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Vinata smiled as he was complimented on his phallus. "Oh th-thank you...I am on the larger size among Ovri males. Popular belief is that some of the more sexual traits of the Ovri are working their way back.  good hundred years ago there were may more male with greater sexual features, but lacking in skills. If I could show you some of the images from that time, there were males with cocks several centimeters longer than my own, thicker, more unique ad flexible. But the one who had such traits rarely knew anything more than sex." As his cock took more attention he let out a gasp before moaning, small chirps mixed into the moments he spent savoring the pleasant feeling of the sexual stimulation.

As Rihen took Vinata's cock into her mouth she was met with a strange taste, as well as an interesting trait that Ovri males had for their phallus. The taste was the usual salty musky flavor males had, but there was something more, something that built up a savoy aspect to the cock's flavor, a sweetness that had an oddly floral aspect to it, it made Rihen's mouth tingle softly with a strange stimulation. On top of all of this there was the interesting aspect of the amphibian cock, as it did not lea pre fro the tip to provide a natural lube, but instead began to secrete a similar slick substance on the surface of the cock, giving it a stronger flavor as the pre began to coat Rihen's mouth.

As Vinata's cock was taken further into Rihen's mouth, and she worked on sucking him off, running her tongue along the segments of his cock, Vinata could feel his ow climax being not that far off.  It was not like he was used to this kind of thing, he was barely not a virgin, an those few times he had sex in the past had been playful experimentation with another. To have concentrated stimulation by an expert, someone who had admittedly had sex with many partners in the past, Vinata was not able to hold out. With a rapid chirping Vinata felt his balls tight up and then in a climactic moment he shuddered as his load was released. In an instant Vinata's cum spurted into Rihen's mouth, the cum was thicker than most, with more of the equivalent to semen excreted from the cock, thee was less mixed with the sperm as it surged into Rihen's mouth in thick ropy strand.

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It was the taste of him that goaded her on as Rihen preformed the fellatio upon the Ovri - eliciting chirping noises in reaction to her every ministration. It was so melodic, and exotic at the same time, to satisfy Vinata with her mouth. He had told her even more about his people before she had begun in earnest, and she was compelled to learn more, but she understood if Vinata was having trouble speaking.

She was too, even aside from the fact that she had a new, thick, alien member in her mouth that she had not experienced before. Indeed, even if she hadn't tried to fellate him, also using the top of her throat for the joyous task, the sweet taste of him was making her even more delirious with desire than his scent. His bulbous hardness was coated with something that she could not get enough of, and she found herself reaching down between her legs as she pleased Vinata - fanning the flames of her own excitement with her fingers. She was about to cease her fellatio when he came - the melodic sounds intensifying inside the glass stall before it happened. She should have foreseen it, alas, this was the first time she was with an Ovri, and she was too late.

Despite what her intentions had been, she never showed any disappointment when he came. For how could she? No, not even if she had been less generous, the experience was exquisite in taste and sensation - feeling him convulse between her lips and accepting whatever he was offering her. She got a mouthful of it first, the thick, wet fluid coating her tongue and making her moan around him. She attempted to swallow as much as she could from there on, with her free hand working in tandem to milk it all out. It became a bit messy, and she felt peals of him sprinkling across her aching breasts, but it mattered naught. She was just so happy she had managed to satisfy Vinata on her first attempt - perhaps even being more successful than either of them had hoped she would be. She, at least, hoped that Vinata wanted to experience her body in full, even if she might look somewhat like a man to him.

"Mmmh, you are delicious, Vinata..." she almost purred to him and chuckled as she rose to her feet, one hand still rubbing his slick length teasingly whilst she came up to face him. She used the hand that she had been masturbating with to wipe her lips and daintily suck his tasty gift from her fingers. As she did, her mismatched eyes looked into his, and it was plain how much fun she was having already. "Thank you for letting me taste you, and especially when you taste so good... Instead of the somewhat bitter taste of other species, yours taste like sweets... That's what I'd call great evolution..."

