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Topic: 2375/Starfleet Academy: Fascination and Xenophobia (Read 2931 times) previous topic - next topic

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2375/Starfleet Academy: Fascination and Xenophobia
[ Cadet Isel Nix | Starfleet Academy | 2375 ] @trevorvw

Isel looked down at the PADD she carried as she walked along one of the labyrinth of paths that criss-crossed the grounds of Starfleet Academy. She came to a stop in the middle of the path as she came to a point where five different paths met. Isel shifted the duffle on her shoulder with a shrug as she pulled up the map of the grounds that was loaded on her PADD. He tail swished back and forth in annoynce as she tried to figure out where the hell she was supposed to be going.

Having found her destination on the map, she turned left and continued walking in the warm September sun of San Francisco. She glanced down at herself, taking in the grey uniform tunic and skirt that she now wore.

Cadet Nix...

The thought brought a sour look to her face. She was back to being on the bottom rung of the ladder, having spent the past two decades as a fairly senior member of her old organization, the notion was not a pleasant one. She made sure to only use the words "old organization" as she thought of it, weary of the fact that some of the other Cadets wandering the grounds may be telepaths. It wouldn't do for one of them who was careless with their mental barriers to hear someone's thoughts of the Orion Syndicate.

Isel pushed the whole train of thought from her mind and glanced down at her PADD again, hanging a right this time. The admissions officer had informed her that she would be rooming with a third year Cadet whose roommate had dropped out of the Academy. Isel didn't care much about her roommate either way. It would be unpleasant sharing a small dorm with another person regardless of what year they were in.

Stop beign so bitter, Isel! She chided herself, This is a fresh start for you. A new life! That thought finally brought a smile to her face as she approached a large building. A quick glance at her PADD told her this was her new home. She bounded up the steps and in through the doors, past a lovely blonde girl in the grey and teal uniform of a Science Department Cadet who was coming out of the building. Isel slowed as she passed the blonde, giving her a smile as she passed. The blonde returned the smile, though with a certain amount of uncertainty in her expression.

Isel had seen such a look enough times to know that it was most likely caused by her long canine teeth and furry white tail. At  five feet tall, Isel hardly cut an imposing figure. While in her Vulcine form she looked like a short human female at first glance, with long white hair and heterochromic eyes, one green and one blue. Then people would notice her fangs, furry white tail and somewhat pointed ears, and their expressions would change, usually to one of uncertainty. In her Natural form, the looks were generally much different.

Isel giggled as she moved away from the blonde and into the building, taking the lift to the third floor and making her way down the hall. She consulted her PADD once more before tucking it into her bag and glancing over the numbers displayed on the doors she passed.

313...315...317.... Ah! 319.

Having found the door of her new room, Isel hesitated for a moment, feeling somewhat nervous as she raised her hand. With a deep breath to steady herself, she rapped on the door with her knuckles, giving three sharp knocks. She figured this would be a better way to meet her new roommate, rather than simply barging in. Isel waited in anticipation as she heard the person who was to be her new roommate moving behind the door.

As the door hissed open, Isel gave a bright smile and spoke in a friendly voice.

"Hi! I'm Isel Nix!" She said brightly, smiling at the short brunette that opened the door as her tail swished excitedly behind her. "I'm your new roommate!"
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Re: 2375/Starfleet Academy: Fascination and Xenophobia
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[ Cadet Annika Van den Berg | Starfleet Academy | 2375 ] @Fife

Annika had arrived back at the academy a few days early before the new year started. She had been given the opportunity to do two training cruises that summer, sticking to the Sol system; before having a few weeks off to recoup prior to the start of her 4th and final year of the academy. Thankfully she had declined the opportunity; which more than likely had saved her life. During the summer, the Breen had attacked Earth and killed many Starfleet officers and cadets. Latest reports said that 2,147 people had been killed at the academy. This had put a damper on her excitement to return for her final year. 

When Annika arrived at the academy, she was impressed with how quickly things had been rebuilt. There were still signs of the attack, some of the buildings had changed and the Golden Gate Bridge wasn't fully repaired yet. Starfleet seemed adamant at getting things back to normal as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately she had learned that her roommate had dropped out of the academy. It made sense, Michelle had always struggled with the course load and had been reprimanded twice.

A fish out of water..

Even though they had grown close over the previous three years, Annika wasn't all that sad that Michelle had left. Annika felt that made her an awful person, but she just wanted what was best for Michelle, even if that wasn't at the academy.

Annika had relaxed in her room for a day; enjoying the alone time and quiet. She quite enjoyed that. Especially gearing up to deal with one more year of the academy. She finally decided that she should set up the room the way she liked it. She glanced over to the other side of the room and noticed the empty bed. She sighed and wondered who'd she be stuck with next.

After setting up her side of the room the way she wanted it, she laid back on her bed to do some pre-reading before her first Temporal Mechanics class the next day. She half laid down, half sat up with multiple pillows underneath her shoulder blades.

She picked up the PADD and started to read it.

"Chapter One: No time like the present" is all she managed to read before three sharp knocks happened at the door which had slightly startled her.

Great timing. Must be the new roomie Annika thought as she put the PADD down and got out of the bed to answer the door. She walked over to the door and opened it; what she saw when the door opened startled her even more than the initial knock had.

Standing before her seemed like a short human at first with white hair and admittedly gorgeous eyes, but then Annika saw it. A tail...a fucking tail.... Annika was immediately creeped out; having an alien roommate made her day even worse.

Wonder if I can ask for a room assignment change, She wondered to herself as the alien started speaking.

"Hi! I'm Isel Nix! I'm your new roommate!" said the alien as...the tail again...what the fuck..

Annika stood there for what felt like minutes before stepping to the side to allow her 'new roommate' into the room; all while keeping her unblinking eyes on the tail.
"Annika Van den Berg. Sorry for staring" Annika said while finally blinking. This is one of the reasons she had joined Starfleet in the first place; to work on her xenophobia. However, Annika found it hard to deal with her deeply ingrained instincts. Nevertheless; this year would put Annika's will and determination to the ultimate test.

Annika figured that if she could survive this year with her new roommate, she could do anything.

As long as the tail doesn't touch me...
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Re: 2375/Starfleet Academy: Fascination and Xenophobia
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[ Cadet Isel Nix | Starfleet Academy | 2375 ] @trevorvw

Her new roommate seemed to stand in the doorway for a long time, her eyes fixed on Isel's tail.

Ah, she's one of those... Isel thought with a soft giggle. She gave her tail an extra swish, watching the brunette's eyes follow the movements of the white fur. Finally her roommate introduced herself as Annika Van den Berg, and apologized for staring as she stepped aside to allow Isel into the room.

Isel smiled at Annika as she walked past her, the movements of her tail causing the white fur to lightly brush against Annika's leg. Isel glanced around the room, unaware that she had accidentally brushed her new roommate's bare leg. Half of the room was decorated, and was obviously Annika's side. The other side was bare and unadorned, as though waiting for its next occupant to decorate the area and make it their own. Not that Isel had much in the way of personal belongings to contribute to the task. Isel moved to the empty bed and slung her duffle on the mattress before turning to face Annika again.

"Don't worry about staring. I get that a lot." Isel informed her roomie as she smoothed out her skirt and sat down on the mattress, kicking off her shoes and kicking her legs as they dangled above the floor. She brought her tail forward so that it rested on her lap and began to run her fingers through the soft white fur, a habit she had that came out when she was nervous or trying to calm herself down. "I know my tail kinda stands out when I'm in this form. I mostly look like a Terran, so it sorta throws people for a loop."

