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INTERREGNUM EP 01-02: Letting Off Some Steam

OOC: The following takes place after the away team returns from Nimbus III, but prior to the Mysterious God Incident.

[Gymnasium | Deck 07]

It had been two days since Nimbus III and Skye was cleared for flight and more strenuous physical activity, not that she hadn't engaged in certain activities when possible.  It was one of her rare times off duty and she slipped on the sports bra and shorts that hugged tight around her body and allowed freedom of movement, grabbing a towel which she tossed around her neck before heading to the gym.

One of the long sandbags most people used for boxing technique hung there all alone and she smiled.  Pounding something was just what the doctor ordered and she wrapped her hands with tape and rubbed them in talc, slapping her palms together and making a little white cloud poof out all around.  Starting out a little slowly she threw a few light punches and bounced about on her toes.  She could feel a tiny pull still in her left side but knew it was completely healed and just her psychologically guarding.

A little more time and she was starting to get a little tougher, brow furrowed in concentration.  She vaguely noticed someone enter the gym and glanced up long enough to see their chief of security.  "Well there's a bright ray of sunshine," she grinned at the serious man who never seemed to smile.  He was entirely too serious for his own good to her way of thinking.  If you didn't have some fun it just meant you would eventually implode.  Maybe someone kept putting starch in his underwear and he suffered a chaffed willie ... who knew but she still greeted him with a smile.

It had been hectic getting the ship back in order after the chaos recently created by the virus, and the Security department had been stretched thin. David had found himself staying up longer with each passing day, one crisis after another keeping him from finding much respite. There had been a few moments here and there, but to borrow a phrase from his ancestors, for the most part David had been busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.

He supposed that he ought to shoulder some of the blame. David had been a tireless worker his entire life, always putting more time and dedication in than anyone else. Part of it was his natural endurance, his ability to go longer than anyone else, but he knew that there was also a subconscious aspect to it, an innate need to prove his superiority over everyone else. David was aware of the problem, and it was one of the driving forces behind his calm and stoic attitude. He feared that if he allowed himself to lose control, he would only wind up hurting someone.

When he became troubled by such thoughts, David's preferred method of clearing his mind and relaxing involved hitting the gym and not leaving until he'd exhausted himself, a feat which, for someone like him, was pretty damn hard to accomplish.

After ensuring that he had nothing else occupying his schedule for the rest of the day, David had gratefully changed out of his uniform and into a pair of dark blue shorts and a gray tank top, which stretched across his powerful upper body. Tossing a towel over one shoulder, David made his way down to the gym. The various long looks and double-takes he caused amongst various crew, both female and male, did not go unnoticed by David, but he made no effort to respond to any of them. As always, he was focused on the task at hand.

The gym was usually empty or close to it at this time of day, which was part of the reason why David had chosen now to go there. But his enhanced hearing picked up the sound of someone beating on a punching bag long before he actually entered the gym. When he did, he immediately noticed the woman off to the side, dancing on her toes as she whaled on one of the gym's helpless sandbags. His eyesight was better than any normal human's, closer to that of the Terran hawk, allowing him to appreciate the woman's obvious physical gifts even at this distance. His cool blue eyes calmly looked her over, taking in her curves and her well-defined musculature. Many of the women he'd known were soft and frail, but not this one. This one clearly radiated strength and power in addition to grace, a trait which David appreciated.

He saw the woman look his way and offer him a smile. He didn't recognize her immediately, but after a brief recollection of the Theurgy's crew profiles, he remembered that she was Ensign Skye Carver of the Lone Wolves. David had little interaction with the fighter pilots, preferring to avoid that band of hotshot cavaliers whenever possible. Still, it never hurt to be polite. He returned the ensign's smile with a nod and moved away from the door, tossing his towel onto a nearby bench as he began to put himself through his warm-up stretches.

While David stretched out his muscles, preparing them for the workout ahead, he kept his eyes on Carver, watching her as she continued going at the punching bag. Though he was known for his reserved nature, he wasn't dead; even he could admire a beautiful woman when he saw one.

He didn't speak but at least he kinda-sorta smiled back.  Continuing with her fists, she slowly started adding in a few kicks and combos.  There was definitely evidence of her training at the Academy, some of the moves they taught those specializing in security. She certainly had focus and unlike a lot of women didn't try to show off.  Skye was simply Skye and doing what she needed to do.

