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Topic: Star Trek Discovery - Season 2 (Read 78 times) previous topic - next topic

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Star Trek Discovery - Season 2
I know, here I am, writing more on this subject. But what I am about to say may surprise some of you.

I have now seen the first episode and I was prepared to go into this new season and hate it. To hate-watch it and enjoy disliking it in my usual way.

And then something happened.

I found myself enjoying it. Not out of some cruel sideways thing of getting off on how bad it was, but honestly I found myself liking the show. I liked the new direction so much. I think the tech is way off in terms of timeline and it does have some issues, but since when does Trek not have some issues? No this felt like a show I could enjoy, that I could watch and have fun watching. I found myself loving a character I had figured I would detest and I found characters I had previously disliked suddenly being interesting. I found myself wanting more. Though by no means the best of Trek, it felt like a good Trek show to me. I love the new dynamic and I love the thing they're doing with Mike/Spock. I am curious to see how it plays out.

I will say that I cannot view this as "Prime Timeline" but at this point I find myself asking "does it need to be the prime timeline to be good?" and my answer is "no".

I think this season has a lot of potentials and I am looking forward to seeing where it goes from here, I honestly am. I am just happy about the lighter tone and more fluid dynamic between the crew. I truly enjoyed Pike and seeing him take command was a joy to watch. I loved how he related to the crew. I loved seeing side characters get little bits of back and forth, even just glances gave so much character.

Now that I have said that, I am curious, has anyone else seen the new episode? How have you found the new dynamic in the show? And please keep in mind these are my own thoughts on this subject. If the new episode isn't to your liking, then that's okay. If you liked season 1 but find this new direction "bad" that is okay too. You are allowed to like whatever. I haven't been allowing of that in the past and that was my own shit, I'm sorry for that. But I think with this new season it's time to try new things and be a little brighter. Or at least that's what I'm taking from all of this.

But I am, of course, curious, what did you guys think?