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Director's Cut / Re: [2380] Ghosts in the machine
Last post by Arista -
[ Commander Anya Ziegler | Control Room | Relay Station NB943 ] Attn: @Brutus , @BZ , Anyone else
It may have been cruel to place Stark on the spot, but Ziegler didn't care. The Lieutenant was an assistant department head now and would be helping to lead one of, if not the busiest areas of the ship. She would need to deal with unexpected questions and situations. Asking opinions and delegating decisions was an old tried and tested method.

Assessing the operations officer silently during her answer, Anya noted that choosing actions were not a difficulty and confidence would come with time. She gave a curt nod in reply to Stark's choice of tasks but before she could reply, there was a short sharp squeak from the pair of engineers. Looking across, one seemed positively ill to be here and the other desperate for attention.

It had been a tactical decision to take junior members of the crew on this away mission. Seldom would the enlisted crew in the lower decks of the ship have the chance to shine and Anya wanted them to get some face time with a member of the senior staff that wasn't their section chief. It was important for personal and professional development. That said, she could start to understand why Solkar had given words of warning at Ziegler's choice.

Failure to adhere to the Starfleet code of uniform, this engineer seemed to take the yellow aspect of their department colours to heart with boots and bracelets adorned in various luminous golden shades. She was also keen. Very keen. Almost to the point of being off putting. Anya would preserve however, there was no way the first officer was going to call Theurgy back just to swap out an irritant.

With a modicum of verbal diarrhoea, this young crewman had dismissed any help from her partner and set off on her task. Leaving the other three to stand idle, watching. Ziegler was almost surprised that this bespectacled human hadn't just leapt from the metal walkway with gibbering glee.

Say what you will, the enthusiasm was amusing; And when the high ceiling room filled with maniacal laughter, Ziegler couldn't help but smirk.

"Very good, Stevens." She called to acknowledge the efforts. "Please go ahead."

Turning, Ziegler appraised the other two. Time to get to work.

"Stark." Anya began. "See if you can get long range communications operational. I want to report to the Captain that we've arrive safe.

"I will check the logs to see when this array was last serviced." Speaking aloud, she ensured her self-assigned task would be heard. Anya strived to be more of a leader, working alongside her staff, than a boss assigning tasks while they put their feet up.

"Lozano." She said, finally acknowledging the final member of the away team without a job to do. There was a pause, before Ziegler finally settled on a task. "... Why don't you take the bags the habitat area and run stock on the repair supplies onboard?"

[ PO2 Daniel Lozano | Control Room | Relay Station NB943 ]

This was all too much. There was no way that this was supposed to be happening. Grasping the strap of his duffel bag too tightly, Danny Lozano could feel a bead of sweat drip between his shoulder blades. He was a manifold maintenance engineer. The man spent hours in the bowls of the ship by himself completing the mundane tasks to keep the warp system alive. He didn't spend a lot of time interacting with others and now here he was, isolated but not alone. To say he was surprised to have been chosen for this mission was an understatement. It was almost a nightmare; He was on a remote satellite with three women.

Stevens was ok, Danny had seen her around. Stark wasn't too bad either; She was only an assistant chief, though the two gold pips on her collar had given him pause to say anything when they had congregated at the transporter pad to beam over. The biggest issue here was Ziegler.

She was the First Officer. Second in command of the entire ship! She was in charge of transfers. Whether she knew it or not, she held his fate in her hands. It wouldn't be an issue for her to assign him off the ship or down to waste extraction. He had to be on his best behaviour. The stress of it all made him feel queasy; though that could be the other problem he had with the officer.

Anya Ziegler was beautiful. Ever since he had first seen her when she had come on board, he had been infatuated with her. Her shape, her hair, the look in her eyes. He loved it all. Yes, there had been other fantasies, but none had come together in such a package. She had often visited him in his sleep or his daydreams. Scantly clad and declaring her love.

It was complete fiction, of course, but it gave him comfort in the long night shifts. Often the scene would play out the same way, she would find him somewhere away from everyone else and admit her attraction. This hard, strong, woman flustered at admitting her own desires. Danny would close the gap to steal and kiss and once thing would lead to another. It was always hard, fast and passionate.