Backing away from the bag she reached for a water bottle and took a few sips, taking the chance to glance his way.  Like so many on board, he was a fine figure of a man and likely had women throwing themselves at him.  A little vision of him running through the corridors with a bevy of beauties chasing after him went through her might, forcing her to stop drinking and dab her lips with her forearm from nearly doing a spit take.

Setting the bottle back on the bench, she took the towel and dabbed around her face and neck before looping it around the back of her neck and ambling toward him while holding the ends.  "I don't think we've been properly introduced," she stated and offered her taped and talc'd hand.  "Ensign Skye Carver with the Wolves.  I'd like to say I don't bite but it wouldn't be true.  Congrats on the promotion though I'm sure it's been rough the last few weeks."

David watched Skye as she mixed in a few extra moves, nodding in approval at the precision of her attacks, noticing immediately that she wasn't just trying to show herself off. His eyes were drawn to her perfectly sculpted body, and he imagined that Skye must take just as much pride in keeping herself in shape as David did.

He looked away after a few moments to concentrate on his stretching, feeling the tension in his muscles easing. He hadn't had as much time to come down here and get a workout in ever since he'd been promoted, and it felt good just to be doing this much. He finished stretching out his legs and tucked one arm behind his head, supporting the other as he lifted it straight toward the ceiling, feeling the triceps muscle stretching. He slowly turned his torso back and forth, allowing his obliques to stretch and feeling his spine popping.

Once he was finished, he let his arms drop and rolled his neck and shoulders, preparing to make his way over to one of the weight machines, but before he could do so he saw Carver making her way toward him. He nodded again to her as she introduced herself, and he reached out to take her hand in his, shaking it and finding himself pleasantly surprised by the young woman's strong grip.

"Lieutenant Commander David Grayson," he answered. "Though I suspect you already knew that. And thank you. It has been...difficult, but I'm not the only person on this ship who's been through a lot lately." David almost smiled, then, and briefly looked Sky over again. "You were missing in action for some time, correct? Are you settling back in alright?"

Skye's walk wasn't really a swagger but there was definitely confidence in her stride along with the strength and grace, much like a large earth cat.  Her expression was relaxed but he could tell she could be either a barrel of laughs or one mean bitch, depending on the crowd.

Her lips pursed slightly when they shook hands, a little light of amusement flaring in her eyes at the reaction in his own ice blue eyes.  A hint of surprise and perhaps a little respect.  She'd take that any day over the patronizing looks she used to get back at the Academy.  Hard work and determination brought her this far and would keep her moving ahead.

"I was," she affirmed with a slight nod of her head.  "Though I'm sure it wasn't nearly as bad as what I've heard happened with the virus, it was hell for a good three weeks.  I'm sort of making up for all the quiet time, trying to get to know the pack I struggled to get back to so if I get too obnoxious, just swat me and I'll mosey along," she gestured with two fingers moving like legs.

That actually made the corner of David's mouth tug upward in a small smile, and he shook his head. "Somehow I doubt you're the type who would take kindly to being swatted," he said. "Well, I'm sure you've heard this more times than you can count by now, but welcome back to the ship." And be glad you didn't have to deal with that virus, he added mentally. He could still remember how the virus had affected him after he'd sealed himself into the so-called "Garden of Eden" so that the rest of his party might escape. Thinking back on it now was a nightmare for David, who prided himself on his self-control. Being infected had robbed him of that self-control, allowing his baser impulses to indulge themselves as they saw fit. While his body had been more than pleased, his mind was still reeling.

David was thankful that he couldn't remember more than a few images here and there. Occasionally he would recall some of the women from that day, either as they were screaming in a combination of pleasure and pain as he ruthlessly drove himself into their willing bodies, or as they stared mindlessly up at him while he forced his engorged member down their throats, their own minds too overwhelmed by lust to protest. Now, when he came across one of them, he could no longer look them in the eye. He didn't know if any of those women remembered him, but he was still too ashamed to engage them.

He shook his head, trying to clear those images from his mind, and turned his gaze back onto Skye. "Those moves didn't look like they came from standard fighter pilot training," he pointed out, desperate to change the subject. "Where did you learn to fight like that?"

Her eyebrows rose as he cracked a little smile, that giddy feeling rushing through her.  That was a grand accomplishment in her book and her own smile widened when he said she didn't seem the type to take a swatting.  "You might be surprised," she retorted with that cheeky grin.