Saying this, she laughed a little, and yet she bit her lip to keep herself from being too on-towards in a personal request. "Would you like to taste me? I'm not sure I'll taste like Ovri women, but I have been told I taste good as far as Risians go."

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As Rihen began to milk Vinata's cock for all that remainder of the cum that it contained, and as Rihen's had move over each bulbous segment, there was  add spurt of Vinata's cum. As it did come out there was less of the sweet flavor ad the savory taste of the cum did come out a but more towards the end. It was truly a wonderful experience for Vinata, he had ever be given this level of attention before, although Rihen could not match the ability of  an Ovri tongue, her hands were gentle and did an amazing job.

Vinata was still riding his high when Rihen spoke up about the experience, and as he was told that he tasted good. The information abut his cum made Vinata smile and let out a happy little chirp. "Th-Thank is really nice to know you like that...I learned how different your mammalian cocks we long ago, it was rather strange to think that both males and females did not produce their own lubrication." He smiled and ran a thumb along Rihen's forehead absently before he let out a sigh. "And I would agree with you, having cum that tastes good is much better and I wonder if my kind's sexual  past had any role in this."

Of course then as Vita was asked if he would like to give Rihen a taste he simply stood thee for a moment and swallowed hard before looking bout nervously."I-I do not know...I am sorry, I want to repay the favor...but it just feels too weird right now." He shuddered and clenched his eyes tight. He did not like the idea of taking another sexual organ into his mouth, not after being forced to suck off Maal...and it was terrible for Maal as well, since he had been forced to do it at the end of a phaser, it was terrible to be raped, and worse to be forced to rape. Of course with the right encouragement and gentle help Vinata could probably be encouraged into doing it.

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Just like that, the ghost of what had happened passed through the glass stall. It was almost as if it blackened the florescent lightning on the rear wall of the shower, so tangible was the discomfort Vinata showed when she made her request. It told Rihen enough to push it from her thoughts, and she desperately tried to compensate for her unwitting transgression. She knew not what had befallen the Ovri in detail, but it was evident his experience had something to do with what she'd just asked of him.

"Oh, hush, hush, no... It was just an idea," she said in stride and embraced him with her free arm, chuckling warmly while laying her head against his shoulder. Their damp bodies intertwined, like that, she continued to please his extraordinary length with her hand, since ending what they were doing would give her patron the very most wrong of ideas him about saying no to her. If she backed away completely, he would likely feel guilt, so she took it in stride without ceasing her attention. She even guessed a secondary motive to his reluctance, and when she did, she found a joke that made her almost giggle against his neck. "I would think it would feel weird for you, given my appearance. Ovri would likely think I have something hidden inside, about to pop out, but I assure you, as fun as I might find it to try it out... as a man like you... I am all woman down there. A very... very wet and willing woman, as it happens, thanks to you. Here, let me show you..."

And as she said that, she gently guided his hand to her sex, and teased the back of a finger so that it might delve into her folds. "You feel that?" she said as she smiled next to his ear, grinning with delight at the sensation of that balled digit sinking into her. Her other hand milked his sectioned shaft and head more firmly. "It is just like any other Ovri female... with nothing hidden... Only me... Welcoming you... Do you feel how open you've made me? So... So... open... So, so ready... Do you feel it...? Touching me like this... is like touching your mark... I want you to do it... So please... stop if you want, but I like it... I like it so much..."

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As Vinata had his had guided to Rihen's sex ad he was encouraged to finger her, as she told him this was his doing, told him how he stimulated her how he made her horny, but this prove to just be to much too soon for Vinata. Rihen was right, he was confused over how he liked her considering her physical appearance. In truth she was helping him, but Vinata was not this much of a sexual individual, so as he was being encouraged to go further and further, pushing him toward a more uncomfortable space of ope sexuality, he could not take it an his eyes closed tight as he began to breath more heavily, his fingers timidly exploring Rihen.

