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Topic: Dedication & Suffering | Award Nominations (Read 573 times) previous topic - next topic

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Dedication & Suffering | Award Nominations

The results for the Researcher's Medal and Depth of Character award polls have been posted in the Main OOC, so make sure you go there and congratulate the recipients.

Nominations for two new Writing Awards are now open until the 17th of December, where two separate polls will be posted on the 18th of December for the two award categories and their nominated scenes respectively.

This time the awards are these:

Awarded to a writer who through real-life crisis keep current with plot despite an overwhelming level of events occurring or mounting obligations. The player may be only able to post at a minimum level for up to three months, but their contribution is consistent and focused.

Awarded to a player in recognition of their willingness and ability to put their character through extraordinary personal hardship, be it suffering through sickness or personal crisis, through which the writer contributed superb posts relevant to the situation. The writer who gains this award is a master at torturing their character(s) for the enjoyment of others.


Here are the rules for Award Nominations:

  • Nominations should be posted in the announced nomination thread posted on the forum. Anonymous nominations may be made to the Game Moderator via PM on the forum, who will then post the nomination in the nomination thread.
  • Nominations are to be made before the announced nomination time expires.
  • Nominations may be made by any member that isn't an Applicant.
  • Self-nominations are not permitted.
  • There is no limit to the number of nominations one can make.
  • Prior winners of awards are not eligible.
  • Each nomination should include a motivation. The nomination write-up is 50 words minimum and should concentrate on why the recipient(s) is/are deserving of the award. You should also make sure to include links.

All nominations will be added to the polls that will determine the winner of the awards. 


  • Forum Name of Nominee(s)
  • Primary Reason for Nomination
  • Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional)
  • Motivation & Links (50 words minimum)

Of course, you should only nominate scenes where at least one of the writers in the scene are still an active writer on the forum. There is no need to nominate scenes where all writers that wrote it have left the sim a long time ago.

I look forward to reading your nominations here in this thread! :)

Best Regards,

Auctor Lucan

Re: Dedication & Suffering | Award Nominations
Reply #1
Award: The Writer's Heart

Nominee: @Josie

Primary Reason: As a writer whom I believe befits this award to the letter.

Motivation & Links (same as Nomination 2.): Time and again, Josie has had to deal with serious real life issues I would not wish on my worst enemy, and despite all that, she never ever shows the stress or effects, and can find the energy, time and concentration to put in quality posts and even take a moment to talk to us all. She's one of the strongest people I know, and I believe truly deserves this award for her dedication and focus. And just for being an awesome human. (L)

Award: The Scourge Award

Nominee: @Kaligos and @Auctor Lucan

Primary Reason: For the characters of Hi'Jak and Rihen Niyah, in recent memory.

Motivation & Links (same as Nomination 2.): To put it bluntly, I don't know anyone else who can so willingly or blatantly subject characters of their own creation or under their management to unspeakable horrors and pain. Auctor details out the harm inflicted upon his character in such a manner of creativity and clarity that I believe the readers can feel the character's pain as well. And of course, the sympathy you'd feel for those suffering individuals in writing. Kaligos puts the P in pain when it comes to what he subjects Hi'Jak to, be it emotional or physical suffering. The most telling moment was when Hi'Jak lost his sight, and the effects he suffered from a backfiring old Disruptor pistol.

For Kaligos' character Hi'Jak,2146.msg13400.html#msg13400

For Auctor Lucan's character Rihen Niyah,2080.msg11928.html#msg11928
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Re: Dedication & Suffering | Award Nominations
Reply #2
Award: The Writer's Heart

Nominee: @CanadianVet

Primary Reason:  CV has faced delays, and set backs, but chief among them is the fact that he's currently in the midst of switching jobs. Speaking as a canadian who works a job he hates just because it's a small amount of security it can take a lot of effort to land on your feet when your trying to make a large switch like that, and through it he's remained a constant source of upbeat pleasure to be around. He's fun to talk with both on the discord, and while his RPing may have taken a small halt at the moment he's still a prominent writer as he's again between jobs and training, which in my opinion is a feat worthy of recognition.
I will be gone from july 21st-28th on vacation.

Re: Dedication & Suffering | Award Nominations
Reply #3
Award: The Scourge Award

Nominee: @Brutus

Primary Reason: For the character Sarresh Morali

Motivation & Links: The Ash'reem species absorb water through their skin and hair, so when Sarresh Morali decided to try and reach his mate - Amikris Neotin - who floated on a piece of sizzling driftwood in the middle of an acidic lake, Sarresh knew that he might not survive. He wanted to reach her so that they could both transport to the Theurgy, but alas. Amikris Neotin was also the last hope for the Ash'reem, who were already doom to extinction because of their fertility rates. In Amikris were the DNA that could correct the flaw in their people's genome. Amikris was, however, lost, and Sarresh Morali ended up in stasis without eyes, ears, a shred of skin or hair, and with both lungs and throat seared by the acid.

Before then, Sarresh Morali had been recruited to serve on the 29th century timeship Relativity at a young age. He returned to his original timeline after volunteering to aid the Theurgy on her mission. Morali underwent MEM (Memory Engram Manipulation) treatment to keep his knowledge of the future from disrupting the time stream. He had an implant installed in his head that had tech that can detect a temporal breach. When such a breach happened, Morali regained his memories so that he could try and thwart the enemy threat to the Theurgy. The MEM treatment, however, also made him forget he volunteered for the mission (perhaps knowing he could potentially save Amikris and his people, and knew he would fall in love with her? Who knows.) So, as many regrets as he has, hating the mission, he has not only lost his posting on the Relativity, his mate, his people, and his unique knowledge of the time stream, he also lost his Ash'reem body.

He had to undergo DNA re-sequencing and become human in order for Dyan Cardamone's Asurian healing cells to work on his body. He was saved in this fashion because of his importance to the mission, but it is still a mission he loathes, having lost all that he holds dear. Through the ocular implants he wears instead of his lost eyes, he sees Thea's voyage into the unknown forks of the time stream with loathing, with little left to fight for.

Swimming across an acidic lake to save his mate:,1059.0.html

Re: Dedication & Suffering | Award Nominations
Reply #4
Award: The Writer's Heart

Nominee: @Even Angels Cry

Primary Reason: EAC is excellent in communicating her absences, and always delivers top quality writing

Motivation & Links: Another writer that qualifies for this award is EAC, who really goes out of her way to read and follow the story aside from the posting she does. Despite the heavy writing involved as we finished Episode 04, she kept on delivering, and even later on in the Interregnum, despite being in a play, she has stayed active. Besides the quality of her writing, I also want to make this nomination because she has an exemplary standard in communicating with the writers on the sim when she is busy and when she expects to post next. No threads forgotten, and never rushes the writing itself.