She noticed him drifting away, obviously recalling things and her smile faded though there was still a pleasant expression.  She did that herself now and then and understood sometimes the memories wouldn't be pushed aside.  When he shook his head and refocused, he would see that look that told him all was well.

Latching on to the topic change, she bounced on her toes a couple of times.  "Well, when I went to Starfleet Academy we all figured I'd be going the security route.  I had good strength and agility from doing gymnastics growing up, a good aim, and normally level headed enough that's what I thought I'd do.  Turns out I inherited more from my father than we thought and I'd been daredeviling as much as shuttles would let me."

David nodded as he listened to Skye's response. He'd noted the patience she expressed as his mind wandered, which he appreciated. He wasn't typically the sort to let his mind drift like that, but everything had been so out of sorts ever since the Theurgy had fled from the Federation, he was surprised it had taken this long for it to happen to him.

"Oh, so your father was also a fighter pilot?" he nodded, that small smile of his returning. "I'm a Starfleet brat, too. My father wasn't really the daredevil sort, though," he added with a light chuckle. "He never took risks. Too concerned about his career trajectory."

His gaze flickered over to the punching bag Skye had been using and could still see a few small indentations left by her strikes. "You know, a punching bag can only be so helpful in combat training. If you're interested, I've been looking for a new sparring partner. And I'd love to see what other tricks you've got up your sleeve." He glanced down at Skye's strong, naked arms and smiled again, actually showing some teeth this time. "Well, you know what I mean."

"Yes he was, maybe still is though I haven't seen or heard from him in a long time," Skye affirmed about her father.  "My mother says I was always like him, gave her heart attacks by trying to fly off the counters and whatnot.  Never understood the concern since I'd put the cushions all over the floor," she grinned.  "As far as career trajectory, as long as you don't crash what matters."

Seeing his gaze drift to the punching bag, she chewed the inside of her cheek thinking she'd really gone light this time.  Maybe it was because she was favoring her side a little but next time she knew she'd leave better impressions.  His words rather surprised her though and when she saw the smile, she nodded agreement.

"I could stand a little more training in that regard, so yeah, I'd like that," she stated.  The little she'd seen of him, he hadn't smiled so again she felt a wave of accomplishment in ferreting one out of him.  "I've a few tricks that don't require sleeves," she said with a little purse of her lips.  "I'm game now if you'd like."

David nodded, glad that Skye had accepted his offer. Aside from putting his security officers through standard combat drills, he hadn't had a chance to simply enjoy a sparring session one-on-one with someone else. He'd had an assortment of programs on the holodeck, but with the recent need to ration energy, those programs had lain dormant for some time now. But a flesh-and-blood partner always made things more interesting than a holographic one anyway.

He gestured for Skye to follow him and led her through the gym and into one of the private sparring rooms attached to the main gymnasium. Making his way to the equipment bench, he tossed a pair of padded gloves to Skye and then began strapping on another pair for himself. While he watched Skye get ready, he looked her over, his eyes narrowed slightly as he considered whether or not he should hold himself back a bit. Skye wasn't frail by any means, but David doubted that she was aware of his genetically enhanced strength, and he didn't want to accidentally injure the pilot.

Once he was ready, he stepped onto the training mat, standing in the center as he waited for Skye to join him. Once she was ready, David brought his fists up into a combat stance, bouncing loosely on the balls of his feet. "Okay, Ensign, show me what you've got!" he said before suddenly lunging forward, jabbing his right fist lightly at Skye to test her reflexes.

David was a really big guy but she was rather used to being around big guys.  Just recently there was Sosche and before him Maverick, both very large, handsome, and skilled men.  She couldn't help herself wondering if he was as virile and skilled as she took a sidelong glance while she equipped herself.

Stepping onto the mat she had a spring in her step and an anticipatory gaze that sized him up not as a man but as an opponent.  His punches would no doubt leave one's ears ringing even after regaining consciousness so she would have to focus at other places while trying to avoid the pounding.

His bounce showed a certain amount too, probably more speed than one would think given his size.  Add that up with the fact he was now chief of security and that meant he was definitely not one to let down your guard.  Still she'd faced similar though the last time wasn't that long ago and she'd lost that fight.

She was still pissed over that too, letting her concentration falter over her own crewmate and thus getting skewered.  She didn't have time to think about it more though as David called his warning and lunged.  Skye ducked and swung back with her gloved hand to the back of his knee before surging up and landing a decent jab just under his ribs before dancing back out of the way.  Keep him moving, don't let him hit, and wear him down she thought to herself.

