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[2372] Course Correction
[ Professor Hathev | Accommodation of Professor Selv | Starfleet Academy Faculty Housing | San Francisco | Earth | SD 49884.13] attn: @Numen

It had been Triss who suggested the meeting; a logical improbability that had surprised Hathev somewhat. The circumstances surrounding Kireil's birth had always been a subject of some difficulty for Triss, and thus Hathev had avoided discussing Selv's arrival at the Academy with her wife. However it seemed the gravity of the situation had been impressed upon even the human in the family; testament to the seriousness of the problem that had brought them here.

Before today, Hathev had contacted Selv only once, to acknowledge his presence and lay out her expectations for their relationship -- or lack of it. He had agreed there was no logical need for them to be in further contact, and so their exchange had been duly terminated.

Hathev would have been content to leave the matter thus closed, were it not for Kireil's behaviour. As a Vulcan she did not feel frustration, disappointment, or anger towards her son for his refusal to listen to her teachings; however Kireil seemed to feel these emotions in abundance and without reservation, and no matter Hathev's logic she was unable to persuade him of his own folly.

It seemed this was the price she was to pay for raising a Vulcan child amongst humans; their lack of emotional restraint, their childish petulance, and their utter disregard of logic had tainted Kireil's upbringing. She had relied too heavily upon their shared biological imperative, and failed to adequately judge the risks of allowing him to grow up surrounded by a species so bereft of proper logical application.

Her son's deficiency had grown so pronounced that even Triss had acknowledged its seriousness. She, being a fragile human, had easily become upset at Kireil's provocation, and thus she had supported Hathev in seeking out others of the Vulcan species in an attempt to rectify the faults in his attitude. Their search had, in turn, led them here: to Kireil's father.

Selv answered the door with expected punctuality, and Hathev acknowledged him with the customary Vulcan salute. Triss offered the same, as did Kireil -- although he did so alongside a human verbal greeting.

Invited inside Selv's home, Hathev cast a cursory glance across her fellow Vulcan's habitation. It met with her approval, and she accepted the seat at Selv's table when it was offered.

Triss attempted to make small talk, which Selv responded to surprisingly well. Of course, he was a professor of sociology -- his understanding of emotional beings could reasonably be expected to be close to her own. She must be careful to ensure his ability to balance that understanding with his own adherence to the teachings of Surak.

Kireil was silent, simply watching his progenitor with unbridled curiosity. She anticipated meeting Selv would assist Kireil in coming to the realisation that Hathev's teachings were logical and correct; however considering his current behaviour was more that of a human or some other such being undeveloped in reason, it was not possible to predict his reaction to a satisfactory degree of accuracy.

Of course, the individual with the highest probability of inducing an effective response in Kireil had yet to arrive.

'Will Seren be joining us?' Hathev inquired at a suitable stage.

'He shall,' was Selv's response. 'His classes at the Academy concluded at 1700 hours; I anticipate his return in the next three minutes.'

'It is well,' Hathev said. She was content to wait.
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Re: [2372] Course Correction
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[Professor Selv | Personal accommodations | Starfleet Academy Faculty Housing | San Francisco | Earth]
attn:  @fiendfall

Selv had just enough time to take a look at the main room before the visitors arrived. A quick visual review showed him that everything was where it should be, where it was expected and appropriate. Then he checked his own person. He had chosen a traditional, simple attire in reddish shades and had allowed himself to break the symmetry of its pattern with pining an IDIC clasp in one of the lapels. It wasn't a futile indulgence, but a statement of principles. The brief information Hathev had provided realed there was a matter of concern, but with the details he possessed he was unsure that the mother of his youngest son just was being excessively zealous. After all, it wouldn't be the first time he had met mothers who placed too high expectations on their offspring, without letting them fully mature. Seren was the proof of that, for that matter.

The door rang exactly at the agreed time. Not a second before, not a second after. And just as the guests had been punctual, he stood by the door to receive them on time. Hathev and her wife greeted him with the traditional salutation and Selv replied in the same fashion. None recited the spoken part of the greeting, and Selv found it appropriate, given their lack of acquaintance. The underage boy also emulated the gesture, but accompanied it with a very human "Hi!" Although his facial expression was less human than Selv had feared, his eyes sparkled with curiosity, and his voice suggested a badly restrained excitement. They were disturbing signs, but still Selv acknowledged the salutation with a single nod.

The Vulcan moved aside and invited the family in, guiding them to to the house's main room. They had barely taken three steps inside the residence when the human tried to fill the silence with a chat.

