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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Enyd's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker


As Enyd tended to Zark, Alistair simply stood by, arms crossed, observing with interest. It wasn't just the voyeuristic thrill of one beautiful naked woman binding another. Unlike Enyd, he hadn't yet had the time (despite a powerful inclination) to properly study shibari, which had led to a somewhat tricky situation two days prior, requiring careful use of a phaser to free an amused Enyd from the bed. The embarrassing episode had been a stark lesson to the two lovers to take more care with their experimentation. As a result, though he said nothing, Alistair's blue eyes tracked every movement of the rope, every knot, taking careful mental notes along the way.

Even so, amidst the total quiet of the room, the eroticism of it all was undeniable. The silence was only broken by Zark's heavy breathing, accentuated by the occasional gasp whenever Enyd pulled her tight to the chair. When it was finished, Zark made for a compelling sight: her legs spread open, the ropes strategically criss-crossing her stomach, her hands tied behind her back, confined and helpless. After her aggressive flirting during training and earlier on that morning, Alistair felt a thrill deep in his stomach, gazing at the bound Andorian with intensity.

He glanced at Enyd to share in the moment, only to be surprised as she abruptly forced him to his knees with more strength than her petite frame implied. "Enyd!" he exclaimed in alarm, though naturally, his girlfriend was unfazed. She really was indomitable when she had a target in her sights, as he'd learned in the past week. Resigning himself to the inevitable, Alistair shrugged helplessly at Zark, smiling bashfully.

"Uh, yeah, it's's still...still..." He trailed off as he saw exactly what Enyd was replicating and gulped, even as his semi-erect manhood twitched in anticipation. Kneeling on the carpet was far from comfortable, though the view of a naked and predatory Enyd surveying her prey more than made up for it. Forcing himself to be completely still and compliant, Alistair didn't say a word as Enyd smoothly wove her rope web, until finally, Alistair was completely immobilised. With his hands tied behind his neck, his broad chest was on display, as was his erect manhood, standing tall.

Of course, Enyd was far from done. Not wanting to break the erotic tension, Alistair didn't say a word as Enyd played with him, though as she kissed him and smoothly slid the cock ring, he gasped into her mouth. The nipple clamps came next, with his only responses to questiond  being nods, then the oil, until Alistair was downright panting, shuddering in anticipatory arousal. The throbbing of his manhood was growing painful, but he knew better than to beg Enyd to ease his plight. That, too, was part of the game; the battle of wills, adding to the experience alongside everything else. Between the tightness of the ropes and clamps, the thrum from his nethers, the astonishing heat sparked by the oil and Zark's eyes upon him, Alistair had been reduced to a lusty beast, struggling against his bonds. Much later, he would caution Enyd on the risks of over-doing it, but in that moment, he was so powerfully desperate for sexual relief that conscious thought had long since done a runner.

It was just as well that Alistair had sex just a few minutes prior, or else he might've blown already from sheer sensory overload. After Enyd finished her work with Zark and asked her question, he merely groaned, his eyes tracking up and down Enyd's slender body.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Enyd Madsen's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff @Ellen Fitz

This was not the first time Zark had found herself tied up and each time it had never reached the point of against her will. There were times aplenty with her spouses, or with a few other partners, she'd had no control of limbs while performing a variety of licentious acts. The worst had been the 'Commando' course as part of advanced Security training. The cuts, bruises, and broken bones from having been captured and then trying, heavy emphasis on 'try' had been spectacular and the stuff of nightmares. The instructors had also not gotten her code word till they'd used drugs, which in her mind didn't count since it wasn't consciously given. When asked for her safe word, she hesitated for a moment since it had been so long since she'd given it out. "Violet Pandora"

Being at play , Zark had held on to Enyd's hands as she got up and was led to the chair. Planting her naked blue posterior on the chair, the Zhen's antennae focused on for all intents and purposes, the mistress. Maybe the dominiatrix of this get together. Biting her bottom lip as Enyd began wrapping the ropes around her, Zark could feel the desire begin to well up in her again as her nostrils flared with the deeper breaths she was taking.  It was wonderful in a way since she didn't have to do a thing.  Enyd and Alistair were there to serve her after a fashion as she felt the soft rope brush against her while first bound the chair.  With each rope gently brushing along her exposed skin, her breathing began to deepen.  With her legs splayed and sex exposed, Zark would have been perfectly happy to have Enyd plunge anything into her cunt whether it was a dildo or fingers, it didn't matter.  If Alistair could get his cock in to ravish her, even better.

Despite having just orgasmed, Zark let out a sigh of erotic contentment as Enyd continued wrapping her up to the point she couldn't really move.  The brush of the delicate fingers around her hard nipples and taut belly caused the Zhen to let out a delighted sigh that was underlayed with a moan of pleasure before being left to wallow in her own desire as Enyd turned her attention to her other play mate.

