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Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion
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[Ensign Six | USS Allegiant Docking Bay Lounge | Deck 19 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Masorin @Numen @Triton @Fife @Griff @lisavw @chXinya @Brutus @FollowTomorrow

Six was more susceptible to surprise than Seven of Nine was, but few things rarely take her for a loss of words. Since joining the Theurgy, she felt they've been increasing in frequency, from Asurians to the debris field to the bad-tempered Rawley. Now she had just one more thing to add: The unexpected news of Salem Martin's joining the Theurgy himself. Although she should've expected that possibility; his sister was on another one of the vectors, and there was a great probability that he intended to seek her out.

In any case, Six could only react with a wide smile of surprise and excitement.

"You are?" she said. "You certainly are, Lieutenant? Why...that's...wonderful to hear!"

She couldn't help herself, but she hugged him, still smiling.

"I'm glad to hear this news," she said. "The Theurgy could use a good, friendly individual like you. I'm glad to welcome a friend aboard."

She broke the embrace and continued to smile.

"Don't get me wrong, we can be excellent friends. I look forward to working with you."

[Ensign Six | Six's Improvised Forensics Lab/Alcove | Deck 17 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy]

Six returned to her...workspace without much incident. She had too many things to go through to witness the reintegration of the "Stallion" with the "Sword." She knew they'll be linked back up.

She injected her tubules into her computer and initiated the data transfer into her systems. The Revelation Array was chief among the things in the database, she needed it on hand. While she copied and transferred her data, she took a look around her private workspace, for that is what she figured it would have to be.

For she learned from Doctor Maya, and again during her debrief with Commander Wenn, that there was already a forensics lab in the Security Centre. She still cringed at that revelation; she had spent who knows how many days ever since she "transferred" from Starbase 84, designing the Revelation Array, setting up her own forensics lab, when there was already one aboard?!?

She was determined to make the most of the forensics lab in the Security Centre, but the one she had set up already, she had decided to use for her private workspace. It seemed much safer this way, especially for her computer and necessary components.

She swore she will always be on duty, whether she was needed or not. It would be good to be on hand in any event.

The data transfer was complete. Six departed and made for the turbolift. She felt she may keep on going with the booster pack on; it didn't seem like the right time to start a regeneration cycle on her alcove.

And on the subject of an alcove, Six hoped that the one she set up on Vector Two wasn't in anybody's shared, space, given how much she had learned (the hard way) how much she didn't know about the Theurgy's layout. She shrugged at the thought. Whoever had those quarters would be in for an interesting roommate. Otherwise, if those quarters were unoccupied...

Six decided to make for the Security Centre. It's the most logical place to go for her duty; she doubted she'd be needed on the bridge unless she was assigned a shift on the bridge. However...

She tapped her combadge.

"Lieutenant Ejek, this is Ensign Six. I have returned from the away mission safely. What duties do you wish me for, or where do you wish me to report, if you're no longer XO of Vector Three?"
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Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion
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[ Cmdr Ranaan Ducote | Conference Room | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @chXinya @Brutus @steelphoenix @Auctor Lucan @Arista

Wenn proceeded with the briefing once everyone was seated. None of it was particularly new to Ducote but for that of the destroyed USS Harbinger and that the CO of Starbase 84 had also been infected. Or rather, if he had been told last night, his fatigue had obliterated the memory. Some quick arithmetic led him to the conclusion that the Theurgy must have attacked 84 only a few days prior - perhaps the same day or the one immediately after the Endeavour had been destroyed - which would account for the timing of the defection declaration from Ives. The Brazilian frowned a little at the conference table while he decided how he felt about all that.

His reverie was somewhat distracted by the smouldering suspicion aimed in his (and Vael's, he supposed) general direction from the Ops officer across the table. Focusing in a little, without taking his eye from the polished surface, he took a closer 'look' at the LCmdr across from him. She was processing quite a lot, it seemed, though the effort to read her properly, unfamiliar as she was, proved a little too much for his blunted empathy. That and the fact that while he'd had a chunk of uninterrupted sleep (or at least, none of the interruptions had been strident enough to actually wake him), he was still paying off a colossal sleep debt.

He listened as she gave her own succinct summation (and oh but if she could provide her example to Wenn Cinn), but couldn't help but meet her gaze as her attention rounded on him. His posture stilled again as he braced himself for the coming question.

"... but just who are you and what are you doing here?"

Was everyone on this ship so paranoid?

Saying that, could he blame them?

The news of the doctor's infestation was a clear shock, evidently having gone undetected while the man worked among them since before their current crisis. Ducote wasn't even sure that wondering what he would have done in similar circumstances was useful; he would have had far more support from the Fleet than the Theurgy could ever now expect. At first, anyway.

"Ah, yes, there was an introduction just before you arrived," he said, deciding to forgo the tired sigh that tried to escape him. "I am Commander Ranaan Ducote, and my Chief Science Officer Commander Vael Kaeris," he gestured to the Bactrican next to him. "Our ship the Endeavour was destroyed a few days ago on the fringes of this nebula by a Borg Cube. After escaping with a few others on a runabout, we were-" Don't say 'abducted', don't say 'ab- "- rescued by your second Vector," he finished with nary a pause. "Some initial misunderstanding aside, we have been here since yesterday evening ship-time."

He turned to face Wenn in his seat, urgency making him impatient to await whatever judgement the goldshirted officer cared to dispense. "Mister Kaeris has formulated a method to close those apertures, based on the telemetry taken in vicinity of the Rotarran; properly tuned torpedoes detonated inside their thresholds. With your permission, we still have enough time to make the relevant modifications." You, we. Whichever, he acknowledged his own slip.

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Ranaan Ducote:

Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion
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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Fighter Assault Bay | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BZ
With a pronounced limp, Liam Herrold walked down the length of the Fighter Bay, his light blue eyes taking in the activity. He largely ignored what the fighter pilots were doing, since they were no immediate concern of his. They had their own orders and duties, while his were to oversee the readiness of the remaining, meagre fighter complement on the Theurgy.

Six fighters. Four Valkyries, one Gryphon and one Valravn fighter. That was all that remained after the battle against the Rotarran. The fighter bay was built for sixteen. The fact of the losses couldn't be more plain, even if there were empty fighters sitting there in wait for abductees that - as rumour held it - had been liquefied at the hands of the Savi. Fed to the axe-ship. Liam wasn't sure he wanted to give credence to the rumours. These things that Doctor Nicander - the Infested - had revealed to them. It was almost escapism from that horrifying revelation, to tend to the tasks in Fighter Bay Ops, and not have to think about what had happened to K'Ren and the others that had been abducted.

Sten Covington was present as well, of course, being the common link between Eun Sae Ji's and Liam's separate teams. They had yet to speak with the grizzled old veteran about what had developed between them - Ji and himself - but perhaps he already knew. Sithick was there too, the one who'd been in the right place at the right time the evening before. Liam smiled and inclined his head to the Gorn when he sighted him.

Then, he saw the long range explorer outside the fighter bay doors, which was a curiosity... but not his concern. He eyed it, but dismissed it, so that he could call out orders to the deck crew that were gearing the fighters for a new engagement. Doing so, Liam couldn't help but wonder how many fighters would be left in the bay after it.

[ Lt. Tyreke Okafor | Battle Bridge | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @FollowTomorrow @Firefox013
On the Battle Bridge of the Sword, Tyreke Okafor was seated at the Science station, and after the order of reintegration was made, he looked at how the Stallion came closer, until it vanished from view. The Sword would lower itself down unto the dorsal side of the Stallion - the partial reintegration of the Theurgy complete.

