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Day 02 [2000 hrs.] Brave Shores

[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Library & Research Room| Deck 15| USS Theurgy] ATTN: @Nolan

After the abrupt end of his date with Ji, Chris had spent some time in his quarters and worked on some of the reports that he had been putting off in the aftermath of the battle which were minor enough that he knew command was in no hurry to get them.

Chris then had gone down to the hanger bay, hoping to see Ji again at least in passing but he had apparently just missed her and he changed into a work coverall before he started to do more repair work on his bird by adjusting and fixing what he could, working to replacing the plating that Ji had started to show him before...

Her bubblegum pink lips parted slightly as he looked into those brown pools of her's..the taste of her lips as he felt her deceptively slender and strong arms moving to wrap around his neck as she parted her lips to allow his tongue entry into her mouth..the scent of her, grease..oil..mixed with her natural scent seized his senses and pulled him to draw her in even closer as he felt..

Chris had to stop and shake his head before he finished up his work as Petty Officer Taine came by and told him that his deck crew would take care of the rest to which Chris simply nodded and made minor chit chat with Taine before he left for the locker room to change back into the clothes that he'd been wearing for the date with Ji in the form of a pair of jeans and a simple black shirt and then just started walking with no real destination in mind.

As he thought more about everything that had happened in the past few hours made him both happy and confused as she brought up a emotion that was different then that he had once with Tali and T'Zantha..or anyone else actually as he walked the corridors and turbo lifts until eventually he blinked a couple of times and realized that he needed a nice quiet place to think at which point he looked over and realized that he was now outside of the library and chuckled softly at the irony..he needed a nice quiet place to think and the Norns..they provide..

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[ Ensign Cameron Henshaw | Library & Research Room | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @DocReno 

Seated in the Library and Research room was Cameron Henshaw, she had taken a spot further to the back at the viewing port which also functioned as an observation deck. She was still in her standard issue skirted uniform. Her arms folded under her bosom as she stared out to the nebula that created a rather mesmerizing spectacle. She had placed several PADDs near a comfy sink in chair and table, she had found peace and serenity in this place. A place to lay her head down and read the classical stored books in the archives.

It had been a welcome change than the lounges she had frequented. The seduction of drinks and alcohol being steered clear from her in the library. Not that she was growing dependent of them, yet after being reprimanded by the XO on it, she knew she had to watch her steps and actions. However, even here... It didn't make the grieving or emotional gaping hole inside of her feel any better.

Cameron sighed again as she sat back down in the chair and fished out one of the PADD's that held a classical 21st century novel. She started reading in silence with her back to the entrance. If anyone would enter, the only thing visible  of her would most probably be her boots that rested on the table as she made herself comfortable while reading the holographic version of the book.

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Library & Research Room| Deck 15| USS Theurgy] ATTN: @Nolan

Chris entered the library, his mind still awash with his thoughts with the evidence of this was clear by the expression on his face and his very posture all the way down to how he was moving which was normally with crisp, clean movements with a grace that a man with his kind of build didn't usually have.

Right now his gait was that of a man whose confusion as he wanted to be as far away from the door as possible and he spotted a chair next to the viewport which he headed too..but something grabbed his attention and made him stop, a title on a selection of PADDs and picked it up before resuming his way to the chair where he sat down and started to look at it or tried to before his attention was pulled away to the swirling mass of the nebula outside which allowed his mind to relax just a little bit...

She cut the screen and the andorian, Leigh, disappeared from the viewscreen before she turned back to him, a hint of saddness and frustration appearing in those warm brown pools that were her eyes. "I have to go.... work calls and all of that, but I hope you had a good time. I did. Can we do it again sometime? Maybe next time we can go out? Do something fun, holodeck bar.. or dancing or I don't know! Something fun! I'd like to get to you know you better." she then smiled at him warmly in a tone that made his heart soar that she wanted to see him again.

