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Title: CH02: S [D02|1200] The Klingon Admirer
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The Klingon Admirer

Stardate: 57651.86
April 17, 2381 @ 1200hrs

[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Swift

The surgery had been a success. Having been appointed as Head Nurse of the Theurgy, Vinata was able to roster himself without trouble to Kate's service for the day. The Ovri was tired though, attributed to his delayed sleep that morning partly due to his conversation with Tyre and then his encounter with Lucan Nicander in the Brig. Despite the tiredness, there seemed to be a renewed spirit within Vinata as evidenced by a more upbeat, positive attitude and an extra spring of happiness in his steps.

Both he and Kate had thankfully navigated a rather routine operation that saw the reimplantation of regenerated bowel into the Klingon they had saved in the wee-hours of the morning. They had also reversed the temporary colostomy that Kate had placed as well. Signs of sepsis and adverse outcomes had seemed to move to the way-side for the moment and projected outcome measurements appeared in favour for a full and uncomplicated recovery for the Klingon warrior.

Vinata was sure that he and Kate had formed the foundation of a solid friendship. He had enjoyed working with her immensely in both the crisis situation of the earlier morning and the surgery they had just finished. The two had walked over to the Head Nursing station and shared in some playful and casual banter, Vinata pursued several PADDs on his desk quickly and his long amphibian looking fingers quickly tapped on several of them. It was nothing complicated, rather just needed approval for shift switches and schedule changes - his top priority now was to ensure the safe operation of the nursing staff on Theurgy and report directly to Tyre. Although, he had full intentions on maintaining his practice and competencies on ship.

Vojona quickly glanced up at a large monitor directly across from his desk, which displayed an active list of nursing and their assignments. Everything was in the green, per se and there was nothing that would require his immediate attention. "I am glad that went well Doctor Foster. Thank you for having me once more." It was probably the third time Vinata had expressed his gratitude to Kate now - he felt it was worthy though for how welcoming she had been in embracing the Nurse as her first assistant twice now.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster ( | Main Sickbay ( | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Aharon

Kate followed after her new Amphibian companion as they left their Klingon Patient to recover for the second time in as many days, though this time had likely and more so hopefully be the last they needed to dive into his abdomen. Still, the dual procedures had afforded Kate the opportunity to come to know Vinata, whom she found to be something of an intriguing acquaintance and meriting additional interaction. She imagined that the two of them, as well as they had hit it off the day prior, would settle into fast friends with little effort. They shared an interest, and a mutual respect that went beyond the confines of work. There was also the fascination inherent in Kate, as she sought to explore, and understand more of the Ovri, and their unique culture. Vinata had certainly piqued that fascination, but Kate was genuinely interested in a friendship with the newly minted Head Nurse, and only viewed the chance to understand her species as an additional side-benefit only.

Stopping as Vinata went to her station, the station reserved for Head Nurse, Kate leaned comfortably against the wall to the left of the desk and watched as the Ensign went about finalizing a bit of paperwork.

"Of course, Vin. I'm glad you were free to assist again." Kate's use of a shorthand version of Vinata, spoke to the familiarity with which she was starting to feel around him. She'd used it twice now, not deliberately so, but rather out of happenstance, and honestly hadn't considered whether or not it was appropriate or appreciated. "It was nice to share a patient with you again. I uhh... better watch it, otherwise you'll be replacing me as Chief Surgeon in no time." Realizing immediately how her words might have been inconsiderate, or insensitive with regard to how Vojona had only just assumed the role of Head Nurse, due to the necessity prompted by poor Jovela's death, Kate's face went aflush and she shook her head in a jerking manner. "Oh... I mean, I didn't... mean it like that. I'm sorry, I just..." struggling to find the right words, Kate instead opted to just quite while she was ahead. She understood that Vinata wouldn't likely have taken her inference out of an untoward malice. Simply an unfortunate turn of phrase given the scenario. "I uhh... sorry. I didn't get to know Jovela very well." She explained as way of an apology, averting her gaze as some sense of discomfort settled in.

The ship had been racked with sorrow after the explosion in the 'Spearhead Lounge' and Medical certainly hadn't been spared any of it. Still, it was their job to carry on and bring everyone back into working shape. A duty that for the most part they had been more than up to the task for. This in fact would be just the first opportunity afforded to Kate, in which she felt relatively certain that a pleasant excursion to the Mess Hall might not be waylaid by an emergency demanding her attention.
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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Swift

Vinata seemed perplexed as he processed Kate's statement. Certainly he would never be able to be Head Surgeon of the Theurgy? The statement did bring up some feelings of longing though, in particular, his desire to someday complete full medical training within Starfleet and practice as a licensed physician. There were various transition and upgrade programs offered to experienced nursing staff within the organization - although all without reach given their current standing as outlaws among the Federation.

Perhaps someday...

It did not take long though, for Vinata to catch on to the change in Kate's tone and body language - he could tell she had thought that he may have been sensitive to the comment given their department's recent loss of Head Nurse Jovela. The Ovri found little wrong with the statement made by Kate and was more worried, perhaps, that it was wrong of him to wander off into career-dreamland as opposed to thinking of Jovela.