Zark watched entranced as her friend began to attach various metallic bits to the muscular body, then began coating it in an sheen of oil.  The only real trace of alarm showed when Enyd described the effects of the oil.  The fact that it was designed to increase a person's sensitivity and blood rate wasn't what worried the medico; it was the fact the oil was Klingon in origin that worried her since they were exceptionally hardy and needed way  more of given substance just to feel the same effect versus other species.  "Uhmm, Enyd, I donnnnnn...."  Zark trailed off as the oil mixed with the air and she got a nose full as Enyd continued to rub it over Alistair's body to give him a reflective sheen that enhanced and defined his muscles further.  Blue lids dropped partly and became hooded as her mouth opened and substantial bosom began to heave with the deeper, louder breaths of desire.  Zark's eyes saw but were unfocused as the heady feeling began to overwhelm her vision.

"Ohhhhh Lor'vela" Zark breathed as she focused more on Alistair while she began to push against her bonds.  When the oil hit her, she stopped as her mind went into high gear with one goal in mind.  The brushing of the scarf against her skin dragged her attention, then her world went pink for a moment, and she moaned as her head was pulled back, just as quickly it was over and the Andorian caught a glimpse of the human bounding away wondering what to do next.

Zark closed her eyes and worked to focus as her breathing became more shallow while her mind tried to centre itself.  The sense of desire was becoming overwhelming and there was precious little she could do to satiate her own urges.  The only option left was to try to get the desire control or she would surrender to it and at that point, give her self over to her desires.  The Andorian's will waged war against her oil induced lust and her head dropped as she worked to isolate the feeling. Flighty thoughts such as I really with I had a dick right now. or Damn these ropes, I really want my fingers, her fingers, whatever. were stepped on hard as her body rocked backwards and forwards against the ropes holding her to the chair. Slowly and surely though she was getting some semblance of control. This didn't add up to much aside from I'd better get my orgasm after this.

Taking a quick look to see how she was bound, the Andorian found she wasn't completely immobile as her gymnasts legs and feet began bouncing her towards Alistair with a steady thump thump thump. When she figured she was close enough, Zark heaved her body forward as she crashed onto the deck with not much more then a grunt and an "owwww" her face stung as did her boobs and legs, but these were minor pains as she dragged her body upward on legs alone and found herself face to very erect cock and a lust maddened Alistair. "Don't worry Alistair, helps here, and we need you back." With that, Zark's lips covered the humans long pole and began to suck and bob with vigour.

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[Lt Enyd Isolde Madsen | Deck 10 | Personal Quarters | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff  @RyeTanker

Hands still suspended useless in the air, Enyd’s eyes widened first with surprise, then crinkled at the edges with amusement as she watched her Andorian friend all but gobble Alistair’s cock down her throat. The woman was incorrigible and relentless. It was a miracle she didn’t have a bloody nose from the faceplant – proving that Zark could definitely take just as much as she gave – and it was similarly fascinating that the momentary pain hadn’t thrown off her consuming ardor either. Though her own mind was going amber at the edges thanks to the scent of the oil and the residual traces on her skin, Enyd did her best to make a mental note to maybe dish out less stimuli all at once the next time they did this.

Laughing to herself as she reached for the thigh strap still on the table, Enyd shook her head. It was beyond fascinating and mind-boggling that she was even contemplating that there would be a next time. Yet, drinking in the sight of Alistair’s unadulterated pleasure and seeing, and hearing, Zark’s pleasure mirrored back, brought a fizzing energy to Enyd’s blood. As she tightened the thigh strap, inserting the necessary accessories for what she’d originally intended before Zark decided to face-plant across Enyd’s plans, Enyd marveled at these new sensations. Something about this encounter had touched on a nerve inside her. Maybe it was due to so many years of pent-up passion, locked away behind grief and fear, recently let loose in Alistair’s arms, and further fueled by Zark’s audacious nature. Or maybe it’d always been there, but, like with any organic thing, it required the right type of circumstances to mature and grow, making itself known. Whichever was true, Enyd basked in the newfound energy, almost power, she felt from having, in a way, orchestrated this scene and, unless Zark made another detour from Enyd’s preferred script, the scene to come.

Enyd first leaned down next to Alistair, pressing her lips next to his ear as she tugged on the main rope holding his arms behind his back, “I think you’ve earned an earlier release.” He would merely need to pull forward then spread his arms apart, and the ropes would slip from his arms with the remaining ropes around his torso and waist looser but still in place. “But you,” crouching, Enyd grabbed hold of Zark’s shoulders and heaved, grunting at the effort to pull the amorous Andorian away from Alistair’s cock. Enyd ended up on the floor sitting next to Alistair’s knee, pushing with her feet, until Zark’s restrained body lay on its side still in the chair, just shy of his opposite knee, “I have something else for you.”