David regarded Skye carefully as she stepped up onto the mat in front of him. His eyes swept over her, gauging the pilot for any potential weaknesses. It was an instinctual habit for David, measuring up everyone he met, trying to determine whether or not they were a threat to him. He wondered if it had something to do with his genetic engineering creating a predisposition for competitiveness. Whatever the cause, it had served him well throughout his life. His eyes locked onto Skye's left side for a brief moment, and when he examined her leg placement he noticed she seemed to be putting a little less weight on that side of her body.

Filing that information away for later, David launched himself into action, jabbing experimentally at Skye and finding himself unsurprised when she easily ducked the attack. He saw her hand coming for the back of his knee before it actually made contact, and his enhanced reflexes allowed him to twist away, Skye's fist only making a small amount of contact. The attack seemed to be a distraction, however, as he then felt her other fist jab into his torso, just under his ribs.

David grunted, genuinely surprised and a little pleased, and quickly whirled around to answer with a lefthanded strike, expecting Skye to dance to her right to avoid it, allowing him to make his true attack as he landed a light blow to her right side, making sure not to use his full strngth. Had this been a real fight, and David were going full strength, he probably could have done some real damage to Skye. But this was just a friendly sparring match, and the last thing he wanted to do was to hurt her.

Well...not much, anyway.

Her strength and reflexes weren't anything compared to his but as he came in on her right side, she used the momentum to lift up and planted her bare foot right in the middle of his chest with enough force to knock him back a step and allow herself to backflip and face him again, a smile lighting her face.

She was a combination of Starfleet and bar room brawl mixed in with gymnastics, utilizing her flexibility and tumbling abilities to soften some of the blows or avoid them altogether if possible.  Whenever she misstepped she'd growl at herself and step right back into the thick of things, fierce determination etched in her features.

It was obvious she was having fun as she bounced on her toes, starting to circle him a bit with a hint of a seductive smirk turning up one corner of her mouth.  "I've needed someone really good to spar with, to push me harder," she stated.  "I'm woefully out of practice.  Think you can put me on your calendar for regular sessions?"

He was mildly surprised by the force behind Skye's high kick and found himself stumbling back a few steps, watching as the pilot carried her momentum into an impressive backflip. Her infectious smile inspired David to respond with one of his own, and he quickly stepped back in to continue his assault, eager to see how much this young woman could handle.

They were quiet for a while, the impacts of their fists and feet hitting each other the only sounds in the room as they both tested the other's limits. David, owing to his superior endurance, was barely breathing hard, though he was mildly surprised to discover that a light layer of sweat now coated his body, causing his tank top to stick to his tanned, muscular upper body, which now glistened under the harsh glare of the lights above.

The longer the session went on, the more David realized just how much he'd truly needed this. With everything that had happened recently, in addition to his disastrous dinner with Ida, his second-in-command, which had ended in infuriating fashion earlier this evening, David had come down here to blow off some steam. He'd expected to be alone, but the more time he spent with this intriguing pilot, the more he found himself appreciating that she'd shown up.

David's eyes locked onto Skye's as she bounced on her toes in front of him, and he kept his fists up as he maneuvered in time with her, keeping his opponent in front of him at all times. His eyes were narrowed in concentration, but he allowed himself a little smirk as well. "I think that can be arranged," he agreed. "There aren't many people on this ship who can keep up with me in a fight the way you can. You're right about one thing, by the way..."

He feinted with a right hook, just quick enough to distract Skye, and then, moving almost lightning-fast, he dropped himself toward the floor and swung his leg out, hooking it behind Skye's and sending her tumbling down to the mat. Before she could push herself back to his feet David was on her, a large, strong hand pressing onto her chest, just between her neck and the swell of her breasts, and pushing her back down onto the mat again, pinning her there. David loomed over Skye, his blue eyes regarding her intently before he grinned.

"You are definitely out of practice."

Though she hadn't been around David that much, she'd noted how serious he always looked and now had seen him grin or smile several times.  It was enough to push her further, simply needing to work out some of her own feelings as well as enjoy being physical but as it wore on that stitch in her side turned into an ache and then an actual sharp pain now and then causing her to guard it a little more.

She should have quit but she was stubborn and when she saw him starting to smile again, she thought 'just a couple more minutes' and then she fell for the feint, quite literally.  Ducking the fist, she realized too late the leg coming at her and she landed mostly on her ass.  The impact was enough to knock the air out of her though she was going to use the momentum of her body bouncing up to get to her feet ... only to have his hand slap down on her chest and pin her to the mat.