"No apologies needed Doctor." Vinata offered his new friend a warm and comforting smile. "To be honest. I did not know her all that well myself, beyond our professional relationship. She was a capable officer and great leader of the nursing staff of this vessel though. I hope to live up to that reputation." There was a small glimmer of doubt in his comment though, he had hoped that Kate would not pick up on the insecurity. Vinata truly wanted to give this new role and responsibility his all and could only hope to equal both Head Nurses who had preceded him, his sister included among those.

"Shall we take lunch in the Main Messhall?" Vinata tilted his head slightly in inquiry. He knew there were various options for the two to dine but he was in the mood to people watch - he also desired to get out of Sickbay for a bit while they could.
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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster ( | Main Sickbay ( | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Aharon

Lost in a moment of quiet introspection as Kate had felt it necessary to pay the late Jovela a modicum of respect, given the relative faux pas that she had just made in a moment of ignorant jest, the blonde Chief Surgeon snapped back to after a second or two when she heard the Ovri's softly pleasant voice speaking to her. Affording him a tenuous yet clearly appreciative smile at the kind dismissal of her apology, Kate once more found herself liking the manner in which her friendship with Vinata was unfolding.

"Thanks." She added simply, pressing off with her shoulder from the wall she had been leant against. "...and I'm sure you will." She sought to reassure him of his capabilities as the new head Nurse, knowing it was a daunting position to take up.

"That sounds good." The chance to escape from Main Sickbay, if even for a short while, was one that neither of the two Medical Officers could really afford to pass up. It was a bit of a lull at the moment in terms of activity, or necessity, and there were absolutely no guarantees that it would last, or that another would happen along any time soon. It represented the first chance that Kate had had to just sit, and gather her thoughts regarding the previous twenty-four hours, and the people that had come into her life, as well as those who had left it rather sadly. There was also the added confidence that despite the fact that she was only technically scheduled to work a regular eight-hour shift, that need would dictate her staying far longer than that. She of course hoped that it wouldn't be too long, since there were other matters which she had hoped to attend to, more specifically a pending personal one in the guise of professionalism, but that would have to wait until the right moment presented itself. Just as the chance at lunch had presented itself to her and Vinata right then and now.

"I have the oddest craving for a bowl of Cardassian razorfish soup and a cup of Red Leaf Tea."

"Oh... hey! Kitty! Can you mind things here for a bit, I'm taking a lunch with Nurse Vojona. Promise I'll cover you for lunch when I get back?" she called out to the blonde surgical Nurse after she had rounded a corner, and thankfully Ellison smiled and pointed at Kate as if to say she would hold her to the reciprocated offer. "Thanks!"

"So... shall we?"
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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Swift

"Cardassian razorfish?" Vinata tilted his head ever so slightly and looked rather inquisitive. "I have never heard of that before." It certainly sounded like it would be pleasant and in keeping with what he enjoyed eating. He was sure that most humanoids on the Theurgy would be rather turned off to what he normally consumed, although there were large variations in diet within the various species that habited the vessel.

"I think I will stick with my usual. Rigelian plankton soufflé. Extra salt." The Head Nurse unconsciously extended his long tongue and licked his lips in anticipation. Having realised the moment, Vinata seemed to shift uncomfortably, being rather embarrassed by his lack of manners - he was hungry and that primal urge had facilitated a momentary lapse in his civilized self. He had not had a chance to eat breakfast, having had only a couple of hours sleep earlier in the morning. There was intention to have attempted more but his last minute visit to Lucan Nicander had resulted in a much longer stay-over than he had planned.

Vinata folded his arms behind his back and smiled as Kate negotiated her break and coverage with one of her colleagues. It was not something he needed to do, at least not anymore - one of the advantages of being the Head Nurse was the ability to plan your own breaks. He had already accounted for a period where he and Kate would dine together.

"Oh. Yes. Let us." He smiled and extended his arm, a gesture indicated he wanted Kate to take the lead. It was nice to be doing this - to just enjoy some casual time with a fellow crew member. His budding friendship with Kate had reinforced how introspective and isolated he had made himself in the past several weeks - it was unlike him and not in keeping with his usual persona. Perhaps this was a continuation in making his way back to the Vinata he once was, before the many traumas he had endured since coming on board the Theurgy.

Several moments later, the two officers were enroute to Deck 13 and the main Mess Hall in their very own turbolift. "So. Kate. What brought you here to the Theurgy? Where were you practicing before your posting here?" Yes - there were personnel files for such things but Vinata had much preferred to get to know an individual through interaction. Given that Kate was not one of his own staff, he had not made it a priority to review her personnel file. The Ovri had shifted to using her first name, given the context of their situation. He was usually very formal, even in casual interactions but he figured he would give it a shot.