He quietly got up from the couch where they had been laying against each other..effectively holding each other like it was common..wrapped his arms around her and drew her lips against his into a simple and tender kiss, one to show that he wasn't upset with her about working interrupting their time together and that he was wanting to see her again as much as she wanted to with him as her lips returned the same silent conversation with him and when it broke..she was nothing but the warmest of blushes to match that smile...

Chris shook his head as he tried to go back to his PADD but then every time he tried to focus on it, a different thought would try to drag him back down for his attention and he couldn't focus on it at which point he tossed the PADD down onto the table next to him and pinched the bridge of his nose and made a noise that sound that was a mixture of confusion, grief, and happiness..but mostly confusion..

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[ Ensign Cameron Henshaw | Library & Research Room | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @DocReno 

Cameron registered the sound of the doors opening of the Library yet she didn't bother to look who was coming in. She wasn't looking for company right now. As she leaned against the confines of the oval shaped chair, her own tears were silently running down her cheeks. She closed her eyes once more and sobbed in silence before she almost jumped from the clatter as a PADD got thrown onto a table.

She wiped her tears and took a few moments to look a bit more presentable before she peeked from around the shape of the chair. Christopher wasn't seated that far away from her. It seemed like it was him who had thrown the PADD on the table and it seemed that the TAC CONN officer was hurt, confused or lost? She leaned back in the chair as she got fragments of what happened the night before between them. She bit her lower lip a little before she waited a few more minutes.

Eventually, she gathered up her courage and turned the chair around to face Christopher now "Are you okay Christopher?" she asked carefully, leaning forward a little and resting her elbows on her legs as she looked him over. he wasn't wearing his uniform, it seemed like he was in a civilian attire, maybe he came from a special occasion? She waited for his reply as her brown deer eyes studied him in silence.

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Library & Research Room| Deck 15| USS Theurgy] ATTN: @Nolan

The array of thoughts that were swirling around in Chris's brain kept trying to pull him into a number of directions with most of them being the confusion of how Ji was making him wasn't something that he was used to and while it made him happy that someone could look at him with the kind of look that he'd prayed to see in the eyes of Tali once upon a time.. was filling him with all manner of other conflicting questions with one of the biggest ones being "did he have the right to be happy?" because of what Tali had told him the night before when she and Sniper had crashed in his quarters prior to them getting their own how Marcus had been the man commanding the Orcus and the still fresh memory of the full on broadside slamming into his oldest brother's first command, it's burning and shattered hulk spewing frozen flames and body parts of both the great ship and it's crew into the vast void of the Black...

"Are you okay Christopher?" a soft and melodic voice asked from somewhere on the edges of his attention.

Chris slowly opened his eyes-his tired, confused, and hurting green eyes meeting tear-reddened and worried brown in return as a memory came unbidden to him;

His hands slid under her short uniform skirt, feeling the satiny smooth and lightly toned skin of her thighs under his strong, broad, and calloused fingers as he suddenly became very hard as she ground her wonderfully pert ass on his crotch as his wine-enhanced desire for something that he felt was out of his reach was now sitting in his lap as the words "I'm in no condition to decide Christopher." before she arched her back, hips grinding even more slowly against him as her pert breasts strained ever so slightly through the top of her uniform..made promident by her own Risan wine-fueld emotions.

"What would you do with me?" she whispered in that soft melodic voice that he heard every so often while they were on the Harbinger in the lounge..chance encounters, the sting of his failed "relationship" with Tali too soon over in his heart for him to reach out to this ginger haired Sidhe before him until now.

He could hear his words, his naturally husky voice made deeper as a distant dream started to seemingly come true as a part of him screamed that this would end badly that the pain that the both of them was too much as his hand crept even further up her thighs to that ass of her's as she whispered in an even more sultry tone came "What do I need to say, Christopher?"

Chris winced in reaction to that memory as they had both thankfully had come to their senses before they did something that they would've come to regret..but in a strange way he wondered how much she recalled from that night.