"So, Selv... Hathev told me that you teach in the Academy, what is the subject you impart?" she asked.

Selv was well versed in human customs, and had carefully studied the art of what they called 'small talk', so he was ready to answer as expected.

"I am a professor of comparative sociology and an assistant  in interspecies relationships," he declared in a neutral tone, exposing the data in a simple fashion according to the practices of his people. If his interlocutor had been another Vulcan, he would have ended the conversation at that moment, once the question had been answered, but a human would wait for additional unsolicited details to keep the conversation flowing. Thus, Selv provided. "Interactions between social groups with different philosophies is a fascinating field of study."

"I'm surprised to hear a Vulcan expressing it like that, but there's some logic in your words." Triss replied with a certain mischief. Selv appreciated the subtext inherent in that statement, which gave a glimpse of a sharp mind under the human placid façade.

"Kol-Ut-Shan taught us Surak," Apostilled Selv as he sat down and offered his guests the remaining chairs around the table. "Infinite diversity in infinite combinations. In diversity there is truth and beauty and it is logical to cherish and preserve it." he deadpaned.

"You mean you have found fondness in less logical species?" Triss teased.

"After twenty years residing on Earth I still find research material among humans," answered Selv, deflecting his response from confirming his affection for the specie that Triss belonged to.

"Such a flatterer" rebuked her, though the smile that flashed in her face refuted the harshness of her tone. Selv simply raised an eyebrow, neither accepting nor denying the definition he had been given. At the sight of this, Triss giggled pleased.

"Will Seren be joining us?" Hathev inquired shortly thereafter.

"He shall," Selv promptly replied, then elaborated his answer to meet the needs of his human guest. "His classes at the Academy concluded at 1700 hours; I anticipate his return in the next three minutes."

The group fell into a comfortable silence and Selv was finally able to concealedly observe his unknown offspring. The young Vulcan shared many traits with his other son, but his behaviour was also as different as night and day. Selv had met Seren in a similar situation, when he was much younger, and yet he had only broken protocol once. Kiriel, however, seemed to be making real efforts to control his impulses. Where Seren was indecipherable, repressing to a minimum the small gestures of which he himself endured, Kiriel was like an open book, almost like a human. Selv had students of mixed ancestry more restrained than this son. If this was his behavior in a controlled and quiet environment, his conduct in other situations should be, if nothing else, unpredictable.

His gaze shifted from the boy to Hathev and he found that she was looking at him as well. Selv subtly bowed his head, barely a millimeter, conveying that he shared her concerns.

This wordless exchange was interrupted by the hiss of the door opening and closing, which brought in the last attendee of that gathering.

[Cadet Seren | Selv's Household | Starfleet Academy Faculty Housing | San Francisco | Earth]

When Seren arrived at his father's household, he wasn't alone. It was an inconvenient situation, and the cadet would have preferred to be informed of this deviation from his routines. However, thinking about what might have been and not what was was a pointless task, so he proceeded with his usual activities, placing his regulated bag and coat in their usual locations, perfectly aligned with the rest of the garments as well as with the floorplates lines. As he turned back to the main room, his parent waved his hand so that he would join him and the visitors.

Seren scanned them for a second before he approached the principal room, straying into the final meters to retrieve a stool from the kitchen area. He placed the seat next to the youngest Vulcan, equidistant from his chair and that of his father, as it was the right place for a minor among people to whom he had not been introduced. The other young man looked at him with curiosity, but didn't say a word.  Seren found himself disturbed by his evident lack of self-control. Curiosity was one of the few emotions Vulcans allowed themselves to experience. But from that to making such display of it lay a great gap. So, Seren maintained the upright posture, the back in perfect ninety degrees with the legs, so that his uniform had only one wrinkle where his body was bent. His gaze remained fixed on the face of his progenitor, at was mandatory.

"Allow me to introduce Seren, who is my son," Selv said then and only after that Seren allowed himself to observe for brief seconds the rest of the table occupants, as they acknowledged his presence. He didn't delve too much in none of them, although his presence and looks only prompted more questions.

"Seren" called Selv to get his attention. When the young man looked at his father, he let the silence go on slightly longer than it would be usual if the two of them were alone. Just a few split-seconds. But they were more than enough for the cadet to prepare himself for the question that would follow. Seren knew when they evaluated his proficiency in front of others, even when the motive behind the test wasn't clear for him.