Honestly, the evening before, Tyreke had never expected to see either of the other Vectors again, given the pounding that the Sword had suffered from High Chancellor Martok. Yet somehow, Wenn Cinn had seen another chance at finding the Stallion that didn't involve the Rendezvous points in the Continuance Protocol. Instead, he had chosen to heed the officers on the Allegiant, and in an almost instinctual way, decided on a second path. A path which, as far as Tyreke could see, might just lead to success. How the Bajoran might have known what to do, and been so sure of the outcome, Tyreke didn't know. Yet having worked on Bajor for years during the war, he supposed the man had been blessed by the Prophets.

After all, they had brought him back from death. Would they not have interest in his choices afterwards?

Perhaps Tyreke was one of the few non-Bajorans that gave the Prophets credence, given his past, but it served to boost his own confidence in the mission, and wanted the partially assembled ship to head for the last Rendezvous immediately. Then again, he could understand the need for a meeting between the present officers, just to sort out the objectives on hand, and what the ideal tactics were.

[ Ensign Cir'Cie | Cir'Cie's Quarters | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] @alphawiz
When Cir'Cie opened her green eyes, she wished she hadn't. Her face grew stiff as she carefully controlled the impulse to crumple her face up in answer to the pounding headache. As it were, she just stared into the ceiling, lying perfectly still so that no sudden movements might further increase the agony.

She heard the Trill move around, and she was reminded about her mistake. She had been so intrigued by the Ter'anakul plant and its unknown properties that she'd agreed to the Trill convention of eating them. Little had she guessed just how rich in sucrose the Ter'anakul plant was. Before she knew it, her careful control on her emotions had begun to slip, her inhibitions and sense of propriety gone, and the last thing she remembered before passing out, was having intense sexual relations with the Trill that had provided her with the Ter'anakul plant.

"I should be on the bridge," she said to the Trill, and then she moved her eyes - and only her eyes - to the chronometer. "Incorrect. I should be on the bridge in fourteen minutes and forty seconds."

She blinked - once - still disinclined to move. She knew she had no choice, but she was not ready yet. How could she - as a botanist - not have foreseen the lunacy of ingesting an unknown plant? She had even been a victim of the Niga virus, and now, she was the victim of another plant entirely. She took a couple of deep breaths, the sense of propriety keeping her from slipping out from underneath the twisted sheets.

"I believe... I require assistance," she said evenly, the motion of blinking again sending sharp spikes of pain across her temples. "Would you please replicate water for me, and... collect my garments. I am positive I will experience vertigo if I stand up."
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Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion
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[ Lt. JG Adam Kingston | Below Decks | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Anyone
Seated near the viewscreens in Below Decks, Adam Kingston sucked his teeth dry after finishing his whiskey.

He was watching the progress of the reintegration with the Sword on the digital screens in the Lounge, the view artificial since Below Decks was deep inside the Stallion. Apparently, the third Rendezvous was due, and the Sword looked like it had taken quite a beating. Perhaps they had come there to get better warp speed. Idle speculations of his, regarding matters he had little influence over. He had no idea how Wenn Cinn and his crew had managed to find them, but the safest bet was that the Allegiant had led them there. On his own part, of all that had been told to him, the fact that Wenn Cinn was still alive stood out the most. He had been there when he lost his superior officer at the hands of TFA, just before the Niga Incident.

Adam knew he shouldn't be drinking early in the morning, but he had the Beta shift, and he couldn't sleep. Thankfully, the holographic staff in the lounge was always on call.

"Another," he called, and Felicity came over, the hologram well known since the time when William Regal ran the lounge. "Thank you, lass."

[ Lieutenant Masuda Yukimura | Conference Room | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: All (?)
Present in the conference room, and the talks having begun, Masuda hadn't been able to answer Stark's query about the commander. Thankfully, Ducote had introduced himself instead. There was one thing, however, that Masuda felt was worth mentioning, since he had been present when Wenn Cinn, Tovarek and Ducote spoke with Nicander.

"Commanders, if I may?" he said, folding his hands on the table. "Nicander told us something dire, which we all may have to take into account. As Cinn said, Nicander appears to have a grasp of sanity thanks to the abilities of the Radiant, this Heather McMillan. However, he also said that when he... used his farseeing, through the eyes of other hosts, he saw Heather being killed in front of Captain Ives. And, he also said that he saw all the other abductees from the Theurgy, along with other officers he couldn't recognise, getting killed by the Savi. Liquefied alive... on a metal platform... and fed to that ship."

The silence might have lingered at that point, unless Masuda had continued. "Since Nicander could use his ability to acquire the shield harmonics of the Rotarran, we have an indication that his ability is real. Yet as for what he saw on the Versant... I suppose that it's a matter of trust in the Doctor's word, now that he is revealing things to us, allegedly trying to help. That being said, since we don't know for certain where the host ends and the parasite begins... There is no guarantee that it's the truth."

The grim prospect of it, was that Masuda couldn't see any reason why Nicander might make that up, unless the Doctor wanted them fully committed to the Borg threat. Which, as far as he knew, they already were. "The rumours of what may have happened to the abductees are already out there, and I think it needed to be said here, before any decision is made. We may have to give up hope on retrieving those we lost, the Captain included. I personally think it is obvious how the Borg threat should remain our priority. If we can open the apertures and then seal them with torpedoes... that's what we should do, but unless we make it to the third Rendezvous, we have lost a third of our ship, and may not be equipped for the battle."

Masuda fell silent then, hating to be the bringer of bad news, even if he felt it was important that Stark and Ziegler knew of the Abductees.
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Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion
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[ Captain Anya Ziegler |  Bridge | Deck 1 | USS Cayuga ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Brutus @chXinya @Top Hat , Anyone else.

Before Ziegler had the chance to continue conversing with Commander Ducote, Wenn Cinn called the meeting to order. Throughout the various reports, she kept quiet. Silently taking in the news each officer brought to the table. It was a difficult and tough situation, though some she had already known, it was still difficult to hear Cinn talk of Dr Nicander in the way he did. She knew the gross violation she felt in her stomach was little in comparison to what the other officers from the Theurgy had been through, but it was still there and still relevant.

"Thank you all for your work. This whole situation continues to put into perspective that these are dark times and there is still much to do." As Anya spoke, she looked over the assembled officers in the room. "We must stop this parasite threat, but before that we mustn't allow them to get their hands on the Borg. To ensure we pre-emptively defeat this invasion, we need all three vectors of the Theurgy. However, each moment we wait we run the risk of hundreds of cubes pouring into the Azure nebula.

"Thanks to the help of Captain Stark and her crew, Cayuga flies again. So, I feel the answer is simple. I will take my ship to the Borg and do what I can to stop these apertures. Cinn, make haste to your third rendezvous and collect Vector 1." Anya gave a small smile to Stark as she commented on the great work the operations officer had accomplished while in command, then her tone shifted to one more serious.

Once again, she was throwing herself into the lion's den. This time with little or no chance of survival. Needs must, she reminded herself. Captains make tough choices and sacrifice all to ensure the very safety of our Federation. Clasping her hands on the table in front of her, she felt the intertwined fingers against each other. A physical reminder to herself that if all the parts worked together, they could accomplish any undertaking.

"Cayuga won't last long in a fight, but if I can seal some of these apertures then we can stem the flow by the time Theurgy arrives to finish the task."

Her next words were difficult, but she attempted to give them with conviction, even if she didn't want to imagine the case they were not.

"Captain Ives, if he still lives, will have to wait."

Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion
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[ Lt. Zelosa Ejek | Bridge | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] @Multificionado

As the trusty crew of the Theurgy brought the vectors together, the Cardassian XO couldn't help but feel...warmth. Warmth in her chest, because despite everything holding them back, they did it. The odds stacked against them, but they were all still here, and vectors 02 and 03 were joining. She wasn't sure if she actually had anything to do with this outcome, but she felt proud nonetheless. If not proud of her own actions, then proud of her crew. In fact, as grateful as she was to still be alive, she thought maybe she ought to say something...

