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EPISODE 02: The Mysterious God Incident [Jien Ives x 2 / Kiya & Thomas]

OOC: Placeholder for new thread which I aim to start off on the morrow, where the meeting with Schosche Bellde'side has ended on Deck 01 and Jien is split into two. In this thread, two scenes will unfold. One, with male Jien Ives ending up at the mercy of Kiya Rez in sealed surgical suite - the Captain strapped to a diagnostics table. Also, female Jien Ives finding herself in an awkward position with one of the Lone Wolves: Thomas Ravon.

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Kiya Rez walked down a corridor she didn't remember stepping into.  For that matter, the last thing she remembered was being in the Edena's Ready Room, with Illya in control of Edena's body.  Why was she in control now, and why was she so far from the ready room without any memory of leaving?  The answers to those questions only resulted in more, as Kiya came to gaze out the nearest window, catching sight of her reflection.  Not Edena's.  Hers.

It was her dusty blond hair, secured in a tightly woven braid behind her, her faint blue eyes.  She wore a white sun dress, the one she always wore when she took her walks through the park during the summer with her children.  How was this body here now?  She had been the first host of the Rez symbiont over three hundred years ago.  By the time she had passed away, she was old and gray, her children with grandchildren of their own.  The face she saw now was that of her early thirties, of a time in her life when she had been happily married, working in the most prestigious medical center on all of Trill.

Her hands clasped to her mouth, tears forming in her eyes.  It was a miracle, and she didn't exactly care for the reasons in that moment.  It was just too wonderful to look at a reflective surface and see her own face, rather then that of whatever current host she inhabited.

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[ Turbolift 02 | USS Theurgy ]
Having assumed her female form added with loose training trousers and a black tank, carrying a bag over her shoulder, Captain Ives stepped into the turbolift in order to head for the Gymnasium. She had just left her Ready Room and sent off the stowaway to the Security Department and was now going to do the work-out she had been unable to that morning - pressing duties keeping her from her ordinary routine.
It was true that she could have changed into her training attire instantly at the time when she reached the gym, yet over the years, she had picked up certain habits that humans had. In blending in with them, since she had been raised in their midst, she found a sense of sub-conscious belonging.
Then, along with a trio of engineers, Jien spotted a unknown woman - currently submerged in the reading of a PADD in her hand. The engineers recognised their Captain and greed her respectfully, but the blonde failed to look up from her study. Jien frowned a little, trying to place the profile of her face.
Stopping at Deck 06, the engineers left the turbolift, no doubt beginning their shifts, while Jien was left alone with the woman. Apparently, the she seemed utterly occupied with the PADD in her hand and had still not noticed Jien. From her position at the back of the lift, Jien was just about to raise her voice and engage in conversation, even if briefly given the circumstances. She merely wanted to verify her identity, if nothing else because Jien had thought she knew all the faces of her harried crew.

Yet before she could say anything... the woman turned to face her with a smile... and everything bathed in light. Pain struck Jien, and she vanished in the white radiance.

[ Unknown ]

When he opened his eyes, Jien was in his male form, and his eyes hurt from the white light he had experienced in the turbolift. Blinking, he looked around, finding himself in a chamber that looked like a surgical suite. When he tried to sit up, he found himself strapped down by steel clamps around his ankles and wrists - spread out like an X. His immediate impulse was to change form and come free of his restraints...

...but he could not.

Eyes widening a little, he found that his abilities as a Chameloid had been nullified. How, he could not tell, but it was a fact. When that failed him, he tried brute strength to tear himself loose, but the thickness of the steel clamps prevented any such efforts. There was not even a seam in the steel - no evident way they could physically open. As if they had been welded smooth around his extremities. In the end, winded from his efforts and hurting a bit, he slowly lay down on the table again.

"Hello?" he called, browridge lowered dangerously over his eyes - not the least pleased with being to prisoner by an unknown enemy. "Is anyone there?"

No answer. Casting a glance about, he determined that he wore no clothing that there were all sorts of medical equipment in the room, but he did not recognise it as a surgical suite on the Theurgy. Federation equipment, only severely outdated. Starship interior, only three centuries old. Monitors and examination tools.

No further thought could he spend on this, for evidently, his calls had gotten attention, because a door opened - revealing a woman in a blue summer dress and a long corridor outside. Jien glared at her, but the challenge in his eye died when the sliding doors closed behind her, and firmly sealed them both in with an audible and mechanical air-pressure lock.

The silence lingered, Jien trying to make sense of all of this. "Who are you," he asked, and managed to keep his calm and also keep the ire from his voice.

OOC: Kiya/Ives scenario set, the Ravon/Ives scenario due as soon as you reply one last time in the Ante Meridiem thread, Nolan. Up to you how much progress he makes before he also vanishes in a sudden white light...

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[ Unknown ]

When the white light faded and the pain subsided, Jien Ives groaned and lifted her head - which seemed much heavier than usual. She was leaning forward against something, and she could not make out where she was at first - having to use her hands to push herself upright. Lights - like shooting stars - streamed across her and everything around her.

The helmet she wore bumped against the canopy of the cockpit.

"What is..." she started to say, and heard her own voice emanating as a digital sound from the small speaker on the headgear that someone had put on her. Her visor down, she cast her head about to try and make sense of it all. Doing this, she noticed three things almost simultaneously...

First, that she was not alone; that she was straddling a naked man that was also wearing a helmet. Her hands were upon his chest, and he just sat there in the folded-back pilot seat. Moreover, she noticed that she was also in her bare skin - wearing naught but the helmet that hid her face as much as it hid the pilot's identity. Third, that it was a Valkyrie Mk. III that they are in, and that they were travelling at Warp speed - the lights around them actual stars shooting by.

After glancing about, the ire took her, and she wrapped her hard fingers around the base of the man's throat- just underneath the air-seal of the headgear - effectively waking him up unless he had already come to.

"Who are you, captor?" she growled digitally, the tilt of her helmet making her scowl clear despite the circumstances, "What the hell do you think you are doing?" Little did she care that she was naked, for she could just...

