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Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Alias: Maxine ‘Max’ Gentry | Personal Quarters | Orion Syndicate Auction ] Attn: @Nolan

As enticing as watching Pardus wash and dress herself was, Max forced herself to turn away and get busy getting ready for the day ahead. The auction floor was not under the same restrictions as the formal areas and though violence was strongly discouraged, it was not uncommon for there to be at least 3 three deaths during the course of a day’s proceedings. Besides, restricting weapons in a place that literally sold them was a pointless endeavour. If you weren’t carrying your own, you could just pick one up off a bench and shoot someone. There were penalties of course, but the dead and disintegrated weren’t going to be concerned with them.

Utilitarian clothes were the order of the day. Leather jacket over a long-sleeved synthetic fibre shirt with rugged pants and hard-wearing boots to match. Her hear was pulled back into a messy braid to keep it out of the way while at her waist was a belt with a phaser pistol on her right thigh and a Klingon D’k tahg on her left. That knife was one of her favourite parts of the Max Gentry persona and it had saved her life on more than one occasion.

Seeing that Pardus was dressed and ready to go, Max opened the door and led the two of them out, only stopping long enough to seal their quarters behind them before entering the tunnel network that would lead them to the auction floor. Max had considered offering more instructions to the Trill, but too much information could be as dangerous as not enough. Better to have her rely on Max for direction.

Entering the auction floor went without issue and Max quickly guided them through the arrangement of stalls and displays to where Omari had her setup. Glancing back at Pardus, she could tell that the Trill was slightly overwhelmed at everything around them. She had been much the same the first auction she had attended. The evening’s activities had been more eye-opening however.

As they approached Omari’s space, Max saw that she already had her catalogue out and on display for them. With a glance at Pardus, she pointed at the gathered slaves. Pardus knew why she was here and wordless acknowledged Max’s command before stepping away. While her slave did her job and examined Omari’s stock, Max would speak with Omari herself and see what the Klingon had to say about things.

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[ Pardus |  Personal Quarters | Orion Syndicate Auction ] Attn: @Stegro88

Doing what she was here for Pardus checked the slaves one after another. She didn't have the chance to use her tricorder as it would undoubtedly give away who they were. She was about a quarter through with checking the stock of Omari when the little Orion girl tugged at Pardus' dress. The brunette looking over at the girl as it seemed like the Orion had taken a liking to her as she held her arms up to her. The Trill doubted as it would be the appropriate time or place to do so. Quickly glancing around though, she gave in to the feeling that had initially washed over her.

After leaning down, she took the girl on her arm, though she wasn't quite heavy. It was easy to deduct that this was the case because of the strict rations they were given. Her eyes looking to the others as all the slaves were now looking at Pardus. The Orion girl laying her head to rest against her shoulder as Pardus could feel her cheek redden at the attention. This sort of attention completely different from what had happened the night before.

It didn't take long of course before the guards caught on to it and the rest of the gathered crowd. Pardus couldn't help but think if she had done anything wrong and looked towards Max for any help or pointers on what she had to do next.

Re: 2375 Classified Mission Report: A Spot Of Trouble

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Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Alias: Maxine ‘Max’ Gentry | Omari’s Stall | Orion Syndicate Auction ] Attn: @Nolan

“So, what do you think?” Omari asked as the Max and herself stood off to the side, talking and waiting as Pardus did her examinations. 

“Going off of their appearances alone, Omari, they are far below your usual quality,” Max observed evenly, casting her eye over the assembled slaves. “It almost looks like you are dredging the bottom of the barrel. And here I was thinking that business had been good for you lately. What with the war and all.”

“Oh, business has been excellent,” Omari confirmed with a toothy grin. “I have more profits in all areas. And, as for dredging the barrel, you are not wrong. It just wasn’t my barrel.” At Max’s raised and enquiring eyebrow, Omari continued. “As you know, I am not above a little bit of honest piracy. So when I heard the Hoto had fallen on tough times, I decided to make sure that the fall was permanent.”

“These are his slaves?” Max asked, not surprised that Omari had eliminated her competitor in the least. It was a tough and dangerous business and removing the competition and taking their assets only made sense.