It was only a few moments more when the two officers entered the Mess Hall. It was moderately busy, given the timing of their arrival. Many officers were currently having their own lunches. There were also a couple small clusters of Klingon warriors who were gathered in the space, sharing in their own obnoxious laughter. "Shall we take the table in the back there?" There was an empty table in the back corner, it would have provided a bit more privacy but also enable the best perspective for people watching.
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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster ( | Officer's Mess Hall ( | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Aharon

Kate wasn't overly surprised that her Amphibian friend hadn't been familiar with the particular Cardassian delicacy that was 'razorfish soup', as it was something of a rarity for non-Cardassians to indulge in their cuisine. "It's umm... kind of my go-to lunch. I picked it up during my internship on Cardassia Prime after the end of the war." Kate could remember the first time one of her colleagues had introduced it to her, and how she had at the time found it far to spicy for her particular taste. But over time, she grew to appreciate it, and developed a far more adventurous pallet as a result. She was frequently trying new dishes from other cultures now, and that was every bit thanks to her experiences during the relief efforts that the Federation had overseen after the Dominion had destroyed so much of the planet. As such, she had every intention of attempting to sneak a taste of Vinata's chosen dish, as there was definitely a curiosity at play for the petite blonde surgeon.

"Awesome!" she said simply as they made the short two-deck journey from Main Sickbay to the Officer's Mess Hall on Deck 13, where along the way Vinata saw fit to continue their getting to know each other with an inquiry about Kate's previous assignments. She more than appreciated the interest being shown, and likewise had plenty of her own to express toward the Ovri, but there was a hesitance in her as she weighed how much of her past to unveil so early on in their burgeoning friendship. There had been plenty of negative reactions to the circumstances which surrounded her career, and perhaps rightfully so given the things that she had done, but at the same time it felt wholly wrong to lie to Vinata, so Kate wouldn't. "I uhh... I was practicing yes. Prior to Theurgy, I was Chief Surgeon aboard the USS Shelby. Small little Saber-class ship." There was also the realization that if Kate wasn't honest, it wouldn't take much more than a casual perusing of her personnel file to see all of the red marks there.

"How about you? Did you see any postings as a Nurse prior to Theurgy?" she reciprocated the question, her hands a little fidgety at her sides as she navigated the minefield that was her unease at engaging in personal engagements. Years ago, she was as comfortable as anyone when it came to social situations, but since being rebuked by anyone and everyone who had ever cared about her, she had lost that confidence.

Soon they arrived at the Officer's Mess, and indeed it was surprisingly busy. There was a mixture of other Starfleet Officers, as well as a number of Klingon Warriors; members of Martok's retinue. Kate felt herself tense up ever so slightly, as she'd been unable to avoid them or their overtly sexual gestures toward her since accepting the mission to Theurgy. There was an instinct to push for them finding a different place to dine, but when a table cleared for them, and Vinata made the suggestion, Kate nodded out of acquiescence to him. "Yeah, umm... I'll secure the table before anyone else can, do you want to grab our lunches? Cardassian Razorfish Soup, and a Red Leaf Tea, yeah?" she raised a hand to ensure that he was okay with the arrangement, before crossing the room in a bit of a hurry, as she could see that several of the Klingons had been eyeing the now free place to dine. Slipping her slender lithe form between a few of the brutes, Kate managed to sneak to it well before anyone else could and stake her claim by plopping down into a seat.

"Sorry, umm... this table's taken." She offered to a trio of other Officers who had been on an approach vector, Kate smiling a little apologetically to them as they shrugged their shoulders and moved elsewhere. Raising her hand, Kate threw a thumbs up to Vinata as to signal that the table was secure. She liked the idea of getting a chance to just sit, relax, and chat about whatever the pair of them could think of. It felt normal, and Kate badly desired to feel some semblance of normal again.

She peered at the Klingons nearby, hopeful that they'd leave her alone long enough for Vinata to join her once more.
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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Officer's Mess Hall | Deck 13 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Swift

Vinata, having a keen talent at observation as one must in the role of a Nurse, had taken notice to the change in Kate's body language and tone - he thought perhaps that his inquiry into her prior posting may have been too forward. Vinata could sense, based on his objective noting, that the discussion had made Kate a bit uncomfortable. He had no desire to push or delve into it though, as he was insightful enough to realise that would most likely sour the meal they were about to share.

His head tilted ever so slightly at Kate's own inquiry into his former posting, "Briefly. I served on board the USS Harbinger as a Nurse with my sister Hylota. It was not long before the Harbinger got tangled up with the Theurgy and we ended up serving here." It reality - Vinata's Starfleet career had been quite brief, beyond the training both he and his sister had undergone on Earth after their people had sent them on exchange to the Federation. "Truly. My Starfleet career has been rather short lived but I practiced medicine on my homeworld prior to being sent to Earth by my elders."

It seemed a lifetime ago now - when both he and Hylota had been approached by the elders of their homeworld and asked to exchange to Earth, to be professional representatives of their people. Ovri were recent members of the Federation and as such, Vinata had aimed to do his best in representing his people - despite the fact he now served as Head Nurse on an outlawed vessel. He could only hold on to the hope that their names would be cleared one day, if they were fortunate enough to live that long.