Isel gave Annika another smile as she studied the other woman. Annika was taller than her, but only by a couple of inches. She had brown hair that fell past her shoulders, and vivid blue eyes that made Isel's breath catch as she met them now. Isel could see she had a nice figure as well, eyeing her hips as her eyes moved down to the bare legs that emerged from beneath the skirt.

This could cause some trouble... Isel thought to herself with a mischievous grin as she returned her gaze to Annika's eyes, not bothering to try and hide the fact that she'd been checking out the other woman.

"Hey, you've got a different accent!" Isel said, giving Annika a friendly smile that left her fangs readily apparent. "Where are you form? You're a Terran, right?"

Re: 2375/Starfleet Academy: Fascination and Xenophobia
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[ Cadet Annika Van den Berg | Starfleet Academy | 2375 ] @Fife

As Annika had moved to the side to allow her new roommate into their new shared accommodations, the things tail had gently brushed her bare leg. This sent shivers up and down Annika's body. Annika had quickly realized what had happened at felt immediately creeped out. She quickly brushed the spot where the tail had touched her as if a way to get the alien off of her. Annika had hoped she did it stealthily enough that the new person was not offended.

She quickly realized that the alien had been saying things but wasn't quite sure what was said. Annika stared at Isel and quickly saw that she had been sitting on the bed petting her own tail.

Well that's weird.. Annika had thought to herself.

The newcomer had been moving her eyes, rather overtly, checking Annika out. She had usually enjoyed when people appreciated the beauty, but was rather put off at the moment.

"Hey, you've got a different accent! Where are you from? You're a Terran, right?" The weird talking cat or fox or whatever that thing was asked.

Annika paused for a second and sighed slightly. She knew she had to live outside of her comfort zone if she wanted to succeed in Starfleet.

"I'm Human and I'm from a country here on Earth called the Netherlands"

Annika felt uneasy talking to her, but once again reaffirmed her vow to not be like her parents.

"And you? I'm not familiar with your race.." Annika asked in an attempt to be friendly with her new roommate that she would be spending the next 10 months or so with.

Suddenly Annika's mind was fill with dread and fear when something that the new woman had said when Annika didn't think she was actually listening.

In this form?....She changed forms? What the fuck?

Annika quickly realized that this year was probably going to be harder and worse than she could have ever imagined.
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Re: 2375/Starfleet Academy: Fascination and Xenophobia
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[ Cadet Isel Nix | Starfleet Academy | 2375 ] @trevorvw

"And you? I'm not familiar with your race.. Annika said, her voice betraying the fact that she was a little bit uncomfortable around her new roommate.

"Me? I'm a Vulpinian!" Isel replied in a bright voice, "Though some of the Humans I've met have called me a Fox, whatever that is. Is that some kind of Earth animal?" Isel asked her new roomie, giving her a smile as she reached up with her right hand and tucked some stray white hairs behind her pointed ear. "Anyway, we're from the planet Inari Prime. It's the second planet in the Inari system, though I haven't been there in a really long time." Isel said, still smiling warmly at the other woman. "I guess there aren't many of us around here." Isel's grin took on a hint of cheekiness. "I understand that some people find us a bit... much... to deal with." Annika seemed like she might be one such person. Isel thought she still looked uncomfortable, her posture and facial expression giving away as much. Isel wondered why that was, knowing that with her small stature and current form she couldn't appear very intimidating. Well, not unless Annika somehow knew who she had once been. Isel doubted it.

Isel figured it might have to do with the tail. Annika had seemed pretty fixated on it ever since she had first opened the door, seeming to have difficulty taking her eyes off it. That thought gave Isel and idea. She jumped up off the bed now and took a step towards Annika.

"You seem a little weirded out by my Tail. You keep looking at it. Do you want to touch it?" Isel asked Annika as she stopped just in front of the Human, meeting Annika's vivid blue stare with her own multicoloured gaze. "It's soft! And it might make it seem less weird to you!" As she said this, she brought her tail around in front of her and took hold of it with her hands, holding it so that it wouldn't sway involuntarily if Annika decided to touch it. "Don't worry! I won't bite! Well, I'll try not to..." Isel informed the other woman with a sly grin. "That usually only happens if I get too excited." Isel added with a mischievous giggle.
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Re: 2375/Starfleet Academy: Fascination and Xenophobia
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[ Cadet Annika Van den Berg | Starfleet Academy | 2375 ] @Fife

"Don't worry! I won't bite! Well, I'll try not to...That usually only happens if I get too excited." the new arrival said to Annika as she was playing with her tail.

Touch it? Why the fuck would I want to do that?, Annika thought to herself all the while staring at the Vulpinian in front of her.

Annika sheepishly looked away from the alien.

"Uh...nooo..thank you". She was weirded out enough having an alien roommate, but to touch her tail? That was a little too far for Annika. She looked around the room as to look for an excuse to stop talking to the newbie.

"Listen, if you need someone to show you around campus and help give the lay of the land, I can help you with that" which had been a big step for Annika to even say, "But I'll let you get to your unpacking and I'm going to do some pre-reading for class tomorrow."

Annika then turned around and went back to her side of the room. She picked up the PADD off the bed and held it in her hand as she sat down at first, then laid half down, half sitting. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she heard Isel rummaging around and making noise on her side of the room.

Annika opened her eyes and saw that she had something on her chest just below her left collarbone. She reached down and plucked the object from her shirt. She lifted it up to her eye line and sighed. What she held between her index finger and thumb was, what could be best described as, fur.


Annika sighed as she threw it in the waste basket beside her bed and then picked up her PADD to begin reading about temporal mechanics.

It's going to be a long year...
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Re: 2375/Starfleet Academy: Fascination and Xenophobia
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[ Cadet Isel Nix | Starfleet Academy | 2375 ] @trevorvw

Isel could plainly see that Annika was uncomfortable with her new roommate, and looking for an excuse to stop talking to her. Isel was well aware that there were people on every planet that disliked outsiders, though the Vulpinian couldn't understand why such a person would join Starfleet. They very nature of the organization was geared towards cooperation between different races. Isel guessed Annika must have her reasons. The problem obviously wasn't the fact that Isel was Vulpinian, since Annika had admitted to being unfamiliar with her race.

Annika had awkwardly declined the invitation to touch her tail, to which Isel simply shrugged and let her tail fall back behind her. The Human had made an offer to show her around campus, if unenthusiastically, and then stated she needed to do some pre-reading in preparation for the following day.

"Ok, I'll leave you to it then!" Isel said in a chipper voice, not being put off by Annika's obvious aversion to her. "I might take you up on that tour later!"

With that, Isel turned away from her roomie and moved over to her bed, unzipping her duffle and pulling out a bundle of uniforms and clothes. She went about stashing the garments in her dresser before returning to the duffle and extracting a framed photograph. She stood still for a moment, staring at the picture she cradled in both hands. The image shower Isel crouching down in a grassy park on Earth with three young children. Isel had her arms around a young Romulan girl on her right and a Bolian girl on her left. On the Bolian girl's other side stood an Andorian boy, arms crossed and sporting a grumpy expression. Isel smiled down at the photo for another moment before opening the drawer in her bedside table and carefully depositing the photo inside.

Returning her attention to the duffle, Isel pulled out a toiletries bag, which she placed on top of the dresser for the time being, and a small dagger which she tucked into the drawer next to the photograph.

The empty duffle she dropped on the floor, kicking it under her bed. She retrieved some bedding from the closet and made her bed up, then glanced at Annika lounging on her own bed with a PADD held in front of her face.

