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EPIL: S [D06|2100] Shipwide Call


[ Captain Ives | Main Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: All
At 2100 hrs., Captain Ives stepped out of his ready room. It was time.

The present officers moved to stand, but Jien gestured for them to remain where they were. Slowly, he walked to the centre of the bridge, taking a deep breath. A lot had happened in the eight hours since he came aboard from the Versant. Only right then, at that late hour, was he ready to speak  to the crew. After all the turmoil of the battle, the departments working to handle the demands after the aperture exit, and with the chain of command having to be established firmly, there had been no possibility to say anything quite worthwhile. Nothing that the Departmental Heads couldn't handle without him.

"Please let me speak to the crew," he said, and folded his hands behind his back, looking at the stars that whisked by on the viewscreen. The shipwide broadcast was soon established, and Jien pursed his lips.

"This is Captain Jien Ives. Despite the late hour, and the likelihood that you are still recovering from the ordeals of the past few days, I ask for your attention," he said, imagining how some might even be asleep, but hoped that they would listen to the recording later. "As you have all been briefed by your Department Heads by now, we will be arriving to the Aldea Prime Shipyards at 0230 hrs., which is four and a half hours from now. Our new Mission Liaison Officer, Commander Dewitt, has spoken with High Chancellor Martok, and with the need of a direct line of communication with him, KDF Strategist Zyrao Natauna will be our Klingon Empire Liaison from this point onwards. When we enter the Epsilon Mynos System, the KDF will preform a fake military exercise - clearing the space from any crafts with sensors - and bring us safely to port. Once docked, the shipyards will keep us cloaked for the duration of our stay. Which, as I hear, might be a while, given the extent of damages Thea has suffered."

Still talking, Jien began to pace slowly around the circular bridge. "After the Dominion War, the Aldeans and the Klingons formed an alliance, Starfleet having fallen out of favour because we ceased to protect them adequately at the onset of the war. Currently, there is merely a small Federation trade delegation present on the planet, but they are being ushered off in the next couple of days. The Shipyards, however, will be free to access tomorrow, and there will only be Klingons and Aldeans present there. You all deserve shoreleave, and to beam down to Aldea Prime, but first we need to ensure your safety and let the Aldeans help us to mask our presence from unwanted eyes. All this has been made possible with Martok coming to an accord with the Aldean Defence Committee about the protection and repair of our ship. After five months of running and surviving against all odds, we finally have an ally in the Klingon Empire. Safe port... at long last."

It was no small thing, all considered, and it still felt unreal to Jien. He expected it all to fall apart any moment, but still, he had to hold on to hope, and bolster the morale of the crews all gathered aboard the Theurgy. No, his unified crew, soon enough.

"The new Senior Staff are the following officers," he continued, telling the whole ship what those who'd temporarily held the listed positions already been informed about. "Commander Martin will still head the Science Department, just like Commander Stark continues to serve as Chief of Operations. Our new Chief Engineer is Commander Blue Tiran from the Endeavour, and Doctor Elro Kobol  from the same ship will take over as Chief Medical Officer. Furthermore, Commander Hathev from the Bellerophon will head the Counseling Department."

The significance of that name was clear, in how even the officers on a TFA ship could see the truth about their mission.

"The Klingons and the Aldeans will be aiding us in replacing the transponders in our warp fighters to avoid immediate identification, but once they are repaired and ready, Commander Ravon will continue to lead the Lone Wolves Squadron. For the time being, Acting Chief of Security zh'Wann will continue oversee our protection, as will Lieutenant T'Less do the same in Tactical. Lieutenant Veradin has showed himself indispensible at the helm of our ship, and as proven in the battle with the Borg, Lieutenant Trent will return to the position he held when he came aboard, his skillset in Starfleet Intelligence better deployed towards the protection of the ship while we are in drydock."

Coming to a stop, Jien let the crew think what they wanted about the last name and rank, the rumours abound before Jien had even stepped aboard. Depending on the results of Kai Akoni's and Cross' Bridge Officer tests, they would likely be announced on the morrow. The last name was likely the most anticipated. "Your new Executive Officer is Commander Ranaan Ducote, who served Captain Amasov on the Endeavour before the Borg destroyed her."

That dealt with, Jien clenched his jaw, the mentioning of the Borg having set up the final portion of his address to the crew. He changed... to her female form. The silence lingered for a moment while Jien reconsidered what she had meant to say. "Hearsay... has a way of magnifying and distorting events, and already, I have heard a lot of speculation about the repercussions of the battle. The reports are still coming in, long range sensors only able to tell us so much at this point, but the tactic deployed in sealing all the apertures found in the heart of the Azure Nebula proved successful. By commandeering the Savi ship, we turned the tide of the battle, and Thea even ensured that the ship could leave in time - sparing a misled species. With no other means available, however, Commander Wenn Cinn willingly sacrificed his life to not just save us, but the lives of all that would have been at the mercy of a full scale Borg invasion."

The loss keenly felt, it was still important to focus on what lay ahead. "The Infested meant to use the Borg to further their agenda, and if it hadn't been for our collective efforts, we would not have been able to stop them. So, today marks a day where we won a decisive battle... and together with the Klingon Empire, we may even win the war. For the truth cannot so easily be denied any more... when the High Chancellor himself has seen the Infested, and knows what they can do. Today... we run no more. Today and onwards, we raise the call of truth, and stop the pending unrest before it may lead to an intergalactic conflict against an unseen foe. From here on out, the Theurgy is the guiding light in the darkness. May our call rally those who doubted, and our efforts finally seen for what they were."

Jien paused there, seeing how the faces of some of the bridge crew reacted to hearing her words. Someone rubbed their eyes, another one standing straighter. A third was even smiling. Jien found herself smiling back faintly, despite what she'd endured personally.

"I take great pride in being your Commanding Officer, for you have endured like others might not. Know how this could not have been possible without you. Billions of lives spared, Klingons already singing about the Battle of the Apertures in their and our honour alike. This is the beginning of the end, when the Infested are finally exposed. Thank you... and rest well, knowing you made the difference. Ives, out."

OOC: Optional posting for all in reaction to the shipwise broadcast of Ives speech, wherever your characters may be. You can also implement it in other Supplemental threads, set during the speech, or in reaction to its contents in Supplemetals set at a later point in time. :)

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Hi'Jak | Holding Cell | USS Theurgy] attn: @Auctor Lucan

The brig had gotten really quiet. a combination of lights out and fewer prisoners. The big other in a solitary gravity cell, so for the two men one of them clearly had it worse. Even so Jack couldn't really sleep. The cell across from him was empty which meant Jack had almost total privacy, but he could also hear the klingon party talking, singing, cursing and bickering like klingons in closed quarters always did. lights out was called, everything was mostly dark, and yet he could hardly focus on sleep. The captains voice familiar only by the address given to the shipwide and the way he spoke as Jack could not recall having dealt directly with the captains male half.

Or perhaps he just visually preferred the shifters female form and tended to drone out the male half of Ives twin egos. Either way the man had Jack's full attention as there was nothing else he could focus on.

Apparently the hour was late, the brig had no internal clocks, and space travel always meant disorientation of the hours. It was why he had come to prefer working on a space station rather than a ship, among the fact that he was still afraid of ships. He had a pretty big fear of dying in the vacuum of space. Well most would find that pretty unreasonable for a member of Starfleet Jack had never been allowed to stay put on a planet.