However, despite all of this, soon Vinata began to shake, he started breathing much more rapidly, in an instant his hand withdrew and he stopped to take deep breaths before he spoke again. "I am sorry, I just got a bit panicked there...I am not used to so much sexual stimulation...such is unusual  for me." He took a few more calming breaths before he smiled and blushed. "As much as I appreciate the dominance you are giving me in this meeting, I really do not know what to do with it." He moved back in, but instead of moving back to where he had been, he pulled Rihen in close and put her arms up over his shoulders. "I think I want to try something a bit different...since you have made an effort to show me how you treat me among your people...I want you to treat me like a woman now." One hand descended to Rrihe's pussy and began to rub her slick slit, while his other hand went to her bosom and groped gently. "I imagine your breasts are much more sensitive than mine, but I just want to experiment, see how it would be to be treated like a woman and accept it. Just embrace being the fairer sex I appear to be for once."

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The words of the male Ovri made Rihen quickly realise that she might be a bit on-towards in helping him, and she realised she might have gotten carried away by the way he made her feel. His bulbous fingertips felt amazing, and she had been undulating her hips towards his hand in excitement before he stopped. Heart fluttering, she returned the smile he gave her when he explained, and accommodated his desire to embrace her, wrapping her arms behind his neck. She felt heady in her state of arousal, and yet despite her wish for euphoria, she put her patron in the first room.

And even as he spoke, he resumed his ministrations - those fingertips returning to the apex of her legs. He even touched her breasts - damp fingers cupping and fondling her, and her eyes fluttered shut for a moment - lips pursing with a soft gasp. As inexperienced as he claimed to be, he did know his way, and his scent was driving her mad. She could not remember the last time she was this excited about jamaharon. He wanted her to treat him like a woman, and of that she had experience too - experience she readily shared. "Mhhh... I would love to do that," she said, and her hands slid down his shoulders, traced his collarbones and then descended to cup his heavy breasts in her hands. She pit her lower lip and looked at them, how they settled themselves into her hands. "They might not be as sensitive as mine... but they sure are lovely."

Having said this, she leaned down and licked their surface - framing them for her with her hands. She could not help moving her hips against Vinata's probing touch, nor could he stop arching her back to press her chest into his hand, but she gave his breasts her full attention. She fondled them for him, thumbs grazing across the globated surface. She looked up into his dark eyes just see so that she was not being too forward. As she did, however, her eyes fluttered shut and she groaned. She was coming hard, despite herself, and her legs quivered as she thrust her hips against Vinata's fingers. It was not a long orgasm, almost a prelude for what might come next, but she shivered in delight afterwards, resuming her caresses.

"Ohh, my..." she said and swallowed. She gave him a breathless smile before she kissed and licked his breasts again, and even ventured to his neck with her mouth - fingers spreading across his skin and sliding down to cup his well-shaped derrière. "Jamaharon is free and fun, and all about finding what you like. I have just found that I enjoy your fingers." Their bodies wet by the humidifier, she rubbed herself against Vinata, felt her hard nipples scrape across his skin. Before long, her hands returned to his breasts, and her mouth soon left the sides of his neck to return there as well.

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Vinata took deep soothing breaths as Rihen took special care to touch his body in different ways, not focusing on his cock made thing much more enjoyable, the sensations coming from his bosom were much more muted than on a mammal, but he still felt the tender massage, the sensual rubbing, and it was all much more his speed. He did so prefer the sensual and soothing, the less intense and stimulating route, after what he had been through, the extremes were just too jarring. And Vinata me this clear as he let out happy chirps as Rihen's hands played over his body.