She lay there breathing heavily, her own clothes stuck to her body from sweating.  "Don't think I did too bad for being stabbed in the gut a week ago," she replied with a smirk as her eyes drifted down to his hand and her heaving breasts oh so close to his palm.  "I see two ways this could go you know ... either you strangle me to death or feel me up ... I rather like living," she suggested with another one of those quirks of the corner of her mouth.

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David held himself above Skye, watching her carefully as she lay there beneath him. "Not too bad at all," he said, nodding in approval.

His hand remained on her chest, and he could feel her heart beating strongly. His eyes drifted down as Skye's did, and he looked at his hand as if noticing for the first time where it rested. As he did so, he also noticed her breasts rise and fall in time with her deep breaths. He realized then that somehow Skye had managed to cut through his typically frosty demeanor and bring some of the old David, the vain, arrogant, aggressive man he'd been before he learned of his genetic enhancements, back to the fore.

For years now he'd held himself back as some sort of defense mechanism, a means to protect himself from ever reliving the humiliation he suffered on that day. The knowledge that all of his accomplishments may not have truly been his own, but the product of some doctor in a lab, had forced him to call into question his very being. But in less than an hour's time this upstart young fighter pilot had somehow managed to make David forget all of that and finally be himself for the first time in years.

All of his frustrations came back to him in that moment, all of the anger and the shame from his past, and the stress of recent events, his meeting with Ida being just the latest in a series of such moments. And as he looked down at the young, fit, and beautiful woman who laid helplessly underneath him, David suddenly realized how attracted he was to her. He'd been keeping so much bottled up inside of him for so long, but now perhaps it was time to finally let himself go.

"I don't think that would be very proper, Ensign," he said in response to Skye's latter suggestion. He smirked and lowered himself closer to her, his gazing meeting hers as his hand slowly slid away from her chest, moving downward to settle over one of her firm, heaving breasts.

"But I'm tired of doing what's proper," he decided as he leaned in to kiss her hungrily, his hand groping Skye's breast firmly through her sports bra.

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More and more Skye could feel the electricity building between them, knew by the way he looked at her breasts that their physicality was about to take a much more pleasant turn.  She still paused though when he said it wouldn't be proper, that moment of stomach swooping in worry that she'd offended him quickly vaporized when his hand covered her breast.

"Don't have to worry about proper with me," she replied with a lopsided grin.  "I'm most proper when on duty but off duty ... like now ... I like to get nasty."  Her nose crinkled and there was a definite sexual connotation to the way she said nasty, making something normally meant for unpleasant things sound every bit inviting and altogether desirable.

Leaning up, her lips met his halfway and he found a hunger that matched his.  Those strong legs parted and her knees bent allowing her thighs to brush along his and settle on his hips, gripping him tightly as if afraid he would try to move away.  "Mmmmmm, love the way you feel," she purred as her hands slipped under the material to grip his ass.

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David's hand pulled away from Skye only long enough to grip the bottom of her sports bra, urging the ensign to lift her upper body enough for him to pull the top off of her. He tossed it aside and then pinned Skye back down to the mat, his lips quickly seeking out hers again. His broad, strong chest pressed against her breasts, the smooth skin brushing against her aroused nipples, and his hands slowly worked their way down her sides, his palms hot as they brushed along her sweaty skin.

Skye shifted her position slightly and parted her legs, and David grunted when he felt her hands slip into his shorts to grab his muscled ass. Her thighs parted, and David could feel his swollen cock pressing through his shorts to rub against the heat between Skye's own legs. David's body shivered above Skye's and he ground his hips forward, working his turgid organ against his partner's needy sex, both of them separated only by the thin fabric of their clothes.

His hands made their way back up Skye's sides to the bottoms of her breasts, lifting himself up slightly so he could squeeze and fondle the firm mounds, loving the way they filled his hands. "You are incredible," he murmured, breaking the kiss to make his way down the side of Skye's neck, leaving a trail of kisses along her searing skin. His hands continued to maul her heaving breasts as his hips surged forward, pressing himself against her.

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In one fluid motion, Skye's torso had lifted as David grabbed the sports bra and slid it up along her arms and once free tucked her arms so her fingers scratched lightly along his sides before delving in to his shorts.  That was a wonderful feeling but then it only got better as she felt his hard shaft through the material.