So, when Commander Ziegler had found him in a remote service area on deck 32 of Theurgy the blood was pumping so loud in his ears, he didn't really know what he had agreed to. It had all been a blur and now he was so close to his idolisation that he could smell her.

Danny realised that he had been lost in thought when he finally heard the silence. He blinked a couple of times and spotting that both Ziegler and Stark were watching him. The former had her hand outstretched, holding her satchel to him. The ask was obvious.

"...Aye" He mumbled, taking the bag carefully so not touch her delicate skin. Quickly he collected the rest of the luggage and carried it away. The heat of embarrassment burning all the way down the back of his neck.

The walk to the habitat area was short. It was down a corridor away from the control room and that gave Danny time to breathe. Calm yourself, he mentally repeated, nothing is going to happen.

Well, nothing was going to happen unless he made it. Clutching Ziegler's bag tightly in his hand, Lozano pondered on its contents. Obviously, there would a change in uniform, but it would also hold many secrets. What type of underwear did it hold? Was Ziegler partial to a thong? Or lace? Would he be able to grab a glimpse of her in a silk negligee when they all settled into their bunks? Would they have to share?

To his own frustration, dirty thoughts seeped into his mind again and he found himself ashamed at his own arousal. Cursing, he turned into the bunkroom. Against opposite walls, there were two sets of bunkbeds, each meticulously made so the bedding was ready for them. At the back of the room, two doors stood, presumably to the restrooms. Aside from that, there was little else to comment on the room. It was drab and empty. Aside of course from the bags already tucked under a couple of the beds.

Wait. What?

Danny dropped all the bags he held and checked back down the corridor. There were the sounds of the girls in the control room, but he could hear little else. Why were there bags here? Did the previous repair crews leave them? Had someone else answered the priority hail? What should he do?

Eventually, he finally came to the conclusion he needed to tell the others. They would know what to do. Besides, everyone was going to be sleeping here. They'd find the luggage like he had. Feeling his mouth dry out at the prospect of having to call the commander to be alone in the bedroom with him, he had to try something else. Stark! Stark would have a plan.

"L-lieutenant?" He yelled down the corridor, his voice echoing off the metal. "Can I have some help please?"
Main OOC Board / Re: Main OOC Thread
Last post by Auctor Lucan -

Hi there Theurgists! Today, @TWilkins introduces their new character, namely Otheusz, whom the Theurgy crew will encounter on Aldea!

Otheusz                        Grey Scars Member

  - Writer:

We're due for Aldea soon, but perhaps someone on the Theurgy might have had a run-in with Otheusz' Grey Scars before they settled into one of the ghost cities on Aldea? In that case, it might be a good idea to set up a Director's Cut thread.

Looking forward to reading his story, @TWilkins !


Auctor Lucan
[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Numen & @The Ostrich
Never fails! was Meony's proud thought when an Andorian woman responded to her invitation. Some of the other patrons merely piped up and smiled expectantly at her. Everybody knew Meony usually knew how to party. She certainly showed that the few times she'd been around after being brought on board. Aside from the last day or so where she'd been fighting the ever-worsening bioweapon that had been growing in her head. But now that it was out, she was more or less back to full capacity, and ready to start living again.

The Andorian took a mug and filled it from the keg. She had good least she thought until she tried it herself. "Oh fuck!" it was absolutely horrid, and terrible, and therefore, perfection. She laughed and grinned at the Andorian woman, "Ah'm Meony..."

She was not able to finish whatever else she was about to say when a familiar voice bellowed, resting a heavy hand on her slender shoulder, she tilted her head to get a confirmation on the fact that it was him. Khorin Douglas, in the flesh. He was also quoting events from their past. Except she remembered how it went a little differently. That was not all that was different. The ridges on his head were more pronounced, and he looked more...that was impossible. What happened to him?!? Her mouth hung agape as she stared stupidly at him.

"HWAH!" was all she managed before he crushed her against him, and her eyes looked ready to pop out of their sockets. He was all but screaming into her ears and she was kicking wildly to no avail, her hat fell off and she was struggling to breathe, or survive. "Ah'll...soon be!" Meony wheezed, "...if ya don't...let...go!"

