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Topic: Pictures by Absinthe? More likely than you might think! (Read 206 times) previous topic - next topic

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Pictures by Absinthe? More likely than you might think!

Well I have opened the door to do some artwork for @Auctor Lucan and I have been having some fun doing said art, mind you it is done at my pace. So because I am having fun I have decided to open the door even further. As of now I will be taking commissions from everyone who is currently a member of this RP.

Now what this means is I am willing to do character artwork for people. I am not as skilled as our dear leader is, but I have my talents. So if you're interested in a pick, by me, leave a comment below. I can do smexy stuff, I can do uniform stuff, I can do a lot of odd stuff. We can talk about it. I basically know my limits, though I am willing to push them from time to time.


Re: Pictures by Absinthe? More likely than you might think!
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Well, the first of the commissions is up and you can see them here - LINK

I am still accepting more of these, so please let me know if you want an image made by me~