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Day 07 [1730 hrs.] The Edge of Light
Friday March 17, 2381
Stardate: 57569.37
1730 hrs.

[ Ens. Cameron Henshaw | Captain's Quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
She was given the most beautiful sights ever. Cameron Henshaw had lost faith in everything, lost her spirit, like so many others. She didn't know how some coped, but the young woman felt like she was at her limit. She was going to give up, end it all, she planned it out; drop her communicator, take on actual Aldean clothing and equipment, and slip into the crowds, never to be found again. She knew that Duornan Rex was going to do the same. The last engagement took an eye, both his hands and a leg from him. He had nothing left to give to Jien Ives and the Theurgy.

She didn't blame him.

But then she began to truly explore Aldea's depths and beauty, but none of the natural beauty could compare to what she found inside one building. After witnessing the miracle, the event, she broke down and cried, but she also laughed, really laughed for the first time in a long while. She smiled, and she felt her heart break again and again. It was painful, and it was beautiful all at once. And she knew then what she had to do, and who she needed to share the experience with. If the Theurgy was to continue, Jien Ives needed to be saved, and shown, or reminded, why they would go on.

She knew he would be taking a moment in his quarters around this time, since she literally handled his schedule. Being a Captain's Yeoman hath its privileges.

She chimed at the door, announcing her presence, and she spoke through the comlink, "Captain, we need to talk."

Well, that had to be the biggest cliché line ever. She idly wondered if Jien felt a constricting feeling in his heart, especially since it was a well known myth that things rarely ended well when a woman uttered those four words.
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Re: Day 07 [1730 hrs.] The Edge of Light
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[ Captain Ives | CO Quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]
While she had arrived to her quarters in her male form, Jien stepped out of her shower as a woman - her bare Chosen Form beaded in water. It had been well needed to take a moment for herself after the days on the Allegiant - having returned to Aldea just thirty minutes ago - so that she might reflect upon the development.

Rear Admiral Joseph Nerva Andersson had proven himself ready and able to provide additional crewmembers for Ives, and while the experience with Edena Rez and her undercover assignment aboard was close to mind, Jien couldn't quite look the gift horse in the mouth this time. Better yet, she had a feeling that she didn't need to, and that the Admiral truly had accepted the truth of the real Simulcast. Perhaps there was some more hope, all things considered.

She had just towelled her mimicked Human skin down when the chime could be heard, and by the time she had hung the towel back where it belonged, she had shifted her form to wear her uniform. She heard the voice, which was unmistakable, and thought of Cameron and how she'd stayed behind during Jien's short away mission on the Allegiant. It had given them both some time to reflect, separated, and Jien found herself feeling older than she used to feel in Cam's presence. The poor Yeoman had been through a lot, one personal loss after another, and she'd been trying to deal with it as best as she might.

Before the Battle of Starbase 84, she had - unasked - offered her body to Jien as a means of distraction and release, but never again since then. According to rumours, the loss of Ian and Trish Hawthorne having made her seek distractions elsewhere. With their short talk in the Arboretum - just before the Savi found the Theurgy - they had reconciled, even though it had been Ives who'd ordered her to confront Hawthorne on the starbase. Indeed, it was her orders that made Cam experience the trauma of learning that her adoptive father was an Infested, how he'd raped and killed Trish, and experiencing how he tried to kill her. Jien had understood how Cam had distanced herself from her, and had let the Yeoman take whatever time she needed.

Now, during the time after the Versant - because of her experiences in the Scion's Nest - Jien had found herself without any kind of physical desire towards anyone, so she could not do what Cam had done - seeing comfort in intimacy. Intimacy was, perhaps, ruined for Jien, and as the Commanding Officer, she could not resort to promiscuity in the first place. So, there was no expectation or hope for Cam to finally offer carnal distraction when Jien bid her to enter. It felt like a fickle thing of the past, nigh forgotten in the turmoils they'd both been through since then. That being said, the young officer was still dear to her.

"Enter," she called to Cam, and stepped into the main room - hair still wet from her shower. She gave her a faint smile.