No, she could not. Somehow, her captor had managed to disable her ability to shift form, and it merely served to anger her more - that her captor had managed to make her female body visible and permanent.

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Thomas slowly started to come by as he heard another thud. He slowly tried to open his eyes as the bright light from before had flashed him as if someone threw a flash grenade at him. He remembered those things as highly annoying being able to knock out foes for quite some time if used accordingly. Which would make him wonder why he got flashed in his own hangar bay. He tried to move now but noticed that something or someone was laying on him.

The moment Thomas Ravon came more to his senses he noticed several things aswell. The first of it all was that he was nowhere near the hangar bay anymore. Second, he seemed to be laying down with another person on top of him. Third, it seemed like he was in a fighter jet and they were flying at warp speed. Before he could realise what his fourth point would be, he felt the strong clutch of fingers shutting his trachea. Instanly his training kicked in and he moved his hands to break the deathgrip he was in. He tapped the wrists at first and then tried to break them by trying to spread them open.

When he heard a womanly voice ask him who he was and what did he think he was doing. He didn't recognize the voice at first because she was too busy choking him so he shook his head and brought out "Wha- What a-a-are you on... A-Bo-ut?" He couldn't really pronounce the entire sentence in one go and he struggled more to break his tight spot. Only now he noticed that he was completely nude.

Suddenly the grip seemed to get even more ferocious and Thomas let out a gurgle before he focussed his powers and aimed two well placed fists into the ribs of his opponent. First his weaker left and after that his a full hit with his right hand. Gaining some more breathing space because of it he coughed out some spat and tried to regain a steady flow of air.

"What the hell?" he brought out with a sore throat and he grabbed the person by the wrists now to prevent a new attack on his throat. "What do you think YOU're doing?" he replied now.

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OOC: Sorry about the mix-up with present/past tense in my former post. I wrote something else just before that so it got a bit confusing for me. I have corrected it now. Btw, Thomas might notice that they are in a Valkyrie fighter, and there is lots of info on the ship in the "Ship & Department Information" section.

Not the least unfamiliar with close quarters combat, Jien Ives countered the unknown pilot's efforts. She released one hand at first, blocking the jabs against her torso as best as she might - getting glancing blows that chafed her skin more than impacted with her ribcage. The second blow was harder, so she had to use both hand to break the momentum - thus letting his throat go for a few moments.

"What the hell? What do you think YOU're doing?"

He had ceased her wrists, trying to fend her off. She snarled like a caged cat. Using the strength of her whole arms and by leaning forward, she twisted her wrists downwards against his thumbs - getting free. Leaning against his chest with the diving movement, their helmets impacted with each other - a means to disorient her captor. There was not enough room to bring a knee up between his legs at that time, and the risk of him closing his legs and toppling her to the side was too large. Thus, she smothered herself against his bare chest and pushed her elbow right up underneath his jaw - forcing his head back. This close, she did not think he could do too much damage with his fists. The struggle made her breasts chafe against his skin, but she was altogether too furious to pay such things any heed. The man was combat trained and it was not like she could take any chances.

Her free hand shot down between their legs, and she took a very firm grip on his sack - emphasising her words in a way that halted all other movement. His flaccid phallus came to lay across the back of her hand.

"Listen to me, pilot," she said coldly between her teeth, "I do not know how you got me off my ship, or how you could force me to hold this current form, but I have the upper hand now, so you should damn well listen if you mean to call yourself a man after this day! State your name! Who are you working for? Where are we? Where were you taking me? Speak!"

She squeezed a bit harder, but not hard enough to hurt him - just a premonition for how she might twist and yank at it. "Speak I say!"

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She wasn't on the Theurgy any longer.  No, this ship was an older one, one that seemed somehow familiar.  "The Augustus?"  She was almost certain it was.  The very first Federation vessel she had ever been on.  Kitya never served as a Starfleet officer, but she had been transported between Trill and a Federation outpost to see to the care of an ailing Admiral during the later part of her life.  The Augustus had been a Newton-class vessel.  It was seen by many as the precursor to the Miranda class, first built in the late 23rd Century.  A smile crossed Kiya's face as she stroked the inner hull like it was an old friend.

"I must be lost in some old memories," she suspected, thinking she dreamed up her youthful body and the nostalgic starship.  It was only when she heard a voice that she broke from her trip down memory lane and followed the voice to a surgical suite, and came across a face too recent to have been a part of such old memories.  "Captain Ives?"  She knew him, but he didn't know her, not with that face.  Either way, she didn't bother with introductions, instead rushing forward to the controls of the primitive bio-bed and releasing Jien from his restraints.

She was surprised to find a more up-to-date medical tricorder sitting on the control panel, finding it quite out of place on such an old ship.  Either way, she approached Jien, scanning him for any signs of trauma caused by what looked to be imprisonment.  "How did you get in here, sir?"  A good question, but there were plenty of much more confusing, much less easily explained questions that were put on the back burner for the time being.

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[ Unknown ]

Despite the woman's efforts, the restraints around Jien Ives' wrists and ankles did not open when prompted to in the controls.

"How I got in here?" asked Jien, eyebrows raising a bit at the implications of the woman knowing his name and him not knowing hers. Was he in an alternative reality? Had his ship run into a time and spatial anomaly without their sensors picking it up? What the hell was going on? Why had the woman been locked into the room with him?

"I had hoped you could tell me, for I have no idea," he said at last, frowning at his restraints and at how they did not respond to the controls. Jien searched the room around him for clues as to how he - or they - might open them and open the door again. Meanwhile, he told the woman what little he knew - seeing no point in hiding such facts since she appeared to be helping him. "I was heading to the gymnasium on the USS Theurgy when... I don't remember too well, but there was a woman in the turbolift that I did not recognise, and when I tried to make contact with her, there was a white light. Pain. And then, I quite simply woke up here, in a place that must either be the holo-deck... or some other ship's holodeck. I do not give too much credit to the thought that this is another century, since the tricorder there is a modern version."

