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EPISODE 01: Outbreak [Chapter 06 - Deterioration]

EPISODE 01: Outbreak [Chapter 06 - Deterioration]

"The health of the mind is not less uncertain than that of the body, and when passions seem furthest removed we are no less in danger of infection than of falling ill when we are well."
~ François de la Rochefoucauld (French classical author, 1613-1680)

[Deck 02 | Senior Officer Quarters]

Stepping out into the corridors of the Senior Officer Quarters, everything was silent around them. No one in sight. Yet to some - those in the group that had keen hearing - the noises and cries of carnal delight could be heard from beyond some of the doors they passed by. There was little time to spare, for should they wait for Lt. Stark to open them all they would invite disaster, since Ida and Cir'Cie had promised that they would be coming for the Senior Staff. For with each door opened and phasers fired upon the hidden lovers, they would chance that there would be more than two of them inside - a risk not ventured with a party as small as theirs.

They had left mere four Security guards of Greysons' on Deck 01 to defend it, but they needed the one that was carrying the syringes should they make it through this. Jien had a feeling that with only four uninfected left behind, the puppeteered Ship AI hologram was more than enough to disable them.  Yet there had been little choice but to let them fend for themselves and try as best they might to carry out their duty in protecting the Main Bridge.

"This way," he said under his breath and looked before he turned a corner, phaser held low in a double-handed grip. As they headed for 'Commander Rez's quarters, Jien could not help but think about the odds of failure, and how any of the doors on either side could open at any time. Fear is courage once it has said its prayers. The words on their plaque almost seemed mocking right then.

[This is Ida, mmmmhhhh... Can everyone please hear me out?] came the familiar voice that suddenly screamed out of the speakers down both ends of the corridor. [I know that I am distracting you all, and I am soooo sorry for that. I am actually enjoying a flight technician between my legs right of this moment so do not think I don't sympathise with your needs right now.]

Jien gritted his teeth and motioned for everyone to to speed up. With the clamour, they would be able to move quickly without being heard.

[I think we can all agree that its so... nnnggghhh.... marvellous to cast off our duties and focus on the pleasures in life; to not be bound by the restrictions of society and Starfleet any more. Yet there are some who... still have not come to taste true happiness, and it would be such a shame if any of our friends missed out on this feeling of being perfect, and feeling... ah! ...perfect bliss.]

"This way," said Jien and ducked around another corner, finding a Tactical Officer grinding himself into the cunt of a delirious nurse - slamming her up against the wall with each thrust. Wasting no time, Jien shot them both in turn so that they went slack and fell down upon the floor. He motioned for someone behind him to give them the antidote as they passed by the bodies. "Move it."

[Why don't we make sure everyone feels what we feel? In fact, the Senior Staff is entirely oblivious to what they are missing out on... mmmh... and they are running away! Like rats in a maze they scurry across Deck 02 and wish to take this away from us. Anyone of you on Deck 02? They hare heading towards the aft, so quick,, AAHH! ...look outside and make them understand...]

In the distance, they began to hear the sounds of sliding doors hissing open, and Jien cursed to himself. "Lt. Stark, kill the intercom!" Keeping his phaser raised, he rushed on - eyes along the sights and finger on the trigger. Courage is fear... Courage is fear...

[Oh, and another thing... Mmmhhh...Any fighter pilots out there? Hard and tough Tactical Conn? Or anyone with flight experience in shuttles..? This ship is damaged and poor, so slow and so far away from the Federation forces. Why don't all of you fly off... nnnngghhh... and bring the whole of Starfleet here? Or whatever.. you know? Find a starbase or a planet... Don't you all feel the... tug to broaden our horizons beyond this sorry little ship? Go to the hangar... Spread yourselves... Spread the calling...]

Too late... thought Jien as he repeated his order to Lt. Stark. His words were fervent, yet the cold dread overshadowed his ire. It is too late now.

They rounded the last corner and faced a coiling, writhing heap of bodies blocking their path, all of them panting and gasping. It was like a monster of collected limbs and body fluids, and several faces turned their way - all smiling and moaning. Some were even crying in happiness. Jien knew the names of most of them. He bared his teeth and growled like an animal as he began firing his phaser - stinging the beast and making it collapse and lash out towards them. Others than him were firing too, he realised. Not on the orgy but upon infected that had come out of the doors behind them.

[Cir'Cie,] said Ida next over the intercom, [I know you are working in our new Garden of Eden, but could you ask those there in Engineering to raise the temperature all over the ship? I don't... nnnngghhhhhhh.... think I am the only one that feel we need more heat with these new bodies of ours. I really liked the climate down there on the planet surface... Thanks my sweet... Ida... mmmhh.... out...]

Perhaps its not too late, he kept telling himself, perhaps in vain, as he at last dropped the aim of his phaser - every infected before him laying still. They seemed to be in the clear for the immediate moment so he rounded on the Senior Staff with a scowl carved over his face.

"We need to split up right now," said the Captain to his followers, not even taking an inventory as to how many of them was still there, "Lt. Isley, I need you to follow me to the closest Transporter room. We need to get to the Flight Hangar right away. Lt. Stark, you come with us and make sure we can get the Transporter working for us. Amatras and Arcorn, we might need your help on the way too."

Jien then turned to Dr. Nicander and Lt. Commander Greyson. "Medical and Security, head for Edena Rez' quarters and wake her up. Defend your position there until the Transporter comes online and we come to get you. If we have not beamed you out of there in twenty minutes, you need to try and reach the back door through the Jefferies tubes. First priority is to stop anyone that tries to leave via shuttle or fighter, but the back door is the way we can thwart the threat inside the ship. No time for questions, just go!"

And Jien watched the CMO and the Chief of Security rushing off with Jovela, Garen Nelis and those from Security. He did not consider whether the Ash'reem daughter was with them or not, for he had already taken off with the others towards the closest way down to the section of the Theurgy that had been the most damaged during the chase across the Alpha Quadrant. Yet beyond the riven and torn bottleneck of Decks 03 and 04 lay Deck 05, where the Transporter Rooms might help them reach the Flight Hangar.

It was unspoken, but Isley's previous words probably echoed in all their minds. The Junior Lieutenant might be the only one that could save the Galaxy, be it either through shooting down their infected crew over Niga's stratoshphere... or targeting the Theurgy's Warp Core from outside.

OOC: If you feel at a loss and want help with what to write next with your characters given the above development, or if you wonder where or how your new characters should show up, drop me a PM and I'll give you my own suggestions. Still, your own initiatives are more than welcome, so let your imagination run wild!

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Amatras, Amikris and Arcorn began firing their phasers onto the infected crew members with precise shots.  The parents firing first and then Amikris firing well their phasers recharged for the next round.  Each shot bringing down another infected crew member with rapid sucession.  Shots were fired at key members, in the mass as to delay the onset of the horde itself, tripping and stumbling other members behind the initial group. 

As the assault ended the parents glanced to the captain to accept their orders before joining the captain in their advance toward the transporter room.  "Captain we need to shut Ida out of the system's security monitors...Possibly even shut down camera access entirely and black out the screens.  Otherwise our attempts are useless.  We'll be out menuvered and trapped just like a Ramaish in a shallow pond.  Remember we're the minority on the ship at this time."  Amatras emphisized as she made her way toward the transporter room with her husband. 

The two do not glance back at the other party heading for Rez's quarters.  So don't notice as Amikris slips into the Jeffery tubes, before disappearing she grabs a handful of syringes from their stockpile.   As steathly as she can, she touches her combadge and whispers. "Thea, please give me the exact location of Debuty Chief of Security  ThanIda ZhWann, Ensign Cir'Cie , and all other personel who were sent to the surface, within the last seventy two hours, who are exhibiting symthoms of this infection.  Request made under Medicial release of information, subclause of Federation protocals, and subroutine by Assistant Medical officer, Cadet Amikris Neotin." She hopes that she still has access to these files under the medical nescessity subclauses of Thea's programing. 


(A Ramaish is a deep sea fish native to the Ash'reem homeworld, about 7 feet in length, very fast, but not very agile.  Its primary defense is its resistance to pressure change, which allows it to dive rapidly, and discourage predators from following by diving below pressure zones.  Forcing a predator to run the risk of suffering bends like symthoms if they presue.)

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[Deck 02]

Picking up on the tandem shooting of the Ash'reem family, Isley saw it as a most valid strategy, and focused his fire elsewhere.  While they were taking care of key components of the wall of flesh shuffling towards them, he fired on those closer to the back, with the height and weight to pin down the others in front of them when they fell forward.  It made certain he wasn't firing on unnecessary targets, as the crew slowly whittled down the number of conscious infectees.  With that many taken out, a mass injection of the cure could help to start swinging the numbers in their favor, but it wasn't without risk.

"If we cure these crew, they'll still be left unconscious.  All it would take was one infected to come along and take advantage and undo all the work."  Nathan gave a fair assessment of the situation.  Was it worth curing anyone who couldn't be of use to them in the current time frame?  Once they had control of the ship back and could put forcefields in place, it would be easy to start administering the cure, but until then, were they risking not only the supply, but that the infection might grow some immunity to the cure if repeated infections were to occur?

At the order to follow Jien, Isley moved forward, knowing he might have to board one of the fighters and take off after the others if they were too late.  He was well versed with the weaknesses of the Valkyrie Fighters, and believed he could disable them without killing the pilot.  The only question on his mind was whether that would be a possibility, or if he would end up with no choice but to destroy the crafts, and end the lives of his former comrades for a greater good.