"Expose your schedule for this afternoon," requested Selv. Seren obeyed on the spot, once verified that it was the only request made. Despite the fact that the information was addressed to the visitors, he exposed the information looking at his father.

"Formal greeting after arrival. Statement of the day occurences. 1713, musical practice. 1740 Brief meditation. 1800 Academy assignments.  1930 physical training. 2000 preparations of the end meal. 2005 Compsumption of the end meal. 2025 Kal-toh and parental advice..."

"Enough" cut out Selv. "Today you will make amends to that schedule to assemble your duties with the requirements of our visits." He ordered next. Seren simply inclined his head once, accepting all that was requested. His face showed no sign of displeasure at such a disturbance in his routines, and he kept looking at Selv placidly, waiting to be introduced to visitors. And the explanation  for their presence. For his part, Selv averted his gaze towards Hathev, ceding the word to the oldest person in the room.
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Re: [2372] Course Correction
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[ Professor Hathev | Accommodation of Professor Selv | Starfleet Academy Faculty Housing | San Francisco | Earth | SD 49884.13 ] attn: @Numen

Hathev would not have brought her family to meet Selv had she not considered it a logical action with a high probability of being a positive and useful encounter, and it was pleasing to see her predictions so confirmed. Triss and Selv appeared to converse with surprising ease considering their respective relationships to Hathev and Kireil were somewhat conflicting, at least in the human tradition. Some friction between them, at least from the side of Triss, would not have been unexpected; however it was entirely lacking from their interaction. Instead, Triss was as friendly as ever, although with a slightly more restrained and respectful approach than she might have had were she conversing with another human. Selv responded in kind, each making efforts to accommodate the other.

Privately, Hathev allowed herself a moment of gratification: her wife was not to be underestimated. Triss had been personable enough to win over even Hathev; she should not have been surprised to see the woman apply the same intelligence here. Still, it was pleasing to see her wife and erstwhile lover behaving so cordially towards one another. Perhaps this could mark the beginning of a more permanent relationship between their families.

Hathev herself did not speak to Selv particularly, although that was not to say that they did not communicate. The look they shared was meaningful even without words. Selv had also noticed Kireil's deviancy; she was reassured to know he would offer his assistance in correcting it. Hathev had various Vulcan acquaintances with whom she had discussed Kireil's behaviour, however few of them had met him in person, and none had a personal interest in amending that behaviour.

Triss herself had only recently offered her support of Hathev's endeavours, previously preferring to remain neutral or even to encourage Kireil to 'retain his personality' as she had worded it -- a foolish perspective, but Hathev should have expected little else from a member of a species so enamoured of individuality and freedom of expression over reason and decorum. Selv's immediate analysis of Kireil's inadequacy was grafitying, therefore, as was the logic that he, as Kireil's father, had a duty to asist in the rectification of such a fault.

There was little time for anything more to be conveyed, however what had been communicated was enough. With a punctuality that Hathev was pleased to see, the door hissed open at precisely the moment Selv had predicted, and all at the tabel turned to view the new arrival.

Seren son of Selv was a young Vulcan of the same complexion as his father, with hair close-cropped and neatly-presented attire. Most striking, however, was the resemblance he bore to Kireil, one far stronger than Hathev had expected. A quiet intake of breath from Triss informed her that the woman was similarly taken aback by this new information. Even if Hathev had not known the Seren and Kireil shared a father, it would have been immediately clear that the pair were brothers. They had the same dark eyes, the same delicate bone structure, the same facial shape and features. Of course, there was no 1:1 correlation, but nevertheless the association was undeniable.

The similarities were limited to the physical sphere only, however. Even before Seren spoke, his deportment revealed him to be a true Vulcan; calm and collected, he carried himself with a grace and poise unruffled by emotional distraction. As he answered his father's question with brief, factual statements, he displayed a sharp intellect, logical mind, and decorous respect.

In short, where his physical appearance bore remarkable similarities to that of her own son, Seren's behaviour showed him to be every bit the proper Vulcan that Kireil staunchly refused to be. The proper Vulcan that Kireil perhaps could have been, had he been raised among his own kind, or had Hathev been more present and active in his early years, or had she introduced him to Surak earlier or more convincingly. There was little to be gained from dwelling on such alternative scenarios, and yet Hathev found herself unable to entirely discard them. If nothing else her son was a useful case study in the psychology of a Vulcan raised solely among humans; that, at least, should be her consolation.