"Uh... Annika?" Isel spoke softly, uncertain if the other woman would be upset at being disturbed. Isel was trying to remember the Federation Standard word for people who dislike other races, but couldn't bring it to mind. "Sorry to bother you, but there's something I think I should tell you."

Why was she feeling nervous about talking to this human girl? Sure, she was cute, but she could hardly be called intimidating. In her old life, Isel would never had hesitated as she did now.

In your old life, you didn't have a roommate. Isel reminded herself, still looking at the attractive human lounging on the bed on the far side of the room.

"I can tell you don't really like me much, and I'm guessing it's because I'm not human..."

Xenophile? No... Xenophobe! The word finally came to Isel, causing a teasing grin to spread across her features as she turned her whole body to face the human and crossed her arms across her chest.

"I know this has gotta suck for you, a Xenophobic human having an alien roommate." Isel's multi-coloured eyes stared at Annika's lovely blue orbs as she continued. "I'm afraid it's about to get a bit worse..."

Isel reached up and unzipped the jacket of her cadet uniform, tossing it on the bed behind her as she continued to speak. "Vulpinians are kinda... shapeshifters. We can only take three forms though." Isel took some slight pleasure in watching Annika's expression as it slowly changed. "This is the form I maintain when I need to wear my uniform or if I wear other clothes." Isel reached up and unzipped the undershirt of her uniform, shrugging out of the garment and tossing it on the bed atop her jacket. The Vulpinian was now bare from the waist up, her toned stomach and perky breasts in plain view. "My natural form... some people find alarming at first..." Isel unzipped her skirt and pushed it down over her hips, leaving herself standing completely naked before the human. Isel took a single step forward as she continued. "I've heard some humans say we look like werewolves, whatever those are. Anyway..."

Isel trailed off as her form began to change. The change was a smooth transition rather than violent, but a drastic one nonetheless. Her whole body sprouted white fur, short on her torso but longer around her head and shoulders. Two more faint sets of nipples became visible through the short, soft fur of her abdomen Her pointed ears, which had previously looked similar to a Vulcan's, seemed to shift upwards on her head and sprout white fur as they settled into a position atop her head. The structure of her legs seemed to change from a humanoid appearance, her feet growing longer and her weight perching on the tips of her feet, which had taken on the form of clawed paws. Her hands grew longer as the fur sprouted from them, and her fingernails elongated and took on the form of claws.

Her face was the most drastic change, however. The structure of her face seemed to elongate as soft white fur sprouted from her skin. Her nose changed into a canine-like snout, and turned black. The only thing about her face that remained unchanged was her eyes, the heterochromic orbs which peered at Annika looking just the same as they had.

Now, standing where the cute little human-looking girl had once stood, Annika now saw what appeared to be a white werewolf, or in this case more like a werefox, like something out of a myth. Or a horror movie.

"This is what I look like in my natural form." Isel said, her ears laying out to the sides slightly in a visible sign of uncertainty. As she spoke, the movement of her mouth left her large, fang-like canines were clearly visible. "I know it might look a bit intimidating," Isel said, lifting her right hand and looking at the vicious looking claws that tipped her fingers. "But I promise you've got nothing to be afraid of. I won't hurt you or anything..."

Isel fell quiet, letting her hand fall to her side as she looked back at her new roommate, waiting for her reaction.
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Re: 2375/Starfleet Academy: Fascination and Xenophobia
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[ Cadet Annika Van der Berg | Starfleet Academy | 2375 ] @Fife

Isel had called Annika out for being a xenophobe. She thought she hid it well; as no one else had called her out on it, but nevertheless, Isel picked up on it.


The woman in front of her was talking about shape shifting and werewolves all the while undressing until she was completely naked whilst standing in front of Annika. Alien features aside, her new roommate was very attractive.

This is a weird way to flirt

This was even something Annika hadn't expected. Her roommate then shifted forms in front of Annika, turning from a close to human facsimile to something, quite fittingly, wolf like.

The shock of seeing that had consumed Annika, this was definitely something she had yet to experience. Needless to say, it's not something she wanted to experience again.

As Isel had shape shifted, Annika pushed herself back on her bed and held a pillow in front of her as a form of protection, even though a pillow would do nothing. Almost instinctively Annika tried to scream due to both the shear surprise of it, as well as fear. Her mouth was opened but all that came out were little squeaks, almost mouse like in sound.

"This is what I look like in my natural form. I know it might look a bit intimidating, but I promise you've got nothing to be afraid of. I won't hurt you or anything..."

Aren't the people that always say they won't hurt you, the ones to be most afraid of?

Annika continued to stare at Isel. She noticed she was breathing at a much faster rate. The shocked woman tried to consciously control her breathing in order to calm down and collect her thoughts.

What the fuck! Annika thought to herself while trying to maintain some semblance of composure in front of her new roommate.

"Ummm.....well....umm wow" was all Annika could muster at first. She swallowed and took a deep breath. Isel had picked out the Xenophobia, so perhaps Annika could tell the alien the truth.

"A bit worse is an understatement. I..I've never seen anything like that" she said, stammering and tripping over both her words and thoughts.

"I'm so sorry for my reaction. Although, I'm glad you showed me, rather than me just showing up and seeing you in your natural form."

Annika pondered for a few seconds before deciding to tell the thing in front of her about why she is the way she is.

"I guess I owe you an explanation. You see, my parents raised me to not like other species and to be distrustful of them. In fact, my father killed a Tellarite just for looking at him the wrong way. I would get in trouble for even talking to aliens when I was a kid. I joined Starfleet as a way to get over my xenophobia. It's weird..I know, but I thought it might help me. My mother has never approved of me being in Starfleet. In my three years so far here, I haven't heard from her at all."

Annika paused and took the glass from her bedside table and took a sip before setting it back down.

"I guess what I'm trying to say is that you were honest and truthful and I wanted to repay that. I suppose that having you as a roommate will help with that or I'll just have a bunch of panic attacks this year" Annika finished managing to eek out a slight chuckle as she waited for the reply from Isel.
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Re: 2375/Starfleet Academy: Fascination and Xenophobia
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[ Cadet Isel Nix | Starfleet Academy | 2375 ] @trevorvw

Isel watched as Annika's brief bout of terror seemed to subside. The Human had taken several slow, deep breaths to calm herself down. When she began to speak, she stammered slightly. Then she apologized for her reaction, though Isel didn't see the need for an apology. She knew the change she had just demonstrated could be shocking to people who didn't expect it. She had been about to voice as much when Annika had spoken again, talking about her parents and the origin of her xenophobia. She had paused to take a sip of water before she continued to speak. Isel said nothing as Annika spoke, letting the human continue uninterrupted.

"I guess what I'm trying to say is that you were honest and truthful and I wanted to repay that. I suppose that having you as a roommate will help with that or I'll just have a bunch of panic attacks this year" Annika said.

Isel smiled at Annika, then raised her hands in front of her mouth and giggled loudly, seeing that Annika still hadn't put down her "shield" from earlier, which was in fact her pillow.

"If the pillow will help with the panic attacks, I can get you a couple more!" Isel laughed, taking a couple of slow steps towards Annika. "Though for now..." Isel reached the bed and leaned forward, plucking the pillow from Annika's grasp. "I don't think you'll be needing this." Isel lightly swatted Annika on the side of the head with the pillow before tossing it back toward the head of the bed. "I think you'll do just fine without your shield." Isel gave Annika a sly wink before sitting on the edge of Annika's bed.