Mercifully, she was soon released, and she bent down to pick up her hat and put it back on. "Khorin, whot in tarnation are ya doin' 'ere?!? 'ow come Ah never saw ya 'fore all this?!?" She looked up at him, doing her best Heather Douglas impression, and somehow gave the impression that she was looking downwards when she was in fact craning her neck all the way to meet his eyes. "God Ah've missed ya!"

She broke into a big smile and leapt into his arms, wrapping her own around his neck and just hanging on there. "So ya better be married already, or so 'elp me..." she said into his ear as she slid back to the ground and looked up at him again.

[LCdr. Blue Tiran | Tacos To Go | A Girl and a Taco Walk Out of a Bar | Sorry Bill, See You Around]

Blue grinned.

Cross was great for her.  He kept her mind off the shit.  He kept her mind off of Ranaan and how much she panicked the moment he stepped outside the door.  She hadn't even had Albert track him recently and she was pretty proud of that.  Though, she hoped that Ranaan never found out what she did to his combadge, she figured at some point he would.  Or she would finally heal enough to take the tracker out.  But, it would be a long process before she could trust him to leave the room.  It wasn't that she didn't trust him per say it was just that the last time she had said good bye to him and been so seemingly final and .. even though it wasn't... those days... of sheer hell thinking he was dead was enough to terrify her into the fact that one day it could well be a reality.

He picked at her, about how she had told him to shut up, and literally broke his nose, and then tried to dismantle the fucking escape pod.  "Hey!  For the record I didn't try to break the fucker I was going to make it go faster and more efficiently.  But no, you fuckers didn't believe in your genius chief engineer, and you fuckers wouldn't leave me the fuck alone.  A busy Blue is one that is quiet and doesn't want to murder andorians." she reminded him quickly.

She grinned when he told her he didn't think he could survive anymore of her gratitude.  She shook her head and then he got more serious for a moment.  Blue gave a nod.  "I know we weren't.  And that's why looking back you deserve my thanks.  I don't hand it out often, it's not fucking halloween around here or. .. Christmas or some fucking Vulcan holiday where you get shit.  It's .. a once in a life time think okay you ungrateful mother fucker." she said nudging him playfully with her elbow and taking another sip of her drink.  Bill was closing in with another drink for them to share, something clear this time which got her brow to quirk slightly.

"No we couldn't leave Albert behind because he's family, you viscious bastard.  A defenseless Interface Unit."

[Miss Blue with current upgrades-]

"yeah I know Albert, I'm talking about Pre-Fuckery Albert."

[I am afraid I do not understand the terminology of Pre-Fuckery.]

"It means before the Savi made you into a back talking son of a bitch." she grumbled.

[I am not the product of a female canine.] he said almost offended.

Blue rolled her eyes.  Then suddenly.  They were summoned to the Captain's ready room just as Bill walked off leaving his flaming booze behind.  Blue looked over at Cross and shrugged her shoulders.  "I don't fucking know, I didn't order booze on fire, doesn't look good for your insides.  Come on lets go see what we're being paged for." 

Blue got up and put Albert on her shoulder were his talons clipped into place on the metallic pad on her shoulder.  She leaned over and grabbed a taco for the road shoving some napkins in her pocket as they headed off towards the door giving a wave to Bill. 

"What did you do this time and why am I going down for it?" Cross asked as they hit the corridor. 

"Fuck if I know, I just got here!" she said looking over at him with a grin and kicking at his leg making him jolt to the side slightly with a grin on his face.

[ Lt Cmdr Miles "Iron-Fox" Renard | Fighter Assault Bay | Shared Office | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan 

Miles sighed as he brought up that point. Who should be SCO?  "Now that's the real kicker ain't it." He said with a soft chuckle leaning back into the chair he was in.  "I can't help but want my old room back but if you are sitting in that chair I'm back to a standard quarters that's based on rank alone" He paused softly and closed his eyes briefly figuring that levity had to be the only way to even approach these thoughts, "That said.  I was in that fighter and that exo suit for over a hundred straight hours.  Being in a tin can within another tin can for that long gives a person a lot of time to do nothing but think."

