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Topic: SD 57558.73: Acting on a Thawt (Read 81 times) previous topic - next topic

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SD 57558.73: Acting on a Thawt

STARDATE 57558.73
MARCH 11, 2381
0955 HRS

[ Lieutenant Ayden Tyre | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @Auctor Lucan  @Numen

Ayden's eyes scanned the eclectic array of consoles before him, his brow furrowed in a myre of concentration as he used his hand to navigate through the information presented to him on each of the screens. The Betazoid was sat somewhat uncomfortably in his new office, not quite used to the new space just yet, attempting to conduct some research into several key issues whilst he had a few moments of free time to do so. Unfortunately, for no lack of determination, he hadn't been getting especially far.

He'd briefly mentioned his prime concern to Captain Ives earlier that morning, in passing, who had suggested that they meet at a later time to discuss the matter in greater depth. The matter in question was that the medical database for the USS Theurgy was not up-to-date with the latest Starfleet research. Of course, very few places outside of the Starfleet Medical campus were kept completely up to date with all new medical discoveries, but the Theurgy was particularly stagnant in regards to the new information they had had access to. Some of the information was at least five months out of date, which, were a Doctor to rely on the database in regards to something they weren't entirely confident with, could easily be the difference between a devistating misdiagnosis and a sucessful treatment plan...

Most routine procedures and minor treatments wouldn't require any reliance on the database. It was when conditions such as  Lieutenant Martin's arose, that the database was essential. None of the Doctors in Starfleet had the ability to know everything about every medical condition that existed... As such, when the obscure arose, they would need a reliable source to fall back on for additional information. It wasn't like the ship had a consultant neurologist aboard whom Ayden could pass the Lieutenant's care onto.

Yet as far as the Doctor could see, that database would remain tantalisingly out of their grasp. At least, just for the time being, he hoped.

With a sigh, the Betazoid closed down some of the consoles before him, ending the onslaught of information regarding irumodic syndrome, much to the Doctor's frustration. He hadn't expected to find any new cures and answers in the medical database, but it was still exasperating to have a client with a known neurological condition whom he could offer no support or information beyond what he already knew. He was hoping that the database might've had something outside what he and the Lieutenant collectively knew...

However, the Doctor was pragmatic enough to know when he needed to stop his proverbial flogging of a dead horse and proceed with one of the other tasks he had set for himself to complete before he took time out to have lunch.

The first of those tasks, was to assess a new potential asset to the medical team...

An android whom had come aboard with those prisoners who had been captive aboard the Versant ship, whom he'd seen several times over the course of the previous day's hellish triage. Ayden truthfully had never put an enormous amount of stock in artificial live forms. He understood their usefulness, but with him being a Betazoid, he found it difficult, on occasion, to interact with something which claimed sentiance, but gave off the same empathic energy as a bulkhead... But given the reports he'd been left by the staff who'd been assigned to the night shift, the android had slaved non-stop in the sickbay since arriving aboard the ship.

It warranted a chat, at least, on Ayden's part.

If the chat went well, he then had a promise to Commander Hathev that he would need some support in fulfilling. Since the droid had thus far demonstrated no ill will to any of the crew, Ayden was willing to give it a formal opportunity to demonstrate its usefulness as a potential future member of the medical team.

Still, Ayden couldn't help but feel somewhat hesitant as he approached the white-toned machine lingering by the bedside of a patient, its fingers demonstrating devices which he assumed to be medical instruments, though none he could outwardly identify from afar. The reports had detailed that the android had worked throughout the entirety of the previous day since coming aboard, along with remaining throughout the night without any rest. It was certainly one of the contributing factors that his sickbay wasn't still full to the rafters with wounded...

"Excuse me?" Ayden politely inquire, his left arm crossed in front of his torso whilst his right hand lingered near his jaw and occasionally delivered a sporadic gesture. "I'm Doctor Tyre, the Chief Medical Officer aboard the Theurgy." His introduction was simple and polite, though he found the lack of any outward emotional resonance to his greeting somewhat offesetting. "I was just hoping to thank you for the assistance you provided during the aftermath of the Borg attack... And to ask whether you could spare me a moment just for a quick chat?"
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Re: SD 57558.73: Acting on a Thawt
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[ Vigenary Model I-9 Surgical Android | Main Sickbay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @TWilkins 
Gradually, over the course of time she'd served on the Theurgy, V-Nine's patients had grown accustomed to her presence, but even more so, her observation of their demeanour had helped her emulate them as well.