"Look, Annika. I know this is going to be difficult for you to get used to. But I'd like us to be friends." Isel said, speaking earnestly. A hint of sadness seeped into her tone as she spoke again. "If I'm being honest, I... never really had any... friends... in my old life." Isel's ears had dropped to the sides a little, giving her a sad appearance. The Vulpinian sat silently for a moment, then seemed to shake herself out of her funk.

"Anyway, I'm sorry I startled you so much just now. I know it was a lot to take in." Isel said, her ears perking up and her voice chipper once more. "Though I've gotta say, you're adorable when you're scared shitless!" Isel giggled again, running one clawed finger across Annika's bare leg as she spoke. Isel stood then, turning away from Annika and padding her way back to her own bed. As she walked, she shifted back into her Vulcine form, the fur disappearing and her figure returning to that of a human with pointed ears and a furry tail. She put an extra sway in her hips as she moved across the room, stepping into her skirt and bending down to pull it up, glancing over at Annika as she did so.

"No peeking!" Isel teased the human, giving her a wink before straightening up, tucking her tail through the skirt and zipping the skirt back up. She picked up her undershirt and donned it, zipping it up halfway before turning back to the Human girl sitting on the opposite bed.

"So what do you think, Annika Van den Berg?" Isel asked, walking across the room once more and sitting back down on the edge of Annika's bed. "Can we try to be friends?" Isel held her right hand out towards Annika, giving the Human a smile while she waited to see if the girl would shake.

Re: 2375/Starfleet Academy: Fascination and Xenophobia
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[ Cadet Annika Van den Berg | Starfleet Academy | 2375 ] @Fife I know she's definitely flirting

Isel had dressed as slowly as she possibly could and bent over and even looked back at Annika while doing so. She was weirded out by this, but she wasn't blind. Isel was very attractive, even if the she-wolf was an alien.

The shape shifting roommate made her way back to Annika's side of the room slowly when she started talking again.

"So, what do you think Annika Van den Berg?" she began as she sat down on Annika's bed again, "Can we try to be friends?". The alien extended a relatively human looking hand towards Annika.

The fourth year cadet sat and looked at the hand in front of her as she pondered the choices laid out. She felt like she sat there for what felt like minutes but in reality was only a couple of seconds. She took a breath and then verbalized her choice.

"Mmm..I can't promise it'll be easy or fun, but I think we can try to be friends" Annika told Isel as she reached out and grabbed the hand in front of her in a handshake motion.

Isel seemed to be made genuinely happy with the news as her tail started moving about more and more. She bounced up off the bed and started moving around the room in an annoying happy cat kind of way.

Ugh..the tail...

Annika then stood up from the bed and place the PADD on the bedside table. She turned to her new roommate and looked at her in the heterochromatic eyes and offered up the next suggestion.

"Well roomie! How about that tour?" she asked the new arrival. She figured that was the least she could do to get the newbie acclimated to her new environment. It'd be an interesting last few minutes and Annika not so secretly hoped that it would be a long while before having to endure that again.
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Re: 2375/Starfleet Academy: Fascination and Xenophobia
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[ Cadet Isel Nix | Starfleet Academy | 2375 ] @trevorvw

"Well roomie! How about that tour?" Annika asked her after rising from the bed.

Isel smiled at the other woman and moved to her bed, zipping her shirt the rest of the way before picking up her jacket.

"Sounds good!" Isel told the Human as she shrugged into her jacket once again, "Lead the way!"

As the two stepped out of their dorm room, Isel studied Annika. From what Isel understood, Annika was short by Human standard, standing only about two inches taller than herself. Isel could tell be her body language that she was still uncomfortable with her new roommate. While she had visibly relaxed somewhat, there was still obvious tension and uncertainty in her stance both as she had risen from the best, and now when she was walking. Isel knew that even if they became close friends, that tension and mistrust would take some time to fade. On top of that, Isel's bubbly nature seemed to annoy the other woman to a certain degree, judging by the slight change in expression Isel had seen earlier.

Isel voiced none of this however, happy to allow people to think she was a happy, bubbly, oblivious sort of girl. The fact of the matter was, she was good at reading people. Years of working among the scum of the Galaxy's criminal underworld had honed the skill, along with many others, which she now tried not to demonstrate. She was in the habit of measuring people up as a threat upon first meeting them and constantly being on the lookout for threats, a habit she was slowly trying to break herself of.

Annika hardly seemed a threat. Far from it, in fact, judging by the feeble way the Human had grabbed a pillow to shield herself from Isel when she had shifted just minutes ago. The memory brought a smile back to Isel's features, which had turned serious for a moment. Now she turned her attention back to Annika, who was walking several step ahead of her, granting her a nice view of who the Human moved when she walked. Isel remained silent for a long moment, enjoying the covert observation of the other woman's figure for a moment before taking two springing strides to bring herself abreast of the other woman.

"I'm sorry about your parents." Isel began. "Well, the not talking to them for a long time part. Now the part about them hating aliens." Isel gave Annika a weak smile. "Since I'm one of those aliens, I can't say it feels good that people hate me." Isel shrugged, then gave Annika a warmer smile. "I think it's cool you joined Starfleet! I means you really want to do something with your life, and that you're serious about trying to get over your dislike of other species. None of that sounds like a bad thing, if you ask me."

On the other hand, I feel bad for you. Isel thought, You're stuck with me as a roommate, and to you I must seem pretty alien.

"That sucks that you haven't talked to you mom, though. Especially being on the same planet!" Isel said, nudging Annika lightly with her shoulder. "You should try and contact her again. I know I would, if I knew where my mom..."

Her words cut off and a large cadet walked past them, intentionally shouldering Annika hard and muttering the words "Get out of the way, midget!".

"Hey asshole!" Isel yelled, a dark expression crossing her features. The large cadet turned in surprise, his expression changing to one of shock as Isel had strode forward and grabbed him by the throat. The Vulpinian shoved him hard against the wall, shifting forms as she did so. Her uniform didn't fit properly in her Natural form, feeling tight, restrictive and uncomfortable, but she was willing to put of with that for a moment to teach this dimwitted fuck a lesson.

The male cadet was larger than her, and clearly human. He was also clearly terrified at the fact that a menacing looking canine jaw was now only several inches from his throat, the large, fang-like canines bared. That, as well as the fact that long claws were pressing in against the skin of his neck ensured his silent cooperation as Isel continued her little demonstration.

"That's my friend you just shoved. And I don't appreciate people treating my friends that way." Isel growled at the cadet, who's eyes were now wide with fright. "I'll make this simple, so even a limp-dicked fuck like you can understand. If you ever touch her like that again, or anyone for that matter, I'll turn you into tiny little ribbons and feed you to a fucking Gorn." Isel's eyes narrowed as they watched the male cadet. "Got it?"

The vigorous nodding, mixed with the horrified expression, told Isel that he had, in fact, understood.

"Good." Isel said in a matter of fact tone. She released the boy's throat and turned back towards Annika, shifting back to her Vulcine form as she did. She moved back to Annika's side, linking her arm through Annika's and giving the other girl a sly wink before turning her head back to face the male.

"Now fuck off."

The male cadet fucked off, sprinting down the hallway and out of sight.

"You know..." Isel began, turning her head to face Annika again. "I think he might have pissed himself..." Isel giggled then, giving Annika a warm smile. "Sorry about that. I just hate assholes like him. You ok?"