Now in the mess area, Vinata was pleased that Kate had seemed to agree with his pick on a table. He nodded politely after she had proposed he retrieve their lunch, "Of course Kate. I would be most happy too." He parted from her and made his way over the replicator, although he had made several side glances to keep an eye on her as well.

"Two separate meals. Razorfish soup with red leaf tea. Rigelian plankton soufflé with extra salt and a strawberry milkshake to drink." The Ovri chuckled to himself as he took in the sight of Kate slipping past some much larger Klingons and making her intentions known of their chosen table. With her thumbs up Vinata nodded, still smiling widely to himself as he picked up their meals from the replicator and walked over.

As he transversed the short distance, he could not help but take notice of the warriors eyeing him with intent. There was something off in their looks - a hunger and desire that made Vinata slightly uneasy. It looked as if they wanted to either eat him or ravish him right there in the mess hall. The Ovri picked up his pace and rather quickly assumed his seat across from Kate, the tray holding their meals had rather abruptly slammed down on the surface which had caused the soup to spill out of the bowl some.

"Oh.. I am sorry Kate.." Vinata stated in a most apologetic way. He was not certain if it had just been him being paranoid about the attention he had gathered or if Kate had noticed it as well. He anxiously picked up a napkin and began cleaning up some of the soup spillage. The napkin however was dropped as the Ovri took note of the sound and appearance of a Klingon female warrior. Vinata attempted to fall in hiding around the outline of Kate's body and he appeared to pale slightly.

"Oh no... This can not be happening..." The words fell out of his mouth in disbelief. "Do you think we could get away with using the emergency transporters Kate?" Vinata had given little information to help build context for his friend but she would clearly be able to ascertain the presence of this female warrior had caused great anxiety within Nurse Vojona.

[Krevass - Daughter of Driniga | Officer's Mess Hall | Deck 13 | USS Theurgy ]

Krevass laughed heartily as her and two male warriors entered the mess hall of the Theurgy. "Like you could take on three warriors by yourself. I can kick your ass with ease when the blades of our Bat'leths meet Ogreth." The most large and dominating female Klingon warrior, punched the arm of her colleague which sent him stumbling. There was laughter among the room now as she made her way over to the replicator.

"Do you think these fancy Federation replicators can make a decent blood wine and gagh?" She looked over to another two warriors who were seated, eating and drinking the very same, both of which shook their heads no. "Ugh... You would think we could at least get some decent food before we march to our glorious deaths!"

After several long sentences, which had incorporated multiple variations of klingon-swearing, Krevass was able to get the replicator to produce something half edible. She growled as she took an empty seat with her comrades and began ravishing some sort of meat-looking leg. It wasn't long however - before she took notice of a blue, bald creature across the room which appeared to be attempting to hide behind some human female.

'Those blues.... No.... It can't be...' Krevass dropped her meat-leg for a moment, she could not quite get a full picture of the creature which had caught her eye. She had almost stood up to get a better view when one of her warrior colleagues had begun to break into song. It had been enough to distract her, as she enjoyed partaking in such rituals at the dinner table and she soon joined in.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster ( | Officer's Mess Hall ( | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Aharon

Kate was more than a little pleased that the subject of attention had been turned around, if even for just a short while, as she was absolutely dreading the inevitable reveal of her checkered past. It was just a matter of when, rather than if, and Kate feared that like so many others, Vinata would judge her with the same level of admonishment and contempt that was due, or perhaps worse. As a shared Medical professional, Kate was worried about the likelihood that he might be less forgiving of someone committing such blatant malpractice.

Blinking away the unease that had further started to settle in at the pit of her stomach like a sinking stone, Kate tried to be an attentive friend to Vinata as he went on to explain, in brief, the parts of his past assignment aboard another starship. Smiling sweetly at the mention of a sibling, she felt another shared connection with him, though she immediately imagined that their dynamic was slightly less turbulent than that of her own. She considered asking about Hylota but figured to hold off for the moment as she remembered that not every tale or aspect of one's life was a pleasant matter to explore, especially on this starship. Still, it was an avenue of conversation that she could follow-up on at some point, and perhaps she would if it felt right, or if presented with the appropriate circumstances. For now, she was content to listen and nod in acknowledgment, one of her delicate hands idly moving to tuck back a tuft of her asymmetrical length blonde hair behind an ear.

"Well... given how calm you are under pressure, and like... how I've seen you deal with your patients; I can definitely see why the Lieutenant chose to give you the Chief of Nursing position. You don't have the umm... temperament... of someone only on their second Starfleet posting."

After they had split up, Vinata having gone to retrieve their lunches, and Kate having snuck her way through to the only open table to stake a claim, she had thought that maybe they would finally have a moment of respite from the stress of their day. Instead however, like her Ovri friend, Kate's patience with regard to the overtly aggressive sexual advances of the Klingons would be further run through the proverbial ringer it seemed. For as poor Vinata attempted to join the blonde surgeon, she could see the wayward glares full of intent that were cast upon him, and how they were clearly bothering him. It was obvious that some of his more feminine features were having an effect on the Warriors that had been gathered in the mess hall, and when he plopped down into his seat with their tray of food, disturbing some of it in the process, Kate felt nothing but empathy for him.