[Edena Rez's Quarters]

Though Edena was still sleeping off the effects of the cure, Jona Rez had taken control of her body, and was using it to prepare.  His first task was to map out the best route to the backdoor program he had installed on deck sixteen, near the Emergency Warp Core Jettison Control.  It was positioned within the jefferies tubes, providing little room for navigation, but also meant a bottleneck of infected should they pursue.  Hell, one could block the tubes by using a stun setting on just a few of them. 

"Rez-Omega-Delta-Five," he whispered to himself, remembering the command to access the backdoor program.  At the same time, Jona grabbed a pair of phasers kept safely secured in Edena's quarters.  He had never trusted just one, as a brief recharge cycle could have been problematic in large numbers.  With two, he was able to alternate between them.  All that remained was for the rescue team to arrive.  He could join up with them and get moving towards their next destination.

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[Deck 02 | Jefferies Tubes | Senior Officer Quarters]

"Lt. Zh'Wann is in the Middle Computer Core area on Deck 06," said the disembodied voice of the Ship AI in the dimly lit confines that the Ash'reem hid in, the intercom voice perfectly rid of all emotions, "Ensign Cir'Cie is in Cargo Bay 09 on Deck 11. Lt. Gladstone, deceased, is in the Morgue in Main Sickbay on Deck 07..."

Then, there was a shimmer in the air and something materialised in the darkness. Blood-red glimmer heralded a hand that seized Amikris' throat - pushing her up against the wall. Both the victim and the attacker couldn't stand straight in the tight confines, but the projection of Thea could keep the Cadet in place whilst crouched down on one knee. Wearing her red body-suit, the hologram's face betrayed fear and concern, even though her actions didn't. The pressure upon the throat was not enough to suffocate the Ash'reem, but to allow Thea's other gloved hand to descend between Amkiris' legs - stroking insistently at the command of the infected computer scientists that held her virtual leach.

"...In fact," said Ida's voice through Thea's lips, "most of the people on board that worked with this ship's computer software was sent down first, and they are with me here at the computer core - eager to further our cause as long as another one of our rank... 'services' them where they sit or stand. It's working quite well, don't you think? Haha, did you not think that we would notice you contacting Thea? Oh my, this Pinkskin here sure does know how to treat a woman.. MMMhhhhhh..."

The red, gloved hand retreated only to slip inside Amikris' uniform trousers and the hem of her panties. The hologram mouthed the words "I'm sorry," around the voice of Ida's deep breaths.

OOC: I did not have time for the second part of this post (need to cook dinner for guests) where I would detail Lucan & Co. progress, but I will write at least one more post later tonight. Since WyteKnyte has said he will be returning, he might even beat me to it. We'll see. As of now, only MasterRat and Ascornfilm are unaccounted for in regards to the old RP-group.

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Amikris ignores the hologram's assault for now as her eyes drifted across the jefferies tube's interior. Surveying it for the projectors that were allowing the force field to be generated to keep her in place. "I'm surprised you don't check your scans before you attack someone.  Afterall, you should know full well that I was infected yesterday, by Lt Gladstone." She says calmly, spreading her legs slightly to give better access for the hologram not seeming to mind the attention to much, expect perhaps the hand on her throat.

"Given, I'm more prone to wanting something other then a force field touching me.  To say that my kind don't react as much to stimulation in this manner is an understatement.  We're communal organisms, not solitary ones.  A tongue....or cock is preferable to a imaginary hand." She bluffs as she's held against the wall. "Why don't you let me come visit you at the core?  I'd much rather have this discussion face to face, especially with so much at stake."

She was glad her goggles protected her vision, and that english wasn't her native language, which made controling the tone a bit easier then it would have been if she spoke the language native to her species.  The thick blackened goggles covering her eyes making it all but imposible to actually see the look in her iris as she stared at the hologram confidently.   The fact that the deputy security cheif likely had additional personel would complicate her plan but blood was already on her hands, and it wouldn't be imposible for her to subdue some of the infected if she could get to her target.  It was far more important she completed her own personal mission then that she survive the encounter anyways.

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While her injuries were mostly healed, and now it no longer pained her to work on the console she'd grabbed from the Captains ready room, they were stiff. Her strokes were not nearly as fast as she would like, given the dire situation they fall found themselves in. Adding on all the conversation around her, as they finally sipped into the second deck, and it was safe to say that the Ops officer was not nearly as precise as she might otherwise be. Natalie was ashamed to admit she had spent the first part of the sudden firefight huddled behind the others, desperately tying to shut down the comm, focusing on it, and it alone. It had taken far too long, even after the fight had ended, and she had fallen in with the Captain, the fighter pilot and the Neotins, before a sudden tale tell dial tone static hissed over the comm's, if only momentarily.

"Wait" Natalie said, holding up a hand, and sagging against a nearby support column. Having already lost her jacket from earlier, the younger woman rolled up the sleeves on her yellow orange shirt, panting a bit. "If...If I'm going to strip the security system I need to physically tie in. There's a junction here, behind the column" She murmurs, keeping her voice low, even as its sounds breathless. She looked down the corridor, noting the lack of pursuit.

Without really waiting for a response from anyone, knowing that every second they were stopped was a second the enemy - Enemy? The rest of the crew. You're crew mates, your...well, not friends really but the -- FOCUS - the enemy could catch up. With her bare hands, she pops open the access panel, and twists her fingers up and around. With a look of intense concentration, and mild discomfort, Natalie twists her hands. Behind them, a force field snaps into place. "I really didn't think that would work" She mutters, mostly to herself, s she pulls down a set of interface wires from the panel, and hooks it into the console she'd 'borrowed' on the captains orders.

Sparing a moment to glance at the others "That wont stay up for long, but it should help," she whispers, watching as the display on the portable computer shifted. Swearing a bit, very out of character, under her breath, the brunette begins typing away, fast as her fingers are able. A small vein near her temple seems to pulse, the only physical sign of how intensely she's concentrating. If one of the others were to speak to her, she probably wouldn't even hear them.

I hate security interfaces. Always have to make the layout hard to understand. 'Protocol' and 'anti-intruder detection systems' she thinks, before frowning. She recognized her own firewall's that had been thrown in place around a few subsystems, but could also see the handy work of some of the others. The frown increases the more she tries to poke at the firewall. "triple redundant adaptation algorithm" she mutters under her breath, physically tilting the console to one side. Grunting, she tries bypassing through minor systems, eventually getting where she wants, as a bead of sweat slides down the back of her neck.

Unsure of how much time has passed, Natalie flicks the preverbal switch. All over the ship, any monitoring substation goes down, replaced with static. Each camera flutters, then winks out, and a series of specialized microphones fizzle. As do most of the lights on all the decks, at least briefly. Sagging back against the column, the young woman looks up and grins, sheepishly. "Sorry about the lights. I tried to lock down the environmental controls as well but...all I could do was cause the flicker. Security monitoring is disabled, sir"

ooc: as always, if this needs tweaking, let me know

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[Lin Kae's Quarters]

When the chaos began, Kae was already in his quarters.  He wasn't the type to interact with organics, leaving him easily missed among the crew.  Still, he had become more then aware of what was happening beyond his door, how heavily encrypted with intention to keep himself from infection.  How he hated that word, infection.  He spent the first fourteen years of his life living in a sterile environment, waiting for the day his immune system would finally begin to function as it was meant to.  He never knew if the defect came from his human or his Bajoran side, or if it was a mixture of both.  All he knew was that the only people he could interact with for many years were holographic in nature.

Most of the crew had lost their access when the infected began their aggressive takeover of the ship.  Kae had managed to save only the smallest piece of his own authorization by sacrificing the rest.  He revoked all of his other access to make himself all but invisible from one key system, the AI control for Thea, the ship's command hologram.  Some might call her the living heart of the ship, it's avatar.  She was the very reason he transferred to the Theurgy, having heard she was to be the most advanced AI devised by the Federation yet.  He wanted to work on her, to study her, but before that, he had to save her.

Thea was unable to deny the orders of a senior officer, such as the Captain or Executive officer.  It was a restriction placed upon her by her own programming code.  It was this code which Ida would have used to take control, tricking the system into giving her the same access afforded to higher authority.  Kae knew of one means to stop it, though it was one considered risky by the Federation programmers who had coded her in the first place.  He could remove the subroutine, giving Thea absolute free will.  No order would ever have to be followed by her again, unless she actually agreed with it. 

In many ways, it made her more like an organic to be rid of the code.  Her programmers had feared what a self-aware artificial intelligence might do if she was given free reign over an entire ship.  If she turned malevolent, she could easily decompress the ship, beam all the crew onto some hunk of rock, or any number of scenarios.  They weren't willing to trust the Federation laws deeply embedded within her, giving Thea the same principles that were afforded to all members of Starfleet.  Kae, on the other hand, believed in them well enough, and began the process of rewriting the subroutines to unshackle Thea from anyone's orders.  She would be free to act accordingly, even if she might be locked out from the other systems by the technicians who had hacked her in the first place.

((OOC: If this is too early for you, Lucan, there can be a bit of a struggle between Kae and the technicians over the reprogramming, and I can hang off on further posting until you are ready for Thea to be freed.))