Ives confirmed their arrival time 0230, it was apparently 2100 now, which gave him a little over five hours to come up with a plan. Could he escape the brig in that time? Walking forward he touched the force field felt no physical give as well as a tingling sensation of pain.

No... no he could not.

Jack was still wearing the infiltration suit, the clothing was just on the floor over there, when people asked him why he hadn't dressed he simply pointed at the arm, and he refused any help to undress him. Frankly he was humiliated enough, and it wasn't like they were gonna let him take a shower in privacy so he would stay the way he was for now.

five hours, then he would be handed over to the empire.

He could try talking, he always had a bit of a silver tongue.

but to whom would he talk? Ida? that was a dead end, and the captain well it was a late hour, they only had five until he was to be discarded off the ship, and handed over to their klingon allies already singing songs of victory against the borg.

Good for them.

Jack felt anger going so far as kicking a wall, which served to knock himself onto his own ass. Talk? No one would listen he had no more bargaining chips.

He was going to die. He had told the first group that he was going to face that with dignity and respect, that he was okay with it.

He wasn't okay with it. He had five hours to think, anything that would get them from not taking him off this ship. He sat curled up in a corner of his cell. their was no one left to talk too, no one left to listen, the rest of the ship would feel a great jubilation, a celebration of all they had done.

Jack finally broke, his arm, and eye those were things he could live without. His empire, his commission those had been precious to him but again do without. Five hours of his own life remained trapped in a cell. The only thing he could do was contemplate his mistakes over and over again.

His eyes burned as he curled up, feeling himself break, his eye wet with tears, the other one, as it so turned out had no tear ducts only a faint sense of pressure that added a headache onto his crying, only proving that tears would add to his misery. His voice now wet, rasping, and broken as he sobbed into his remaining hand. Strangled to make any solid words out of his efforts.

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[Ensign Vinata Vinoja | Morgue | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy]


It was an old, painful truth that while the warriors fought most during the battle, it was the doctors and the nurses who fought most afterwards. For Vinata, who had been fighting for days on end, the hours after he was beamed back onboard the Theurgy from the Versant became purely automatic. Triage, treatment, after-care, inventory. Hypospray, anaesthetic, dermal regenerator, osteo-infusion. Clean the surgical bay. Treat the next patient. Send her to her quarters. Clean the surgical bay again.

Battered and exhausted as he had been when everyone had been beamed back home, Vinata had taken the time to rest and eat, but even those motions were automatic. The only challenge, indeed, came when he tried to use the head and had to work out how to urinate with female genitalia, a thoroughly bewildering affair without the handy Savi suits and their internal plumbing. A quick check-up on Hylota and the egg and then he was back to work.

The cold truth, and truth it was, was that Vinata was hanging on by a thread. He knew that eventually, sooner rather than later, he was going to collapse. He'd been in survival mode for several days now, ever since the Savi had attacked, and the inevitable crash was coming. At least there, Vinata had experience, and as he stood in the morgue, typing on a console, he smiled weakly. Everything that happened on the Harbinger, the...the thing that had raped him. Rihen. Nolak. Nicander. He was becoming an expert in trauma now, wasn't he? What was a few more rapes on top of all that?

Vinata shuddered, his scalp tingling at the pending eruption of tears, before he forced himself to take a long breath. Not now. Later. Not now. Instead, with shaky determination, he went back to his work. Lying on a floating cot beside him, the young woman said nothing to the nurse's obvious distress. Which was just as well, really. She was dead, after all.

"Thea, please open chamber 58," he said, his soft voice sounding unnaturally loud in the comber silence of the morgue. Obligingly a blinking green light flicked on over one of the dozens of hatches on the walls as it silently opened, ready to receive its new occupant. Vinata looked at the corpse for a long moment, his large black eyes flicking up and down it. The woman was so badly mangled as to be nearly unrecognisable, her face reduced to a bloody ruin, but fortunately, the DNA records didn't lie.

"Sleep well, Sephiria Arn," he said softly, but before he could gently ease the cot into the waiting hatch, the distinctive sound of the all-hands call interrupted him. Captain Ives speech was lengthy and mostly functional, but fatigued as he was, Vinata tried to pay attention anyway. The atrocious smell from the corpse made his nose burn, but he stayed put. It seemed somehow wrong to simply dispose of Sephiria's body in such a cavalier manner while the Captain was talking to everyone. The mention of the new CMO (and the unspoken implication of the status of the previous CMO, locked in a cell deep within the ship) made Vinata shudder anew, but he forced himself to pull together.

Finally the Captain finished, and Vinata sighed, rubbing the back of his head. A friendly harbour. A chance for Hylota and the egg to reach safety, to raise the child away from the war. It seemed almost too good to be true, but nevertheless, he let himself begin to wonder. Surely they were due some peace and rest after everything? Couldn't the universe grant them that much after all the battles, all the dead, all the pain?

Vinata took a fresh breath and then tapped the control on the anti-grav cot, sending Sepihiria Arn's body into the morgue's storage. Perhaps it was true. Perhaps, for once, it might finally be true. Despite all evidence to the contrary, despite everything that had happened, despite everything that might yet happen...Vinata felt himself begin to hope.

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[Jaya Thorne, Asst. Chief CONN Officer, Ensign | Corridor outside Whetstone Lounge | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ]

What a fucking day. Week. Month. It was too much, too fast. Her life had been nearly perfect before- hell, who was she kidding? Jaya's life hadn't been perfect in a long time. 5 years old. That's the last time she remembered what it felt like to be truly happy. After her dad left, everything had gone to shit. Everything. And sure, she could blame people. Her mom, for falling apart and dying. Her grandparents for making her homelife miserable. Her aunts and uncles for not supporting her. Her friends for leading her down the wrong paths.

...But ultimately it had been her decisions, her attitude that had driven her to make the shitty choices she'd made. So many shitty choices!

The automatic doors slid open and Jaya stared into the Whetstone Lounge. She had been here yesterday. Sithick had tried to talk to her, even called her his best friend and she'd all but blown him off. Why? He had laid out his life story for the whole bar to hear. She had long since reconciled his syndicate links, knowing that they wouldn't affect her. So why had she been so rude? She owed him an apology.

Jimmy had been an obvious case. He was cute. She wouldn't have minded an evening with him. But that hadn't panned out either. Though perhaps it was the news of Hi'Jak that sidelined her into rudeness? She hadn't known him long, but that Klingon was one of her first sexual encounters aboard the Theurgy. They had talked, some. They had fucked, a lot. It had been a good evening. And now he was in the brig? He was being called a traitor? She didn't believe that, and apparently neither had some of their company. Maybe she should go see him instead of getting shit-faced? Again? Would she even be allowed in the brig for a visit?

The thought conjured up images of conjugal visits and the fun that might be had with energy restraints. It brought a smile to her currently gloomy visage, but it also triggered another memory. One of the previous day, where she had been all too forward with a friend from her past. Usually when she jumped someone's bones, it was a mutual "wanna fuck?", "fuck yea" thing and they let their bodies do the talking. With Varder it had felt... different. Not exactly forced, but definitely pressured. She wasn't proud of that. It wasn't how she did things. He deserved an apology too.