Enyd was quick to stand, watching Zark’s expression for when the Andorian caught sight of the dual penetrating dildos attached to the thigh strap Enyd had attached to her right leg. She kept the activation switch hidden in her left hand, figuring Zark would appreciate the surprise of the pulsing vibrations once the dildos were inside her. Like with Alistair’s bonds, Enyd merely had to pull on two separate ropes, and the whole rig loosened. It would still require some wiggling and pulling from Zark, but she now had the ability to free herself whenever she wanted. Given how glazed the blue-skinned woman’s eyes were, Enyd figured she didn’t have a lot of time before she attacked. Tossing her disheveled hair off her shoulder in a quick head shake, Enyd smiled at Alistair as she crouched directly in front of him, hovering her sex over the pulsing heat of his length.

“My turn.” Enyd braced her hands on either side of Alistair’s knees as she lowered herself until he was fully sheathed within her, immediately dropping her head back to rest against his shoulder as the vibrations from his cock ring spread through her womb. She dropped her knees to the floor, her bum against his abdomen, hips already circling, her sex throbbing hot around his length. “Oh…” Enyd wrapped her right arm around his neck, gripping the base of it as the oil from his naked flesh began to rub into her skin, further fueling her own building pleasure. “Ah…” Her back arched, pebbled nipples aching for attention as her breasts thrust forward.

Eyes closed, Enyd reached out for Zark, wanting her friend against her, riding this wave with her and Alistair, hoping they could all three reach the shore together.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Enyd Madsen's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff @Ellen Fitz

The incorrigible Andorian groaned and mewled in protest as her mistress pulled her off and tossed her on to the deck, chair and all.  It was shocking enough that Zark just lay there for a moment while she continued breathing heavily as Enyd teased her by letting Alistair go first.  A brief moment of worry did cross the horny Zhen's mind that she was just going to be left there while watching her two other play mates screw themselves silly.  When they let her go, well, they were going to have a show regardless.  Thankfully it didn't come to that as Enyd whispered with erotic menace that she had plans for Zark and the Andorian licked her lips as she watched the hips sway then saw the appendages strapped to her legs.  Surprisingly as she struggled against her bonds, she felt them start to come loose and this encouraged to her move faster; especially when Enyd sensually lowered herself onto Alistair's rod.

With a final grunt, the bonds came loose and Zark got onto her knees and hands with lips peeled, much like a predator.  She wanted to crawl forward and tease her way up, but she was gaining a better understanding of the effects of the oil, and she was sure that not everything was happening according to the scripts Enyd had planned out since she was the wild card in this particular scene.  Deciding to let Enyd and Alistair have their fun for the moment, Zark stood up slowly, suggestively and stretched her hands above her head before bringing them back down to trace her voluptuous figure.  Smiling dangerously, she turned on the two groaning and moaning humans and made her way to the table to see what Enyd had also laid out.  Shaking her head and swinging her hips from side to side, the Zhen quietly tsked, then made her way to the replicator and began searching for what she wanted on the screen. Just the thought of what she was going to do got the Andorian to inhale deeply as she pressed the Confirm button and smiled as she saw the object.

Taking it out of the alcove, she twisted and held the item behind her back as she sashayed her way and posed stark naked for both her playmates to see before adjusting herself to where the toys stood at attention on Enyd's legs and giggled as she leaned over and ran fingers along the diplomat's ear and traced the long delicate neckline.  The fingers moved further down collar and along top of Enyd's left breast before the blue arm gently pushed it's way around and onto the smooth back.  Zark inhaled as she felt the sensation of her nipples pressing into Enyd's skin and let out of a sigh of contentment.  Zark was much stronger than she looked and though it was rude to interrupt someone during coitus, she pressed in hard and held Enyd hard, stopping her from being able to rub the long pole inside her.  Leaning in to the sensitive ears, she breathed huskily to pass her message, low and full of lust, but just loud enough for Alistair to also hear. "The Zark you're meeting now came from Risa and we know things." Pulling back, Zark pulled an elongated silver device from behind her, then turned her head sideways and stuck it in her mouth before quickly pulling it out.  She ran the device along Enyd's hip, then down between her cheeks. Any resistance was met with a sultry smile and a tightening of her grip.  Pressing the tip, she was sure Enyd could feel the vibration before it reached her asshole and was smoothly shoved in. 