But no. The sound of her combadge stopped her train of thought. Once more, Ejek's cold hand found it's way to her face and she rubbed her forehead, on either side of her spoon. There to break her warm and sunny disposition was Six, who apparently was...clinging to Ejek, in some way. She would've made an exception if Six had just sent her a message privately, or if she was unable to contact Kingston. No, Six just contacted her, specifically, for no reason that Ejek could discern. To ask her what to do. Ejek did not assume Six was the sort of person who needed constant direction before this moment, but the bar keeps getting lowered and lowered...

"Ensign." She spoke, her cold voice carrying even through the combadge. "I assume, since you are contacting me, that you are both unable to think of something to do and unable to contact the acting chief of security, Adam Kingston--the officer you should be reporting to. The former, a reflection of your capacity to think for yourself, I could address if we were in my counseling office, but we are not. The latter is far more concerning. After all, if you're unable to communicate with the lieutenant, that must mean something has happened to him. I assume," She continued, "that you did seek out your commanding officer before you spoke to me during such a critical moment that requires all my attention."

She already knew the answer. She folded her hands and simmered. Just when things were looking right, and she had faith in this new crew, someone just had to come by and ruin her day. Right when she was starting to believe these people were competent too. That's what she gets, she supposed.

She refocused her attention to the viewscreen, watching the two vectors join up once more. It was more important than Six right now.

Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion
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[ Lt Cmdr Vael Kaeris | Conference Room | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @chXinya @Brutus @Auctor Lucan @Arista @Top Hat

For his part, Vael had remained quiet, allowing those in command to discuss strategies among themselves.  Rather, aside from providing his observations and discoveries regarding the apertures and the base necessities required to attempt a disruption in the Collectives' would-be point of access, he had set himself to replicating his data across as many PADDs as possible.  This was not a task for a single vessel and the more ships at the ready only served to increase the odds of their success, even if only incrementally.

At last, he slid one PADD to each commanding officer, leaving one for himself as he cleared his throat.  "I have taken the liberty of providing each of you with the base harmonics and resonance frequencies employed to open the apertures.  Keep in mind that a delicate touch is needed to unlock the threshold -- simply punching the door with all the power you can give will do nothing but exhaust your resources and leave you vulnerable to the inevitable retaliation."

Tapping out commands on his own PADD, he called up a series of schematics on the nearby overhead display.  "I do not recommend taking any vessel into the breach.  Properly shielding the ship would also prove taxing, even if it could be set up properly in the time frames we are facing.  Instead, as has been proposed, we should look at shielding as many torpedoes as possible.  A detonation sequence along this vector should be sufficient to cause the aperture to collapse."

Taking a deep breath, he regarded those sitting around the table, his expression unreadable.  "We are operating off conjecture and speculation.  I wish that I could provide a more solid recommendation, but in the absence of empirical data to confirm my theories, the likelihood of success is 24.328%."  Taking his sear beside Ducote once more, he concluded, "I have also incorporated what I could of the data we were reviewing before the Endeavour was attacked.  Unfortunately, we were unable to download everything on to the Niger in the midst of the battle, but I did my best to recreate as much as I could from memory."

His dark eyes turned to Ducote as he spoke, almost as if his admission was meant as an apology for some failure of his own.  "Under the circumstances, I cannot be certain as to the accuracy of my recollection.  Some of the calculations may be off, but I did what I could."

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Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion
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[ Ensign Six | Corridors | Deck 17 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Triton @Triage @Masorin @chXinya @CanadianVet @Doc M. @Top Hat @Numen

Six blinked in surprise at Ejek's words. Both of those choices were somewhat accurate; she couldn't think of what to be doing, and she was unable to contact this Adam Kingston, but for different reasons. For the former, she didn't know what to do at the moment, something that surely didn't require a shrink. For the latter, she didn't know who the acting chief of security was, and she never heard of Adam Kingston before. In point of fact, she never met him before, not even when she joined the Theurgy.

In any case, if he was the acting chief of security - well, the ranking deputy, in any case, given the reunion of the vectors, with the absence of Lieutenant zh'Wann - then it would be most logical to report to him, given Commander Wenn would be busy.

"Computer, locate Adam Kingston," Six inquired.

[Adam Kingston is in the Below Decks Lounge.]

Another lounge? Didn't she just leave one to get back to the Allegiant? And how many lounges were there on the Theurgy?

"Where might I locate the Below Decks Lounge?"

[The Below Decks Lounge is in Deck 28.]

Made sense. Seems like a fitting name, it's almost at the bottom of the ship. Six made for the nearest turbolift.

[ Ensign Six | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ]

The moment Six walked into the lounge, she walked right through a bartender. Literally. Six was surprised to have walked through him, and the fact that he smiled back like it was nothing...was the man a hologram?

"Why, welcome to the Below Decks Lounge," he said. "My name is Taliesin. Do you wish for a beverage?"

"Not at the moment, Taliesin, but thank you," said Six, looking around. It had to be the most amazing lounge she ever saw. There was a stage and everything, complete with holographic waiters.

Doc would love this place, thought Six, thinking of Voyager's EMH. She could imagine him singing tunes on that stage to his heart's content.

Pushing the thought aside, Six spotted Kingston near the stage and the...of course it was a viewscreen, it was too deep into the ship for windows. Kingston was easily the most noticeable person around; he was the only other person in uniform.

"Adam Kingston?" she asked, approaching him.

"Who wants to know, kid?" he said gruffly, raising a glass of whiskey to drink. Six pursed her lips. This was the third person she met to somewhat refer to her youthfulness despite her maturity. Or did she sound like she was still a teenager?

"Ensign Six, Forensics Officer, Security Department," she answered, somewhat slightly offended at being called "kid."

"What kind of a name is that?" said Kingston, turning with his brow furrowed. The furrow became even more pronounced as he stared at her, giving her a once-over. "What in the f...?"

"I was told to report to you, Lieutenant, given you're the ranking deputy," said Six, noting the pips on Kingston's collar. "Commander Wenn may be busy at the moment as Vectors Two and Three reintegrate," she added, nodding at the viewscreen as the merger completed. "Though, honestly, I never even heard of you until today..."

She then noticed that he was leaning his head side to side, like he was checking out her ears.


"I don't see any points on those ears, kid, but you sound like a Vulcan," he answered. "But what's with the...?" He gestured at the implants.

"Oh. Well, I'm a former Borg drone from the Delta Quadrant," Six answered.

"Makes sense," said Kingston. "With all the big words, I would've taken you for a Vulcan. Where'd you come from anyway? And don't tell me the Delta Quadrant, you said you were an ensign."

"Starbase 84," answered Six. "I joined with other officers to the Theurgy when the Starbase was destroyed. But where did you come from? And don't tell me Earth. What I mean is...where did you come from if I didn't hear of you?"

"You never heard o' me before?" said Kingston. "Eh, not surprised. I've been frozen after the scrape with the Calamity."

"Frozen...? Oh, you were in stasis?" said Six. That made more sense now.

"That's right, kid," said Kingston. "Woke up recently to squash an Asurian prison riot."

"Asurians? I thought we beat them in saving the Cayuga," said Six in surprise. "And how did they get free?"

"You bunch may have missed one. Big ugly slut, the ringleader. Busted 'em out, nearly got away, but we managed to stop them just in time, but not before we lost a lot of good people to those ugly suckers."

Six nodded solemnly. She didn't like the idea of having to face an Asurian, let alone gunning them down, endangered as they are.

"Well, it's a pity," said Six. "But on the other hand...good riddance."

"There's still a few left alive," corrected Kingston abruptly. "About four. And why pity the ugly suckers?"

"They're endangered, in case you didn't know that, looking at intel about the Asurians," Six pointed out.

