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Topic: EPIL: S [D06|1720] Angel's Quarters (Read 599 times) previous topic - next topic

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Re: EPIL: S [D06|1720] Angel's Quarters
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[Lt. JG Alessia Garcia - "Angel"  | Alessia's Quarters | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Griff 

Down between Evelyn's thighs, Alessia continued to lick, suck and tease her sister wolf, loving how the woman was reacting to her while thoroughly enjoying the taste of the other woman and smiled at the "Oh bloody hell." She heard whispered.

As Evelyn's back arched up and her hips started rocking, Alessia allowed one hand to slide up the other woman's scarred body, her fingers lightly tracing over several of the scars as it moved up over her stomach to her breast, lightly caressing and teasing both it and the erect nipple peaking at the top of her curve. She caught Evelyn looking down at her and flicked her eyes up, meeting hers, looking into them as she continued her oral work.

The sight of the woman staring at her as well as her moans and grunts were increasing her own arousal. Giving her breast one last squeeze she allowed her hand to run back down Rawley's body and winked at the woman before sliding two fingers into the woman's core, fingering the woman as she licked and sucked on her clit.

Moaning softly against the soft nub of flesh, Angel slipped her free hand down between her own legs and started rubbing her own clit, her hips rocking against her fingers as she got them both off. She continued to watch as Evelyn's collapsed back against the bed and started caressing her own body, getting more turned on by the sight as her tongue continued it's work as her fingers pumped inside her lover in time with her fellow pilot's rocking hips.

When Evelyn announced that she was close, Alessia licked, sucked and thrust faster as her own hand brought her closer to her own release, their joint moans filling her quarters as they neared the edge. The sound of Evelyn crying out in orgasm pushed Alessia over the edge, although her own cries were muffled by Evelyn's core, her tongue and fingers not stopping their movements as their orgasms rocked both of them.

Shuddering as their orgasm's passed, Alessia eventually pulled away and licked Evelyn's wetness from her lips and slowly crawled her way up the bed, collapsing against her fellow wolf with a soft sigh. Mmmm that was great." she muttered.

Feeling exhaustion starting to settle in she pushed herself up to see that after her orgasm, Evelyn had already apparently fallen asleep, causing her to smirk before looking over at Lillee who was still sleeping herself. They might have gotten her to cry out as they wanted, but in the end, she was the last woman standing...well laying technically but still, having worn out the other two that was a victory that she would savour.

With a chuckle she lay back down and closed her eyes, falling asleep almost immediately. The night wasn't too bad after all.
Alessia Garcia - "Angel"
Zaryn Kolari