Lying there before her on the table while she scanned him, he frowned, realising that she seemed familiar to him. Perhaps he had come across her, or a picture of her, sometime during his years in Starfleet Intelligence? Naturally, he felt a bit exposed, lying there as he was underneath her eyes, but modesty and propriety was not the foremost things on his mind given the circumstances.

"Computer, end simulation!" he snapped, looking away from the woman for a second.

[Negative,] said Thea's voice over the intercom, confirming Jien's guess about them being on the holodeck, but the next part did not bode well, [The program's key performance parameters have not been met. Failure to to meet the minimum value of performance will disallow the termination of this program. Please continue until all parameters are met.]

His scowl worsening, since he had no patience for games, Jien looked around once more upon the medical equipment. "Computer, state said parameters."

[Parameters are as follows: The condition of "physician entering surgical suite A" has been met. The condition "full physical scan" has not been met. The condition "male copulatory organ examination" has not been met. The condition "prostate examination" has not been met. The condition "copulation" has not been met. The condition "sweat sample" has not been met. The condition "sperm sample" has not been met. All examinations must be conducted as according to Starfleet Medical practices, with a minimum duration of three minutes for each examination respectively. Copulation must last for a minimum duration of ten minutes. All samples must be submitted into present medical analysis equipment.]

Speechless after the long list of conditions had been stated, Jien's eyes had become very still - realising what kind of game he and the woman had been subjected to.

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Thomas noticed that his attacks got countered pretty well, whoever this woman was, she knew how to fight. Despite being in a pretty disadvantagable position here, he was trying to figure out what his next move would be, his legs wouldn't be able to do much, but he had to try something right?

Whatever he was planning got pushed away out of his mind as he realised the woman was breaking free like a trapped animal. Before he could even react he felt the hard nudge of the helmets colliding with eachother. He gasped a bit and what followed next was pretty textbook in his books. He felt the elbow against his jaw, forcing him to move his head backwards. He felt how her body was chafing against his and he grinded his teeth together.

He let out yet another gasp when the woman grabbed him by the balls. It was a firm grip and probably could a very painful one if he chose to challenge her even more. However, seeing the circumstances, Thomas couldn't control his body's reaction as his phallus slowly erected a bit.

"Listen to me, pilot," He heardh er say and he had to admit, she got his full attention at the moment.  "I do not know how you got me off my ship, or how you could force me to hold this current form, but I have the upper hand now, so you should damn well listen if you mean to call yourself a man after this day! State your name! Who are you working for? Where are we? Where were you taking me? Speak!" Thomas slowly came to realisation now that he recognised this voice, it sounded familiar...

Thomas smirked a bit and answered cocky "Well, it would seem we are inside the cockpit of a AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie Attack Fighter. The bright lights passing by would be stars as we're probably cruising at warp 2. If you'd let me do what I'm trained for I can tell you where we are and what the plotted course is of this fighter." While talking to her Thomas considered to use the escape pod to gain the upper hand again in this fight. Than again, that would seem unwise seeing that neither of them had a jump suit to survive. Suddenly it hit him, he realised who the voice might belong too. "Captain?" he asked carefully and hoped he would be wrong.

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Maintaining her grip and her pressure against the jaw of her captor's helmet, Jien listened to his bold words - as if she would be so naive as to let him go so easily. What was interesting was that they were in this particular kind of spacecraft, because since the initial sixteen fighters of this class had been prototypes aboard the Theurgy, it meant that this one had been stolen by her pilot. As for how he managed to do that, getting past Flight Ops and the entire Lone Wolves squadron, she had no idea...

...but then the man called her 'Captain', and she grew very still where she lay against him - her mind dissecting this new input.

"So you must know this spacecraft then," she said quietly and released the sack she had gripped - noticing but not commenting upon how he had become semi-hard. It was natural given her rough treatment. After checking that life support was on-line on a HUD behind her, she used her freed hand to click a button on her own helmet - opening her visor. Lowering her elbow a little, she pushed the button that opened the pilot's visor as well. Thus, they could see each other's eyes and the bridge of their noses. She thought she remembered those eyes, but could not place a name to them. "State your name and rank, and tell me what you remember."

With those words, she turned around in his lap - using her lithe and female Chosen Form to face forward on her hands and knees in the cockpit. There was not much space to use for her manoeuvre - no area where to set her feet down since the canopy was too low in the front. Therefore, she ended up with her knees spread wide on the arm-rests and she set her hands down upon the pilot's knees - supporting herself on all four while she looked over the controls of the Valkyrie. She had no patience for delays, irritated as she was, and had decided to learn the course and destination herself. That it turned out that she presented her bent over derrière to the pilot's face was not her fault - it was the fault of the dead-to-be person whom had put her in this rather odd situation.

In order to push the right key to get the info she wanted, she had to lower herself down on her forearm - crossing it over the pilot's knees while reaching out with her other hand for the controls. Thus, her breasts came to brush across his groin area, and her womanhood was presented more explicitly to the shooting stars and to her companion in this awkward ordeal.

"How the hell..?" she grated through the digital scratch of her helmet, "we are headed straight into Romulan space - on the other end of the Alpha Quadrant border. We are on auto-pilot... and I cannot disengage it."

How long had they been out? This did not add up...

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The same questions were going through Thomas his mind aswell, how the hell did he end up in a fighter that was only stationed on the Theurgy. For that matter even how did he get in one and lose all their clothes in the process. He shook his head a bit, which was hard enough with an elbow stuck against his jaw.

As she lowered the visors Thomas got a good look at the eyes of the woman in front of him. He also let out a soft moan, relieved that the pressure on his balls had been removed and that he was a bit more free. To be honest he didn't really know for sure if this was Captain Jien Ives. It's not like he had stared into the woman's eyes that long before this incident. He could only presume it was since she gave him an order, yet it sounded more familiar than an unknown person. "Lieutenant Junior Grade Thomas Ravon... Ma'am."he answered to the order given.

