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Topic: Day 02 [1500 hrs.] Reprieve by the Sea (Read 513 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 02 [1500 hrs.] Reprieve by the Sea

STARDATE 57561.77
MARCH 12, 2381
1500 HRS.

[ CPO Liam Herrold | Aldea Prime Coastline | Azulin Beach Spa | Aldea ] @BZ
[Show/Hide]Using a false identity was something new for Liam, but he could understand the necessity. The Theurgy was still in hiding, after all, and if all it took was learning a new name and occupation, as well as keeping the Aldean communicator close to him, then he didn't mind that at all. The extra lengths they'd been forced to take before they were allowed to beam down was, of course, to don Aldean clothing. That in itself was no problem, and he found his red, black and white chlamys quite nice, but it did seem a bit redundant since the first things Ji and he had done when reaching the beach was to pull them off.

So, in Aldean slippers and with their fancy alien clothing draped over their arms, they stepped into the sand of the Aldean coastline - the beach meeting the sea just a hundred meters ahead. To their left, there was the spa that had been recommended to them, which also had a restaurant and a bar. The Universal Translator had told them it was the Azulin Beach Spa, and after having worked overtime on switching transponders on all the warp fighters in the bay, they had finally been able to leave the alpha shift early, and hand the reins over to the others running the deck teams in the fighter bay.

Liam found himself grinning at the sight of the sea in front of them, not quite able to understand that it wasn't a mere holodeck view, but that they were actually on shore-leave for the rest of the afternoon and the entire evening. He looked over at Ji, smiling, and fastened the communicator against his black bathing trunks. He'd never seen Ji in swimwear before, and he sure hoped it wouldn't be the last time. "So," he said, not finding words adequate enough to encompass all that he felt. "Where to?"
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Re: SD 57561.77: Reprieve by the Sea
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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Beaches Are Salty | Beaches Are Heavenly | Beaches are the Shit]
@Auctor Lucan

Aldean clothing was weird, not uncomfortable, well.. slightly but only because Ji was mostly used to just wearing her underwear and her work suit most of the time.  When she was off duty on the ship, she usually just wore something comfortable like sweat pants and tank tops, or shorts and tshirts, her wardrobe was extremely simple.  She hadn't been on an actual date that required dressing up as anything other than comfort or work appropriate clothing in longer than she cared to remember.  Not that any of her clothing choices had any bearing on her ability or actual achievement of dates.  She had gone on them, in those clothing, and it hadn't deterred anyone from asking for a second one.  Still, it was different, they fit oddly, hung differently, and in some parts were stiff.  Chafing against skin that wasn't used to the heavy seams and what not. 

It was worth it.  The stupid face name, the stupid clothes, and the weirdly shaped Aldean communicator on her chest.  It was worth the orange sand and the striking ocean.  The way that the waves crashed into the shore.  It was different, this beach, this sound, than the ones back home in Korea.  She longed for those sounds, the way they crashed upon the white sand, or against the large thick rocks of the jetties in the fishing villages.  This though, was it's own kind of paradise.  Different, and yet, beautiful in it's own right.  The warmth of the sun cascaded over the sand making it warm as she kicked off her shoes.  One flew off to the right and the other bounced a couple times straight forward.  Ji didn't even pause to gather them but left them where they fell as she stepped fully onto the warm orange expanse. 

The clasp of the Aldean robes that covered her swim suit was twisted out of place and the robes fell away into a heap on the sand as though it was nothing more than a scrap of cloth.  She rushed forward in her bikini, the scars on her body on display.  Not through any kind of hard child hood or horrors of the past but because of her job and the fact that Sickbay was not always a place she could quickly run to or want to waste her time in.  Liam took his robe off and put the communicator on his swim suit.  She grinned over at him, her eyes sparkling excitedly as he asked her.. where to?

There was the spa.  Spa was great, and would probably be relaxing, and probably lull her into the sleep she actually needed.  There were places to eat, things to see, but all she could think about right now was the sea.  The beach, the sea, and the desperation to feel something real and not something that was created in a holodeck.  When ever they would get this opportunity again?  When would they be able to dive into the sea and swim.  Feel the cool temperatures of the water, and the warmth of the sun on their bodies, the crunch of the sand in between their toes.

No, the spa could wait.

Life needed to be lived at this very moment.

"There." she stated pointing at the ocean that was coming in and out.  The white caps on the top of the sea waves before they crashed into each other and the shore.  Lapping gently at the sand, depositing small shell -like debris and little fish that fought hard with their jumping and their gills to get back to the water before darting back off into the ocean itself glad to live another day. 

Ji waited not another moment as she ran screaming in delight, much like a child, into the ocean.  She slowed down once she got deep enough to get to her knees before she just dove right into one of the waves that was coming up.  She disappeared under the water a streak of her black bikini and her toned olive colored body.  She stayed under water for as long as she could hold her breath before she breached the surface tossing her short her hair out of her face.  She bobbed there at chest level for a moment.  Her body bouncing and landing with every wave that shifted around her slender body.

"Don't be afraid to dive in Liam!  Get your ass out here!  Don't be a chicken!"

Re: SD 57561.77: Reprieve by the Sea
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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Aldea Prime Coastline | Azulin Beach Spa | Aldea ] @BZ
[Show/Hide]Chuckling at Ji when she disposed of her Aldean clothes and ran out into the sea, Liam dropped his own clothes on top of hers, stepping out of his slippers in the sand while looking at her figure in the waves. He crouched down, and put his slippers next to the clothes, and as he did, his blue eyes caught the sand he stood in. He lifted a fistful of it, and watched as it trickled through his fingers. The grain... it might have been of any planet, the motions of the sea rendering the same results, he guessed. The difference, he found, was the lighting of the planet - this warm orange glow that cast everything into bronze. Indoors, the lighting showed the Aldeans in their real colours, but outside...

Liam heard Ji shout for him, and he grinned, picking up her Aldean communicator and bringing it out into the water with him. The initial touch of the waves was cool against his ankles, making him hiss through his teeth and then laugh. It was truly remarkable, not even remembering when the last shoreleave was during the Resolve's voyage home. Soon enough, he stepped out into the waves, heading out to Ji where she floated in the sea.

"Oh, Jini," he mock-admonished her, calling her by her fake name even though there was no one close enough to overhear them, "you forgot your communicator. What if the anti-grav scooter company calls and they are understaffed?" His own false identity was Liama, and he was supposed to work at Dilain Gravity Scooters as well, being both a colleague and boyfriend of Jini's. Supposedly the company made some of the anti-grav scooters that could be seen throughout the city, including the glassed walkways. The pretence wasn't too far from the truth, which made it quite funny.

Liam swam out to Ji the last couple of meters, and when he reached her, he reached down underneath the water to fasten the water-proof communicator to her bikini bottom - letting it ride on her hip. When he was finished, however, he lingered... and wrapped an arm around the small of her back... pulling her in for a deep kiss in the water. The taste of her and the sea mixed in his mouth, and he was reminded of how fortunate he was, that they had both survived the Asurians, the Savi, the Klingons and the Borg. Swimming there on the spot with her, kissing her, it felt like the tensions from the Theurgy were washed away in the embrace of her and the sea. He let her cling to him, keeping their faces over the water with his kicks and his strokes, and just... revelled in the purity of the moment.

He didn't care if anyone watched them from the shore, as he laid his forehead against hers, and looked into her eyes. A small little grin touched his lips. "I must commend the scooter company on their staffing policies. Surely the couldn't find a better mechanic than you. The only problem is the degree of distraction you are... all the time."
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Re: SD 57561.77: Reprieve by the Sea
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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Finally Free | Vacations to Lift the Spirit | Sea for the Soul]
@Auctor Lucan


When asked to pick out an alias for the Aldean planet she had gone with something as close to her own name as possible so that it would be easier for her to remember.  She knew that her actual first name was Eun Sae, but she had been going by Ji for such a long damn time at this point it was practically the name she went by.  So she figured that Jini was as best as she could come up with on short notice and it worked out well enough.  Liama was actually really easy for her to remember because if she said his name in Korean with the suffixes on it as would be common in her language, it would have added that 'a' sound in the end anyway, so it rolled off her tongue even more easily than Liam.