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[ Cadet Annika Van den Berg | Starfleet Academy | 2375 ] @Fife

"That sucks that you haven't talked to you mom, though. Especially being on the same planet! You should try and contact her again. I know I would, if I knew where my mom..." all of a sudden Annika's body shifted to the left from an impact with a larger cadet, seemingly intentional in nature.

The other cadet said in a snarky tone, "Get out of the way, midget!"

Annika had become accustomed to the fact that some cadets at the Academy were just assholes and there was nothing she could do about it. She thought that the psychological testing and evaluations would have weeded these people out, but alas no luck. The young lady was going to let the asshole behaviour slide again, when Isel did something that Annika hadn't expected.

Isel absolutely snapped on the larger cadet, pinning him to the wall while shifting into her she-wolf form. She started dressing down the male cadet in the way an officer would yell at someone who had royally fucked up. Annika hadn't exactly heard all of what Isel had been yelling as she was still creeped out and almost mesmerized by seeing her new roommate shift twice in less than ten minutes. Nevertheless, she picked out a few key words and phrases she had heard.

"...don't appreciate people treating my friends that way..."

I said we could try to be friends, but it seems like the werewolf has already decided

"...feed you to a fucking Gorn..."

Feed to a Gorn? That's both extremely aggressive and oddly specific

Isel then turned back into her, more humanoid form, even though the tail was still there. She strode over to Annika, whose brain hadn't fully registered exactly what had happened quite yet. The she-wolf then linked her right arm between Annika's left arm and her body and gave her a wink.

What is it with her and always touching me.., Annika thought to herself before Isel turned to the male cadet and told him to fuck off, which had caused him to go running off down the hallway about as fast as he could go.

"You know, I think he might have pissed himself" which in turn Isel giggled and Annika felt a smile start to creep onto her face, "Sorry about that. I just hate assholes like him. You ok?"

Annika sighed and then opened her mouth, "That's just Zach, he's always been an asshole like that. He thinks he some hot shot because his Dad is some Commander on some random ship" Annika took a breath and felt that her face was warm as she realized she was more pissed off than she realized. "He can go fuck himself! As for me? I'm alright. Little weirded out by your whole shape shifting thing again...I didn't expect you to get angry like that since you seemed so bubbly before"

Isel was about to say something when Annika cut her off, "You know, with you around, who needs a pillow for protection?"

The comment made both Annika and Isel laugh, which caught Annika by surprise. She didn't expect to be sharing a laugh with an alien whom she had just met fifteen minutes prior. 

The taller of the two women looked around and caught her bearings before figuring out what to show first.

"C'mon, I'll take you out to the courtyard...I always use that to orientate myself around here!" she said as the two strode out the doors of the building where their dorm room was located.
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[ Cadet Isel Nix | Starfleet Academy | 2375 ] @trevorvw

If what Annika said was right, Isel might end up getting in trouble for doing what she did. If Zach went running to his dad about what had happened, that is. Isel wasn't too worried about it, knowing there was only so much trouble she could get in for standing up to an asshole like that. She was about to voice the thought when Annika spoke, saying she didn't need a pillow shield with Isel around, causing them both to laugh.

Isel was still chuckling about Annika's pillow comment as Annika led the way out of the dorm building. Isel let go of Annika's arm as they made their way down the steps and out into the campus, enjoying the sweet autumn scent as she inhaled deeply.

Isel hoped she hadn't made Annika too uncomfortable with her little demonstration. She knew she might have taken things a bit far with that human male, though the bastard had deserved it. She had no patience for pushy assholes like that.

Isel tried to put the thought out of her mind, instead glancing at the brunette who she now followed. She had to admit, she found the Human extremely attractive. The fact that they were roommates, and would be in close proximity to one another for the next year... well, that might make things a little tricky. The xenophobia wouldn't help either. Regardless of the attraction she felt, Isel wanted to get to know the girl she'd be spending so much time with over the next year.

"So tell me more about yourself! You're from the... Netherlands was it? Is that underground or something? You don't look pale enough to have grown up underground. Is it close to here?" Isel asked, knowing they might well be stupid question. "You're not close with your parents, but do you have any brothers or sisters?" Isel stepped closer and nudged Annika as they walked, speaking now with a teasing tone in her voice. "What about a boy? What is it you Human's call it? A guyfriend or something?" Isel directed a sly grin in Annika's direction. "Whatever, do you have one?"
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[ Cadet Annika Van den Berg | Starfleet Academy | 2375 ] @Fife

"So tell me more about yourself! You're from the... Netherlands was it? Is that underground or something? You don't look pale enough to have grown up underground. Is it close to here? You're not close with your parents, but do you have any brothers or sisters? What about a boy? What is it you Human's call it? A guyfriend or something? Whatever, do you have one?"

Does she ever shut up? Holy shit.. Annika thought, hoping Isel wasn't a telepath.

The brunette collected her thoughts for a split second before replying to all those questions.

"Yep, I'm from the Netherlands! It basically means 'low lands' which comes from the fact that our ancestors actually blocked the sea off and reclaimed some of the lands that were underwater before. If that makes any sense." she finished, hopefully answering the first question.

"I have a sister, but I don't talk to her either. She shares my parents'...more conservative views...on aliens." Annika shrugged at the thought of that as the two kept walking in the beautiful Autumn air and sunlight in San Fransisco.

"As for the last part, I think you mean boyfriend!" she said giggling at the off worlder, "Nope, don't have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Not at the moment anyways!"

The two continued to walk along the path. It was only a few minutes to where Annika could show Isel the actual start of their tour.

"Well, I told you and now it's only fair that you repay the favour! Where are you from? What made you join Starfleet? And do you have a boyfriend?"
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[ Cadet Isel Nix | Starfleet Academy | 2375 ] @trevorvw

Isel listened as Annika answered her questions. She surpressed a grin as Annika admitted that she was single, as Isel was well aware of the fact that she was a shameless flirt, and that said flirting would make her Xenophobic new roommate uncomfortable. Isel also knew she was throwing questions as the other woman at a rapid-fire pace. It was partly due to curiosity about the Terran girl, and partly due to a conscious effort to maintain the persona she had created for herself since leaving the Syndicate. Isel Nix was not the scared, timid creature that Eira Saffir had been, nor was she the hard, dangerous fiend that Demetria had become.

"Well, I told you and now it's only fair that you repay the favour! Where are you from? What made you join Starfleet? And do you have a boyfriend?" Annika asked, turning the tables on the Vulpinian. Isel smiled at the other woman as she considered her response, knowing she couldn't reveal her true reason for joining Starfleet.

Well, after I ran from the Orion Syndicate and blew up my old employers base, I couldn't very well go back. That and Starfleet Intelligence sort of made me join so they could keep an eye on me! Isel thought to her self with dark amusement, forgetting to guard her thoughts in case a telepath was nearby.

"Me? I was born on the Vulpinian homeworld, Inari Prime. I haven't been there in a long time, though. I was... uh... taken away form it when I was young, around twenty." Isel said as she turned her gaze to Annika.

"We age differently than you Terrans do. I was still considered a kit at that age." Isel explained, "Vulpinians aren't considered adults until they go through a rite of adulthood ceremony. There's no set age to go through it, so it's undertaken whenever the kit feels ready. I never got a chance to go through it before I was taken, so I'm technically still a child as far as my people would be concerned, though I don't really care. I don't have any great attachment to the homeworld." Isel turned her gaze away from Annika, looking at a pair of human cadets who were kissing on a bench under a large tree. The male human was certainly enjoying himself, though the female human looked like she was a lousy kisser. Her mouth was open too wide, making it appear like she was trying to envelope the male's entire face with her mouth. "I was sold of the Orion slave markets, so I haven't spent any time among my own people since then."