“All that remained at his compound,” Omari confirmed. “The only thing left living are the maggots infesting his corpse.”

“I see,” Max commented, watching Pardus. The Trill had been stopped in her checks by the attentions of a young, almost too young, Orion girl, tugging at her. Curious to see how Pardus would react, Max watched as she leaned down and picked up the girl, offering her some comfort in what was easily seen as an uncertain time. “Omari, where are the girl’s parents?”

“Dead. Hoto had them killed the day before I arrived. He wanted to start the girl’s training,” Omari explained. She didn’t say what training the girl would receive; she didn’t have to. The child was an Orion female; they only received one kind of training as slaves. “Interested in buying them? The price isn’t too steep that we cannot come to some sort of arrangement,” Omari said, eyeing Pardus. “The only other interested party has been Sojith.”

“Let me check with Pardus,” Max said, beckoning the Trill over. “How do they look? Omari is willing to sell them to us, for the right price of course. Otherwise they will go to Sojith and whatever the Romulan Empire wants with them.”

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[ Pardus |  Personal Quarters | Orion Syndicate Auction ] Attn: @Stegro88

Seeing Max beckoning her over, Pardus walked over after placing the Orion girl down. She waved slightly at her and bowed her head before Max "The slaves are in poor condition, malnutrition and possible some underlying diseases. They wouldn't be worth a lot I would imagine." she answered, her verdict quite clear about them. She didn't even look at Omari, knowing such a reply would be rather devastating for the info both woman had swapped.

On the other hand, this little outburst of Pardus came from deep within. If she wasn't undercover she'd probably take all of the slaves in for further testing, medical treatment and warm meals. She had to remind herself however why they were here, who they were and what her place was. It cost a lot of the Trill to keep that up and she slowly peeked up to look at Max and see what she'd have to say in the matter.

The Orion girl tried to get back to Pardus, easily having sought to bond with the Trill to become someone to protect her for whatever atrocities would lie in the future. She was stopped however by the guards of Omari and she called out to Pardus, the sound of a child screaming out was always bone chilling, even more so when one knew why she was calling out. The Trill looked up to Max as she seemed to ask without any words to return to the girl to stop her whines.

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Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Alias: Maxine ‘Max’ Gentry | Omari’s Stall | Orion Syndicate Auction ] Attn: @Nolan

“My slave confirms my suspicions, Omari?” Max pointed out to the Klingon. “It would probably cost me twice over what I would pay for them to get them back to a state where they would be usable to me. So tell me, why should I purchase them?”

“I never said you had to purchase them Max,” Omari retorted, a little insulted at the Trill slave's blunt verdict of her stock. On the other hand, she didn’t own the Trill, so they were not beholden to be overly polite to her unless Max enforced it. A thought sprung in Omari’s mind at that moment, an idea to obtain something she desired. “How about this, Max,” Omari began, her voice sickly sweet. “You lend me Pardus for an evening of fun and I’ll halve the price on the stock and give that whining Orion free of charge? What do you say?”

“Predictable,” Max thought to herself at hearing Omari’s offer. She’d seen the Klingon do the same thing to other master’s on multiple occasions, often getting her way because the master’s generally didn’t give two shits about their slaves. Max though, couldn’t risk Pardus getting out of her sight in case she cracked. If that happened, they’d both be fucked. 

“I don’t think so,” Max decided, choosing not to risk it. “You already know my standpoint on sharing my property.” But Omari wasn’t having a bar of it. She had decided she wanted the Trill, and she didn’t care too much on how she got her. “We’re done here Pardus.”

“How about a match then. It is blood night tonight so why not make it a bit more interesting then?” Omari suggested causing Max to pause in her departure.

“I’m listening,” Max conceded, turning around.

“Simple duel. I have always wanted to see how good you are with that D’k tagh you carry so you versus one of my guards,” Omari proposed. “Winner gets the girl and to sweeten the offer, if you win, I will halve the price on the remainder for you. How does that sound?”