She could hear him calling to her and she turned in the water, the orange sun casting bronze hues on her olive skin tone.  She gave a bright smile and a wave as he began to make his way out to her.  Once he was there, she could only smile.  "Liama." she grinned as he came over to her.  Ji could feel his fingers underneath the water securing her translator to the rim of her bikini bottoms.  A smile played on her face.  "Didn't want to hit first base in the ocean?" she teased.

"The company can survive for a little while without their star mechanic." she teased with a laugh.  Once he was done pinning the device to her he pulled her in for a long kiss.  Ji didn't break it early, instead, she slow and enjoyed the feel of his lips against her own.  Her body pressing against his, their wet skin pressing into one another, wet suits brushing against one another.  It was just perfect.  She kissed him for a good long time before he broke it and pressed his forehead against her own.  The smile on her face could not be dimmed by anything.  So long as Aldea didn't get attacked today, on their off day, it was going to be a perfect day.  She had told the boys on her deck to call only if it was an emergency and she doubted there would be one.  Jack knew how badly she needed this time, and how badly they all did and they were working hard to make sure that everyone on the Fighter Assault Bay caught some planet side time.  Today was her day.

"You shouldn't be so easily distracted Liama, you should do your work better.  Otherwise the bosses will have to separate us." she reminded him with a chuckle as she stepped back from his arms and rose her own out.  Lifting her face towards the bright warm sun she fell backwards into the ocean and let it carress her in it's cool temperatures for a long moment before she resurface a few feet away from where Liam was still standing. 

She used her hands, pushed together, and outward to send a large splash in Liam's direction.  She laughed at the face that he made and quickly sent another splash in his direction.  Suddenly, a full on splash war was being waged.  She was going to teach him the ways of the beach.  This was what she lived for, these memories were the ones that were going to keep them going when they got back on the Theurgy and had to get back to the death defying daily grind.  These were the things that would keep them warm, keep them stepping forward, and these were the things that they could look back on and enjoy for themselves.

Ji ducked under the water again and swam towards Liam.  When she felt his legs she pulled them out from underneath him pulling him into the water with surprise.  She popped up to the surface and when Liam did the same she was already laughing and pulled him into another fun and heated kiss.  Wrapping her legs around his waist to hold herself against him as much as possible.

Re: SD 57561.77: Reprieve by the Sea
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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Aldea Prime Coastline | Azulin Beach Spa | Aldea ] @BZ
[Show/Hide]Oh, but she was a distraction all right, Liam thought when she swam away from him, only to instigate war with him in that playful way. He splashed water back at her and laughed, the corners of his eyes creased and his teeth catching the sun. In virtually no time at all, his short hair was wet and plastered to his head and he could only rake it back from his eyes when she vanished below the disturbed surface of the water. Correcting his hair had been an untimely effort, however brief, for soon enough, she'd tripped him over in the water, and he fell over like someone had yanked out a carpet beneath his feet.

He'd managed to let out a yelp of surprise before the water was in his mouth and he both laughed and coughed at the same time when he finally reclaimed his bearings and resurfaced. Ji was quickly forgiven, of course, since she was right there with him, and wrapped her legs around his waist so that he could pull her in for another kiss - this one more thorough since the greed for her taste begot swift compensation for his defeat. He'd forgive her much, so her mischief only served for him to love her more. Who wanted a boring partner, who you didn't laugh and play with?

"Ji, I...." he said, with feeling, as if he was about to say something profound... only to whisper in a mischievous way against her pursed lips. "...think it's time for round two."

And he began to tickle her. He used his range to counter her flexibility, and went for her armpits, the back of her knees, her neck and her feet once she tried to get away from him. He knew she kicked harder than most, but it was truly worth it - just to hear her laugh and see her face lit in mirth and joy. He wanted her, dearly, for she made him smile despite all they had been through, before they'd met... and after.

Their own time was one for adventure, distraction and relaxation equally, and to be off the dreary starship and out in the open. Three years on the Resolve, a week on the Theurgy. Sweat blood and tears without end. No, he did not long to return. The small confines of their quarters were hardly interesting any more, not when there was a whole planet to explore. If only they weren't on a public beach, he'd show her how much he wanted to celebrate with her right there - on a real planet.

Perhaps he should tell her about the dream he had?

Too soon. He had a war to win, so that he might enjoy the spoils of victory. "Careful now, I hear the boss at the scooter company has told me she wants a promotion for me, in which case you'll have to call me 'sir'!"

He might as well tell her, since he'd just read it on his computer console before they beamed down. In all honesty, he wasn't even sure how she'd take the news. He realised, too late, that perhaps he'd ruined the moment?

Re: SD 57561.77: Reprieve by the Sea
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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Time for One Another | Harmless Adventures | Playing in the Sea]
@Auctor Lucan

As Ji surfaced, they were both laughing, around a few coughs from the sudden influx of water.  Wrestling underneath the surface was never easy and there was only so much lung capacity.  Still, Ji smiled brightly at him.  It was fun, to play.  They were always surrounded with so much work that there was no way they could have this kind of reprieve.  It was nice to finally be able to breath, lungfuls of air, swim in a real ocean, and enjoy the kind of things they had only, until now, been dreams.  They had talked often of what they wanted to do together when they had the chance.  Mars rovers would probably be something that was a holodeck thing, and she figured they would probably have time for that at some point in time.  Repairs on the fighters wouldn't take forever.  But, there was a lot of work to do and that was going to take a bunch of time.

He pulled her into a long heavy kiss.  Her lips and his dancing, with a slight flavor of salt between them, her body temperature was cool from the water but warming underneath the golden sun.  The sun here almost turned her olive skin tone into some kind of bronze color by picking up the golden undertones and positively running away with it.

The kiss ended, and her eyes opened slowly a soft smile playing on her face as their foreheads matched again.  It was one of Liam's favorite moves.  Looking into her eyes with their foreheads matched together.  He called her by name, only occasionally did he use Eun Sae, and that was fine.  She had been called Ji or Chief Ji for such a long time at this point she didn't really feel like her name was any different.  The smile on her face widened as he said her name and she felt that he was about to confess his love for her again.  She supposed when she was old, and she had been hearing it for fifty years she might not feel as warm and fuzzy that he mentioned it all the time.  But, it still made her stomach clench when he relayed those words to her.

He began to tickle her instead.  Ji squirmed and laughed, head thrown back as she tried to escape him and his adept hand work.  Finally, he stopped, but it took a moment for the sheer nerve stimulus to die down enough and her stomach to quit aching from all the contracting.  Finally, he was still and so was she, breathing a little heavier but still in his arms.  He would likely have a bruise on the backs of his legs for some time after all the kicking and squirming she did.  She had felt a couple of solid hits while she was in the throws of laughter and incapable of controlling her body. 

He told her to be careful, that the boss of the scooter company was thinking about promoting him and she may have to call him sir.  For a moment, she thought about him saying this just as a joke since their incognito identities were all about working for the scooter company.  But, she saw the seriousness in his face, and she remembered that with Sten's job open to the ship it was likely someone would be chosen.  The fact that it was Liam, was a bit of a sting.  She had been on the ship longer, worked harder, and now been passed up for a promotion, twice.

Slowly, Ji climbed down off of Liam so that she could stand on her own.  The joy of the surf now weighed down by this new information.  It wasn't that she was going to get promoted to Liam's old job, which was the one she had been passed over before, and now she wasn't going to be Chief of the deck either, another one passed over.  She was starting to wonder what she lacked on the job that others seemed to have.  It seemed to her, that penises were the prime necessity for advancement on such a male driven deck.

"So you're to be the new Chief?" she said looking over at him with those large dark brown eyes of hers.  She gave a nod.  "You'll be good at it, congrats Li.  You deserve it."

He was good at his job, and he did deserve it.  She just wished that she wasn't so frequently overlooked herself.  She was honestly happy for him and her face showed it though her eyes held some emotions back because she didn't want him to be upset about getting it.  He deserved it and she could call him sir any time they were on the job.  It wouldn't bother her, it had never bothered her with Sten until he became an asshole.  Before then, they got along just fine on the deck despite their escapades. 

"I'm going to go see if they have some shells we can take back with us." she said and began to wade towards the shore.  "Who... is going to take up your old position?" she asked, she hadn't gotten any information or messages that it was her, so, she knew that wasn't the case.  But, someone had to fill it and it would be someone she would be working with more so than Liam now.  He would be less on the deck with his hands in the fighters and more doing the administrative day-to-day scheduling and whatever else the Chief did.

Professional cockblock was a thing, apparently, even in Starfleet.