Isel looked at Annika again and gave the Terran an apologetic smile "Sorry, it's not really a cheerful story. Starfleet sort of help me get out of all that, which is why I'm here." Isel's smile turned impish as she reached out and grabbed Annika's arm again. "As for you last question, no guy... er... boyfriend. Or girlfriend. So you're in luck!" Isel stepped closer to Annika as she spoke, bumping her body into her new friend. Isel giggled as she pressed herself against Annika's arm, well aware of the fact that the action would make the Human uncomfortable. She stepped slightly away from the other woman but kept hold of Annika's arm as the giggles subsided and she continued to speak. "One thing I did pick up from my time on Inari Prime was my people's view on relationships. Vulpinians are a lot more... liberal with physical interactions than you Terrans are. Physical relationships aren't equated with commitment or love for us. Vulpinians form lifelong Mate bonds, much like you humans getting married, but besides that physical relations and emotional connections aren't really connected to one another among my people." A cheeky smile crept across Isel's features and she glanced at Annika out of the corner of her eye to watch Annika's reaction. "Sex isn't taboo like it is for you Terrans, either. On the Homeworld physical affection is commonplace, and it's not uncommon to see people mating in public." Isel thought for a moment, trying to remember the term she had heard Terrans use for this sort of connection. "I think the term you Humans use for that type of casual thing is... friends with benefits? Is that right"

Isel turned a mischievous grin towards Annika. "You doing ok? I know this must be shocking to a poor, innocent little xenophobe like you!" Isel teased, her tone making it plain she wasn't being judgemental with the statement. "Did the mean alien traumatize the poor, cute little Terran?" Isel squeezed Annika's arm lightly as she asked the question, her eyes twinkling with mischievous delight as she tried to get a rise out of her attractive roommate.

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[ Cadet Annika Van den Berg | Starfleet Academy | 2375 ] @Fife

"You doing ok? I know this must be shocking to a poor, innocent little xenophobe like you! Did the mean alien traumatize the poor, cute little Terran?"

Annika was caught off guard by Isel's statement. She obviously said it in a joking manner and Annika found it quite funny which caused her to giggle outwardly. She hadn't felt this comfortable around an alien so quickly. She wondered what it was about Isel, as Annika found the she wolf's personality likeable, intriguing and intoxicating. It didn't hurt that she was easy on the eyes, minus the tail of course.

"You really traumatized me! I need my pillow!" the taller of the two women said while breaking down laughing after the words slipped out of her mouth. The Vulpinian rested her head on Annika's shoulder for a few seconds whilst the two were walking and lifted it as the two approached the centre of the courtyard.

The two stood in the courtyard as Annika pointed out each building that the new Cadet would have to know before starting classes tomorrow. The fourth year cadet didn't want to overwhelm the newbie, but made sure she knew the major points. Annika figured they could do more tours if Isel needed. 

As a plus...walking beside her means I don't have to see her tail!

As Annika finished pointing out buildings and explaining some of the lesser known rules at the Academy, she realized that she should really get back to her pre-reading for her class in Temporal Mechanics tomorrow.

"Sorry Isel, I'm actually truly enjoying your company, but I have to get back and do my reading for tomorrow"

Annika looked at the heterochromatic eyes of her new roommate as she said those words,

Those eyes are amazing
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[ Cadet Isel Nix | Starfleet Academy | 2375 ] @trevorvw

"You really traumatized me! I need my pillow!"

As the two girls shared in their laughter, Isel rested her head on Annika's shoulder. Her nose was almost immediately filled with the scent of the human woman, an intoxicating mixture of scents that made the Vulpinian's head swim slightly.

This human smells good... Isel found herself grinning at the thought, enjoying her close proximity with the other woman.

Isel listened as Annika explained the layout of the Academy campus, noting specific buildings she thought the Vulpinian would need to know. Isel didn't have the heart to tell the Human that she already had a map of the campus with the buildings she needed to attend classes in marked out. Instead, she just enjoyed listening to Annika talk, noting that the Human seemed much more relaxed around her now.

As Annika apologized, saying that she really needed to get back to her reading for her classes tomorrow, Isel's mouth spread in a cheerful grin. Annika was looking into her eyes, and the Vulpinian was enjoying gazing into the sharp blue pools of Annika's eyes.

She's going to be trouble... Isel thought to herself, her grin taking on an impish quality. Or at least I hope she will...

"I understand!" Isel said, taking Annika's arm again as they turned and headed back towards their dorm. "What are you reading? I didn't actually pay attention to what textbook you had when I came in." This was true. She hadn't paid attention to the textbook, but rather had been distracted by the attractive being which had been holding the annoying book that had blocked her view of the Human's form.

"Sorry if I've been distracting you..." Isel began, then paused. She seemed to be considering what she had just said.

"Actually..." Isel pulled Annika to a stop beneath the sweeping boughs of a tree whose branches draped strands of leaves downward like locks of leafy green hair. The setting sun basked the area in a dusky glow, casting half of Annika's features in shadow.

"I'm not that sorry..." Isel stepped closer, her eyes locked on Annika's as her impish grin growing more mischievous. "I rather enjoy distracting you." Isel chuckled, her eyes narrowing slightly as she watched the other woman. "And traumatizing you." She added emphasis to the word "traumatizing", her tone clearly teasing. Isel's face was only inches from Annika's now, which afforded her a close-up view of Annika's reaction as Isel's tail brushed against her bare leg for the second time that day, slower this time. And very much deliberate. Isel giggled as she watched Annika's reaction, her wicked grin growing ever-wider.

"And for the record..." Isel added, speaking in a soft tone while at the same time leaning closer, twisting her body to lightly brush Annika with her shoulder. "I'm more cuddly than a pillow. And warmer." Her grin had taken on an alluring aspect as she spoke, and her eyes flashed suggestively. "You should try cuddling me next time you're traumatized." Isel giggled and winked at the Human before reaching out and taking hold of Annika's arm to guide her down the path as they set off in the direction of their dorm once more.

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[ Cadet Annika Van den Berg | Starfleet Academy | 2375 ] @Fife

"I'm not that sorry..." as the new arrival moved closer to Annika. "I rather enjoy distracting you...and traumatizing you." she said to the xenophobic fourth year cadet as she slowly and deliberately rubbed her tail on Annika's bare leg.

Not the tail...

Annika winced as she felt the tail brush against her leg, she was immediately creeped out and she felt her fight or flight response kick in, as she took a step back as a way of trying to convince Isel to stop.

"You should try cuddling me next time you're traumatized."

Annika didn't say anything in response to that, as she would rather cuddle the pillow instead of this alien that had just arrived only an hour prior. The walk back to the dorm room had been fairly silent as Annika was still creeped out by the deliberate tail 'assault'. 

The two had made it back to their dorm room quickly as Annika had been walking fast in order to get back as fast as she could.

The young woman then plopped down on her bed and started doing her reading for her class which was due to take place the next afternoon. She picked up the PADD and sighed whilst staring at it.

"Alright...where was I?" she whispered to herself as she tried to forget the events of the last hour.

[ Cadet Annika Van den Berg | Starfleet Academy | 2375 | Next Day ]

"Okay, you have your assignments due for next time. Class dismissed." the Temporal Mechanics instructor told the class at the pre-planned time for it to end. The rest of the class stood up and started making their way to the door as Annika put her things in her bag and stood up and followed the herd. All of a sudden, Annika felt someone run into the left side of her body, seemingly deliberately and forcefully. Along with that came the usual asshole sayings.