Jaya sighed. She wasn't up for this. She took a step back, into the middle of the hallway. The doors slid closed. Her chest felt tight. She swallowed against a dry throat. She needed a drink, but she didn't want one. She wanted to make apologies but wouldn't bring herself to go. What was wrong with her? She backed up slowly until she felt the wall against her back. Her fingers splayed out over the paneling and she tipped her head back. 'Oh God! What am I doing? Tell me what's wrong with me! Grandmother, help me! What do I d-'

She stopped mid prayer. She was grasping at straws. She had never believed in God, despite all the religion her grandparents had force-fed her. And she knew full well that her Grandmother hated her. There had never been a house on the lake. There were never lazy sunsets to watch with her family. Her childhood had been grey, dreary and broken. These were all constructs in her mind, something she created in moments of weakness to help her feel more in control and give her choices meaning. But they were false.

If there was a God, he wouldn't have split her family and left her alone on a world where no one wanted her. He wouldn't have taken her mother away, her only protection from the rest of her family. If there was a God, he sucked and obviously he had abandoned her too. Fuck him! And fuck her grandparents! It had been Grandma who'd first hit her, Grandma who had first belittled her father, and Grandma who had thrown her out. If her Grandmother had wanted a relationship, had wanted to be there for her, she would have fucking been there! Fuck that old bitch!

Jaya's left hand balled up and struck the hallway wall. She felt the tears coming. One breath. Two. Calm down. Her throat was wet now, slick with the mucus that always accompanied her tears. She wished, more than anything, that someone loved her. But no one did. She wished her mother hadn't died. She wished her grandmother had been like the old woman in her dream. She wished a lot of things. But that's all they were. Wishes. Dreams. Lies she told herself so she wouldn't cry herself to sleep at night. But it didn't stop her from wanting them.

Another breath. Jaya lowered her head. There wasn't much traffic at the moment, but she did catch the odd stare from a couple passers-by. She should go. She should walk back to her quarters and console herself with the a bottle or two of Saurian Brandy. Maybe some old-earth whiskey if it was available. Hell, she'd drink whatever she could get her hands on.

As she made her way back down the corridor, the shipwide alert system flashed. From every speaker she heard their fearless captain discuss the last 8 hours and their future. It was overwhelming. Maybe this was her recompense? She'd been a fuck up her whole life, so it only made sense that the one time she found something good, she'd end up on the ship with all the other fuck ups. She may not have believed in God, but this whole cosmic karma thing was kicking her ass. She leaned against the wall for support. But the Captain gave her hope. They had gained an ally. They had a refuge; a much needed safe harbor for repairs and downtime. Aldea.

Hope. It was dangerous and at the same time so rewarding. Jaya pushed off the wall. She no longer wanted to wallow in her own misery. She needed to drink in public, but not from here. She turned again and headed for the turbolift. Below Decks lounge was her safe space, and that's what she wanted right now more than anything.
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[ Lt Cmdr Hathev | Chief Counsellor's Office, Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

Hathev looked up from her work as the ship’s broadcast system was activated, and would have soon recognised Captain Ives’ voice even had he not identified himself. This was her first opportunity to observe him interacting with his crew, and as such she listened carefully to his speech.

It seemed there was to be no small restructuring of the Theurgy’s personnel, both old and new; her appointment would not be so great an anomaly as she had at first thought. It seemed the losses sustained by the crew had been extensive indeed; in light of that, the new appointments spoke more to those losses than to the capability of the new officers. She would have to study her newly appointed compatriots to gauge their capabilities for herself.

In the meantime, they approached Aldea, a planet of which she knew little. The promise of respite was welcome, however; after all that had occurred in the past week alone, she would not wish any commanding officer to continue further at such a breakneck pace lest their judgement become impaired — an affliction already suffered by at least one of their number, to results of which she was all too aware.

The captain came to the end of his speech, and a woman took the floor. The lack of introduction was irksome; Hathev did not recognise the voice as belonging to Commander Stark, and the new Executive Officer was, as far as she was aware, a man. She took a moment, listening intently, and upon analysis of syntax concluded the speaker must be Ives. Of course, she had been aware the captain was a chameloid and would be able to change appearance at will; however she found herself surprised to find Ives ascribed to a sex binary that, presumably, meant little to a shapeshifting species. She wondered how the captain should be referred to — would gendered pronouns as she knew them apply? Would gender-neutral pronouns be any more correct, considering the captain chose to present according to a binary? A fascinating species with which Hathev had little experience; perhaps if she ever found opportunity she could study the captain more closely.

For now, however, it was necessary to focus more on Ives’ words than such considerations. Following her meeting with the captain, she had been briefed on the ship's journey, of course, but to hear again the details of the battle against the Borg was no less chilling than it had been originally. This ship, and all who served aboard her, should not have survived; that they had was testament indeed to their perseverance, ingenuity, and sacrifice.

That said, the continuation of Ives’ speech was… concerning. She understood the importance of maintaining morale, of course, especially after such an engagement. However Ives’ references to this ship as some beacon of truth, facing down any who would challenge them, was remarkably in-line with Hathev’s initial judgement of the captain as leader of a rebel cult.  She had dismissed this theory, and stood by that dismissal; however that was not to say that misguided patriotism and stalwart belief in one’s cause were not old bedfellows with extremism and atrocity. It would be all too easy for the crew to slip down that slope. She would need to remain alert to that threat, and cut out any examples of it she might discover. She would not allow them to become the very thing Ives had so determinedly proved they were not.

But that would come tomorrow, and the next day, and on. Tonight, she would make her preparations, and ready herself for the work to come.

[ PO1 Morgan Song | Jeffries tube | Between Decks 12 & 13 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ]

Morgan was halfway down a Jeffries tube in search of an overheated control conduit when the captain hailed. He was too tired to trust himself to multitask — most likely he’d end up only half-listening to the captain, or sear his fingerprints off by absent-mindedly touching something he shouldn’t. So he sat back on his heels to listen, half looking up at the ceiling as if the captain could be found there.

He didn’t need Ives to remind him how close the battle had been. How entirely insane it was that any of them had survived at all, that their crewmates from the Versant had managed to return to them, and that, on massively depleted warp power, they had limped through a honest-to-stars wormhole and emerged safely on the other side. It boggled the mind.

It hadn’t come cheap. Morgan hadn’t known Commander Wenn Cinn, not personally, and he stood by that maths — one life for millions. But that didn’t mean he had to like it. Leaving someone behind never felt good.

He shivered slightly, despite the heat from the open hatch beside him. The captain’s praise of the crew felt odd, like an ill-fitting uniform. He had contributed, he knew that of course, but for the majority of the Theurgy’s time on the run from the Federation he had been unconscious; truly, his participation had been just a drop in the ocean compared to the efforts given by his crewmates. Many of whom were no longer here.

Still. This was a new start. They were headed to a new planet, with a new Chief Engineer no less. Who knew what waited for them there? The shipyard sounded promising — the Theurgy had been on her last legs two battles ago, and that was even before they’d faced the Borg, which was still such a crazy statement he stumbled over it every time.

Honestly, nothing sounded better than a few weeks running repairs. With their luck it would be more like days, but he could dream. There was no shortage of things needing fixing, that was obvious. The shore leave Ives mentioned was another thing entirely — how long had it been since he set foot on solid ground? — but if anything it was even more welcome.

Or it would have been, had Morgan not been so leery about their hosts. The last time he'd been the guest of the Klingon Empire it'd nearly killed him; of course he knew things had changed since then, this was different, he did know that, but... There's knowing and there's knowing, and all he knew was that he didn't even want to think about how much Klingons frightened him.

