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Topic: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths (Read 2185 times) previous topic - next topic

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Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff  @Triton

Thomas' attention had been quite focused on Lillee as he hadn't seen the carnal enjoyment Alessia and Leon were starting to get into. Once the Romulan had been stripped of her clothes she had given him a sultry yet barely audible sound as his eyes shifted from her to the couple in front of them. It wasn't anything new to see, yet enticing it was nevertheless. He could feel his own manhood harden and throb lightly at the sight of the couple making out in a rather fiery and passionate way.

It made his restraint to unleash himself on Lillee only that more harder as he wouldn't mind to dig in just as fast with her in a dance of lust and need. The blonde however caught him off guard as she guided his fingers into her womanhood. The eyes of the pilot switching back to her as he could feel the warm heat between her legs, the smooth velvet walls of her sex pressed against his fingers as he did allow himself some exploratory motions with his fingers. The Romulan woman however guided his fingers back out of her as she turned herself around and blessed the man with a full frontal view of her beautiful body.

His eyes were drawn back to hers though as she gazed deliberate and deep into his. He smiled faintly as she brought his fingers to her mouth and began to taste her own sex's taste as she proved to him what she could do with her tongue and some suction. "How can I not be aroused with a beauty like yo and our lovely friends in the background?" he fired back at her teasingly before his eyes fluttered lightly as she run her knuckles over his manhood before griping it "Though, you seem to be in an equal state..." he groaned out.

His eyes darted to Alessia who was watching them, yet his attention was captivated entirely by Lillee as she eased in and kissed him full on the lips. The pilot answered in kind and met her passion and heated emotions as his one hand trailed down over her chest swiftly, running over her breasts once more before he slipped his fingers back into the warm cove of heat between her legs. His other hand came to cup her rear and gave it a soft pinch before he ran it back up her spine to ruffle through the back of her hair as his hands began to dig back and forth.

He grinned at Leon and Alessia as Lillee laughed and turned her gaze to them. Yet it didn't take long for the both of them to get back into one another as Thomas brought Lillee back to one of the benches and sat her down on it before breaking free of the kiss and laying her down on her back "Allow me to have a taste of you myself..." he offered with a wink.
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Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
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[PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu] | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan, @Triton


The taste of the human was swiftly proving addictive as Lillee kissed him, her tongue boldly tickling his own. Ravon didn't kiss like the other humans that she had known. He was stronger, more impassioned, his lips hot against hers. Famished, Lillee's hands travelled hungrily across the man's powerful body, from his shoulders to his rock-hard manhood, taking in as much of him as she could.

Oh, he was impressive. Lillee had had her share of humans since her husband's death, of both genders, but somehow, this pilot was proving remarkable, his technique causing Lillee to groan against his lips. He could not and would never match Jiang...

The thought, rising unbidden, caught Lillee short, startling her out of her erotic excitement for a moment even as she kissed Thomas, teasing the tip of his great shaft with her finger. Strange that she should think of her long-dead husband now, of their brief but wondrous romance; after all, she didn't usually think of him while having sex, even less so in such spontaneous encounters. Still, she didn't want to stop what was happening, what Lillee most desperately needed, and what she believed that Thomas, Alessia and Leon needed as well. It was wild, it was insane, and it was incredible...they deserved Lillee's full atttention, not her distraction.

Thus, Lillee thought back to her most memorable nights with Jiang, of his powerful body unleashed upon hers in their bed, in their shower, on their kitchen table, as, back in reality, Thomas guided her back to the bench. Lillee was panting now, her eyes alight with need, her blonde hair askew as she sat. Then Thomas pushed her to lie down gently along the length of the bench, and realising his intent, Lillee grinned devilishly, her pointed ears adding a nefarious edge to how she looked down at Thomas.

"Taste me, hm? I should warn you, human...we Rihannsu are far spicier creatures than most..." With that, Lillee spread her legs to either side of the bench, exposing her damp womanhood to Thomas. With nary a whit of shame, she reached down and began lightly playing with herself as she glanced to the side at Alessia and Leon, the two lovers' groans growing louder as Alessia rocked back and forth, building to that inevitable climax.

"Hey, Alessia!" Lillee called out breathlessly as she watched their sexual congress, feeling her arousal reach new heights. "Do you mind if I...if I have my fun as well? I do not wish you and Leon...with what Thomas is doing to me..."

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Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
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[ Lt. Cmdr Leon Marquez & Lt. JG Alessia "Angel" Garcia | The Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 ]
@Nolan@Griff @Brutus

Biting her lip as she rode roughly, Angel dizzily replied, beyond caring about any challenge now, she was too lost in her activity, but her tirelessly sassy attitude couldn't say no to Lillee. "3-times-stronger... yeah right! Ai, Leon! <3" she panted before edging him on in their native language for more than half of an intense minute before replying sensibly, "Ah! Hahaha,... Sure, just don't--oh...mmm-- brag that Romulans-- Ah!-- invented... Hmm!... coming before.... *Panting* anyone... else...!" She shut her eyes as she began to find her womanhood losing  control of itself as she answered.

Angel continued to aggressively but carefully grind her bare, puffy passage to house leon's wide, hot and -- ai!-- wonderfully-long member, which managed to still curve and match the rest of her athlete's body, fitting as perfectly as he did when they were originally together. Once again, as cohabitants, they made a happy and spirited couple to accent eachother, as if their hearts had attuned to one rhythm.

