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Topic: EPIL: S [D06|1830] Good Business (Read 31 times) previous topic - next topic

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EPIL: S [D06|1830] Good Business


[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Upper Shuttle Bay > Upper Science Labs | Deck 11 > Deck 07 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy@Hastata-Nerada
Staying on the Sabine would have been a great way to spend the day if she'd had the chance to be alone. Sera certainly wouldn't have minded to conduct her makeshift repairs in private, biding her time with her own thoughts and planning her next step. Where she might go after she left the Theurgy. Zyrao hadn't been about since after the battle, stopping by in the afternoon, but by then, her quietude had already been ruined. No peace and quiet found.

The reason was the engineers that, as according to her agreement with Commander Big-Tits - was it 'Starch'? 'Storch'? - appeared at her airlock soon after the battle. By then, Sera had already forgotten that she was getting help from the Starfleeters to repair the Sabine. So, while she was happy to see the team begin to patch up her ship, and the interlude with Zy had been more than welcome, Sera couldn't enjoy being on her ship. Instead, she was constantly being asked questions about this or that, the repair team likely just trying to be friendly. She was positive one of them were trying to get into her date, and not taking a hint about her reluctance towards the kind but uninteresting Starfleeter. She was ready to scorch their collective eyes out by dinner-time, unable to stand a moment more of idle chit-chat. She hadn't even been able to enjoy her replicated Câroon meal in peace. So, by 1800 hrs., she'd had enough.

"Where're you going?" asked her oblivious admirer.

"I have business with your blasted scientists," she lied, eyes ablaze, and stuffed the majority of her loot into a duffel bag. She'd already pulled a frayed grey jacket on, covering a green top of Bolian cut and thread, and her baggy trousers swished above her brown boots when she stepped out of the airlock. She had her hair in a braid over her shoulder, and didn't look back when the damn Starfleeter asked if she needed help finding her way, practically bouncing after her like a canine mutt of Earth. "Burn you, no, I'm not new to this metal whale. Just get my flaming ship back in order, will you? Thanks..."

When she left the upper shuttle bay, she cast a brief glance towards the Reman shuttle, hoping to avoid seeing Lorrie... Loro? Lomad? The Reman that had hauled her ashes the night before. She was in no mood to demand those bottles from him, much less indulge in another session. She was far too irritable to sample the Reman - a second time - in a sober state.

Soon enough, stepping around several other repair teams and running Starfleeters, Sera reached the turbolifts, and she knew where to go. She'd scouted out the place soon after Starbase 84. "Deck 07," she said, her exotic accent wrangling the 'k', but the turbolift accommodated her. It didn't take her long before she entered the science labs, and looked around. All the sliding doors were locked to her, since she had no access with her combadge. Her only hope was to...

"Hey!" she said, raising a hand and calling out when a tall figure with a shaved head stepped through an intersection. She gave him a big smile, seeing that he was a dark-skinned human with... remarkably well- kept physique hinting through his drab uniform. She sauntered towards him. "Sera vers Aldnoah. I was the one who helped you Starfleeters get dilithium crystals at that hollowed-out moon. Heard they came in handy, eh? 'Could blast yourselves to safety from that white bug-ship, could you? Days ago now, sure, but perhaps you can hear me out?"

Sera didn't have to say 'please'. It was written all over her face, with a hint of intrigue as to who this Earthener was.
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Re: EPIL: S [D06|1830] Good Business
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[ Lt. Tyreke Okafor | Upper Science Labs | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ]

It was getting to be later in the day when Okafor checked the time. Around 1830, so, he figured, he should probably check on his results from one of the xenozoology labs. Even for advanced isolinear circuitry, some data crunching just took quite a bit of time, especially when factoring in most known exploration data from various worlds. As Okafor stepped into a turbolift, he paused for a second. Did he remember to input gas giants into the parameters? No matter, once he got to the labs he could check the results. "Deck seven." he said, and the lift whirred to life.

When Okafor was delivered to his destination, he strode onto the deck, immersed in his own world. Nature was one of the most ingenious of inventors, creating wonders that still baffled modern researchers. Well except for some he supposed, but were they here to tell him otherwise? With PADD in hand he absent-mindedly strode towards the lab door when-


The PADD nearly fell from Okafor's hand. Who in the- Whoever she was, she seemed friendly at least, and intent on introducing herself. Good, gave plenty of time for him to achieve some sort of composure. As he assumed a more open and helpful demeanor, he was able to gather that this woman had helped with the hollowed moon expedition. Okafor realized he still wasn't entirely sure what exactly occurred, though he had a rough idea at least which was better than nothing. The "white bug ship" though... the Versant... that was something still fresh on his mind, though he could only guess as to what happened on the inside of that vessel.

"Ah..." Okafor began. He could see Sera was eager for something, and supposed there was no harm in hearing her out. "While I'm afraid I wasn't present on either of those, mission or ship, I can still see if I can help. What do you need?"

Okafor paused. "Lieutenant Tyreke Okafor by the way." He said, and gestured towards himself.

Re: EPIL: S [D06|1830] Good Business
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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Upper Shuttle Bay > Upper Science Labs | Deck 11 > Deck 07 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy@Hastata-Nerada
Oh, how excellent, the Starfleeter wasn't just dismissing her out of turn. Perhaps there was a chance she'd get the help she needed after all. Bloody ashes, I'm glad I left the Sabine. Perhaps Zyrao was right, the Fleeters weren't all flaming blockheads.

"Thank you, Tyreke Okafor," she said, her smile one of gratefulness and relief, her accent rolling over the unusual Human name. Not wearing any uniform herself, she left out the rank, since those pips in their collars meant nothing to her. Well, indirectly, perhaps, knowing which ones of them were higher up in their chain-of-command. "I am sure I won't be too much of a bother."

With a deft motion she pulled the duffle bag she carried off her shoulder and unzipped it. While she did so, she spoke of her request, her yellow eyes with their small pupils not leaving the man she'd caught passing by. "See, already rumours have it that we will be making port at the Aldea Prime Shipyards, and while you Starfleeters may not earn a shred of latinum for your services - at least not in that sense - I must make a living myself. Burn me, I need to keep my flaming ship spacebourne and I need to feed myself. Moreover, I need to ensure that the blasted equipment on my ship stays in prime condition."

The bag opened, she showed him a wide array of artefacts and trinkets inside. "See I am an explorer, and I have been all over the closest Quadrants. My quite honest business endeavours include the trade of things of high regard in both cultural and scientific societies. As you can imagine, however, the difference between me and any other peddlers in the flaming backstreets of any city centre is the legit nature of my merchandise."

Having let the Starfleeter see the things she'd collected from ruins and dig-sites far and wide, she closed the bag again. "That's what I need help with. Burn me, I have been told there is an archaeological lab aboard, and I need my things scanned by your equipment, and your sensor readings become Starfleet-signed certificates of legitimacy. Without these certificates, I will not be able to collect enough latinum to sustain myself - otherwise merely getting a small percentage of what the items are truly worth. Doing this, I will be able to do good business on Aldea."

Very good business indeed, she thought, and it certainly wasn't beyond her to lay on her charm a little bit, especially when the Human looked as fine as he did.

"Would you please consider letting me into the lab, and help me make the scans I need?" she asked taking a step closer, her eyes catching the overhead light of the damaged corridor. She made her smile almost breathless in anticipation for this valiant Starfleet officer to help a woman in need. "I have yet to make my request to Captain Ives, but I just figured that with the flaming time running short, and given the aid I could be to the ship, it isn't too much to ask? A woman does have to earn a living, after all."