Re: SD 57561.77: Reprieve by the Sea
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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Aldea Prime Coastline | Azulin Beach Spa | Aldea ] @BZ
[Show/Hide]At that point in their relationship, Liam was beginning to get a sense of Ji's mood, and seeing her face so up-close had told him he'd given her the news in the wrong way. She distanced herself, climbing down from him, putting on a mask of happiness for him. Perhaps she was happy for him at one level, but her body language told all the things that her face didn't. Liam didn't catch on immediately, however, because by the time he'd put the impressions together, Ji had turned around and was wading through the water towards the beach, having said something about seashells. The real question on her mind seemed to come last, he though, in how she enquired about his replacement.

It made Liam's heart drop, seeing Ji hurt and yet trying to hide it. The notion that he'd ruined their evening shook him out of his concerns and forced him to act. He started to wade after her, quickening his pace, until her could catch her - the surface of the water at the height of their thighs.

"Hey, hey, hey..." he said, in an almost soothing voice, and hugged her from behind - his arms around her waist and keeping her from reaching the bronze-coloured sand. He pulled her close to his front, feeling her wet skin against his own, and spoke next to her head. "I think you're missing the point. Don't you see? Come on, please, look at me..."

He hoped she'd turn her head towards him, at least, when he began to explain. "They may have made me the new Chief, likely because Covington picked me as his second-in-command on the flight deck," he said, and smiled, hoping she'd see the boon for them both. "But in doing so, Commander Stark gave me full latitude in picking people for the roles on the deck. That means I pick my own successor as Head of Weapon Systems and Armament. I've decided to put Sithick there, given his aptitude for weapons tech."

He didn't care if he'd dropped the scooter company cover. The waves lapping at the beach and the light breeze surely hid his private words to Ji. He let go of her, hoping she'd see what he was getting at. He waded the steps needed so that he could face her fully, and put his calloused hands on her upper arms - looking into her eyes. "It also means that I get to chose my second in command, and even if I wouldn't have been in love with you - if nothing between us had ever happened - I would still have chosen you."

Liam ran his hands down to hers, and held them - looking into her brown eyes ans smiling. "Please, I know it might not be Sten's shoes you'd be filling, but if we are ever going to succeed in keeping the deck running as it was, I need you by my side. No longer just in private, but whenever we're up there on the ship again. Together, we can do this. I am sure of it."

He chuckled then, realising that it almost sounded like a proposal. "Ji, will you be my Assistant Chief of the Deck?"

Liam could but hope she'd accept, for he had no idea what he'd do without her.

Re: SD 57561.77: Reprieve by the Sea
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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Promotions are for People with Penises | Va Jay Jays Need Not Apply | Surprise Promotions | Finally; Recognition]
@Auctor Lucan

It wasn't that she was surprised, she figured that he would get it.  He had been higher than her already which meant he would be the first looked at.  And, he would be good at the job.  Excellent even.  He was good at helping command the deck.  Ji had a lot of loyal people at her disposal because she worked hard and earned their respect.  They knew not to mess with her, or when to joke with her, and they all did their work as best as possible.  She was glad for her boys, for the people that she surrounded herself with at work.  She was glad that they hadn't fired her and that Sten wasn't around to kick her off the Theurgy on Aldea Prime and tell her to find a new way home.  But, she had hoped for a little bit of recognition.  She had been working hard for years, and to get passed up two times in a row, was a bit more stinging than the first.  At least then, she could equate it to Sten, now there was no such excuse. 

Just where was she lacking?

His muscular arms came around her from behind, and Ji paused in her walking.  He was in her ear, his lips right there, brushing against the flesh there.  That normally would have twisted her insides and made her want things that weren't kosher for public beaches, but in this instance it didn't.  He told her that she was missing the point, and asked if she would turn to look at him.  She gave a sigh, and a nod, and twisted a bit in his arms so that they were face to face again.  Her eyes flickering up to his blue ones.  She could tell he was worried or concerned for her.  He was a good man and it wasn't like he asked for the promotion of her.  She was actually happy for him, and she knew that internally she was being a really selfish bitch by feeling sorry for herself. 

"Liam I-" she began, trying to apologize for being so selfish.

He said that he was likely made Chief because he had already been second in command.  She didn't speak right away, because she honestly wanted to hear what he had to say.  At the same time, she felt really low for the fact that she still felt like she had been passed up.  She shouldn't feel this way, it wasn't right, definitely not for Liam.  He was good and didn't deserve the guilt for getting the promotion of his career.  He told her that Stark had given him leeway to get the deck staffed as he saw fit.  Thus, Sithick would get his old job of Weapons because he was gifted in that kind of thing.  Ji knew that he was, she couldn't fight that one, because she was good at pushing fighters to their max and fixing shit.  She could work on the weapons systems but she was no where as gifted as Sithick was.

"Right." she said giving a quick nod.

He moved so that he was fully in front of her, and looking down into her eyes.  Their height difference was sometimes very evident.  His hands came up to her arms and held her slightly.  Her eyes searched his as he told her that he couldn't run the deck without her.  And while it wasn't Sten's spot he was hoping that she would be his Second in Command of the Deck.  That, even before they had a relationship he had wanted to work with her in such a capacity if it ever came up.  Truthfully, they were a fantastic team.  They worked well together, they had proved time and time again to each other that they could be professional when they were on the deck and it was necessary.  She knew he was right, to extend that team to the command of the Flight Deck, to make it on and off deck, would be nice.

Liam's hands slid down into her own, and she smiled as he asked her to be his Assistant Chief.  Somehow she felt like he was proposing to her.  The way he asked it, the way he held her hand, and if the water wasn't as deep as it was, she had expected that he would be down on one knee with a shiny new combadge in his hand or something.  She gave a little chuckle.

"Anyone else looking at us would think you just asked me to marry you." she teased softly and gave a sigh.  "Well I want a raise, and I get to use the office too, and ... I want a mug replicated with coffee every shift start that says 'Best Assistant Boss Ever.'" she grinned up at him, totally kidding really, but she might as well.  Finally she jumped up from the water and sprung into his arms forcing him to catch her wet body.  Her arms clinging around his neck and holding him close.

"I would be honored to continue the best team on the Flight Deck.  I'll be your Assistant Chief." and she sealed the deal with a kiss on his lips.

Re: SD 57561.77: Reprieve by the Sea
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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Aldea Prime Coastline | Azulin Beach Spa | Aldea ] @BZ
[Show/Hide]The relief Liam felt when Ji took his words the right way, and saw the opportunity in what they had been given rather than the personal disappointment, it made Liam smile all the wider. She began to jest with him about a raise even though Starfleet had no monetary compensation, about using the office and having coffee served in the morning, and it told him she had caught on to the implications of him being the new CoD. Even well enough to crack jokes about it.

If there was any doubt as to that fact that it had dawned on her, Ji showed how well she liked it by leaping up and kissing him - clinging to him like a limber cat seizing prey. Liam kissed her back, wrapping his arms around her, and he couldn't help the small chuckle that bubbled in the back of his throat at her antics. Water dripped off their bodies, while Liam slowly stepped in a spinning pattern, keeping the balance for them while the waves lapped at them.

When their lips finally parted, his mouth a mere inch separated from hers, he had his reply at hand.

"I'll replicate that mug for you," he murmured with a rueful smile, his hands sliding down to her hips one at the time in order to support her where she clung to him - her back towards the sea. "And I have first-hand knowledge of what I might expect of your use of the office, so who am I to complain?"

He spoke of course when they'd used the office for... off-duty frivolities, which may have got them into trouble, but was still totally worth it. Liam kissed her neck then, the taste of her wet skin delightful with the touch of sea salt. He then whispered into her ear, finishing his answer. "As for getting a raise... You know I always rise to the occasion," he said mischievously, private words just for them, "In fact, I think you may have gotten one right now... so why don't we find somewhere private to... celebrate our promotions?"

What did she expect? With a smile like that, and clinging to him so? Surely it had been her intention to tease him? Either way, he needed to cool off in the sea or they simply transported out of there. A walk back unto the beach to get their clothes would be mortifying!