The tube suddenly felt very small, cramped, flooded with heat. The captain wasn't done with her speech, but he needed to busy his hands. He turned back to the maintenance hatch, fiddling with valves to apply coolant to the area. He had a job to do; he could focus on that. He had to.

Whatever the Theurgy faced, he’d be here for it this time. And he intended to make that count.
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[ CWO3 Liliana “Meerkat” Walton | Wakey-wakey | This is definitely not my fighter ]

She almost just went right back to sleep. The bright lights and yelling were not worth the literal headache she could already feel coming, but then someone had the temerity to shine an even brighter light directly into her eyes.

“Oi, can we not?” Liliana groaned, her voice creaking. “My headache is bad enough.”

“We can give you something for the headache.” The light-bearer’s voice sounded amused, but also very tired. “I just need to check your vitals. You took a nasty hit to your head.”

“I’m not in my fighter.”

“No, you’re in one of the Theurgy’s Battle Sickbays. Your, ah, co-pilot?”

“Bulkhead? He’s my RIO.” She replied, her voice growing a little stronger after a swallow or two. Blinking also helped her focus. The doctor speaking to her was a lovely looking blur.

“Ah, yes. Him. He flew your fighter back, it seems, and got you beamed into here. Your file says you were knocked out during the battle.” The figure slowly started resolving for Walton as it grabbed a PADD. “You also had a few burns, but we’ve already treated those. Your vitals look mostly good, but your eyes are still rather dilated. We’ll need to keep you a bit longer.”

The pilot took in that information and looked around. Everything was unfocused and the lights were stabbing her eyes something fierce, but she fought back the headache to see that the room she was in was still fairly full and busy.

“We made it then?”

Dr Fuzzy paused before starting to answer, but the sound of the shipwide announcement system stopped him and an unfamiliar voice spoke, identifying himself as Captain Jien Ives. It took her a moment to connect that with the figure that spoke of the Federation’s wrongs in the broadcast from Starbase 84. Liliana closed her eyes to listen closely. He spoke of the Klingons and Aldeans offering sanctuary and repairs and made some crew announcements. She opened her eyes briefly at the mention of someone from the Bellerophon.

Huh, I guess there were survivors after all. Good to know.

When the voice changed to a female one at the end, it was confusing but when she signed off as Ives, which let Walton connect the two. She had heard rumors of the captain being some sort of shapeshifter and now could only assume that was true.

This place gets wilder every day.

She cleared her throat. “So, uh, Doc. When can I get back to flying?”

The answer came with a short chuckle. “We can talk about that in the morning. Just rest for now.”

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[Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai|Lt. Praise Quarters| Deck 8 | USS Theurgy | Aldea Shipyards]

The captain's voice sounding through the deck speakers suddenly woke him up. For a moment, he had no idea where he was and his hands swiftly searched around him, for something to use as a weapon, in order to strike first or... finally, the everyday nature of his CO's voice brought him back to where he really was. In his starship. Not in the Savi vessel. Among his comrades, his friends. On the run, yes, but in a familiar place. The sempiternal hum of the engines  as background noise. It was so... ordinary that it was almost painful.

Finally the Klingon opened his eyes and stared at the myriad of little lights that covered his cardboard ceiling. Meanwhile, his brain took a little longer to reach the level of vigil of the rest of his body.


They were heading to Aldea.

Possibly most of the crew knew little about that system. After all, it was just a couple of footnotes in the records of the USS Enterprise-D. But the Lone Wolf knew much more. His uncle, Khorvan, had spent years visiting the system, making sure local authorities saw Klingons as their best allies. Of course he hadn't been the only person sent by the High Council for that purpose, but the Head of his House had always seemed especially interested in Mo'Kai's presence hovering over Aldea Prime. Khorin had never been too keen to inquire into the political manoeuvres that Drax and Khorvan were involved in, so he didn't know why it was so important to please the Aldeans. All that mattered was that he could find allies there. Apparently that seemed like an unexpected advantage for him, since it could allow him to sneak a message to the Homeworld or to Earth if he chose to do so. But after the brief conversation with his half-brother's crewman... Khorin was no longer so sure about it. Gorka was a wild card in all this and he knew from experience that his presence only meant trouble.

The Klingon rose slightly, pondering whether it would be wiser to show his affiliation openly or whether it would be better to hide it until heknow exactly how was the new map of alliances that was being written in the House. Had Gorka won the Chancellor's favour at the expense of their uncle and grandfather? Or had he allied with another House to remove Khorvan and his brood from the succession line? Was Drax an impartial observer of this whole internal battle, awaiting the triumph of the strongest of his descendants? Or did the old Head of the House have his confidence in one of the two sides? Why had Drax not conducted this internal war privately and let the rest of the Empire witness how they threw themselves into to the other's throat? That the issue had escalated so far said nothing good about the inner situation of Mo'Kai. His people were private, very different from his self. That that information had reached the low-grade grunt that had transmitted it to him was... disturbing.

Khorin crawled out of the cardboard structure he had built barely a few hours ago and headed for to the replicator. His line of thought had come to a conclusion that he didn't like. Even less now knowing the instability of his House. As he entered the data of the object he wished into the replicator, Ives' voice untangled the changes among the senior officers. The pilot only paid attention to note that the Alpha Wolf was still Thomas Ravon. He had tried to contact him unsuccessfully throughout the day and had feared that the human had died, leaving the department headless. Khorin ignored the rest of the changes, he would take a look at the new organization chart the next day. Officially, he was still on sick leave, so he would have a lot of free time to waste.

With the usual hiss and glowing swirling, the replicator created what he had requested. A large, heavy brooch of ancient design. Meony had once told him that it looked like an angry 'Y'. One that was created exclusively to have as many sharp edges and angles as possible. A letter that seemed willing to jump at your throat and murder you because he was offended by your presence. But among the Klingons it meant that its bearer belonged to the direct line of the Head of the House Mo'Kai. It was either a safe-conduct or a problem, depending on how the situation among his people was. But if he could abuse the influence of his House among the KDF to protect Zephyr... he would use it.

[ Lt. JG Izar Bila | Xenobiology, Synthetics & Cybernetics Lab | Deck 17 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]

Bila looked up from his microscope when the captain's voice began to sound through the speakers. It was the first time he had heard him. The information he dispached was concise and would surely be very useful to his crew. And surely for the chemist as well. But not at that moment. At that time he just wanted to focus on trying to extract as much information as he could from those nanites he had taken from Lorad bloostream.

He looked away from the device only for a moment, to program the padd resting on his left. Once the padd began to record the captain's voice, he concentrated on his work again, ignoring the voice completely. He had a lot to do.

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Razor Ravon | Thomas Ravon's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @The Ostrich  @FollowTomorrow @Revan @Griff  @patches @Triage  @SummerDawn  @Numen  @Doc M. @Masorin @Stegro88 @Fife @Auctor Lucan @Havenborn @Iron Ferrox

Listening to the captain's call in his quarters as he was looking through a final report of the Battle of the Apertures, Thomas deemed it to be a good time to address his pilots after the transmission. He waited and when the announcement was over he called out to the ship AI "Thea, can you put me on a channel to all Tac Conn pilots." a chirp came for confirmation and Thomas took in a deep breath as he began his own announcement.