Of course as he pressed deeper with his teasing fingers Vinata was a bit hesitant, not wanting to push too far at fist, but gradually he managed to build up enough confidence to slip his first finger into Rihen and finger her gently, allowing the woman to enjoy his stimulation, but as Rihen came to a brief climax and her body clenched around his fingers he had an instant reaction of wanting to pull his finger free, to avoid this situation, but he kept his cool and just let himself go still and enjoy the feeling of Rihen's warm body pressing against him, it was so exotic, so appealing...he was beginning to feel comfortable with the idea of sex.

As Rihen pulled back to admit her love of what Vinata could do with his fingers, he could not help but blush and smile, he was truly feeling happy, feeling at peace....sadly it was not through what he felt he needed, but instead he was feeling that he was happy being massaged, treated sensually and treating Rihen sensually in return. And with the encouragement of Rihen Vinata bushed and felt the drive to go further with his fingering. He smiled as he pressed deeper with his finger, curling the finger as he went all the way in allowing the large tip of his finger to slide along the inside walls of Rihens body before pulling his finger back to her slit and starting over again.

Shuddering Vinata looked into Rihen's eyes with his big black eyes and he blushed. "W-What is it like to be a woman...I mean a true woman." He pressed into Rihen. "I want to know what it is like to just stop being bound to my gender, to act like how I look in comparison to your race." He sighed, but kept fingering. "I do not know how to put this into words. I want to know what it is like to be complimented on your body and just accept the compliments." He looked down and about to try and find the words, all while he kept fingering Rihen. "Would it be too late to...t-to try you out." Vinata was curious if going submissive would be more relaxing, would allow him to enjoy himself more.

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At Rihen's encouragement, Vinata definitely grew a bit more bold with his hand - moaning in response as she did to the finger that delved deeper into her. He traversed her depths, and her thighs quivered in response. She could not help but grind her hips against his groping movements, busying herself with the adoration she held towards the alien body underneath her hands and her lips. Their bodies slick from the humidifer, she lost herself in the sensual movements and sensations - slitted and mismatched eyes drinking in the details of her lover's body in the vapour of the sonic shower.

When Vinata spoke, asking her what it was like to be female as opposed to male, she reckoned he meant how it was for her and many other species. He spoke of compliments, and appreciating himself for what he appeared to be. Rihen smiled to him with lips pursed, hips still churning slowly. "As hard as it is for you... it is equally hard for me to tell you in words," she said huskily, her fingertips running along his bulbous length as she gave it a moment of thought. "To be a woman is to embrace... To accept... but not unwillingly. When we chose to, when we want to, we are brave... and we are generous with our willingness to take someone inside. We are the vessels of love, and let go of fear... let go of control. Relenting our control... we rejoice in fulfilment..."

She felt like she might be rambling, but it was not entirely her own fault. Vinata was making her feel really good, and when he said he wanted to preform the cunnilingus version of Jamaharon, she had to stifle her excitement about it lest she'd be so eager she'd likely frighten him. "No... It is not too late. Please..." she said and stepped back a little, leaning with her back against the glass wall and looking at him - fingers splayed and running over his beautiful skin. "You look mesmerising in this vapour... man or woman. It is secondary to who you really are... and you are perfect in the way you hatched. Let not gender dictate 'you'... Let yourself indulge in how you were made... regardless what others might think you are... Male or female are just two sides of the same species... You are all one... Only you fit together differently... that is all... Let not any part of the Galaxy's biased views change you... Instead... nnngghhh... allow yourself to broaden... your self-perspective..."

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Vinata nodded silently as he listened to what had to be said, listening to what it was like to be a woman, it was all rather abstract, but he could understand it well enough he felt. It did sound rather nice, and it was a different role to that of an Ovri, in their society both males and females were dominant in their own rights, males were much more attractive and beautiful, but they were also traditionally more quick witted and intellectual, while Ovri females were stronger physically and better with endurance. When it came to sex the Ovri often opted for what could only be described as a sexual dance.