With that bit of business taken care of, Zark placed herself over Enyd's thigh and adjusted the dual prongs. Biting her lip as she felt the first one on her asshole, and then inhaling as the next one brushed her sex, the Zhen impaled herself on the dual dildos and moaned loudly.  Keeping one arm in place against her back and wrapping the other one around the soft neck, Zark's own needs and motions would drag and drive Enyd along as her feet planted on the ground and drove her body in an erotic frenzy.  "Uhnnn..." Zark groaned as she buried her head in the wonderfully smooth neck while bouncing up and down on the toys inside her while biochemical electricity raced through her body as smooth blue rubbed milky white while inhaling the pheromone laced sweat.  With each press outward by Enyd, Zark pushed herself inward, meshing their skins and sensation together.  "Oh Spirits Enyd! Yeeeesssss!"  Zark cried with the new sensation that shot straight into her sex as she threw her head back, swung it around and held on to her friend for dear life. "Alistair, you wondrous beast, fuck us! Enyd!  Ohhhhhhhh Spirits!"  The lustfully bouncing Zhen yelled out as she felt the tidal waves inside her become more intense with the rapidly approaching orgasm.

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Enyd's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker


Though Alistair was briefly concerned when Zark fell, his concern vanished as the determined woman kept going anyway. Consumed as he was by rampant lust and desire. Alistair didn't even know what Zark was hoping to accomplish while tied to the chair, but he wanted her curvy body closer anyway on general principle. Enyd made the whole affair excruciatingly worse by taking her sweet time, amping up her lovers even further with her patience.

Not that they needed it. Alistair's cock was throbbing. His entire body was on fire, his muscles straining at the bindings, his breath coming short and shallow as he looked down at Zark's blue back. A rare coherent thought sparked, where he contemplated using the safe word...this was too much, far too much...then Zark's lips made contact.

Alistair groaned loudly in relief, closing his eyes as Zark enthusiastically lapped, licked and sucked. He struggled even harder against the ropes, but Enyd had done her job well, so he could only kneel, helpless, gasping all the while. He opened to his eyes to see Enyd with...something...on her thigh, but his mind was so frazzled by Zark's oral skill that it took a moment for him to catch on. For a mad moment, he wondered if Enyd was going to use the dildo on him while Zark pleasured him, a prospect that was alluring indeed. He had shared with her his curiosity about what it would feel like to have a man penetrate him...

Upon recognising the second shaft and realising that Zark was the intended target, Alistair's disappointment was eased by Zark's enthusiastic mouth. As his girlfriend moved behind him and whispered in his ear, he groaned.

"Enyd," he answered heatedly, as much a plea as a statement of desire. Alistair gasped in relief as Enyd loosened his bonds, and it soon became clear why she did it.

She wanted him stable as she rode him into oblivion.

Desperately wanting to finish inside Enyd this time, he watched her hungrily as she pulled Zark off while he worked to free his arms. His hands instinctively went to Enyd's hips as she lowered herself upon him, to where she belonged, both lovers breathing hard, Zark momentarily forgotten. As the rythmic movement began, the feeling of sex only enhanced by the cock ring, oil and sweet ache of nipple clamps, Enyd's head fell back on his shoulder and his hands moved to cup her breasts, fingers tweaking her nipples.

"I want you," Alistair growled in Enyd's ear, sounding nothing like his usual gentle self. "I want you, urgh, all of you, every bit of you..."

Of course, he wasn't so lost in the act of sex that he could miss a beautiful nude Andorian standing before him. He feasted on the image as his hips pushed into Enyd; Zark's azure skin, her quivering antennae, her toned stomach, her full lips and bright eyes, her blue buttocks when she turned around. It was a minor miracle that he didn't empty himself inside Enyd then and there. Another property of Klar's gift, as he would later realise.

Soon enough, Zark returned to the two bouncing lovers. Alistair didn't catch what she did beneath them, but he could hardly miss Enyd's reaction, feeling it as much as hearing it. Soon enough, Zark got into position in front of them, and with enormous effort, Alistair slowed his union with Enyd, hands returning to her hips to hold her in place. After their partner had both shafts securely in place, the sex began anew, all three lovers groaning, gasping and panting. Lust-drunk, Alistair looked into Zark's eyes as he pushed up into Enyd, and on reflex he leaned down to kiss her over Enyd's shoulder, his tongue questing inside her mouth.

The three lovers lost track of time, their threeway union continuing mercilessly, Zark crying out for more, but eventually, inevitably...

"Enyd...Zark..." Alistair groaned in warning as he felt his peak coming, quite incapable of articulating more.

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[Lt Enyd Isolde Madsen | Deck 10 | Personal Quarters | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff  @RyeTanker

Although they’d spoken about it before and had already experimented with several odd and admittedly crazy sexual ideas since they’d finally gotten together, having anything put inside Enyd’s anus had yet to happen, she couldn’t help the yelp of surprise, and the temporary pause in her movements as her body adjusted to the foreign object. Though she still felt the extreme levels of desire and, especially now that Zark had lowered herself atop the thigh strap dildos, she felt cocooned in a blanket of sex; Enyd’s analytical streak still tried to raise its untimely head to catalog what she felt about this new sensation. When Alistair leaned over her shoulder and sealed his lips over Zark’s, Enyd beat back the analytical streak and focused on the moment. There would be enough time to analyze later.