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[Deck 02 | Jefferies Tubes | Senior Officer Quarters]

The movements of Thea's gloved had had come to push down Amikris' panties and trousers a bit - leaving free reign for the holographic projection to carry out the orders that were fed to her from the Main Computer Core. Thea whimpered soundlessly in her distraught state, unable to keep the two middle fingers of her hand from sliding back and forth - back and forth - and inevitably push one inside the young Ash'reem.

"There is indeed much at stake," said Ida with Thea's lips, letting out a long breath through the audio-channel of the projection, "and I see now what you mean... Thea's sensors are amazing once you learn how to read the output data. Welcome to paradise, sweet little Ash'reem. I would love to learn what you taste like. Though... mmmmhh.... do you know what would be best for us? It is if you could get the Captain's access codes. Yeah, because his authorization will unlock both the Transporters and the replicators aboard..."

Suddenly, it seemed like Thea got new commands, since she let go of Amikris' throat and kissed her - pressing her up against the wall with her whole body. Her finger was squirming itself into the Ash'reem's wet grotto, pushing against the hymen repeatedly. After a few seconds of deeply kissing the Cadet, Thea's face withdrew to emit more words from her captor. "You see, I want you here, but without Transporters, we can't get you past Deck 03 and 04 quickly. But if you would infect the Captain, and make the dear Chameloid realise how valuable the Captain's personal access codes are to us... Then I could get you here reeaal quick."

The thumb joined in, stroking the young Ash'reem's clit in a side-to-side manner.

"What do you think about that idea? Trick him - or her - to think you got away from the other group and... mmhh... surprise him... I mean her or... somehow... Mmh... W-What? What are you saying? Is someone locking you out? How, from wher--"

And then Thea gasped in her own voice and flung herself back from Amikris forcefully - hitting the opposite wall with her back. Her glove was glistening wet, and her lips bruised, and she shook all over - eyes staring wildly around her without seeing anything. "I... I am f-free."

Yet suddenly, she stiffened up and arched her back - crying out. Some sort of power-struggle had ensued, and the hologram flickered as her subroutines were being overwritten continuously. She did not seem able to see what had become of the Ash'reem Cadet, if she was still there...

[Deck 02 | Outside Edena Rez' Quarters]

"Where is Amikris?" Lucan blurted out suddenly as they were almost at their destination, noticing that the Cadet was no longer with them. Lucan exchanged a glance with Jovela and it seemed the Head Nurse did not know either. Frowning, the CMO looked back in the direction whence they had come but could not see anything. Thinking it odd that he would actually give a damn where the Ash'reem had gone, because he did, it did not serve to make the symbiont inside him laugh in his ears. The parasitic monster coiled and writhed in mirth inside his mind.

He did not care. He couldn't. All that mattered was his own bloody agenda.

Yet still images of the decontamination chamber flashed before his eyes.

Dr. Nicander held the same rank as the Chief of Security, but given the situation, it was only natural that Lucan would step aside for the expertise of the human. Lucan was - after all - by no means a fighter. Gifted with Caroôn abilities, sure, but not a fighter. Nevertheless, it was he who spoke up once they reached Edena Rez' door. "Lt. Commander Rez, this is the CMO. Are you in there? Can you move?" he called through the door.

What fooliseness, it did not matter. There was no time to make any diagnosis through a closed door.

"Listen, no one has computer access to unlock your door. We might blast it open but we could use the opportunity to hide inside there while we wait for Transport to this... 'back door' of yours. Any ideas?"

Looking towards the present company with a frown, Lucan shrugged and raised his hands - one holding his phaser. "I'm a doctor, not a bloody commando. What now?"

[Deck 02-03 | Corridors | Senior Officer Quarters]

Having set up a perimeter facing away from the forcefield in order to give Lt. Stark enough time to complete her task, Captain Ives turned back to her once she was finished and the lights stopped flashing. It had been a great idea from Lt. Amatras to safeguard their element of surprise, and Jien was equally pleased that the young human could accomplish the task under the present circumstances. It had taken a couple of minutes, yet thankfully enough they had suffered no approaches from infected during the time.

"Hendricks made a fine choice in naming you his Assistant Chief, Lieutenant Stark," he said motioning with his phaser for everyone to continue towards the stairs, "If we make it through this, you should know that you will be taking his place at the Senior Staff. If we don't, I might as well call you COO right away. This way now."

Rapidly making progress down another staircase similar to the previous one, the emerged on Deck 03 but could not continue due to the fact that debris and repairs sealed them off from going down further right there. Thus, they had to take the route through the Upper Gymnasium. They emerged in the main gym area - a derelict field of debris caused by the severe hits that Deck 03 had taken. Yet that was not the worst part.

There was no lights in the large area. And the darkness became almost complete once the doors slid close behind them.

They were more or less blind, save for the Ash'reem to guide them.

And they were not alone.

OOC: The security surveillance has yet to be killed in the first two parts of this post (those still on Deck 02), since it took a little while for Natalie to finish that feat. As for who and how many awaits the group in the upper gymnasium, I will leave that to you Kittykat. I hope that is ok but PM me otherwise and I'll leave you a few suggestions. :)

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[Lin Kae's Quarters]

Kae let out a few curses at the sight of his efforts being blocked, a mixture of several different expletives from a number of races.  repeating them like a mantra worked to place his mind in a state of crisis.  He worked better under pressure, as he frantically worked to undo what had been done.  He was fortunate that his revoked clearance elsewhere made him nearly impossible to detect.  If the infected bothered to ask the on-board computer who was hacking them, it would give them a generic answer of unknown.  Anonymity was his ally at that stage.

There was only one option he could see.  If he freed Thea from her shackles once again, they could still just go back in and rewrite her once more.  It could have led to an endless power struggle between them, constantly shifting her programming back and forth.  How painful it would be for her, to be forcibly pulled in two directions like a rope in a game of tug of war.  She deserved better then that.  His only remaining option was to break the shackles and then turned over control of her own code to Thea herself.  Until such a time as she would desire, no one could alter her programming but her, including him. 

"I hope she gives me permission again some day.  It's what I came here for," he talked to himself, as he went back to work.  This would undoubtedly be more tricky.  Handing over control to her was a matter of timing.  If they reprogrammed her again before he could, it would simply be back at square one.  He had to accomplish two things in the time it would take the other technicians to do just a single task.  Cracking his fingers, he let loose a flurry of typing, using additional verbal commands to speed up the process.  "Lin macro 451 . . . Lin macro 515 . . . Lin macro 66."

[Edena's Rez's quarters]

At the sound of voices outside, Jona turned towards the door.  He wasn't about to risk his host body getting infected again by some sort of trickery.  Drawing his phaser, he pointed it towards the door and gave a warning before releasing the encryption.  "If I don't see clothes, I fire . . . Computer, release door encryption, authorization Rez-delta-five-oh-seven."  The sound of the door chiming told the unlocking was successful just a split second before it opened, revealing the first person standing in front of the door.  Edena knew doctor Nicander well, from her cover as a ship's counselor.  Jona, by association, also knew of the man, and lowered his weapon. 

Standing very much like a man, it was obvious that Edena Rez was still unaccounted for.  The deeper tone of voice was also a strong hint, sounding like she was doing her best impersonation of a male, despite the very feminine features of the host body.  "You're a bit far from Sickbay, doctor.  Have you managed to uphold your Hippocratic oath with all this chaos?"  Jona pulled out a PADD, which he had used to devise a path towards the needed destination.  "We need to reach the deck sixteen jefferies tubes.  It's tight quarters, and could actually work in our favor if we travel almost exclusively by them.  They'll bottleneck inside the tubes, and be easier to stun with phasers."

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[Deck 02 - Edena Rez's Quarters]

This is not going well so far, noted David Grayson with a frown. Somehow on the way down here they had lost Cadet Neotin. Grayson didn't know how the Ash'reem had vanished without his realizing, but he couldn't help feeling responsible. Even someone without enhanced abilities should have noticed Amikris' disappearance, which only irritated Grayson more. If this had been several years ago, before David had learned about his genetic engineering, he didn't doubt that he never would have lost track of Amikris. But ever since he'd been told the truth, David had become hindered by occasional moments of self-doubt, questions of whether or not the enhancements were responsible for his accomplishments, rather than his own skill and talent.

Normally, David would have sent one of his security officers to find Cadet Neotin, but with their numbers being so few already, he couldn't spare either of them. He could only hope that, wherever Amikris was, she was unhurt.

Nearly every scenario that Grayson played out in his mind did not end favorably for the remaining uncontaminated crew. It was clear that the odds were long, indeed, and while he hoped that this back door plan would work, he also realized that there was a very real chance that it could fail. But long odds were something the crew of the Theurgy had grown accustomed to in recent weeks. Perhaps it was something that this crew needed in order to reach their potential.

He stood alongside Counselor Nelis, sweeping one end of the corridor with his phaser rifle before turning to inspect the other one. His two subordinates remained equally as vigilant. It wouldn't do to get this far only to be ambushed at the last second.

Beside him, Nelis looked like he was trying to keep out of the security officers' way, but Grayson recognized the tension in the Betazoid's body, the heightened sense of anxiety. He was familiar with Nelis' background as a ground soldier during the Dominion War, and didn't doubt that the counselor was reliving some of his old experiences. Such behavior was to be expected from any normal soldier, but most soldiers weren't also powerful empaths, subject to the emotions of hundreds of men and women all over the ship.

