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PRO: S [Day 01 | 0700hrs] Pull up a chair...

[PO2 Kino Jeen | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Dree
She dropped the PADD from her face upon entry, but the slowly ticking countdown continued in her head; even as the smells of food and sounds of lightly voiced conversations hit her. Kino wasn’t a huge fan of eating in the Mess, but after pulling basically an all-niter in the Armory, with a shitload of work to do ahead of her, the non-com knew she needed something besides coffee to keep her going. With the cannon being slowly machined into existence, Kino had some time before the assembly process could start, but that didn’t stop her from checking the PADD every twenty seconds or so just to make sure she was keeping the right count. Stop it, you look crazy, she chided herself with a quick eye roll. The uniform she wore was only slightly wrinkled, the sleeves rolled up to her elbows; not exactly pristine, but serviceable as far as she was concerned. The rest of her? had been a long night.

Light-blue, slightly bloodshot eyes glanced around the Hall. Fairly busy, but she sighted an open table next to the view-port. Yup, that’ll work, Kino blinked slowly, then made a bee line for the replicator. “Coffee, black. Frilan eggs, scrambled. Fruit salad. Uh...wheat toast, buttered,” she frowned, as the replicator hummed, wondering where the hell Frilan eggs came from. Memories tended to get jumbled when Kino was tired, or stressed. Fuck it, as long as they aren’t green I’ll eat ‘em, she sighed, then stifled a yawn, willing the machine to assemble the molecular structure of her meal faster. Then it clicked; Amina’s 5th wedding anniversary vacation to Frilia Prime. Her husband, Aros, had somehow managed to make them for her every year after.

A small smile graced her tired features.

Then she caught a glimpse of herself in the glossy black glass of the screen, and blinked. Ugh, I look like shit, Kino grimaced. Her hair was a mess – even more than usual – but it was the way her eyelids drooped and the bags under them that really gave away just how little sleep she’d managed to get in the last couple of days. Gonna be a long day, the non-com blinked slowly with a shake of her head, as she secured the coffee in one hand, meal tray in the other, PADD tucked under an armpit. She turned, mouth practically watering, focused intently on not spilling her precious coffee or losing her food – and stepped right into the path of a red-collar. Kino oofed and froze, breathing out a sigh that ruffled the bangs out of her face, then frowned at the coffee dripping from her hand. A dark brow arched up as her eyes glanced up. Pips – lots of em. She blinked. Damn, he’s got a shiny head – the hells he just standing there for?

“Uh, ‘scuze me, Commander. Just gonna,” she attempted to edge around him, but froze again in hesitation. Shit – s-sorry,” Kino laughed weakly. “Go ahead,” she waved the cup at him slightly, in a gesture to proceed.

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[Lt. Cmdr Cross | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree  @Dumedion

As he mentally reviewed the tactical scenarios he’d had the team run through the day before, Cross moved along the chow line with only half a thought on the food he pulled onto the platter from the replicator. While his second felt the delay in response time was within acceptable parameters, Cross hadn’t slept well thinking about how many people could be put at risk because of those “acceptable parameters.” Acceptance of and complacency with “acceptable parameters” is what got people abandoned, killed, or maimed in a high-stakes situation. They were on the cusp of a shit storm and he didn’t want waltz into the storm with his pants around his ankles.

Cross paused just outside the chow line as his mind raced down a hypothetical, churning up a variety of responses, already itching to put the contingencies to the test with his team to see if they were prepared for that level a fuck up. A warm mass bounced against his side, jostling Cross’ platter of haphazard food and nearly knocking his coffee mug to the floor. Cross looked down in time to see the Trill, PO2 Kino Jeen, wave her hand, droplets of spilled coffee dripping off her fingers. When she tried to go around him again, the Trill ended up being thwarted by the remainder of the chow line and instead froze in place, looking a mixture of hungry, tired, and marginally annoyed. Cross could empathize with all of the above, though for different reasons.

“Here,” his cybernetic hand free, Cross picked up the napkin from his platter he didn’t remember grabbing and deposited it on Jeen’s platter, “got lost in contingency measures on a hypothetical and lost track of my locale.” He shifted to the side, allowing Jeen and others more room to come and go as needed. Cross frowned, finally noting the foods he’d gathered for breakfast. What in the fuck had he been thinking? Soda? Cake? Spaghetti? Heaving a sigh, Cross twisted just enough to spot a nearby table free and gestured to it. “If you take a seat, I can scrounge us both a replacement coffee.” And a more balanced breakfast for himself.