"I see that the ship is still here after my absence, and that repairs are proceeding as planned. What's the status of the crew's morale? Are they healing yet, all things considered? Please, do speak your mind."

Re: Day 07 [1730 hrs.] The Edge of Light
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[ Ens. Cameron Henshaw | Captain's Quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
When she entered, it was to find Jien in her female form, and in relatively good spirits if her quip was anything to go by. She gave a small smile and returned a light commentary of her own, "It was a near miss for the ship. The orgy planned by Lieutenant O'Riley and some Risians nearly blew us out of the system."

What other nonsense will you think of next? Cameron chided herself privately. Cracking jokes with the captain. But it was good, in her expert opinion. It was good that they found it in their reserves somewhere to put forth levity, after everything they had been through. The stay on Aldea was doing everyone some good. Jien was all business though, and whatever news she'd gotten from her trip off-ship, there was still a sense of something underlying. A mental sigh, of the grind ahead. And that was one of the matters that Cameron intended to address today.

"The crew is doing well, captain," said the brunette, "better than they've been in a long time. Yes, they are healing, and recovering, physically and emotionally. We needed this."

She let that statement sit for a moment, then continued, "Just as you do."

She did tell her to speak her mind.

Gesturing with a hand towards the captain, "I take it your mission on the Allegiant went well?"

She let the captain respond, and then continued, "Now you need to set that all aside for a short time. Even a captain needs down time, and you're going to need it before you try going one step further. Call it doctor's order. Literally."

She showed the captain a PADD with the signature of the chief medical officer and three counselors, including her own, strongly urging some days off to rest and recuperate. She let the captain see that and waited, with her arms crossed, her stance firm and set, just like her jaw and expression. She wasn't going to back down. She'd seen the captain just before the Battle of Starbase 84, and the outbursts she had. It was now or never.

Re: Day 07 [1730 hrs.] The Edge of Light
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[ Captain Ives | CO Quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]
When Cam jested about his time away, Jien found herself chuckling quietly and went to pick up her duffel bag with personal belongings, putting it on top of the table so that she might unpack. It was good to hear that Cam had retained or refound her sense of humour. "I'm glad to hear it's business as usual then."

With her back to Cam, Jien heard the question about the mission come, and it was entirely expected. "All in all, the away mission was a success. I will compile my own report about it all and it would cross your desk on the way out to the Senior Staff anyway, but sufficed to say, we now have an ally in Starfleet Headquarters and we will make sure to utilise the man as best we're able without compromising him to the Infested."

She turned around, however, when Cam told her that it was time to put it all aside. She raised her eyebrows a little until she was given the PADD, and read the contents. A recommendation, it read, to take a few days off duty. 'Strongly urged' it said, and not any order from the CMO. Still, while other CO:s might take something like what she was reading out of context and feel attacked, thinking she was being told that she was undermining the safety of the crew, Jien believed she could understand the sentiment behind the text and the signatures. It was clearly deep concern for her, after the five months endured being persecuted across Federation space. This was not a reaction to misconduct, but that of concern for her wellbeing.

"Thank you," she said and smiled to Cam, seeing how she appeared to steel herself for a reaction that would go against the recommendation from Doctor Tyre and the rest. "I have enjoyed almost five days of being off the ship, on a small ship cloaked from detection, where I've been able to think and recuperate. I have enjoyed speaking with the new officers that were on the away team, and grounded myself after all that we've been through."

While she spoke, she walked up the Ensign and handed the PADD back to her. "A Captain is never truly off duty, the crew always coming first, but be that as it may, I will go along with this recommendation - barring some crisis or matter that demands my direct involvement."

The PADD back in Cam's hands she took a deep breath, starting to think along the lines of keeping Ranaan Ducote running things for a while longer. She was still sleeping with her lights on after the Savi abduction... but she was gradually finding herself at better health. Her morphogenic matrix had all but recovered from the time spent in the quantum stasis field.

"In that case, do you have any recommendations for how I should spend this evening after my return?" she asked, accepting the situation for her upon her return, with the report to be written as soon as she had unpacked. The Senior Staff needed to know the outcome, but after that, she would be free to comply with this initiative on her behalf - one that she was actually grateful for.