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Re: Main OOC Thread
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So that everyone is aware, I will also be taking some time off.

Fear Not, tis only for a weekend. The 8th through 11th of October are the dates and the occasion, for you nosey buggers  :p is my 4th wedding anniversary.

I will have my laptop with me but not sure about internet connectivity at this stage.
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Re: Main OOC Thread
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Hope you enjoy your time in the woods @Nolan!! And happy early 4th anniversary @Stegro88 -- enjoy your celebrations! :)

Ens. Vinata Vojona - Head Nurse

Re: Main OOC Thread
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Hello all. I am hoping to NOT be affected too much by this but we are due to be hit with a Hurricane in the next 48hours. May lose power for a undermined amount of time dependent on the severity of the storm and its track. Fingers crossed! :)

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Re: Main OOC Thread
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Stay safe @Aharon !
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Re: Main OOC Thread
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Oh no! Stay safe mate, and what is the name of the Hurricane? @Aharon
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Re: Main OOC Thread
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@Sqweloookle Hurricane Teddy - thankfully they're saying it will not even be a category 1 when it hits us. However - they said category 1 last year when we had one hit us and it turned out to be a 2... So... Preparing for it to be worse than forecasted of course, just in case!
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Re: Main OOC Thread
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Teddy? Seriously lol
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Re: Main OOC Thread
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We are all thinking of you @Aharon

Re: Main OOC Thread
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Thank you for the well wishes folks. Thankfully -- the storm was  less intense than they were expecting. Had prepped for much worse! Luck was on our side this time.
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Re: Main OOC Thread
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Hi everyone!

Since Yahoo has begun giving me grief with old members marking our notification email address as spam, I have changed the addy to now. So, please mark it as safe when you get your email notifications, and they won't be filtered out any more. This might have become an issue for those not using yahoo mail as well, so just take a moment to make sure that email won't end up in your junk/spam inbox. :)

It took me some time, but I managed to make it work.


Auctor Lucan

Re: Main OOC Thread
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I am a bit busy this week (grad school stuff), but I SHOULD still be able to get posts out within a week.  :)
Really enjoying writing a halfway stable character for once...

Re: Main OOC Thread
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Quantum Frontier ends here! :)

Chapter 02: Quantum Frontier [ Day 01 | 1900 hrs. ] Attn: All

Directly following the events in this thread, the Spearhead Lounge bomb detonates in
CH02: S [D01|2147] Incipient Sabotage. Chapter 06 will be posted for the crew on the Theurgy in which Thea will attempt to make another QSD jump, taking them almost to Qo'nos, and parallel with Gorka and his fleets in the race towards the First City. Stay tuned, for the action begins then! Supplementary threads can be made up until 0800 hrs. on Day 03, when the QSD jump will take place!

Please PM me if you have any questions about the above development, and thank you for your patience in waiting for this Joint-Post to be finished. :)


It's time for @Pierce to add a character of their own making to the story, and this in the form of Alana Pierce!

Lt. Alana Pierce              Intelligence Officer
  - Writer:

Lieutenant Alana Pierce will be one of the Asst. Chief Intelligence Officers in due time, but to begin with - since Zaryn Arn has yet to bite the dust - she will be starting out as a new contribution to Andrew Fisher's Intelligence Department when she comes aboard the Theurgy in the middle of Advent of War.

Alana has quite a spectacular background story, to say the least, even if it's not officially known to everyone. She used to be quite different, and was born in past century... Looking forward to read her story, @Pierce !


Auctor Lucan

Re: Main OOC Thread
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Looking forward to working alongside Alana @Pierce

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Re: Main OOC Thread
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Thanks everyone! I'm excited for how she'll play in the storyline. 
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Re: Main OOC Thread
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Cool stuff!  Hope you have fun!  :)
Really enjoying writing a halfway stable character for once...

