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Who do you think should stay behind with the Omega Device?

  • Wenn Cinn
    19 (73.1%)
  • Doctor Nicander
    7 (26.9%)

Total Members Voted: 26

Voting closed: March 04, 2019, 12:40:00 AM

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Story Development Poll #4 | Who Stays Behind?


Those who have not read up on the development in Chapter 05: Battle of the Apertures should do so now, because here comes spoilers:

As you can read in the Chapter, a potential solution to collapse all the apertures has presented itself. This, in the form of the Omega Device on the Versant, which has X number of omega molecules, and will tear subspace asunder in the Azure Nebula. Since the means in which the Borg have been travelling has been through subspace tunnels, the blast will destroy the tunnels, and the Federation might be saved from the Borg invasion.

However, someone needs to stay behind and activate the device after the Theurgy and the other good guys have left. This poll is about who you think should stay behind, and die whilst saving the Federation. There are two candidates, one being Doctor Lucan cin Nicander and the other is Wenn Cinn.

They are candidates for the task for different reasons. Nicander seeks redemption, and doesn't want to be under the influence of the parasite any more. However, he might fail to activate the Omega device, since he is under parasitic control, and it may take over and keep him from doing what he must. Left behind, it would depend entirely upon an Infested to stop the invasion, and the hope that he will resist the will of the parasite within. Else, he might just wave at the Borg while they enter Federation space. Then again, Heather did restore his sanity, making him better able to retain his own "self". Nicander might also be a valuble asset in the fight against the parasites... if he can be controlled.

Wenn Cinn, he is supposed to do this according to the Prophets. They brought him back from the dead for this purpose, and he has been living on borrowed time. Wenn Cinn is, however, a cornerstone on the Theurgy, having served on the ship since it was commissioned (so has Nicander, but his repute... has kinda taken a turn for the worse?). Cinn is also the Second Officer, and has high repute among the crew. Loosing Wenn Cinn means that he will not come back a second time. Should Nicander, instead, stay behind, there is no telling what else Cinn might do to aid the crew down the line.

Because of this dilemma, this poll is held, and if the Omega Device is used in the story, the result of this poll may affect not just Captain Ives' decision on who stays behind, but also the fate of the Federation as a whole (depending on if the Omega Device is activated or not in the end).

This Poll will be held for 3 days, after which the results will be revealed.

Best Regards,

Auctor Lucan
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Re: Story Development Poll #4 | Who Stays Behind?
Reply #1

It would seem that the majority prefer the trouser sneek that it's better to not risk Nicander failing to do what he should because of the parasite inside him, and that Wenn Cinn should do what the Prophets intended for him. The circumstances around the development will be detailed in upcoming posts.

Thanks for your votes! :)


Auctor Lucan