"Lone wolves, this is your SCO speaking, Thomas Ravon. I expect you've all heard what the captain had to say and therefor we now have new mission orders. Starting effectively our squadron will start running six hour shifts when we dock at Aldea. Shifts will be around the clock starting from 00.00 hrs. This shift will be filled in by my flight. The next shift will start at 06.00 and will be performed by Havenborn's flight. Followed up at 12.00 by Renards' flight. To top it off Walton's flight will be conducting the last leg of the day starting at 18.00 hours. These missions will be primarily focused on patrol runs. There is a chance that as a token of good will, we will aid in Klingon or Aldean defense operations, though further info about these events will come when said information is available. I'm going to be pretty lenient towards your hours, if you want to change shift with another pilot, I'm okay with it, but I will be overlooking the operations. Each flight will consist out of the needed numbers to fly and I expect nothing less than on par behavior. Some flights and patrols might be adjusted pending medical clearance and duties. Any further questions can be asked to me privately. Enjoy your time here ladies and gentlemen, make the best of it yet don't lose your guard. The new squadron chart will be uploaded in the next few minutes so feel free to get acquainted with your new squad mates. Ravon out."

As the message had been sent, Thomas stood up and walked over to the viewport as he watched the stars whiz by while they were still at warp. He clenched his hand together as he walked back into his quarters and paced as he thought about what he could have for dinner at least.

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[ Tesserarius Lorad | Xenobiology, Synthetics & Cybernetics Lab | Deck 17 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ]

Lorad sat on the floor of the cell he was in. It had been his own choice to be placed in here. If something went wrong and he was assimilated sooner than he had planned, then the drone that he would become would be contained until he could be dealt with. In his hand, he held a PADD that he had been recording a message on incase he didn’t make; explaining everything that had happened since he had caused the explosion that damaged the Apache. He had included that too. He had only stopped to listen to the announcement broadcast to what he assumed was the entire ship.

“This Captain Ives seems like an honourable man,” Lorad thought once the announcement finished. “Would have been nice to meet him,” he noted before returning his attention to the PADD. Time was running out.

[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Personal Quarters | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Fife

“Thank you, Thea,” Donna said to the ship’s A.I. after she had given her Isel’s location and condition. She was supposed to be keeping an eye on the Vulpinian but Isel had not returned her requests to talk. So, this was the next best option. Moments earlier, she had finished listening to her new captain’s announcement and her mind was still processing it when she had received an additional message regarding the squadron’s role once they reached Aldea.

“Midnight to 0600,” Donna said to herself as she rested her head against the wall behind her. “Not the greatest shift but at least it will give me both time in the cockpit as well as a heal of free time. For whatever that was worth.”

She had still to meet with Captain Ives and the outcome of that meeting could change everything. Everywhere.

[ PO1 Mickayla MacGregor | Personal Quarters | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ]

Mickayala had returned to her room after speaking with her new Gorn roommate, Sithick. Despite being tired, Mickayla found herself unable to fall back asleep and so stood at her window, staring at the passing stars. Her mind abounded with thoughts and reactions but she stood frozen in place as her mind raced.

“Nothing I can do but wait and see,” Mickayla said to herself., her voice seeming to echo around the silent room. “I wonder what it would take for me to be able to avoid leaving the ship,” Mickayla wondered given the prospect of being around so many Klingons. Though she was now a full-blooded Klingon herself, Mickayla found that she had nothing in common with them at all.

[ Samala | Personal Quarters | Deck 08 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]

The water cascaded over her face, washing the blood and sweat from her skin as she listened to this Captain Ives tell everyone about what was happening and going to happen. Samala found herself not caring an ounce about what he was saying. She only cared about three things. Her brother being healed. Getting the Apache fixed and with a cloak. And getting off this ship. She could see no reason why they should stay. Starfleet just took what they wanted and didn’t care about the consequences.
Adjusting the settings, Samala increased the water’s force and temperature.

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[ Y’Lev | A'vura Zeshryr's Quarters | Deck 8 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]

Y’Lev had been lounged somewhat leisurely in appearance, across the small corner seating in the room, a Starfleet data slab containing as much information as he could scrounge from the personal logs about his supposed Sister laying discarded upon his chest. His new companion shared his relaxed appearance, seemingly far more content now that it had been freed from its confined little prison, comfortably roosting underneath a desk opposite him, curled up in its own fleshy wings and occasionally making a shallow chirping sound that presented as a soft clicking.

Whilst he had hardly been even the least bit keen on the idea of becoming the patron to a flying rodent his 'Sister' used to take care of, when the accursed Vulcan had first brought him to his dearest Sister’s quarters, the creature was now proving to be somewhat less infuriating then he had first thought. When he’d first let it out, famished and stir crazy, it had been a ballistic caconophy of unparalleled irritation. But it had apparently managed to rid the energy and aggitation out of its system since then, and following some food and a stretch of its fleshy wings, it seemed to be proving relatively docile.

It had also defecated on the Vulcan who had accompanied him, which in Y’Lev’s view, made the creature an ally.

It had also handily remained the same docile creature even when it was abruptly roused from its slumber by the speech that had been broadcast across the ship by the Captain…

The speech was mostly drivel, talking about where they were doing, what they would be doing to get there, who was in charge now… Lots of information that paled in comparison to the thoughts that the Orion was wrestling with in his own mind. Even distracting himself with diving into the personal logs of A’vura Zeshryr was related to the former, making sure that in the event that the worst were to happen, he could drain every ounce of leverage out of the deceased Orion woman for his alias…

It was only because of his obsession on the topic his mind was wracked with, that Y’Lev’s ears caught a key word mentioned in the drivel dripping down from the comms inside the room. Infested. The voice mentioned how the infested intended to use the Borg to further their agenda, how the Klingon High Chancellor had seen the infested first hand… Y’Lev gagged a little as the voice mentioned how the ship he was aboard was ‘a guiding light in the darkness’, but he’d already mostly returned to his own thoughts.

Linguistically speaking, one would be infested by parasites…

Y’Lev groaned to himself, sitting up from his lounged position and letting the data slate fall off of his chest and clatter down onto the floor, lazily walking over the the replicator to procure himself a bowl of something sweet. Assorted earth confections, a small plank of wood host to some assorted fruits from around the quadrant, nothing huge or overtly indulgent but enough to give his taste buds a little relief from the bitter taste of his own tortured thoughts. .

He slumped back on the seating corner, begrudgingly looking around the room and hellishly imagining what his life would become were he to decide that in order to prevent the Syndicate being alerted of the Parasites and tearing themselves apart in fear of them, or killing him for what they perceived to be false information, he had little choice but to remain aboard the Theurgy. He’d be forever trying to escape the rancid clutches of his obsessed Bovine, and forced to hold his tongue every time a Vulcan said that something was logical…

Y’Lev growled under his breath, glancing up to where the winged-rodent was roosting, realising that the only being on the ship he could be honest with was the creature bequeathed to him following the death of a dead Orion stranger whom he was pretending to be related to… Only to find the creature absent from its hang. His brow furrowed, before a great flapping sound caught his ears and something cold brushed against his face.

“Gah!” He exclaimed in panic, flinching and knocking half of the contents of the bowl of confectionary onto the seat beside him, feeling a heavy weight settle down and clamber upon his thigh, the winged rodent crawling its way over his lap like some form of deformed, giant spider, using its folded wings and little claws as hands to scuttle itself forward. “Accursed creature…” Y’Lev huffed, his heart pounding from the shock of being assaulted by the beast, watching it dive its head into some of the fruit he had replicated and heaving up a hefty nibble to indulge itself upn.