He quickly shook his head to clear it before saying in a very tired tone, "To be honest, Cameron, I'm not and I'm sorry if I scared you or am the cause of you crying." 

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[ Ensign Cameron Henshaw | Library & Research Room | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @DocReno 

The pilot registered her presence as his green eyes made contact with her brown ones. Yet he didn't seem to reply to her yet as his mind seemed to blank out. She bit her lower lip gently before he finally shook his head. His voice sounded tired, his expression worn down. The after mission reports that had been filed had stated that his brother was the commanding officer on the Orcus, the ship that they had broadsided whilst Cameron was still on the Star base. He was hurting, that much she could tell.

It was her turn to shake her head now, her hair hanging rather loosely instead of being worn in a pony tail or stuck up.  Her brown locks were loose on her shoulders, some strands coming in front of her face as she raked them aside with her fingers "You didn't scare me, nor are the reason why I'm crying Christopher... Why would you? You've not done me wrong." she answered with a clear voice.

She could barely remember what had happened the night before. The drunk haze had erased the memory of her grinding herself down on his lap, the words she spilled into his ears and the seductive actions she had performed. To her, the last thing she remembered was him getting at her table and them having a conversation, after that it all got a bit blurry and fuzzy. The only thing she could remember was her waking up in her quarters the day after with a killer headache.

"What's wrong Christopher?" she asked carefully "I mean, if you want to talk about it, I can be the listening ear if you want me." she smiled faintly as she waited for his response before she'd move closer to him. Luckily they seemingly had the entire library to themselves.

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Library & Research Room| Deck 15| USS Theurgy] ATTN: @Nolan

Chris listened to what Cameron was saying, chiefly the last four words which made him chuckle in a rather bitter tone before he nodded. "Sorry..but your timing couldn't be any better Cameron and in a way, I'm glad that it's you and only you."

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath for a moment before opening them again as he looked right at her, "Earlier today I went down to the hanger deck to work on my fighter that is..and Chief Eun was there already looking her over. We talked and started to work on the fighter and I found myself able to talk to her easily, kind of like how I can talk to you Cameron." he started, a warm smile starting to cross his features that reached his eyes. "As we were working on it, we started to come compare stories about our respective scars."

Having a clue a the question to come, he decided to just show her as he stood up for a moment as he untucked his shirt to pull it up some to show her the scars across his muscular torso.

Scars that she could tell brought on by things such as knives, disruptors, shrapnel, and even-as he turned just enough to show her his back-teeth of a large predator before he sat back down, tucking his shirt in as he went.

"She and I both have them but as she was showing me on..on her middriff, I reached out to trace it because it's one of those scars that you can't believe that a person could survive from..and..and I..." he continued to speak before stopping, his throat becoming dry as the memory came back strong and fresh in his mind's eye. "One second I was feeling the scar and the next, we were kissing but the kiss was something else, Cameron."

He stopped and then got up again to move closer to her at which point he gently took one of her hands as he kneeled down next to her chair and placed it on his heart where she could easily feel how fast it was racing just at the memory of what he was talking about.

"I never kissed anyone like that before, Cameron, and nobody had ever kissed ME like that before either.." he continued, holding her hand still against his heart without realizing it. "So she invited me to her quarters for something but I knew it wasn't going to be for sex because if it was going to be for just that then it could've happened there on the hanger deck right?"

Chris blinked a couple of times and looked down to see that he was still holding her hand against his chest as a powerful blush surged onto his face before he gently let go of her hand and moved back to the chair that he had been occuping. "I spent some of the replicator rations that I had saved up and replicated some roses for her then went to her quarters where we ate and watched a show that it turns out that we both enjoy and just talked..and kind of cuddled." he went on to explain before blushing a little bit. "It felt so natural to do something with her like that, having her like that and just spending time with her and when I kissed her felt so natural and I was happy..for the first time in years I felt happy and yet, I don't know if I deserve it."