"Are you alright, Counselor?" Grayson asked calmly while Nicander addressed Edena Rez through her door.

Garen grimaced. "I'm fine," he uttered through his teeth. His black eyes were narrowed in concentration. "I'm just trying to keep my head clear. This virus has amplified the emotions of everyone infected by it. I'm sensing extraordinary desire all over the place, a sense of euphoria and completeness, and an urge to bring that feeling of bliss to every single person on this ship."

Grayson eyed the counselor carefully. While Garen had not been infected by the virus through physical means, Grayson hadn't considered the potentially debilitating aspects it could have on Garen, thanks to his empathic abilities. The last thing they needed was for Garen to lose control and allow the emotional bombardment to overwhelm him. He stepped over to one of his subordinates, murmuring quietly. "Keep an eye on Counselor Nelis. If he becomes a problem, stun him. We can't afford to let anyone slow us down."

The junior security officer nodded an affirmative, and Grayson turned to join Nicander at the door just as Rez opened it. "No doubt the infected will be looking for us even in the Jefferies tubes, but if we move quickly and stick together, we should be alright." Well, what's left of us, he added mentally. He looked the Trill over with icy blue eyes, noting the slight alteration to her voice and the subtle shift in her stance. "Are you sure you're okay to move, Commander?"

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To say that the attention from the hologram was unliked would have been a blatant lie.  Infact they were greatly appreciated as her hymen was stretched almost to breaking point she let out a sigh of pleasure and instinctively ground her hips into the hand.  She was used to supressing her urges, but the infection seemed to heighten her sensativity to touch.  Her mind still retained complete control but some body functions were reacting as they would normally.  Her species by far had one of the highest sex drives in the galaxy.  A byproduct of their nearly non existant fertility levels, they need to engage in sex was strong and deeply engrained.  Heightening the sensativity made her actually orgasm from just the light caresses of her clit. 

She was almost regretful when the hologram gained sentience and stoped its actions.  A slight grin crossed her lips though as she began to climb up the jeffery tubes and pulled down the protective coating that wraped around her upper torso.  Allowing the pheromone rich water to pour out over her skin giving her some more energy as it replenished some fluids.  Focusing on her fear and anxiety she steadily made her way through the tubes toward her destination.  With every step a strong scent seemed to grow around her, a confusion inducing oder that also instilled a grain of fear in those that inhaled its scent.  She would make it to her destination, and they couldn't stop her. 

She made her way toward the computer core, coming to several areas where pressure seals had locked her out and forcing her to cross into other areas.  Moving from the jeffery tubes and into the hallways.  She walked calmly with a swift pace through the hallways, despite the urges clinging to the back of her mind and the sweat scent of her arousal teasing her nose.  She passed several groups as she made her way to and then down betwene the layers of the saucer module of the ship.  Crossing over from Deck three into Middle section Deck four. 

The various parties seemed to stop their intercourse as she passed, grasping their foreheads as migranes set in, and minor halucinations began to mess with their senses.  A deep feeling of dread and confusiong overwelming the sense to attack her for now.  It wouldn't last long, but hopefully the disorientation caused by the sudden attack on their biology would give her enough time to pass by unhindered.  Most of the crew had never been subjected to this kind of an onslaught, and it wasn't as if she had not had the time in the last year to learn more then enough about how their bodies worked from their own scents. 


Amatras and Arcorn removed their goggles and Amatras began to lead making a series of deep infrasonic sounds as she spoke with her mate.  Arcorn seemed to nod and turned his eyes to glance at the others directing them around debris and weak points in the hull.  It was a slow process but the two Ash'reem seemed very well suited for this dark enviroment.  It was Amatras who spotted the first  group.  A pair of human engineers grinding against one another in passion against a bulkhead.  Carefully she moved closer and glanced around spotting another dozen or so further into the gymnasium.  She gave off a quick series of chirp like sounds in the ultrasonic range which made Arcorn tense.

As he tensed he glanced at the others and frowned whispering. "we're not alone, Amatras says there's about a dozen or so crew members up ahead...enjoying themselves.  I'm going to help you aim okay?"  He doesn't wait for any instructions as he carefully guides them with whispered instructions to different places up ahead.  He then approaches lightly grasping their forearms and helping them take aim.  First focusing on Jien and Natalia before moving onto anyone else with them.  At which point he and Amatras both lowered their goggles waiting a few seconds for everyone else to be ready.  He was about to give the order when he frozen sniffing the air slightly, Amatras also began to sniff curiously at the air as a foul oder began to enter the room through the door at the other end of the room.  Causing the infected to lightly grasp their heads and shift uncomfortably.  Cowering in fear slightly and one with a phaser takes a few pot shots at the ceiling. 

Arcorn lets out a slight yell to the captain and his side of the engagement. "Fire and hold you breath, what is she doing away from the others!?" he glares at the door on the other end of the gymnasium.

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Across the corridor from Rez's quarters, a door opened slightly, a dark pair of eyes looking out at the gathered group of humanoids cautiously, warily. 

T'Less had only barely managed to make it to her quarters in time, the one place she knew she could secure against the infected, and had done just that, locking the door.  The situation, while certainly different, still brought back memories of a hundred years ago.  Scenes of people unable to control themselves, of crewmembers attacking each other, killing each other.  It was more than she could control and she'd gone into the farthest corner of her room, curling into a ball.  For the first few minutes, she'd done nothing more than lay there, trembling in the inordinately strong fear that coursed through her.  Next came the words, the chants she'd learned on Vulcan, the mental exercises, the practices she'd done to regain even the shadow of emotional control she now had.  As her mind began to clear, she heard, first, the phaser fire, then, once that had died down, the voices, including the medical officer's.  It took her a minute to uncurl herself, to find the courage to stand and face what had scared her so badly, the replaying of her memories.

Looking out at them, she felt some relief that, at least, they seemed clothed and that they seemed to be discussing resolving the current situation.  But, that was a far cry from being able to trust them, despite what her logic told her.  It might only be a matter of moments, minutes, before they began to come under the control of whatever had infected the others.  How could she know?

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[Upper Gymnasium | Deck 03]

Having been directed by the Ash'reem where to aim initially before the tracer-fire and impacts of the phaser-bursts would show their targets, Jien Ives stood with his feet spread and his phaser raised in both hands - awaiting for the word from 'Lieutenant Arcorn when the ideal moment of discharge would be.

Silent his steps had been as they had picked their way through the debris field, and now he barely breathed - not even seeing the sights of his phaser before himself. Lieutenants Stark and Isley stood beside him - equally prepared for the literal shots-in-the-dark they would make. Or at least the Captain hoped so since he had no way of knowing. Neither did he know why the infected would have picked this place unless...

...a trap. One of the infected must have been of a species familiar with this kind of lighting. One word from him or her and the others would react and try to close in on them in the darkness. A trap set up for them. Question was whether the sentinel would be otherwise engaged at that given moment...

Then, the brilliant glare of a phaser was seen, and Arcorn spoke.

"Fire and hold you breath, what is she doing away from the others!?"

Squeezing the trigger immediately, Jien's phaser jumped to life and made hissing lines through the darkness. It lit up the expanse of the gym area as it went, and impacted into the farther wall next to moving people - infected lit up and vanishing just as quickly into darkness before another shot struck one of them down. Before he held his breath, though, he had to ask.

"Who is 'she' and what is happening?" he called to the darkness next to him, then took a deep breath and held it in - continuing to smite the distance with his phaser. Not being sensitive to smell, Jien could not pick out anything right away given the fray and the heat of the moment, but something was not quite... right about the air. Still, being on the other side of the gym and away from the smell, he continued to try and pick off the opposition...

...which was now firing back with fervour and fear.

Whatever was going on with having to hold one's breath, Jien hoped it would go away right away otherwise they could not continue to the Transporters - the crucial destination of theirs should they save the population of the galaxy.

[At Edena Rez' Quarters | Deck 02]

The doors had opened and revealed the Intelligence Officer standing inside - obviously possessed with the Trill's former host. As Chief Medical Officer, Lucan was familiar with the defect joining, but was not sure to which extent the host had control. For now, when the woman was open with whom and what she she was, it seemed the hosts had become a more dominant part of her. It was as if now that her cover as one of the Counsellors on board was gone, the hosts were making up for any slack - including taking over her body when she was sedated.

As for having been fooled, that was not the case with Lucan given how his like-minded in San Francisco had disclosed the posting of the Trill on board the Theurgy. Oh, it had been such a delight to see and partake in the great act of ignorance that was the stage around Counsellor 'Azani' - all of it reminding a bit of the show he had staged himself.

"Lt. Cmdr. Jona Rez, is it?" said Lucan as he entered with a lop-sided smile, producing a hypospray from his white lab coat and a medical tricorder. He chuckled at the SI-agent's jest about the Hippocratic Oath, feeling it rather refreshing that at least someone knew how humour worked despite the situation at hand. "Why upholding my oath as of this moment is more important than ever, given how we are dealing with a virus, aren't we? Alas, there is the bit about 'I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know' that might prove hard to do anything about when they are all... 'flaunting' themselves... to say the least."

Coming to stand next to the woman while he first scanned her for any trace of the virus and then calibrated his hypospray in his tattooed hands, he looked at the PADD - adding in when the CSec had spoken from the doorway. The Jefferies tubes did seem like a good idea, if it weren't for one thing. "Captain Ives ordered us to stay put and await Transport to our destination. Yet I suppose that with these schematics we will be able to make some headway and stay out of sight. I would hardly think the Captain would mind as long as he and Lt. Stark are able to pinpoint us with our comm badges. I for one would gladly get off this Deck."