Re: Day 02 [1500 hrs.] Reprieve by the Sea
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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Celebration | Promotions | Finally, A Day Without Stress | Two People in Love]
@Auctor Lucan

He promised the mug, and it made her want to tell him she would prefer it to say 'Assistant Boss Bitch' but she figured that probably wasn't terribly professional.  Ji tried to be more professional on deck.  She wasn't always, and her temper got the better of her from time to time, but overall she was pretty happy with her performance.  As Liam and the other bosses must have been to give her the promotion that she deserved.  Ji wasn't the kind of person that felt that she didn't work hard enough and didn't deserve the promotion she had received.  On the contrary, she knew that she worked her ass off and totally deserved the promotion.  She was rather glad that she was able to get it, actually. 

Liam told her that he knew what to expect of her use of the office, and her brow rose.  "Well, I don't think you know all the work I planned to do in there, but... you know some of the better parts." she grinned at him with a light in her eyes that told him how happy she was.  To finally, not be over looked, though she knew there would likely be rumblings about her being Liam's girl and how that had gotten her a promotion.  Most of the people on the ship knew how hard she worked and many wouldn't doubt the reason she got the new position.

Li wiped all the thoughts from her mind as his lips toyed with her neck.  Tasting her softly as he whispered about raises and how she had gotten a rise out of him.  A blush flooded her cheeks and a confident grin played at the edges of her lips while she listened to his whispers.  About finding a place where they could have some privacy. 

Her dark eyes shifted to the sleek building where the spa was located.  They likely had places the two of them could use on their own.  Maybe a steam room, a large bath, a hot tub, or even just a plain room.  She wasn't picky at this particular moment.  But, the problem was, he was going to be very obvious, with his swim suit the only thing covering him.  There was no pressure to hold him in and that was going to probably embarrass Liam, at least in a public situation like this.  Though there weren't many people around, she understood, a little anyway, the dilemma they found themselves in.

"Is there a way you could go back in the ocean?  Cool off just enough to get to the spa?  I really don't want to leave the planet just yet.  It's too beautiful and if we get back on the ship it'll be back to work and while I appreciate the promotion, I can hold off for a few more hours."

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[Show/Hide]Oh, Liam couldn't agree more. He held no wishes at all to return to the damn ship. Not when they were finally able to get some shoreleave and some time for themselves. The corners of his blue eyes creased with his smile, he glanced towards the Azulin Beach Spa as well.

"I have an idea," he said, and nodded towards the building, "we have plenty of currency in our communicators. Certainly more than I expected we'd get. I can cool off in the sea for a little while... and if you like, you could go book some kind of couples spa treatment for us. I have no idea what Aldeans offer, but it might be an adventure of its own..."

She looked back towards her, still holding her in his arms. "I'll join you inside in a bit, and I can pick up our things on the beach." Bending his legs, he sat down in the water, so that it lapped at their chests. He ran a hand through her short hair, feeling like the universe made sense despite the horrors of their shared voyage. "Best of all, chances be we'll get some privacy during the treatment... and we have the whole evening to our selves down here. The sea will wait for us."

He kissed her anew, softly. "I love you, Eun Sae Ji... despite the awkward situations you tend to put me in," he said and chuckled, remembering the Valravn fighter, how the Sithick had overheard their misunderstanding and argument, and then Sten Covington having recorded their antics in the office. "I'll just be a minute or two."

With that, he swam backwards, out into the sea, to cool off and take his mind elsewhere.

It didn't take too long until Liam felt confident about stepping out of the water. He went to pick up their shed clothes and footwear, and entered the lobby of the Azulin Beach Spa. The interior walls were reminiscent of bamboo, and there were alien flora everywhere. The scents were sweet, and the Aldeans were dressed in thin versions of their dresses. There were candles everywhere, likely explaining the pleasant scent. Liam spotted Ji immediately. Like most of the present spa visitors in the lobby, her body was beaded with water from the sea. Liam walked up behind her while she finished talking to the man behind the counter.

"Did you find anything fun, love?" he asked, putting his free hand around her and looking at the pamphlet of different treatments - all too aware of their ulterior motives behind the visit and feeling quite daring about it. This was their time, and they'd make the most of it. Better yet, they were anonymous down on the planet, no one knowing who they were, as opposed to how things were on the ship.
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@Auctor Lucan

He had an idea, and her brow rose to show that he was listening.  When he told her to go to the spa while he calmed himself down, she figured that it was probably a good idea.  He could calm down, she could get them started on some nice couples time where they could hopefully be alone and be together.  Which was exactly what they wanted anyway.  She smiled softly at him.  Sitting down in the water as the waves crashed into them a bit just as they broke upon the shore, she gave him a smile.  Cupping his cheeks gently and leaning her forehead against his.  How he created a perfect little world.  An oasis in a world of shit that they lived through on a daily basis.  Aliens trying to kill them or take them out.  Taking over the ship, stealing shuttles, and taking their people.  Still, that wasn't the concern at the moment.  Right now, she just wanted to be with him, build the memories.  Things to look back on when things got tough, because they would again.  As much as she hated to admit it, she knew that they weren't done fighting for their lives. 

He kissed her and called his love out for her.  She smiled and chuckled giving him a shrug.  "You can't say I don't keep life interesting." she winked at him and kissed him again, long and slow.  Just enjoying the feel of his lips on hers, and the slight salty taste that accompanied it.  It was a brilliant feeling and the taste only made it more exotic.  When the kiss broken her eyes opened slowly as if she was reveling in that feeling of lightness that came with being around Liam.

"I will be waiting."

She got up, the sun catching the droplets on her body and shimmering through them almost gave her body a golden glow on top of the olive colored skin.  She smirked at him and gave him a cute little wink as she headed down the beach.  Allowing him to cool off, and allowing herself time to walk in the sand.  She walked away from him and towards the spa. 

Once she reached the building, she wasn't dripping any longer, but she was still damp.  As she stepped into the building, it was cooled inside, and found it almost cold to her damp form.  She walked across the lobby and to the front desk where a woman sat with a bright smile on her face. 

"Good day, welcome to the spa.  What can I do for you today?"  The translator on her bikini bottoms made sure that Ji could hear and understand the woman and it would do the same the other way around.  Ji spoke in standard because it was most common around the universe only saving her Korean for here and there and when she was alone. 

"I was wondering what services you offered?  Including couples." she said with a smile.

"All our brochures are over on the wall there, I'm sure you'll find a more detailed list and explanation of the things we have here."

"Great, thank you."  Ji turned from the woman and walked to the large wall.  On the wall was a clear plastic display case with small clear pockets boasting their various available treatments.  She went through the various ones, large bold letters on the front talking about what they held inside.  But, it was the 'couples package' that really intrigued her.  She was thumbing through the booklet when Liam came in and walked over to her with his arm full of their robes.  She looked up and smiled at him warmly. 

"Yeah, there's a whole couples package.  It includes, a couples massage with heated scented oils, then off to the natural hot spring room, then after that if you are interested you can upgrade to a package that includes a private room upstairs for a private hot spring experience.  Just the two of us.  I'm quite thinking the upgraded package sounds right up our alley, don't you?" she grinned up at him having no doubt he would agree.  "Also the private package includes local fruits and beverages to be served, and we get the room for two full hours."

She looked up and replaced the brochure back where she had pulled it from.  Once Liam agreed to the plan, she told the woman behind the desk who happily rang them up demanding payment before services could be rendered.  They were given two robes to use for their stay, a digital key code to a digital locker where they could keep their robes while they enjoyed their time here, and the room number (and code) where they would retire once the massages were though.

"Please wait to the right, your masseuses will be with you shortly." she stated warmly and Ji held Liam's hand as they stepped through to the locker room and stowed their things away and changed into their robes so that they could better benefit from the massages.  By the time they stepped out, the masseuses were waiting for them and lead them down a brightly lit hallway that was all windows showcasing the brilliant golden view of the ocean.  They were put into a large room where two leather (like) covered tables waiting for them.  Inside it smelled of something Ji couldn't put her finger on, but it was calming almost immediately.  She was lead to the first table, disrobed carefully and lay on her stomach.  The woman working on her put a pillow underneath her head and covered her ass with a towel so that it wasn't all showing at the moment. 

Liam had the same treatment, with another masseuse on the table close enough that they could touch if they wanted to.

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[Show/Hide]Having shed all but the new robe, Liam had been a little bit self-conscious about getting onto the massage table, but the two masseuses had granted them the modesty of covering their lower body with a thin towel before they turned their attention back towards Liam and Ji. By that point, Liam was lying face-down with the white towel across his buttocks, just like Ji, and he'd resisted the urge to clear his throat in embarrassment. Truth be told, this was his first proper massage ever, aside from the kind physicans might give patients when they are hurt. Speaking of which...

