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EPISODE 01: Outbreak [Chapter 03 - Violation]

EPISODE 01: Outbreak [Chapter 03 - Violation]

[Sickbay | 2200 hrs]

Entering Sickbay, Jien was in his male form - having made herself appear to wear her duty uniform even though she never wore any garments in the traditional sense.

After the time that the Theurgy had been chased across the Alpha Quadrant, and given the time before that where they had visited Earth, and on top of this, the long months they spent overseeing the peace negotiations with Romulus, it was quite some time since Jien had a physical exam. The need being moreover evident now, as he was stretched quite thin in their current predicament. Normally, he would have made an appointment, but this being no normal times, he had simply decided to enter Sickbay before retreating to his quarters for the night.

Main Sickbay was quite small when considering that he had seen the two adjacent decks' Battle Sickbay facilities, but this was where the Chief Medical Officer could most easily be found. However, as he entered, he did not find Dr. Nicander present. At first, he did not see anyone, until an Ash'reem Cadet appeared from a doorway. Foregoing any awkwardness from the young woman - whom he remembered to be the daughter of the new Chief of Science and an Engineer aboard - at meeting her Captain, he raised a hand and smiled, if wearily so.

"At ease, Cadet," he said in his deep voice, "I was meaning to see Dr. Nicander and ask him whether he might have time to give me a long overdue examination. I did not make any appointment that he has missed in not being present. Is he available?"

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Amikris had been frustrated all morning, the subtle scent of a new life-form on board was irritating especially when she couldn't identify what it was.  Likely just some seed or small plant the away team had brought back but it was always hard to tell when she encountered a new life form but couldn't see it.  It was good that they had finally gotten out of crisis and were beginning to work out normal every day affairs.  The good Dr was in the research lab looking into her blood samples and what changes had occurred in her blood stream from before and after being medicated at the academy.  It was frustrating to her that a cure might not be possible or might take forever to get depending on exactly what was wrong. 

Amikris looked at the Captain and blushed faintly, as she returned the salute awkwardly.  "Ma' Sir.  LT Cmdr Nicander is currently busy and unavailable, I can take care of the physical though if you don't mind.  It'd just take me a few minutes to familiarize myself with your past medical history and look up a few details on Chamelionoid biochemistry." She replied as she glanced over the Captain's form with interest.  Her mind imagining 'him' with a bluish tinge to 'his' skin and slight changes in appearance.  Almost immediately she mentally chastised herself glad that her goggles served more then one function in shielding her rather expressive eyes from the rest of the crew.

Moving to one of the side rooms she leads the Captain to a more private room well taking from her pocket a small hand held computer and accessing the internal network of the medical bay to download any pertinent data relating to Chamelionoids and the Captain's medical needs and history.  Her eyes skimmed over lab results and readings from pass visits and the conclusions that past medical officers had come to with each visit.  "Have you been having any unusual symptoms or thoughts lately sir?" she asked as she glanced back at him, resisting the urge to lick her lips slightly.  He was quite tempting like this even if he didn't smell right.

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Turning to follow the Cadet, Jien had given her a faint smile and the commonplace and naturally instinctual once-over. He had a quite pleasing physical form, this young Ash'reem, and even though his experimenting days of shape-shifting were long gone, he got the impulse to try and mimic it. However, as previously said, such days were far gone.

Instead he walked to the private room. On the way over there, he changed his form so that his uniform jacket vanished along with the undershirt - leaving him bare-chested just before he deftly climbed up on the edge of the biobed. He knew the procedures, and mimicked them as a human would be examined, even though the Cadet could just as well have taken a tissue sample from his clothing since they were a part of him. It was just another way of many for him to blend in with the human species that he had been raised with. The dragon tattoo upon his male form gleamed angrily in the artificial light.

"No, I have not," he said, not really considering any kind of implications with the latter part of the question, thinking that it was protocol for the visit. "Our new Ship Counsellor will have a field day after what we have been through, but none relating to my physical condition. My shape-shifting is functioning normally."

There was a pause of lingering silence, where he wondered what it would be like wearing an Ash'reem form yet again.

"I think my journal from the USS Vendetta ought to be found in the database, unless you have located it already," said Jien and looked away in thought, "The stability ratios from my previous exams should be there, along with the complete profile of my cellular and quantum structure. You should find that I have been exposed to polaron and tetryon radiation in surmountable amounts at the years 2373 and 2379, and my recuperation took about two months each. My latest exam showed no lingering instability..."

He tried to be helpful to the young officer, since this was prone to be a somewhat awkward situation for her - unless he remembered his Academy years incorrectly. He patiently gave her the time to familiarise herself with the information - sitting there upon the bio bed with his hand on his knees.