"Huh. Might've missed a few things. Now, where in the security department did you say you work in?"

"Forensics, sir."

"Forensics? We don't have any bodies for you to examine...not at the moment. What else ya got?"

"Well, with my Borg implants, I'm something of an unofficial hacker," said Six. "I used those skills to delay the countdown of the ship Resolve to help its crew evacuate. I used them again to help improve the odds when the Cayuga and Vector Three were attacked by Asurians, before you were awoken from stasis, that is."

"Really?" said Kingston, taking an increased interest in the Borg kid. "Wouldn't be surprised, with what you got."

He gestured at the eye again. Six smiled.

"Thanks," she said. "And my implants form something of a computer in my person. Literally."

"I'll say. What did you do to help the odds in that first sortie with the Asurians?"

"Hacked into the communications array of an impounded...for want of a better word...Asurian saucer in the shuttlebay," said Six. "I sent viral matrices through a hailing frequency to cause confusion. For instance, one I sent to a saucer sent in incorrect coordinates. Sent it on a collision course with a saucer that was dead in the water."

"Day-yum," said Kingston, stressing the last syllable in astonishment.

"Don't think I singlehandedly finished the battle, though," said Six, to forestall any assumptions. "Other people had a hand in improving the odds, like Ensign Mariner, also in Security, who helped stop a boarding party. Also, don't think I'd be proficient at deadly viruses, I'm not that coldblooded. I'd prefer small ones to cause confusion."

"I'll be sure to have a word with this Mariner later," said Kingston. "You seem the cocky type, kid, but at least you got a level head. I think you'd be handy in a boarding party."

"My thoughts exactly, sir," replied Six. "I haven't tested how quickly I can hack a lock. I could practice, but now's not the time."

"No indeed, if you came looking for me to report for duty."

"Yes, sir."

Kingston began thinking a moment. He gave Six another once-over. The kid was small, but she looked agile. That and the Borg implants would probably help her reflexes, and it would make her an excellent shot.

"How good of a shot are you, ensign?"

"Never gave my marksmanship any thought," said Six. Seemed that she may be heading to the Security Center anyway. She was starting to think it wise to steer clear of Ejek for now; she didn't seem happy. In fact, Six was getting the impression Ejek wasn't liking her. It may be unlikely for the two to be friends, but they'd be okay as colleagues.

"Well, might I suggest the phaser range? Security Center? You look like a good shot. Maybe you could get some target practice in. We'll talk later, when I'm on duty, unless we come across a stiff that needs examining."

"Stiff? Oh," said Six, realizing Kingston was referring to a body. "Well, of course, sir."

"Then later, I can assign drills for you to practice lockpicking in boarding party situations. Now off you get. Dismissed."

"Affirmative, sir!" Six then departed. She had a little respect for Kingston, being the ranking deputy, but once she got to know him better, at least as a superior, things would work out okay. She wondered how many other people would refer to her youthfulness, that they could see, deep down, she was still a child.

Well, it seemed she may have some more maturing to do, if others regarded her like a child.
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Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion
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[Lt. Rhys Williams | Corridors| Deck 15 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Doc .M 

Rhys' progress was eventually interrupted by a voice and rapidly moving feet. He felt his heart rate pick up as adrenaline pumped straight to his muscles. Terrified for a moment he was under attack, he instantly relaxed when he was approached by a young woman. From her insignia which, with his head feeling how it did he was struggling to make out, he worked out she was a petty officer. Possibly anyway, he was not hundred percent sure.

He had been reluctant to stay, but as she removed the medical device from his forehead, he found it hard to argue. Rhys to be honest was in a very strange place. He was not thinking clearly, and the only thing he was sure of was that he was not thinking clearly. Perhaps it was better to defer to someone else's brain for now.  He sighed heavily and allowed himself to be led back to sickbay. He suddenly felt very guilty, here he was causing bother for the overstretched medical crew. His cheeks burned a little in embarrassment and the way he felt like such a fool. "I am sorry." The words felt weak, but he clearly meant them. "The er..." he waved his hand in the air in front of him as he tried to formulate the words. "...the cobwebs are still there." He said slowly as the words came to him. His voice felt odd, like the strange halting speech of a drunk, it also seemed to him to be coming from quite a way a way.

Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion
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[ Petty Officer Leticia Jones | Corridors | Deck 15 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie,  and anyone else who has a character in Vector 03's sickbay.

Nurse Jones smiled back and to her credit, it was a truly dazzling smile.  "That's all right sir; you got hit pretty hard over there.  Nobody expects you to be operating on all thrusters right away.  Now let's get back to sickbay."

[ Lieutenant George Hernandez | Vector 03 Battle Sickbay | Deck 15 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie,  and anyone else who has a character in Vector 03's sickbay.

As Lieutenant Rhys Williams was led back into the Stallion's sickbay, Lieutenant George Hernandez, M.D. greeted them.  "Ah Lieutenant, so good of you to join us.  It's always so upsetting when one loses a patient," he purred.  "Although I can hardly blame you for leaving, we really do need the space," he added grimly.  With the exception of the biobed that Rhys had left, every one of the other beds in the room had another patient lying atop it.  "Let's have a look at you and see if we're ready to release you," he said as he gestured to the biobed that Rhys had just left.
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Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion
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[ Lieutenant Vanya | Sickbay | Deck 15 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy | Attn: @Juzzie , @Doc M.  ., anyone else in sickbay

Lt Vanya was currently in the Theurgy's sickbay aboard the Stallion. In the preceding hours as the ships had been effecting repairs, so had Vanya. Her arm had been damaged in hand to hand combat with the escapees and she needed to tend to it. It had taken a bit of time to tend to her 'injury' as her  dutoronium endoskeleton was not as easily mended as organic bone. It could be repaired though and with the swarms of Engineers and Ops officers moving about both ships she had put in a request for some assistance in the fix.

That had been far down the list of crucial repairs needed to either ship, so Vanya had waited as patiently as she may. Finally the Engineer from Theurgy had shown up with her amazing tools and together with Vanya's own spec's and knowledge of her own make up and design parameters the arm was repaired and put back to full function.

Vanya had thanked the Engineer for her assistance and let them get back to the hundreds of systems or items on the repair list. One android's arm being a check in a list that seemed to stretch light years. It was a unique repair though and one for the Engineer's table. To be discussed with others, should they all live through the upcoming engagements.

Vanya then had to effect self repair. Her bioflesh was self regenerating and could completely sheath a denuded skeleton in 24 hours if need be, but it took resources and left her looking rather grizzly by most standards. As she was working with an integrated crew now it would do better should the flesh be repaired more swiftly. Scaring the pants off of new officers and enlisted personnel was to be avoided if possible.

The Cayuga's sickbay had been utterly destroyed and wasn't the sort of thing a few hydrospanners and welding torches could put to right in the few hours that the crews had to effect repairs. So she had requested transport to Theurgy. Transport had been approved and she moved through the halls of The Stallion. Stopping to check the LCARS now and then to orient herself and make her way to where she needed to be. Deck 15, Vector 03.

Once there she noted the standing room only capacity of the sickbay. A furrow of her brows and she nodded to a nurse who came up to her.

"Can I help you Lieutenant?"

Vanya had simply held up her arm and articulated her fingers. The lack of flesh made it a metallic gesture not a flesh and blood one. The nurse's eyes had widened.

"Oh... damn! Maybe we need to find you a place to sit down!"

Vanya had offered a gentle smile across her attractive Romulan visage.    "Uneeded Nurse, just point me to a corner and toss me a dermal regenerator. I can see to it."

"Are you sure? That looks.... severe"

Vanya had nodded.  "Quite. Regeneration could occur on it's own but I'm hoping to expedite the process and get back to work. I wouldn't want to take you away from more critical patients. " 

Vanya didn't point out that she also missed the tactile sensations that the bio-flesh provided and with out it felt like she was missing out on a 5th of the universe.