After a series of micro-squats onto his shaft, she held herself onto him as she shut her eyes and her lush lips formed an o-shape as she arched her back and lowered her upper torso and her 32B breasts onto Leon's chest. Angel's juices began to overflow as she writhed at his tightening embrace and her taut, sensitive thighs encircled him from her cowgirl position. Leon held one of those fleshy aroused peaks between his lips and moaned into it rhythmically with every thrust or lunge by either of them. It wasn't long before both of them felt a pending surge in the torrid exchange. She seemed like she was going to win  this round atop. Angel placed both her hands around his head while raking his hair and massaging his neck sweetly, just a dozen short erratic breaths were enough to pant increasingly in a preclimatic adagio.

Marquez had other plans as he embraced her waist after moving his free hand tightly around her moist, pulsating excitement, securing a good grip on one half of that firm but voluptuous ass of hers that she all too happily gripped and rewarded with a shift up as he raised his mighty soccer-trained legs to form a grip for her to lean into. Alessia thrashed her head about and leaned onto him, letting her wavy black hair drape around her lover as she touched her forehead to his.

At this mind-numbing surge of ecstasy, Alessia released her legs' grip on him as her butt settled on what she thought was the final move. She was mistaken as Leon abruptly thrust upward in concert with a loud kiss that was enough for him to seize the upper hand as he thrust once into her, and Alessia's coherent thoughts vanished in a final explosion of passion; her navel felt as if it was a experiencing warp core breach as her moans of bliss were caught in a blood-rushing kiss that had them both moaning into eachother. Marquez spent the next few final moments thrashing in to her enough to nearly drown out some disembodied voice breaking up their shared climax. She didn't care who spoke their way, but Angel wasn't done yet, not after that thrill.

A few breaths later and a blissful giggle, Angel sat up and came to her senses as she cleaned herself off with a towel and got a drink as Leon did the same, leaning naked against the steamroom's bench and wall.
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Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
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[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff  @Triton

Thomas grinned as Lillee warned him that she might taste spicier then other races he'd have tasted. The pilot gave a slow nod before the Romulan spread her legs for him. He could see her warm, moist womanhood being presented for him before Lillee's hands began to toy with it. Ravon knelt down as he edged closer, his lips kissing Lillee's legs, trailing his way up with more kisses, slight licks and a spot to apply suction on. He took his time, yet didn't let the woman wait too long for her pleasure. With a few long laps he got a first taste of her sex and he drew back for a second with a grin as she indeed wasn't lying.

He leaned back in as he grazed his teeth over her nether lips, grazing them upwards before he licked her clit. His hands moved over her legs yet eventually gathered at her sex as well as he began to roll his thumb over her clit while he pushed his tongue inside of her sex to get an actual good taste of her. His tongue delved deep and began to roll in a circular motion as he looked up to see the reaction from the woman.

His free hand slid up to grab on to one of the breasts of the  Romulan as he massaged it and toyed with it as he greedily moved his tongue back and forth, licking and sucking up any fluids she'd lose in the process. Thomas could hear the ever nearing climax between Alessia and Leon in the meantime, yet he had no time to look over as he was occupied himself.
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Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Public Baths, Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ]  Attn: @Brutus, @Nolan + Others in the Baths

"Yes your state of undress does help, but like Riley I think you look perfect in uniform as well."  Daniel replied with a smirk.  He was a little taken back when she leaned in and mentioned what was running around in his head and for a moment he had forgotten that she was telepathic and could read his thoughts, he was about to comment on that when he was completely surprised at Faye's initiative but he quickly returned the kiss and even slipped his own tongue into her mouth; he wasn't about to waste the opportunity that was right in front of him after all.

As he pushed his tongue into her mouth and found her tongue he began to massage it slightly with his tongue.  The way that Faye kissed him however wasn't as different from the way Riley did, Riley's kisses were slightly more intimate than the Faye was kissing him; not that he wasn't thoroughly Faye's kiss.  Daniel continued to trace his fingers along Riley's neck but slowly snaked his fingers into her hair before he started to twirl it around his fingers.  He continued until his hand had softly met her head then slowly brought her head towards them and then he broke the kiss from Faye and leaned in and kissed Riley, slipping his tongue into her mouth and massaging her tongue just as he had Faye's.

After a moment or two he broke the kiss and smiled at the both of them.  "You both are definitely wondrous at kissing, and I couldn't even begin to decide who is better."  Daniel said with a smile, he really couldn't decide which of them was better and he honestly wasn't going to.  However his body was slowly starting to react to the closeness of the women, he could feel his manhood becoming erect but made no attempt to hide it or stop it, he was looking forward to what would happen next between the three of them.
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Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
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[Ens. Faye Lintah Elio-Danvers  | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01]Attn: @Nolan @Havenborn  

Contact. She thrived on it, be it mental or physical. She was a being of thought and sensation and she was getting both right then, much to Faye's impish delight. She'd made that first move on the flyboy, taken a bit of his thunder and some liberty, knowing that her paramour - their shared bed partner, she surmised - would enjoy seeing this as much as she and Havenborn would enjoy feeling it.

Light touches down her spine. Feminine grace. That was her Riley. The thighs were wider apart and with a bit of a wiggle Faye let that hand cup the prize she loved so much to feel under her finger tips. It was warm and soft and helped along with the heat of the baths.