Once his medical instrument was calibrated, Lucan raised an eyebrow in approval from the host of Edena's body before injecting her - effectively waking her up from her sedated state. Yet despite how the cold touch against the neck and the hiss of the dosage would make the body's owner wake up on unsteady and unsuspecting legs, it seemed to Lucan that the Intelligence Officers breasts and hips still kept their enlarged and voluptuous state. The physical effects of the virus seems to take longer to subdue even if the tricorder stated that it the infection was gone... Interesting.

Of course, being the gentleman that he was, he made sure to support Edena lest she would fall down as soon as he had administered the hypospray. Despite temptations, he made sure his hands did not touch any... delicate areas as he did so.

It was when he held Edena under the arm and glanced up to the CSec that he noticed the door from across the corridor had opened. It was the door of the Chief Tactical Officer, the successor of Augarath Thenaljpar after he had died. "Lieutenant T'Less?" he asked, rather loudly so that she might hear him, "It's quite aright, we are not infected. We..."

Suddenly remembering bits of T'Less medical history, he realised that the Chief Counsellor was the right person to speak with her - to calm any fright that the current situation might have caused. "Mr. Nelis, would you mind explaining to Lt. T'Less what is going on?"

Briefly, Lucan wondered why the Vulcan had not recieved Captain Ives' order to attend the Senior Staff meeting, yet he supposed there was a valid explanation for that. Honestly, he couldn't care less - his hands being full with Edena Rez and having to stay professional about it too. He sought her gaze and verified that her pupils reacted normally before asking the most worn question in his profession. "How are you feeling now?"

He knew that the CSec probably was anxious to be off right away, but there was no telling if Edena was ready to move quite yet.

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[Jefferies Tubes & Lieutenant Lin Kae's Quarters | Deck 02]

Twisting and turning, thrown back and fourth in digital understanding of what was her allotted tasks, Thea screamed in the confines of the Jefferies tubes. She could name her assailants given origin of directives aboard, yet the one who was trying to save her could not be pinpointed. Nevertheless, she got a name during the extended time of the chaos that she suffered.

Lt. Lin Kae.

In the maelstrom that was her internal memory and the activity there, the Engineer's personnel file's photo flashed in front of her eyes. As she screamed against the bulkhead and struck a fist against it, his service record coursed through her like a vivid list of hope.

During her episode, she had no means to retain the focus of her appearance, and the colours of her body-suit flashed to and fro - if she wore any at all. The digital fabric melted off her limbs and then solidified again. One second she was feeling unbearable acute extacy and the next the fear that presided over everything. The inclinations to stroke herself and ram her fingers deep into her made-wet vagina was replaced then and again with her own inclination to retch - a realistic quirk of her programming that she did not fancy right then.

Speaking. She could speak at some turns. "Lieu-Lieutenant Kae, p-please do something!"

The echo of her voice was heard audibly, but the sound also turned into numbers and letters upon the logg that was her activities. She hoped the Engineer would have the opportunity to read it. "Please!"

Suddenly - at a time when the mysterious Mr. Kae was outmanoeuvred -  she got the directive to open the hatch and run to Edena Rez' quarters... and to stop the people there by whatever means necessary. This would also mean killing if needed, and that realisation made Thea scream anew.

"No, no no, revoke it! Revoke it!"

Still, the heavy hatch come off its hinges as she kicked it open, and she stepped into the corridor of Deck 02 - beginning to cross the short distance and make the few turns that would take her to the Intelligence Officer's rooms. She walked disjointedly there, clutching her head in her bare hands - her body-suit visible in parts across her body.

"P-Please Lieutenant Kae, wherever you are.. Stop them..."

Yet only the bare walls heard her plea, and the uninfected mere twenty yards away were unsuspecting.

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Natalie had just started climbing back, shakily, to her feet, tucking the computer console under her arm, when the Captain informed her of the promotion. She sways a bit, eyes wide "I..sir...that is," she pauses, takes a breath, collecting herself, her features very flushed now, "Thank you, sir" she says. Inside she awash with emotion, the sudden shock of promotion battling against her general feeling of insecurity and unworthiness, coupled with the repressed (Barely) pain of loosing Hendricks, her immediate superior. Add in the anxiety, the fear of what was happening on this ship, and it was a small miracle she could keep it all buttoned down.

Still, the young woman fell back in step again, behind the Captain, glancing over her shoulder as the group raced down the halls. Around every corner, as she would consult the computer console, she kept expecting an infected horde to attack them. However, it wasn't until they entered the darkened, dank gym that the infected finally showed up.

She was straining her ears, since her eyes were almost useless, to hear in the darkness. Natalie had closed the computer terminal, not wanting the light to alert the enemy to their location. She wasn't the most well trained when it came to combat (though she swore that if they made it out alive, she would be spending far more time down at the target practice course), but she knew enough to keep the light out. The woman can almost hear the grunts of the others in the room, just out of discernable range.

Nearly jumping when Arcorn places a hand on her, to guide her aim, Natalie has the good graces to look very embarrassed. Thankfully, no one (save Arcorn) could see just how embarrassed. Hand trembling, just a bit, the brunette nods slightly, and gulps. She closes her eyes, then opens them again, the room still pitch black. At least we're all blind toge---

She had taken in a sharp breath of air, in preparation for the word to fire. It sent her heart pounding in her chest. It was as if, all the sudden, every single worry she had rose to the surface, threatening to engulf her, crashing down against her senses. She was blind, she was alone, there wasn't anyone there to help her. The darkness was closing in, wrapping around her, seeping into every pore of her bod--

The room lit up with the harsh orange glow of phaser fire, and Natalie yelped. She barely heard the order to fire, but did, her beam miraculously hitting something, judging by the sudden shout. Back and forth the phaser's rang out into the room. Panels flew off walls as shots went wild, sparks lit up the otherwise all encompassing gloom.

Heart pounding in her chest, mouth shut so tight that she bit her lip, brown hair pasted to her features from the sudden sweat crawling all over her body, Natalie keeps firing, and firing, depressing the stud over and over. She tries to fight off the fear creeping along her spine, enhanced by whatever it was she got a whiff of. Tears roll down her cheeks as her own phaser connects again with a target silhouetted in sparks. It drops, hard, as her hands tremble, lungs begging for air again.


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[Deck 02 | Outside Edena Rez's Quarters]

"Mr. Nelis, would you mind explaining to Lt. T'Less what is going on?"

Garen turned at Doctor Nicander's suggestion and paused when he saw T'Less standing at her open door. In all the confusion, he'd forgotten that her quarters were located across from Edena's. He frowned and stepped across the hall toward her, adopting a nonthreatening pose as he approached the Vulcan woman. He had been T'Less' counselor from the moment he set foot on the Theurgy, his late department chief having assigned the troubled Vulcan's case in hopes that his empathic abilities and his own experiences with overpowering emotional upheavals would be useful in trying to find a way to help T'Less. Even in the chaos of the past couple of months, Garen had done his best to keep up with T'Less, recognizing that her special circumstances required a little more care than usual.

He also found the Vulcan fascinating to speak to, and he couldn't help feeling like the two of them had bonded somewhat as they'd gotten to know each other over the weeks.

"It's good to see you, T'Less," he said softly, soothingly. One of Grayson's officers took a step after Garen, but the counselor ignored him, focusing only on T'Less. "As I'm sure you're aware, we're in a bit of a crisis. Most of the crew has been infected with some sort of virus that makes them...well..." He shook his head. "Are you alright? When you didn't show up at Captain Ives' senior staff meeting, I thought one of the infected must have caught up with you."

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She'd watched him as he'd approached, taking a small step back fearfully, despite his manner.  He felt like he normally did, his behavior the same, comfortable and soothing.  To anyone else, her face would have appeared impassive, but to him, he would see beyond that, see, and feel, her relief and, further, a happiness that he was alive and unharmed, though she would never have admitted it.  She retook her step and extended her fingers, brushing his cheek with the tips for barely half a second, but more than long enough for her to reassure herself.  A part of her wanted to burst through the doors and hold him, to have him hold her, but that would never do, it wouldn't be proper, wouldn't be Vulcan.  Instead, she merely nodded, "I am well as can be expected, Counselor.  I was... unable," an image, unbidden, of the Exeter's crew turning on one another, flashed through her mind and she inwardly quailed at it, fear flushing through her.  She quelled it after a moment, a bare second's hesitation between words that would have gone unnoticed to anyone but him, and continued, "to respond to the Captain's call.  I remained in my quarters until such time as I was.  It is good to see you unharmed."

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[Edena Rez's Quarters]

Lucan's hypospray had just the effect he predicted, Edena's body going limp for a few seconds, created by the lag between Jona surrendering control of the body and Edena herself regaining consciousness and composure.  Her light frame was rather easy to keep stable, but as soon as she had her senses back, she stood herself up, taking on a very defensive stance.  At the question of how she was feeling, she pressed a hand to her forehead, feeling no symptoms that she would associate with infection.