Some would say she was short fused and they would be correct as her body kicked into overdrive the instant her top was removed.  "Hell yeah," she growled around voracious kisses as a few grinds had her pleasure node swollen and super sensitive.  Adding to that he took her by the breasts, his thick fingers brushing across her nipples keeping them standing at attention.

Pulling back for only a moment, he uttered a comment that made one corner of her mouth turn up in that sultry and teasing smile.  "You're not so bad yourself, Hot Stuff," she replied as her legs wrapped around his hips and she crushed him harder against her throbbing clit.  Tilting her head to the side, she swept her tongue along his jugular and groaned at the taste of him.

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He chuckled as she returned his compliment, and a low growl poured from him as Skye's legs encircled his hips and squeezed him tightly to her, his manhood harder as steel as it was suddenly crushed against the woman's clit. Her tongue teased across David's skin, drawing a pleased shudder from him, and he returned the favor by sinking his teeth into her muscular neck, marking her flesh.

The couple continued to grind against one another on the mat for several moments, but finally David decided he needed more. He let go of her breasts and reached behind himself to take hold of Skye's arms, regretfully tugging them out of his shorts. Once that was done, he slid his hands down further to cup the Lone Wolf's tight ass and then stood up, not even straining as he held Skye's weight. Finding her lips with his own again, David kissed her as he walked towards the wall and pushed Skye's back up against it.

With both of them now upright, David broke pulled away from Skye's mouth and left a trail of kisses down her neck and chest until he came to her breasts. His tongue darted out, licking a bead of sweat as it trailed down her breastbone, and then he shifted over to suck one of Skye's swollen pink nipples between his hungry lips. Groaning with need, his hand slipped down the front of her shorts to find her soaking wet slit, parting the silky folds and plunging three of his thick digits up into her, curling deep inside her hot, clutching cunt.

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Every growl and purr seemed to vibrate deep into Skye's body, serving to make her smiles even brighter.  As his teeth sank into her neck, she shimmied from the sensation and reveled in him asserting a bit of dominance.  She'd never make a good sub but she relished a big man diving into making her feel desired.

When he tugged at her arms, she gave him a little pouty lip as she squeezed his cheeks one last time before he demonstrated again what a big strong man could do.  Lazily tossing her arms over his shoulders, her eyes smoldered as she remained propped on his cock and then felt the coolness of the wall against her back.

"If this is torture ... chain me to the wall," she whispered huskily and nipped at his chin and then leaned her head back as his mouth found every sensitive part of her neck and chest.  "God I want you in me," she groaned just as his hand delved into her shorts and those fingers buried deep, eliciting a sharp intake of breath.

"Fuckin A man," she growled as her walls tried to keep his fingers within her.  Nimbly she held on to his neck and lifted her feet enough so her toes could catch the waistband of his shorts to begin the decent over that perfect ass.  "Forgive my ... impatience," she grunted, her focus mostly on his fingers but a little on getting him naked so she could continue looking at him in the wall mirror.

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David's shorts fell to the mat and he kicked them aside with a quiet laugh. His long erection popped free to slap loudly against Skye's firm stomach, leaving a trail of precum against her skin. "Not at all," he returned, playfully tugging on her nipple with his teeth. But he could sense that Skye was ready for more than just teasing, and he removed his fingers from her dripping snatch so that he could pull her own shorts down, leaving her completely bare. He then grabbed his shirt and pulled it off as well, and he grinned at Skye as she got her first look at his naked body.

The look in her eyes said it all, and David couldn't help smirking a bit. It wasn't the first time he'd seen that look in a woman's eyes, though it had been quite some time since he last did. Despite his crisis of confidence, there were some aspects of being genetically enhanced that he certainly didn't regret.

"Now this is more like it, isn't it, Ensign?" he suggested as he reached down to hook one of her legs in the crook of his arm and pulled it up to rest against his torso, spreading her open wide for him. He took his steely cock in his other hand and lowered his hips enough to line it up with Skye's silky, soaking slit, letting out a hiss of pleasure as he began to sink himself into her.

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The combination of his teeth on her nipple and seeing that ass uncovered brought out a definite purr of appreciation.  "You could bounce a quarter ..." she murmured huskily then gasped when she felt something hard as steel against her gut and the trail of moisture it was creating.

More shifting about and somehow remaining suspended against the wall, Skye took a good long look at that chest.  While she had admired his ass, the broad expanse before her made her bite her bottom lip and her hand slipped down immediately to cross over those hard planes of muscle.

