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[2381 USS Theurgy] Cohabitation

OOC: This is a continuation of Kino's and Reika's part after this post -


Lt Reika Sh’laan|  Turbolift  | Between Decks | Vectors 3 and 2 | USS Theurgy @Dumedion

The turbolift doors slipped closed behind the two of them.  Kino took a step toward Reika and long blue arms wrapped around the Trill’s waist and pulled the spotted beauty against her firmly but gently.

Computer, Vector 2, Deck 11."  Then turning to the non-com Reika asked.  "Did I remember correctly?"

The turbolift started at its usual pace.

Computer, take it slow, please.” 

“Acknowledged.  Slowed to third speed.”

Now that’s more like it.”  Reika beamed as her hands moved down Kino’s waist and slipped over the nicely contoured backside giving it a squeeze, keeping their pelvis’s pressed together. 

But while her hands enjoyed the ample flesh they were kneading.  Reika’s eyes searched Kino’s face.  Before her didn’t just stand a woman.  Before her stood a gift - a priceless gift in the form of a beautiful, kind, precious, voluptuous Trill.  One arm remained firmly squeezing Kino’s ass while the other hand’s fingertips trailed up the Trill’s side, a teasing stroke across the side of her breast, a flit of tender touches up her neck until finally, the heel of her palm settled along Kino’s jawline, her thumb stroked the smooth pale cheek.

But a realization struck the Andorian, and she chuckled as her mind continued its internal conversation.  “Sorry,” she grinned.  "I just had a funny thought.  I was just considering how much of a gift you are to me…And you know what you do with gifts right?

A huge grin wound across her face.  “You unwrap them!”  Bright blue eyes found their laughter, but that was followed by a sigh.  “However, seeing as we’re still in the Turbolift, that’ll have to wait until we’re back in our quarters.”  Blue face closed the distance to the pale one.  Reika brushed her nose against Kino’s, then her lips slipped back toward the Trill’s ear, bringing them cheek to cheek.  “And I love unwrapping my presents.  It can be so,” white teeth nibbled a pale ear. “Much,” blue lips engulfed the soft peach earlobe suckling on it.  “Fun,” Reika blew a soft column of air around Kino’s ear and down her neck.

And while I probably shouldn’t unwrap you here, it doesn’t mean I can’t indulge in a little taste.”  The OPS officer trailed a line of kisses down the Trill’s jawline until she reached her chin, when she nuzzled her face just below the jawline tipping Kino’s head up slightly while wet lips kissed their way around the supple skin just above the collar of her uniform.

But even at a third speed, the turbolift stopped all too soon and the doors opened to let the two off.
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Re: [2381 USS Theurgy] Cohabitation

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Turbolift | Between Decks | Vectors 3 and 2 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
Reika didn’t waste any time; Kino loved that about her. A single step closer was met in kind without hesitation, until they were pressed together, held in each other’s arms.  “Hm,” the Trill smiled dreamily, completely distracted. She couldn’t quite concentrate enough to remember her own room number – wrapped up in blue, senses overwhelmed with Reika – but she did manage a shrug. “No idea at the moment, but yeah, sounds familiar,” Kino winked. But then Reika’s lovely hands squeezed her even closer, pinning her in place. A sound, somewhere between a whimper and a squeal, escaped Kino’s lips as they turned in pecking kisses across Reika’s palm. Her eyes noticed, with abject amusement, how the Andorian’s antenna began to wiggle; it was the cutest thing – but also a huge turn-on – but it ceased as Reika’s expression shifted suddenly.

“What is it,” Kino asked through a smile, even as her brow creased a fraction with concern – but after Reika explained, the Trill’s smile only grew to a grin. You are so adorable, Kino chuckled while her eyes fell closed to breathe in her lover’s presence. The perma-grin faltered as her lips parted in a silent moan from what Reika was doing to Kino’s ear, however. Oh shit, not the ear!

And the Andorian didn’t stop there.

“Nhhhg,” Kino moaned, face to the ceiling, biting her bottom lip with a smile. “Cant…argue with that,” she added as her own hands spread to grip curved flesh in turn. “Ahhh, please, let this be the right deck,” Kino laughed under her breath, caught under the loving mercy of the insatiable blue beauty that was her girlfriend.

But then the doors slid open, and the pair turned to glance at an empty hallway.

“Totally gonna get you back for this, y’know,” Kino smirked, then stole another quick kiss as she turned and gave Reika a tug. “I fully encourage such behavior, of course,” she added with a smirk, once their hands were once again linked. “So taste away anytime you like,” the Trill whispered playfully after a few steps.

Kino loved her; loved this – just being around her – being goofy, and loving, flirty, all of it. Reika made the entire day vanish from Kino’s mind; the bullshit, the conflicted memories, the grind, it all seemed so trivial. Cognitively, Kino knew it was all new relationship energy – but damn it felt amazing.

“Wait,” Kino laughed abruptly when she realized they were walking the completely wrong way. “Its back this way. Ahhg, I’m such a mess! Your fault, Legs,” the non-com flashed a dimpled smile as they turned around. “Better not pull that kinda stuff on me while I’m working on the torp, unless y'want jelly all over the place,” she warned jokingly, trademark smirk firmly in place. “I can’t be held accountable for my actions under such duress.”

Soon enough, they arrived at Kino's door. After the code was inputted, the Trill led the way into the common area with a glance at her roommates door. "Must be out or sleeping," she shrugged and made her way to her room, pausing to flash a grin at Reika. "This shouldn't take long, so long as you behave yourself, LT."