As his captain repositioned himself he could only bring out a few "Uhms" and "Ehs" He didn't want to irritate his commanding officer even more, but the way she moved and somewhat presented herself into his visor wasn't really what he had expected to happen. The sight of her derrière was enough to unleash a new surge of mixed feelings go through the young lieutnenant's body. His manlyhood reacted nearly instantly to it and he tried to divert his eyes from her. "Right, look... stars... lieutenant..." He tried to distract himself as he muttered the words to himself, hoping the woman wouldn't hear him.

As she had to bent more to get to the right key he felt her soft skin brush against his loins and thus also against his rather erected state. He couldn't help but to let out a soft squeek when he felt it and instinctively he looked in front of him again only to see the womanhood straight in front of his eyes. "Oh.." He brought out soft and he was a tad confused now on how to adress the captain further "Ma'am... Sorry. Ma'am" He brought out a bit clumsy.

"How the hell..? We are headed straight into Romulan space - on the other end of the Alpha Quadrant border. We are on auto-pilot... and I cannot disengage it."

That sentence alone was enough to get his nerves back together and Thomas frown now "What? That's not possible..." He said out louder now and he wanted to check the data himself. Not really thinking what he was doing ,he tried to sit up a bit more straight. By doing this, he shafed his own manlyhood against her breasts again and he bumped his helmet right into her womanhood. His helmet was ofcourse pretty cold and he pulled back after a split second after seeing what he had done "Sorry!" He brought out quickly and stayed still for now.

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At least the Lone Wolf remembered to introduce himself when ordered to, even though she also had asked for what he remembered before ending up where they were. Of course, Jien realised that the situation was highly cringe-worthy for him too, being subjected to his commanding officer in this intimate fashion. There were plenty of reactions from him, which of none she paid any heed - even if she heard and noticed. Any other time, she would have been red-faced with embarrassment and she might even have found the situation a bit humoristic.

Yet someone, or something, was playing a game with them. A game that had set their course towards enemy space. In theory, a Romulan patrol ship could appear any second after picking up their Warp-trai-

'Lieutenant Ravon moved, brushing the swollen head of his rigid arousal between her breasts, and Jien sucked in a sharp breath when the cold ballistic glass of his visor touched her outer labia. By reflex, she leaned forward - bumping her helmet against the canopy once more. Incredulous, she looked back at him over her shoulder, but he was already apologising.

Therefore, she said nothing.

Her situation was, in a way, worse than his, because would have to maintain a semblance of authority despite it all. Furthermore, she was a Chameloid with a male Chosen Form, and she had been young, so she would not made a big thing (and she excused herself the pun with a faint smile) out of the evident arousal she had given him.

Since it was easier and it would give him more manoeuvrability, Jien sat down in his lap and leaned back against him instead of turning around to face him again. She had to move carefully lest she would touch any of the controls, but in the end, she had straddled herself across his thighs. She would rather have sat up straight, but the canopy would not allow it, therefore, she lay the back of her helmet against his shoulder and pointed to the navigational display.

"See? We are entering the Hyralan Sector. It would have taken us a whole week to get here," she said... swallowing when she felt it. For was easy to be distracted when the warmth of a penis pressed up against you; the ventral side of its length coming to nestle itself between her womanly folds - the throbbing head peaking out between her thighs when she stole a glance downwards. Worse thing was that if she moved, she would just make things even more awkward - should such a thing be possible. "Please, focus, we might be in danger, Lieutenant."

She tried a gentle tone in her admonition, despite her concerns and lack of patience.

"Question is," she said and cleared her throat, turning her helmet to catch his eye, "how do we get clear from Romulan space... and back to the Theurgy. Do you know an override to the autopilot, 'Lieutenant?"

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"As for how we got here ma'am... I was in the hangar bay about to talk to one of the engineers about my ship when I suddenly got surrounded by white light. After that I... got strangled by you... Ma'am." He summarised as he remembered he had forgot to answer her last question after she had moved.

He noriced the captain gave him a look when he had tried to reposition himself. He had apologised and was happy she didn't comment him any further. This situation was beyong awkward in his opinion. There was absolutely now way that he had imagined to be stuck with his commanding officer naked in a attack fighter.

As she repositioned himself again on him he was a bit more at ease that she now sat on his lap. Even with his erected manhood between her legs it gave him a more decent sight in the cockpit, which made it easier for him to focus on his bird flying towards Romulan space. He didn't mind that the captain placed her head back on his shoulder and he did peek at her breasts for a second before he noticed she paused and brought to his attnetion that he had to focus and how they could get out of this course to Romulan space.

"I'm doing my best ma'am." he answered rather formal and he checked the controls of the ship now. His fingers clicked the keys and info was flashing in just a matter of seconds across the HUDs they were wearing. "Right let us take a look what.." he paused as he checked the data steaming into the HUD. "This isn't right, according to the computer, there are no known records of departure." he said to her "That would mean that we never passed Flight Ops or any scanners that we were bound to meet on our way out of the Theurgy." He said and he leaned a bit more forward. A few error sounds nudged inside their helmets and he sighed "Looks like we're locked out, I could try to manually shortcircuit the autopilot, but for that matter some other systems might drop out... Including life support."

Even though the lieutenant tried to keep his attention to getting control over the ship, but with the distraction on his lap it was rather hard to not think about anything else.

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When the controls didn't respond, her first thought was to go find an engineer, but the doors of the surgical bay didn't open, would not permit her to leave.  She pounded on it a few times, calling out for help that wouldn't come.  When Jien suggested it was a simulation, she shook her head in disagreement.  "No, I know this ship.  This is the USS Agustus."  Kiya displayed her age with that comment.  That particular starship had been retired from active service in the early 24th century, when Miranda class vessels began to take over as the new standard for ships of that class.  That Kiya was familiar with the ship was a sign of her age, at least three centuries.

She was visibly shocked when Thea's voice confirmed it was indeed a holodeck simulation.  How could someone have recreated the ship so perfectly?  It was so nostalgic for Kiya that she would almost smell the same air that had been on that old ship.  It smelled like an old library, one where everything was still written on paper and bound in leather covering.  It smelled of history, yet it was just a projection.