Looking around. He shrugged, "You and I both know there's at least one pilot in this squad that I've got some major bad blood with.  Hell, looking at the chart looks like she's on your wing even.  Honestly, I don't have a problem with her; the fault is mine on that issue.  Secondly, As you mentioned, You know the new pilots and I don't.  That definitely gives you one hell of a leg up on the ladder and more puts us on Even footing for the position and takes away any doubts that the selection should be based on who had it first?  Do I think you should go after keeping the position?  Wholeheartedly, I think you and I are equally qualified, suited and deserving of the position You've earned that position just as much as I did and proven it through one hell of a crucible."

He paused again this time letting the thoughts he was having hang not sure he was ready for the consequences of his next words to be spoken but deep in his mind he needed to say them, "As for the second question am I eager to get it back?"  He closed his eyes and looked at Ravon, "That's a lot harder to answer."
[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Time Moves Forward | Changes For the Better | I Mourned Your Soul Ages Ago | One Step at a Time]
@Auctor Lucan

Time of their own.  Time to be a couple, not needed to repair something.  Time off, and if they could get off the ship itself it was more the better.  She loved the ship, it was her home, and had been since she had been drafted onto it.  However, some sunshine and good fresh air could not be replaced by anything.  Even the recycled air of a holodeck pretending to be fresh air and sunshine.  Nothing could quite replicate such a thing and she could only hope that there was some way that this could be fixed for them.  That they could get a real vacation.  Even if it was for a day or two.  She wasn't greedy, she just wanted some time where they couldn't be called away for the Fighter Assault bay.  She hoped that Ives could find them somewhere to go.   Understanding that his crew had been through so much it needed some sort of reset.

Li mentioned that the chief was gone and someone, him, was going to have to take over where the Chief left off until they figured out who would replace him.  She knew that it wouldn't be her, she had already been passed up from a promotion before.  The position that Liam currently held had once supposed to be her but had been given to him instead.  Likely, because Sten was mad at her after screwing her.  There was no end to the punishments that old asshole would lay on the people that he had decided to write off. 

She tried to look deep in her soul for some sort of sadness at his passing.  But, as much as she tried she couldn't find any.  Perhaps it was because when he had been an asshole, when he sent her to the Harbinger, when he slept with her as she came back, when he spurned her once more, and then.. when he fired her... she had written him off.  She had already mourned the loss of his soul because he hadn't had one in a long damn time. 

"We will make time for us.  We can work the schedules to have a little time every day.  Even if it's a small lay over.. or.. sleeping side by side.  The ship is our job but we also have to make sure that we stay healthy mentally or we won't be any good out there on the deck when we're needed." she told him looking up into those lovely blue eyes.  Fringed with blonde lashes, he had those sharp features, that jaw bone that could cut someone... she was a lucky girl.

He spoke about Sten again, and Ji tried to listen to his fears.  About how they had both been fired, for the lack of a better term.  And how they were the only two that knew about it.  Meaning they could, sweep it under the rug if they wanted to.  They could pretend that whole situation didn't happen, and no one would ever know.  She knew that they could, but again, Ji was not ashamed of sleeping with Liam.  She was not ashamed of their relationship, and she would stand up for them over and over again no matter what.

Ji was known to have a spine of steel and now was no different.  "Oppa." she sighed softly in Korean.  "Gwaenchanh-a." she said cupping one of his cheeks with her rough and calloused hands with a bit of a smile.  "It's going to be okay.  I'm not afraid to tell Ives, or Ravon, or who ever I need to about the situation.  There is probably security footage of everything, and there will be paper trails of all the shit that he put me through.  So if you want me to, I will go and fight tooth and nail for the fact that we are allowed to stay on this ship and do our job.  We might have fucked on that desk behind you, but we didn't forget our job.  We didn't toss our responsibilities aside for it, not a single fighter, pilot, or job suffer for the time we were in here.  Because our jobs come first, they always do, Yeobo." she smiled softly.

"I will fight for us.  I will draw blood for us.  Because, together we are a far better fucking team for this deck than apart.  We proved during the borg fight, during the Asaurian fight, we could have a relationship and do our jobs too." she assured him.  "We got this."