Oh yes, delightful. she thought as she wiggled and squirmed, feeling fingers teasing her body. There was a thumb on her clit before she'd leaned forward, and now  - Oh, Fuck~ she groaned into the kiss, the noise swallowed as deftly as her own sex blossomed around the intruding finger.

Counterpoint to all of this was the roughness of Havenborns lips. Not his actions, exactly, but the texture of his skin. The martian man was a contrast in sensation and thought to her Riley, masculine in a way that was to be appreciated and enjoyed for the simple pleasures he brought to her table. This was not a man to refuse a gift so freely offered, and his tongue danced in her mouth as her hips danced on Riley's hand.

Heady from the kiss, Faye realized she was able to breath again, as she pressed her free-er hand to Daniels chest, sandwiched now between her lover and the pilot. She could feel him kissing her Riley, and how much each enjoyed the other, and she pressed her forehead in against the very male shoulder, letting out a rumbling purr of delight. She nipped at his skin before he pulled back, and watched him drink them both in.

Coyly, she leaned back in against Riley, wiggling her hips under the water line. This was moving fast, but Faye hardly minded, not in the slightest. "Your pilot is very good with a compliment," Faye noted to the nurse, her voice heavy and a bit strained. After all, she had a finger deep up into her, as she lay her back against the nurses chest.

"And you're quite good with a kiss too." She added for Daniels benefit.
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Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
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[ Lt. Kala Marika | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ]
It'd been a while since she'd had a chance to go for a swim, a proper swim, not just a dip in a holodeck and Kala was looking forward to it. Opening her locker, Kala stowed her boots , feeling the warm tile beneath her toes, knowing this was real, not the fantasy of the holodeck. She paused, glancing around a little as she began to inzip her uniform jacket. She pretty much lived in this uniform, or one of the other three she kept hanging in her quarters, so taking it off aside from in the privacy of her room or holodeck felt a little weird. She'd also never been in a rank free, clothing optional facility before, at least not a Starfleet one, there were some civilians ones on earth she'd been in before, tho never gone full nude. She'd never really felt comfortable baring everything around everyone, the comfort of her own quarters maybe, and when she had a boyfreind over sure, but around strangers in public, not so much.

Shrugging out of the uniform jacket, Kala hung it up on one of the hooks, placing her combadge down beside her boots. She was looking forward to the few hours she had. She was a fan of staying in shape, the various outdoor sports she participated in demanded a high level of physical fitness, and being on the shorter side, Kala worked extra hard to ensure her body was up for the task. And it showed, or would when she was free of the uniform, she still had the undershirt and skirt to shed before she was ready for the baths. It didn't take her long, everything was mostly zippers and a few clasps, so easy enough to slip out of. And soon enough, she'd slipped into a replicated issue bikini. It seemed a little odd that Starfleet had a uniform standard for swimwear, despite most people completely ignore the regulation outfit, using their own. Unfortunately Kala's favorite bikini was left behind on her last posting, her gear hadn't caught up to her (nor would it she suspected), so she'd replicated a issue outfit for her downtime.

She'd also been a bit surprised by the relaxed fraternization and PDA rules. Starfleet was usually pretty conservative in that regards, so a ship allowing for relaxed rules, usually meant that couples wound up making out, sometimes even discreetly having sex, while in the baths. Kala honestly didn't care as long as couples were discreet, and what happened here stayed here. It was when it spilled over into the corridors it became a problem in her mind.

Stepping into the shower area, Kala could hear a few going, seeing silhouettes behind the  privacy screens. As expected, one had what looked like two bodies, but aside from the hazy outline, the activities inside could not be heard thanks to the sound proofing of the chamber. A quick turn and she stepped through a cleaning arch based off sonic shower technology. A quick tingle as it washed her clean. The main area beyond was dominated by the lap pool, a shorter one but she wasn't about to complain, not with at least one lane free for swimming.

Putting her towel down at the head of the lane, marking the lane as in use, at least for those who knew what that meant, she slipped into the pool. Sinking beneath the waves, getting her hair wet, enjoying the warm water against her skin for the first time in a long time. Popping back out of the water, brushing her blond tresses from the front of her face, pushing them back behind her ears, Kala took a moment to just enjoy being in the water. She was here to do laps however, and soon enough pushed off from the wall, starting with a slow breast stroke to warm her muscles up.

Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
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[ Petty Officer Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @Nolan @Brutus @SummerDawn

It would seem that the curvier woman was indeed coming out of her shell, but from where she stood, things were getting a little too much for the Nova Kosicean.  Now, she didn't mind if people were getting it on around her.  Lord knew, she'd been pretty immodest in her time, and she certainly was no prude.  But if she was any judge, she wasn't going to get lucky just now, so she'd let others enjoy themselves.  "Well, I'll leave you ladies to your fun.  I think I'll just shower and head back for some sleep." 

With that said the sleek Security NCO turned on her heels and made for the doors, where she recovered her discarded bathing suit an draped it over her shoulder before heading out the way she'd come. 

Going through the pool area, a ripple in the water caught Bremmer's attention and she stopped.  Blonde hair made dark by the water flowed from the head of a shorter woman.  A woman whose shape, at least viewed from the back, was enticing enough to draw the human's eyes to it.  Pale skin, with the play of muscles that weren't quite as accustomed to hard work as many others she'd seen, let alone her own.  With a smile, the woman walked around the pool to the far end and, selecting the lane adjacent to the current swimmer, she launched herself into a shallow dive. 