Even before the upgrade of her processing systems - this addition of a Synthesis Code that the Ship A.I. had given her - she had been a learning program, well able to adapting to situations. When she had been activated, she'd only known the Code - and later the Old Code - as well as pertinent parts of the medical knowledge of the Savi Archive. Be that as it may, when she had been purposed to aid the Theurgy crew, she'd had no prior interactions with the organics from the Federation. Now, 24 hours yet to pass in service to the ship and its Commanding Officer, she had been able to pick up on a multitude of culturally distinctive traits around her, and she had been cataloguing everything by species and individuals to best sort what might be the best bedside manner for the next patient of similar organic heritage.

Though... emulate might be an inadequate term, for V-Nine found herself not saving data for sake of adaptability, but out of... a personal wish to learn more, and feeling gratified over the things she were learning from the crew. She learned... not for sake of efficiency and a heightened success-rate in her treatments, but because she had found this unused capacity in her runtime. A capacity for empathy and emotion that formerly had been a mere reaction-based expression installed into her pre-set mannerism.  She found her program to... expand into a territory that seemed infinite in potential. It was like having a new memory bank... and that she was writing her own program.

"There we go," she said to her patient and tilted her head a little when her thumb and forefinger closed. She spoke in a tone friendly enough to bridge the lack of an actual facial expression - aware that her cranial unit and her chassis only had body language to rely on when she put them at ease. "The anastethics I just gave you will help you relax enough for your body to adjust itself to the restored tissue without discomfort. I expect you to be cleared for duty on the morrow, crewman Stockedahl. Until then, you will either be resting in the Recovery Ward, or wait for your checkup in your quarters. One of the Medical Officers will be with you soon and tell you where you will be recuperating. Now, please make sure to flex that hand on a regular basis, otherwise you may loose mobility, okay?"

"Sure, and thank you... umm..."

"V-Nine will suffice, it's been a pleas-"

The voice of a man behind her made V-Nine turn around - her lens adjusting its zoom to the proximity of the new person. With her metal hands clasped in front of her platform's abdomen, she realised that the Chief Medical Officer of the ship had come to speak with her. Immediately, she raised a hand to where her mouth would have been and couldn't help the exclamation she made - her upgraded runtime having a life of its own.

"Oh, Doctor Tyre!" She even found herself standing a little bit taller at the praise she got. "Of course! It may not be my primary purpose but I was built to provide medical care. It was a bit surprising how [many patients there were that needed treatment, but I surmise that to be common after a battle, correct? I was actually hoping to find you instead of you finding me, but here we are!"

She tilted her head and looked the male over, and her sensors told her that it was a specimen of the Betazoid variety. "Do... you want to talk here or would you prefer we speak in your office? I do think there is no patient in the primary surgical suite any more, if you care to talk in private instead?"

Oh my, he is dashing...

Wherever did that useless data come from?

She began to run another self-diagnostic while she listened to Doctor Tyre.

Re: SD 57558.73: Acting on a Thawt
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[ Lieutenant Ayden Tyre | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @Auctor Lucan @Numen

"Yes, perhaps we should move through to my office, for a little more privacy." Ayden confirmed to the android before him, somewhat amused by her obliviousness to the impact of a battle, not to mention her somewhat excited posturing over him having found her, as opposed to the other way around. "Yes, despite what it may appear, we were actually very fortunate to have so few casualties after such an encounter with the Borg. A lot of Starfleet vessels haven't survived Borg encounters with much more than a cluster of escape pods." His voice didn't shift in tone, but he felt a bloom of melancholy in the pit of his gut as he thought about the Endeavour and all of the lives lost aboard.

He moved back through towards his office, quietly considering exactly what he planned to question to the android during his little interview. He could hardly take the same stance that Commander Stark had taken during his own interview... Ayden wasn't a man who was socially built for that sort of activity... Verbal charisma and conversational skill did not come naturally to the Betazoid.

"You have certainly been of value during our triage over the past 24 hours, and the night shift have informed me that you didn't take so much as a break during your working..." Ayden couldn't help a passing thought that the android was lucky that Commander Ducote hadn't found out about that... But he resisted the intention of voicing it aloud.

"However, I am sure you understand that now things are demonstrating slightly more semblance of being under control, that I, being the Chief Medical Officer aboard, do need take some time to evaluate as to whether you can continue serving in this capacity aboard this ship." Ayden defaulted to his usual stance of tactless honesty, unaccustomed to being especially diplomatic in matters of ship policy. "But please be aware, this is no reflection of your ability to perform medical procedures, but rather, your ability to adhere to Starfleet-standards of medical practice and ethics."