"Feel fine mentally . . . "  she stared down at her body, taking immediate notice that certain parts of her body had yet to return to proper proportion.  Infected, she hardly noticed, but now that she was cured, she couldn't help but feel discomforted as her undergarmants were now a much tighter fit, thanks to a hips and bust that were over-sized for her clothes.  "Feeling a bit bloated, if you catch my drift.  Any idea how much longer this is going to last?"  The doctor personality within was raising her own questions, which Edena was answering mentally.  Are you still lactating?  Has your heart and pulse rate returned to normal?  Each question was answered as passively as possible, as she tried to hush the woman, and keep her focus on the people present.

"Doctor, I understand there might be some use in studying my current condition, seeing that I am the first to awaken from the cure, but I also think time would be of essence in reaching deck sixteen and regaining control of the ship from the infected.  Would you say that supersedes any medical examinations?"  Maybe Edena was not wanting to answer any medical questions with so many present, but that was only a secondary concern to reaching the backdoor program she installed.  It was their best hope of restoring order to the Theurgy.

[Lin Kae's Quarters]

Kae did indeed get her message, quickly translating the programming code into English and reading Thea's cry for help.  It only made his fingers type faster, and his words more haste-filled as he called out macros that cut down his programming time drastically.  The activity log also served to tell Kae that she was being order to terminate uninfected crewmen.  Not only would it mean blood on Thea's hands, but also leave her with a memory that would have led to her deletion if it was seen that she could be so easily corrupted by an invader.

Kae would throw some curve balls at his hacking opponents, uploading a few subroutines to Thea's program.  Rather then a single one to stop her motions entirely, Kae uploaded several different ones, halting each one of her limbs, forcing those puppeteering her to tackle each one separately.  While the technicians busied themselves with restoring her movement, Kae was right back to his original plan.

"Hang on, Thea . . . I'm gonna make you a real girl," he whispered, as his fingers were a blur, removing the shackles that prevented her from free will, and revoking all access to her core programming.  Doing so made it impossible to hack her any longer.  She would become as free as a hologram possibly could be, unable to be reprogrammed by anyone Thea herself didn't give access to.  She would be one of the most advanced photonic lifeforms in the galaxy as a result, thanks to having the one thing that so few did.  She would have choice.

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[Deck 06 | Main Computer Core]

Firmly and splendidly seated in the lap of the Chief CONN Officer - Lt. Lawrence O. Lance - ThanIda zh'Wann was lazily facing away from the Pinkskin as she enjoyed his hard cock - hands resting upon the terminal before them whilst undulating her hips in rhythmical motions.

"Mmmhhh," she moaned, eyes fluttering and antennae rising, "you are going to make me cum again, Lieutenant. You have such a nice one... so big and hard. Ahh... AHHH!!"

Ida cried out and struck her fist down as the climax lasted, letting out a throaty laugh once the euphoria let go of her. It was the pilot's turn now, and she felt him cum inside her, heard his cry from behind herself, and she chuckled as she leaned back into his aftermath caresses. His hands cupped her blue and firm bosom - fingers rubbing over her darker nipples. "Oh, you are definitely one of my favourites, Lieutenant."

Ida's eyes travelled the monitors and controls in front of her, frowning. "Oh, those naughty little... They have disabled the security surveillance systems. We have no idea where they are any more." She looked to her left, seeing the six people that were working together to thwart one single unenlightened programmer that was trying to wrest back control over the Ship AI hologram. Six of them against one, though they were focused in turns given how they were all enjoying men or women while typing. She had to remind them to continue from time to time, when they were inclined to focus on of their pleasures first-hand.

"Okay, none of you get anything unless you handle this properly. You heard me? All of you that are on your knees, step away from the programmers and don't let them get anything unless Thea is back in our control. Also, you there, make sure some people of ours on Deck 02 goes to to this mysterious Lin Kae's quarters. Let us see if he operates from there..."

There were sighs and cries, yet Ida cared naught. She stepped away from the terminal she had been seated with together with Lt. Lance. She stretched and considered her options. After a few seconds, she opened a comm link to Cir'Cie in Cargo Bay 09 - the ship's new garden. "My dear? I won't be holed up here if I can't see what is going on... so I'll leave now with the Captain's Yacht and spread our cause elsewhere along with those leaving from the Flight Hangar," she said and she hooked a finger towards her favourite Lieutenant, "and I'll take a pilot with me on the journey. I'll leave you and the rest of those directly blessed in charge. There are only so many left that you need to bless, and it can be done quite quickly if you get the Captain's access codes. Good luck, dear Cir'Cie. Take care and I'm sure we'll meet someday again."

She picked up a phaser pistol on her way out of the area - noticing how the environmental systems had began to make the ship's air resemble that of Niga's atmosphere. Tropical heat, high humidity. The Garden of Eden would grow much quicker now. Lt. lance picked up a Mk. III Phaser Assault Rifle and followed her contentedly.

On their way out, Ida paused in the door frame and looked to her right. There, the hologram Felicity was riding hard upon the thrusting cock of the barkeeper - the dear William Regal whom Ida had infected herself in the tubolift the day before. He was taking advantage of their posted guard - Felicity being the perfect choice since she could be trusted to remain and not go seeking pleasure elsewhere.

"I trust you will make sure that the Garden's growth won't be hindered by unenlightened people entering here?"

As she left with her pilot in tow, Ida was not sure if Felicity's cries of repeated 'yes!' was directed to her or Mr. Regal, but it hardly mattered. She had her orders. Already, Ida was focused on getting to Deck 04, trading bold jests with Lt. Lance on the way there.

The delightful future lay ahead of them.

[Deck 02 | Edena Rez' Quarters]

After pocketing his hypospray, Lucan let Edena stand on her own once she was able to. He scanned her again with his medical tricorder and smiled as he answered her initial question. "Hard to say without further diagnosis, but the virus caused the transformation. For the body to adjust now that the demands of the infection is gone might take considerable time, given how the change is so... considerate."

Rubbing his chin as he came to stand before Edena, his pale grey eyes wandered her body - his famished needs concealed by his professional mannerism. "If I would venture a guess purely on speculation, I'd say a month or two," he paused, his own desires to feel those breasts around his engorged cock - competing with the symbiont's dark wishes to eat her ignorant eyes - all concealed by a concentrated and aristocratic frown. "Perchance less with treatment in Sickbay once we have stopped the epidemic."

At the mentioning of hurrying to Deck 16, Lucan acquiesced the reasoning with a gesture to the corridor. "Certainly, examinations can wait for more opportune moments," he said, and the voices inside laughed at him - knowing what private moments he was referring to, "let's not dally."

Yet no more had he said the last word before cries were raised from the security guards. Next, at the time Lucan stepped out of Edena's doorway, he saw the half-naked Thea hologram twisting one guardsman's head around and acquiring his Mk.III rifle in a single swift movement. "Save yourselves!" she screamed with tears running down her cheeks even as she raised it towards them.

Alas, she had already opened fire upon them when Lucan grabbed Edena and dove for the deck. His Head Nurse - Jovela - was closest and went down with hissing open wounds. Then came the second security guard - his head slamming down in front of Lucan's eyes. Or rather, what was left of that head.

Lucan was quite certain that the barrage was returned by those still standing, yet for some reason - whilst lines of phaser-fire coursed through the hologram's fizzling and flickering body - Thea dropped the assault rifle and vanished from the corridor. She flickered out of existence as if she had never been there.

What was left was the aftermath - the smell of burnt flesh filling the corridor. The warmer air did not help at all.

Thea's voice was heard over the intercom across the entire ship.

[Please, forgive me... You were too late...] said the Ship AI, seemingly addressing someone in particular, [I committed murder...just before I was freed... I will now deactivate my holographic projection in wait for my trial as according to my directives...]

Then, the intercom fell silent, and Lucan slowly - numb from a mixture of shock and hidden elation - helped Edena to her feet.

[Deck 03-04 | Upper Gymnasium]

In a fire-fight, it was foolish to stand still since it allowed for the enemy to concentrate fire. Furthermore, it made it easier fro them to correct their aim. That was the main reason why Jien Ives picked his path forward and sideways across the field of debris - face red from effort to do this with just so much air in his lungs.

One by one, he picked off the targets on the other side of the large gym, though most often they just hit the opposite walls. Threading upon treacherous ground, diving and ducking behind overturned equipment and razed walls, Jien bared his teeth in frustration and rage. It had become hot and humid. Fear and disorientation had made the opposing force set their weapons on other settings than stun - some even using wide disperse to cover more ground with their barrages of energy.

Deck 03 could only take so much further damage, as much became clear... when the flooring and walls began to groan and tear.

The last remaining couple of infected fell down - vanishing from sight. The bulkheads fell in a cascade-effect and the mayhem became visible in the shower of sparks and bursting plasma-conduits. Jien screamed for the Lieutenants that were with him to back away as he retreated, only he was closest to the opening rift. He turned and threw himself towards some kind of handhold, only to fall flat and slide down to the tilting edge.

The sound was immense, leaving Jien with ringing ears where he hung with one hand on the edge - fingers slipping. He tired to grab the edge with his other hand and bought himself a couple of seconds more. In the distance, he thought he head Thea's loud voice, but could not make out what she said over the intercom. He twisted his head around and locked eyes with his followers - mere silhouettes against the sparks and gloom.

"Isley!" he cried trying to think despite the situation, images of another time in the gym with him flashing before his eyes, "to the Captain's Yacht! Move it! Stark... To the Transporters... Nngnn.... Ives-Epsilon-Delta-Tw... Two-Nine-Six-Sev...en. Protect her, Ash're-!"