Eliska Bremmer had grown up in a gravity well that was significantly heavier than Earth's, which happened to be the standard on Starfleet vessels.  In fact, she'd felt practically weightless on her flight from home to the Academy to be trained, and when she had gotten there, she had been underestimated by many.  And that was when she learned first-hand what kind of a difference her very active lifestyle in her native 1.13g truly meant.  As her legs uncoiled, she covered much distance and upon impacting the water her arms and legs began their rhythmic movement and before long, she had caught up with the blonde who, as it turned out, was wearing a bathing suit. 

But one thing for certain, Bremmer had not bothered to put her own back on.

Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
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[ Lt. Kala Marika | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet
Swimming laps had been a routine activity for Kala when she was based at Utopia, the primary starbase that was the administrative hub of the facility was large enough to rival some of the bases in orbit of Earth, and like most large bases, there was a large gym facility that could accomodate all manner of physical activities. And like most bases, it was a hive of activity at all hours, so while finding a lane was easy enough, having the pool to oneself almost never was. It meant that for Kala, she was used to having a partner in a lane beside her, and the entry into the lane beside her of the petty officer, a lady she didn't recognize, was of little importance to her.

As Kala kept of her stroke, she paid little attention to the women at first, more assessing the women' swimming rhythm so she could gauge how much turbulence she'd have to swim though as she did her laps. She was also focused on her technique, her rhythm in the water as she warmed up, that she paid little attention to the time passing, only counting time by the laps she'd done. It was only after about 50 passes down the 25m lane that she finally paused at one end, stopping to rest her muscles for a minute before she changed up her stroke for another 50 laps. Feet against the side of the pool, she held onto the edge with one hand, scanning the pool, really glancing around for the first time.

And that was how she noticed her lane neighbor, a human by what she could see from the overall body shape, or at least humanoid as she could't see any dermal markings, or identifying features to suggest she was anything but human. As the women came up the lane, strong powerful strokes propelling her, Kala could tell from watching the women swim, Kala was certain the women was human. She also noticed the women wasn't wearing any clothes, swimming in the nude which she knew was allowed here, but also seemed a bit strange to Kala on a Starfleet facility. Regardless, Kala wasn't about to complain, and the women seemed to enjoy the water as much as Kala, her swimming was natural, like she'd grown up accustomed to water.

Pulling off the wall slightly, Kala tread water a little, her toes barely reached the bottom of the pool near the shallow end, and they were at the deep end of the pool, meaning she had to tread to stay afloat. She did dip below the water briefly, popping back out with her hair wet again, it tended to dry fast out of the water and she preferred it wet when in the pool. As she came out she noticed the women pausing as well and she smiled over at the women. "Good day for a swim?" she asked the lady conversationally.

Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
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[ Petty Officer Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @SummerDawn

Oh, she was going to regret those extra laps comes morning.

Before she'd made for the baths, Bremmer had already done a more than respectable sixty, and that had been following a ten-mile run under her native gravity, and a core workout.  All in all, already a good bit of exercise for the day.  But no, that sleek blonde in the water had to get her attention, and had the concentration to keep going for a hundred bloody laps.  But at least, she didn't have to haul herself at more than 1g,

But for all of her athleticism, love for exercise and outstanding physical fitness, Eliska Bremmer was glad enough to see it come to an end, though where the lovely blonde, who proved to be Bajoran, given her nasal ridges, threaded water, the Human went to rest against the wall, her arms extended from her shoulders to hold herself up.  She was breathing a little harder the she ought to be, and she could feel the burn of intense exercise in her muscles, but it was a good feeling all right. 

When the ice was broken with a simple statement, Eliska grinned.  "When isn't it?" she replied lightly.  Oh yes, swimming was good exercise.  And a good way to give her joints a break after a good run, too.  "And you swim like a fish."

Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
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[ Lt. Kala Marika | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet
"Been swimming most of my life." Kala remarked. She did notice how the women moved the wall, a slight tiredness in her arms. She wasn't too surprised given the women's technique which seemed less efficient then her own. Not that it mattered, they were both enjoying the water. Brushing a strand of hair out of her eye she moved to the wall, taking a proper break. "Nothing competitive, I never could get my lap times down enough to pass trials."

She looked down the lane briefly then back at Eliska, glancing over the women as hers eye came back. She was fit, lean and trim, not muscular but from her swimming, Kala had no doubt she was strong. She couldn't see much else as they were both up to their necks in water, but she could imagine a little. "I don't think we've been introduced. Kala Marika. Engineering department."

Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
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[ Petty Officer Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @SummerDawn

"Same here," she answered with a smile.  "But never in a pool before I joined Starfleet; always been in lakes and rivers before."  Such was the life on Nova Kosice.  The descendants of the members of the nearly failed colony had held on to the return to basics their ancestors had been forced to.  Food coming from crops and cooked the old-fashioned way; ores extracted from the ground with explosives and shovels.  Clothes made from fibers harvested from fields and then processed.  And why build pools, when there were perfectly good bodies of water available?  Sure it was a little chilly early or late in the season, but that was part of the fun. 