Of course, the shock of that revelation didn't compare to the listed parameters for their escape.  Organ examination?  Prostate exam?  Copulation?!  "Starfleet Medical Practice does not condone sexual relations between a doctor and patient," Kiya responded, trying to find a loophole in the specifications that would allow them to avoid it.  [That restriction has been rescinded.]  A cruel response, one that made Kiya's hands press to her spotted temples, searching for an answer that would not come.

"I'm a married woman!"  She finally exploded at the computer, like her words had any meaning to the black and white orders that had been issued.  "I have a husband!  Three children!  Grandchildren and great-grandchildren!  I don't copulate!"  Copulate was a cold, meaningless word, not a word that Kiya had any real interest in any longer.  Emotionally, she was centuries beyond such crass things, though she would be lying to herself if being in her youthful body after so long didn't leave some biology calling out for relief. 

No!  She couldn't!

She looked back to the Captain, still locked up and going nowhere, at least according to the computer.  "You know about these things, don't you?  Is there something that can be done?  Emergency shutdown procedures?  Some way to access an engineering control station and shut it down?"

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'Hard' was the right word indeed... a condition that reminded itself in Captain Ives' mind.

For when Junior Lieutenant Ravon leaned forward to the controls, it caused her hips to tilt forward as well. A protest formed behind her lips as it happened, but it was too late. It was left unspoken. Wait, wait, wait! She had thought she had suppressed the notion of his heated member between her legs, but now, he forced her to grind her nether lips downwards along the top side of his hard length. Her lips pursed and her big brown eyes fluttered momentarily - the warm friction against her clitoris sending a shiver up her abdomen and continuing out to her fingertips.

"...would mean that we never passed Flight Ops or any scanners that we were bound to meet on our way out of the Theurgy."

When he had leaned back again, her back had never left his chest. She swallowed, forced her breathig to be very regular, yet a quick glance downwards confirmed her fears. She had become damp, and had caused a light sheen of nectar along the cock that she tried to forget about - glistening ever so faintly in the light of the shooting stars. It might have escaped the pilot's notice, if she was lucky, but her nipples had hardened too by the shiver that still made her head spin.

"Looks like we're locked out, I could try to manually short-circuit the autopilot, but for that matter some other systems might drop out... Including life support."

Taking another breath, Jien raised her arms to fold them across her chest - cupping her breasts in her palms to keep 'Lieutenant Ravon's eyes elsewhere. Of course, their helmets prevented her from seeing anything unless she turned to face him again. Something she had no intention of doing. No, things were bad enough as they were. Focus, she told herself, this time.

"That is a risk we cannot afford, at least not at this point when we are in relative safety..." she frowned and pinched the bridge of her nose through the opening of her visor before resettling her hand where it had to be, "I cannot fathom how there is no trace in the ship's system about it leaving the Theurgy. There has to be some kind of trace. Some kind of record of on who's authority this Valkyrie was allowed to take off from the Fighter Assault Bay. Moreover, the two us us could impossibly have survived a week's journey at Warp 2 in our current state. There are too many implausible factors to this situation. No evident reasons as to why we are only wearing helmets."

She glanced down to the side of the pilot chair, making a quick inventory. "The standard issue fourteen day rations are untouched, so we have not eaten them and had out memories wiped out along the way here either. Logically, we should not be alive, nor should we even be here. So why the hell are we here? Who is merited by this damn design?"

Us, should we care to indulge ourselves...

No, she refused to listen to that kind of reasoning. Wait...

"This is a holographic program running," she said, eyes wide in the realisation.

OOC: Nolan, I will let Thomas talk to Thea and you to work out the parameters to be met as according to the other scenario with the male Jien Ives. Just follow the script in that earlier post of mine, and perhaps... adding a maximum time duration with Romulan being inbound? *smiles and shrugs*

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Lying there, helpless, Jien's scowl worsened while the woman in the room lashed out against the program's set conditions. He felt for her, this unknown woman that hinted at very strange things.

Given what she was saying, Jien came to think that she was a part of the program; a holographic character from an earlier century that seemed to interact with Thea. Odd, but stranger things had happened on the holodecks of the Federation. Whomever had put together this vile program that was running had been sloppy, though, since not only did the woman know his name, but she could handle a modern medical tricorder too. When she came to address him, he did not answer at first - searching the empty ceiling for answers. Yet after a couple of seconds, he decided that the fictional character might be his only hope to get more leads on whom it might be that was behind his capture and imprisonment on the holodeck.

"My command is the highest authority aboard this ship, so I think it is safe to say that no manner of emergency shut-down will work - I already tried with my verbal command earlier. If there is a control station, it has to be along the walls of this surgical suite. Look around, feel for edges with your fingers. Move the equipment a bit. If the captor has been careless, you will find it. I can assist you from there on with what you should do."

He tried to give hope to the woman, but he feared that - in the end of her search - she might have no choice but consider the alternative. Things did not add up in any direction, though, for what kind of captivity in a locked holographic program would have the parameters that a holo-character would be forced - against her will - to do the listed acts and examinations? None of all of this made sense, so perhaps it was not supposed to? Chaos theory?

Yet in the end, it boiled down to the evident question: Whom might benefit from this design? Well, besides themselves - in a twisted kind of way...

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Kiya searched the walls as suggested, but anything that should have opened, even things as simple as drawers that could have contained medical supplies, would not budge.  The tools that were in the room, visible to the eye, were the only things that could be manipulated.  Trying the maintenance hatch in the corner, the last possible option, she slammed her fist again, finding that failure was beginning to mock her.  The trap was fool-proof.  There was no getting, other then what the listed parameters had required of them.  "Damn it," she said weakly, as she finally returned to the side of Jien's examination table.

"It's no good, captain.  Everything has been sealed down."  She looked defeated, her eyes falling to the examination tools that had been provided.  "I am a doctor, though I fear my license may have expired a couple centuries ago."  It at least confirmed that she was trained, that she knew what to do.  Brushing her hand back through her hair, she made certain her braid hadn't come loose anywhere before she finally started summoning up the courage to do what was required of her.  "I suppose we should get the formalities out of the way.  It's easy for me to forget that you probably don't know who I am.  I've taken it for granted considering that I am used to see you every time Edena has a staff meeting with you."