Of course, there would be more to analyze than just a dildo in her ass. So intense was her orgasm when it slammed into her – quite literally robbing her of breath in a silent scream – that Enyd fell dazed against Alistair, one arm still thankfully anchored around his neck while the other gripped Zark’s waist. Hot liquid gushed from her, seeping around Alistair’s cock as it continued to pump in and out of her. This wasn’t the first time she’d squirted liquid cum during an orgasm, but the amount that pumped from her body this time was likely thanks to the cacophony of sensations her body was undergoing from the front, behind, and within.

Lips pulled back in a thoroughly satisfied smile, Enyd mewled out a croaking sound of pleasure as her body continued to shake and tremble in the after-flow of her world-shattering climax. She was aware of her partners’ bodies, thankful for their warmth and continued touch, and heard their voices as if through a tunnel of scarlet pleasure. But she wasn’t yet capable of coherent words, or thought for that matter, and so she continued to float along the bliss river until someone eventually pulled her to the shores of reality.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Enyd Madsen's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff @Ellen Fitz

It was easy for Zark to keep plunging herself on the double dildo attached her lovers leg as the aromas of hormones, enticement of the mystery oil, and the loud groans and yells of join pleasure filled the cabin.   Holding on tight to the sweaty human, Zark gleefully rubbed their smooth skin together and inhaled deeply as she yelled louder with each thrust.  While the Enyd of past had been somewhat reluctant, the Zhen was thoroughly enjoying the newly discovered, or re-awakened sexuality in her friend and to be honest, it turned her on massively.  This added to the sensual halo of the encounter and if Zark had been able to, she'd probably have drenched Enyd's leg in her own liquids.

All that that didn't matter though as the animalistic need to climax took over and the Andorian let go of Enyd so she could use her arms as one went for a now exposed and sensitive nipple while another dove for her clit as her breathing became louder and heavier. "Ohhh fuuuuccck!  Enyd!  I'm gonna......I'm gonnnna........................."  was all she managed to get out as the new sensations Zark inflicted on herself crashed and drove the blue woman mad for just a moment as she threw her head back and taut blue body arched as she let out a yell of raw delight that reverberated through the room and possibly into the hallway. 

Zark floated up there as her body moved of its own accord, pumping the toys inside her in a desperate effort to keep the pleasurable high going.  It wouldn't last, never did, but she liked doing it anyway as she gently bobbed on top of the also orgasming and quivering human.  Closing her eyes to enjoy the sensation further, Zark sighed and moaned loudly in pleasure before slowing down as she felt herself begin to float back down to reality while the endorphin induced haze wore off.

When she came to, Zark simply smiled happily at Enyd and Alistair, then giggled as she took a moment to pull herself off Enyd's leg with a quiet sigh.  Leaning over Enyd's shoulder, Zark gently gripped Alistair's chin and gave him a deep look that projected an Andorian's passions and love before closing in on his ear. "Thank you Alistair, you were magnificent."  She whispered into his ear before pulling back and planting a soft kiss on his lips.  Pulling back, Zark took one look at the her goofy lover and grinned.  It was a warm grin, but also one that any Betazoid would have recognized.  In fact, several of them had seen it from its owner.  "Thank you love."  was all Zark said as her hands cupped Enyd's delicate jawline and she closed her eyes to plant an oxygen sucking kiss on the woman's lips.  Zark knew Enyd well enough to know where the limits here, but she couldn't really help but run her tongue over the portion of the human's lips.  A more intimate gentle caress that didn't try to force herself upon its recipient.  Too much at any rate. 

When the happy Zhen let go, she used the stuck human's bodies to push herself up, then stood up and stretched, reaching for the ceiling and letting out the contented groan of a person working out their kinks.  Looking up and down Enyd and Alistair, the Zhen smiled and arched a shapely eyebrow as she saw that Enyd had pretty much drenched Alistair's cock with her own cum. Mentally shrugging, she pondered getting on her knees to the exposed cock with all the liquid on it.  Instead though, the Andorian shook her head as she stifled a laugh before bending over to gather up her discarded underwear and began dressing. "That was certainly an exciting way to start the day.  Though I have to wonder what time it is."  Zark asked idly as she pulled her panties up long bare blue legs.

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Enyd's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker


Amidst the haze and groaning of ferocious sex, Alistair was on the cusp of orgasm for longer than should've been possible, relentlessly pumping in and out of Enyd all the while. Overwhelmed by sensory overload, he was desperate to climax but remained on the edge despite his best efforts, no matter how fast he thrust into Enyd. He felt Zark's answering push through Enyd's body and focused on that, timing his thrust to enter Enyd just as Zark drove herself upon the dildos, all three lovers lost in each other.