"And this is the first pool I've seen in... I think the last time I saw a swimming pool, it was before I got on Resolve.  I missed swimming.  Real swimming."  She smiled.  Oh, the blonde could swim all right, better than Eliska could herself.  But it was the nature of the beast for someone whose fitness regime had to cover a number of eventualities; one could never get perfect form with everything.  Or really with anything for that matter.  Except for her other hobby, of course... "It's a good exercise, and easier on the knees than just running, you know?" 

As the woman came to the wall and introduced herself, Eliska pulled herself closer to the floating divider that segregated their lanes.  As she did, the muscles in her arm stood out.  Not hard, bold bulges, but sleek and taut, like steel cables beneath her tanned skin.  "Well hello, Marika," she replied with a smile.  Perhaps she was not nearly as cosmopolitan as those who'd been raised within the mainstream of the Federation, but she did know that for Bajorans, the given name was the second... like a very small portion of her own people, for that matter.  "Eliska Bremmer, Security."

And with that, she extended her hand across the divider. 

Now, she knew her own accent was pronounced, what with Federation Standard being not even a second language for her, but truly a fourth given her own native tongue, Silesian, was a pidgin of what would have been called Polish, German and Czech back on Earth, and she could not quite place the blonde's.  "Now if you don't mind my asking, that's not a Bajoran accent I'm hearing, is it?"
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Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
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[ Lt. Kala Marika | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet
Kala listened as Eliska spoke about her swimming growing up. "Real swimming? Like lake? Not pools?" she asked. She paused, "It certainly is easier on the knees. I do a lot of swimming in the fall before the snow starts falling. I Snowboard and that's hard on the knees. Swimming let's me stretch and build muscle without hurting my joints."

She hadn't expected Eliska would be familiar with the Bajoran naming convention so calling her by her given name was unexpected. She took the women's hand in her own. "Eliska Bremmer. I like the name. And thank you. Most people just call me Kala which I'm okay with, but is technically incorrect." She motioned over to the sauna's with a nod of her head. She was done enough laps for now, she could come back later if she wanted, but it'd give them a chance to talk a bit as the sauna was usually quieter. "Call it a day for laps? Steam sauna looks quiet right now."

Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
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[PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu] | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan


Lying down on the bench, Lillee felt her stomach clench in sweaty anticipation as Thomas steadily climbed up her body, kissing her legs as he went. She watched him move up with a hungry gaze, even as her hand slowly stroked her bared nether regions. By now, the blonde Romulan had been driven to a ferocious primal lust, focusing on her lover as he continued his sensual assault. The sensation when he finally reached her waist and touched her searing womanhood with his lips was overwhelming.

The distinctly cheeky grin as the human pulled back only irritated Lillee, but the anger only fuelled her arousal yet further, leaving her paralysed atop the bench at Thomas' touch. His teeth gently grazed her folds, eliciting a lustful groan from Lillee as she clutched the bench over her head with both hands, a willing prisoner of the human's skill. The tongue followed next, delving deep, and the Romulan groaned anew, her feet pushing on her tip-toes to push her ravenous womanhood further up and the tongue further in.

"Yes!" she cried, shuddering as the Tongue rolled inside her folds, causing a powerful reaction for such a small movement. Far gone into the ravages of the Romulan sex drive, she endured it, shaking with pleasure at each new touch of Thomas's lips, his hand on her breasts, her skin slick with sweat in the heat of the steam room. Lillee was building to it now, driving to that climatic moment, and her long abstinence from sexual contact mixed with her Rihannsu passion left her powerless to control it. She vaguely registered the loud passionate groans of Alessia and Leon as they reached their own potent orgasm, and a few moments later as the couple left, her skin prickled at sudden cold when they opened the door.

But then the door was closed, and wondrous heat returned to surround the lovers. "Ie," Lillee muttered senselessly, reverting to her native language in her erotic excitement. Her eyes closed, her hands gripping the bench above her head tight enough to splinter the wood.

"Ie, ie,!"
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[ Petty Officer Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @SummerDawn

Marika seemed surprised that Bremmer's swimming experiences involved natural bodies of water.  But then again, she could not know her native colony had spent a few decades on the ragged edge, and their utilitarian mindset had endured even as they were reconnected with the Federation as a whole.  But snowboarding?  That was not something Eliska was familiar with.  But then again, she knew there was much that made little sense to her.  She'd heard of it before, but she'd not much cared for it.  Back home, snow meant work in the fields slowed down dramatically, and farm work meant maintenance, building, and preparation for the upcoming spring. 

With introductions made, the blonde offered thanks for actually using her given name.  To that, Eliska smiled.  "First time dealing with a Bajoran, he was some rich guy with his head firmly up his ass and a sense of entitlement you wouldn't believe.  No one ever told me about the naming convention, so I'll let you guess how he took to a Crewman First Class on the customs inspection party that boarded his ship calling him by his given name... especially since he knew damn well half the containers in the hold that were his on the manifest were loaded with enough drugs to float a heavy cruiser, and the Syndicate wouldn't take kindly to his getting caught."  At the memory, the Human couldn't help but laugh.  It had been in her first six weeks on the Grainger, and the first time she'd been on an inspection that turned up more than very minor contraband.  "So you could say the memory stuck in my mind."