"You know, my knee feels better when it's this warm. I don't limp as much down here, unless you noticed already," he murmured to Ji where they lay and looked at each other. He reached out to wrap his fingers around hers, feeling how the masseuse was beginning to work on the back of his neck and shoulders. The warm oils felt... much better than the Starfleet issue ointments, that was certain, and the masseuses began to trade hushed words about the corrugated mess of knots the pair had in their muscles - the toils of their labour in the fighter bay letting themselves be known to the unfortunate Aldeans that tended to them. They will definitely be earning their Aldean stars during this session...

Liam rubbed his thumb against Ji where they laid and held hands. The massage made him close his eyes in enjoyment, but he remained awake, speaking with Ji about this and that. Meanwhile the masseuses we giggling a bit over the two of them, and Liam wasn't sure about the cause, liking to think it was Ji's undeniable beauty that had them tittering. At some point, he realised that the towels had been removed to work on their glutes, which made Liam feel a bit embarrassed again - not knowing what to expect. He got his bottocks kneaded for a long time, which was well needed.

Eventually, it was time to turn over, which Liam would have done readily if he had a towel. At his hesitance, however, he got it back, so that he could preserve his modesty a little bit in the company of the very thorough masseuses.

"Please be careful with my right knee. Workplace injury," he murmured to his masseuse with a polite smile, and reached out to conflate his fingers with Ji's again. He turned his head over towards her, and smiled lazily, knowing what awaited them next, after the masseuses were finished with their fronts... something that disconcerted Liam a little bit given the kind of attention their behinds had gotten. He had no idea what the policies were for Aldean spa institutions, much less what masseuses did in general to their couples customers... Should they expect something out of the ordinary?

Posing as an Aldean also meant that they ought to take whatever happened next in stride. They were supposed to know what they were getting themselves into, after all...
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@Auctor Lucan

Ji was holding his hand from across the tables.  Her eyes were closed as the woman began to pour some kind of mineral oil on her skin.  The criss cross of scarring and the tautness on the muscles got some tittering and low volume conversation between the two of the workers.  Ji was probably in worse shape because she was really bad at going to Sickbay even after she was hurt.  She tended to just allow it to heal up, slap a bandage on it, and get on with her day.  She knew there were a few others that were moderately the same on the ship and she figured that taking some of the load off of Sickbay was probably a good thing from time to time especially scrapes, cuts, and whatever.  Ji was almost always in some kind of hurt, just because she worked her ass off every fucking day for the ship.  She pushed herself until she couldn't any more and often stayed past shift end.  Though, being with Liam had changed that for the better because when they were both off shift it was the only time they really got that good quality time together and she wanted to use as much of it as she could.  So it was easier to hand off the work to the next shift when she knew she could go home, eat snacks, and sleep beside Liam for a few hours.

Her eyes opened as Liam spoke, and she smiled softly.  "I hadn't noticed, I'm probably a bad girlfriend." she laughed, though she was mostly teasing.  "But, I'm glad it isn't hurting as much." she said with a warm smile as she squeezed his hand gently.

The muscles underneath professional hands began to give way despite the cursing and lamenting of the tightness of them from the woman that were working on them.  Ji was starting to feel less like herself and more like a form of jello than an actual person.  Ji and Liam talked as they got their massage and enjoyed little chuckled and warm jokes.  She wasn't really paying much attention to the women and their reactions she was just enjoying the feel of her body relaxing fully for the first time in.. probably forever.  This was Ji's first massage.

Eventually, it was time to turn over, and Ji reached for the towel, they gave it to her and she turned, placing one over her chest and one over her hips.  Though, they began back on the shoulders and Ji switched the hand holding Liam to the other side so that they could still lay flat while the women worked on their bodies which seemed a lot more limber.  The woman began to work on her legs and Ji let her eyes close again as Liam told them to be careful with his knee after a work place injury.  As they got down to the feet, Ji was brought to life.  The moans coming from her were not quiet, and she was clutching Liam's hand for dear life.  It felt like heaven, working the arches of her feet, she was on them all day for the most part.  And getting them to really relax for the first time was bliss.

Finally, the massage stopped, Ji was quiet, and totally ready for a nap.  They were given their robes back and Ji turned her back and to put it on allowing herself a little privacy.

"Your room is upstairs, the number is the keycard you carry.  Snacks and drinks are waiting."  The two left with smiles on their faces, allowing Liam and Ji to take each other's hands and find the elevator almost right outside their door.  The keycard told them to go to the sixth floor so they did, and they quickly found their room.  Inside, there was a large bed in front of a massive picture window that was flanked with heavy drapes if they wanted to block out the sun.  There was a massive screen pulled up into the ceiling they could pull back down if they wanted to with the press of a button just above a fully stocked bar. 

The bed was covered in white bedding.  Soft light weight linen sheets, covered by a thick comforter with puffy cotton filled squares.  The pillows were freshly fluffed and there were extras just incase.  In the center of the bed was a golden tray, upon which sat two fluted glasses next to a bottle of chilled and already beading with condensation alcoholic beverage.  A plate full of different finger foods native to the planet.  It was almost like a honeymoon sweet, at least what Ji thought one should look like just from dramas and watching old movies and so forth.  All that was missing was a hot tub.  Though there was a large bathroom off to the side with a massive shower that had sixteen different shower heads for the ultimate shower experience, she assumed.

"This is something else." Ji told Liam as she looked around at all the finery.  "I feel like I'm in someone else's room.  This is way too fancy for Assistant Chief of the Decks." she chuckled mirthfully, as she brushed her hair out of her face and went to the window to take a look at the scenery of the breach and ocean they got from their room.

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[Show/Hide]The short distance they had to walk in ascending to their suite was a haze after the massage. The masseuses had not caused any further ham to his knee, but the rest of him felt like play-dough. All tensions were gone, and when they stepped into their accommodations... any soreness that still lingered vanished from Liam's mind.

The amount of Aldean stars for personal spending that the Aldean Defence Committee had given the Theurgy crew was quite remarkable, which was proven by how they had managed to afford the suite. The beach-side spa suite had to be one of the more expensive of its kind. Liam was certainly no expert in monetary means and expenditure, being a Federation citizen as he was, but he'd experienced enough on the Resolve when visiting alien cultures that there were some common denominators when it came to riches and spoils for citizens. An ocean view was almost a universal sign of wealth, and this was all for Ji and him to enjoy.

"Perhaps so," he said, walking there in his robe and taking in the details of their rooms, but his eyes soon turned Ji where she stood by the window, with the bronze light of the day casting her in brilliance. He smiled, finding the tall glasses next to the bottle. He began to pour for them. "Then again, haven't we earned this?"

He walked up behind her with the two glasses, blinking at the brilliance of the golden sunlight while the sparkling beverage hissed lightly in his hands. When he reached her, he wrapped his arms around her while he offered her one of the glasses, the both of them facing the vista of the beach far below, and the ocean horizon.  The bronze light case wispy clouds into light, and on the left, the city coastline sprawled out on a small peninsula - the alien architecture the clearest sign that they were not in Federation space.

"To Jini and Liama," he said next to her ear, and smiled as he lightly touched the rim of his glass against hers. "And their day off from the scooter company..."

Alone finally, and with her in his arms, Liam couldn't help but kiss her neck after he sipped his drink. He did so while she faced the panoramic glass window, with no audience to stop them - just the breathtaking view. For him Ji, rivalled the vista - she being far more breathtaking than the sea. His free hand, calloused but softened by essential oils, playfully undid her bathrobe, and sought the hidden skin underneath.

"I love you, Jini," he said with a grin, and his kisses began to wander down the side of her neck - her bathrobe sliding off one of her shoulders as he did. He may have happened to spill a little bit of his cold drink on her skin, his mind in somewhat of a haze after the massage, and the scent of her filling his senses.

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@Auctor Lucan

She heard his voice behind her, as she stood at the window.  There were birds, similar to gulls, and yet different in subtle ways that were crying out as they soared through the sky riding the variant air currants around them.  She watched as they dove down here and there at the water likely after something just underneath the surface, a fish, food, something that caught their eye.  There were some that walked the beach below where Liam and Ji had been earlier, pecking slightly at the sand.  Their beaks were smaller than a gull, now that she was looking at them a little clearer, they had fur and feathers, not just one.  But they seemed to get around a lot and watching them shake the water off their fur-feathers was actually kind of cute. 