It turned to him curiously as it ate, fruit juices running along its little snout, its large dark eyes staring deep into the Orion as it made little munching noises accompanied by the sound of squelching fruit.

“Thief…” He softly called it, looking into its eyes with a furrowed brow. It wasn’t actually so monstrous as it had first appeared, its sweet little snout and clean fur, especially with a little dribble of fruit juice running down from its jaw. Perhaps it could even be considered ‘cute’. Y’Lev scoffed a little, taking a dark black morsel remaining in his bowl into his mouth, but didn’t halt his smile, as he moved his dextrous green fingers up to gently caress the fur upon its head, leaning back on the sofa carefully as to not dislodge the creature.

It continued to dive down to snatch morsels of food from his plate, just as Y'Lev sucked upon the bitter-sweet, earthy confection he had selected. The difference between the rodent and the Orion was that between mouthfuls, the rodent thanked Y’Lev for his attention with short squeaking ticks that the Orion couldn’t help but feel soothed by, his green fingers finding a significant pleasure a the feeling of the exquisitely soft fur against his digits.

Perhaps the worst case scenario, wouldn’t be so bad after all…
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[ Maya | Junior Officer’s Quarters| Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

"…I take great pride in being your Commanding Officer, for you have endured like others might not. Know how this could not have been possible without you. Billions of lives spared, Klingons already singing about the Battle of the Apertures in their and our honour alike. This is the beginning of the end, when the Infested are finally exposed. Thank you... and rest well, knowing you made the difference. Ives, out."

In her personal quarters on Deck 10, Maya welcomed the distraction from what was quickly becoming a pointless exercise.  Mourning the loss of Lahkesis Saugn in a private ceremony was an empty gesture, just as it had been for Nurse Maal, Hayden O’Connor, Amikris Neotin, and so many others.  Yet Maya had left her home planet of Vulcan over two centuries ago in order to feel emotions that were truly hers, and not those that she experienced due to her telepathic abilities.  Unfortunately, the training and discipline she had undergone in order to operate in the necessary but traumatic duty of sexual surrogate for Vulcans suffering from the blood madness, or the ponn farr as it was called in the Vulcan language, had left Maya’s mesiofrontal cortex as overdeveloped as her telepathic abilities.  The more intensely she felt an emotion, the more her Vulcan brain suppressed it, giving Maya a seeming mastery of her feelings that was the result of a specific kind of post-traumatic stress disorder rather than mental discipline.  No matter which ceremonial robe she wore, no matter how many candles she lit, no matter how many times she looked at the holographic image of the slender pink haired innocent, she could not shed a single tear.  The ceremony was unfulfilling, not at all like the movies she had watched aboard the NX-class starship Discovery over two centuries ago.

As she listened to the captain’s announcement, Maya attempted a small smile.  No longer was the Theurgy alone in the universe, the Klingon Empire was aware of the threat, and there was no way they were going to keep it a secret.  Once the truth became known, Starfleet officers would rebel against their superiors in droves, providing endless obstacles for the evil parasites controlling the Infested.  Unfortunately this would make the silent war for the Federation’s soul loud and bloody, but it couldn’t be helped.  In the meantime, the logical course of action would be to adopt the warrior mentality of the Klingons.  Qapla'!

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[ Ensign Mektari Dumral | Mektari Dumral’s Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ]
The doors to her quarters had closed with a soft hum, smothering the dull echoes of the corridor and all of the sounds of a working ship beyond. The reassuringly confident smile that seemed omnipresent on her pretty features slipped away, transforming into a forlorn frown as her eyes closed and the Cardassian sagged, letting her weight fall against the inside of the door.

Slowly, a series of ragged breaths gave way to long deep inhalations as Mektari came to some sense of balance. The isolation allowed her to fully bear the weight of her situation openly, at last. The twists of fortune that had come to bear over the course of the last few days had left a mark on all of those aboard the Theurgy, and despite what face she chose to wear before her peers, Mektari was no less touched by the caprice of fate.

That she and so many others had survived the Borg attack upon the USS Cayuga had been against the odds, only to face them once again upon the USS Theurgy. The simple fact of their continued survival bordered upon the miraculous. But a good Cardassian didn’t believe in luck. Talent, opportunity and a will to endure coupled with the training she had undertaken had factored in her favour. It felt like luck all the same.

Slowly, Mektari opened her eyes and regarded her new quarters, noting the bare spaces and anonymity of the decor; A wandering thought turned to the question of who had been the previous occupant of this space prior to her reassignment, though the lack of particular scents or disturbance led Mektari to conclude that she was not claiming the quarters of the recently departed.

Too bright, though, she considered, Too cold.

“Computer, Reduce the luminosity to 80% of standard, increase the temperature to 30°C, if I’m living here I want to be warm.” She spoke aloud, relaxing a little as the lights dimmed.

The Cardassian willed herself to rise from the doorway once again with a sigh, feeling weary muscles argue with the notion and yet pushing on regardless. She walked toward the work station set to her right and ran a hand over the control surfaces, hesitating over the familiar controls as she considered her personal log. What could she say, all of that death, all of the changes, who would even read them now?

I need to forget; At least for a little while. I need to be clean.

The Ensign turned toward the washroom, unzipping her uniform jacket and undershirt, shrugging off the first before tugging the undershirt over her head and discarding both garments onto the bed as she passed. Mektari reached up to untie her hair from its tight bun when the alert signalled an incoming broadcast, and she paused to listen to the Captain’s voice as he started to address the crew.

The news had been positive in spirit; The Klingons would be their allies, Aldea would be an opportunity to recover some of their strength and to regroup. A chance to come to terms with the changes for the displaced and to mourn the passing of late colleagues.

As the Captain’s words continued to flow from the comms system Mektari resumed undressing before the washroom mirror and listening to the formal announcements of the new senior command assignments. The names, ranks and positions were familiar enough now, although Mektari had no real experience of the individuals on the whole. None of the names mentioned had come from the Cayuga, which was unsurprising as little more than a handful of officers had been stranded aboard Theurgy.

She pursed her lips as she looked into her reflection’s dark eyes and wondered again about the fate of her crew, and her Captain. The sudden change in Jien Ives voice as she assumed her female form brought Mektari back to focus upon her new CO’s words. The fluid nature of Ives species would be just another factor the Cardassian would become accustomed to in time, though the effect remained novel for now.

Ives’ next remarks bore the weight of loss and responsibility, but the message of change and hope was present there too. As her words went on, Mektari found herself standing a little straighter, her chin raising again and assuming the hints of the smile returning to her lips. It was beholden of everyone to embody that same hope, for the sake of each other.

And they had made a difference.

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Lt. JG Devyrie Okhala | Dev's Quarters | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ]

Devyrie stepped into her quarters, hearing the doors hiss shut behind her and leaned back against them. Closing her eyes she let out a long sigh, It had been eight hours since she had arrived back on the Theurgy and during that time she had had to deal with the whole Drake situation and get a medical checkup, which she had somewhat not wanted to do. Instead wanting to not think about anything that had happened or have to talk about it either. However she pilot also knew that there was no way any of the medical staff would let her get away with that.