Another smile, the Human flashed.  And then, a brilliant suggestion was made.  The steam room?  That indeed sounded like a very good idea. "I think that is probably the best suggestion I've heard all day," she replied before turning to face the wall and bringing her hands closer together.  She extended her arms, lowering herself just under the water and she pulled herself up even as her legs scissored in the water to propel her upwards.  As her arms reached full extension, her legs kicked to one side and she planted her foot, and wasted no time in driving herself out of the water altogether and on the edge of the pool.  That was something she would not have been able to do so swiftly or smoothly back home, but in standard gravity?  It was almost child's play.  And then she extended her hand to the blonde.  "Would you care to lead the way?"

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[ Lt. Kala Marika | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet
"That would definitely be an unforgettable way to remember the custom." Kala remarked. After Eliska had propelled herself out of the water, Kala herself exited the pool, not as powerfully as the human women, but gracefully, a quick kick and twist, slipping out, sitting down on the edge. She glanced up at Eliska, admiring the strength, the poise of the women, and not muscular, but she looked strong, coiled energy ready at a moments notice. The women was also a good several inches taller then Kala, about the same build though harder, where Kala had soft curves, Eliska had more tone and dentition.

Kala took Eliska's offer of a hand, grasping the women's forearm as she stood. She did notice the steam room was occupied but the dry sauna was free. Kala preferred the damp heat, the dry heat often led to frizz in her hair, but either would be fine for now, and her hair could be tamed. "Sure," she said to Eliska. "Looks like the dry sauna though, I think the steam room is occupied."

Leading the way, the walk was short, Kala couldn't help but think about how her and Eliska had to look so different. One tall, lean, toned, and naked. The other toned but not defined, a half a head shorter, and still at least partly clothed. When they stepped in, Kala could feel the dry heat and almost immediately began to sweat. She glanced over at Eliska. "Mind if I strip? Just us girls and I find my bikini gets sticky when I sweat."
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[ Petty Officer Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @SummerDawn

Drawing the blonde back to her feet, Eliska had a chance to take a much better look at her.  Where she was tanned and sleek, Marika was pale and gently curved.  Shorter, and definitely not hard on the eyes.  And that bikini, it was hiding just enough to make it very interesting...

The announcement the steam room was in use sounded somewhat displeased.  But then again, Bremmer understood why.  Public baths were very much a part of the culture on Nova Kosice, and the lack of nudity taboos often made visitors uncomfortable, and unfortunately had led to some degrees of unpleasantness at times.  There was a reason there were some bathhouses that catered more to offworlders, and when there were some who took the lack of modesty in those the locals patronized for license, things tended to escalate quickly, and the facts of life would be explained in no uncertain terms.

"I can live with the dry sauna.  I need the heat more than I need the steam right now," she replied with a smile.  But that smile turned into a grin when Marika asked if she'd mind if she stripped down.  And that grin turned to laughter, pealing and good-natured. "Drahousek1, you probably noticed I'm not exactly dressed myself.  Of course I won't mind if you strip."  Then, there was a twinkle in her eye. "In fact, you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of so far as I can tell, and I wouldn't mind being able to tell for sure."

1Drahousek: term of endearment, in Czech

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[ Lt. Kala Marika | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet
Eliska's remark tha she didn't mind if Kala stripped was enough for her, but it was the women's remark that she herself was already naked that pointed out to Kala that her asking had been a bit silly. Of course Eliska would be fine with Kala stripping., she was already naked. Kala's face flushed a little as she realized her mistake. "Of course you'd be okay with. Force of habit I'm afraid, asking before I strip." She began to remove the bikini top, the string style was never suitable for doing laps, it was at best a sexy style for wearing on a beach, or when you wanted another person to undo it. This one had more sturdy straps despite appearing thin and flimsy, and Kala reached behind her back to undo the clips. After a second though she realized on clip was bent and she couldn't get a proper grip to loosen the clasp.

Part of her blushing had been Eliska's comment about her body, her figure and how the human women would love tell for sure. Turning to Elsika she grinned. "Your lucky day then. This bloody clasp is bent and I can't seem to get it loose, at least not easily." She paused, "At least I can get the bottoms off." She blushed when Eliska stepped over to help her, "I'm not used to this nudity thing, at least outside my quarters. Topless is one thing, completely naked in a place where random folks can walk in, yeah not as comfortable with it."

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[ Petty Officer Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @SummerDawn

"Don't worry about it," Eliska replied.  "Back home, we don't have much of a nudity taboo.  I'm told we're a lot like Betazoid and Risians that way, but I've never been there, I've never met a Risian, and the only Betazoids I ever met were Starfleet, and officers, so I didn't really get to ask; so really I wouldn't know." How uptight were Bajorans about nudity anyways?  She'd seen some of their religious types, and they tended to be well-wrapped, but regular folk weren't as uptight, but barring the odd entertainer, they tended to dress modestly enough.  Where did Kala Marika fall withing the spectrum?  Obviously, she wasn't exactly an uptight prude, given her choice of swimwear, far less modest than the standard-issue suit Eliska herself had been restricted to replicating for herself. 

But, that rosy colour that rose to her cheeks was definitely pleasing to the eye. 