Finally, mercifully, he felt Enyd stiffen in his arms as a hot wetness drenched his member, in time with Zark's ecstastic cry to the heavens. That did it; Alistair finally felt the tension break as the orgasm washed over him, groaning as he filled Enyd with his seed. The cock ring had an unexpected effect, with the buzz extending the orgasm, so Alistair was left to simply hold his exhausted girlfriend against his chest as he pushed inside her more slowly. His manhood's spurts were answered with Enyd's own squirts until eventually, it came to a gradual end.

"Urgh," Alistair groaned, burying his head in Enyd's shoulder, quite incapable of further elucidation in the moment. The buzzing of the cock ring continued unabated, so with some reluctance, he pulled out of Enyd to turn the thing off. Actually taking it off...that would have to wait a couple of minutes. Moving automatically, he removed the nipple clamps so that Enyd had a comfortable chest to rest upon, then simply held her securely against him, his arms enclosing her stomach.

Zark was first to recover (understandable in retrospect; she had much more experience with threesomes). Even love-drunk as he was, when she complimented and kissed him, Alistair felt a flutter of nervous excitement. "Magnificent," he murmured in bemusement. "I like that. That...uh, that means a lot from you, Zark, thanks. Enyd is responible much of that, though." As Zark kissed Enyd, he in turn dipped his head to kiss Enyd's cheek before whispering into her ear, "Really, I love being with you. Sex with you is incredible...and, uh, sometimes insane...okay, often insane...but mostly incredible."

The two worn-out humans stayed put while Zark got up. Alistair took in the view of the Andorian's body one last time, not feeling awkward in the slightest given their morning activities and Zark's complete shamelessness. As the glow of sex faded, his body's various aches and pains made themselves known, especially given the uncomfortable position he was in, kneeling while supporting Enyd's weight against his chest. At Zark's question, he sighed.

"Yeah, the time...I'd really like to try that bath before we report to duty, but-" he stopped mid-sentence, frowning as he looked down at Enyd. "Isn't there a senior staff meeting this morning?"

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[Lt Enyd Isolde Madsen | Deck 10 | Personal Quarters | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff  @RyeTanker

Her body was still quivering with the occasional jerking spasm thanks to the magnitude of sensation overload and pleasure she’d just experienced; Enyd could only grunt when Zark kissed her. Her brain was thankfully working enough to comprehend the Zhen’s words, but her vocal cords had yet to activate. Alistair’s arms were warm and reassuring as he wrapped them around her, holding Enyd close to his chest while she recovered. It seemed everyone was recovering faster than her, which probably was testimony to the fact that likely neither of her partners had gone years without physical intimacy – with Zark being a guarantee no making it past a week without physical intimacy.

Enyd managed a grunted chuckle at Alistair’s description of their sex life. It truly was a miracle that their previous experiments and this one hadn’t sent either to sickbay. With her body no longer a mass of vibrating nerves, Enyd managed enough energy to disengage from Alistar’s hold just enough to reach around and jerk on the loosening knot keeping his legs together. His sudden question had her whole body stiffening, her head tilting upward to stare back.

“At 8 am,” She replied with a creeping sense of dread. A quick check with the computer had Enyd face-planting in her efforts to get off Alistair and scramble to her feet. “Not to sound rude after all that,” Enyd waved a hand at the floor strewn with sex toys and bodily fluid before looking back to Zark, “but we’ve got less than twenty minutes to clean up and show up.”

Enyd tipped forward long enough to kiss Zark on the cheek before she started waddling toward the bathroom, stopping after a few steps to pull the vibrator from her anus, tossing Zark a playful glare before dropping it to the floor with the rest of the toys. She whirled around the corner and slid into the shower, knowing that more than a few among the senior officers would still smell the evidence of their morning even after a quick shower. Still, it’d be better than waltzing in reeking quite this much with hair mussed up like a Parisian hussy on a busy evening.

“Alistair! Get that cute butt in here, I need help with my hair!”

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Enyd Madsen's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff @Ellen Fitz

Zark cracked up as Enyd went into scramble mode and fell face first onto the floor. "Enyd!  You do that and I'm going to need more than 20 minutes just to fix your face.  Breathe woman!"  she called to the retreating form.  Utterly unbothered by her relative nudity, the Zhen made her way to the replicator and picked up items that were in her path.  It was quite the arm load when she arrived and she dumped the whole pile into the alcove while taking a moment to catch Alistair's dick ring as it tried to roll back out.  Setting it on some empty space, she pressed a button and the pile disappeared into the pattern buffer to be recycled.  Standing with her one of her feet pressing toes into the ground while she spent a few moments thinking, Zark began searching the database for what she thought she might need for Enyd to show up as as well groomed Chief Diplomat.  It didn't take long to find and the Andorian was grateful that it was in the database. "Computer, one can of Vulcan aerosol scent neutralizer and some Denobulan dry cotton wipes"  The replicator alcove came to life once again and Zark grabbed the items and set them aside near the entrance to the washroom the turned to see the wreckage of the room.  Smiling as she shook her head, the Andorian got to work.