The nurse had looked a touch skeptical. Usually people waving around flesh-less bone appendages needed a good bit of care. Be it metal or organic bone being flapped about, but the Romulan officer seemed quite sure of herself. It didn't hurt she stood 6'2" and had that Romulan.... Surety.

The nurse had nodded and lead her over to an out of the way place and given her the requested instrument. Vanya had thanked her politely. Didn't hurt to be nice to the Medical team... - especially - the medical team, and.. for Vanya the Engineering department as well.

So she had been passing the regenerator over her forearm. Slowly rebuilding the flesh from elbow towards fingertips when Rhys had sat up suddenly and stumbled out of Sickbay into the hall. A look of curiosity and a bit of confusion had crossed Vanya's face. Before she could act, nurse Jones had scampered out after him and returned in short order. Turns out that Rhys' biobed was close to the counter at which Vanya was effecting self repair. Er.. Self healing? Both? Sometimes it could be hard to qualify for her unique situation.

Vanya looked over to Rhys, Nurse Jones and now Dr Hernandez. A nod was offered to the Trio and she addressed the Counselor.

"You ok there, Counselor Williams?"  
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Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion
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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | Bridge | USS Allegiant NX -80978 > Docking Bay Lounge | Deck 19 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Numen @Nolan

Eboh grunted as Lieutenant Izar pointed out yet another obstacle for him to avoid, shifting himself to maneuver around it while maintaining his grip on the cumbersome device he found himself lugging through the corridors, maintaining a balancing act with the ORE and the vaccines, as well as the duffle he had slung across his chest. All in all, it made such maneuvers annoying and tiresome. To make matter worse, the annoying half-Cardie scientist's prattling did little to improve the large man's mood as they made they way along.

The dark skinned man's mood brightened visibly when Izar scampered ahead, seeming to think himself out of earshot. Eboh shuffled along under the weight of his burden, but glanced up as the officer tapped his combadge, Eboh having been alerted by the audible chirp the scientist's badge let out. An impish grin spread across the Chief's features as he heard Izar's voice identify who he was contacting. "Junior Lieutenant Izar to Petty Officer Benmual."

So the geeky grey-skin knew Kythalie, did he? And was that the hint of a nervous quaver in the man's voice? "I... well... I... I'm alive." Eboh listened as he shuffled along, eyes shining with mischief as he heard the rest of the exchange, albeit faintly. Izar had misjudged the distance to put himself out of earshot, though Eboh still had to strain to hear. He quickly schooled his face back to seriousness, not wanting to give the game away.

This was going to be fun.

Even as the thought struck him, he heard more of the exchange. Izar was hardly a smooth operator, stammering and fumbling with his words. The man was just plain awkward. "O-o-only if you can a-and want to, of course."

Not so smooth with the lines, are you Frankenspoon? Eboh thought to himself, shifting his grip on the ORE as he suppressed a chuckle. Kythalie's going to eat you alive... Eboh had known Kythalie for years, and the thought of the cheeky security NCO tormenting the scientist was a pleasant one. He heard the familiar voice of PO Benmual emanating from Izar's badge, though he was too far away to heard what was said. Izar's reaction was enough to tell Eboh that she had accepted, the man's body language seemed to straighten and look less sickly, while the genuine smile that broke across his features spoke volumes. It almost made him look less like a mad scientist. Almost. Eboh continued shuffling along, making his way closer before calling out.

"Tell Kythalie "The Oldie says hello", Lieutenant!" He called to Izar as he shifted his grip on the ORE again. The half El-Aurian was unable to suppress the smile that spread across his features as he spoke, suspecting he might spoil the other man's mood slightly. He waited for the rest of the exchange to finish and the comm line to close before he spoke again.

"Why Lieutenant, was that a date I heard you proposing? And with the wild-haired Kythalie Benmual, no less!" Eboh's deep, accented voice was thick with cheer as he spoke, the broad smile he directed as the Cardassian/Bajoran hybrid heavy with mischief. "If you are looking to impress, white wine and scallops are sure to do the trick." Eboh gave the grey skinned scientist a wink as he slowly shuffled past the man, a deep chuckle emanating from his chest as he went. Truth be told, he and Kythalie had been friends for years following a date that had turned sour, but he was hardly about to divulge that particular tidbit of information to Izar. No, it would be much more fun to let the man stew over what had already been said.

Eboh's mood seemed much brighter as he continued to shuffle along, the burden of the Omicron Radiation Emitter seeming lighter. Yes, his arms were beginning to feel the strain of carrying it for so long, but the joy at the scientist's discomfort was more than satisfactory compensation for the labour.
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Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion
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[ PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu | Bridge | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @FollowTomorrow

The Allegiant's mission was complete, accomplished with a result quite beyond Lillee's expectations. She had fully expected it to be a suicide mission, but quite to her (and everyone else's) surprise, fortune stepped in. They not only evaded detection by the Borg, but they also detected the Borg beachhead, found the lost second vector of the Theurgy and helped rid the Sword of its Klingon assailants. The mission had been a complete success.

The dozen destroyed starships and thousands of dead people that they had found were merely a footnote, it seemed.

After finishing the docking proceedure that returned the Allegiant to its docking berth, everyone dispersed to their duties, Lillee among them. Everything was moving at such a frantic pace that there was no time to consult shift schedules or report to superior officers. The Theurgy had been at more or less constant high alert for days now, rendering such things moot, leaving everyone to simply figure out for themselves where to go and what to do. It was a helter skelter state of affairs that was intensely unsettling, allowing no time or opportunity for anyone to center themselves.

It was damn near enough to drink a girl to drink, and as she strode down the Stallion's corridors towards her (temporary) quarters, Lillee admonished herself to do just that as soon as time and duty permitted. More than anything else, she was simply tired. She knew her duty and she'd unquestioningly fly the Theurgy during the ship's battle against the Borg, but by the fires of Eisn, she wanted a few days to simply absorb it all.

Waging a war was hard, yes. But waging a war amidst total strangers, a war when one was not even sure of the war's truth or righteousness? That was an even harsher poison in Lillee's spirit. Thus, the blonde Romulan was less vivacious than usual as she bore her honour-blade back to her quarters, grimly settling her old friend in a closet before grabbing a change of uniform, eschewing the indulgence of a shower. Minutes later, Lillee returned to the Bridge to find the Sword and the Stallion in the midst of reintegration. Commander Stark was apparently away, in conference with her peers, leaving Lieutenant Zelosa Ejek in command during the docking procedure.

"Sir," Lillee greeted Lieutenant Ejek politely, bowing her head respectfully before making her way to the CONN to relieve the exhausted Bajoran woman there. Sliding into the chair, Lillee gamely went about monitoring the reintegration process. Little was required of the Stallion besides simply staying still since it was the Sword that instigated the maneuver, but she nevertheless monitored carefully, advising her counterpart on the Sword whenever they strayed off the optimum angle or velocity for docking atop the Stallion.

Throughout it all, her hand stayed poised over her own helm controls. It was likely unnecessary, to be sure, but Lillee stayed in control, her eyes focused on her console and the viewscreen with obsessive focus, her long blonde locks utterly still around her face. The time would come when they'd see peace again...and when she could see her twins once more. Reuniting with the Sword was only the first step.

The time would come.

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[Lt. Rhys Williams| Sickbay | Deck 15 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Doc M. @Cosmos

Rhys coloured a little at how understanding this nurse was being. He realised of course it was part of her job, but it made him feel more than a little ashamed. He was being a nuisance to these people. Shame was something Rhys understood well, it was such a strong part of his psychological make up.