He was almost too perfect but she certainly wasn't complaining.  His words were swiftly followed by his body moving and then he was there, pouring into her and stretching her to a hint of delicious pain.  Her eyes burned with lust as he buried himself to the hilt and her voice matched with heated tease.  "Yes, Sir," she responded with definite sexual overtone to his rank.

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OOC: Sorry for the delay! Things just got really hectic for a few days.

Burying himself to the hilt inside Skye Carver was quite possibly the most incredible sensation David had experienced in years. As he drew his hips back and plunged up into her again, the pilot's tight snatch drawing an excited groan from him, David realized that it had been far too long since he'd last been with a woman. Not including that business over Niga, of course.

When he'd been at the Academy he'd established a reputation as the biggest womanizer on campus, seemingly more interested in bedding as many of the female cadets as he could than in his studies. (Fortunately, David's enhanced cognitive abilities made it possible for him to easily keep up with both pursuits.) That reputation had continued into his Starfleet career, but as with so much of his personality, David had buried that part of him once he learned the truth about himself. Rarely had he pursued any women, preferring instead to keep to himself and avoid any trouble. But his desire for Skye had overriden that defense mechanism. He didn't care if this drew more attention to him; he needed to be with this woman, to experience all she had to offer. And that was exactly what he intended to do.

David held Skye's leg tightly to his torso, stretching her open for him as he drove into her, filling her with long, deep strokes. But he wanted to get deeper inside of her, and so he reached down and cupped both of his hands under her firm backside, squeezing the cheeks between his fingers as he lifted Skye up off of the floor, guiding her legs around his waist. He held her there, back pinned to the wall, her weight easily supported by his arms, and grunted in satisfaction as he felt Skye opening up even more for him, allowing his shaft to penetrate her core even more deeply. His hips began to drive upward harder, pistoning his wide length faster in and out of her.

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Sometimes all a woman could do was hold on and enjoy the ride, which was exactly what Skye was doing with David.  He was moving her around as if she weighed nothing and she pressed against him as if she were a second skin for him.  Their lips clashed and her tongue warred with his as he plunged into her over and over.

Then he was moving her again, filling his hands with her ass and spreading her somehow even further.  Her head lolled back as she grunted from the impact of the further depth he achieved.  "Fuck ... yeah," she huffed then squeezed her heels harder into his ass as he seemed to take her at Warp Eight and gave new meaning to balls to the wall.

She could sense a desperateness in his actions, something akin to how she often went at sex.  There was the need for release but also it was to reaffirm they were strong and desirable.  For Skye there was always a connection with her lovers, something more than the base carnal needs.  If there wasn't, she wouldn't be doing this with David right now.

He'd kept himself aloof from what she'd seen and apparently for too long if his actions were any indication.  Why he would withhold himself was a mystery and one likely she'd never know but if she could help him break out even a little, she would be satisfied in more than the usual way.  "Hells bells you got power," she groaned lustily and grinned lewdly.  "That's it ... fuck my pussy harder," she said almost demandingly but more encouraging him to let himself go wild.

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At last, David seemed to be satisfied with the way he had Skye positioned. He ceased moving her about and focused completely on driving himself into her more than willing body with stroke after powerful stroke. His fingers dug into the flesh of her pliant rear end, giving himself more than enough leverage to accede to Skye's demands. He could tell that she enjoyed her sex on the rougher side, and David was more than happy to accomodate her.

His hips slammed upward forcefully, a loud grunt escaping from his lips every time he bottomed out inside of her. He felt her heels squeezing into his ass and he laughed at her words, matching her lewd grin with one of his own. "I'll bet you weren't expecting that, were you?" he asked confidently, almost arrogantly. He leaned in to steal another kiss from her lips and then groaned as he buried his cock as deeply inside of her as possible and rotated his hips, his rock-hard flesh carving through her silky walls, his pubic bone grinding up into Skye's swollen clit.

"Holy fuck!" he breathed as he felt Skye clamping down on him tightly. He withdrew himself almost entirely from her only to drill his hips up again, repeating the motions, his heart thudding deep in his chest as he pinned this gorgeous young ensign to the wall.

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It was like a piece of a puzzle clicking into place when David suddenly settled and focused on thrusting those powerful hips up hard enough to bang Skye into the wall each time he bottomed out, bringing short huffs of air exhaling from pursed lips or flared nostrils.  Once a throaty chuckle bubbled as she clenched her fingers in his hair.