He didn’t wait for the Trill to accept or make an excuse to refuse. Cross wanted to get something a little less likely to get him drunk on sugar first thing in the morning, alongside a vat of coffee. If he could replace the coffee, he’d caused Jeen to spill in the process, all the better.

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Dumedion

Using the back of a blue hand to stifle a yawn, Reika made her way to the mess hall.  Kino had said she would be pulling an all-nighter working on some project, so the spur-of-the-moment invitation to join the Wolves was accepted, but the final result was much less than favorable. Note to self.  Next time ya can’t go to a party with, And her thoughts trailed off for a moment, trying to decide even how to classify the two of them Yeah … she told herself.  Girlfriend.  I think that would be accurate.  So the next time you can’t go to a party with your girlfriend, stay home.  This splitting headache isn’t worth it.

But Reika was about to make up for the wasted night by meeting Kino for their scheduled breakfast date.  Taking the last turn, she made her way into the mess, Her eyes swept across the room, looking for a silver-headed, creamy-skinned Trill.  Spotting her, she smiled for a second but realized that Kino looked even more tired than Reika felt and seemed lost in her own thoughts.

Tray first,” she said aloud.  “She’ll still be there in three minutes.”  Turning left, she made her way toward the replicator bank on that side, the other side seemed more congested.  She didn’t even have to think.  “Iced coffee, extra cream.  Two eggs soft scrambled with cheese, two sausage patties, and four strips of bacon.”  Most of her days started with protein if she had time for an actual meal.  Otherwise, her breakfast of choice was an iced coffee with protein powder.

Holding her tray, she turned around to head back toward the table at which she had spotted Kino,  She approached from the left and slid into the seat next to the trill.  “Morning, gorgeous,” she smiled, but gently touching Kino’s face, she said, "Ya look a little worn.  You okay?

But as she did, a shadow crossed in front of the two women.  Glancing up, the first thing she noticed besides the fact that he was bald, he was an unusual - or at least in her experience - hybrid of a Vulcan and a Bajoran.  The second thing the Andorian noticed was the number of pips on his collar.  But not knowing why he was perched in front of their table, she asked, “Is there something we can help you with, Commander?”  Then, realizing that he had two coffees on his tray and Kino’s coffee looked like it had been either a good way drunk or halfway spilled, the realization that she might have inadvertently stepped into the middle of something settled over her.  “Or am I actually the one cutting in?” she asked, looking between the two.
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Re: PRO: S [Day 01 | 0700hrs] Pull up a chair...

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Dree
“Um, thanks,” the non-com murmured dryly at the napkin deposited on her tray. For a second, Kino wondered how the hell she was supposed to use it without losing her food, but was too tired to continue. A shoulder lifted with a slow blink, a subtle shake of her head, then her eyes followed the Commander’s gesture to the only open table. “Appreciate it, sir,” her silver head nodded at his offer, but The Head had already walked off. Dark brows rose as Kino blinked again, then shrugged. Pips, her bloodshot eyes rolled as she headed to the table.

The hell is his name, anyway? She couldn’t place it – but she’d seen him before and Kino knew she should know it. There weren’t that many Vulcans aboard…at least as far as she knew. Ugh, Kino groaned as she seated herself, grabbed the napkin (now that her hands were free) and commenced to cleaning up the coffee splattered over her hand and tray. Fuck this day already, her neck rotated, popping audibly. I wish Reika was – oh shit, Kino’s eyes widened, darting around the room; the Trill had completely forgot that they were supposed to meet for breakfast. “Fuck – wait…is this the only mess,” she murmured to herself, brows pinched in confusion. “Shit,” Kino sighed, massaging her tired eyes, then just sort of…drifted off; looking at nothing, as her sleep deprived brain completely blanked. She wasn’t even aware enough to realize her fork was held upside down, pushing the coffee stained mass of eggs around, while munching on a piece of toast.
Wait, Kino blinked with a frown. Was he the guy from the pod? Some hot-shit tactician? Another blink, as she swallowed the dry bread and reached for her cup that felt lighter than it should have been. “Better watch it or I’m gonna start talkin to myself,” Kino grumbled, then took a gulp. Reika, she remembered, almost spitting the caffeinated liquid out back into the cup. A hand went to tap the combadge above her breast, but there wasn’t one. The fuck, Kino frowned, checking both sides, then rolled her eyes with an exaggerated sigh. “Left it in the armory,” the Trill groaned quietly. Her head tipped back, shaking as she cursed herself mentally. “Smooth, Kino. Real smooth.”