Re: Main OOC Thread
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>> Click For Full Resolution

Here we go! :)

Chapter 06: Battle of the Houses [ Day 03 | 0900 hrs. ]

If you have a character eligible for bridge duty, post away! Orders given in this starter can be carried out in Supplemental threads to keep this thread less cluttered, but all bridge-centred posts should be made here. :) This is also the call for Supplemental threads to be set up by writers who have no bridge officers, so here the Departmental orders and ideas for supplemental threads set before and during Chapter 06!

- Cameron Henshaw got orders above, and if Martok is to be sent ahead on a separate vessel, that means an away-mission to Qo'nos. Stationed at the Mission Ops holo table, Henshaw will have to oversee it and correspond with the bridge crew about the mission development. She is also the link between any forward defence line of warp fighters deployed to protect the Theurgy.

Diplomatic Corps
- Orders above, with Martok needing to know about the outcome of the Unknown Grandson objective. Given the news from FNN (post due from @chXinya ), renewed efforts to try and reach the Federation Council and President Bacco would be in order, trying to set the record straight about the current situation. I am game to NPC for any contact made!

Starfleet Intelligence
- New message from Admiral Anderson incoming, this can happen on the bridge, but I suggest posting a starter for a new conversation with him. This ties directly into current events in this Chapter.
- FNN investigation, with the reporter knowing more than he reasonably should. Besides this, @Swift has been sending PM correspondence about current proceedings.

- @Griff & @BZ ought to be posting with Cross' and Zyrao's estimation of the current tactical situation for the Theurgy, and advise on how to progress.

- Besides the brief orders above, CONN would have a good estimate on what the optimal shuttle would be for sending Martok ahead of the Theurgy, if that becomes the decision at this point. Besides any other input, it might be suggested said shuttle gets an escort of warp fighters as well?
- @jreeves1701 , Larrant could provide additional tactical information to Cross and Zyrao, with hiding places, anomalies and options available.

- K'Tal has provided intel on how to find Rov among Martok's nigh two hundred companions aboard the Theurgy. This preferably before he makes another attempt to commit sabotage or assassinates Martok. Joint venture with Medical and available Counselors that know how to use a medical tricorder!

Tactical CONN
- As the Theurgy's warp capability is diminished due to doing QSD on poor crystals, then it might be the Lone Wolves will be a forward line of defence to a slower Thea, preventing Klingon forces from reaching the Theurgy or thinning out those ships.
- If Martok is to be sent ahead to Qo'nos, the chosen shuttle will need a heavy fighter escort to deliver him safely.

Medical & Counseling
-  Security needs assistance to scan Klingons in order to find the saboteur Rov among those aboard the Theurgy. A joint-venture that might have a dangerous outcome, should Rov be found.
- Counseling should be able to assisting Medical with scans for cosmetic alterations.

- In the thread Another Leg of the Journey, the corrosion of the benamite crystals will be revealed, and in this Chapter's development, the aftermath of making a second QSD jump will have to be dealt with - reduced warp speed being a huge factor along with plasma failures and any other imaginative issues you want to add to the table. The most important objective for Engineering and Operations is to plausibly make Thea a bit more vulnerable and slow. This, for sake of heightening suspense. Options to secure new benamite crystals should be discussed too.

- With the second QSD jump using subpar benamite crystals, power issues are abound, dealing with those being a joint-venture with Engineering. See above.

- New science projects should be started up leading up to Chapter 06 given the outcome Chapter 02: Quantum Frontier. This in hope to prevent another incursion by the Infested to come aboard the Theurgy. How can the Theurgy protect itself? Make something plausible up!
- Moreover, with Admiral Anderson expressing how imperative it is that a means to transport the parasites out of their hosts is secured, Vale Kaeris will need help with this project. PM me for more information!
- Lastly, with the knowledge that the Niga virus outbreak is still a fact in the future, preparations should be made for a future mission to the Azurite Station, in the attempt to neutralise the virus before it might leave the secret research facility.