He was a mixture of neurosis, fear, social awkwardness, shyness, and an inferiority complex one could drown in. He was tall and well built, a life long swimmer who had been jumping into the seas and water ways around Wales most of his child hood. When he was nervous or embarrassed, he would fidget constantly with his hands. Sometimes his leg would jiggle hyperactively like it wanted to be some where else. 

He was a mess in all sorts of ways, but in spite of that or maybe because of that he was actually a pretty could counsellor. Softly spoken and empathetic, and despite being an officer, a man who was reluctant to tell people what to do.

Rhys laughed nervously at the Doctor's joke about loosing patients. To be honest Rhys had not really heard it. He was struggling still to focus on what other people were saying to him, but from the man's tone of voice he had gathered it was meant to be amusing.

He took his seat on the biobed and waited to be examined. He heard a question and turned to the side to look at Vanya. She seemed familiar but again the fogginess in his head prevented him from completely recognising her. His eyes seemed glazed and unfocused, he was looking at her but not really seeing her. "Oh my head is a little sore that is all." Anyone who knew him even a little would know his penchant for understatement. What he had said likely actually meant, 'My head feels like there are drunk Klingons having a party in it!'

"Are you ok..." he paused the name was not coming... he looked at her insignia "Lieutenant?" He laughed shyly again and smiled. "To be hundred percent truthful, I am not really sure what ship I am on. I am a little confused." He felt really stupid right now and he blushed faintly. He remembered fighting the Cayuga but that was about it. He had been talking with someone, and then had been attacked from behind, his head had been smashed into the ground with some force. He remembered the taste of blood and descending fog, worse was the rising tide of anger. It had allowed him when the Ausrian had been distracted to assault it with every fibre of his being. The rest was hidden behind a haze.

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Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion
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[ Lieutenant Vanya | Sickbay | Deck 15 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie @Doc M.


Vanya watched the interactions of Lieutenant Williams and her head tilted to the side, one of those pointed Romulan brows raising in curiosity or concern.  The replies were disjointed and he seemed dazed. They had served on the same ship for some time, and she was a smallish ship, most especially compared to this one. So for him to not remember her was a bit concerning as well.

Pausing in the regeneration of the flesh on her forearm she stepped closer to the Counselors bed, but made sure to stay clear of the Doctor and nurse.

Starfleet didn't wear nametags, so Vanya wasn't yet personally acquainted with Dr Hernandez or Nurse Jones, but they were wearing blue, in a sickbay, and with a few seconds of observation it was easy to make a guess. Rank helped as well.

"Doctor, his baseline is usually more cognizant than this. He may be a bit more out of sorts than he is indicating. His injuries could more than they appear at first glance."

She looked down to Rhys on the bed.   "Let these people help you, Counselor. Just as you help those with wounded minds. They are here to help those with wounded bodies. They'll see you right." 

The statuesque Romulan looked down to Rhys on the bed. Perhaps not with compassion but with understanding. If anyone could 'get into their own head' it was her, and some of the existential questions she mulled over on a daily basis would make some biologicals head's spin. So she had very likely been in to see the counseling staff, either on her own or by 'firm suggestion' more than once.

Her hand, the one with flesh, - not - the one half covered, came up and gently touched Rhys' shoulder.

  "Let them do their job, Lieutenant. The crew will need you at your best, very soon I suspect. Things are.... unique and we will most certainly be in need of your specific skill-set." 
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Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion
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Lt. JG Izar Bila| Bridge | Corridors | Deck 19 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]

@Fife @Nolan

The professional and cold tone with which Kythalie responded to his call caused the chemist's shoulders to sink in just as his hope  crumbled by a simple sentence. Without knowing  how to answer that impersonal remark, he limited himself to open and close his mouth several times, like a fish gasping out of the water, with his fingers still stuck over his combadge let that the communication was kept open. Before Bila made any gurgling sound that embarrassed them both, the petty officer accepted his invitation to meet him before returning to the Cayuga. The slight coquettish tone in her words made the blush return to the cheeks of the hybrid, along with a hopeful smile. A true smile. Very different from the impish smirk with which he used to adorn himself. "I'-i-i will look out for it," he stuttered awkwardly in a strangled voice, after almost a minute where he only managed got his Adam's apple moving slightly without producing any coherent sound. Not wanting to tempt his luck even further, Bila moved his elegant fingers away from the communicator, suddenly cutting off the contact with the petty officer. Possibly it hadn't been one of the more outstanding conversations of his career, but he cared little. That odd warm feeling that Benmual brought to his chest almost made those awkward moments worthwhile.

However, that well-being was short-lived due Eboh appeared at his side, asking him to greet Kyth on his behalf.  The smile soured in the half-cardassian's lips, and the colour disappeared from his cheeks as quickly as it had appeared. " 'Oldie'...  I'm growing tired of know-it-all old men" He bitterly muttered, resuming his pace. But obviously, Okotie-Eboh couldn't keep his mouth shut without rubbing salt in the wound, boasting without much finesse of knowing everything about Benmual's culinary tastes, surely better than the half-cardassian himself. And, obviously, mocking his clumsy proposition. Precisely what Bila less needed at that time. The embarrassment made him remain silent the short distance that separated them to reaching one of the turbolifts. When they entered in the device and it began to move, Bila allowed himself to turn his pale gray face to the dark-skined giant and spat. "Petty Officer, you don't need to use your tongue to comply the task that I've assigned you, and given your inability to use it for anything productive, I warn you that the next time you address me for something other than your current job, I'll add a reprimand on your permanent records." Resorting to his superior rank as revenge was plainly childlish, and Izar was well aware of it. But he was especially upset for the full situation, and his brain wasn't agile enough at that moment to find a more informal threat. Eboh has managed to annoy him more than anyone else in a time and he had had more than enough of his words for a time.
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Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion
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[Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark, Captain | Bridge| Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ]Attn:

Two months ago, Natalie would have been shocked at the thought of picking up crew from a destroyed ship. But considering the events involving the Harbinger and the Resolve, the fact that Wenn's vector had managed to stumble onto the survivors of the apparently late USS Endeavour really didn't come as a shock to Natalie. In fact, the now former captain found that to be an extremely believable explanation for the appearance of the unfamiliar officer.

What does that say about me? she silently asked herself. She also had to wonder how the man felt, taking orders from the burly Bajoran, whom was in charge of the vector - the vectors, now, she amended, given that this Ducoute fellow outranked Cinn.  Her eyes darted between the two officers from the other ship, then to her fellow Theurgiest. What a damned mess, she concluded. Aloud, she said, "I'm very sorry for your loss. I wish this wasn't the first time I've seen something along these lines, but I have a feeling that unless we rise to the occasion, there's going to be a lot more losses like yours."

From that point on, she leaned back and listened and tried to keep her face impassive. Thrust into command over the past few days, she'd had some good practice and hiding what she was thinking. Like the horrifying thought of her crewmembers - people she knew and cared about, called friends, or saw as mentors - turned to liquid to feed a starship. Or the impending doom promised them all by an invasion of Borg cubes out of the Delta Quadrant - and the equally horrifying prospect of the parasites infecting the collective.

Endgame, she thought, repressing a shudder.

Her heard swung to the side, catching Captain Ziegler's eyes. The senior officer at the table, and for once, one Natalie was glad to be able to defer to. Unlike Ducote, whom she assumed was probably a reasonable chap - given no evidence to the contrary - she trusted Anya. Anya knew them. Once she'd gotten her head out of her ass, Natalie understood that. This other man was an outsider. Not Anya.

This didn't mean that Natalie liked what the woman purposed. But it meant she put high stock in her opinion, and...agreed. Even if it sat ill with her, and made her stomach curl in on itself. Plenty of that had been happening over the past few days. Have to see Dr. Nicander about a cure for sour stomach.