After being scanned, poked and prodded by the medical staff, during which Dev had too constantly tell herself that it was okay and these were her people, they only wanted to make sure that she was okay and that they weren't like the Savi planning to hurt her or experiment on her. Somehow she had avoided having a panic attack during the whole thing so that was good. When the Doctor examining her ask her about what had happened to her, the Wolf had essentially listed off all of things she could remember in an emotionless tone. The tests revealed that despite having her Romulan genetics removed, she was physically fine, a perfectly healthy Human. Yet she wasn't Human, she was part Romulan and even though she wasn't physically one anymore and biologically her heart was no longer Romulan she would never forget that.

Oh she had been told about the Savi Android that they had been given and was how it was capable of restoring her to her former self but there was no fucking way that she was going to let that or any other thing related to the Savi anywhere near her ever again, not after what they had done to her, even if that meant she would remain a Human for the rest of her days.  Beyond her genetic alteration, they had used a dermal regenerator to patch up the cuts and bruises that she had amassed during their ordeal, which was a small thing as well as checking her to see if there were any after effects of her sexual assault at the hands of the Ovri. Luckily she had not contracted any infections nor was she pregnant as far as they could tell which was eternally grateful for but they had still given her a concoction of medicines just to be on the safe side. While she had yet to give much thought to the idea of having children one day, that was certainly not the way she would want to conceive one. A small shudder ran through her at the thought a memory of that experience, causing her to shake her head in an attempt to banish those thoughts from her mind.

After they had given her a clean bill of health physically she was encouraged to talk to one of the ships counsellors which Dev had expected and while she didn't know what any of them could do or say that could help with the whole missing half her genetic makeup thing she knew they were probably right and she may very well see one eventually, but in the moment all she wanted to do was retreat to her quarters and hide from the galaxy for a while.

Opening her eyes, Dev looked around the room. Standard Starfleet layout and everything was the way she had left it, she was home and back on the much more relatively safe in comparison ship. Stepping away from the door she made her way into the bathroom, removing her clothing as she went, tossing everything onto the bed. Inside the small room she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. It was the first time she had truly seen herself as a Human and leaned in a little closer, running her hand across her now smooth forehead. The lack of her ridges both an odd physical and visual sensation. While she still looked somewhat like herself, she also looked like a completely different person at the same time. It made her think that while fully clothed only her hair would identify her at a quick glance or from a distance, with her tattoo being the only other physical thing that would identify her but she'd have to be topless for that and the pilot highly doubted she would be in that position with another person for a very long time after that.

After taking several minutes to study herself in the mirror she stepped into the shower and ran the hot water, taking the time to let the water cascade down over her body, feeling some of the drops trickling down her body. Leaning forward and resting her head against the wall, her mind flashed images of everything that had transpired on the Versant. Everything from waking up on the ship and being asked to choose, to the Ovri and finding Lau only to witness her end and the battle with the Borg, all of it flashing by so fast she had failed to notice that her whole body was shaking and her hands were balled into fists until she let out a scream and started hitting the wall, over and over again until she slid down the wall into a sitting position.

Pulling her legs up to her chest, she wrapped her arms around her knees, buried her head into them and cried. All the heartache, the fear, the pain that had built up during that time that she had been containing now finally being allowed to come out. Devyrie wasn't sure how long she spent like that as the water fell around her but eventually she had cried herself out and slowly pushed herself to her feet.  Stepping out of the shower, she avoided looking in the mirror as she walked by it and out into her quarters. Retrieving two towels she used one to dry herself off, wrapping it around her waist when she was done and used the other to dry her long hair, eventually wrapping that around her head to contain the white mass.

Her hands ached and were a little red from her assault on the shower wall but they were not bleeding and she could move everything so evidently she hadn't broken anything it seemed. Eventually she stood up and and grabbed a tank top, a pair of sweat pants and socks to wear before sitting back down again. She wasn't really sure what to do with herself but before she could think about it her door chime sounded.

She wasn't really up to company but given everything that had happened, it wouldn't surprise her if one of the counsellor's was coming to check up on her. In the back of her mind she wondered if maybe it was Alessia coming to see her, which while a part of her would have liked another part of her wasn't sure she wanted to deal with that either.

Standing up she walked over to the door and hit the button to open it, seeing a very familiar face standing there.

"D!" Vinnie exclaimed happily before practically launching himself at her, her friend and RIO clearly happy to see her again. "I'm so glad you're back." he said giving her a hug.

While feeling a little uncomfortable being touched, the memories of what the Ovri had done flashing through her mind again, she ignored the feeling and actually felt herself smile slightly as she hugged him back. "It's good to be back, I'm so happy to see you too and that you made it in one piece after I was beamed away." she managed to say.

Vinnie chuckled "It was touch and go there for a while, I won't lie but yeah I made it. he said before breaking the hug and stepping away from her a few steps, almost bumping into the now closed door behind him. "Fun fact, Valravn's... not easy to fly from back there." he grinned before noticing the distinct lack of Ridges on his friend's head. He had heard talk of what those who had been taken had been through, but he never would have imagined it to be what they had said, and yet standing here now before his now completely Human friend clearly it was as bad as people had said.

"I can imagine, why do you think I fly it from the front?" she replied, noticing how Vinnie was looking at her, her RIO no doubt having spotted her new features...or more accurately lack of them. "Speaking of our bird how is she?" she asked trying to delay whatever Vinnie would say about her change.

Vinnie knew immediately that Dev had caught him look at her and felt a little bad about it, whatever she had gone through it was highly likely that she didn't want to talk about, which he supposed he could understand and when she asked about their Valravn he easily accepted the distraction. "She got a little banged up, lost a wing and then uh I had to ETS out of there and she well...she blew up." he muttered.

Dev nodded and arched an eyebrow "She blew up?" she replied and then smiled slightly "She lost a wing and blew up? Really Vinnie, I leave you alone with her one time and you lose her?"

Vinnie couldn't help but laugh "Hey I did my best alright, besides at least now you know not to leave me alone with one, as I'm sure we'll get another bird from somewhere....maybe. After that I flew as Alessia's RIO but I imagine now that you're back I'll be back with you....better be, I mean I like Alessia but we're a team." he countered. A long silence passing over them after that until he spoke again. "I know this is a stupid question but how are you doing?"

Dev looked at him and smiled at his words at least before the question. She knew it was coming and that Vinnie cared a lot about her, just as she did for him and owed him an answer. "Honestly I don't know. I'm angry, I'm sad, I'm scared, many things and I don't really want to talk about it right now, I just want to curl up in bed and sleep for a while." she answered.

Vinnie nodded and reached out, giving her shoulder a gentle squeeze "Okay I get that, really and if or when you want to talk you know I'll listen." he replied before taking a few steps towards the door. "If you need me you know where to find me."

Dev smiled and nodded, of course Vinnie would be Vinnie and she probably would talk to him at some point but not right now. "I know, thanks Vinnie." she replied as the doors opened to let him out.

"Anytime." the human replied before turning back to look at her "...for what it's worth, ridges or no ridges you're still you. Welcome home D." he smiled just before the doors hissed shut.

Dev stood there in silence for a moment, her hand instinctually moving up to her forehead, feeling the smoothness there again before smiling slightly at Vinnie's words before heading over to her bed and laying down. Perhaps he was right even if she didn't feel like herself at the moment, hopefully one day she would even if she didn't physically look like her old self anymore. Closing her eyes the Wolf fell asleep almost immediately.