Oppa: Means brother, or if it's your lover it can mean boyfriend or sweetie
Gwaenchanh-a: means it's okay
Yeobo: means honey
[ Dr. Silim Parnak | VIP Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @FollowTomorrow 

Parnak couldn't help but feel delighted at Ejek's acceptance. She would like a timepiece. In fact, she even felt that she would enjoy it. With a cool smile, Silim tried to figure out what sort he should make for her. There were so many different types.

Amusingly while Parnak ponder, Ejek moved on. She wasn't going to wait for Silim to choose a topic of her life. Nor was she going to offer. She would share what she wanted. This was something that he could admire. While she spoke and shared her story from before the Federation, the elder Cardassian watched his guest. Once again, analysing her actions and meanings from the way she conveyed herself. There was no more tea to be had. No more meal to hide behind. They had both finished long ago; all that was left was to feast of each other's company.

Ejek's 'truth' was adequate. A simple tale of her work and the type of woman she was before. Perhaps she still was. Order amongst chaos. They both had found the latter, and if he could say little else, he enjoyed the former that she brought to him.

With her short story finished, amid a half-hearted chuckle at herself, the counsellor turned again to his past. This was the third time Ejek had raised Parnak's military past and it gave him pause. What was the compulsion? Like most of the general populace, did she have a romanticised impression of the guard? Or was she just a fool for a man in uniform? This would be something he would have to test at a later date.

Sharing a pleasing look with his compatriot, he smiled.

"Now that, my takhmar, is a story to save for the next time." There was no malice or teasing in the way that he spoke. Parnak was genuinely happy for the woman to be in his life.  It was just that this meal they have together was coming to a close.

"As much as I wish I could stay with you all morning, I'm afraid duty calls." He shrugged, disappointed at his own timekeeping skills. "I suspect as Chief Counsellor for a vessel, you have no end to your workload."

Tahkmar - Kardasi for Darling, Dear, Sweet. (A term of endearment)
[ Lieutenant Ayden Tyre | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy ] @Brutus

Ayden could only take a small comfort in the knowledge that for whatever, unknown, reasoning, Dr Nicander had failed to abuse the authority he had wielded as the former Chief Medical Officer aboard the Theurgy, despite having multiple chances and reasonings to do so. The Betazoid could offer few reasons as to why this hadn't been explored as a revenue of attack, from the knowledge he had access to, and seemingly neither could Commander Stark. Perhaps the parasites wished to observe and study the Theurgy and its Captain through their Doctor's eyes? Learn from the tactics of the ship and work to trump them...

It was the only explanation he could fathom. But he dearly wished that he would be proved wrong.

Commander Stark did however, agree that the role of Chief Medical Officer did move beyond the chain of command. They were in a similar mind that the USS Theurgy presented an especially tasty morsel, upon which that particular power to remove could easily be abused... Though, with a crew so tight knit and stalwart about their mission, Ayden was partially unsure as to whether the exercising of that ability would hold much weight aboard the ship at all...

And then, she divulged into her reasoning for his summons...

Her praise was fair, but Ayden still felt gratified that his efforts had been observed and notice. She commented on how his actions, as well as those who knew him, whom he could only assume would be Commander Ducote, spoke highly of him. She explained how in most cases, one of their own Doctors would be the one to step into the shoes of Dr Nicander.

But apparently, they did not have that option with Dr Rez, which explained a lot to the Betazoid... She was a recently joined Trill, whose symbiote's previous host had served on the Theurgy. Apparently, one of those previous hosts had intercepted and sabotaged a message that they had sent from Starbase 84 to warn the Galaxy about the parasite threat, and twisted it into a something soiled from its original purpose.

Trill symbiotes confused Ayden, but he knew enough about them to know that a joining that one wasn't prepared for was rarely performed, due to the traumatic nature of the joining without a great deal of preparation for it... Commander Stark confirmed as such, the being their reason for not passing the mantle of CMO down to the Trill. One of their reasons.

The second made sense to Ayden, from the Security standpoint that Commander Stark suggested; the apparent maverick of her previous personality could easily and unknowingly emerge again, and do something exactly as the Betazoid had suggested. Relieve a senior Officer. And even in smaller concerns, a rogue personality could fail to identify a serious risk to the health of the crew, it could mistreat a serious injury, decide to de-thaw all of the cryo-pods in Sickbay, give someone the wrong medication... The concerns were endless...