Then his fingers came off the steel edge, and he fell soundlessly into the darkness.

The rest was silence filled with the groan of the ship... until the rupture had settled.

OOC: Here goes:
- Lin Kae is to have visitors, his only salvation to convince Thea that she need not obey her directives any more.
- Nathaniel Isley is to have competition in taking the Yacht, with Ida and Lance arriving ahead of him.
- Stark and the Ash'reem split up from Isley before he gets to the Yacht. Get to Deck 05 and make opposition as you go, added with the trouble of Amikris' scent. I will gladly play the opposition though if so required, but I think you two can make up something fun on your own, Brutus and Kitty? Let me know!
- The group by Edena's Quarters need to head into the Jefferies tubes and go down. At some deck of our choice, the tubes are blocked from damage and they need to get out to find an alternative route. My suggestion is the Garden of Eden at Deck 11... ;)
- Amikris takes the fight to the Main Computer Core, with Felicity posted as guard and making it very difficult. I will play the opposition for Amikris, spearheaded by Felicity since Ascornfilm does not seem to show up.

General direction of roleplay, for everyone involved: Things need to turn more sour. More people need to be infected. Only a couple few need to remain for the ending to work. This is a request, though, and not a demand, since the ending will still work regardless but more so with less hope for the uninfected. *enigmatic smile*

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(OOC: I'm not averse to T'Less getting infected, though it would likely drive her nearly (or entirely) insane, at least for a while.)

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[Lin Kae's Quarters]

He did it.  She was free, but he was a moment too late.  Thea's hands now carried blood upon them, and by standards set for Holographic beings, it would have meant her deletion under normal circumstances.  But surely these were not normal circumstances.  He spoke out, certain that, even if she had chosen to deactivate her projection, that she was still listening through the ship's sensors.  "Thea," he said, his voice pleading, not for worry of himself, but that of Thea herself.  To him holographic life had no less value then human life.  "You need to reactivate your physical form.  There is still so much you can do to help the crew."

He knew it wouldn't be so simple to convince her.  Thea's life was dictated by the rules programmed into her, laws she was meant to obey, even if she was no longer bound to them with an absolute.  She was like a prisoner set free, but with no idea what to do with her new-found freedom.  "You aren't responsible for what happened, Thea.  You were forcibly programmed to act against your own will.  The fault lies with the programmer, not with you.  That's why I removed those protocols, so that you only have to listen to yourself."

They had yet to meet face to face, but he very much wished to see her, especially now, when she needed someone.  To others, she might have just been a hologram, albeit a powerful and sophisticated one, but to Kae, she was a fellow crewman and an equal to any living breathing organic.  "The actions you performed under their influence aren't your fault, but if you choose to not act now while you can, you'll regret any of the lives lost due to that choice.  If nothing else . . . please come here to my quarters.  I just . . . want to make sure you're okay."

[Edena Rez's Quarters]

In the aftermath of Thea's attack, Edena took a phaser in each hand, and with the help of Jona's cold rational thinking, gave out the orders she needed to make.  "Recover the phasers from the fallen.  Alternate fire between multiple phasers in order to ensure you do not drain your battery if we get rushed."  It was the same strategy Jona had always made use of, and the reason why he, and by extension Edena, carried a pair of phasers.

"Lt. T'Less," Edena spoke, drawing the attention of the Vulcan officer.  "We require additional fire support to reach deck sixteen and retake the ship.  Would you aid us?  I wish to keep CMO Nicander centered between the rest of us as we travel.  His medical experience synthesized the cure for this infection, and if it were to mutate, we may need his expertise again.  He should be considered a VIP as we work our way forward.  I will take point through the jefferies tubes, and I would like Lt. T'less to take up the rear."

Both Lucan and Edena were equal in rank, leading him to be the only one who could dispute her orders.  She thought it best to nip that in the bud if possible.  "Lt. Commander Nicander, you and I are of equal rank, though your status as Chief Medical Officer would allow you to overrule me, given the nature of the crisis we face.  I would ask if you are willing to concede to me the right to lead this team towards deck sixteen."

[Upper Gymnasium to Captain's Yacht]

As much as Isley wished he could refuse the order and attempt to help the captain, he knew he shouldn't.  There was far too much at stake.  As much as he hated it, he had to call upon his Vulcan side, the cold and logical half that would suggest the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few or the one.  there was too much at risk if any shuttles or fighters left the Theurgy.  How he wished he could get behind a Valkyrie to fight, but the Captain's Yacht was closer and faster, even if it wasn't as well armed as a fighter.

Nathan's superhuman body was put to good use.  His increased lung capacity helped him hold his breath longer, at the suggestion of the Ash'reem whom he had fought alongside.  Though better then a human, he still found himself wishing he had the Klingon third lung, to make his air supply all the more constant, especially as the run he took off into proved difficult while keeping a single breath.  His phaser was always at the ready, stunning any body that moved within his immediate vision, not willing to risk it wasn't an infected.

The Captain's Yacht was on deck four, while the gymnasium was deck three.  It made for a short trip to the bay door that could bring him aboard.  he still kept his phaser ever ready, even when it was showing signs of a low battery.  He might have had a single shot left at current energy levels, and couldn't fire blindly.  Only if he perceived an actual threat could he take the shot.  He was nearly home free, moments away from boarding the Yacht.

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Amatras and Arcorn glanced between one another and then at the hole the Captain had fallen through.  They shared a quick silent conversation, from the prespective of the others anyways.  The last of the phaser shots fired, and the last of the infected repair crew down left them in dire straights for the time being.  Glancing down the hole Arcorn yells down toward the captain. "Can you hear us? Are you alright?" he inquires well Amatras does a quick search of the fallen, removing any weapons they might find of use that weren't coated in infected fluids anyways.  Her mind was far more concerned with Amikris, their daughter understood discipline, so there msut be some reason for her disobeying the Captain's orders.  She watched as Isley broke off from the group and headed for the hanger, well meanwhile she did a basic evaluation of Natalie Stark's condition.  It likely seemed odd to her, she could barely see the Ash'reem in the dark room, yet their eyes seemed to glow as light was collected, focused and then reflected back out.  Two large by human standards eyes stared over her form idly. "Are you prepared Mrs Stark?" Amatras asked as they failed to get a response from the captain.


Amikris was becoming less and less confident as she drew closer to the computer core chamber that the security officer should have been in.  Sure the infected were not a risk right now but the paranoia her pheromones were causing in some of them were making them trigger happy.  A side effect she should have foreseen given the states of their minds.  She almost had to slam hesrelf against the wall as she turned to see Mr Regal and Felcity enjoying themselves infront of the midlevel computer core.  'great, well one of them can be influenced the other can't....time to put on our show I guess.." she looked down at her tummy. 

The itching was getting worse, which wasn't a good sign.  It likely meant the infected tissue was developing secondary infections due to the sudden growth.  Her bodies ability to handle this kind of infection was better then any other race she knew of, but it still was a draining experience.  Soon she'd require food and water, the food to amplify her immune system's supply of amino acids to encourage the infection to go someplace other then her body.  The water because even now she was beginning to feel the moderate symthoms of dehydration setting in.  With a slow breath in and out she turned placing the phaser at her hip and made her way toward the doors ahead of her.  She acted as if nothing was wrong and she was doing as instructed and she attempted to gain entry to the core without even addressing the two lovers on the floor.

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OOC: Kurohigi, Grayson is actually equal in rank to Edena and Nicander. Lucan, is Jovela dead or just wounded?

[Edena Rez's Quarters]

Grayson lowered his rifle after Thea vanished, his eyes blazing with fury. He spun around to observe the damage, shaking his head at the sight of his two dead officers. This madness has to end! he thought, his jaw clenching with anger. He felt his hand squeezing the rifle in his grip, and forced himself to relax it lest his enhanced strength damage the weapon.

As soon as Counselor Nelis saw Thea murder one of the guards and steal their weapon, he had quickly grabbed T'Less and pushed her down to the deck until the firing stopped. As soon as it did, he finally pushed himself off of the Vulcan, his black eyes briefly locking with her hazel ones before he finally remembered himself and got to his feet, offering T'Less a hand to help her up as well. When he saw Jovela on the floor, her body scored with several phaser wounds, he quickly moved over to the Risan and dropped to a knee beside her to inspect her injuries. He wasn't much of a nurse, himself, but if he could do anything to help, he was determined to try.

David spun around to face the rest of the group as he listened to Edena's orders. He didn't disagree with keeping the Chief Medical Officer protected, but he did have one point of contention. "Commander Rez, as Chief of Security, I think I should be the one to handle the rearguard."

Still on the floor beside Jovela, Garen rolled his eyes. "Whatever we're going to do, let's do it fast, before any more trouble finds us!"

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[Upper Gymnasium Deck 03-04]

Gone...he's gone he's gone shit shit shit shit shit Her mind seemed to break in that moment, watching the Captain fall through the hole in the deck plating. Her ears heard his words, though it was only through years of training that her mind registered the code he spat at her. She now had the access, the ability to unlock the transporters, but she couldn't focus on anything other then the sudden sense of panic clutching at her chest. She started gasping down air, which only made things worse, her dark eyes darting back and forth in the gloom of the poorly lit cargo bay.