Did they deserve this?  Short answer; yes.

"We do.  And who knows when we will see a planet again where we can spend some time together.  Where we can actually be just us and not with the threat of being called to the deck in a minutes notice.  It'll only get worse with our new positions and we may be working opposite schedules sometimes to make sure the deck is properly covered." she admitted to him with a sigh.  That was worth it too, not just because of the position that she had just been given but because the deck needed a firm hand and she was glad to be part of it.

She could hear him pouring a drink behind her and a moment later appeared a glass in front of her, little bubbles rising to the surface offering a crisp interesting sound.  Almost melodic with the ones that burst against the side of the narrow flute shaped glass.  Ji had never had anything other than beer and the hard stuff in her life so this was way beyond anything she had ever experienced.  She had never been the kind of girl that followed the wine/champagne drinking crowd, but also it was too expensive.  She would rather just spend her money on Soju.  But, when is Rome, or Aldea, as the case might be, she might as well.  As she lifted the glass to her mouth to take a sip she found that the flavor and scent of the drink was fruity in nature.  Probably something native to Aldea, and something she would likely never get to taste or experience before.  It didn't have the bite of hard liquor, or the bitterness of beer, it was almost sweet with a slight zing of alcohol, real alcohol to it.

"To Jini and Liama, and their ongoing love for mechanics, fighters, and each other." she chuckled softly as she looked up at him with a smile taking a sip after their toast to seal the deal.

As they stood there, he began to kiss her neck.  Ji smiled softly, enjoying the way his lips felt against her neck.  She was more loose now than she had ever been with the hands of the women downstairs.  Her eyes fluttered closed as he lowered his lips small movement by small movement moving the robe off of her shoulder, letting it slide down her arm slightly catching at the elbow only because she was holding her glass in that hand.  As he moved, opening the robe completely the drink he had in his own glass splashed over her skin and dripped downward towards the floor.  She grinned slightly.

"You better clean that up, before you make a mess." she said as she turned to show him the problem.  There, shimmering on her skin, was the drink he had spilled on her, slowly in rivulets making it's way between her breasts and towards her stomach with every single breath she took.  "We wouldn't want to leave a mess behind." she warned him with a husky tone to her voice, though her eyes showed the mischievous side of Ji that got them into trouble a few times recently.

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[Show/Hide]Not even sure how much of the haze in his mind could be attributed to the massage, or the anticipation of being alone with Ji, Liam nonetheless enjoyed himself fully. The taste in his mouth from that of kissing Ji's shoulder made him care for naught else in the universe. Though when she turned around in his arms...

...the sight of her, backlit by the sun, and with the opened robe leaving nothing to the imagination, it was all Liam could to not to do as bidden immediately. He cleared his throat, chuckling when he saw the slight mishap and what it led to. What a mess indeed. "Oh, no," he said in mock despair, his own tone just as playful as hers. He smiled at Ji while he drank from his glass, leaving only a little bit in the bottom. "What a crisis... Worst yet of all we've faced..."

Then, he slowly poured the last of his glass on her exposed skin, a couple of cool rivulets running all the way past her toned abdomen, and the fruity drink beading her breasts. "Red Alert... the problems keep pouring in... I better handle this myself before it's too late..."

Having said this, Liam chuckled and had one arm behind the small of her back when he leaned in to kiss her heavily - the taste of the drink mixing in their mouths. While they kissed, he shed his own robe, the temperature rising rapidly despite the pleasant air-conditioning of the suite.

Only after a while did he begin to descend  with his lips, running his calloused hands over her while he made sure to kiss and lick all of the mess from her skin. He was very, very thorough, having to pause and give due attention to some areas on the way down... until he reached the area where most of it had pooled, right betwixt her legs. Of course, some had even managed to reach her inner thighs, so he helped her put one of her legs on his shoulder, allowing him full access to her little predicament.

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@Auctor Lucan

His acting needed work.  But, she also didn't care.  Honestly, she was just glad they were together.  Drinking would help, just because, Ji didn't partake in much that wasn't soju and it was an acquired taste.  One she wasn't sure that Liam was into but that was fine, she could drink enough for the both of them when they got started.  She was good at drinking and in Korea that meant things.  Other places, not so much.  He was being all playful and it was one of her favorite things about Liam.  He drink from the glass smiling up at her, and she as so tempted, so very tempted to up end her glass over his head just because she could.  But, she was pretty sure that would kill the mood and honestly pouring a drink, though usually water, over the head of someone else in Korea was seen as a great slap in the face and insult.  It was something only done when necessary and when you were really pissed the fuck off.  So she didn't really want to do that, even if it was playful, and even if Liam wouldn't know the under tones involved.

"Well, if we leave a stain they may charge us extra and then you can't lavish me with all the gifts I don't ask for when we leave." she laughed softly.

Ji was more about pictures and memories than she was about tangible items.  She wasn't really interested in nicknacks and little gifts.  Surprises were always nice and everything, but she would prefer to spend time with Liam rather than a gift left for her on her desk because they hadn't seen each other in a while.  But, that was just her.  She just wasn't materialistic.  Even her Quarters was pretty void of many things that people had.  She tended to stick with pictures and just small mementos of things that she didn't want to forget. 

He tilted his glass against her olive skin and what fluid was left ran down her torso towards her legs.  She grinned at his little red alert.  "Well you are in charge now, so you better get good at crisis control." she reminded him playfully.

He kissed her then, and she pressed her body against his so that some of the fluid was put on his own skin.  Because, there would be reciprocation if at all possible.  Kissing him with a hunger only she could find for him they took their time reveling in the shared flavors of the drink on their tongues and lips.  Not to mention the heavenly feel of their relaxed bodies against one another for the time being.  Finally, he began to lower himself.  Kissing her skin with his lips and his hands slightly softened by the oils of earlier but still rough enough to excite her.  He kissed and licked her skin, lapping at the fluids that he had spilled on her earlier.  He had lost his robe but her eyes were closed so the only clue to that was the fact that as he got lower her hands found his shoulders and she realized she was just touching his skin.

Liam went lower and pulled her leg up over his shoulder to get at the heart of the mess.  She almost fell over but caught herself on the top of his head and with her fingers in his hair grabbing for just a moment.  Retaining her balance, just in time for the throws of passion to begin.  Her moans were not quiet, but then, unless they were on deck they never were.  She wasn't a quiet lover.  Ji enjoyed his cleaning process for some time, her body firing up quickly and getting ready for what she wanted next.  Finally, she put her leg down closing him off from what he was enjoying and pushed him back onto the bed.  Crawling over him and leaned in and kissed him hungrily.  Making sure their bodies were pressed as tightly against one another as they could be.  His hands running all over her and hers were just as exploratory.  It wasn't long before she began to clean his body since she had made sure to share the mess earlier.  Her tongue explored the lines and planes of his body enjoying how he squirmed underneath her.  Finally though, they enjoyed themselves.  Finally giving each other what they really wanted which was to enjoy one another without the fear of being called away.  Taking their time, enjoying everything they could, and just having a good time together.  The screams, moans, and cries of passion were probably louder than they needed to be on both their parts but at the same time neither of them cared.

Finally, Ji lay exhausted in the messy bed.  The blanket was half off the bed puddling on the floor slightly.  One pillow was on the floor, one was across the room, and the other was barely hanging on the edge of the bed.  The last was the one that she crashed onto when they were finished finally.  Her arm looped loosely over Liam's midsection pulling him in as she sought to catch her breath.  She had nothing to say at the moment, she was tired, but she was the good kind of tired.

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[Show/Hide]Spent, several times over, and with his mind in a haze, Liam was trying to tame his shallow breathing while he stared into the ceiling. Ji was near, her arm draped across him and he was toying lazily with her hair with his hand. With the long build-up towards having their desires fulfilled, it took quite some time to come down from the euphoria.

When he finally swallowed and felt ready to speak, he turned his head and looked down upon her bare form - seeing how the sunlight from the window cast her skin in brilliance. She looked like she'd descended from some home of the gods, and visited upon him - a mere mortal in awe of her divine splendor. He did not speak of this, however.

"Did I ever tell you about the dream I had?" he asked, his voice a bit raw from the way she'd made him cry out during the past hour. He looked back towards the ceiling, telling it the way he remembered it.