The naming convention for one-on-one Supplemental threads that belong to Chapter 06 is: CH06: S [D0X|YYYY] Insert Title (YYYY marking the time after 0900 hrs., when the Theurgy drops out of QSD). Please be mindful about how the second QSD flight will last between 0800 hrs. and 0900 hrs. on Day 03, during which time there can be no warp fighters or shuttles leaving the Theurgy. Supplemental threads can last no longer than to 1130 hrs., at which point Gorka's forces might reach the Theurgy.

Looking forward to your posts!

Re: Main OOC Thread
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Hi there everyone! Hope this finds you all well out there. :) I took the time to go over the Aldea Prime and Advent of War boards and check what the current forum status is, and here are my findings. Use Ctrl+F to find your username?

ThreadLast PostDays AgoNext Poster
Day 36 [2000 hrs.] "There are few things better, than..."2020-10-041chXinya
Day 35 [2015 hrs.] Just Some Fighter Girls, Livin' It Loud...2020-10-041Shandala
Day 17 [1800 hrs.] Come Sail Away2020-10-041Number6
Day 30 [0900 hrs.] Martial Play2020-10-041Stegro88
Day 32 [1330 hrs.] Fly Me Away...To That Comms Relay2020-10-041Griff
Day 35 [2000 hrs.] Pulling / Pour a double.2020-10-041Pierce
Day 34 [1100 hrs.] An Unfortunate Mishap2020-10-041Havenborn
Day 35 [1000 hrs.] A Spy walks into the Botany Bay2020-10-041UltimaImperatrixia
Day 33 [1830 hrs.] At the Range2020-10-041Sqweloookle
Day 26 [0930 hrs.] A Freighter Alone2020-10-032Elaurianpaladin
Day 28 [2130 hrs.] Do I get the job?2020-10-032Sqweloookle
Day 35 [1400 hrs.] From above, it will prey. | Rapax Fit Fidelis2020-10-032uytrereee
Day 33 [1500 hrs.] Of Mixed Martial Matters2020-10-032Swift
Day 33 [2100 hrs.] Wrong Ship, Buddy2020-10-023Swift
Day 13 [2200 hrs.] Muscles, Shiny, and Awkwardness, Oh My2020-10-014Sqweloookle
Day 25 [1000 hrs.] Washing The Slate Clean2020-09-305Stegro88
Day 25 [1600 hrs.] Contemplations2020-09-305Havenborn
Day 31 [0800 hrs.] Drinks and dossiers2020-09-305chXinya
Day 26 [1400 hrs.] My Favorite Martians2020-09-296Havenborn
Day 16 [0930 hrs.] Yacht Party!2020-09-287Anyone
Day 28 [1330 hrs.] Hot Pursuit2020-09-287Stegro88
Day 36 [1100 hrs.] The Reef2020-09-278Stardust
Day 20 [1900 hrs.] Diving Deeper2020-09-2510Stegro88
Day 14 [0050 hrs.] Aimless, Insomniac and Alone2020-09-2312Argyros
Day 32 [1300 hrs.] Face to Face With the Past2020-09-2015BZ
Day 33 [1945 hrs.] Girl Interrupted2020-09-1520Stardust
Day 30 [1400 hrs.] Waking up from a cold sleep2020-09-1520Masorin
Day 08 [1600 hrs.] Quid Pro Quo between Pilots2020-09-1520Argyros
Day 36 [1634 hrs.] Into the Belly of the Beast2020-09-1520Stardust
Day 34 [1100 hrs.] Walking through the Valley...2020-09-1421UltimaImperatrixia
Day 33 [1700 hrs.] The Visitor2020-09-1421BipSpoon
Day 01 [0100 hrs.] Theurgic Recovery2020-09-1421Cleric_Kyan
Day 30 [2000 hrs.] A prophesied apology2020-09-1421Stardust
Day 18 [1700 hrs.] Holodeck Practice2020-09-1124BipSpoon
Day 20 [0900 hrs.] Covert Shuttle Ops2020-09-1124BipSpoon
Day 29-30 [Variable hrs.] Mending The Hearts2020-09-0332BZ
Day 17 [0900 hrs.] Mission Breakfast Operation2020-08-3036BipSpoon