Taking in a deep breath, she finally mustered up the will to say what needed to be said before she made any attempts to fulfill the parameters set forth by the computer.  "I am Doctor Kiya Rez of the Trill Medical Consulate.  Do you permit me to serve as your physician?"

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The young lieutenant had noticed how the nipples of his captain had seemingly turned harder as he had checked flightdata and possibilities to turn off the autopilot. He didn't comment it however seen the circumstances but he felt something even more disturbing when he sat back again. Due to the colder air in the cockpit, the damp that was left on his cock was very sensible to him. He swallowed and tried to focus again, trying to forget what had just happened. The captain would never...

"That is a risk we cannot afford..."

The moment she said that he made the logical assumption that she would be making in a few seconds. There was no way that they could have survived for at least a week without touching any rations. He glanced towards the emergency pack, only to notice it untouched. This made no sense indeed and he looked around now in the canopy, looking for things to be off. Flaws in the ship design or anything that could led them further to anything.

"So why the hell are we here? Who is merited by this damn design?"

"Good question Ma'am." he replied but didn't know the answer either. However he started to get an itch on his foot, he tried to rub it off on the floor of the fighter. But by doing this he shifted rather more of his body then he had intended. He rolled his eyes and apologised again, claiming the guilt would be his foot.

"This is a holographic program running,"

Thomas his eyes widened up as she spoke it out loud and he shook his head "That's absurd... I was talking to Thea a minute orso before I got surrounded by light." He protested and he decided to check her statement. "Computer, end simulation."

There was a brief period of silence and Thomas was about to say "See, I told you so." when Thea answered [Negative, the program's key performance parameters have not been met. Failure to to meet the minimum value of performance will disallow the termination of this program. Please continue until all parameters are met.]

"Key performance parameters?" Thomas asked now, hesitating and not sure he wanted to hear what it was, but Thea replied [Parameters are as follows: Condition of arousal between Subject A and B has been met. Condition of fellatio has not been met. Condition of cunnilingus has not been met. Condition of copulation has not been met. Condition of exchange of saliva has not been met. All parameters must be met before enterring Romulan space. All conditions must for a minimum duration of ten minutes.]

Thomas became very silent now but in a matter of seconds he reacted furiously "Those are absurd parameters!" In the meantime he sat up more straight again and checked the display to see how much time they had before they reached Romulan space, the HUD indicated they just had over 60 minutes left.

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[ Holodeck 01 | Partition 01 | USS Augustus ]

The inevitable conclusion was drawn, that there was no escaping the program.

Deep down, Jien Ives had mixed feelings about that given how he had been watching the - supposed - holographic woman move about the surgical suite in her search. Watching, and knowing what the program demanded of them, which needless to say gave plenty of fodder to his imagination. Yet as she stood there and spoke of her expertise and expired medical license, Jien could see that she was steeling herself for the task at hand, so he did not have the heart to try and encourage her. Anything he'd say would come out wrong.

Yet after seeing her brush back her hair just so where she stood next to his prone form, he wanted to tell her that he found her beautiful, and would certainly not be repulsed by what she was forced to do to him, despite the somewhat invading examinations. However, when she spoke to staff meetings and his new XO, Jien frowned in consternation. It was not until she spelled it out, that she was the famous former host of the Rez symbiont, that Jien made the connection. That was why her face had seemed familiar.

"Rez?" he asked, blinking, not directly answering the rhetorical question about his acquiescence for her to treat him. It seemed an absurd question which he simply nodded to before asking the obvious question in return. "Yet the symbiont's former hosts are all tied to Edena's body, speaking through her, so how can you exist in your own physical form?"

Evidently, with all the absurd things going on in the holo-program, her introduction did not make it less plausible that she was a holographic character. Rather, that she had her own - long dead - body served only to strengthen his idea that she was not real. How could she be? It seemed more likely that she was a chiselled out character that fit with this absurd scenario he was in.

Then again, why is it that I cannot change my form?

It was, perhaps, the one variable that gave the woman's claim credence, even if there might have been some injection in his body at play which had shut down his morphogenic matrix... Depending on the state of his own condition, there might be a way to tell if there was any plausibility in Kiya's actual presence in the surgical suite.

"I cannot shift my own form," he said slowly in a low voice, "so when you do the required scan, can you verify the health of my morphogenic matrix? Have you done that before?"

Best not speak of the other things required of her. Perhaps he might distract her with something more substantial than the sexual activities that they were due to perform for someone's - or something's - amusement.

[ Holodeck 01 | Partition 02 | Flight Simulation ]

The delightful torment of the pilot's movements caused Jien's female self to shiver - even if she did not make comment on them. The way his hardness chafed at her swollen outer labia made her light-headed, and her nipples scraped against her palms when she kept her hands cupped over her breasts.

Yet when the truth was discovered, her thoughts about their current situation halted while Thomas Ravon took the initiative to question the computer. His authorisation did not end the program, so he asked for the parameters instead. The list ticked off in their ears, each condition making them even more self-concious - more shocked when learning the true nature of their situation.

The Lieutenant's outburst echoed her own, "I'd never..!" she said in great ire, but her claim betrayed her when he shifted forward to check their ETA for the Hyralan Sector - forcing her to grind down along his length once more. The movement caused a violent shudder up her spine, and a small noise escaped her throat. For like the computer had stated, the condition of their common arousal had already been met...

"Computer," she said in a hoarse voice, swallowing behind the microphone in her helmet, "end simulation, authorisation Ives-Beta-Alpha-Four!"

[Negative, the program's key performance parameters have not b-]

"Shimatta!" cursed Jien and slammed her fist into the arm-rest, causing the controls to chirp in protest. While Thea's voice repeated the earlier message, she began to search for chinks in the cockpit - moving about in Thomas' lap without consideration for how her wet folds slid up and down his hard length. Her mind was occupied on finding some kind of escape, anything to get her out of this awkward ordeal. She had already had sexual intercourse with one of the Lone Wolves, and it had been something she'd cherished but also born out of their 2 month ordeal to get away from the Federation. She had sworn him to silence about their affair too.