"We were on an M-Class planet, having taken a shore-leave. There was no intelligent life. Just game to hunt, and clean rivers to drink from. I suggested that we'd linger, even though the Theurgy was leaving on its mission. So we stayed, hiding in a cave, while shuttles and warp fighters alike tried to find us with their sensors. We must have picked a rock formation with something in the strata that prevented them from finding us. Of course, we had expected to be found eventually, but as the cave protected us, we were given a choice."

Liam propped himself up on his arm, gently making her lie down on her back on top of the bed. He looked down upon her face where she laid next to him, appreciating how the sunlight bathed her bare form with a smile. "Were we to stay, and lead our lives truly free, and live off the land? Were we to build our own home, with no means to leave the planet, and let each day lead us to the next? We could do that, or we could reveal ourselves to the search parties... and return to our duties, on a mission set for Earth and saving the Federation."

He raised a hand, and ran a finger tip over her forehead, down her nose, and brushed her lower lip. "In the dream I asked you what you wanted, but before I learned your answer... I began to dream something else - the outcome lost to me." His famished eyes feasting upon her sunlit body, he let the finger wander down her neck, and between her breasts, only to resume a path back to whence it came from - brushing against her throat once more. His smile was as warm as that of the bronze light that bathed them. "So, do you think you can give me the answer, as you think you'd answer?"

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@Auctor Lucan

Ji's eyes slid closed at some point.  The hand in her hair and the way her body just tingled in it's exhausted state had lulled them shut.  She had tried, at first, to keep them open to no avail.  Finally, she surrendered and allowed them to close.  Her eye lashes laying against the cheek bones of her face and her hair being played with by the large calloused hand belonging to none other than her love.  She was nearly asleep, when he finally spoke.  She drug her eyes open at the sound of his voice, and curled up snuggling further against him laying her head on the bicep of his arm to use as a pillow letting her body press against him she slid further in, so that her head rested on his shoulder joint and her face against his chest.

"Maybe." she said groggily.

He began to tell her all about it.  They were on a planet for shore leave.  There had been no intelligent life discovered here but there was game to hunt and rivers to drink from.  Liam apparently decided in the dream they would or could defect and stay in a cave system.  Let the Theurgy go on without them and live out their lives together.  They would be together forever without the worry and concern of having to face the next horrendous enemy that the Theurgy came across.  And, lets face it, that happened often.

"I think I actually do remember you telling me this." she said.  He shifted, and threw her out of her comfortable spot and put her so that her back was on the bed.  Her eyes opened now that she wasn't as comfy, though she really missed her spot because it was her favorite place to fall asleep when she had the option to.  But, it seemed that he wanted to have a talk.  She listened to him as he told her that before she could give him the answer, in the dream, he woke up and now he was wondering what she would want to do.  Ji rubbed her eyes tiredly, and struggling to pull her brain out of the haze of hoping to sleep, to the kind of being able to actually think.

She gave a small smile.  "Um, well that's hard.  Because I know we are both pretty duty driven for the most part." she said as she pulled one of the pillows underneath her head.  His finger was tracing a lazy path down and up her body, touching her skin, and getting a little bit of a reaction out of it.  "However, I think that a quiet life, in a little home we built for ourselves.  Having our children, raising them on the land.  Teaching them how to fish, and how to hunt, how to build.  We could mix our cultures and raise these amazing kids.  But, I think too we would be denying ourselves things.  The mechanics, the things that make you and me tick.  We would have nothing that would guide our passions of that nature and what if it turned resentful?"

"What would you say, if I asked you the same question?"

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[Show/Hide]Finding that Ji's notions of the outcome mirrored his own somewhat, Liam chuckled, and leaned down to kiss that centre area of her torso which his finger had travelled. She had a salty taste now, from their previous and thorough exertions both inside and outside the bed. The hint of that Aldean beverage was still there as well, as an undercurrent to the aftertaste of sex. One kiss between her breasts became two, and his answer came after he'd laid a warm trail of imprints up her neck, and his lips were closer to her ear where she laid there on their twisted sheets.

"Rationally, I too think that a nomadic life, living off what the land might provide, would be a bad fit for our professional interests and motivations. Without any means of transport, I also worry what we'd condemn any offspring of ours to, forcing them to live out their lives as nomads after they outlive us. Rationally, the novel idea is a cruel choice for everyone involved..."

Slowly, Liam raised his calloused hand and ran his fingers through Ji's hair where she laid, and planted another kiss right below Ji's ear. "Though I have to admit, that as far as novel ideas go, the notion to spend months undisturbed in your company, and let us just live together without any concerns left in our mind, would make for one hell of a vacation away from all the dangers that the mission holds. We could just eat, drink, and have sex at our own leisure, and enjoy a brief respite all to ourselves."

Their reprieve was right then, however, in how they finally had shore leave. Liam's hand was caressing her forehead and the other side of her neck, while he spoke of the present rather than that dream of old. "It would be like this evening, only longer," he said, and finally re-claimed her mouth with his own, kissing her deeply where she laid. Oh, she tasted of the Aldean drink still, but besides that, she tasted like Ji did, and Liam found himself wanting her again, even though he ought to be sated. He could but hope he hadn't made her sore, and that she didn't mind belaying sleep for just a while longer.

Sleepy sex was, in his own regard, more intimate than the rough and greedy kind they'd just enjoyed. It was the most intimate, and slow of acts between lovers, in how they became one in the gentle but ardent motions. "I love you, Eun Sae Ji," he whispered to her when he gently got on top of her, and began the slow, rhythmic movements - mimicking that of the sea against the shore outside the wide window. He could never cease to wonder at how well they fit together, as he looked down into her brown eyes, while the light danced over their most profound act of connection and intimacy. "Reality... outshines any dreams... when I'm with you."

He didn't want their shore-leave to end for quite some time - this reprieve by the sea.

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@Auctor Lucan

He was kissing the center of her body.  She had her eyes closed again as they spoke about his dream and how it would or wouldn't work.  As much as she wouldn't mind the actual break of being on a planet for a good long while it would be too hard.  Abandoning their post would also be against both their ways.  Ji rubbed her eyes sleepily as he continued to kiss down her body while she spoke of her thoughts on the matter.  There were pros and cons, and she really wished that she could have it both ways.  In a perfect world, they would be assigned to a ship where they wouldn't have to deal with any of it, they would have normal leaves, where they could be a normal couple without the Starfleet stigma following them around consistently. 

She nodded at his own thoughts on the matter.  "That and there is no future there.  Even if we had a bunch of kids, managed to raise them, feed them, and nurture them, they would have no one to continue on with.  They would have to find ways to leave the planet to further on their own blood line and that would be impossible unless we stole a shuttle and kept it in running condition all those years.  That would make us enemies of the Federation, not that we aren't already that, but in a whole new way too." she reminded him.

Ji smirked as he told her while logistically it wouldn't work, he would have liked the time for them to do whatever they wanted.  To relax, not work, have sex, enjoy one another without having to do anything work related.  They would just live together and make their lives and enjoy them the way that most people did.  Honestly though, she didn't think they had signed up for Starfleet without knowing that wasn't going to be an option.  However, she figured that they would have had at least some kind of leave like most jobs did, she knew that the Theurgy was a special case and most of the time she was just really surprised that she didn't have PTSD from her time on the Theurgy yet.

"Yes, but I think, sometimes, we concentrate on the sex too much." she admitted.  "I love having sex, but I also would want to find purpose, and life, that would be the hardest part about staying behind.  Surviving like that would only get us so far before we could be angry or resentful." she admitted.

He was brushing his hands through her hair and Ji's eyes slid open again to see him, as he came down to give her a kiss explaining that it would be very much like now, only longer.  He kissed her before she could respond again and her lips and his danced together gently for a good while.  She could feel him stirring against her, and while her body was tired and really just wanted to go to sleep for a while, she also knew that he was going to make his move.  Liam enjoyed his sex, she didn't mind it either, except when she was exhausted and ready to let the tension bleed from her body as much as possible.

He was on top of her now confessing his love for her and beginning the motions.  She kissed him long and slow, though her body was very tired, so she couldn't seem to get it going right.  Still, she didn't stop him as they kissed and made love one more time on the bed.  "I love you too, Liam." she whispered.  "Sarang hae."