"No... it's umm... it's fine." She reassured, helping to dab up the little bit of spilled soup with a napkin.

It had certainly seemed that any modest hope Kate and Vinata might have had at finding peaceful refuge from the loud drunken oafishness of the High Chancellor's retinue wouldn't be found this afternoon. Rather it was becoming increasingly evident, to her at least, that such behavior would likely haunt them until the very end of this shared endeavor toward the Klingon home world. Retrieving the mug of red-leaf tea from the tray, Kate took an errant sip of the hot spiced beverage reminiscent in smell and taste to that of a strong cinnamon flavor, oblivious for a brief instant to the increased discomfort which was now plaguing her companion. She could see that his reactions weren't of any standard variety, but rather that of someone with something personal at play in his mind with respect to the Klingons immediately present. A fact that compounded soon when he seemed to panic, which was the first sign of unease that Kate had detected from him during their times together.

Raising a curious brow as Vinata's blue feature's paled, Kate leant back in her seat and looked over her shoulder in the direction of the Klingons in question, inadvertently drawing upon their attention, as evidenced by how quickly she snapped back to face Vinata when they glared more directly at them.

"Oh... you umm, know one of them?" she asked, an apologetic tone to her voice as she tilted the pate of her head slightly.
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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Officer's Mess Hall | Deck 13 | USS Theurgy ]  ATTN: @Swift

The Ovri had been quite embarrassed at his own clumsy-distracted self as he had made a mess of some of the food he was tasked with bringing to their table. Thankfully though, Kate had been nothing but understanding of the situation. He had immediately felt at ease, knowing in her tone, that there was no harm done.

It was not too much longer after the spill, that Kate had taken notice of his own reaction to the loud and intimidating female Klingon which had entered the room and almost taken notice of his presence. He had meant to ask Kate to not draw more attention to them, but she had looked back in what he could only expect was a natural curiosity.

"I.. Well..." As he began to provide some explanation, memories seemed to rush forward - like some unwelcome landslide.

A while back now, shortly after he had started his duties on the Harbinger, both he and his sister Hylota had gotten involved with a group of Klingons while having been docked at a Yridian trading post. The group had taken some sort of unusual liking to the two Ovri siblings - much like the same looks of sexual desire he had experienced in the Mess Hall today. Vinata, being rather oblivious and open to exploring things sexually, had engaged intimately with one of the Klingons in particular - Krevass, Daughter of Drininga. The two had shared in some of the most aggressive sexual encounters of his own life - Vinata had suffered several injuries in the couplings but had rather enjoyed it overall. Unbeknownst to him and his sister, though, were the strong effects of their particular pheromonal release on Klingon physiology. Krevass had become unhealthily attached to him and during their second copulation, had tricked Vinata into agreeing to some form of antiquated-Klingon-comitance, an engagement of sorts. The whole situation had become quite heated when Vinata had refused to marry the individual, when it had been divulged to both him and Hylota what he had agreed to. Their Commanding Officers had to become involved in the situation and while the misunderstanding was technically resolved, it for a time tarnished the relationship he had with command on the Harbinger and was a source of gossip among his former crew.

"Well.... Technically..." Vinata's eyes grew wider as he now realised that Krevass had indeed figured out it was him across the room. "We were engaged... Ever so briefly and awkwardly." It was in that moment, he had wished he was telepathic or that Kate was, so he did not have to provide context with words. "I am afraid to say things did not end quite amicably between us." He had wanted to attempt to eat something, if only to seem more natural in the setting he and his friend were currently in but his stomach was in knots.

"Oh no. She is coming over here. I...." Vinata's look to Kate could only be described as desperation. The Ovri did not like confrontation, it was not in his nature to be argumentative but he could only sense that the upcoming encounter would not be pleasant.

[Krevass - Daughter of Driniga | Officer's Mess Hall | Deck 13 | USS Theurgy ]

The Daughter of Driniga shared in song with her fellow warriors, belting out with earnest the words of their ancestors before them. She rather loved the comradery that a meal, drink, food, laughter and song offered her. It had been enough to distract what she had seen for a moment but her mind would not let go of whom she could swore she had seen.

Towards the end of the first ballad, she had stood up once more and had confirmed that it was indeed a familiar blue, bald Ovri. A man whom she had swore herself to in the intimacy of the acts they had performed together. "Vinata..." She spat this out to herself and quickly broke away from the song.