When the Ovri had sex it was a constant struggle of outdoing your partner, slowly showing your skill until one would no longer be able to keep up. Of course this was not all that uncommon, but there was never a sense of one partner should be dominant, and the other submissive, but when leaving the isolation of their own secluded culture, while Hylota just moved on undisturbed by things, Vinata had felt pigeonholed into a position that he did not identify with and he had worked very hard to break that mold and try and move into the position of his gender, the position of a male where he felt he should be, it was just so emotionally draining over the long haul.

As Vinata was given an out, a safe way out, with a woman that was willing to give him help expressing himself in a safe facet. As Vinata leaned in, allowing his bosom to press into Rihen's before giving her a kiss before saying in a gentle whisper. "Thank you." With that he slid down to a crouch at Rihen's crotch. With his fingers still buried into Rihen's pussy Vinata brought out the sexual skills he had created himself, the ideas that he had come up with through physical studies. Leaning in close he extended his tongue out and traced along the edge of Rihen's pussy, licking it clean as he kept slowly fingering, but as he kept going he started swaying his tongue in a U shape, slowly working up the sides of Rihen's pussy towards her clit. As he reached Rihen's clit Vinata pushed with his tongue, twisted and turned his tip as he then pulled his finger out before quickly replacing it with his tongue, slipping it in and pushing the long thick muscle into Rihen's pussy. Once in place he began to wiggle it about, searching for her G-Spot.

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Rihen's Ovri lover was evidently coming more to terms with enjoying Jamaharon with her, which was plain in how he leaned in and kissed her where she stood - legs spread and back against the glass. Her hand did not release his hardness until he crouched down, and when he did, both her hands caressed his shoulders, neck and temples. As much as she wanted to, she would not touch his mark, but she looked down with heavy-lidded mismatched eyes as he applied himself to the cunnilingus - churning her hips in answer to his thick fingertips.

At first, his fingers remained inside her, and he teased her with that tongue of his - a kind tongue she had not come to enjoy before. She moaned hard at its unique touch and how it teased her clit, and she came to undulate her hips even more against Vinata's ministrations. Helpless to the ectasy she was in, she laid the back of one hand against the glass - eyes closing in rapture. "Tularee..." she gasped quietly, a word in Risian for how good he was making her feel. "Tularee... Tularee..."

And then the tongue squirmed its way into her, making her eyes flare open in part surprise and part absolute delight - filled by that oral muscle and feeling it churn around inside. Her legs almost buckled by the intense feeling he gave her, the pressing against her walls making her breathe quicker - heart fluttering. "Sara...sara..." she breathed, thanking him, before she began to move her hips a little bit again - fearing that she might come any second from the build-up and the anticipation. Her mind addled by his pheromones, she groaned from being so near imminent release and yet to feel it wash through her entire body. She began to touch herself with one hand, cupping one of her breasts and teasing the hardened pebble that was her nipple. The other hand rested on his bare head as it moved, at the back of it instead of the forehead, and signalled that whatever she might say or do, she wanted him to remain there if he wanted to - not wishing to frighten him by the intensity of the pleasure she was feeling.

To read her reactions wasn't hard, she suspected, because whenever that tongue churned against her most delicate of places, she'd moan and grind her hips just so that she might feel more of it. Being so close to coming again, he wouldn't have to do much more to do it. Much to her regret, because she wanted to prolong his treatment, but she simply couldn't help it. "I'm coming, Vinata... I am coming... Sara...sara..."

Dared she ask him to enter her with his bulbous phallus? She adjusted her feet so that she might run the back of her foot along it. "Ruit... Ruit... Slower, slower, you can come inside me if you want... If not... That is okay too..." she swallowed, throat dry from all her moaning, "Continue... Or make me feel like a woman too... As long as you are happy... I am too... Ohh... Just please don't stop."

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As Riehn made a request of Vinata, but he could not bring himself to not be selfish here, he was not doing this for Rihen, at this point he was not wanting to do anything more than to lick her out and bring her to climax, and thanks to his concentrated pheromones as a male Ovri, his lick was not as concentrated as Hylota in heat, but it was building more and more and he was making Rihen's pussy tingle and heat up as it was more highly stimulated.