As her head leveled back out, a pale hand rubbed the back of her neck. Her eyelids fell closed, feeling like they had weights attached to them; but when they fluttered open, Kino blinked as she caught the outline of brilliant white hair streaming down a slender back, attached to long, toned limbs. A tired smirk bloomed as the individual turned, a tray clutched in azure hands, cute antennae bouncing slightly with every stride. And there she was, the non-com hummed, as the Andorian’s smile lit up her life.

She looks out of sorts, concern flashed in aqua hued eyes for a second, but Kino dismissed it as probably another restless night. She’s still relatively fresh from the freezer – it takes time. I should try to help more with that…can’t have my girl suffering from lack of sleep.

“You’re a sight for sore eyes,” Kino grinned in reply to the Andorian’s concern, her lips brushed the palm of Reika’s hand, leaning her face into the touch, but then froze as the Andorian abruptly pulled her hand away. Kino’s brows twitched in confusion, then noticed that The Head had returned. Oh, the Trill cleared her throat quietly at Reika’s first inquiry, then frowned as her cheeks colored at the second. "Uh, n-no,” she stifled a chuckle, reaching to secure her coffee from the Commander’s tray. “He got caught daydreaming and I ran into him and spilled mine,” Kino shrugged, “so he got me another.” Once it was safely placed next to her food in easy reach, Kino noted that he still hadn’t seated himself.

After a glance at Reika, the non-com nodded to the seat opposite her with a wave of her almost empty cup before draining it. “Can still join us if you want, sir,” she offered since there wasn’t any other open seats at the moment. Her eyes shifted to the side with a slow blink, to meet glacial blues. “I’d introduce ya but I can’t remember your name – fuck – I mean his name,” she pointed at The Head with a grimace. Dammit brain, c'mon, she sighed, as her ears burned red. “Sorry…been a long night,” Kino winced at Reika, rubbing the back of her head. “Thea helped a lot, but there’s still so much shit to do,” she mumbled, but her eyes told those azure wells what she really wanted to say.

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[Lt. Cmdr Cross | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion @Dree

Cross shoved the coffee at Jeen, pretending not to have seen the affection passed between the two women. It wasn’t out of any prudish sense that what they were doing was wrong, but more out of uncertainty. He’d intruded on their affection without meaning to and certainly didn’t know what the fuck to say or do aside from delivering the coffee as he’d said he would. The Andorian woman, someone he recognized from the files but couldn’t quite name, seemed inclined to presume he had some sort of meeting with Jeen, to which both he and Jeen shook their heads, though the Trill seemed to blush as an implication in the question that went right over Cross’ head.

When the Trill invited him to take a seat at the table, Cross paused long enough to note that it was the only free seat available. Normally, he got up earlier to grab his breakfast for this precise reason. Avoid the crowds and get to work undisturbed. But he’d overslept, in large part thanks to the thorough lovemaking with Hathev the night before, and it seemed he would now have to put these two women through the discomfort of sharing a meal with a superior officer unless he planned on standing against the wall and shoveling his breakfast of eggs, toast, and beans down his gullet.

“Thank you,” Cross sat down with precise movements, quickly grabbing his fork and knife to eat without further disturbing the two women, but then Jeen bumbled her way through an attempt at an introduction. Setting down his knife, Cross took a sip of the scalding coffee before answering, “Cross. Tactical. Petty Office Jeen, and…I can’t blame a long night on the lack of recall for your name, lieutenant,” Cross gave the Andorian a head bow in apology, waiting for her to supply her name before turning his gaze back to Jeen, “What kept you up all night?” He couldn’t help the instinctive glance toward the Andorian, his gut telling him that it wasn’t so unlikely that they had also had a late night of fucking around. Except Jeen had mentioned Thea and unless they’d asked her to recite positional instructions, actual work might have been involved instead.

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz  @Dumedion

Ever since she had heard Kino make that off-handed statement a moment ago, Reika's mind had wondered about it, but with Kino's explanation of why Cross was there, she had waited.  Now with a chance to both obtain information and to playfully goad her girlfriend, she asked, “So you said that he caught you daydreaming?” Reika grinned at Kino.  “Daydreaming about anything oooorrrrr, “ she tipped her head slightly, “Anyone in particular? I mean, it musta been a good daydream to cause you to collide with a superior officer.

But then introductions got underway, Reika learned the Lieutenant Commander’s name.  Cross.  Cross?  She gave it a cursory thought trying to determine if he were around before she were thawed.    You’d think I’d remember many of the tactical officers - at least the higher-ranking ones - from before being frozen, she scoffed at herself as she couldn’t place the name or remember his visage.  There was a pause before she realized that he was waiting for her to identify herself.  Apparently, they were in a mutual predicament.  “I would have been surprised if you could put a name with this face, Commander.  I have only been thawed for less than a week.  Reika Sh’laan.  Once and again OPS.  It’s nice to officially meet you, Sir.