The large brute of a woman immediately took notice of the young and weak looking female the Ovri was sharing company with. A wave of detest and jealousy rode over her now. Was that human female whom Vinata was with now? She could not have that. Krevass marched over to the pair and bared her teeth at Kate. "You! Are you with this man? Have you shared his bed?!" She did little to hide the scene, her loud and dominating voice had cut across the room - the eyes of Klingon and non-Klingon alike now on all three of them.
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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster ( | Officer's Mess Hall ( | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Aharon

There had been a real pang of regret at how she had so blatantly drawn the attention of the rather imposing Klingon Warrioress, as she could detect in the reactions of her Ovri friend that he had hoped to remain unrecognized. Affording him something of an apologetic wincing smile, Kate set her mug  down unto the table and made a conscious effort to try and act more natural, though she knew it was likely too late for that. Instead, she could only listen with regret, and sympathy as Vinata detailed the history that existed between himself and the woman in question.

"Oh?" she said softly, attempting to ignore the strong fragrance of her soup as it was wafting into her nostrils, filling her already hungry mind with an ever-increasing want to eat. "Oh!" she blurted out with sudden realization of just how unpleasant of an arrangement there had been between Vinata and this Klingon woman, which was confirmed by how he had described it. The story stirred to life some memories of Kate's own former engagement, and she even considered commiserating about it with Vinata, but hesitated because at least hers had ended with mutual amicability. Replacing her appetite was now a sense of guilt which hit like a sinking stone, as she could see reflected in the black orbs of the Head Nurse the very cause of his dread approaching with an aggressive gait. Unable to resist, Kate peeked over her shoulder again and watched as the massive, armored woman bore down on the both of them, nearly knocking a random passerby over in the process. Swallowing audibly, the slender blonde felt as though she were shrinking in her seat as the towering hulk stopped at their table.

"Sorry, Vin." She apologized softly to him, knowing that she had inadvertently caused whatever unpleasantness that was about occur.

Visibly jumping in her chair as Krevass spat an accusatory 'You!' at her, Kate soon peered out of the corner of her tangerine-eyes at the frightful sight with an obvious sense of annoyance. And though she felt her skin go ice-white with nervousness, it was safe to say that Kate's patience with regard to the warrior race had just about worn itself through over the course of the previous two months. Taking a deep breath as her heartbeat raced within her chest, she clenched the muscles in her jaw with a rather contentious look of her own and raised an eyebrow in opposition of the woman. "I'm sorry, but I don't know who you are, or how it's any of your business who I have or haven't taken to bed!" With slightly sweaty palms flat against the table, there was a half-a-mind in Kate to push of and stand, but given how demure she was in stature, it likely wouldn't have made any difference if violence broke out. There was also a realization that maybe her brash retort had been something of a mistake, so Kate exhaled softly as she eased off of her own aggressive demeanor, but not entirely as that would have been viewed as a sign of weakness.

It had also dawned on Kate, just as it had in her past, how her unsteady temperament could land her in some decidedly difficult places. But in fairness, she had been sitting idly, letting these damned Klingons treat her and everyone else however they wanted for as long as she could stomach it. It has simply reached the end of line for her, and she had made the determination to plant her flag and stand her ground from this point on.

"My name, by the way, is Doctor Kate Foster. And you are?"
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[Krevass - Daughter of Driniga | Officer's Mess Hall | Deck 13 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Swift

The Daughter of Driniga bared her teeth at the human surgeon once more and growled. How dare the inferior creature have the nerve to challenge her question like that. Part of Drininga wanted to lift the small thing up but the scruff of her neck and toss her across the room, the other part admired her boldness and wanted to stand side by side in battle. Perhaps they would have their chance at the later in the coming days.

"I am Krevass. Daughter of Drininga. Mistress of the blade of Ka'Maq." The Klingon spoke with harshness, unapologetically spitting while forming her introduction in the direction of Doctor Foster. "I doubt you could satisfy this man as I have... Doctor..." Krevass reached for Vinata and roughly grasped his shoulder and bicep. She licked her lips as she did, and established her dominance.

As if Kate had simply disappeared, the warriors attention now solely focused on the beautiful Ovri specimen. "I do not know why you rejected what we had Vinata. I can only assume it was at the hand of that P'takh Captain of yours. Never-the-less. We can have what was meant to be. Us running into each other just reinforces our path to greatness." Krevass squeezed her hold on Vinata even more, a fire in her eyes, much like what an addict who had scored their hit on the streets would look like.

[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Officer's Mess Hall | Deck 13 | USS Theurgy ]

If there was a hole in the ground, the Ovri would have done anything to slip down into it and hide away forever. This entire situation was unbelievably uncomfortable and embarrassing. It left Vinata wondering just how much the Universe had hated him, to bring him back together with Krevass. What were the chances anyways? Not that knowing the exact percentage would change things at present but it was a welcome thought or distraction for the millisecond it went through his consciousness.

"I...." Vinata froze as the large Klingon women grasped him, rather roughly. The Ovri was simply lost for words, instead he glanced at Kate for a moment with a look of desperation in his large bug-like eyes.

"Krevass. There was no honour in the deceitful way you tricked me into the bonding ritual with you. This was never meant to be." The words had slipped out, due to some unforeseen gull within the Ovri. Perhaps it was Kate, who had instilled the come-back in him by some means. Instead of having the desired effect though, it caused the grip Krevass had on him to tighten even more and her words of their parting being because of his former Captain.