Stopping only to put her bra on, Zark began picking up furniture, toys, food, plates, and whatever detritus she could see and dump into the replicator.  She was still picking up stuff when she heard the water stop, and turned to march towards the door.   Pressing the button to open the door, she was greeted with the sight of a very naked Enyd and Allistair, which she chose to ignore as she grabbed her replicated items and placed them on the counter.  Smirking as she grabbed a spare towel, the Andorian simply got to work helping the human dry off as quickly as possible. "Don't fall." was her only warning before kneeling on the deck.  Quickly, she grabbed Enyd's leg and placing it on her thigh, the Zhen began rubbing the soft material up and down to absorb every last drop of liquid she could find.  Placing one foot down, Zark grabbed the other foot and repeated the process.  Standing up, she gave the milky white body a once over, and cleared off some drops here and there, leaving Enyd to take care of her own privates. 

Tossing the towel aside, the Andorian whirled on the spray and wipes, and grabbed them.  Tossing the wipes to Allistair, Zark shook the can vigorously.  "A Vulcan classmate once told me and my girlfriend reeked after spending the night having sex and it was bothering him, so he gave this to us to help him. We used a lot of it.  Alistair, use the wipes to smooth the spray after I apply it.  We're going to need to hurry since I think I need to help Enyd with her makeup too."  Stopping to give the spray a flourishing twirl, she gave Enyd a warm smile. "Hold your breath love, at least till I get your head cleaned."  She peeked passed Enyd.  "You too Allistair, and cover your eyes.  Here we go.  Computer set ventilation to maximum." The Andorian made sure Enyd had plugged her nose and covered the human's eyes with her own hand, then began to liberally apply the neutralizer, which would hopefully also make Allstair not smell like he'd just come from an orgy. "At least we didn't do this on the bed, otherwise you'd have trouble explaining the stain on the uniform I left out there." Zark told Enyd as she steadily moved down, aerosoling as she went.

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Enyd's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker


After Enyd scampered off and Zark began to get dressed, Alistair clumsily got to his feet, suddenly at a loss for what to do. The shower was occupied, and with his skin still lathered in shiny oil, it felt inefficient to dress. He made a motion to start tidying up, only for Zark to beat him to the punch, leaving the poor man feeling quite useless. Glancing down at his feet, he winced at the bodily fluids that were soaking into the carpet, and made a mental note to double check the cleaning systems in Enyd's quarters later on. They had been seriously overworked in recent days.

We really need to use the bed more often...urgh! How am I even thinking about that? What have these two done to my brain!?

“Alistair! Get that cute butt in here, I need help with my hair!”

Grinning at Zark, Alistair shrugged. "Orders are orders," he said brightly before taking a step towards the shower then stopping, wincing in pain from his back and legs. At a more measured hobble, he went to the bathroom and then into the shower, sidling in behind Enyd. After taking a moment to admire Enyd's own butt in the steamy mist, he kissed his girlfriend on the cheek as he reached for the shampoo.

"You know, there are some advantages to being bald," Alistair remarked with bemusement as he got to work dealing with Enyd's rich brunette locks. "Not that...well, you're beautiful either way, but you have to admit, it's a real time-saver. Very efficient."

After some frenetic bathing, he and Enyd had just exited the shower when Zark (with her usual subtlety) barged into the bathroom. Once again, Alistair was left feeling like the useless one of the trio as the energetic Andorian got to work, but he firmly reminded himself that he shouldn't feel bad about it. After all, Zark had much more experience with cleaning up her lovers just from her...spouses...

Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh FUCK! We just had sex with a married woman! TWICE! FUCKING FUCK FUCK!

Flabbergasted, Alistair was frozen in place as Zark gave an unexpected (but helpful) crash course on post-coital hygiene. Still somewhat dazed, and recognising that the bathroom was a bit cramped for the three of them, he grabbed a towel and limped into the bedroom to begin drying himself off. Common sense began to calm him down as he wrapped the fluffy white towel around his waist and tied it off, but even so, he felt profoundly uneasy as he double-checked Enyd's uniform.

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[Lt Enyd Isolde Madsen | Deck 10 | Personal Quarters | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff   @RyeTanker

Enyd didn't have the mental space or focus abilities to even remotely make sense of the past hour of so of her life, let alone file away the information Zark tossed at them regarding post-coital clean-up when one worked with Vulcanoids. She merely accepted Zark's assistance, humming her understanding and acknowledgment where appropriate, and allowed the Andorian to help her great more presentable than the "just had her brain fucked out of her ears" look she'd been sporting mere moments before.