But his attention quickly turned from her to Kino.  Reika stifled a grin at his question and the stoic officer’s subsequent glance her direction. While I wouldn’t have minded being the cause of her sleepless night, it wasn’t me this time.  Not sure how I feel about that though, relieved or disappointed. 

But Reika hadn’t yet had a chance to ask the Trill, and she did want to know. “Yeah, how did your work on the transphasic cannon go?” Reika asked.  “Did you stay up all night because you were making good progress or because you weren’t?

But as she looked at Kino, she could really see the toll that her night took on her.  She wished she could just whisk her off to her quarters and wrap the Trill in her arms, soothing any concerns or worries, or frustrations, just to let the other woman fall asleep in her arms and rest - that deep slumber of peaceful repose. If Kino could get at least a good hour’s sleep in the midst of the craziness that felt like was getting ready to explode around them at any second, she’d be more ready for the insanity that she felt would shortly ensue.

But she realized that maybe she didn’t need to conjecture.  She did have - who she guessed - was the CTO here at her table.  He would be much more in the know than the guesses or assumptions she could make.  But will he be inclined to answer?  He looks a little … formal …stiff?  I suppose there’s no harm in trying, at least.  Worst he can do is to tell me to mind my own business.  “So,” she began, “I heard that there’s a staff meeting scheduled shortly, Sir.  Do you know what we can expect and what’s coming down the pike?  The activity around everywhere predicates that something big is going down."
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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Dree
The coffee and food were kicking in, slowly. Kino smirked around a mouthful of eggs at Reika's teasing comment, a dark brow arched at the lovely Andorian as she swallowed to speak. I'd never get anything done, thinking about you all day, she wanted to say, but then the conversation moved on, and the Trill simply dropped a hand under the table to gently squeeze a blue leg in reply with a knowing smirk. Behave, eyes narrowed as her nose scrunched up at Reika in a flash of playfulness, then nodded at the Andorian’s prompt about the cannon after everyone was introduced. Cross! Shit, I knew that, Kino’s brows furrowed slightly at the commander's name, chalking the slip of memory to simple fatigue. I’m gonna need a power nap sometime today. Or a solid supply of coffee. Fuck. Her eyes and face moved between Cross and Reika as she answered them both.

“Well my armor took a few scrapes from a scuffle planet-side a couple days ago with Enyd, uh, LT. Madsen, I mean,” Kino shrugged, “so I was focused on repairing that, then I started in on the rifle that got cut in two, but I fell down the rabbit hole with that damn cannon again. Once I realized it just can’t be scaled down further – not in its present configuration,” she paused to take another sip of coffee, “I took a different approach at the problem.” Kino shrugged. “Not that there’s anything wrong with it, as is. From an engineering perspective – it’s a damn work of art; but I couldn’t let a weapon like that sit in the brig. We need it in the field,” her silver head nodded. “So I asked Thea for an outside perspective. Really came through for me. For all of us, I hope,” her eyes flicked to the chrono over Cross’ shiny head. “We’ll see soon enough.”

Kino had clued Reika in on her special little projects, of course; it felt great, sharing that part of her with someone who understood and supported the ambition – simply because they cared. She had no idea if Cross knew what she was talking about or not; Kino had sent her modification ideas up the chain for access and gotten authorization to proceed from her direct superiors, but that’s as far as it went as far as she knew. Either way, it made a hell of a lot of sense to her to try and make the damn thing work.

Reika’s question drew Kino’s attention then, as her eyebrows shot up in surprise. She hadn’t heard anything, being locked up in the Armory all night. Oh, this is new, the Trill turned her attention to Cross. Rumors always flew around, some more ludicrous than others, but if shit was about to hit the fan, Kino was interested to hear a heads up about it. A high level meeting of the brass could mean several things, but Kino's mind instantly assumed the worst. “Our friends across the border ready to get their teeth kicked in, or what,” she guessed, utterly serious, head tilted to the viewport in a vague gesture to the RNZ.

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[Lt. Cmdr Cross | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree  @Dumedion

Cross had limited work experience with the new CDO, but her reputation was one of being a woman of pragmatic, decisive action, not an Academy graduate, and thereby working with an internal compass influenced by civilian and military pressures alike. As far as he knew, she’d successfully achieved every mission she’d been sent on and had brought back all her people alive—though not always in one piece. Hearing that Kino had run into trouble alongside Madsen, leading to a rifle being cut in two, had both of Cross’ eyebrows rising in curiosity. He’d not known of a mission that Madsen and Kino were both assigned to planetside, but then again, considering what he’d witnessed of crew members in D’Takka and wisely walked away from, the armor and rifle might have been damaged in a non-mission scuffle.