This, no, this was just like being a puppet in a play - to do as someone had designed for them to do. To fulfil the perverted desires of whomever was watching them. Perhaps... even recording everything. "Nothing. No panel. No escape..."

In the end, she sank back against the pilot's chest with her hands on the armrests, feeling tricked. Defeated. Mad as hell. Yet also, not able to push the inevitable out of her head. That if she did not comply with this design, the Romulans would surely not be bound to any safety protocols. "Do you have a relationship with someone aboard the ship, Lieutenant?" she asked at last in a quiet voice, turning her helmet so that she might catch his eye, "Anyone that will never forgive us?"

Since Life Support was on-line, Jien removed her helmet at long last with the audible hiss of the air-pressure release - her dark hair matted with sweat and sticking to her skin. She awaited his reply whilst staring into his eyes - unblinking. Her hand.... had already descended to drop her helmet on the floor, and strayed to his aching arousal - stroking it gently.

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The young lieutenant was unaware of what reactions his actions delivered to his captain. He noticed it though when she shuddered against him once he was checking the ETA on arrival. "Are you okay captain?" he asked a bit worried now, knowing that it was probably a stupid question seeing the circumstances.

As she ordered the simulation to end a small flicker of hope appeared in the lieutenant his eyes but that dimmed rather rapidly as the computer negated the order. It was her turn to curse and rage now, but he hadn't anticipated that she'd be moving that much in the process. He clenched his jaws shut as he felt her wet folds going up and down on his genitals. "Captain... Captain!" he tried to reason her to calmness. He did it aswell for his own sanity as she was driving him crazy like this. The feeling she was giving him down his loins was enough to drive him insane.

She seemed to relax at some point as she seemingly gave up on finding an exit or escape. He tried to think now, perhaps they could try to trick the computer or someth- "Do you have a relationship with someone aboard the ship, Lieutenant?" The question came as a hard nudge for Thomas. Was she actually considering to comply with these parameters? "No Ma'am I do not, bu-" He broke off the sentence as she took off her helmet and he actually got to take a pretty close face to face look with his captain. She was pretty, no point in denying that. What made him break off his sentence most though was the fact that her hand had started to stroke his erection.

"Ma'am..." he brought out with a shaking voice and he took off his own helmet now as things seemingly started to heat up in there for him "You're not actually considering to.." he carried on with the same voice and he kept looking her straight in the eyes.

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Leaning against him, her head against his shoulder and looking into his eyes, Jien considered how young he was when he removed his helmet. Her serene face did not betray her thought though; that she could almost be his mother. It hardly mattered, for to him, she would appear to be around twenty-five to thirty years old, but she was not so innocent. No, the mistakes she had made during her life had caused wars to rage and people to go extinct, but carrying out her orders had sometimes done worse.

"It is the most efficient solution to our predicament," she said without blinking, lightly scraping her fingernails up the underside of his member, "the quickest way out of here. Realise, that the conditions set for us would not have any purpose unless the security protocols are deactivated too. The Romulan patrol ships have most likely picked up on our approach, and they will shoot us down since we cannot exit Warp-speed."

Eyes fluttering a little, she pressed him against her heated sex - the hardness trapped between herself and her hand. She began to undulate her hips slightly, stroking herself against him. "I know you are not willing to do... what we need... to with your Commanding Officer," she said quietly and reached up with her free hand, running it through his hair and to the back of his neck, "So I suggest you consider it an order, and one I mean for you to fulfil for the sake of our survival, and not for the sake of being able to do this with your Captain and later brag about it to your fellow Wolves. You will do this... and you will do it without ever telling a soul what happened in this holographic trap we are in."

She slowly stroked his neck with her hand and then grabbed a fistful of his hair, pulling his mouth down to hers - only halting it an inch away. "Do you understand... Lieutenant?" she asked in a low voice, partially dangerous, partially aroused, "Given the dire straits we are in... how we are outcasts to our own... because we have killed sisters and brethren in Starfleet... the risk of mutiny is very real. I cannot afford to be considered weak... and nor can you."

Below, her fingers slid up to his bulbous head... and with a firm push, she guided him inside her - her wet nether lips swallowing him up rapidly. The furnace that was her inner walls accommodated him at last, and his girth expanded her. She gasped when he entered her, eyes closing... but she opened them again. Just before she split his mouth open with her own.

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Thomas kept looking in the eyes of captain Ives and he waited for her answer. This was madness, for all they knew someone could be recording this, who knows what might happen if this leaked out. He hadn't thought about how old she was, only going on her looks she did only look to be in her mid twenties perhaps even thirty.

As she started talking to him, she rather lost some of his attention as she worked on his member with her fingernails. He tried to stay focussed though and his eyes were going shut for a longer while now and then. "...shoot us down since we cannot exit Warp-speed."
He opened his eyes wide now as she moved his member against her heated sex. It got even more enjoyable for the lieutenant as she started to undulate her hips against him. He hadn't remember the last time he had intercourse or the last time since he had laid hand to himself.  "I know you are not willing...

He moaned soft now as she kept moving herself against him and his hands moved over her sides, one hand to her hips while the other moved up to her neck aswell. "An order Ma'am?" he asked now as he heard her and he opened his eyes a bit. She grabbed him by his hair now and he hissed "Ma'am, I'm not sure if I even wanted to brag about this with the crew... So yes, I do understand captain!" He hadn't heard the part about Starfleet anymore as he tried to focus now, he was getting closer already to his climax by her constant teasing by now.

He let out a moan as she pushed him inside of her and he felt how her inner walls were welcoming his member inside of her. He kissed her back now and he grabbed her by the hair now, pulling her head a bit back so he could kiss her more deeply. He started to buck his hips forward now, wanting more of the pleasure that was given to him. He opened his eyes again to meet her gaze at this point.

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They were beyond the point of any return now, as they moved in sync - she rolling her hips to meet his thrusts. Beads of perspiration began to form upon Jien's bronze skin, droplets sprinkled across her moving body. Her hold behind the Lieutenant's neck was firm as she worked her jaw; kissing him ferociously. He held her hair too, tilting her back so that he could reach down to her. While he supported their rhythmic dance int he pilot's chair, she did the same with a white-knuckled hand upon the armrest.