When they finished, Ji was more than exhausted, and curled up against Liam, and promptly fell into a deep sleep.  If he needed anything else out of her, she was not responding, she was too far asleep and needed it desperately.  She slept with her body curled up against his and only a light sheet covering their bodies as the room wasn't cold, and it wasn't warm, it was somewhere in between but very comfortable.  The sunlight pouring in through the windows didn't seem to bother Ji though Liam blocked her eyes since her face rested against his chest anyway.  Ji would likely sleep for some hours though, in the same position, too tired even to toss and turn in her sleep. 

After several hours, she would wake up, to the soft chiming behind her coming from her PADD.  An alarm she had set earlier to remind them to return to the Theurgy and get some of their work knocked out.  As much as she wished they could spend all day and night here, they couldn't, they had responsibilities and now they were both promoted into new positions and it was something they were going to have to get started with as well.  Now was not the time to lay about forever.  She groaned and rolled over, tugging the sheet with her as she grabbed for her PADD and shut off the alarm with a quick swipe of her thumb.

"Maybe we could stay forever." she mumbled sleepily and buried herself back into her sheets and pillows.

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[Show/Hide]When the alarm went off, Liam was slow to realise where he was, and what had drawn him from his slumber.

Slowly, he recalled the evening off that he'd shared with Ji, and he heard her voice next to him after the annoying sound ceased to torment them. Gradually, as he sat up on the edge of the bed, he recalled how they had indulged in a treatment and a room at the beach spa. As he looked around, drowsily, he saw the trail of robes on the floor, as well as specks of the sparkling Aldean beverage leading from the panorama window to the tangled sheets they shared in the bed. He glanced at Ji and chuckled at her comment. Then he rose from the bed, and walked naked towards the window. "Aye, that would be something, right?"

Outside, the ocean lay in early twilight, with the crashing waves catching the fading light. The lights of anti-grav bikes whisked along the shoreline, some kind of beach race taking place. The bikes across the water as well, spraying trails in their wake. Idly, Liam rubbed his shoulder, where Ji's nails had bit into him a couple of hours past. Sticky with sweat and that drink they had poured over each other, he decided on a shower before they beamed up to the ship. Then again, perhaps they ought to check out before they vanished? Might be better so that they didn't raise any suspicions. Still, the ocean by near-night was captivating, so Liam lingered for a while to appreciate the sight. Hopefully, they would be able to indulge in a new shore-leave soon enough, despite their added duties in the fighter bay.

"I look forward to a time when we can appreciate peace like the Aldeans below, and these shore-leaves become standard rather than a subject of random chance during this mission. No longer having to run, but plan for overnight stays at any planet of our choice," he said quietly, and turned to give Ji a smile. "I'll just shower before we leave."

He walked across the floor to the bathroom and began the process of trying to activate the large shower - wrapping his leaden thoughts around the user interface. Eventually, he got it running, and sighed in contentment when the cascading water hit his face and ran down his body. He called out to Ji with a lopsided smile. "You know, Sithick heard our little argument before the Klingons attacked, and now he'll take my spot in Weapons and Armament. Do you feel we need to have a talk with him, or do you think the Gorn will be discreet about it?"

He then shrugged, adding. "Then again, after that medication trip we were on afterwards, I'd say we ought to be more concerned about what the doctors and patients have been saying about us." He chuckled then, remembering some of the things Ji had exclaimed during the high she'd been on. "I bet there are recordings of us raving. Let's hope our deck teams haven't come across those yet."
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@Auctor Lucan

Liam exited the bed.

Ji was reluctant.  Because, once she got out of the bed, she would have to really wake up.  She would have to step back into reality, a place, she wasn't exactly ready to do.  She wanted to stay here, where their padds weren't chiming with a million messages, and where they weren't being called in off duty because there was a problem and the big officers needed to get in there and figure out what was going on.  There was so many things they were needed for and it would only be more so now that they were both promoted, especially him.  Their quiet, down, together time was going to be less than it had ever been.  She burrowed into the pillow hugging it to her a little bit longer.  The pillows here were softer, the blankets and sheets softer, she wondered if they could take them all back to the Theurgy with them and have these in their amazing bed that they shared.  She wondered when they would merge their Quarters now that they had been together .. no it hadn't been that long.  She was definitely in love with him, and he with her, but, it hadn't actually been that long since their relationship started in full and she didn't want to rush things.  It was hard though, because of the danger they lived in, it was so hard not to want to jump into whatever they could with both feet and never look back.

Finally, Ji forced her eyes open to see Liam standing naked framed in the light of the window.  She lay there just watching him.  As he rubbed his shoulder, and did all the small movements a body does when they aren't really paying attention.  She loved those little movements, the little ticks, everything about him.  He stood there talking about how he hoped that eventually they would know peace.  They wouldn't be on the run anymore, they would be peaceful where they could schedule their off times and actually have leaves.  Not waiting for something convenient and still safe to come along because it was such a rarity.  Ji propped herself up on her elbow staying on the bed but her eyes continued to travel along the planes of his body.

"I hope that happens soon.  I have no idea what is going on with all this parasite business.  My job is to keep the fighters up, running, and ready to defend our ship.  But, I hope they figure it out soon.  Sometimes I think we're all going to implode with the stress, the constant danger, the constant attacks, and the death all around us.  It's hard to stay positive sometimes." she admitted, even though she herself had not seen the worst of the Theurgy, she had seen enough to understand how it can truly effect the psyche of people.

He mentioned taking a shower and she gave a nod, finally, fully sitting up.  He crossed to the bathroom and she rose stretching her body while she listened to him tinkering with the user interface while she took her time to walk into the bathroom wanting to wash the remnants of the Aldean beverage off her skin so she didn't stay sticky.  Leaning against the counter waiting for him to finish she listened to his words and gave a sigh.

"Does it matter?  Still?  I think that it shouldn't.  We don't have to hide from Sten anymore, I doubt Ives is going to care with the rate of people fucking each other on this ship it's clear Ives isn't against relationships and I think as long as we are professional about it and getting our jobs done.. there's no reason.  Besides, with this promotion, if we hide it, and people figure it out it'll seem like I got it because I'm your girlfriend and not because of my own skill." she said honestly.

She grinned when he reminded her about Sickbay.  "I'm much more concerned about that one, the whole.. me spouting random shit in medical.  So, yeah, I'm not ashamed nor do I want to hide our relationship.  I don't think it's important anymore."

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[Show/Hide]Seeing Eun Sae Ji grin made Liam smile as if automatically, sharing her mild concern about the episode in sickbay. It couldn't be too embarrassing for Ji, though, since she didn't look overly concerned. He shouldn't either, really. His concerns were about his knee, which still hadn't healed properly, but that was something he kept to himself, not wanting to worry Ji about it. Right then, in the warm water of the shower, it didn't hurt much at all anyway.

"Hey, come in here," he said quietly with a bright smile as he opened the glass wall of the shower and held his hand out to her. As much as he appreciated the view of her standing naked by the counter wanted to be a gentleman instead of letting her wait for him. Leading her inside, he stood behind her and began to wash her back, getting her out of the cold and giving her shoulders and the back of her neck a rub while he was at it. "You know, as much hardship as you and I may have faced, with all kinds of boarders and factions damaging the fighter bay, I am not sure I would have made it through it all if it wasn't for you."

The Aldean soap smelled pleasantly enough, and he lathered up her back with it as he spoke, rubbing any lingering soreness after their carnal exertions out of her muscles. As for himself, the cut from her nails was nothing he really minded, and all other lingering issues were just natural soreness given the... nature of their activities. They were both hardened through the labour on the fighter deck, so despite how much they exerted themselves privately in... acrobatics of the romantic kind, it hardly compared to their working days when it came to muscle soreness.

"You're the best thing that's happened to me, you know," he said as he rubbed her shoulders with a smile. "I'd say I'll protect you and all that, but your hardly a woman that needs protecting. You're a better fighter than me, and I am a lousy shot too. Still, regardless my skills in that department compared to you... I hope you know that I'll do anything for you."

As much as he wished the evening to last forever, Liam knew that it would soon end, and they'd have to head up to the ship. The next day, the deck awaited them. He wanted to linger, and to keep it all from ending. He said as much eventually, as he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind - his tattooed chest pressing against her soap-lathered back.

"I'll remember this evening to make the days to come easier to bear, in hope that we can have this much time together again soon," Liam said and kissed her wet hair with a smile. "I guess I can look at it this way... I will now have the distinct pleasure of serving with a very exiting and... distracting Assistant Chief of the Deck."

It was true. It was something new for them both, making all duties well worth enjoying.