Cross listened to Kino explain why she’d lost sleep and agreed with her reasons. They should always salvage a good weapon. And if there was ever a time to find new ways of scaling down or upgrading the weapons they had capable of fighting the Infested, it was now. He commented as such, encouraging Kino to continue in her work, though not at risk of making her unfit for duty from lack of sleep.

The conversation deviated at Reika’s question and Kino’s follow-up comment. Cross knew he couldn’t speak to much, considering how much was speculation at this point, but he could at least offer something to the women.

“We will work more closely with Donatra’s forces in the coming days. And likely, some efforts to further secure her favor may require jaunts across the border.” He nodded to Kino over the rim of his mug, taking a sip before continuing, “A reckoning is coming, and undoubtedly more bloodshed and pain is coming our way, but with more allies at our back and more of the Federation aware of the truth of the Infested, we are standing on firmer ground than ever before.” He offered them a semi-apologetic smile, “Sorry, I don’t have anything more specific to share at the moment. As you said, the staff meeting is later this morning, and we will issue orders soon after that in accordance with that meeting.”

Leaning back in his chair, mug cradled in hand, Cross switched conversational gears in a further effort to deflect their questions, “What do you want to do? In response to recent events and revelations, I mean.” He saluted the women with his mug before adding, “Permission to kick outlandish and unsanctioned ideas around the table at your leisure.”

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz   @Dumedion

Reika sat there eating her eggs as her eyes kept going from her plate and fork to Kino’s eyes as she explained her night the previous night.  A blue leg pressed against the pale hand that had grasped it stifling a grin as she continued to listen.  A white head nodded as she cut off a strip off of her sausage and plopped it into her mouth.  She’d ask Kino later how Thea came through for them.  It sounded like an interesting turn of events.

But then Cross picked the conversation, and he expounded on the little bit he knew that was coming.  She heard snatches.  ‘Jaunts across the border.  A reckoning.  Being on better footing than previously.

But despite what her ears heard, her thoughts stopped with the first phrase.  Jaunts across the border.  While Tactical was usually the outward-facing arm of force and Security was the inward facing one, she also knew that Kino was working on the cannon for a reason and the thought that she might end up going out with a group, took the wind out of Reika’s sails.  Her eyes went unfocused and instead of eating with purpose, her fork pushed her food around on her plate aware that Cross was still speaking, but not caring so much.  She’d have to ask the Trill if she knew anything about whether or not she would be deployed.

Reika often missed the action that she got when she was still in Tactical, and the fact that OPS was rarely sent out had been one of the sticking points for her in the transition from Tactical to Operations.  But once she accepted the fact that while she was a good tactician, she was just far better at programming code, at logistics, at seeing where the power was most needed, and reallocating power streams and data streams seamlessly, it hadn’t bothered her overly much.  But now, at the thought of her girlfriend going out into action and her being left behind could eat at her - if she let it. 

It was at that thought, she heard Cross conclude that part with “We will issue orders soon after that in accordance with that meeting.”

What do I want to do?” Reika said aloud before she realized that sound was actually emanating from her lips.  Oops.  Well, I guess we roll with it.  The Andorian had spent only a little - honestly very little -  time the last six days since her thawing going over where they actually were in the war.  What did she want?

Beyond doing what we all want - bringing an end to this infernal war that has taken so much from so many of us?  I’m still reading back through the months of action reports from when I was on ice, so I’m not sure that I’d have a good answer as to what to do.  But what about you …”  ‘Gorgeous’ had almost slipped out of her mouth, but at the last second, she managed, “Jeen” instead.  Reika turned to Kino who had been unthawed longer than she had.  “What do you think we should do?
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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Dree
These eggs taste like shit, Kino frowned as she chewed, nodding at Cross’ response. She didn’t doubt the likelihood of another shit-storm headed their way – nor her part to play in it. The non-com's jaw clenched briefly at the thought of yet another battle, certainly no stranger to that arena – having lived through plenty of them already – but that never made it easier. Kino ran through the list in her head of all the scraps she'd been in, from one war to the next. Not for the first time the Trill wondered how the hell she was still alive, while so many better souls were lost.