Prologue: Palais de la Concorde2020-08-12-Due to be finished
Chapter 01: Incendiary Prospects [ Day 01 | 1130 hrs. ]2020-06-17-Finished
Chapter 02: Quantum Frontier [ Day 01 | 1900 hrs. ]2020-09-29-Finished
Chapter 03: Shadows Unknown [ Day 01 | 2030 hrs. ]2020-08-26-Due to be finished
Chapter 04: Horns of a Dilemma [ Day 02 | 1245 hrs. ]2020-09-305BZ, Stegro88, DaValle & RyeTanker
Chapter 05: Veiled Valiance [ Day 02 | 2000 hrs. ]2020-10-041uytrereee & Stegro
Chapter 06: Battle of the Houses [ Day 03 | 0900 hrs. ]2020-10-041All present officers
CH02: S [D02|0110] Saving the Daqchov2020-10-050Shandala/Argyros
CH02: S [D02|0635] An Impromptu Visitation2020-10-050Auctor Lucan
CH02: S [D02|1600] Daa'maq2020-10-050Masorin
CH02: S [D02|2216] The Days of Punishment have Come2020-10-041Shandala
CH02: S [D03|0700] So, Exactly How Fucked Are We Today?2020-10-041Auctor Lucan/BZ/masorin
CH02: S [D02|0005] QongDaqDaqQotbe' tlhInganpu'2020-10-041Aharon
CH02: S [D01|1920] Invisible Stars2020-10-041chXinya
CH02: S [D01|2015] Klin zha Challenge2020-10-041GroundPetrel
CH02: S [D01|1930] A Reconvened Interest2020-10-023Auctor Lucan
CH04: S [D02|1600] An Explosive Dialogue2020-10-023Auctor Lucan
CH02: S [D03|0600] Another Leg of the Journey2020-10-023DaValle/Jmjs7125
CH02: S [D02|2030] It's A Date2020-10-014Sqweloookle
CH01: S [D01|1600] Coded Intrusion2020-10-014Griffinsummoner
CH01: S [D01|1230] The Wolf Den2020-10-014Shandala/Nero
CH02: S [D02|0230] A Well Earned Break2020-09-305Sqweloookle
PRO: S [D02|1020] Relieved2020-09-287Juzzie
CH02: S [D02|1038] On The Path...2020-09-287Sqweloookle
CH02: S [D02|0800] Inspective Measures2020-09-287Griffinsummoner
CH02: S [D03|0600] An examination in futility2020-09-287Argyros
CH03: S [D02|0045] Gimme a Helping Hand2020-09-269BZ
CH02: S [D02|1500] An Unknown Grandson?2020-09-269Stardust
CH02: S [D02|1200] "Unto the deaf, secrets remain so."2020-09-2510chXinya
CH02: S [D02|2130] A Most Furtive Transfer2020-09-2213Argyros
CH02: S [D01|2147] Incipient Sabotage2020-09-2015Anyone/Finished?
CH02: S [D01|1905] I did promise a picnic2020-09-1916BZ
CH02: S [D01|2315] Mending a broken wing.2020-09-1817Shandala
CH02: S [D01|2219] A Sibling Sorrow.2020-09-1817Masorin
CH02: S [D01|1922] The Calm before the Storm2020-09-1520stardust
CH01: S [D01|1730] Only a Fool2020-09-1223stardust
CH01: S [D01|1145] Reintegration Wargames2020-08-2838Sqweloookle
CH02: S [D02|0040] One More Casualty2020-08-2838BZ
CH02: S [D02|0745] Draw Me a Line Across the Stars2020-07-1582chXinya

Please let me know which of the old threads that won't be continued and should be locked. PM me in that case! :)

In general, we have been very good at informing our writing partners when RL issues are getting in the way, like with family situations or vacations, so let's keep doing that! ( good ) Bear in mind that we should always try to reply in our current threads within 7 days, and neglecting to do so breeds more inactivity among other writers - others thinking that its fine to leave writing partners waiting indefinitely. If you can't, post about it in the Main OOC thread or update your signature to that effect, no worries at all.