During the entire time that he'd been speaking, he'd been blushing and smiling at the memory before suddenly both faded from his face as a very worried expression crossed his face. "Then I thought about how my brothers and sisters would be happy about this event in my life...and I don't even know if Marcus is still alive..which lead me to how I was when I came in."

He then blinked a couple of times and didn't speak for a moment, his mouth worked like he was trying to speak but no words came out until finally a simple question escaped him in a voice that seemed more confused then anything:

"Cameron, am I allowed to be happy with everything going on?"

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[ Ensign Cameron Henshaw | Library & Research Room | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @DocReno 

Cam leaned back a little as Slayton seemed more than willing to talk, she crossed her hands in each other and placed them on her lap as he started telling what was on his mind. She nodded periodically and tried to picture Eun in front of her mind's eye. She had a vague idea of who it was, yet she could very well be mistaken. Right now though it didn't really seem to matter as Slayton kept talking.

Her eyes followed him as he stood up and bared his torso to show her the scars. Henshaw didn't have any battle scars, no visible ones at least. Mentally she had seen her fair share of scarring. On others, yet also on herself. Cameron's brow frowned a little as the feeling up of scars seemingly lead to them kissing one another. It seemed though that the chief had answered the kiss as well and that the two of them were growing closer to one another.

She kept seated in her seat as Chris made his way over to her and took her hand to place it on the center of his chest. She could feel his heartbeat and she smiled faintly as she nodded slowly. The man was most definitely in love, however it confused her why he was feeling so sad and confused. She could only shrug at the question why he got invited to her quarters, a mention of having sex on the flight deck being somewhat public if not, very much public was kept back as her hand still remained on his warm skin.

Eventually, he got to the part why he was feeling so gloomy. Her smile turned a tad more faint and she nodded slowly before she placed her hands back on her lap and toyed a bit with her hair. Her reply waited for a few minutes, yet she spoke up with a soft voice to Chris, almost inaudible if he would sit any further.

"Christopher..." she started "It sounds to me that you've met someone special. Someone extraordinary... Why shouldn't you be happy about it? I mean... There's only that many people where you'll feel like the way you do. It's something you should treasure, fight for, cherish and love." she spoke up more convinced of her point. Her eyes met his again as she pushed her hair behind her ear "Like you said, you siblings would or should be happy if you found a person like chief Eun. Regardless of where they are... I'm sure they'd be proud of what you achieved." she concluded as she kept her eyes resting on Christopher.

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Library & Research Room| Deck 15| USS Theurgy] ATTN: @Nolan

Chris listened to Cameron's words and slowly nodded as he saw the logic in them..all save one part.

In that short span of time that he had spent with Ji, he did indeed find himself attracted highly to her and was overcome with a burning need..desire want to get to know the Korean woman better and he was starting to come to cherish her deeply even though they had only known each other for a few actual hours..

..but love?

Love could come later if later even would happen but for now he wanted to get to know her better among other things..

But that still didn't take away from the sheer guilt that he was feeling.

"That's just the thing, Cameron, I am feeling guilty because of the fact that when we left the starbase I got a close look at the Orcus as it floated there dead in space and then a couple of its former pilots told me who the captain was.." he started to explain before that cold feeling hit him in the stomach again as he leaned forward. "I grew up very close to all of my sibs, Cameron, I was the third oldest and Marcus was the firstborn..he was our father's pride and joy, the golden boy who could do no wrong but Marc..Marc refused to accept any of that because he knew that he had faults and he was proud of them all."

A wan smile crossed his bearded features, "I will agree with you on that I like her, Cameron, I truly do because when I held felt so natural that it scared me a little bit at that realize that maybe, just maybe, there is someone that I could walk a thousand miles for if she needed me to but I would beg for her to tell me not to leave her."

He then looked into her Cameron's eyes before shaking his head slightly. "But love..why do you say that?" he asked, wondering why he asked that instead of what he wanted to ask.