He's right though, dark brows knitted over mismatched blues. We have more allies this time, but we’ll bleed all the same. She glanced to the Andorian at her side. A small, reassuring curl lifted a corner of her lips, for Reika’s sake. It wasn’t that long ago – a month, perhaps? – when Kino was broken, lower than she’d ever felt in her life, ready to walk away from all of it and take her chances alone. Fate, it seemed, had other plans in mind. She had every reason to stand and fight seated right next to her – along with the hope of redemption carried inside her. Even if I can’t save myself - Jeen doesn’t deserve to die for my sins, she brooded on the thought of maybe, one day, returning to Trill.

Lost in her dark musings, Kino had only half-heard the Commander’s follow up question. Reika’s reply caught her attention, however – her tone, specifically. Kino blinked, frowning at the concern and uncertainty in the Andorian’s voice, as she saw the same emotion clouded in those deep blue eyes.

“Take the fuckers down, babe,” Kino answered instantly, with all the conviction she could muster, before turning her attention to Cross, lifting her chin at him. “How many Infested have we taken out,” she asked rhetorically, then shook her head as her lips pursed in thought. When she continued, her voice was subdued, but held the same conviction.

“Six months on the run, while they pull the strings from the shadows. We’ve gotten our asses handed to us, time and again, only barely managing to keep the truth alive long enough to get where we are,” her eyes hardened at him. “I’m done running. With Martok’s boys and whatever we can get from the Romulan’s smart enough to smell the bullshit? Its high time we take the fight to them.” Kino nodded. “Fuck the regs, too,” her brows rose as she continued. “They're expecting us to abide them – to play this game out according to the rules we set, rules that they don’t give a fuck about,” her finger tapped the tabletop, emphasizing her words. “We can settle that shit with Command after the dust settles.”

“So, send a hit their way; bomb, strike team, sabotage, shit – assassination too. Our guys, Klingons – hell, anyone. I mean,” Kino huffed, shaking her head again. “We know of an organization that specializes in highly trained operatives ballsy enough to plan and execute a hit on Qo’noS, in the Hall of Warriors, no less. You think Earth locked down that tight? Is Starfleet Command? We know where these fuckers are, too – there’s a poor bastard in the brig right now that can tell us. Even if that fails, who knows what would happen if those Infested in power were exposed? How many eyes would see the truth, or at least a glimpse of it? Enough to change their minds, I’d bet. Enough to figure out somethings up, at least.”

She paused then, wondering if she’d gone to far. There was so much she didn’t know, so many variables unaccounted for. Kino wasn’t a strategist or tactician, and certainly no diplomat. She was the just the fun-police most of the time and a grunt when shit hit the fan. Fuck it – he asked, I answered.

“I don’t know,” Kino shrugged again, then glanced at Reika. “My world is smaller than yours, sir. When I’m not playing babysitter, I deal with me and my team, and execute the objective based on improvisation in the moment. It’s less complicated at my level; initiative and courage win engagements – win enough of those, you win the battle. Win enough battles, you win the war,” Kino nodded. “I could be wrong – probably am – but I don’t think diplomacy will save us. Clever fleet engagements won’t either. In the end, this will come down to blades and blood, face to face,” she nodded again. “Like it always does.”

She turned her head and eyes to Reika then, knowing what all of this talk meant. “Regardless, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, together.”

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[Lt. Cmdr Cross | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree  @Dumedion

Cross smiled at Jeen’s exuberant response to Sh’laan’s question. He saluted her with his food-laden fork as he listened to her elaborate. He thoroughly appreciated and agreed with how she suggested they handle the situation. While it was true, she was not privy to all the details he had at his level, and her world was therefore “smaller” than his; at the same time, Cross remembered the beauty that came from working within that smaller world. He didn’t lament the promotions he’d been given, but more than once in recent months, he’d been hit with the rose-colored nostalgia of lower-ranked missions and found he missed them to a degree. Knowing there were crew members eager to buck regulations to get a mission done brought a sense of peace to his mind. They would need to balance the two sides of this coin, those wanting to keep to the guidelines of the Federation even in the midst of this chaos and those willing to fuck the guidelines sideways if it meant survival. Because one day, hopefully sooner rather than later, there would be an end and if they survived to that end, they would need to be able to move past this point united or else they’d fall in some other fashion.

“I don’t disagree with much of your sentiment, Jeen. I think we’re going to have to bend or we’ll break in some ways, but we also need to fight with the ‘after time’ in mind. When the war is over, and hypothetically we’ve won, we need to be able to reconcile the two halves of this razor, or else we’re going to fall to another enemy. Civil war.” Taking a sip of his coffee, Cross tipped his head to the side. “The histories of countless planets feature the same story. Uniting to fight an outward foe, then division almost immediately after in direct connection to how the foe was eradicated. Sometimes this starts secret factions who intentionally create fake enemies to reunite the people and keep the fighting spirit going, and that’s another shi-“ Cross cleared his throat, barely stopping himself from cursing, “bucket of chaos we don’t want to deal with. Over the years, we’ve had to deal with the fu…idiocy of Section 31; I don’t want this crisis to create another opening for them to extort for their own nefarious gains.” Offering Jeen a smile and giving Reika a nod, Cross added, “Thank you for sharing your thoughts.”