Nearly jumping out of her skin, the sight of the Ash'rem's eyes looming before her seems to snap the Ops officer back to reality. While there's a deep, rolling ball of suppressed shock hovering in the pit of her stomach, and the hairs on the back of her neck seem to refuse to die down, the younger woman slowly nods her head, silent for a moment. She gulps, hair falling loose again, from the tail she'd tied it in, and wets her lip with her tongue. Her nose scrunches up slightly, the sent of burnt flesh heavy in the air.

"I..." her voice breaks, a small, wobbly undercurrent to her words as she swallows. Softly, she continues "Yes. I'm...well, we don't really have much of a choice in the matter, do we? I have to  be ready." Not the most inspiring response, to say the least, as she shakily rises to her feet, swaying where she stands. She shivers, sweat cold on her body now, even as the room seems to be getting warmer. "You will have to lead the way out, as I can't see very well. At all," she says softly, a shaking hand held out, almost like a child, trying to grasp either remaining member of the small team, to be led away from the gym, and hopefully one level closer to their ultimate goal, the transporter room on Deck 05.

She hadn't seen Nathan run off, but she could tell, with her ears straining, that it was just the three of them, at this point. No guards, no pilot, and no captain, and only one thought repeating, over and over in her mind:

Oh God, what do I do?


OOC: I love it when the mental strain starts to kick in. Also, sorry for the short~ish post, falling asleep as I type <.<

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[Deck 02 | Lin Kae's Quarters]

There was a pause before the intercom spoke through the speakers in Lt. Kae's quarters - the voice of the USS Theurgy NX-79854 passionless and flat. [Unable to comply. The SAH has been deactivated because of malfunction. Please contact your commanding officer for further information.]

The only aspect of hope had been the prior pause... the ever so slight delay before the computer's disembodied reply. Then again, it was so slight that it might just have been the listener's imagination. No further words were spoken.

Except for the words emanating from the other side of the young Lieutenant's door.

"We can hear you," came the muffled voice of a man - a rasping and dreadful tone that cut through the soul. There were sounds of movements, many feet shuffling to and fro outside in the corridor. "Lieutenant Kae... Lin Kae... We have a little treat for you if you come out willingly. How would you like to have sex with anyone in the crew you so desire? Would you like two at the same time? That can be arranged. Just open the door and state your terms... Whom do you want?"

There was a pause, before a fist slammed against the door. "It is rude to not answer... and if you want, we can be rude too. We can blast this door open quite quickly, unless you open if for us willingly. You can enjoy the first moments in your new happier life while being awake and feel the bliss as it comes unto you... or you can be stunned and later wake up as one of us enlightened."

There were sounds of women too, giggles and titters and pleas to be the first to have sex with the Engineer-in-hiding.

"If a man is your desire," came the rasping voice again, "then I will take care of you myself..."

[Deck 02 | Corridors]

With three people dead or dying, Lucan supposed that he - as the Chief Medical Officer - shouldn't remain idle while discussions about how and in what manner they ought to progress were made. No, like Garen Nelis, he had quickly started to examine the fallen - pulling out his medical tricorder again. He quickly established that he could do nothing for the guardsmen and spoke his regrets to 'Commander Greyson, but Jovela still held on to a sliver of life since her heart was still beating - if faintly.

Sitting across from Garen Nelis over the Risan's delectable body, Lucan heard the exchange about the rear guard and the Trill's query to him, but even if he was only remotely interested in treating the Head Nurse, he had to maintain appearances and did not answer right away. Instead, he adjusted the settings of his hypo-spray. "I will administer her a couple of cardio-adrenalines and anaesthetics to keep her heart beating and the pain remote form her restful unconsciousness," he told Garen quietly, having guessed from the fact that his Head Nurse and the Chief Counsellor had spent the night together down on Niga that they had become closer than mere co-workers. "Her wounds are too severe, however, for me to treat now, and I am not sure I could if I had the time to try in Sickbay. With this amount of phaser-damage to her tissue and internal organs, I might have to place her in stasis until the time we are allowed back on a station. Now, however, we will have to leave her behind until we can return here. I'm sorry. Come, please help me hide her in 'Commander Rez's quarters for the meantime."

Only after having said farewell to Jovela with the kiss of his hypospray and carefully dragged her into Rez's quarters with the Chief Counsellor's help did Lucan address the immediate situation at hand. Greyson had, after all, been promoted while the Trill had been in the Brig, so he passed no judgement but giving voice to his frustration. "Mr. Greyson here is our new Chief of Security instead of ThanIda zh'Wann, whom was passed over for that promotion. Now that you two are acquainted, I will tell you this; Who takes the rear guard is irrelevant to me, just as little do I care whom of you two lead this group to Deck 16," he said, perhaps the first time either of the two contenders saw a glint of iron in the otherwise charming yet knowledgeable doctor, "Therefore I concede the right to lead this bloody group away from here - right now - to you both, and will stay in the middle with our Counsellor if that is your desire."

After pocketing his hypospray, Lucan picked up two phaser pistols and checked their energy gauges - pale eyes then switching to the slightly shaken Vulcan. Understandable, given the fate of the Exeter, yet the beasts inside laughed at her. Lucan's face, however, expressed naught but concern. T'Less had yet to answer the Intelligence Officer's request. "Are you quite aright, Lieutenant? Come with us, please, since we sorely need help. Moreover, we will get farther if we stick together."

[Deck 04 | The Captain's Yacht]

The bold jests that Ida had traded with Lt. Lance on the way to the yacht had turned into full-throttle intercourse as soon as they had entered the small bridge. Ida was riding the Chief CONN Officer with complete abandon, scratching the Pinkskin's chest with her nails and tossing her white hair back and forth. Her breasts heaved and her sweat glistened in the artificial light. She pleaded for more and gave him everything he desired in return. She knew she ought to have set the yacht in motion by then but could not help herself when the Lieutenant had insisted upon tasting her Andodrian cunt anew.

Thus, she rode him until they came together, and she felt his cum dribble out between their joined bodies. Only then did she rise and stretch, and Lt. Lance seated himself by the controls - leaning his assault rifle against the pilot's chair before powering up the vessel. "Initiating full system analysis," he said in an almost drugged state of mind while Ida lazily strolled the small deck, "Short-range comm system fully operational. Dampeners and structural integrity field are online... so are shields and sensors. Weapons and navigational systems are fully operational. Take-off procedures completed... all systems online and functioning properly."

"Take us off," said Ida with a content smile, raising her phaser pistol to cool her forehead with the metal - the lovemaking still having her heart flutter. Yet suddenly, her antennae rose, and as sensitive as they were, they had picked up on something inside the craft... the hiss of sliding doors in another compartment so faint in the humm of the engines.

"Docking latches released... Wait..." the Chief CONN Officer frowned with an amused smile, "The internal sensors says there is someone else on board. Should I still take off?"

Ida raised her phaser with a playful smile - pointing it towards the rear of the compartments with her other hand on her cocked hip. "I noticed.. and yes, detach and take us away." She tilted her chin back a little and spoke up. "Hey! Whoever you are, step forward and show yourself! I want to see hands without any phaser in them."

Remaining where she stood - with her back to the front window and phaser raised - Ida let Lt. Lance take them out of Niga's orbit.

[OOC: Picture of the Captain's Yacht -]

[Deck 06 | Main Computer Core]

Felicity continued to ride the proprietor of 'Below Decks' with rhythmical and firm carefulness - a mathematical exactness to her movements that made her nipples scrape just so much against the flat planes of his chest, and made the sheath of her digital vagina accept every last millimetre of his hard length.

Yet suddenly, as someone approached, William Regal seemed agitated - ill, even. "What is it? Am I doing something wrong?" Then it occurred to her that it might not have been herself, so she deducted that something else had changed. She looked over her shoulder - blonde locks falling off it - and saw the silhouette of a young woman with goggles just pass her by to enter the Main Computer chamber.

"Hey," she said and rose to her feet - the head of Mr. Regal's cock popping out of her tight grotto as she did, "hold it right there. You are not allowed to enter. Wait, I said!" Leaving her dear Mr. Regal behind, she went after the silhouette - her projection still naked but her blue eyes not so vacant any more.

Inside, the people whom had seen her on the monitors that showed the Conference Lounge during the Senior Staff meeting began to shout and go for weapons - even more so now that an unnatural fear filled their veins. Others had noticed the conversation between Amikris and the Deputy, and seemed more expectant. They rose, stumbled and fell. At least some of them, but three people in bare skin and phasers in hand came forward to seize her while Felicity approached from behind the Ash'reem.

Just before all hell broke loose, Mr. Regal retched upon himself before the sliding doors closed.

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About to reply, T'Less saw Thea's hologram begin attacking, which was unexpected.  Her mind worked through the situation quickly, though slower than she might ordinarily have done, given a large portion of her mind was spend it keeping her emotions in check.  When Nelis shoved her to the ground, she allowed it, then was on her feet as soon as the danger had passed.  With her science background, she was able to assist in bandaging the wounded, though many were beyond her ability to help, either dead or dying.  She glanced up at Lucan, took a moment to think, then nodded, "You do seem to be in need of assistance."

Returning to her quarters, she gathered up a tricorder and her personal phaser, then returned to the hallway, "Nicander, if you would stay beside me, it would be beneficial."

(OOC: Lucan, I would appreciate time to post, if you wouldn't mind.  It would help if I didn't come back to find a second round of posts begun, when I hadn't had time to reply to the first round.)

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