"I expected it ... counted on it ... but wasn't sure if you'd bring it," she retorted with an arrogance of her own.  He was the type to bring out that side of her, just like when she was flying.  Of course if he continued to batter her like he was, it was quite possible she would literally be flying up to the ceiling.  Her eyes bored into his, continuing to dare him.

Then there was a little smirk when he exclaimed, her velvet grip catching him by surprise.  It had the desired effect of spurring him to even more power.  He needed to let go, to remember a part of him that brought pride in himself though hopefully not too much.  A dose of humility was always needed to keep someone real.  "Glad you like," she grunted as he renewed his efforts.

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David shuddered as Skye maintained her grip on him, feeling those silky walls working the thick column of flesh as it invaded her core. It was clear that she knew precisely what she was doing, and seemed to sense exactly how to maximize both his pleasure and her own. Her pussy became ever tighter as she squeezed him, but not so tight that he couldn't continue to pin her body back into the wall.

One of his hands let go of her ass, his remaining arm barely straining as it now supported Skye's weight on its own. Now freed, his hand slid up to grasp Skye's chin to turn her head to the side. He leaned in closer, his tongue licking along her exposed neck, tasting the sweat that beaded over her flushed skin. "Don't get...too cocky, Ensign," he panted, pulling his head back and lowering his hand to Skye's neck. His fingers squeezed around her throat, but not quite enough to cut off her airway. "I may be...mmm...quiet, but there's more to me than...oh, fuck...meets the eye!"

His icy blue eyes looked into Skye's once again, easily meeting her gaze and daring her in return, curious to see just how far this enticing young woman was willing to go. He could feel himself drawing close to his release, unsurprised at the suddenness given how long it had been since he'd last fucked anyone. But he was not quite ready to finish with Skye, not just yet, and he willed himself to calm down, pushing his powerful need to spill himself into her womb to the back of his mind. Not yet, damn you!

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He wasn't the first to try to asphyxiate her during sex though his control was superb.  She smiled as her vision blurred and darkened, digging her nails into his shoulders.  When he released her so she could breathe properly again, she chuckled and then drew in a deeply amused breath.  "I don't have a cock so how can I get cocky?" she teased him.

Their eyes were locked and when he said there was more to him, she let out a sultry purr.  "Of course there is and it's always the quiet ones who bring it better," she replied, her words interrupted with each of his slamming thrusts up into her.  She could tell he was near but fighting it, not wanting to give in but she was relentless.  Countering every move and finding the right places to scratch or bite as well as milking him, she smiled gloriously as his release came sooner rather than later.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah," she crooned as he thrust erratically into her, that last little bit teasing her clit more than she could bear.  One arm was wrapped around his broad shoulders while her hand was buried in his thick mane at the nape of his neck, their bodies pumping and shuddering as aftershocks continued long after he was spent.  "Mmmmm, I think I should come spar with you more often," she panted in his ear before gently nibbling the lobe.  "Let me know your schedule next week and we'll have round two."

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Grayson fought to preserve himself, and yet Skye made them pass well beyond the point of no return, for even if he wanted to last, their bodies gave in to their inborn, primal urges.

Skye came too, and her wet grotto tightened like a fist around Grayson's cock - having already driven him over the edge. Thick and warm semen pumped into the Lone-Wolf, and his own breathless groans had to do for an answer to begin with. Barely, he maintained balance against the wall as the waves of pleasure raked through both their bodies. Even the shudders of the aftermath shudders almost made Grayson let them topple to the floor.

It was not until the throbbing girth of his cock lessened and slipped from Skye's swollen and bruised sex that they parted somewhat, helping Skye setting her feet down and Grayson letting go of her hips. Breathing still heavy, he put a hand against the wall next to Skye's head, and his free arm ran around her waist. An aftermath kiss was shared, the lack of words being a comfortable silence - respite while their minds returned to reality.

"I say you exceeded any kind of expectations as a sparring partner, for you spent me entirely," said Grayson with pursed lips, the sweat from the fight and the sex making his face glisten in the light of the gym. "Indeed, perhaps we should make a habit out of this, as long as our training schedules coincide. There are obviously more ways than one to let off some steam."

He kissed her anew, made some more jokes, and they parted ways as they headed for the separate locker rooms. They both had the full conviction that they would meet under the same kind of circumstances soon.

And yet fate would dictate otherwise.

- Fin

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