The wan smile stayed on his face for a moment more before it disappeared as the darker thoughts came back again. "As for my brother, I don't know if he's alive or not, Cameron, and that scares and hurts me more then anything to know that he was right there, alone and possibly scared as the decks burn around him while I'm happily making out with Ji."

He then fell backwards in his chair, feeling defeated before his green eyes looked over at her, his depression leaving his face and in his eyes long enough to give her a real warm smile. "I'm glad that you're talking to me..especially after everything that happened." he said honestly.

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[ Ensign Cameron Henshaw | Library & Research Room | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @DocReno

The eyes of the young yeoman narrowed as she listened to the pilot voicing out his concern about the chance of his brother being killed in action. So far there were no real reports to go on, the news feeds would not reach through to the ship and even if they did, they'd probably sketch a very wrong picture. Regardless though, perhaps if they could pick up some news about the casualty list? Perhaps it could soothe the mind of the troubled man.

She couldn't however pull such a thing off alone and undoubtedly nobody would sign of on the matter. It was a far to great risk to do so, for detection or worse, morale. The topic however shifted when Chris asked Cameron why she had mentioned the love-word. She leaned back and seemed a bit scoffed at first as he carried on about his brother.

"We'll find out at some point if your eldest brother survived. That I can promise you Christopher." she assured him with a meek smile. "However if your brother is like the man that you tell me he is, I'm sure he'd probably be standing steadfast and without fear in the endangered situation."

"As for love... I suppose it's something that just comes naturally in my mindset." she whispered "I mean, look at us, we're in a library with some of the most romantic and love inspired stories there are. One can easily drift off and believe that there's a true one out there somewhere. besides, nothing beats the feeling of falling in love, head over heels... Losing your heart in the moment." she spoke warmly with a pleased smile curling on her lips.

She leaned forward once more in her seat "Everything that happened?" she asked softly, feeling her gut clench together. Was there something that had transpired in that drunk haze? She could feel her stomach turn and twist in fear, hoping she hadn't done anything seriously wrong. Nothing that had offended him or worse...

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Library & Research Room| Deck 15| USS Theurgy] ATTN: @Nolan

He listened to what she was saying about why she suggested that he could be already in love with Ji and a set of realizations slowly came to him and these made him suddenly swallow hard against a dry throat as he slowly stood up, a look that was a combination of realization and blankness appeared on his face as a memory came up from the depths of his recent memory;

Striding across the hanger deck as the alert for all pilots to man their birds echoed around the deck, Fasha...Morrigan...walking with a calm, predator grace as he like her had no wasted moment while other pilots like Kanti was running to their respective wasted movement to tire them before the bloody dance of death to come.

Chief Eun was standing next to a Valkyrie, overseeing the last checks for it as the weapons crew wrapped up loading the last of it's expendable armorments but she looked up for a moment at the two of them as they walked by and smiled...a thought crossing his mind that made his heart had a truth to it...

"That smile is the reason that I'll always come home.."

Chris blinked a few times as he slowly started to nod as he let out a shuddering breath before turning to look at Cameron. "I haven't had the best of luck in relationships, Cameron, as I didn't have the cool confidence of my brother Marcus or the rugged looks of Daniel...I was simply me and I couldn't find the right person to mesh with and that's not to say that I haven't been without people to keep my bed warm but there was no one to keep my HEART warm." he said in a tone that was honest yet unsure, almost like he was afraid of speaking things out loud..even to she who he was trusting with this.

He turned to look at her better, admiring her for a moment. "I enjoy a certain type of media..maybe even addicted to them to an extent..where a hero or a dark figure finds the love of their life in the most unlikilest of times and places but I never wanted that because I wanted the kind that is developed over time where you get to know the other person and grow with them..I wanted to have all of the fighting, making up, creating memories, and finding out what truly mattered that would eventually lead into love.." he added, before he let out a pained sigh before he chuckled but this time it wasn't bitter but more warm..almost happy sounding.