Nevertheless, she remained hopeful that exposure to well-behaved Vulcans would assist Kireil in accepting the proper nature of his species and to conform accordingly.

'Your son does you credit,' she said to Selv. Standing, she offered Seren a salute in greeting. 'My name is Hathev. My companions are Triss Liebrecht, my wife, and Kireil, who is my son and your half-brother. This introduction is logical at this stage in your development.'

She waited while Seren seated himself. Then: 'You practice Kal-Toh. Do you favour the Prian Approach or Sevek's Gambit?'
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Re: [2372] Course Correction
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[Cadet Seren | Selv's Household | Starfleet Academy Faculty Housing | San Francisco | Earth]

When Hathev had presented himself, introducing those who accompanied her, Seren had to make a conscious effort to keep his semblance impassive. His half-brother. Seren allowed himself a moment to contemplate this new member of his family. The resemblance between him and the other young man was uncanny. It was like looking at one of those funfair mirrors, those pieces of glass that deformed the world and that humans found hilarating. Seren had never understood the appeal of staring at one's own image deformed by an easily explainable physical phenomenon. He had always found humans too eager to search thrill in ... in any trifle. They tended to mystify events that should be studied and understood, not worshipped. However, at that moment, he thought he could understand the attraction they encountered.

The young man they had presented as Kiriel curved slightly one of the corners of his mouth. The faintest sketch of a smile. An expression that might be considered shy, as if it sought his approval. Seren blinked only once, very slowly. It was unacceptable. It was like contemplating himself failing in the most basic protocol. What defined him. Such lack of self-control was characteristic of a toddler, improper on an almost adult Vulcan. As a result, that first experience in front of a deformed mirror, instead of amusement, made him reject this recently found half-brother. Perhaps it was the reason why Selv had never told him about this deviant offspring. In the same way that his half-brother and sister on his mother's side didn't consider him part of their family because of the circumstances in which he was conceived, perhaps Selv didn't want to embrace that bond. Seren understood the motivation perfectly, but it turned out to be an anomaly in his father' s usual behaviour patterns. In Seren's eyes his parent had always been... vexingly tolerant.

Not willing to let his mind wander around on unwanted paths, Seren rested his wrists on the table's edge. As he interlocked his fingers in front of him, he refocused his attention on Hathev. Unlike her offspring, she exhibited a controlled and succinct behavior. She had made clear her affiliation and the motivation for the meeting, although the young Vulcan suspected that the reason he had received was a mere pretext. Only one piece of a larger jigsaw puzzle. But if she didn't share more, it was probably because he didn't need to know any more. He was pleased with that. The excessive information his classmates were inclined to share was bothersome enough. Concise data and concrete questions with no time wasted on dissertations and superfluous data. It was a welcome contrast to the events of the day.  So, when Hathev posed her questions, Seren ignored everything else and focused on finding the right answer.

He didn't rush to provide an answer, but elaborated it to be as precise as possible. "Prian Approach is a suitable maneuver if one plays alone and finds one of the two hundred and fifty-six figures that make up the sequence. However, it is too predictable against an opponent with some experience. Sevek's Gambit is more flexible and permits the articulation of a more complex strategy, but it is still deficient if the opponent knows how to dismantle it". For a second his eyes shifted from Hathev's to Selv's face. His father had always favoured Sevek's lessons and Seren had spent years looking for a proper counteroffensive. " I would not choose either against a rival, but would use Voris' pattern. It is a long-term method, but it permits greater flexibility and can be combined with various strategies on different planes," he explained in a monochord tone.

"And this way, Triss, it is like two Kal-toh players begin a match without even having the board on sight." Selv interrupted. Although his words were directed toward the only human in the group, his eyes were fixed on the face of the youngest Vulcan. "Hathev has raised two well-known classical moves, while Seren has dismantled them with the usual countermeasures. At the same time my son has raised a reactive opening, sufficiently vague to spark the interest of an advanced player, but does not expose what would be his real strategy." There was a slight reprimand tone in Selv's words, a slight tension in his voice.

"I simply answered the professor's question." Seren justified himself, with the same disinterest he had shown so far. However, he was really interested in competing against Hathev. He suspected that she had a sharp mind, which was a new challenge. Kal-toh against Selv was quickly losing interest, as the sociologist would eventually resort to known patterns that Seren could use for his own benefit. It was too predictable. Yet this woman seemed to be a challenge. However, it was improper for him to request that she join him across the board, so Seren looked at the younger Vulcan and inquired. "This who is your mother has introduced you in her tactics?"