Only when she finished the thought, and remembered that the 'good doctor' was harboring one of those self same parasites that wanted to kill them all did her face pale. She had to struggle to repress the urge to vomit, tasking the acrid bile in the back of her throat. He'd laid his hands on me...not now Nat, not now.

Mastering her dismay, the brunette swept a stray hair back, behind her ear. Deciding that she needed to book some time with a counselor, and soon, for her own sanity's sake, the Ops Chief and - she supposed - XO of the combined Ranger looked over the report from the other stranger at the table, Vael Kaeris, as Ducote had called him.

"We have a fairly good science team here, Commander," she said to  Kaeris, tapping the PADD lightly against the top of the desk, before looking to Wenn. Treading carefully - since she was no long in charge of things - Natalie suggested, "Run it by them. Send a copy of the files with the Cayuga so that Captain Ziegler's people can take a look at it as well, as they move back to the aperture site." She really didn't want to think about Anya going off alone. Unable to help it, she looked at the woman.

"We'll warp over to join you as soon as we retrieve the Helmet," Wenn Cinn would have the final word there - or she supposed, Carrigan Trent, as he would be in overall command once they reunited.

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[Lt. Commander Wenn Cinn | Conference Room | Deck 8 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy]

Cinn sat in silence as the rest of the meetings attendees reacted to his portion of the briefing.  Those who didn't know about Nicander reacted as he expected they would, the shock on Stark's face the most evident.  Anya was more reserved about it, her command experience clearly giving her a more practiced poker face. To the Bajoran's surprise however, everyone was very quick to pitch solutions to their situation, quickly identifying the main objectives before he could lay them out.  Such foresight warmed the old soldier's heart, bringing a small smile to his face.

Ducote managed to jump in as well, and instead of trying to find a way off the ship he actually provided information that could help with the Borg.  That made sense of course, while the man clearly had no desire to remain on the Theurgy one second longer than necessary his need for revenge on the Borg was clearly driving the man.  Normally Cinn would talk someone out of throwing themselves at those cybernetic nightmares, but they all knew the existential threat they presented.  The clock was ticking, and they were running out of time.  Anya even managed to save Cinn from asking the one thing he dreaded, volunteering her ship to singlehandedly face the Borg (at least until the Theurgy arrived to back them up.)  At least Vael's torpedo idea could help even the odds.

"I know these are the kind of situations that none of us signed up to deal with, the past few  months have been one long nightmare that plagues us no matter how far we go.  However," Cinn gripped the PADD Kaeris slid across the table for emphasis, "the end is in sight.  Captain Zeigler, as Commander Stark said, you will not face the Borg alone any longer than necessary.  The moment we've reintegrated with Vector 1 or determined they are not at the rendezvous we will return at maximum warp.  If something goes wrong, do not hesitate to signal and we will abort and return."

Outside the window behind him, Vector 3 disappeared from view, and shortly thereafter the entire ship shuddered as they came into contact and locked together.  Now reintegrated, the systems would sync up and control would be assumed by the most primary battle bridge.  However, thanks to the damage from earlier, that wasn't a good option.  "Commander Stark, I'd like for you to remain in the Vector 3 bridge as XO until we integrate with the Helmet.  I'll join you there as Commanding Officer, our battle bridge took some damage in our fight with Martok and we're down some consoles."  Looking at the others in the room, "I'll draw up a bridge crew list before we depart."

Pressing his dark palms into the table, Cinn pushed himself out of the chair.  "Time is short, and unless someone has something else to bring up we best get to it.  May the Prophets guide us all and show us Their favor."

Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion
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[ Cmdr Ranaan Ducote | Conference Room | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Auctor Lucan @Arista @chXinya @Brutus @steelphoenix

"I'm very sorry for your loss. I wish this wasn't the first time I've seen something along these lines, but I have a feeling that unless we rise to the occasion, there's going to be a lot more losses like yours."

Ducote nodded, unsure what there was to say. "Thank you."

As ever, a Vulcan might be proud of Vael's attention to detail, and how precise even his estimations were. It was always nicer to gamble when you knew the odds, in Ducote's opinion. He was distracted a little from his science officer's brief by the Ops commander across from him; while she had at least taken his explanation as read without the rigmarole he had cynically expected, there was something else under the surface.

As ever. Imagine that, a person having a layered thought process?

Something personal. And poignant enough to be leaving a bitter taste in his mouth from all the way over here. He figured he could probably spend a fair minute deducing a list of likelihoods, or he could get back to the meeting. Mercifully, it was short. Kaeris' suggestions were taken without protest, and even referred on to the Cayuga... he'd have to forcibly rearrange his preconceptions at this rate.

It was difficult not to slump back in his seat with relief at the final verdict from Wenn and the others. It could be argued that they were acting only out of self-preservation, but he had enough faith in his remaining empathic talents to have been able to spot such a cowardly angle on the act. They were doing it because it was right, and they weren't abandoning a 'loyal' ship of the Fleet either.

Wenn dismissed them. Ducote rose with him, glancing at Captain Ziegler. He wondered.

"Go on ahead," he murmured to Vael. "I'll catch up."

He lurked outside the doors to the conference room as everyone filed out, leaning back against the bulkhead. He waited until the proud brunette appeared, and neatly cut off the flunky that stepped forward to offer to escort her to the transporters.

"Hello, Captain. May I beg a moment of your time?"

"I was going to show Captain Ziegler to-" the eager young officer tried to explain from behind Ducote.

"Thank you, Ensign. We will manage," he said over his shoulder.
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Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion
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Lt Kaylon Jeen|Cir'Cie's quarters | USS Theurgy - Vector 3 |Attn : @Auctor Lucan

"I believe... I require assistance,  Would you please replicate water for me, and... collect my garments. I am positive I will experience vertigo if I stand up."

Kaylon smiled and turned to her replicator.  "Of course." he said,  "Computer, Water. five degrees."  Kaylon couldn't tell for sure, but there was a note of regret in the way she winced. 

Taking the water glass from the replicator and giving a brief wistful sigh at how much he had missed using one for so long, he turned back toward the bed, and as he walked, bent down and scooped up her clothes.  "Here you go." he said as he handed her the requested items.  He stood there, awkwardly, not sure what to say or do.  Over two centuries worth of experiences and memories, more than half of them as a woman, and Kaylon still couldn't figure them out.  He wished he had thought to ask those kinds of questions several years ago during his Zhian'tara, but no, he had spent the time talking with Amina and Menara's personalities about their careers and asking technical questions instead of delving into the interpersonal dynamics of dealing with the fairer sex.  He did know one thing though.  The awkward silences were never a good thing.

"I think I had a little too much Ter'an Bourbon, last night.  How about you?" he asked, wincing inwardly, and trying like hell not to wince outwardly.  Great!  You big idiot!  Just come out and say 'oh wow, I got drunk last night or I never would have done...that' "Erm..that didn't come out right.  I'm sorry.  Last night was a great experience for me, and you too, I hope." and stopped abruptly and awkwardly thinking Oh gods..could I sound any more pathetic..maybe I should get out of here and get back to the Cayuga.

"Do you think I could borrow a phaser, so I can just put myself out of my awkward misery and not have to think of the right thing to say so I don't sound like a jerk or did the old wham bam, thank you ma'am?" he quipped  "We both know I have to get back to the Cayuga, but ..." Ugh...he was doing it again!   "Yeah...where's your phaser?" he asked again, blushing from his spots to his toes with embarrassment.

Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion
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[Lt Rhys Williams| Sickbay| Deck 15| Vector 03| USS Theurgy] Attn: @Cosmos @Doc M.

He watched the woman's lips move, the words seemed to flow over him in waves but he struggled to make sense of them in his head. One thing did click with him however and that was her voice. He found it soothing for some reason. Then again she was trying to get him to relax, so it was likely a deliberate choice on her part. No the interesting thing for Rhys about was her voice was the familiarity, and as he heard it more and more he was able to recognise the sounds with this shaky memory.