"Danny once told me that the person that you like is someone that you really care about more then anyone else because they begin to invade your thoughts, little by little they seep more into your every day no matter what...and I think Ji's been doing that since before today, took all the energy that I had to say "Hello" to her." he explained before he looked over at her again and nodded, "She has been on my mind for hours's almost like she's in my blood, Cameron, and I don't want it to stop."

When she moved forward in her seat and asked about what happened, Chris winced as he thought that she remembered a little bit at which point he walked over and squatted down in front of Cameron and looked her right in the eyes. "You and I..we started drinking the Risan wine that you had, I wasn't ready for the potency so when you started kissing me, I returned the kisses even to the point where you were in my lap and grinding on me..neither one of us were in the right frame of mind since we were both hurting."

Chris then reached out and gently took both of her hands into his and gave them a reassuring squeeze. "But nothing else happened because you came back to your senses and apologized for it, Cameron, at which point Krystal-one of the new pilots from the Resolve-helped get you back to your quarters and into bed after I got you something to hurl into in case you needed to on the way."

He lowered his eyes for a moment, a blush creeping onto his face before he raised his eyes to look into her's again, his gaze open and honest. "This is all weird because when I kissed was only a part of the drink talking because it made feelings that I had already creep up and now here I am, talking about a woman that I think that I'm falling for with a woman that I had been crushing on." he gave them another reassuring squeeze. "I think that's why it's so easy for me to talk to you about all of *THIS*[/i], Cameron."

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[ Ensign Cameron Henshaw | Library & Research Room | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @DocReno 

The words certainly seemed to seep through to the pilot as it seemed that he came to the realization that love was exactly what he was feeling. She allowed the pilot to deal with it in the moment as his mind seem to blanken out and she smiled amusingly as she could bring a new light on that revelation. She shifted in her chair and was about to stand up and go as Christopher started talking again.

She sat back down more comfortably in her chair as the pilot admitted that he had shared the bed with a lot of female companionship. Yet it also seemed that none of those girls ever won his heart over. Cameron wondered if the women he had slept with shared the same feelings or not, maybe they did fall for his charms and looks? Maybe there could be more too?
She nodded in silence to Christopher as she let him ventilate his heart.

As he told her what Ji seemed to do to his mindset and feelings, Cameron couldn't help but laugh as she nodded slowly again and spoke up "Chris... You don't need to take the role of a caped crusader to find love. Love usually finds you and once it's there, she'll be a bitch to shake off." her eyes trailed over him and she continued "Just embrace it, go with it and find out where it leads you. Love can take on many forms and sidetrails, yet you should live and enjoy it to the fullest. That's what I'd advise you Christopher." she smiled with a wink.

Cameron seemed happy and content with the situation, yet she had asked about what had happened between the two of them. Chris started talking now as he came to her and held her hands. The eyes of the ensign widening as she heard what she had done to the man in a drunk mood. Her mind was in a darker place now and her eyes couldn't look straight into Chris'. What had she done! Her lips moved as he kept talking, reassuring her that nothing more had happened.

A blush covered the ensign's cheeks as he mentioned she was his crush and for a moment she felt like she had to get away from this. It was a pure panic instinct that she had, yet Christopher seemed to try and reassure her. She blinked a couple of times before she found her voice again "Christopher... I-I... I'm sorry..." she whispered to him "Sorry for what I did... I... I didn't know you had feelings for me..." she admitted before looking in his eyes. "I hope I could help you further with all this..."

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Library & Research Room| Deck 15| USS Theurgy] ATTN: @Nolan

Chris listened to Cameron's words and slowly nodded in agreement because there was a full truth in them as he knew that he had deep feelings for Ji, maybe even deeper then he was ready to admit to himself or others but what he did know was that Ji meant a lot to him.

He couldn't help but wonder a few things like when did he start having these feelings for her and then the answer came to him just as quickly..