But, she did indeed start to strip, and after a brief struggle, she asked for help to deal with the clasp at her back.  "All right, let's see what we can do here."  Stepping up behind Marika, Eliska ran her fingers over her shoulder blades.  "You have very nice skin," she said even as she noticed her blush getting a little deeper.  Then, her strong and deft fingers made for the bent clasp and wasted little time in getting it unhooked and then she reached for the Bajoran's shoulder and slid the straps down her arms.  Then, a hough crossed her mind.  Marika had nothing to be ashamed of, but she was hardly the bustiest woman alive; if she'd wanted to, she could have simply pulled that top over her head without much difficulty; therefore, she she'd asked for help, there had to be a reason for it.  But it didn't mean Eliska was going to just go around and take too many liberties.  As such, when her hands guided the straps down, she reached a little bit further around her new friend and cupped her hands, ever so gently, over her breasts and gave them the lightest of squeezes before pulling the top away from her and letting it fall to the deck. 

Very nice indeed.  "Look, I told you I wouldn't mind seeing for sure, and if your skin is this soft all over, and just as firm in all the right places I'd certainly love to get friendlier all right, but I'm not going to just jump your bones."

"Back home, even though just about every house has running water and its own bathrooms, we still have communal bathhouses.  They were part of the culture of our ancestors, long before the space days, and that tradition came across with us.  But at first, it was also out of necessity; they lost a lot of their supplies and capabilities on the trip over and in the landing, so bathhouses were just more resource-effective at the time.  And, well, we really don't have much of a nudity taboo.  If it's warm and we feel like it, we'd just strip down and jump in the nearest lake, you know?  And after, we'd just dry off in the sun.  Now, doesn't mean we don't look, especially if we like what we see, but it's not taboo to us."

Then, from behind the Bajoran, the Human smiled.  "And tell you what, if it makes you more comfortable, I'm sure I can find a way to stop anyone from walking in while we're in there, though you might want to bring a towel for after, no?"
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[ Lt. Kala Marika | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet
Eliska's comment about modesty back home didn't entirely make sense, her remarks made her sound like she wasn't human yet clearly she was. Then it dawned on her, human colony during the expansion era of the Federation. Independent colonists often bent Terran sensibilities in the distant worlds, changing those customs to match their circumstances. This must have been no different.

She shivered in the slightest when Eliska's hands went to her shoulders, mostly just the touch of warm fingers on her skin, the cool air having chilled her in the slightest. The touch felt nice, she'd not had a touch like that in a while, let alone a women's touch and it felt good. She blushed a little more at Eliska's comment about her skin, Kala liked to keep herself in good shape and attractive, but to hear that from another women, was unexpected but not unwelcome. She didn't however know exactly what to do when Eliska, after unclasping her strap, didn't immediately take hands away, instead going to cup her breasts giving them a feel and a gentle squeeze before she let go. She'd said she wanted to touch, and a single touch like that wasn't innocent, and Kala had to admit it felt good, feeling another's hands on her body, even if the fabric lay between Kala's breasts and Eliska's finger.

When she let go after a brief time, letting the fabric fall to the deck inside the sauna, Kala stood quietly as the other women explained she'd wanted a feel, and that if what she'd felt of Kala was like that all over, she'd want to get friendlier as she put it, a euphemism for intimate as she'd learned from Terran friends. She listened as Eliska went on to explain her colony's lack of a nudity taboo. It made sense her colony might do that, even it wasn't a Human norm. Monkey modesty a caitian in University had once called it, while he was in bed with Kala after a rather exciting evening.

"I'm sure a lock would suffice," Kala remarked. "Though regardless of what does happen in here, I'm sure we'll want towels when we are finished." She turned to face Eliska, blushing a little as the lady got a good eyeful of her pert small breasts. "I'm not usually one for casual hookups with strangers, but I think if we were to get acquainted then we wouldn't be strangers would we?" In a bold move, Eliska had done it first so couldn't object if Kala reciprocated, she went up to Eliska and placed a hand over the other women's breast, her small hand cupping the orb that like her's stuck out straight from her chest, not hanging down as women of larger statures tended to. "I think I would enjoy that."

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[ Petty Officer Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @SummerDawn

The moment the word about a lock came, Eliska's hand went for the dry sauna's door.  It was an old-fashioned, muscle-powered door of a composite made to look and feel like wood.  And it did have a privacy lock that she engaged without even looking.  It was, in keeping with the appearance and smell of warm cedar, a thoroughly low-tech affair that just involved shooting the bolt home.  "Lock?  Done."  And that drew another smile from the Human.  One that got even wider as the Bajoran turned around.

"Very nice indeed," she said as she examined her new acquaintance.  Smaller, softer in her contours, but her breasts were small and pert.  Eliska herself was hardly well-endowed herself, but she wouldn't see herself any other way; she was slender, sleek.  Breasts any larger would unbalance her.  And besides, she loved the freedom of not needing a bra if she felt like not wearing one.  And while the overall sizes looked to be roughly similar, Marika's looked a little fuller than her own.  Not that she was jealous, though. 

"Believe it or not, neither am I," replied the Human when there was a mention of casual hookups.  Oh, Bremmer did enjoy meeting others, and she was not shy about having many sexual partners.  But she was no slut, for she was choosy, in her own ways.  Physical attractiveness was only one facet of that decision process, but there were other factors. She was fit and determined, hadn't been fazed by having a naked woman swimming at her side for a hundred laps, let alone chat with her afterwards.  And she was open-minded.  All in all, a great start. 