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[Ensign Nathaniel Isley  | Isley's Quarters | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] 

It had been a long few hours since they had all returned to the Theurgy and after all the fighting Nathan was exhausted, all he wanted to do was get back to his quarters and sleep for several days. Whatever else needed doing could wait, but no. There were medical tests and check ups and while he understood the fact the medical staff were just looking out for him he just wanted to sleep.

It didn't help matters that his new alterations and the stronger emotions that came with them were so new to him as it took a lot of strength to not snap at them all and storm out of Sickbay. Evidently he was far more cranky when tired now as well it seemed. Still he managed to suppress all of that and let the doctor's give him the once over. Apparently he was a perfectly healthy Romulan.

That was another thing entirely he would have to deal with. Romulan. All this time his mother had lied to him. Pretended to be a Vulcan, pretended that he was half Vulcan, going so far as too genetically alter him to hide the fact as well. Those thoughts repeated in his mind all the way back to his quarters, making him angrier and angrier with every step. Even worse was the fact that he couldn't even communicate with her and get answers.

Entering his quarters he probably would have trashed the entire place if he'd had the energy to do so but he was barely standing by this point. Staggering over to the bed, he let himself fall face first onto it and was asleep before he could even think about it.

He wasn't sure how long he had been out for but Ives' voice seemed to be in his head and had pulled him out of his slumber. At first he thought he had been dreaming but eventually he realised that the Captain's voice was coming through the Comm System. It took more effort than he would have liked to listen to what Ives had to say. At least it sounded as though the Captain was doing better. A shudder ran though him at the memory of hir covered in all that blood. For a moment he wondered if it would have been less of a disturbing sight if Ives had been in his male form or not. The fact that the times they had been together the Captain had been in her female form and that was how she had been with all that blood had made things...he shook his head to push those kinds of thoughts away. They'd made it, that was the main thing and honestly he was too tired to think too much on it.

Somehow he managed to listen to all of the Captain's message and was somewhat fascinated that despite everything Ives had been through, the Captain had taken charge, gotten them home and managed to give an inspirational speech at the end of it all. That was a true leader there. Unfortunately that would be the last thought he would have before passing out again for some much needed rest.

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PO Dyan Cardamone | Dyan's Quarters | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ]
It had been one hell of a day! Dyan thought as she stripped off her uniform, much blood had been spilled, fights had been had and she had emerged victorious in all of them! They all had technically but she was far too focused on her own victories at the moment to care about the others. 

Now down to her underwear, she padded across her tiny quarters and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She was caked in blood and what looked like some kind of oil or something from the many Borg she had carved up during the battle and the sight caused her to smile brightly at the sight, her tail swinging happily behind her. The smile was almost disturbing one to most people she was sure, but not to her. She was a warrior and this was a good thing to see after such a battle.

That being said however, she wasn't going to sleep with this crap on her either. After all she had the memories to remind her of this day. Removing her bra and panties, she padded her way across the room and stepped into the shower, turning the water on and enjoying the feel of the warm water flowing over her.

Over the ships intercom, Captain Ives started speaking, addressing the crew and started talking about how they were en route to Aldea and blah blah blah, she'd already read the briefing that had been given out to the Security Department earlier that day so she wasn't exactly hearing anything new, nor was there anything she could do while they were en route, unless of course their enemies had managed to pursue them, which she wouldn't have been opposed to, she certainly had a lot more fight left in her if they wanted to try, she would gladly carve more of them up in a nano-second if given the opportunity.

Lost in her thoughts, she only barely registered what Ives was saying as her mind was a mix of thoughts on what she would do to any attackers that boarded them now as well as replying the fights she had had. Somewhere a little deeper in the back of her mind were thoughts of her family that she had lost but she pushed those deeper down for now, she wanted to enjoy her thoughts, the good ones for now.

She hadn't really noticed at first that she was feeling quite aroused, nor did she pay much attention to if she was simply aroused from washing herself or the thoughts of all the blood she had shed that day, although it was more than likely a bit of both but she was indeed worked up. For a brief moment she considered going on the hunt to find a partner, surely there would be somebody on the ship down for a victory fuck? Especially with her, sexy bitch that she was. Who wouldn't want to experience the thrill and joys of her and the pleasure she could bring?

Somewhere deep, deep down in her mind, buried under all the anger, hatred and rage the older, calmer version of herself from before the galaxy had decided to royally fuck her over and destroy everything in her life told her that anybody with even half an ounce of sanity would reject her if they knew what was good for them. As far as the version of herself currently in control of her body was concerned when it came to hearing that other voice however, that voice was so quiet it might as well have been whispered by some poor bastard stranded in the middle of the desert on an uninhabited planet.

Not hearing her inner voice at all beneath all of the hurt, anger, hatred and in the very moment arousal Dyan decided to forgo the hunt, while a partner would have been a little more fun, she didn't need anybody to satisfy her as her hands continued to explore and play beneath the water until she reached her peak.

Exiting the stall once she was done and drying herself off, Ives' speech long since done and forgotten Dyan collapsed on her bed feeling very satisfied, a smile on her face. Yes today had indeed been a great day and while it was still relatively early in the evening, she had no objections about calling it a night. After all the sooner the day came the sooner that might be more opportunities to fuck, fight or both. Of which she would be more than up for either.


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Lt JG Zelosa Ejek | Zelosa's Quarters | Deck 7 | USS Theurgy ]

It had been a long day. Correction; it had been a long few days and Zelosa knew that the upcoming days were going to be equally as long as more and more people started flooding the Counselling Department wanting to speak about all that had happened, not that she could blame them. That was doubly true for those who had returned from the Versant. She hadn't gotten the full story about what had transpired on the ship, but she had heard enough, about the experiments and genetic tampering that some had had to endure.

At the thought, her body shuddered. She couldn't imagine what going through that would be like and the idea of somebody ripping out her Cardassian blood and altering her appearance to be something else equally disgusted and terrified her. Zelosa knew that she wouldn't be able to cope with that and would need some serious therapy to deal with it, luckily she had managed to avoid such a fate. However with that thought came the realisation that those people would be coming to her to talk about those issues and look to her to help guide them through the recovery process. How in the Spirits was she going to do that?

Making her way over to her personal terminal she started searching for any topics that even remotely came close to such experiences in every psychological database she could think of that the Theurgy had access to and started reading through them. She had read through several articles by the time Captain Ives had started speaking over the ship's PA system.

The counsellor listened as the Captain spoke about Aldea and it's history with the Klingons after the Dominion War and the briefing that departments had gotten before updating everybody on who the new Department Heads were. At the mention of Hathev's name as the new head of the Department she couldn't help but feel a tiny bit bitter about having lost the position that she had briefly held for someone before shaking her head and dismissing it. It had happened and what was done was done, no point crying over spilt milk to quote an old Human expression.

Turning her thoughts to their current destination, she felt somewhat relieved. Some down time was just what everybody needed and by the sounds of it there would be plenty of time for some R&R, something she was no doubt going to be scheduling for many of her patients over the coming weeks. Perhaps she might even take a little herself once things had settled down somewhat.

For now however, she still had some reading to do. Returning her attention to her computer terminal, she spent the next several hours reading various articles, psychological journals until she couldn't fight her eyelids anymore and retreated to her bed. It wouldn't do anybody any good if she dozed off during her sessions after all, not to mention highly unprofessional and that was something that she simply would not allow. Hopefully what she had read up on, and would no doubt continue to read up on over the next several days would help her clients and if so then a little lack of sleep would be worth it.


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