Giving Jeen another look, Cross averted his gaze to his plate, “How did your rifle get cut in two?”

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Reika listened as Cross walked the two of them through his thoughts on differing viewpoints.  The Andorian hadn’t considered even considered that the conflict could end with a victory on their part only for the groups that were working together against a common enemy to continue the conflict, except now with each. 

As he began to remark about the ‘histories of countless planets’ she thought of several.  Even within her own culture, she could think of several instances where towns that had allied with each other to overcome a common enemy.  They worked in lockstep with each other in every way - supplies, logistics, planning, executing their mutual plans - and because they worked so well together they won.  But once the enemy tucked its tail between its legs or in several circumstances was simply anihilated,  then the grievances with each other that had been so readily set aside because of need returned to the forefront.   Clashes, not just between the villages as a whole, but even oftentimes between factions of the villages became more common and sometimes, if they couldn’t be productively dealt with, it would result in a war between the villages which had so recently been allies. 

She huffed under her breath as she thought it through in each facet.  And the realization that she had not thought of it on her own shamed her.  Probably why he’s a LtCmdr and I’m just a Lieutenant, she thought silently to herself.  Maybe that’s something I should be considering - since moving from Tactical, I’ve left a lot of the plotting and planning behind, and focused on making sure that whatever ship I was on was well supplied, that problems were solved, that needs were met, and I’ve neglected the larger problem leaving it to others.   If I ever want to move up in position and rank, damn I need to up my game.

Reika hadn’t expected to be confronted with such an idea - at breakfast of all places.  And while her newfound relationship with the torrid Trill next to her had encompassed all of her thoughts, she realized at that point that she would need to allocate - at least a little - brainspace to improving herself again.  But at that moment, she realized that Cross had asked a question of Jeen, so she turned her icy blue eyes toward her girlfriend to hear the story about how her rifle was cut in half.
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Kino’s brows knitted at Cross’ question while she chewed a mouthful of bacon – her eyes darting from him to Reika and back with a slight frown – caught a bit wrong-footed at the inquiry and wondering why the hell he kept censoring himself. Pips, she shrugged mentally, then considered how best to respond. It all seemed rather self-explanatory to Kino; some green fuck-head came at her with a sword, and it was either take it in the gut, or block it with...well. For one thing, it wasn’t her rifle; that gorgeous piece of work never left the Armory on the day in question, but that wasn’t exactly relevant. Of the list of shit that went sideways that day, that’s probably number one though, Kino’s lips pulled to the side as her nose scrunched up in a quick grimace. A shoulder lifted with a slight shrug as she picked around at the uneaten eggs with a fork, clearing her throat briefly after swallowing.

“I fucked up, pretty much,” Kino stated evenly with a nod, then briefly recited the events that transpired in the Hall of Warriors with LT. Enyd Madsen, paraphrasing her own report on file. “Right place,” she smirked over the rim of her coffee cup, “wrong fucking time. Not exactly as clean as I’d like, but we came through in the end,” she murmured, then took a sip. “Irony abounds, and all that; I went down there to hone my blade-work, but I end up bringing a damn rifle to a sword-fight anyway,” Kino grumbled.

All things considered, it could have ended way worse; but that didn’t stop the burn of embarrassment she felt. That Orion assassin could easily have killed her, if it weren’t for Agans, Falvar, and Madsen herself. The non-com chewed the inside of her cheek as her head shook subtly. Not the time to brood over it, she reminded herself – blinking at Cross – then tilted her head to Reika as her eyes moved between the two of them.

“What would you have done differently,” she asked them, chin lifted with the ghost of a challenge. There was an old saying she’d heard somewhere; way back in the muddled confusion of overlapping hosts memories. It went something never truly know someone until you fight them. Kino’s eyes lingered on the beautiful Andorian at her side, whom she’d already fought and was getting to know quite pleasantly. Yet curiosity - and a desire to learn how other people think and problem solve - drove the question.

“Outlandish and unsanctioned ideas encouraged, of course,” the non-com smirked at them both, before tossing the same coffee-cup salute back to Cross.