And as he was given the opportunity of having real sex with Rihen, Vinata  turned it down and doubled down on what he was doing, opening his mouth more and pressing in more firmly, pressing his lips around Rihen's mound before he wiggled his tongue deeper into her pussy, no longer focusing on her G-Spot and pushing deeper, looking for a more illusive goal, more sensitive and virgin flesh deeper in Rihen's pussy. Looking up at Rihen with his large dark eyes Vinata inhaled through his nose and began to prepare for his final move.

Vinata was nowhere near as good as his sister, but as he got a full chest of air he began to let out a reverberating chirping, sending vibrations along his tongue and allowing stimulating vibrations to spread deep into Rihen's pussy, stimulating her very depths and making her body fill with arousing stimulation, all made even more pleasurable by the fact that his pheromones were working to increase Rihen's sensitivity and make her more welcome to the sexual treatment that Vinata had to offer.

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While Rihen had always enjoyed penetration during Jamaharon, what Vinata was doing to her was complete else than what she had enjoyed before. She had to cling on to the controls of the sonic shower in order to keep her knees from giving away, and she couldn't help herself but expressing her pleasure vocally, her native language echoing inside the glass of the tongue along with her moaning. The Ovri's tongue was just as limber as it was long, churning inside her like no phallus she'd ever experienced. While she might regret not being able to enjoy Jamaharon all the way with Vinata, this was certainly more than enough to satisfy her like she'd never been before.

Just when she was about to come from the way he was kneading her inner walls, going deeper than she'd thought she'd be able to handle, it seemed like the Ovri had another trick up his sleeve - this almost shy alien that had been so hesitant at first. Perhaps it was a common technique among his people, and he thought not much of it, but the way he used his lungs to add vibration to his tongue's movements surprised Rihen. So when she cried out, it was not just from crossing the threshold, coming harder than she could remember to have done before, it was also mixed with amazement - the shock making her knuckles whiten around her grip on the shower. Her thighs shook as the euphoria raked through her, and her eyes rolled on the waves of pleasure. She was completely at the mercy of Vinata's hold on her, almost keeping her upright with his tongue as she bucked against him.

The convulsions that raked through her warm and damp body threatened to make her topple over him, and even as they subsided, his tongue kept stroking her sensitive sex, prolonging the climax until her legs gave out completely and she slid down along the glass to the floor of the shower - breathing rapid and uneven. Unable to speak, shivering in the aftermath, all she could do was to give him her blinding, joyful smile, mouthing her thanks over and over in her native tongue. "Sara... Sara..."

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As Rihen was brought to a climax Vinata slowly worked his tongue free, doing his best to support her as she lost her strength and collapsed, he could not risk being caught with his tongue stuck inside of Rihen if she fell, it might hurt him. SO he wiggled and swirled his tongue as he pulled himself free, and once he had accomplished this he focused on helping Rihen to sitting down in the stall with him, he had hoped for this effect, but it had come with some consequences for himself as well. With all the contact that was shared, he had vibrated himself as much as he had vibrated Rihen.

As he finished locking Rihen clean Vinata leaned against the glass beside Rihen and began to rub his sinuses as he panted. Once he began to catch his breath Vinaata chuckled and spoke softly. "Y-You know that was kind of a  stupid idea on my part. I did not consider how much I might be vibrating myself." He began to laugh softly before letting out a long sigh. "I will have to work on a position that will not make my face vibrate as much." He smiled and opened his mouth in long yawn. "I am sorry I was so difficult with you earlier...I was acting like a petulant child, I was meant to you because I was still really didn't do anything wrong aside from wanting to push things too fast."