Auctor Lucan
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Re: Main OOC Thread
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@Auctor Lucan you can lock: CH01: S [D01|1145] Reintegration Wargames, thanks.
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Re: Main OOC Thread
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Hey everyone, just a heads up and advanced apology to any writers which will be inconvenienced by this, but real world issues have reached the point in which it's affecting my attitude in SIM. I had an unnecessary and unwarranted blow-out with someone on the DIS earlier, and I'm realizing now how affected I am by this nonsense I'm dealing with.

So at least until Monday, October 12th I will be off-SIM.

Catch you all on the flip-side.
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Re: Main OOC Thread
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I have been called into work double shifts yesterday, today, and tomorrow. So between shifts I'll only have 6 1/2 hours to sleep and eat, so I won't be able to post until Sunday October 18. Sorry for the inconvenience for anyone waiting on me.
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Re: Main OOC Thread
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After Vivian Martin stepped down as Chief Science Officer at Aldea, and Vael Kaeris took her place, Tyreke Okafor was promoted to Asst. Chief Science Officer.

Lt. Tyreke Okafor            Asst. Chief Science Officer (V3)

  - Writer:

Tyreke Okafor serve alongside Lieutenant Vanya, assisting the (current) NPC Departmental Head we have now in the Science Department, and he has held the position since before Episode 01: Advent of War began.


The below writers have ceased to actively write in the story, RL having claimed their attention entirely:

  • JediMaster
  • OrangeTellarite
  • Shandala

With JediMaster having stated that school has pulled him away and that he hopes to return, Akel Isavid won't be available for Inheritance at this point, but if his demotion from Asst. Chief Operations Officer can be handled In-Character, that would be awesome, since that would open up for new Applicants to take that position when recruitment opens up again, or any current writer in the community create a new character.

As for Inej Avirim and Alessia Garcia, however, they are both now available for Inheritance once more, since neither OrangeTellarite nor Shandala have offered any explanations or signs of wishing to remain.

Lt. JG Alessia Garcia        Wolf-08 [Angel]

  - Former Writer:

Ens. Inej Avirim            Investigations Officer

  - Former Writer:

Recruitment for new writers will open up as soon as the story moves to a point where a new guest ship arrives, which will be rather soon. Still waiting on another reply in Battle of the Houses before that is progressed, but if there are no more replies tomorrow, I will be barging ahead with the main story nonetheless.


Auctor Lucan

Re: Main OOC Thread
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Update from maso,

Where have I been? Simply put I got played by my manager. A little bit ago I put in for a promotion at work. It caused a bit of a stir and since I had seniority I genuinely thought that I would get the position.

My manager kept saying stuff like "the post needs to be up for x amount of time, but we wanna move up internally." Getting my hopes up. A day or so before final decision management comes to me, and is to take on a ton of extra shifts.

Like I've only got one day off this week and next. Of course I agreed because I thought all those extra shifts would be used to bring me into the new position.

Once my name was signed on all the extra shifts that when they dropped the bomb on me that they were going with someone else. Like literally as soon as I signed off on the last shift she pulled the rug out from under me.

So I've been angry, depressed, I feel like the people at my job don't respect me, and what little free time I have has been spent job hunting.
I will be gone from july 21st-28th on vacation.

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Re: Main OOC Thread
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Sorry to hear that Maso. That is really crappy of them to do. I've been played in a similar fashion at a previous job and later was laid off from that job. I definitely can see looking for something somewhere else might be beneficial. Hoping something else comes up quickly.
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Re: Main OOC Thread
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Oh dude, that really sucks.  That's just a straight-up dirty way to treat an employee.  :(
Really enjoying writing a halfway stable character for once...

Re: Main OOC Thread
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Ouch. Sorry to hear that Maso.
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