"Not so tough without your friend around, are you midget"

Fucking Asshole

She looked and saw Zach, who had clearly been unfazed by the incident with Isel in the corridor yesterday. She shook her head and tried to ignore him as he made his way to join the rest of his douchebag friends on the way out of class.

Annika was the last to leave the classroom and entered out into the hallway, to see Isel leaning against the far wall directly opposite the door.

She sighed.

Why...? Annika wondered why she couldn't have even five minutes to herself.
She approached the alien roommate of hers, feeling tired as she hadn't got much sleep the night before due to the whole, having a weird shape shifting alien in her room. As she got within two metres of Isel, she asked the obvious question.

"What are you doing here?"
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[ Cadet Isel Nix | Starfleet Academy | 2375 ] @trevorvw

"What are you doing here?" Annika asked. Isel could tell by Annika's tone that the Human wasn't overly happy at the sight of her. Anger flared inside Isel, the Vulpinian being well aware that most of Annika's displeasure had more to do with her being an alien rather than anything she'd actually done to the Human.

Isel remained where she was, leaning against the wall with her arms crossed under her chest. She regarded Annika with a cool expression, her eyes narrowed slightly. "He was being a dick to you again, wasn't he?" Isel asked, not answering Annika's question. She wanted to give her frustration time to ease a bit before she addressed the xenophobe's obvious displeasure at seeing her. "Zach. The daddy's boy." She clarified, "I saw him leave the classroom a minute ago." Isel's voice carried obvious irritation as she continued. "Why do you let a fuckwit like that push you around? You should stand up to him! He's one of your people, so it's not like you're scared of some big bad alien." Isel put an obvious negative emphasis on the "big bad alien" part, knowing full well that Annika had hoped to avoid her today.

"Anyway, to answer your question, I was going to ask you if you wanted to go have lunch together." Isel explained, though her voice held none of the usual enthusiasm it had when she had been dealing with Annika yesterday. Rather, it carried irritation, and just a hint of sadness. "Though I'm going to guess by your reaction that having lunch with an alien is the last thing you want to do." Isel's eyes narrowed as she studied the Human woman for a moment. "You know, I've met racists like you before." Isel shook her head and pushed herself off of the wall. "I can't say I understand it though. I've never hated someone without reason. Especially not because of what species they were born to." A slight smile crossed Isel's features as she remembered the last racist she had dealt with. It had been while she was still in the Syndicate. If she recalled correctly, she'd put him out an airlock for trying to cheat her in an arms deal. The last thing he had screamed before the vacuum had sucked the air out of his lungs was a not-very-nice, discriminatory phrase. Demetria had smiled as she watched him die.

Isel shook herself back to the present and glanced sideways at Annika as she made to leave, and the Human could see her expression held a hint of sadness. "You'd better get used to being around aliens if you want to serve in Starfleet, Annika. There's a lot more than just Humans out there in the galaxy, and a lot of them are way stranger than me." Isel turned her face towards Annika. "Unless you plan to carry your pillow around with you while you're on duty."

Isel moved off, striding down the hallway towards the doors which would carry her outside, leaving the human standing alone in the hallway. She smiled to herself as she went, wondering if that little lecture would force the timid Human out of her shell a little bit.

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[ Cadet Annika Van den Berg | Starfleet Academy | 2375 ] @Fife

Isel was walking away from Annika after calling her out on her attitude. Annika was surprised that had even happened. She stood there trying to figure out what had just happened.

A racist? Me?

Annika thought for a few moments about what Isel had said to her. She figured that Isel was right, even though she went about it the way she did. Annika had joined Starfleet to not turn out like her parents. There was no way she wanted to be like them; however here she was, acting just like them. Hell, she hadn't talked to her mom or her sister in over three years after deciding to join Starfleet.

Isel had called her out on her shit, and she was right. Annika felt a wave of guilt overcome her while having a tinge of sorrow. Her new roommate had been nothing but friendly and bubbly; and Annika treated her like a bag of shit. She knew that she had to right the wrong.


Annika then took off sprinting in the same direction that Isel had walked away.

It had taken around two minutes for Annika to find Isel. As she approached Isel, she slowed from sprinting to a more normal walking pace. She put her right hand on the Vulpinian's shoulder as she pulled back to sort of turn the woman towards her.

"I...Isel" she said while breathing heavily.

I really have to work on my cardio...

Isel had stopped walking and turned around to face Annika; all while remaining silent.

"Isel, I'm sorry! she began, "Listen, what you said was right. I was being an asshole to you and you don't deserve that. Truth is, I joined Starfleet in order to not turn out like my family, but here I am, acting just like them. I know that's no excuse, but I am sorry! You're completely right with everything."

Annika took a few breaths before continuing, "Can you forgive me?"

The young woman decided to use some words the Vulpinian had said to her the day before.

"Isel Nix, can we try and be friends?"
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[ Cadet Isel Nix | Starfleet Academy | 2375 ] @trevorvw

Isel had felt a hand take hold of her right shoulder, and felt the hand turn her to face whoever it was panting up a storm behind her. Having turned to face the sound, she found herself looking at a somewhat out of breath Annika.

"I...Isel." Annika panted, trying to catch her breath.

Well, she's panting and gasping my name... Isel thought, suppressing an impish grin. Though this isn't quite the way I imagined it...

Isel remained silent, letting the other woman catch her breath. The Vulpinian listened as Annika apologized, explaining that she realized that she was acting just like her parents, then asking the Vulpinian for forgiveness.

"Isel Nix, can we try and be friends?" Annika finally asked.

Way to steal my line... Isel thought as a grin spread over her features.

"We are friends, Annika. Whether you want to be or not!" Isel said, her tone light and playful. She stepped forward and gave Annika a hug, squeezing the Human lightly before stepping back. "Sorry, I know I'm probably more touchy-feely than you'd like. I can't help it. It's a Vulpinian thing." Isel explained. "Just be happy I don't try and make up the Vulpinian way!" She added with a wink. "Unless you want to..." Isel gave Annika a coy look, lightly running her finger along Annika's collarbone.

The look of surprise on Annika's face was answer enough.

The white-haired girl giggled again as she let her hand drop to her side. "Oh well, it was worth a shot!" She said, giving Annika another giggle and a broad grin.
Isel was well aware of the fact that she was probably making Annika uncomfortable again, but the Vulpinian couldn't help herself. Mischief was in Isel's nature, and the Human girl who stood before her looked so cute when she was shocked, which only added to the fun.

"Look, I can't say I know what it's like being estranged from your parents," Isel said, her tone turning more serious now. "My dad died when I was just a kit, and my mother and I were separated when we were sold on the slave markets. I don't even remember what they looked like." Isel reached out and took Annika's hand, the gesture one of friendship rather than another attempt to hit on the Human. "I know dealing with aliens isn't easy for you, and I know I'm probably harder to deal with than most..." Isel gave Annika a friendly smile, "But we'll work on it. Ok?"

Isel's smile transformed into a mischievous grin. "That doesn't mean I'm going to stop tormenting you though!" Isel said, giving Annika's hand a squeeze. Isel moved closer and ran the index finger of her free hand along Annika's jawline, ending on her chin. "You're so adorable when you're traumatized." Isel let her hand drop away from Annika's face as giggled as she turned away.

"Now come on, Fourth Year! You can show me a good place to eat!" Isel called over her shoulder as she walked away with a sway to her step, her tail swaying side to side in rhythm with her hips.