Vinata looked to Rihen before he turned to her and pulled her into a firm embrace, hugging her to his bosom and letting out soft chips. "You are a good person...and I hope that we can spend some time together...perhaps help me get in touch with my feminine side a bit more." He blushed a bit as he thought about possibly wearing modified human dresses. Their clothes were always so much more simple and elegant, Ovri clothes were either functional or complex with very little middle ground.

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Heart beating in her ears, breathing still uneven as she sat there against the glass, she still listened to Vinata as he jested about his technique and apologised. As good as she was feeling after finishing Jamaharon with him, she giggled listlessly at both the comment about his vibrating face and to the apology. How could she hold anything at all against him now, feeling the way she did? And like he said, she had rushed him too. "No harm done... quite the opposite, right?"

She opened her eyes again when she felt him embrace her, and she gladly moved to straddle his lap. She hugged him back, enjoying the sensation of him against her in the aftermath, and she stroked a hand over the back of his head while she rested her own against his shoulder. He told her she was a good person, and it made her thinking about why she had been exiled from Risia, but she made no comment - unwilling to let bitter memories ruin the moment she shared with Vinata in the sonic shower.

"I would gladly help you, if you would let me. I can but offer my own thoughts on it, though, and you might have to truly find your feminine side in the company of a man. But until then, I am all yours... for whatever you may need me for," she said quietly and leaned back a little so that she might give him an encouraging smile, running both her hands down the sides of his head and to his shoulders. "Oh! And thank you for letting me borrow your shower too!"

Saying that, she laughed, and leaned in to give him a quick little kiss - finding the taste of herself there. It was as if it confirmed that the past minutes had not been a dream - that the Ovri had actually made her feel as good as she felt. As it seemed, it would not be the last time either - an accord of friendship made for sake of healing and understanding.

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Vinata chuckled with Rihen and he held her close as they shared a moment, to think that this entire thing had started from a sonic shower issue, it was funny yet fun at the same time. But as things wound down and Vinata began to notice just how touchy feely Rihen was with him, he realized just how much some good sex had helped him, to take his mind off the rape, to put back pleasant memories in his head. It was certainly something that needed to have happened.

Taking a deep breath Vinata smiled and kissed Rihen back before smiling to her. "Thank you for all of this, you did me a favor as much as I did not want to do this to begin with." He took a deep breath and sighed. "By thee way, if you need to take another sonic shower you can always come and find me again to help you out with that."  Vinata smiled as he reached out and pressed the top of the humidifier with a satisfying click that deactivated the machine, but the air was already quite humid and muggy from its effect.

Vinata struggled for a moment, but eventually he got his legs out from under Rihen and stood up, lifting her up along with him as he smiled at her. "As for the pleasures of being with a man...I would honestly rather just let you go at me with a strap on." Vinata smiled and blushed as he stated that. "By the stone mother I feel weird asking for that." He chuckled and smiled softly before he took one of Rihen's hands and guided it to his mark. "I think I am comfortable enough with you to allow you to touch me like this now."

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When Vinata got up, so did Rihen smiling just as happily with the development of their shared shower. She chuckled softly when he suggested how he wanted to preform the Jamaharon the next time, and with the look she gave him she promised him to do whatever he wanted her to do to his full contentment. She bit her lower lip and made a purring sound at the suggestion, disarming any kind of awkwardness he might have felt about making such a request. She would have to read up on what the 'stone mother' would mean to him in his faith, but her own body language and look certainly didn't suggest he should have to feel weird about it.

Then, finally - as if in a bond of trust - Vinata took her hand and placed it to his forehead. His mark, seemingly so intimate and sacred to the Ovri, granted to her in the wake of Jamaharon... Oh, but it bolstered her own self-esteem in that she had granted something good to the Ovri.  Her mouth fell open, lips pursed, and her mismatched eyes wandered between Vinata's dark orbs and the mark she now ran her fingertips across. "Thank you, Vinata," she said quietly, an almost-whisper, and ran her whole palm across the area in a slow fashion. "Thank you for trusting me... and letting me come here to your aid."


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