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[ Lt. Enyd Madsen | Corridor | Deck 13 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @BipSpoon

“Deal. Next time we have another late-night meeting, you make the ice cream pastries, and I’ll bring the drinks.” Enyd looked up and around and shook her head. “I have no idea where we are either.” Giggling, she shrugged and gestured for her friend to follow her back the way they’d come. At least they knew where the turbolift was in reference to the galley where they’d been snacking. “Maybe we’ll luck out and run into some handsome crewmates to point us in the right direction.”

Enyd waggled her eyebrows for comedic effect but broke her own efforts by laughing at the mental image. Likely, both she and Valyn would scare whoever they came across. It was a random hour. Valyn’s question about Marlowe had Enyd reflecting on what she knew about James, and she waved away Valyn’s concerns with a smile.

“No, he’s got a thing for strong females. Strong in mind, body, emotion, you name it. He’s all for it. I also found out later that he prefers blondes to brunettes, but at the same time, he finds many shades of hair and skin aesthetically pleasing.” Enyd lightly punched Valyn’s arm. “Most likely, he’d keel over in vapors after witnessing a burst of your temper. He never saw mine, but I was with him one time when one of his colleagues lost it, an Orion professor, and boy, I’d never seen him blush with nostrils flaring so much until that moment.”

She was still giggling as they rounded the corner, and she pointed to the turbolift. Leading the way, Enyd tossed Valyn a flirtatious smile.

“I wouldn’t say Marlowe is a wild animal, but he would be a pleasant ride I believe.” She blushed immediately after the words left her mouth and ducked her head. “I’m in jest, of course.” Looking back towards Valyn, Enyd smirked. “He was a good kisser, and I enjoyed holding his hand, but that’s as far as we got.”

Once they were situated in the turbolift, Enyd leaned against the side and ordered it to take them back to their “home” deck.

Curiosity seized her, as it had a habit of doing, and her smile grew before she asked, “When was your first kiss?”

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[ Lieutenant Valyn Amarik |Corridor | Deck 13 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz [Show/Hide]

Valyn gave Enyd a nod, her mind already wandering to their next late night adventure. For a first day on the ship, she really couldn’t find too much for herself to complain about. She’d made fast friends with another crew member, and in the process been able to find her way around some of the ship itself. The sheer size of Thea had shocked Valyn from the moment she’d stepped aboard. Starfleet had always produced large ships, but she’d never been aboard a ship quite like Thea. It was an engineering marvel, and effectively was designed to be the Flagship of the fleet from what she could tell…and she’d found herself aboard, and found her place among its crew.  “That would make my night, but I’m worried the booze may trick us into behaving a bit…” She searched for the word, but instead of finding it she just grinned at Enyd.

“So he likes women who can break him?” She chortled and crossed her arms as they walked down the corridor, devoid of all life forms besides themselves and the microscopic. “Vapors?” She questioned. She’d heard the term before but only seldomly, and almost always from Ben, back in the camp. She’d put two and two together enough to get the idea of what the term meant, but she still wasn’t sure what the intention behind it was. “I’ve known a few men like that, they’re usually fun for a bit but I like men to challenge me a bit.” She smirked, as she herself blushed.

Seeing the lift, Valyn led the way down the hall towards it. “Only kissin’?” Valyn questioned, her lips flattening as she nodded her head in understanding. If she’d learned anything about Enyd through their chat, it was that when it came to physical intimacy they were very different women. “I’m sure you must have…at least imagined, what he’d be like though.” She fired a playful punch of her own towards Enyd’s shoulder and entered the lift, feeling it spring to life as Enyd ordered it back to their quarters. It had been a long night, and Valyn was very clearly tired.

“Mine? Shit…” She thought for a moment, “Probably back on Romulus when I was still in-“ She paused for a minute, and looked for the right term, “School.” That certainly wasn’t an accurate descriptor of what she was trained in as a teenager but it was close enough, “A boy named Jaron, we were curious so-“ She trailed off, “My first real, good kiss, was with a guy named Narin.” She smirked, but it slowly fell. Her relationship with Narin had been violent, and epitomized who she’d become while with the Tal Shiar. His feelings for her, were for someone she’d long since stopped being. She doubted she’d ever even see him again. “You?”