There seemed to be no reasoning with the Klingon. She wanted him.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster ( | Officer's Mess Hall ( | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Aharon

Kate's heartbeat hastened as the imposing Klingon woman stood over her at the side of their table, yet as threatening as it was, the level of annoyance eating away at Kate forbade her from backing down. She was keenly aware of how doing so would have only made things worse, as it would have been seen as an act of cowardice. No, she needed to, and in fact was determined to stand her ground on the matter. Besides, in a way she was kind of looking forward to a chance to let loose some of her pent-up aggression. Though, she did have a small pang of reticence about challenging someone who could very easily break her like one might have broken a small twig. At least, she did until there came a spray of saliva which thoroughly pelted the features of her face, spat by Krevass as she took the proverbial stage in order to introduce herself. The clear sign of dominance and disrespect ate at what little composure Kate had left in her until she felt her hands clench tightly into fists. Still she let the woman finish her tirade, and subsequent retort by Vinata whom Kate could tell was thoroughly embarrassed by everything that had happened thus far.

Glaring at the Klingon woman with her tangerine-hued eyes, Kate leant back in her chair a little, ready to stand and force the issue if it became necessary, though very much hoping it wouldn't be.

"Excuse me, Miss Driniga's daughter, it should be obvious even to you, that Vinata's moved on." Sensing the aggressiveness behind the glare, which was soon reciprocated by Krevass, Kate felt her heart stop for just a moment before it surged onward along with her point. "So, maybe you should move on, too! Maybe find yourself a nice Targ to settle down with." Kate teased, thought she soon realized that her impulsiveness had probably crossed a line. That her insulting remark had probably just made a situation worse, rather than better. Swallowing deeply, she peered back to Vinata as if to apologize once more. She didn't know what else she could say, that wouldn't further exacerbate things. So, instead she just remained quiet for a moment, and hopefully let whatever tempers she might have flared cool. 'Fat chance at that!' she thought to herself, pondering over whether or not she'd survive the beating she might receive if she didn't apologize for her remark, though she also considered that maybe apologizing was the wrong move all together.

"Umm..." her eyes averted for an instance, she looked to Vinata for guidance on how best to proceed.
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[Krevass - Daughter of Driniga | Officer's Mess Hall | Deck 13 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Swift

[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Officer's Mess Hall | Deck 13 | USS Theurgy ]

"Tricked you?" Krevass gasped. "I was honest with my intentions. I do not throw myself out there to every blue creature I encounter." There was a subtle and low growl audible from Krevass' throat, as if she was doing a mating call. True... Perhaps she had not been quite as honest in that statement - the effects of their exchange had been totally intoxicating. She had succumbed to the effects of the Ovri pheromones like an addict.

The Daughter of Dininga laughed, her attention briefly shifting to Kate once more, the feeble human had made an attempt to insult her by suggesting she lay with a Targ. It was amusing, thankfully. Of course it had pissed Krevass off but she was able to respect the gull of the Doctor's attempt to show strength. Of course, she could bust the woman's face open with her first in one go if she had wanted too. Instead - her attention returned and remained fixated on the Ovri. "Vinata. I offer you Kaplok once more, as we had that last time. Let me prove to you that this is meant to be." The Klingon's eyes opened and her smile widened, she had a catching confidence within her, as if there were no talking her out of it.

Vinata's eyes grew even larger, if at all possible when he had heard Kate's comment. He resisted the urge to laugh at it, knowing that it would have certainly only escalated the situation. He caught her eye contact, and knew that she was regretful but also that she wished she could do more. This entire situation was certainly not ideal and the Ovri knew of no tactic or strategy out of it, at present.

"Kaplok..." Vinata muttered this, it was almost incoherent. "No..." The Ovri looked up at Krevass, his facial expression changed and in a rare moment, the Ovri looked angry. "I think not Krevass and I ask that you remove your hand from me at this very moment!" Vinata placed his large skinny fingers over Krevass' own hand and forcibly removed her grasp on his shoulder.

"I think Doctor Foster and I will take our leave." Vinata looked at Kate, he was blushing once more with embarrassment for himself. He was now worried that this entire event would tarnish the budding friendship between the two officers, a thought that truly made him saddened within. His own friendships were far and few between on the Theurgy these days, he truly desired to protect what was happening between him and Kate.

"I.... Uh..." Krevass for once was speechless. She removed her hand at the behest of Vinata. She could not understand what the hesitation was, her advances had worked on the Ovri before. Oh how she desired to share his bed once more - she had truly felt nothing in comparison since the times they had shared. It had been a point of reference and comparison for her in all other encounters she had taken part in since.

Out of desperation and in knowing there was truly nothing else she could do to prove herself to her desired conquest, the Daughter of Drininga sighed. "I have nothing else to give you Vinata. Nothing but my loyalty and ultimate devotion." Krevass drew her D'k tahg and made a motion to begin slicing her hand, she had intended to swear a sword oath to the creature - it was a gesture of desire, desperation and last-ditch effort to win over the Ovri.