"I fully understand your concern Commander, whilst I know it can't be easy to hold someone back from consideration, due to something such as this." He paused, considering the most diplomatic way to deliver the statement. "But I believe you are right to do so. It is a position of the utmost trust, and even the slightest worry could turn into a serious concern further down the line. Even if not malicious in intention, a personality manifesting during a critical triage situation, for example, could mean the difference between an efficient response and delegation of resources, to critical loss of life." Ayden paused, not wanting to speak ill of a colleague whom had been kind and supportive to him, but also wishing to reassure the Commander that her hard choice had been warranted.

"And I if the intention was to be malicious, a Chief Medical Officer could unleash an untold amount of devastation aboard the ship. Disengage all of the occupied cryo-pods, activate biohazard containment protocols across the entire ship in the middle of combat, intentionally overdose a patient..." All of his thoughts were sickening to consider, and Ayden was sure that the grimace upon his face indicated his opinions on the subjects too. "I'm perhaps more concerned that Dr Nicander did not do any of these things when aboard... It might be more worrying to consider that his stance aboard the Theurgy was simply to act as a looking glass for the parasites to investigate their prime threat...

Ayden felt grim enough to know that he'd steered the conversation into the proverbial rocks, and made a concious endeavour to return to a more promising topic.

"In regards to this knowledge staying between us, I can assure you, that as both a telepath and a Doctor, I am well accustomed to keeping things quiet." Ayden returned with a reassuring smile. "But thank you for permitting my mentioning it to Commander Ducote. He's..." Ayden paused, quite unsure as to how to summarise the Commander outside of a dissertation. "He's always been fiercely protective of his Officers, and he'll no doubt have questions for me. I appreciate not having to find ways to conceal things from him, as a Betazoid, I am unaccustomed to mistruths."

Ayden produced a small little smile at the revelation, aware that mistruths and 'white lies' were remarkably common for Humans, something that Ayden strove to avoid the best he could. He could keep things quiet and was even known for a little misdirection from time to time, but outwardly lying was very uncomfortable for him. peaking of concealment and misdirection, the Betazoid decided to knuckle down and confirm his suspicions to the subject of the conversation. The Commander had dropped hints, but nothing so solid as for him to base a conclusion on.

"I hope that I don't come across as at all presumptuous in my conclusion, but my telepathy was somewhat stunted my ability to 'read' people's intentions like other races do... You've certainly presented your case towards me, but since you've not outright said anything, I would hesitate to assume..." He bashfully looked down, feeling somewhat out of his element, despite asking far more intimate questions to patients of his each and every day... Though, that was in a situation where he had the answers and the solutions. He was currently in the possession of neither.

"But do you intend to offer me the position of Chief Medical Officer aboard this vessel?"
[Lt. Zephyr Praise | Battles for Dominance | King of the Castle | Queen of His Heart | Finally, Peace]

She had truly been afraid he would not be here.  That he would have rather of stayed away in the Quarters that he had clearly had elsewhere.  Where she had nothing to her name, nothing to bring with her, he had boxes.  Enough to make a castle that could fit a Klingon, bedding, and room for her at it's heart.  Where they were going to put all these things she didn't know.  But, she was glad he had things because it would mean that her place would be more at home.  It would be more of a home instead of the boring empty Quarters that it was now.  If she could ever woo her Klingon out of his pout hut and out into the real world again.  It had been a rough day, a rough week, really in the world of her Klingon.  But, she knew that together they could come through it all.  They could make it happen together because they were both very good at what they did and they were connected.  Whatever happened, they could return to their center. 

Each other.

He told her that he would always come to where she was.  No matter where, he would find her, return to her, and the answering smile across her face said more than her words would have.  She truly cared for him, loved him, in the kind of deep way that pulled at her heart every time they had to part.  She still remembered the pain when they had him distracted in the Brig and she had to walk away from him.  He needed care, he needed space, and he needed people he knew.  He would have to find her late; and he had, he had found her.  He had come to her Quarters and made himself at home.  This was their home, shared, and beautiful.  It was a place she could truly get behind every day when she came home from a long shift.  Her job wouldn't be as hard as his.  He was a pilot, a fighter pilot and ...