When he pulled back, Jien gasped for air, but she did not stop rocking her hips in his lap - milking his hardness from the thick base to the neck. Had she been able to change her form, she would have fitted her sheath perfectly to his girth, squeezed him tightly as she pulled away... yet she supposed it still felt rather good to him. Evidently so, since he certainly did not seem to need any more encouragement. She panted as she stared into his eyes, and then slapped her hand down upon his - drawing it up to her breast. "Carry on, Lieutenant..."

She said this and kissed him again - her tongue venturing inside his mouth anew. They were fulfilling two conditions at once, with just a couple more to go. Limber as she was, she raised one foot in turn and set her feet upon the arm-rests - giving her a new angle at which to thrust herself down unto him. The hand that was not stroking through his hair ventured down to her clitoris, rubbing it lightly since she was facing away from him and did not get the delightful friction she wanted. She spoke in heave breath against his lips, "Can y-you last..? Can you make it..?"

There was a minimum time limit too, yet perhaps they did not need to go ten minutes straight for each parameter in the game.

As for herself, she felt her first orgasm come slowly - rising like the tide in her body. Too much teasing... Yet she would just continue once the aftershocks had subsided... "I can't... Oh, I can't... Ahhh!!" She thrust down upon him and stayed there - grinding herself back and forth as her first climax came and crying out with each breath she released into his mouth. Her eyes rolled in their sockets and she shivered from the bottom of her hair to her toes.

"Ahh..." she panted breathlessly, almost smiling a little with the release - the first smile in Thomas company. She kissed him again between her ragged breaths. "Ahh... Well done, Wolf... Now, carry on... Carry on... How do you want me..?"

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Thomas couldn't believe what was happening but he tried to put aside his common logical sense. The feeling of their rythmic dance was amazing to say the least. He began to sweat aswell now as their bodies kept colliding against eachother. The captain was kissing him like a wild animal, the same wild animal that he had been fighting earlier this day. It was nice though to have this feeling instead of being mauled by her.

This woman was incredible though, even though she had gasped for air she kept grinding into him and he wasn't sure how much longer he'd be able to take this. As she guided his hand to her breast he did as he was ordered too "Yes Ma'am." He said and he moved his fingers over her breast now, feeling how firm they were and moving his palms over her nipples. He started to work on them now, squeezing in them and providing her nipples with the attention he deemed necesary.

With her tongue in mis mouth again he started to stride for dominance in his mouth, as if he was wrestling with her tongue. He check the condition in his head aswell but wondered if they needed to do this for ten minutes straight or if it could be done in intervals. As she took a new angle to thrust into him he let out a moan of satisfaction and he moved his hands from her back to her derrière. It was getting harder for him to hold grip of her now and he was really close to climaxing now.
"Can y-you last..? Can you make it..?" He shook his head slowly as she asked him and he closed his eyes firmly as the sweat ran down his temples "I don't think so, this is feeling way to..." He paused now and asked in one breath "Computer, do... condition be met in one go or can..." He breathed in heavily now "Can they be cumulated?" he moaned and he tried to stop the captain for a second, but she seemed relentless.

[Time of conditions may be cumulated.] Thea answered now and that was enough for Thomas to hear.

Just as the captain reached her climax and thrusted down onto him he let out a loud moan as he felt him getting there aswell. "Fucking hell..." he panted as she kept grinding back and forth. He kept cursing softly and he felt his cock relax a bit within her.

He kissed her back and he let a small grin appear on his lips "Thank you ma'am." he said out of breath and he tried to regain his hard on again as he started to thrust himself again inside of her. Slowly he felt his member twitch and regain it's full glory inside of her and he pondered upon her question "I'd like to take you facing me this time... Ma'am." he said now and he still found it weird to propose that to his captain, but he wanted more of it.

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Kiya followed standard procedure, simply because it helped her feel better.  By doing so, it felt more like a routine physical, not the forced copulation this was truly meant to be.  Once she had made certain her hair wouldn't be an issue, she sterilized her hands and pulled on a pair of medical gloves.  When she had first started in medicine, they had felt so strange, but now they were like a second layer of skin she hadn't felt for such a long time.  It felt good to be in the swing of things again, even if it was for dubious reasons.

"I wish I had an answer for you, Captain, but I am as lost as you are about how this has happened.  One minute, I was in Edena's head while her body was in a meeting with Miles Renard, and the next thing I knew there was this bright light and I was walking down the hall outside."  That light had struck several places on the ship, proving that Kiya wasn't just imagining it.  Surely Jien had seen it too?

Abiding his request, Kiya looked at the detailed medical scan she had taken looking to discover what it could tell her about his inability to shape-shift.  "I never studied it personally, but Jona encountered a Changling native to the gamma quadrant.  He used my medical expertise, so I do have some idea of what a morphogenic matrix should look like.  From what I can tell, yours is only half-complete.  It's as though someone split it in half, rendering it's function impossible due to the division."  Unbeknownst to them, the other half of the male Jien's matrix was in another partition, taking his female form.  Only by getting them back in one piece could his ability return to him.

With that out of the way, there was nothing left to be done but move onto the parameters.  Kiya inhaled a few deep breaths trying to steel herself for what needed to be done.  Just tell yourself this is a routine examination.  You've checked plenty of male organs in your time.  Performed prostate exams, taken samples . . . nothing you haven't walked away from before.  But she knew this was different, simply because of that one thing hanging over their heads.  The requirement of copulation.  It put a different spin on everything.  Either way, she finally reached out, her gloved hand running across him, feeling the texture of his skin, reaching his member and letting light fingertips graze him at first before she finally took hold.

"You know, this used to be when I would have made a joke and said this was how I met my husband," she tried to laugh, but her nerves swallowed it up.  Talking wasn't as good a distraction as she would have hoped.  "I could collect the . . . sperm sample doing this.  Do you think you can climax from this in three minutes?"

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