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Hi there everyone!

As the year comes to an end, I find myself looking back at the 6,5 years we have been writing this story together, and I began to wonder if our members have any special memories from what they have read and written so far. Since Episode 05 is about to start up, I am feeling a bit nostalgic, so I felt like posting this to see if there were anyone else out there feeling the same. :)

My Nostalgic Memory: When Ives "saved" Sarresh Morali out of an acidic lake on Theta Eridani IV, and later, when Morali had to undergo DNA re-sequencing and become human in order for Dyan Cardamone's Asurian healing cells to work on his body. Leading up to the acidic lake, I had prepared different crises for the writers to deal with whilst writing their characters.

The Calamity had set off a tectonic reaction in the valley where Thea and the Harbinger had landed for repairs. The finale of that part of the story began with Ives waking up in a modular shelter in the valley ("CHAPTER 03: Master of My Fate" below). while the shield they had raised over the valley was suffering from orbital bombardment from Cala and the Reaver fighters she had deployed. Each crisis had its separate thread, showing different parts of the valley, and there were a lot of impossible choices to be made.

Episode 03: Unconquerable Soul | Part 1
CHAPTER 03: Master of My Fate
- Crisis #01 | Transport Centre
- Crisis #02 | USS Theurgy Bridge
- Crisis #03 | USS Harbinger Bridge
- Crisis #04 | Crane Malfunction
- Crisis #05 | Choice of Decent
- Crisis #06 | Shuttle Extraction
- Crisis #07 | Shield Generator
- Crisis #08 | Triage Centre
- Crisis #09 | Volcanic Skies
- Crisis #10 | Thermal Springs

There were so many things happening at the same time when we wrote this part of the story, with each thread correlating with others, sightings between the scenes taking place. For example, in one thread a character would be doing something in his or her fighter, and s/he would be sighted in another thread entirely. In short, all these threads above hold scenes that played out concurrently, showing the finale of Part 1 of Unconquerable Soul from different perspectives. It was a nightmare as a GM to keep everyone on the same page, but with OOC info shared on the forum, I don't believe we have any contradictions in what happened.

The scene where Ives and Sarresh Morali (still being an Ash'reem at the time) were at the acidic lake, witnessing the death of Amikris Neotin, can is Crisis #10 above.

Well, that was my nostalgic memory. In this thread, feel free to share your own special memories of the story, either where you have partaken yourself, or read scenes by others. Is there any scene or situation that stands out to you, and why?

Have a great day everyone! :)


Auctor Lucan