's hip, but that couldn't have been what it was, and then oil slick hands were rubbing along the same spot, in a great sweep from her shoulders down her torso. That had to just be her hair again..,
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Re: Day 04 [2100hrs] Hot Rocks and Compromises
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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Aldean Spa & Resort | Ibai Besi | Aldea ] Attn: @Brutus 
Either it was the scented oils and candles that was making her delirious, or Jennifer could swear that Ensign Eloi-Danver's masseuse had not just removed her luxurious robe, but that she had no undergarments on either when she began to rub Faye's shoulders and back with warm oils. The city lights beyond the window cast the two women into mirage-like silhouettes, and the sensation of Lanar's hands running over her own back was making her lethargic with satisfaction. Dewitt's eyes were hooded and she believed it might have been a figment of her imagination that toyed with her.

The day had been entirely too long, and having all the knots and stresses rubbed out made Jennifer feel detached from reality. So she lowered her face back in its cradle, and breathed heavily in enjoyment - lips pursed and eyes shut. The amount of oil that Lanar was using was far more than she was used to, as if it was a gel covering her whole back. It warmed her muscles and skin, and those slow yet firm hands moved over her as if the man could read her mind - sense where she wanted them. It was, of course, just experience on Lanar's side, since Dewitt didn't believe Aldeans - gestalts or not - had any gifts like telepathy.

"The first stage of the urun treatment will begin shortly," said the dark-skinned man, pulling Jennifer out of her reverie, and she raised her head a bit in motion to answer him, since he was standing in front of her...

...only whatever she meant to say died in her agape mouth when she saw that Lanar had not just removed his chlamys, but stood completely bare before her - massaging her shoulders and neck as if nothing was out of the ordinary. What the...? Why... How...? Did Faye see the same thing she did? Before her hung the full endowment of her masseur, and besides the proximity, the second thing she noticed was how the man had groomed himself to the extent that there wasn't a single hair to be seen anywhere. A thousand questions ran through her alarmed state of mind, ranging from the customs of the Aldeans to how the ADC representative had insisted this particular parlour and treatment - even paying for it on her tab. Was this how they made amends, or was this a ploy to embarrass them after the negotiations? A way to get back at them? Dewitt had no way of knowing this since she knew too little of the representative in question.

While all these questions ran through her head, Lanar had stepped around her side, and she suddenly felt the surface of the massage table shift beneath her to accommodate the weight of her masseur. She could feel Lanar's thighs outside her own as well, and realised that he was straddling her thighs where she laid face-down with her face in the cradle. Her eyes were wide, wondering if she ought to defy all cultural and social conventions and just push the man off her and run for the dressing room. Another glance towards Faye made her realise that she was there in the company with a Betazoid, and Faye would likely not have anything remotely against the development of naked massage assistants. Dewitt realised that she was the only one in the room with any objections in mind, and had no immediate answer to her predicament.

Without further ado, having lifted her head a little, she saw Lanar's hands wrap around the edges of the massage table on both sides of her head... and he began to rub his hairless body along her back. She wanted to shout and push him off, but it was as if the weight of the man had smothered her, even if he in no way laid his full weight upon her. Some sort of sound escaped her when he continued, his limber and strong frame undulating and sliding down her oily back once more, only to reverse direction and run his torso from her thighs to her upper back. She could feel him slide along her inner thighs! Lanar had been... impressive before he began this 'urun' treatment, but now she could feel how his hairless endowment had begun to quicken as well.

What do I do? she asked herself, despite how good the man made her feel when sliding up and down her back - the oils making sounds between them. She supposed... that regardless if the representative had ordered them this particular treatment out of genuine well-meaning - or out of spite - the best thing she could do... was actually to accept it, and enjoy it. Strange as it seemed, it appeared to be the best answer... and perhaps... Just perhaps... Lanar was making the experience more than just endurable.

It certainly seemed like the man was enjoying himself, given the way his hardness was sliding along her inner thighs and across her outer lips without visiting her. When had she begun to breathe like she did? She could not recall, but once she'd resolved her inner thoughts about the development, and relaxed where she laid on the table, she idly wondered if it was all business for the man, and if it was, how many women had he been with in his line of work? Surely, if the Aldeans paid the obscene amount of money the parlour asked for their treatments, the masseur was scanned and treated of any deceases after each session?

Dewitt was running out of excuses to object... and found her noises becoming bolder by the moment, that she was even beginning to undulate her hips a bit in answer when Lanar slid up her body... and his hardness rode up her slick inner thighs. She'd felt the swollen crown brush over her entrance several times already, and if she just shifted her hips... just so... she felt him line up...

...and push inside.

Jennifer let out a hiss of satisfaction through her teeth, and she lifted her face from its cradle to look behind her. Lanar had paused, meeting her green eyes across her shoulder. "This is your first urun treatment, is it not?" he said quietly in that deep voice, his lips close to hers. For a moment, Jennifer thought she'd done something wrong, a feeling of panic almost overtaking her. Lanar, however, smiled for the first time. "Relax, you need not move. You will be completely satisfied without any need to reciprocate. This service is all about your fulfilment, not mine."

"I..." Dewitt found her own smile, and leaned up a bit further, her chest lifting from the table a bit, "I don't care. Customer satisfaction, isn't it?" And even though it might have been wildly inappropriate to do so, she laid her lips to Lanar's, kissing him deeply for only a moment. The Aldean took it in stride, however, and smiled to her in the dim candlelight... before he began to move again.

Panting shallowly in rhythm with Lanar as he thrust into her, still rubbing his body against her back, Dewitt wondered what the Ensign next to her might say... her conduct not becoming of her rank, until she - again - reminded herself that the younger woman was a Betazoid. All her worries were mitigated when she looked over towards the other table.