“Enticing,” Max deadpanned, not really considering it but needing to play along. “I will think about it and let you know tonight. Come Pardus,” Max commanded, walking away. They had a lot to do today and couldn’t afford to waste time. She would think about it while they ate in their rooms at lunch but so far, she didn’t think it was worth the risk.

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[ Pardus |  Omari's stall | Orion Syndicate Auction ] Attn: @Stegro88

Looking at the discussion between Omari and Maxine, Pardus remained in silence as she did follow the conversation with her eyes. Terms were discussed and improved, yet no deal was struck. Maxine seemed like she was considering her options. Pardus could only wonder what was going through her mind. Her eyes looked over the slaves that were just standing there while the young Orion girl looked up at her hoping she could go along with her.

When Maxine told Pardus to follow her, the Trill hesitated as the young girl kept looking at her. Sad that she was leaving, possibly thinking she'd never come back for her. The Trill swallowed and turned around, to follow Max, be it slower then usual as she looked to the floor. When she was close enough to her she whispered "What's next?" as she looked around to make sure nobody would overhear them.

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Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Alias: Maxine ‘Max’ Gentry | Omari’s Stall | Orion Syndicate Auction ] Attn: @Nolan

Max could understand Pardus’ hesitation. She could understand her desire to want to help those less fortunate than herself. She could even allow for Pardus lagging behind for a moment. But what she couldn’t allow was for there to be a hint that they were not exactly who they claimed to be. If people began to question that they were not Maxine Gentry and her Trill slave Pardus, then their situation would spiral out of control very quickly and they would find themselves in more danger than they already were, given their location and mission.

“Now we look at the rest,” Max uttered evenly. They had a job to do and even if she had to drag Pardus around on a leash, she would see that their work was completed.

After a busy day, Max strode into their assigned quarters and tossed her jacket onto the bed before unbuckling her belt and dropping the weapons on top of the discarded garment. Once Pardus had also enter the room and shut the door, Max pulled out her gear and swept the room for anything that shouldn’t have been there. Once she was satisfied, she returned the scanning equipment to its home before laying on the bed, staring at the ceiling as she processed the day.

They had been all over the auction floor, inspecting one stall after another and when they had finally finished with the slaves, they had started on the weapon’s vendors. And despite only being present for an hour, Max had witnessed two public fights and another assassination that had occurred during a brawl. She half suspected that the fight was to cover up for the murder. And there would be more death tonight.

“Rest,” Max declared to the Trill. “Tonight, is blood night. During the dinner, the entertainment is provided by gladiators, among others, in fights to the death. It is not for the squeamish but I cannot risk leaving you here unattended. So, you have a choice to make. I can block your eyes so that you won’t have to see the matches or you can go as you are; and see it all.”

“And then there is the matter of the wager with Omari,”
Mac continued, curious about her companion's thoughts now that they were alone. “What do you think I should do? What would you do? And remember what is at risk before you answer.”

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[ Pardus |  Omari's stall | Orion Syndicate Auction ] Attn: @Stegro88

Max had instructed Pardus to rest and the Trill simply nodded as she moved over to the bed and lay down on her back. She didn't bother to remove any of the garments as she figured she'd have to wear something different tonight anyway. She closed her eyes and listened to Gentry as she stated that tonight would be heavy.  Weighing her decision she figured that if she'd see all the bloodshed, her medical background would probably make her want to react. An action that could jeopardize the mission.

"I think it'll be best if you block my eyes for the so called 'spectacle'." Pardus agreed on. As she was posed a next question about Omari's offer. Pardus thought it over subsequently. With a sigh she sat up and looked over at Max "Do you think you can win? Or well, are you sure that you can win?" she asked her as her eyes studied Gentry's eyes.

"Perhaps we owe it to the slaves to give it our best shot? Yet, I've put my life in your hands. I trust in your decision, regardless the outcome." she concluded eventually before she laid herself down once more and closed her eyes to rest.