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[ Cadet Annika Van den Berg | Starfleet Academy | 2375 ] @Fife
"Now come on, Fourth Year! You can show me a good place to eat!" Isel had said to Annika after agreeing to forgive Annika's awful behavior. The Vulpinian first year cadet had been not so subtly flirting with Annika. The woman shook the word subtly from her vocabulary in regards to Isel.

She was overtly flirting with me!, Annika had decided in her mind. The young woman was conflicted though as she was both slightly traumatized by the flirting she had endured, however at the same time she was intrigued by how it had made her feel. She had felt certain signs of arousal at the touches from Isel. She decided to ignore them, as it was just a physiological response to the touch, and not anything she was feeling or had the remotest interest in pursuing.
"I know this great Sushi place. It's been open for well over three hundred years, it's the best in San Francisco!" she had said to the Vulpinian that was staring at her, like Annika probably stared at her. "Trust me! It's my favorite!"

[ Cadet Annika Van den Berg | Saru Sushi Bar | Noe Valley Area | San Francisco | 30 Minutes Later ]
"Kon'nichiwa! the hostess at the restaurant said as the two women entered the establishment. The women were shown to a table in the admittedly old restaurant. The restaurant had survived numerous earthquakes and fires in the area. It also survived World War 3 in the 21st Century, as well as the Breen attack just months earlier. This little place had become Annika's go to comfort food restaurant in her three years at the Academy.
The small and slender hostess of Asian decent had given the two cadets their menus when Annika replied.
"Arigato!"; which caused the young hostess to smile, slightly bow and walk away to get glasses of water for the two. This would also give them time to peruse the menu.
Annika flipped open her menu and started reading it, even though she had read this particular menu a few dozen times over the last three years.
"If you don't know what to order, I can order for you!" she said to isel as she saw the Vulpinian woman staring at the menu in what appeared to be a state of confusion.
Annika felt nervous being here with Isel at her favorite restaurant in the city. She wasn't entirely sure why she was nervous, just the fact that she was had her notice her heart racing.
Isel's touch on her collarbone, the touch on her face, the tail brushing up against her leg
Annika caught herself daydreaming while staring at the menu, she felt the blood rush to her face as her cheeks took on a rosy glow. She couldn't believe what she was feeling at the moment when coupled with the day dream. Despite her xenophobia and how creeped out she had been by Isel not even 24 hours before; there was no denying it.
She was attracted to the woman across from her.
What the fuck is going on with me?
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[ Cadet Isel Nix | Saru Sushi Bar | Noe Velley Area | San Francisco | 2375 ] @trevorvw

Isel had been staring at the menu, unsure of what anything was yet recognizing some of the words. The Vulpinian language hadn't been able to be verbally represented through the standard Federation translation, so the Vulpinians had borrowed words from the Terran Japanese language to help with the translation. Borrowing the words and understanding what the correlating food happened to be was a different matter, however. She had been trying to puzzle it out, unsuccessfully, by looking at the pictures when Annika spoke.

"If you don't know what to order, I can order for you!" The Human offered, having obviously noticed Isel's lost look.

"I think that might be a good idea..." Isel said distractedly, her eyes still scanning the menu. "What's this Tataki Beef? It almost looks raw!" Isel asked, her mouth watering at the thought. "I have no idea what everything else is. You go ahead and order, but can we try that too?"

Isel looked up at Annika as she asked the question, hoping the Human woman sitting across from her wouldn't be grossed out by raw meat. Then Isel noticed that Annika's cheeks had reddened, which served to add a rosy glow to the slightly nervous expression Annika wore. Isel thought the Human looked slightly flustered, but also enjoyed seeing her with that rosy glow.

"Are you ok?" Isel asked, unsure as to why a Human would have this sort of response. She reached across the table and touched Annika on her forearm, a look of concern growing on the Vulpinian's face. "Is something wrong? Your face is all red!"

Then it dawned on the white-haired girl.

"Wait... Are you blushing?" Isel gripped Annika's wrist tighter and leaned forward as she asked the question.  "Did you see someone cute in the restaurant?" Isel pulled her hand back from Annika's wrist and placed both palms on the tabletop and pushed herself up from her sitting position. Her head pivoted back and forth as she scanned the restaurant. "Well, where are they? C'mon, you can't keep them all to yourself! With a blush like that, they've gotta be cute!"

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[ Cadet Annika Van den Berg | Saru Sushi Bar | Noe Valley Area | San Francisco | 2375 ] @Fife

Isel had mentioned something about Tataki beef and Annika noted that she seemed pretty intrigued by it, so she added it to the mental order she was busy compiling in her head.

"Well, where are they? C'mon, you can't keep them all to yourself! With a blush like that, they've gotta be cute!" Isel had excitedly exclaimed after Annika noticed that she found the Vulpinian attractive.

Shit..she caught me.., Annika thought to herself after trying to come up with some lie to tell the woman across from her.

Annika shook her head in a side to side motion as if to dismiss what Isel had said while simultaneously buying herself more time to concoct a story.

"Oh, it was just some guy that walked by outside! He's gone now" she said hoping that the Vulpinian had believed her. As she finished her sentence, the waitress came around again wondering if they were ready to place an order.

Just in the nick of time!

Annika looked up at the Japanese woman who stood there with a PADD in her hand,

"Hi, could we get an order of Spider Roll, an order of spicy tuna roll and an order of Beef Tataki please?"

The woman finished inputting their order on the small PADD she held in her hand, bowed slightly and disappeared just as quick as she had appeared in the first place.

The young brunette decided to change the subject from the earlier subject so Isel wouldn't question it.

"You're gonna love it! If you don't, I don't know if we can be friends!" Annika teased the new arrival sitting across from her, which ended with a slight giggle.

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[ Cadet Isel Nix | Saru Sushi Bar | Noe Velley Area | San Francisco | 2375 ] @trevorvw

Isel sat back down as Annika claimed that there ahd been a cute guy walking outside, unsure if she entirely believed the Human. The waitress arrived then, preventing Isel from voicing her suspicions. Isel listened as Annika ordered for them, saying something about spiders and tuna. It sounded strange, and Isel silently prayed the Human girl didn't want her to eat bugs. Isel had tried Ferengi food once, and that had been a "never again" sort of experience.

As the waitress retreated once more, Annika spoke again.

"You're gonna love it! If you don't, I don't know if we can be friends!" The brunette teased, accompanied by a giggle.

"As long as it's not as bad as Ferengi food, I'm sure I'll like it!" Isel replied, wrinkling her nose at the memory. "Tube grubs are nasty!"

Isel looked up as she heard Annika laugh at her expression, causing a grin to spread across the Vulpinian's features again. "And I told you, we're friends whether you like it or not! There's no getting rid of me now!" Isel told the brunette, sticking her tongue out at the other woman as she finish. "I apologize in advance for the fur. You'll be finding it everywhere." She added with a slightly guilty expression.

"So tell me," Isel said, sitting forward in her seat and leaning her elbows against the table. "What department do you want to join? I saw you were reading a Temporal Mechanics book. Yawn." Isel teased as she rolled her eyes theatrically. "Do you want to go into Science? Engineering?" The Vupinian cocked her head to the side as she asked the questions, studying the other woman. As boring as she found temporal mechanics, she found the girl across from her intriguing. "I'm going to go ahead and venture a guess that xenobiology didn't make it on your list." Isel teased, leaning forward and poking Annika's arm while wearing a shit-eating grin. "Too bad, really. I could have helped you study!" The Vulpinian added in a suggestive tone, giving the Human a wink.
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