He let out a deep sigh and nodded, "You make a very valid point, Cameron, and I see the truth in it.." he started to say before running a hand through his short dark hair. "But for the moment, can we just say that I really like her because I don't think neither she nor I are even remotely ready for the use of that bigger "L" word to be honest."

After he explained what had happened the night before and his feelings for her, he smiled warmly at her as he looked back into Cameron's eyes. "You have nothing to apologize for concerning last night because nothing more then kissing happened but it was nice to finally be able to let those feelings out..even if you don't remember them." he said with a slight chuckle before giving her hands another squeeze before he listened to her further, he then let go of one hand to reach up and gently cup the left side of her face. "I'm sorry that I didn't let you know about how I felt before now..I have a lot of respect for you and I thought you were out of my I did with Ji, so you have nothing to apologize for there on that account."

He then gave her a very warm smile, "You can help me further because..I'm not used to feeling these kinds of emotions, Cameron, and I need someone that I can talk to that I trust."

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[ Ensign Cameron Henshaw | Library & Research Room | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @DocReno

There it was, the moment that Chris needed, the point where he saw the truth for all it had. Cameron's face flourished in rejoicement for a few seconds before she just smiled contently. The point that he made that either wasn't ready perhaps for the L word to be pronounced only made her nod slowly "You'll see in due time." she answered sagely.

As Christopher spoke about showing her the feelings he had bottled up for so long, Cameron couldn't help but smile faintly as she really couldn't remember a thing of it. She wasn't sure what to think of it and she chewed softly on her lower lip as he claimed that she was way out of his league. She had to chuckle lightly about that comment, yet she felt the warm hands of Christopher still holding hers. The soft squeezes he gave her, making her feel somewhat at ease around him.

"Oh come one Chris.. I don't think anyone is out of your league. You're easy on the eyes and a smooth talker." she boosted about him before she nodded at his request for help "Of course Christopher, if there's anything you're incapable of dealing with, i'll be here for you to listen." she answered. She pulled her hands away from his and brought her left hand up to cup his face "I do think you and Ji are going to make a cute couple." she teased before winking and laughing.

It had been a while since Cameron laughed since the starbase incident. In fact, it might have been the first time that she actually laughed truthfully. The eyes of the ensign were showing a flickering of amusement and life once more, in contrary to when he saw her first.

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Library & Research Room| Deck 15| USS Theurgy] ATTN: @Nolan 

Chris listened to everything that she said, having only a slight amount of trouble believing what she was saying about him because he was a more practical person-putting words to his deeds and plus he honestly didn't think that he had the sauve, sophistacted looks of Marcus or the rugged handsomeness of Daniel..

..but there was something in about his appearance that caught and drew Ji's attention and Cameron had just called him "easy on the eyes", she hadn't lied to him.

It was at that point that Chris felt one of her hand's on his face and a gauntlet of emotions ran through for one, one very important one.

"I do think you and Ji are going to make a cute couple." she said teasingly before she gave him a wink and laughed that twinkling laugh.

It was in that moment that Chris understood that she was laughing at the fact that it was true-he and Ji had good chemistry together even though they had only had a singular date and had spent most of that time getting to know each other.

But as he knealt there, his eyes locked on Cameron's with her hand on his face and her lips so tantilzingly close, he could only think of one thing... he wished that he could hear Ji's voice at that moment.

Chris's face then took on a look of thoughtfulness as he nodded slowly. "Cameron, I honestly don't know what to do but I do one thing and please god please don't take this the wrong way..but I really wish that you were her right now.." he said in a tone that was trembling slightly as he moved away and moved slowly into a standing position, turning away from her slightly as he shook his head in a manner of trying to clear it before he turned back around to face her again.