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Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Alias: Maxine ‘Max’ Gentry | Assigned Suite | Orion Syndicate Auction ] Attn: @Nolan

Max checked the edge on the d’k tahg a final time before sheathing it and setting it down on the table. She had earned that knife from a Klingon captain whose life she had saved during one of her first missions. She had spent the afternoon in quiet solitude, checking and rechecking everything, wanting to be prepared for any eventuality. A duel here was supposed to about as fair as one could get; cheating resulted in a swift execution, but they were all criminals, so thievery and mischief was a part of their creed.

Checking the time, Max realised that they had about an hour before they were due to attend to evening meal. Time enough for a quick shower to try and relax herself as she looked across at the bed and the Trill sprawled upon it. She almost considered taking liberties with her slave’s body again but something deep inside niggled at her. She usually ignored those when they came but with the duel tonight, she couldn’t afford the distraction and so chose the shower instead. But, wake Pardus first.

“Pardus, time to wake up,” Max called out as she crossed the room. “There is an hour before dinner, and you must get ready. Check the bags for an appropriate outfit. And don’t forget something to cover your eyes. Choose either a mask, blindfold or a hood,” she reminded her companion. “I’ll be in the shower. You may join me if you wish,” she finished, leaving the option open for the Trill doctor and mentally giving the niggle within the brush off. There was a difference between taking and accepting, even if taking was more fun.

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[ Pardus |  Omari's stall | Orion Syndicate Auction ] Attn: @Stegro88

Waking up quite abruptly as Maxine woke her, Pardus opened her eyes. A daze over her as she got her bearings. She wasn't in the sanctuary of Federation space. No she was in unknown space, a slave for all intent and purposes. It had almost felt like a bad dream when she had drifted off into sleep, yet now reality hit her and it hit her hard. She breathed out and sat up, her naked frame causing to run a shiver down her spine.

Max left instructions for her and she took a few seconds as Max vanished into the bathroom. Pardus got up and walked over to the wardrobe, checking what she could wear and what not. She chose for a red dress, a dress that seemed to show rips and gashes throughout the frame. Causing for skin to show and undoubtedly put some of her spots on display. A well distraction for any opponent yet perhaps as well for Max. She made a mental not to ask her if it was appropriate or not.

As for a mask or a hood, she had more trouble. She didn't quite find anything that would be suitable. She decided to ask Max for a solution and walked over to the bathroom. The steam had filled the room and as the water splashed down on to the floor, she could make out the figure of Gentry. She let out a soft sigh, wondering if she had to join her or not. The scent of sex still on her, perhaps she would shower after the battle tonight.

"Max, I can't find anything appropriate to cover my eyes. Any suggestions on what I could use?"

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Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Alias: Maxine ‘Max’ Gentry | Assigned Suite | Orion Syndicate Auction ] Attn: @Nolan

Max enjoyed the hot water cascading down her nude body, her mind occupied with thoughts of Pardus and what she was doing in the other room. She was enjoying herself a great deal and looked forward to more fun. It wasn’t often that she got to kill for the fun of it. It got her blood running and this time she wouldn’t have to go looking for someone to help her take the edge off afterwards She’d just use the Trill for her pleasure and probably return the favour even. Lovers were more attentive when they got something out of it. And Pardus was certainly easy on the eyes with her spots.

Words came to her through the steam and Max turned to see her slave standing there, watching her and waiting for an answer to her question. Turning the water off, Max stood in the enclosure, water running down her body, fully on show and not caring a wit. What did she have to be ashamed about? Her body was practically perfect for a Terran. Sure, other species were stronger, but Max would back herself against most of them

“Come to wash my thighs, have you?” Max wondered idly, ignoring the question for the moment. “I love a good rub before a fight.” Yes, she was being suggestive, practically vulgar even but why tread gently now? They were here and Pardus was hers. “Alas, we don’t have time,” she went on, walking into the main room without drying off. Moving over to her own bag, she reached into a side pocket and pulled out a bundle of fabric. Separating the items, she laid a blindfold and two hoods on the bed. They were almost identical in design, with one having small cat-like ears and only a cut-out for the mouth in each.

“Which would you like?” Max asked, folding her arms under her breasts. “And what did you choose to wear?”

OOC: Ear-less Hood.

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