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It surprised Cross that he hadn’t read an official report about this encounter, as it sounded reasonably intense. Perhaps Intelligence or the captain himself had taken the report and dealt with any ramifications of the engagement to the degree that nothing further had needed to be done, hence why this was the first he was hearing about it. Or, Cross felt an inward inkling of discomfort, maybe the report had been shared openly, and he’d been too distracted with the recent developments between himself and Hathev that he’d not paid enough attention to it. Hoping for the first and dreading the second, Cross took another sip of coffee before he responded to the Trill’s story.

Cross shook his head. “I wouldn’t say it was a total fuck-up.” He didn’t bother censoring his language since, in this case, he was justifiably quoting Jeen herself. “It sounds as if you all did what you could with the intel you had. And it also sounds like you worked well together.” A frown creased his brow as he wondered what he would’ve done differently. “Outlandish and foolhardy, shoot the Klingons immediately. Stunning them, of course." He offered the Andorian a half-smile before continuing. "If they were known assailants against fellow crewmates and also known opposition to established government officials, as Madsen indicated while they approached you, shooting first and answering questions later could have prevented some of the chaos but initiated another kind altogether." Turning his gaze once more to Sh'laan, Cross nodded to her, "What about you?"

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While the other two were talking, Reika cut up her sausage patties and cut a piece off of her scrambled eggs, followed by skewering a patty on the end of her fork.  The eggs and cheese melded well with the flavor from the sausage.  It was the kind of breakfast that would stick to her ribs enough for her to skip lunch if needed.  She had the feeling that this was going to be a busy day overall. 

Just as Cross turned to look at her and asked her opinion, she picked up her iced coffee and took a sip while she thought his question over.  What would she have done differently?  Anything?

“Since I wasn’t there,  while I could conjecture, I can’t know anything with certainty.  I  mean could you have done anything differently that would have allowed you to see whomever it was coming at you sooner?” Reika asked her girlfriend.  “If there wasn’t any way to read the situation beforehand, then all you’re left with is to react in whatever way that you can, and if a rifle’s split in two, better than your head or anywhere else being split down the middle, ya know?”

“But if you’ve already picked the situation apart, what do you gain from giving it further scrutiny - other than beating yourself up - which really does you no good and leaves you feeling horrible?  You deserve better,” she winked at Kino.

“Okay,” Reika turned to look at Kino.  “Going back to an earlier topic of discussion, You mentioned that you were working on the Transphasic cannon last night, but you said that Thea came through for you?  How’d she come through? Did you get a new toy to play with because of it or another way we can trounce the infested perhaps?”
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[PO2 Kino Jeen, Lt. Cmdr Cross, & Lt Reika Sh'laan | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree @Ellen Fitz

Kino snorted in amusement at Cross just before she took a bite of toast, then blinked at him a couple times. Shit, he's serious, she realized with a fractional tilt of her head. While the impulse to shoot first had been there, in the moment, (and if she had been armed with something besides a blade and her wits she might have used it), the comment told her more about Cross than perhaps he realized. Interesting, Kino nodded, but kept chewing as Reika drew her attention and listened to the lovely Andorian’s questions. She didn't miss the wink aimed at her, or the subtle concern directed at her. A lopsided grin answered first.

"Was only curious. Wasn't brooding. Everything worked out in the end," Kino shrugged and took a sip of coffee, then nodded again, as her eyes shot to the chrono above the service line and back to Reika’s pretty blues. "She gave me another set of eyes to see past a problem I couldn't solve; quite ingeniously. Prototype is being fabricated as we speak," she sighed as a hand raked through her hair. "I should probably get back to it. Assembly won't take long, but its…delicate. Hopefully, it'll be ready for live testing in a couple hours." Kino winked back at Reika. "I'll let you know how it goes," the Trill grinned, then returned her attention to Cross. "Was interesting meeting you, Commander. Hope this isn't the last time," her chin lifted at him with a smirk.

“Mind if I walk with you?” Reika asked.

“Was just about to ask you to join me,” Kino snickered at the Andorian as she gathered up her tray.

“It was nice meeting you, Commander.  I look forward to hearing about what is coming down the pike,” the Andorian said as she wiped her mouth and hands on her napkin and deposited it on her tray.

Cross nodded to both women, “You know where my office is if you have any questions you’d like to ask. I may or may not have the answers, or even answers you like, but I am available to hash things out for greater clarity if you need it.” He intended to stay at the table to finish his breakfast before heading off to figure out if there were more answers available for his questions.

The Trill and Andorian nodded in turn, before making their exit. Once out into the hall, Kino jerked her head back to the Mess, arching a brow at the beautiful blue woman that matched her stride. “I liked him - he’s my kind of crazy,” she smirked at Reika, as they walked forward into whatever the day held for them - together.


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