"I am going to be completely honest with you right now Cameron and that is there was a time during on the Harbinger that I would've killed for a moment to be that close to you and I'm glad that, even though you don't remember it, I was able to show you in some way how I felt because of everything that has happened to me in the past ten years of my life...I have trouble believing that I can be happy and when I was so close to you just now..I didn't feel tempted to kiss you because all I could think about while we were that close was one thing.." he explained before taking another deep breath and in a tone that showed how surprised he was but it also carried a now more familiar tone of confirmation:

"All that I can think about was how I wished I was having that moment with her." he finally said before running a hand through his short dark hair before letting out a slight chuckle as the expression on his face turned into one of nervous hope before he turned away from her.

He swallowed as more of a realization started to hit him before he turned around to look at her before giving her a very warm smile. "I'm glad that you were finally able to laugh and that I was able to help a friend, a very dear friend.." he said before quickly moving to kneel down in front of her again to take up her hands and squeeze them happily. "During our date tonight, we talked about a great many things and I snuggled with her while watching a show that we both really enjoy..I *SNUGGLED* with someone Cameron and that is something that I want to do more of and I want to learn more about what she likes, what she dislikes, spend more time getting to know her, and so much more.." he then got a very serious expression on his face before he nodded slowly like he was making a decision.

"Cameron, I want to take her out for breakfast tomorrow and let her know that..that I actually want to try and build something with her." he said, his voice was both happy and resolute. "I like her enough that I want to try with her an actual relationship, that's the kind of spark that she's invoked in me..I'm taking her as seriously as she deserves to be."

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[ Ensign Cameron Henshaw | Library & Research Room | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @DocReno

Cameron watch Christopher get up as he turned away from her and spoke his mind openly to her. She smiled amused as she crossed her legs in the chair and made sure she remained decent. Her eyes followed the pilot as he essentially spoke about how hard he had fallen for this other woman and how close he had wished to be to her. A smile covered Cameron's lips as she kept looking at Slayton as he spoke of future plans he ha, the breakfast and such.

"I've said so before Christopher, you have the right to be happy. There's nothing holding you back from achieving that. Nothing but yourself that is." she told him as she heard a chirp at one of her PADDs. She veered up and looked at it as it was an alert addressed to her. "Either way... You sure seem to know what you want and don't want with her. I say push on and explore what a future might hold between the both of you. Just don't drown her in attention." she smiled as she got up out of her chair and buttoned up her vest and straightened out her attire.

"Anyway, I need to go. I'm glad we could have this talk Christopher and I wish you the best with your partner." she winked. With a small bow of her head  she took her goodbye of him and turned her back to him as the clacking of her boots echoed through the library as she made her way to the entrance.


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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Library & Research Room| Deck 15| USS Theurgy] ATTN: @Nolan

When Cameron started to talk again, her words made him stop in place as something in them rang true loud and clear in his head.

He understood some of the levels of what he was feeling and they weren't like those that he thought that he had for Tali or Cameron, these..he could've simply made out with her and just let things proceed to how they had in the past but this time his heart and mind had told the rest of him "No" and his body obeyed.

That wasn't to say that he didn't find her attractive as she most certainly was and she was possibly wondering what he would find attractive in her..what would've drawn him to her like this of all the women on the ship.

The answer was something that he prayed that he would be able to tell her.

"You're right, Cameron, and I'm honestly worried about being this open with anyone.." he started to say before he slowly turned to look at her with an expression that was a mixture of both concern and happiness. "But she's worth it..I just hope that I don't mess this up."

He smiled and returned Cameron's bowing of the head, albeit a little bit distractedly as he went back to his thoughts as he tried to figure out how to express how serious he was when he would bring it up to Ji in the morning as he not only took her seriously but he also wanted to show how serious he was about wanting to start a relationship with her.

Something in him told him that he could trust her but if there was one thing that he learned from watching his older brothers was to show the person you care how serious you are...

And without hesitation or a second thought, his hand went to his dog tags..and the small vial that hung there as well as an old prayer went through his head:

==Please don't let me mess this up..==

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