"Lt. Vanya." He said in a far off sounding voice. He felt pretty embarrassed for having been confused and not recognising her they had served together for a fair amount of time. In face, had she been a patient? He was fairly sure she had been. Flashes and images sparked to life behind his eyes of their sessions, though the content of them was shrouded from his memory.

The sessions from what he could remember of them had always been a little awkward, for all sorts of mental reasons. Not least of these were Rhys' own. He had always found her more than a little intimidating. This was not uncommon he was not a normal Starfleet officer in many ways. Perhaps it was why he had become a counsellor in the end. He was not good at or happy being someone who gave orders, he was not comfortable in the normal chain of command. When had been an ops officer on the USS Mercia, the crew under him had found him hard to understand and relate to. He realised now he had been on the verge of psychological collapse that whole time due to stress and fear. Being a voice of command had not worked but being a voice of empathy and calm had surprisingly. 

However, Rhys still had some serious blind spots in dealing with other people. One was feeling like a fraud when surrounded by other officers. The other was when having attention paid to him by an attractive an or woman. So despite his injury his reaction to being under the attention of Vanya was classic Rhys. Vanya was attractive and talking to him, sometimes that was all it took. Even worse she had a hand on his shoulder. His  body's response to this was to immediately make his cheeks red, and to have his heart rate increase.

"Yes..." His voice squeaked, he looked even more embarrassed were that possible and cleared his throat. "Yes of course Lieutenant, I am just little....out of it." His face felt hot, and he was sure it was red enough to distract low flying shuttles.
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Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion
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[ Lieutenant Vanya | Sickbay | Deck 15 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie 


Vanya offered Rhys a smile. "Yes Lieutenant Williams. It's me." It'd been some time since their 4 years at the academy but she remembered seeing him there when she had been. Not that an over abundance of their classes crossed over. The Academy was a big place after all. People from 150+ Member worlds and others, sponsored in like Vanya her self. You could be there at the same time as others and never cross paths. Still Vanya remembered Rhys. Serving on the same ship with him had brought him more into her orbit, and as both where here, some what refugees from their own damaged ship, there was a bit of kinship with the human as well.

Then Rhys had a ... curious reaction and Vanya leaned closer, looking concerned.   "Doctor? Nurse? It seems that he's having an inverse reaction to your treatment. His coloration is becoming decidedly scarlet and he seems to be ... breathing faster. Perhaps some sort of allergic reaction?"

Of course leaning closer to inspect Rhys' condition brought the android closer to him in general. Her towering body bent at the hips. Beautiful sharp featured face brought closer to Williams' own. Those intense dark green eyes peering at him. Perhaps to Rhys' everlasting benefit her breasts didn't quite brush him in his prone state. Her own unique scent did how ever reach his nose, infusing his nose with the very feminine scent.
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Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion
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[ Lieutenant George Hernandez | Vector 03 Battle Sickbay | Deck 15 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Cosmos@Juzzie,  and anyone else who has a character in Vector 03's sickbay.

Doctor Hernandez looked up from his scans. "Thank you Lieutenant but I'll make the diagnosis around here," Doctor Hernandez murmured to Vanya before rolling his eyes and addressing Rhys.  "Sorry Mister Williams.  I meant this Lieutenant," he clarified as he nodded at Vanya, "not you Lieutenant.  I mean Mister Williams," he grumbled.  "And actually Mister Williams, I think that this little dose of adrenaline is just what you needed," he added with a hint of amusement.  "Still, I think perhaps you could use point four more milliliters of trianoline.  Nurse, prepare the medication." he ordered off handedly.

"Yes Doctor," Nurse Jones replied.

In the meantime Hernandez turned his attention to Vanya.  If he noticed that the intoxicating android appeared more Romulan than Vulcan he gave no indication of surprise or discomfort.  Perhaps there was a region on Vulcan where the natives still had visible cranial ridges.  Perhaps after learning the horrifying truth about Starfleet Command a Romulan didn't register as noteworthy.  Perhaps his medical oath took precedence over personal bigotries and one's species didn't matter when Hernandez was on the job rather than off duty.  Or maybe he was just tired and overworked and past caring.

"I've never seen a prosthetic like that before, but of course, that's not my specialty," he muttered dismissively.  "Since it's not life-threatening, you'll have to wait until the ship is done reintegrating properly so we can connect you with a specialist.  The ship's holograms have been acting up ever since we encountered the Savi and this section's Emergency Medical Hologram has been unresponsive." he continued.  "I notice a blue collar on your uniform.  Any chance that means life sciences Lieutenant um...?"  He spun his hand in a distracted fashioned when he realized that they hadn't been properly introduced.

OOC:  The combages contain medical information and an identifying transponder like a 21st century military "dog tag", which is why Hernandez knows Rhys' name but no one has run a tricorder over Vanya yet.
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Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion
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[Lt. Rhys Williams| Sickbay| Deck 15| Vector 03| USS Theurgy] Attn: @Cosmos @Doc M.

As Vanya leaned in closer to examine him his face became redder were that even possible. He tried desperately to keep his eyes from drifting over her body in an inappropriate way, he crossed his legs a little and tried to avoid being the subject of her gaze as much as possible. That scent.... oh why did she have to smell so good, and why did he have to respond to attractive people paying him attention in such and adolescent way. Maybe he might even regress further and start pulling pigtails, it was utterly pathetic.

He tried to calm himself and focus on what the doctor was saying. Which seemed to mostly be confused comments about both of their ranks. He did mention adrenaline, and now he thought about it his head did feel a little clearer. He noted Vanya's arm, he was stunned a little for a moment and then mentally shrugged. Prosthetics were not that uncommon, especially not in such a dangerous galaxy.

"Don't worry Lieutenant I am sure I will be fine." He said as he tried desperately to keep it together. He was desperate to get treated and out of this situation and back to his job. Vanya had been right people would need him.

He just hoped neither the doctor nor the nurse would notice his reaction. This was the last thing he needed.

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Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion
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[ Lieutenant Vanya | Sickbay | Deck 15 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie @Doc M. 


Vanya's eyes flicked up to Doctor Hernandez at his comment and caught his eyeroll. Her pointed Romulan brow arched and she repressed a bit of a grin. "Of course Doctor. Didn't mean to step on your toes."

Vanya leaned back out of Rhys personal space and tilted her head observing the Doctor and Nurse work. The intricacies of the flesh were always fascinating and even though Rhys wound wasn't dramatic or visually exciting, he was a shipmate and the android wished for him to be healed and well again. One last pat was offered to Lieutenant William's shoulder and she stepped out of the way.

Dark green eyes flickered up when the Doctor mentioned her arm and she looked down to it. Raising it and articulating her fingers before looking back up to him. "No need to worry Doctor. I am fully functional. Was just borrowing a dermal regenerator to enhance the self healing aspect of the flesh. I was almost done when my shipmate here.. what is the human term... "Went Walkabout"? A few minutes more and I'll be out of your sickbay, and your hair."

Picking up the instrument she went back to passing it over the arm. The flesh from the base of the cut regenerating up the arm as she slowly passed it back and forth.  She looked up when queried further.

"Lieutenant Vanya, CSO of the Cayuga. Nice to meet you Doctor. Nurse." She nodded to them both, but as one hand was currently healing the other she didn't offer to shake at this exact moment. "As it happens I am indeed. I was Science track all the way through the academy so I'm versed in many fields, but my personal specialty is in Zoology and Xenozoology."

Rhys spoke and Vanya looked down to him on the bed giving a nod. "I'm sure you will. You're in good hands, Williams."  If Vanya had noticed any additional... symptoms, she had the grace not to say so and cause the poor lad a coronary or some similar complication.
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