And, as it turned out, had a little boldness in her even if she was still visibly shy.  A small, soft, uncallused hand came to rest upon her breast, and a low hum escaped Eliska's throat at the contact between that white hand and skin, that while paler than her own hands and face, was no stranger to the sun and took well to a light tan.  Under that unmarred palm, her nipple stiffened to press against it, and Bremmer brought her own hand over top of Marika's and gently squeezed it to her breast.  And she knew what the engineer would feel: a hand that wasn't particularly large, but was strong, and callused by a lifetime of work, exercise, and weapons handling.

"I know I'd like that a lot too," she said with a smile.  Still trapping the blonde's hand, she stepped a little closer and her free hand caressed her cheek as she leaned forward, and just short of kissing her lips, she spoke very, very softly, barely above a whisper.  "Have you ever been with a woman before?"

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[ Lt. Kala Marika | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet
Kala had been unsure if she'd made the right move, if Eliska would brush her off for being so bold. But when the other women brought her own hand up to Kala's, placing her own hand over Kala's, holding Kala's hand against her breast, she knew her gamble had been the right one. This whole thing seemed a little crazy, getting intimate like this so soon after meeting Eliska, but what happens in the baths stays in the baths, and she wasn't about to turn down a chance to be sexually active with another women. She could feel the pert nipple beneath her palm and she gently moved her hand, her palm gently caressing the pink flesh beneath.

Kala didn't make a move to stop Eliska, anticipating what the women might do as she stepped up to Kala, getting close, close enough Kala could smell the lingering scent of the conditioner used in her hair. She turned into Eliska's hand as the women ran her hand over her cheek, her eyes going to the hand. As Eliska moved in close, she expected the women would want to kiss however Eliska stopped short of kissing Kala, instead speaking in a whisper, asking her if she'd ever done this before. "Not with a women, no." Kala whispered back, before she leaned in to Eliska, her delicate lips caressing the human women's lip and cheek. "I would enjoy the chance to however."

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[ Petty Officer Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @SummerDawn

Well, it would seem someone had an idea of what to do with a breast.  But then again, when it came to that sort of thing, one tended to fall back on what they found pleasurable themselves.  And if Marika was reacting quickly to the touch, that was a good start.  But there had been a degree of hesitation there, one that definitely had warranted her question... 

And when she answered, she knew her initial assessment had been correct, as he answer was breathed against her face.  Lips brushed softly against Eliska's lips and cheeks, smiling as she expanded on her answer.  She was willing to try?  That was very good.  And, truth be told, hardly unexpected at this point in time. 

The Human herself leaned forward, and planted a short, delicate kiss on the Bajoran's lips and pulled back.  "Well then, that does change things a little," she said with a smile.  "Now, that means we are going to back up a little bit, all right?" Gently, she pulled the blonde's hand away from her breast, and planted a kiss on the palm before letting the limb go.  This was not the first time she was with a virgin, so to speak, and it always paid to take one's time when it came to such things. 

"I know it can sound a little weird right now, but the last thing we need is you not really wanting this, or having a bad first time, right?  How about we have a seat, and go from there?"

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[ Lt. Kala Marika | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet
Kala hadn't expected Eliska would pull back a bit like that, the boys she'd been with would have taken that as a signal to go ahead full bore, but Eliska was no guy, and it seemed this wasn't her first time with another women. Of course given the relaxed approach to public nudity, she expected it wasn't Eliska's first time. She did feel a little disappointment as Eliska kissed her, saying they'd back up a little. Then she kissed Kala's hand and let go, leaving Kala bracing for the letdown, a moment that never came, instead Eliska offered her to sit down beside her on the sauna bench.

"Okay." Kala remarked, a little disappointed but also grateful on some level that Eliska was taking her own emotions and feelings into account. Kala had had the odd bad relationship, nights ending in disappointment and regret. She didn't seem to want that however. Going to the bench, sitting beside Eliska, she placed a hand on the human's leg as they sat down. "Thank you. I mean, I am new to this with a women, but this is something I want. I've never loved a women that way before."

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[ Petty Officer Eliska Bremmer | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] @SummerDawn

The room smelled as though the wall paneling and the benches were made of good cedar, but on a starship, it was more than a little unlikely it was the real stuff.  It was a very good copy, though, but it lacked some of the springiness of real wood and didn't quite flex right under her weight, not that it was considerable.  But she could tell it was only very well textured polymers rather than the real thing.  If only because it was entirely too seamless to be real wood, wood that would warp in unpredictable ways in the heat. 

For a moment, Eliska expected to find real dejection from the Bajoran; she'd seen it before when she slowed things down, and she wasn't so naive as to expect it to never happen again.  But sit down next to her she did, and a small, pale hand landed on her tanned and powerfully muscled thigh.  Things were going well, and if she could keep an open mind and not be too impatient, it would definitely be a good thing. 

And while Marika had a phenomenal body and incredibly smooth skin that Eliska was dying to explore in detail, she knew she too would need to be patient.  This was a woman who appeared to be curious about being with another woman, who wanted to try it, but was just hesitant enough to want to take it particularly slow, at least at first.  "So, first we need to talk a little," Bremmer said as she wrapped her arm around her companion's shoulders, her fingers coming to rest just about right between her collarbone and the upper slope of her breast.  "So, never been with a girl before?  We can change that.  But first, how long have you been attracted to other women, or did seeing me in all my glory just make it happen at the spur of the moment?" 

White teeth flashed in a grin; after all, humour was generally welcome, and Kala Marika needed to be relaxed, comfortable, with plenty of chances to back out lest she face regrets, and make sure she would enjoy as much of this as possible.