Re: [2381 USS Theurgy] Cohabitation

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Lt Reika Sh’laan|  Kino's Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy @Dumedion

As Kino pulled the stately Andorian down the hallway, Reika smiled.  She loved everything about this woman - her sensual noises when Reika kissed, sucked, or nibbled on any part of her milky-white spotted body.  Her darling, teasing sense of humor.  Those damn provocative dimples! The way she would chew on her lip when she was thinking or concentrating or responding to Reika’s advances. 

But just as her thoughts were getting going, Reika felt herself yanked in the opposite direction.  “It’s back this way.  Ahhg, I’m such a mess!  Your fault, Legs!  Better not pull that kinda stuff on me while I’m working on the torp, unless y’want jelly all over the place.  I can’t be held accountable for my actions under such duress.

That one statement slowed her steps - remembering what happened the last time she had been in Kino’s quarters, Reika had shot a torpedo with an arrow and thought she was going to blow up half of the ship.  Kino had done her best to assure her quickly enough.  Still, finding a torpedo hidden under the non-com’s bed had done nothing to assuage any of Reika’s fears.  Her girlfriend had a crazy sense of humor.  It both scared her and intrigued her at the same time.

But Reika was still half dragged, half running after her girlfriend even after the quick change of direction.  But it wasn’t long before they made it to Kino’s - old - quarters.

Her roommate wasn’t in the main room. “Must be out or sleeping.

But just before Kino crossed over the threshold to her room, she paused, turned, and grinned mischievously at her girlfriend before saying, “This shouldn’t take long, so long as you behave yourself, Lt.

But Kino turned quickly after and headed into her room. Before doing anything else, the OPS officer headed to the replicator and ordered a large duffle bag, then she turned to follow the Trill and leaned against the doorframe.  The Andorian crossed her arms under her bust and just watched Kino.  Damn.  The woman knew who she was and what she was about.  She moved with a purpose - a mission.  One of joining two separate existences into one shared life.  She could see her see her muscles tighten and loosen, she could see the tension in her shoulders release and the unconscious smile that graced her mouth.  It all filled her heart and gave her such joy.

After Kino removed several sets of clothes from her drawers and set them down on her bed, Reika made her way over.  In the six steps that it took to get there, Reika had a choice, make a move and sidetrack the two of them in - oh such an enjoyable way - or she could help, so they could consummate this new part of their relationship in their new shared quarters.  Reika rarely had a problem with delayed gratification, and while there was a momentary internal struggle, her decision was made shortly thereafter.  Coming up alongside her girlfriend, she asked, “You are so gorgeous, you know that?”  She smiled at her.  “And precious, and I want to make passionate love to you, but the next time, we make love, I want it to be in our shared quarters.”  She paused and looked at her girlfriend.  “So how can I help get us there sooner?
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Re: [2381 USS Theurgy] Cohabitation

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Personal Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
Okay, essentials only, Kino told herself. Moving in with someone wasn’t exactly new, insofar as she remembered how it worked thanks to all the other lifetimes Jeen had lived, but that didn’t stop a bubbly feeling of excitement and anticipation from filling her up. She already knew that there wasn’t much in her room that was “essential”; almost everything she owned could easily be replaced via replicator, and the things that had once held value to her as Kino Taer – especially after recent events – didn’t seem so important after all.

I’m still me though, Kino grew still, and blinked. A shake of her head dismissed the moment of introspection, and she moved again without further hesitation – but the feeling lingered. The bow, her medals and clothes, the odds and ends of EDDI scattered over the desk; these were the possessions Kino valued, but none of it seemed to really matter. None of it had ever brought as much joy into her life as Reika did; truthfully, some of it carried a great deal of pain. Do I really need any of it, the non-com wondered, even as she moved with such purpose to gather the items up, like a stage performer collecting his props after a show – an act of muscle memory with no greater emotional resonance than a beggar collecting scattered coins.

A stack of her favorite tee’s, tanks, cargo shorts and jeans was set on the bed; Kino let her hand rest on the faded cotton of a smiley face with a bullet hole in its head, a nostalgic smirk on her lips – it was Taer’s, her style, her attitude – but it was also very much Kino’s. How odd, it seemed, how so much could change in such a short amount of time, yet still remain the same.

Reika drew close then, and the Trill’s face turned to her with a smile, knowing the Andorian had been watching the whole time – because if the roles had been reversed, that’s exactly what Kino would have done. In those loving orbs of glacial cerulean, Kino saw her whole life. It wasn’t the words she spoke that seemed to dilate time; it wasn’t the way her platinum locks fell and framed the infinite shades of blue skin – it wasn’t even the way her beautifully sculpted form leaned in close to fill the air with her heated scent, like air charged with electricity before a storm.

It was the effortless sincerity in her voice, the warmth promised in her touch, the loving promise in her eyes; it was just...Reika– loving her, Kino, in a simple, adorable, but oh so meaningful way – just one moment of all the future moments to come. Kino raised her hand to cup the Andorian’s cheek while she moved to close the small distance between them; an instant before their lips met. The kiss was gentle, earnest; filled with all the emotions the non-com felt but could never find the right words to express: gratitude, longing, adoration, wonderment – topped off with a dimpled smile that lit Kino's face up. The touch and taste of Reika’s lips lingered as Kino pulled away, just far enough for them to gaze into each others eyes. 

“Stop being so damn sweet – it’s very distracting,” the Trill purred through a grin, then then tilted her head a bit as if she reconsidered. “Actually, no, don’t listen to me. Do that again, please, I’d like more of that; like...a lot more,” Kino nodded enthusiastically. “A lifetime more,” she whispered through a smile and cradled Reika’s face with both hands, and spoke between the series of soft kisses that followed. “This is...not it?”

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