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Topic: Sabine Away-Mission Sub-Plot Discussion (Read 1281 times) previous topic - next topic

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Re: Sabine Away-Mission Sub-Plot Discussion
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Ooooh, please, please, please give me a chance to have Eliska talk Heather through the use of a Type 2 phaser...

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Re: Sabine Away-Mission Sub-Plot Discussion
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Glad Zrinka won't be able to become 'friendly-fire' in space *grin*
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Re: Sabine Away-Mission Sub-Plot Discussion
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Ooooh, please, please, please give me a chance to have Eliska talk Heather through the use of a Type 2 phaser...
You're welcome to. (L)

Re: Sabine Away-Mission Sub-Plot Discussion
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Despite the fact that I asked this website to notify me when the Day 03 [1000 hrs.] The Coreless Moon | Away-Mission is updated I haven't been getting notified.  Just read everything I missed so I can catch up (and I no doubt need to reread the briefing for this too).  Can anybody update me on the "Ruins of the Lightborn" or direct me to the thread where its described, or give me guidelines on how to describe it in case I'm the first to start that particular subthread?      :'(

Re: Sabine Away-Mission Sub-Plot Discussion
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So sorry to hear the notifications didn't get through to your inbox! The others who have had issues with this have found the notifications in their spam folder, in which case you need to mark the notifications as "not as spam" and even, sometimes, set up a filter that ensures that all the notifications from the sender ID goes to the inbox too. The reason why this has happened is that someone with the same email provider has marked one of our notifications as spam.

As for the Ruins of the Lightborn, very little is known at this point, and you can let Triage - playing the Radiant (current-time Lightborn) - take a lead on the findings at the sealed gates to the ruins. The Klingon outpost was built in the tunnels above the sealed ruins, but access to the actual ruins are sealed with some kind of light wavelength lock, which I will leave to Triage to detail. The ruins are the reason that Heather was brought along, both because of her abilities with light and a second reason: to let Starfleet explore the sealed ruins and, perhaps, let Heather McMillan get some answers about her own species, who's past is shrouded in mystery. In-Character, it is yet to be verified that "the Lightborn" are Radiant, and it might be that "the Lightborn" is a miss in translation. Lastly, the idea is that the findings in the ruins will reveal a connection between the Lightborn, the parasites in the story as well as the destruction of the moon.

So far in the story, only Nicander has known that the light of a Radiant could suppress the leverage a parasite has upon the mind of its host. The idea is that these ruins will change that.

So, Triage will be helping out a lot in setting the scene, and I will also chip in as needed. :)


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Re: Sabine Away-Mission Sub-Plot Discussion
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I screwed up when it came to the hand phasers! Eliska Bremmer, Mariner and Ida didn't give Heather, Sera or Hi'Jak their own pulse phasers, but the standard Type II hand phasers they packed on the Sabine, lol.

I have edited mine and Kaligos posts to fix this, and sorry for the confusion. :)


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Re: Sabine Away-Mission Sub-Plot Discussion
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*Is as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs*

I hope I don't mess up my own species :P

Wanna make it interesting as well as entertaining for everyone involved.