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[ Lt. Enyd Madsen | Corridor | Deck 13 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @BipSpoon

Enyd shrugged, “I’m not sure if he likes women who break him or not, but he certainly finds strong women attractive. I’ve never known him to back away from a challenge so he certainly isn’t eye candy. And he’s got a sharp wit, could almost consider him Romulan in that regard.” She poked her friend’s shoulder playfully.

At Valyn’s balked ‘only kissing,’ Enyd chuckled. Nodding, she shrugged, “I’ve had sex with one man in my entire life Valyn. Kissed by more than that, though not much more. My first kiss wasn’t until almost college, and I had to bloody ask for it too. My grandmother said it was because I was too addle-brained to realize when a man wanted to kiss me, and I’d ruin any opportunity there ever was without even knowing there’d been an opportunity.” She fought against a yawn as she leaned against the wall of the turbolift. “She was probably right.”

The lift opened up to their floor, and the pair filed out. They’d get to Valyn’s quarters before they hit Enyd’s on this route. Which worked out well, considering Enyd had imposed upon Valyn first.

“His name was Gregory, and he was in my calculus class. He was doing some tutoring with me because numbers and I have a difficult relationship, and in the process of his geeking out over the beauty of numbers, I discovered I had a thing for men geeking out over the most mundane things. I thought I’d been obvious in my efforts to flirt with him, but since I ended up using an algebraic formula to proposition him for a kiss, it seemed he hadn’t even thought about it until that moment.” Enyd shook her head at her own idiocy, laughing. “Poor man barely finished kissing me when my grandmother came in and offered him some of her freshly squeezed lemonade. He knew her reputation for spiked beverages and beat a hasty retreat. Our tutoring stopped soon after that.”

Her story ended just as they drew up to the door to Valyn’s quarters. Enyd stared at the closed door a moment before her gaze moved to travel over the woman she’d befriended over the course of a few hours.

“Thank you for this, Valyn. It was unexpected, but very much needed.”


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[ Lieutenant Valyn Amarik |Corridor | Deck 13 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz [Show/Hide]
Valyn smirked, for a moment the visage that she imagined the professor melding with the various other men she’d found who appreciated a strong woman. She’d found far more of them among the denizens of the Federation than her own home world, and frankly she’d enjoyed the attention in most cases. The number of them that had the wit and ability to not wilt under the heat of that woman however, were far fewer.

“There’s nothing wrong with that.” While Valyn was rather intense herself in regards to physical intimacy and for her it was a critical component to a relationship, though she understood that wasn’t the case with many others. “Bet that kiss was explosive though.” She gave her friend a gentle nudge with her elbow, playfully grinning at her as they meandered down the nearly barren halls of the ship.  “From what I’ve learned about you tonight, you’re anything but addle-brained.” A small remark of praise, to perhaps boost the self-esteem of her new comrade, but the comment was genuine.

As the lift finally opened, doors hissing open into the dimmed halls of the crew quarters Valyn finally cracked a yawn. It had been a long day, and a long journey and the adventure of the day was finally catching up to her.

Upon hearing the story though, Valyn paused in the hall, and let a grin of delight paint it way across her features. Not only about the kiss itself, but simply in hearing the phrase ‘beauty of numbers’. “How the hell did you use-“ She paused for a moment, only thinking that she must have used the variables to spell a word which, was in its own way, actually quite a sweet proposition. “That sounds quite sweet actually. Innocent.” Was that the ways it worked in a human relationship? Sweet, innocent gestures of kindness and warmth? It had been quite different for her. “Your grandma sounds like quite the woman.” Striking fear into a boy that he bolted so quickly was impressive indeed.

As they neared her quarters she turned on her heel and gave Enyd a nod. “I did too. I’m glad we were able to do this, lets do it again soon, or something similar.” They’d discussed plenty of things to do in any case, so they had no lack of activities. “Get some sleep, yes?” She dipped her head in farewell before entering her quarters, and going to collapse on her bed, falling asleep within moments.


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