It dawned on her then.  He'll work with Thom... oh what have I done. she thought to herself as she closed her dark eyes and rested her head in his large hands for the moment.  He shifted reaching behind himself and pulled out a rough fur type blanket.  It was soft though, more so than it looked as he wrapped it around her shoulders causing her to lay down against him, her head resting on his large shoulder as though it was her own pillow.  She was so tired, so ... so tired, but she didn't want to miss a minute of being with Khorin.  She knew they had seen a lot of each other recently, their connection snapped into place so quickly.  It scared even her, sometimes, but then she remembered how it was like breathing, being next to Khorin.

He explained how she had thwarted Toby the Targ, prompting a small cute giggle from her lips as she sat back up to look at him.  He teased her that she wanted to take his crown from him, but there was a series of quests that she would have to complete.  With a smile she looked up at the yellow paper crown that he placed on his braided hair.  She needed to brush it out for him, but that was going to be a task for later, with some water, spray shampoo, and a pick.  For now though, it still suited him even if it was odd to see the paper crown on top of his braids.  Pursing her lips she looked up at the crown and then back in his joking but mock serious eyes.  She reached up and snatched the crown off his head and put it on her own.  Her own soft curls, shoulder length, and clean fell around her to frame her face slightly even with the crown.  She smiled and leaned in pressing their noses side by side.

"I don't want to take the crown.  I want to share it with you.  I will be Queen to your Cardboard Castle, and Toby can be our guard." she whispered against his lips, breath rushing against the sensitive skin there. 

Then, Zeph did the thing she had wanted to for a long time.  She pulled him into not just a kiss.  But a deep and heated kiss.  The kind that sent her sprawling backwards with him on top of her.  There was just enough room in their cardboard paradise for the maneuver.  She lost her hands in his braids, the paper crown slumped to the side discarded and almost flat now as she wrapped her body around the man.  Her hands fought for his stupid unicorn death metal sweatshirt, to toss it to the side and off of his body.  She wanted to sleep, she did, she was exhausted, but.. but first she needed him in the way they had not been able to.  The way their bodies had called to one another, and she could only hope that he was game.
[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Chief Counsellor's Office, Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @FollowTomorrow @fiendfall

Rhys realised that he did not think in the healthiest ways about himself and those around him. However, being aware that was the case and being able to do anything about it were two different matters. To most people a nod from a fellow officer was just that. A polite greeting or acknowledgement. In Rhys' head it took the form of an unspoken judgement. He knew it was silly but he had the feeling he was being weighed up by Ejek and found wanting in some critical way.

Hatev however he had nothing to go on, even his mind could not read into an emotionally repressive species an emotion. Rhys took the seat that was offered and tried to relax. Relaxing was not his strong suit. Also considering what he and the rest of the crew had been through recently, his body and mind were not in the mood to relax. He sat with his spine ramrod straight. He was a clear and obvious sack of tension.

Rhys raised his eyebrows as Lt. Commander Hatev indicated she had eighty years of experience. It had been a vain hope that he would end up head of department, with such an experienced officer. He forgotten how long Vulcans could live and serve for. Their new commanding officer indicated she would need help getting to know the Theurgy and its crew. Ejek proceeded with a very sensible suggestion, and suddenly Rhys felt a huge wave of pressure on him. He knew he would be expected to say something useful, and now he felt utterly unable to do so. He felt utterly inferior to the other two officers, like he was the odd one out. The only one in a place he did not belong.

"Like er... Lt. Ejek, I've also not been on the Theurgy for long and I was only Chief Counselor on the Cayuga for a few months. "
His mouth felt like it was full of cotton wool and he was sure the others could feel the waves of nervousness crashing off him. "We have an amalgamation of a  few crews here, many of whom until recently thought the crew of the Theurgy was their enemy." His eyes flicked over Hatev and Ejek to try and see if he was saying things that made sense. "Its likely that there may well be some tension and or resentment between crew members. I suspect we will have to be engaged in some conflict management." He was not sure what else to say and felt to some extent like he was walking on eggshells.