"I must admit, I am not fully in-the-know about what occured aboard the Versant, but some of the injuries that the crew who had been held captive there were severe and seemed to be little more than experiments on sentient life, which is explicitly outlawed by Federation law. The only reason, in fact, that you were able to serve in this sickbay when you first came aboard, was because of the chaotic state we were in as a vessel. We have strict policies and regulations for medical staff, and since you did not study at Starfleet Medical, it does put you in a grey area..." He didn't turn to address the android as he walked, though he halted as they reached the door, and he gestured for it to move into the office space first.

"But we can discuss all of this, and I am sure that you would like to talk about things with me; it is an oppertunity for the both of us." Ayden mustered a small smile to the blank face of the android. "Would you prefer to sit, or stand?"

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Re: SD 57558.73: Acting on a Thawt
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[ Vigenary Model I-9 Surgical Android | Main Sickbay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @TWilkins 
"Oh, I see," said V-Nine when the semblance of control in sickbay had led to an evaluation as to whether or not she could continue treating patients there or not. True, it was secondary to her purpose of restoring those that had been victims of the Correction Program, but helping the organics aboard the Theurgy had been very rewarding in her programs growth - especially when she now felt limitless in her potential. She was glad that her performance had not been the cause or this pending evaluation, since she did believe that she had preformed more than adequately. The Betazoid mentioned the adherence towards Starfleet medical protocol and ethics, and while it surprised her at for less than a milisecond, she realised that Thea had not informed him about her upgrade and access. She made no comment, her feet clicking while she followed him to his office, and let him finish voicing his concerns.

Tactfully, perhaps unconsciously treating her as a woman, the Chief Medical Officer let V-Nine enter the spacious office with its DNA re-sequencing technology - however old and crude in design - and all the other features present there. She'd already been informed by Thea about the technology, and it had been a prerequisite for her to help the Corrected whilst aboard the Theurgy.

"I prefer to stand, thank you," she said with a friendly tone, folding her metallic hands behind her back. She moved to position herself next to the primary surgical suite and its DNA technology, and began to answer his concerns. "You needn't be concerned about any lack of knowledge pertaining to Starfleet medical protocol and ethics, because this information has been uploaded to me by Thea - your Ship A.I. - and you will likely find that I have conducted myself accordingly since I came aboard. I may know in theory how your medical instruments work, but since this platform has been fully equipped to deal with the injuries I've encountered, I have not had the opportunity to learn how to operate with your hand-held instruments yet."

She unfolded one of her hands from behind her back and demonstrated her features by opening all digits at once - a section of her palm folding outwards as well to extend a few instruments more. Different lights and sounds came from them all, and she supposed they were all alien to the CMO. "I am, however, proficient in using the features I was equipped with when I was built. My instruments are in no way or form cause for concern compared to your own, if taking Starfleet Medical practice parameters into account, merely... different in origin."

Confident that the demonstration was adequate for the time being, no doubt requiring a full report on her features at some point, she let her hand fold together and resume it's standard operation mode, before folding it behind her back again. "I am aware that my makers committed atrocities upon some of your crew, but as the reports from the abducted will reveal, I was given to Captain Ives and your sickbay as a means to set things right. I think it might be better if you heard it from the Captain... him... her... hir? Hirself!"

She chuckled at her lapse in pronoun use and shook her cranial unit. "In any case, my primary function - the short term one, I'd like to believe - is to restore the abducted to their original physiology or in accordance with what they wish for. Some might just want cosmetic changes, while others might want their DNA restored to what their genomes were like before their abduction. I assume how you might ask how this is possible here on the Theurgy instead of the Versant?" she asked, and then turned her lens towards the surgical suite next to her. "That's the answer. Thea's database suggested that the Theurgy had the technology required, and it was confirmed upon my arrival. I will be able to set things right for the Theurgy crew - the mistakes of my makers set right."

V-Nine turned her lens back to Doctor Tyre, finishing her preliminary answer to his concerns. "Long term, however, after the Corrected crew has been restored as Captain Ives demanded, my extended purpose is - was - to provide medical aid when needed. It's my design, and my program's primary function. Bereft of purpose... and unable to help this crew... I am unsure what merit my continued existence would be?"

Odd, how this existential question felt more profound than ever. Was this also a part of her upgrade?

"I... would very much like to prove my abilities, if you'd let me, showing you first-hand how I can fully apply Starfleet protocol and ethics to my runtime - just like I have been doing since I came aboard. As for how, I... might even have a suggestion or two, since I browsed the journals of the officers in your cryogenic stasis units."

She fell silent then, hoping that the Betazoid would at least give her a chance to show him what she could do.