"Let's reconvene after the meeting, yes?" Before Zark could get too excited about having a round two, Enyd quickly pressed on, "To have a legitimate cup of coffee and maybe discuss anything that may need to be discussed about what happened?" Enyd looked between her boyfriend and her best friend. "And likewise there will be a ton of things to discuss about upcoming missions since this morning's meeting has a certain ominous feeling to it. In any case," Enyd tipped forward and pressed her lips against Zark's cheek, "thank you, love, for a great time and for the help in making us look less like bunnies." Her eyes roving over her lover's figure, Enyd winked, "Do I need to give you two a minute for a few more bloob squeezes, or are you ready to go now?"

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Enyd Madsen's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff @Ellen Fitz

It didn't take long for Zark to finish de-oderizing Enyd and Alistair.  She only had to make sure that she got their backs after finishing with their fronts.  She was pretty sure Alistair hadn't minded giving Enyd another fondle on the front and back when applying the wipes. She did smirk mentally since it wasn't really a fondle, it was a thoroughly professional wipe down to clean off any remaining residue from the scent dissipator.  Zark being above such concerns would have liked to revel in the fact that she had Alistair and especially Enyd all over her as well. 

Being the monumental tease that she was, Zark went ahead and reached around Alistair to apply the aerosol to Enyd's back and had taken the opportunity to grip on to him for balance, then pressed her chest into his back. She'd then pretended to ignore the effect when she'd had to travel lower to give spray Enyd's lower half. It had been quite noticeable though out of the corner of her eye as she smirked and worked diligently to finish the clean up process.  With everything done, the practically naked blue woman stood and admired her own work. She took a moment to  grab the uniform bundle and handed the pile to the Chief diplomat.  With all the clothes on, Zark finally snagged Enyd's cosmetics to apply them.  It wasn't much, maybe a bit darker blush. A light application of gun metal and navy blue eye shadow along with some discreet eye liner.  Zark stepped back to admire her hand work and she smiled fiercely for it was no longer just regular Enyd, but Enyd the woman of understated and undefinable power. "There we go, I think you're pretty much ready."  Nodding her affirmative when Enyd said they'd probably have to work out where this particular relationship was going, she agreed happily. "Ketheka and pie always sounds good." Smiling passed Enyd, she caught Alistair's eyes having caught his nervous body language and having gone through this type of discussion many times before. "And don't worry, we'll have everything worked out."  Giving him a wink, she cast a critical glance over Enyd one more time to see that she was as close to perfect as time allowed and nodded her own satisfaction.  It would do.

There was one thing missing though as she cupped Enyd's chin and closed her eyes to kiss her more time. It wasn't given as a lust engendering kiss, but one of confirmation of how special she was to the free loving Zhen. When she let go, Zark finally applied the slightly more burgundy lipstick and sent Enyd on her way with a hot cup of Raktajino. She considered Enyd's suggestion of another round with Alistair and there was a certain temptation in using the wall as bed as he slammed her blue pussy one more time, but she shook her head as she grabbed his head and kissed him anyway.  She didn't try shoving her tongue into his mouth, but she did happily nip his bottom lip with her teeth before grabbing his ass and bolting out the door.  "See you in a few hours lover!  " she happily giggled as she bee lined for her clothing and made a running grab at them. "Computer transport to my quarters." The playful Andorian quickly ordered after she'd grabbed her kilt and and Zark disappeared in a shimmer of light and energy.

As soon as she re-materialized, Zark planted her foot hard on the deck and came to a stop, just slightly over balancing before tossing her clothes on the bed and neutralizing her forward momentum.  Sighing at the odd twists and turns the mornings activities took, she smiled at the outcome as the tension had left her system and she was now mission ready.  Seeing a mirror and seeing her own blue skin, she smirked as she took a moment to pose then headed to the washroom to clean up.  A quick shower and a new set of underwear followed as she wondered how Alistair was dealing with the rest of the clean up in Enyd's quarters.  She did feel a little guilty about leaving him with that and promised she'd make it up to him after the mission.  Given the way things were going, Zark wondered if the Operations man was going to survive the two of them.  He'd maybe appreciate the breaks when Zark went to go enjoy time with some of the others.  On the other hand, with Enyd's sexuality now unlocked and desperately trying to catch up with everything she'd missed, maybe his girlfriend would be more than enough.  That intriguing thought carried her through the tight process of putting on the catsuit that would go under her exosuit. With that task complete and her hair tied up into the bun that would allow her to wear her helmet, Zark left her quarters to return to the Security Centre, humming happily at all the changes that had happened in the last month and how much more worthwhile it was to go on a mission to protect all the new people she'd met.


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