As the D'k tahg had been pulled, Vinata froze, not exactly sure what to do. He made quick eye contact with Kate, his look pleading for her assistance.
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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster ( | Officer's Mess Hall ( | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Aharon

Kate could clearly see how utterly uncomfortable and full of dread her Ovri friend was in the moment. Even if she couldn't necessarily understand the intricacies involved with a Klingon bonding ritual, or how hard it must have been to deal with one when you didn't exactly intend on signing up for one, she could still sense the emotional struggle evident in Vinata's face. It was never easy being around an ex-lover, especially when relations had ended poorly between yourself and them. Kate knew that all too well, given the immensely rocky road that was her own past. Thankfully for her, the likelihood of running into any of her own past flames was something of a statistical impossibility, though she imagined the same should have been true for Vinata, and yet here Krevass was. It spoke to the sense of humor fate seemed to operate with, and made Kate worry that maybe she wasn't so safe from having a similar ordeal at some point in the future on this ship of ships.

Watching with a shared notion of horror as Krevass recoiled away from Vinata after having been instructed so, only to reach for the D'k tahg knife at her waist, Kate's eyes went wide with accordance. Afterall, whenever a Klingon drew their knife, it rarely found it's way back to it's sheath without having spilled someone's blood first.

"Whoa! Please don't do that! Umm..." Kate stammered as it became clear that the warrioress intended to shed her own as a sign of devotion. "...listen, I'm sorry Miss... Krevass... but, Vinata has already umm... y'know, entered into a kind of... umm..." trying to remember the word used, Kate peered back and forth between Krevass and Vinata for a brief moment as if to stall, before recalling it. "...umm, Kaplok! Vin and I are Kaplok'd together." The blonde surgeon had capitalized on the obvious desperation and pleading within her friend's face, and with no small amount of improvisation, acted in a way she hoped might defuse the issue. Reaching out with one of her delicate hands, she found one of Vinata's and grasped it as an attempt to signify their 'bond' together. "So, like... I'm sorry but you're just too late to win him back. He's mine now." Clearing her throat as it was growing dry, Kate suddenly wondered what kind of recompense might be brought upon her for having now officially placed herself as a sort of rival to the imposing Klingon. Peering across the table to the Ovri, she now exhibited the same look of pleading and assistance, as she had no concept of the kind of mess, she might have just stepped in.
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[Krevass - Daughter of Driniga | Officer's Mess Hall | Deck 13 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Swift

[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Officer's Mess Hall | Deck 13 | USS Theurgy ]

"You?!" Krevass glared at Kate for a moment, a fire in her eyes. How could this puny human even compare to her own greatness? How could the delicious blue creature be satisfied with.... That? It was simply beyond Krevass' ability to comprehend or understand. The Daughter of Driniga thought in that moment, of challenging Kate right there in the Mess Hall, the vision of her D'k tahg plunging into the human's throat brought a satisfactory chill down the Klingon woman's spine.

"Yes... That is right..." Vinata stumbled over his own words for a moment but embraced Kate's hold on his own hands. He knew in order for this to work, the optics would need to be appropriate. Krevass would sense any hesitation of his own, so Vinata did not allow himself to have any. His embrace with Kate seemed as genuine as he could possibly muster.

"Kate and I have bonded Krevass. I truly am sorry that things did not work out between us. Perhaps in another time and another place, things would have been different." Vinata looked at Kate and smiled, he truly appreciated her willingness to step-up and save him from this situation. A part of him feared that this tactic would lead to an all out confrontation but he simply could not think of anything else, save for embracing Kate's strategy.

Krevass gripped her D'k tahg even harder now, she still had not holstered it and seemed as if she had decided to full on attack the Theurgy's Chief Surgeon. It was the grunt of one of her own Klingon colleagues that broke the hostile trance. The Daughter of Driniga looked back to see one of her closest friends and senior, H'larg shake his head in disapproval. She knew that it was because this was not a Klingon vessel, they were not on their own turf and H'larg knew that Krevass would have her ass handed to her by Martock had she been the cause of such drama on board.

The brute of a Klingon woman growled and looked back at Vinata and Kate, she had gritted her teeth as she holstered her D'k tahg. "Fine. I will respect your bond. I still don't get what you see in that puny human Vinata. If you ever decide you want to be with a REAL woman...." Krevass licked her lips as she took in one more good look of her former prize - once satisfied, she turned on the spot and returned to the table with her comrades.

Upon Krevass' departure, Vinata took a deep breath and sigh of relief. Yes. The entire situation had been absolutely-devastatingly embarrassing but he was ever so thankful that Kate had been here with him in the present. "I cannot thank you enough Kate. I am sorry you had to be put into this position." The Ovri remained hand holding with Kate for a moment, if only to not lay suspicion upon their claim of love to the Klingons.

"Do you think we should finish this meal at least?" Vinata was unsure he even wanted to stay but part of him did not want the Klingons to get satisfaction in ruining their lunch.