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Amikris blushed further as she gave slight sniffs of the air around the Captain.  Her eyes reading over the reports quickly before placing the Datapad down.  Turning to the biobed she began to make notes mentally as she glanced it over and smiled. "Most of the readings are within normal ranges from the looks of things, have you assumed many forms recently or do you just stay to your main ones?  Have you had any complications in either form?"  She asks unsure what to do with the readings being for the most part within range.  "Have the damaged life support systems had any complications with your biology for instance?"

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Remaining where he sat, Jien inclined his head at her questions, his weary smile remaining so as to not intimidate the Cadet with the scowl that had seemed to have etched itself into his brow. "I am loyal to my male and female forms, with the slight cosmetic changes that would be my wardrobe," he explained quietly, "yet once every two weeks or so, I try to make time for practising my shape-shifting in a holo-suite. This just to... stretch myself a bit, in the lack of how I might better describe it. As for complications..."

Jien frowned as he gave the question time to settle in his distracted mind. "No, nothing out of the ordinary; this being the delicate social touch of picking when and where I ought to be in either form, yet that challenge is something I have come to grow accustomed to by now." Realising that he was not very forthcoming, he decided to give the Cadet some more information. He gestured a little with his hand as he spoke. "It is a result form the Ives-Petáin experiment, in which I was raised amongst humans in study of the effects it would have on my homeless and rare species. My upbringing was designed purposely to not suggest that I would fall into either categoy of gender, and after... considerable time and confusion, the result was that I became a singular duality which embraced both genders of the human species. Not only because I could... but because I felt it made me complete. In order to fully take part of a human life, it was the most satisfying solution. How else was I to embody the species as a whole?"

Realising the philosophical aspect of his explanation, he amended it with facts - thinking that the medical officer would appreciate it more. He changed... into her female form - wearing a black simple bra along with her former type of uniform trousers and flats. "Regardless of which of my two chosen forms I am in, you should find that my morphogenic matrix is the same, even though my mass has been redistributed. Feel free to scan me again to verify this."

Glancing back at deck below her feet, she ran som loose hair behind her ear with her fingers. "I have not - to my awareness - suffered any complications more than anyone else from the make-shift amendments done to the life support systems. I suppose I can scent the damage to the ship - a smell I have come to be intimately familiar with in my life of strife - more strongly now that we are merely filtering the air. yet any physical afflictions by it? No, none..."

Glancing up to the Cadet's lensed eyes, she frowned a bit. She changed back... to his male form - since he had merely let Cadet Amikris scan him to verify the lack of effect it had on his matrix. "You said that most of the readings are within normal ranges. Do we have any polaron and tetryon radiation aboard that I have not been informed of?"

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Amikris gave a slight smirk toward Jien as she changed into a female form that had covered up her breasts and simply nodded. "You do realize you don't have to cover up the more private parts in my presence, Ash'reem culture has no taboo against the bearing of flesh.  Humans, Vulcans and Klingons may view the body as a sacred or taboo idol only to be revealed to ones mate, but our culture is considerably different.  Despite the alterations that the progenitor did to our race, and the 'defilement' of Taloona and Delorik's seed in the process we never developed the urges that the other humanoids did.  It is however good to know that you're not suffering from any complications.  I know the away team brought back something from the surface and its irritating my parents and myself considerably.  I was unsure how a shapeshifter would respond to an unknown pathogen or organism seeding our ship like this.  Especially given the more interesting side effects of its pheromones." 

She made some notes on the Captain's file and nodded. "As for the radiation levels, they appear to be incheck with the exception of a small section of engineering that has been shut down according to my father.  Apparently one of the lower reactors took a hit and sadly it hasn't been fully patched yet."  Amikris closed her eyes trying to ignore the change to a male form and the temptation it gave her.  It was good that she'd taken to wearing the waist guard again, otherwise the captain may have become more aware of just how much the form was tempting as she felt her pheromone glands stimulated by his presence. 

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Having to remind himself that the Ash'reem culture was quite different from his own, and that their adjustment to Starfleet and the Federation was not too progressed as of yet, Jien's initial scowl that seemed like a kick in the teeth to the Cadet... gradually loosened up while she continued to speak. Something from the surface? He reminded himself, again, that to the Ash'reem, every smallest whiff in the air was quite strong to their senses.

He first had to address protocol, and did so in a very clear but forgiving tone. Culture was nothing to be trampled upon. Wars had been fought over less.

"Whether or not your culture considers baring of flesh taboo is not the question, Cadet," he said as he stared into her concealed eyes - utterly motionless in his seat upon the bio bed. "You need not remind anyone of this when making a physical examination, for your culture has no bearing when it comes to the duties towards Starfleet. Our protocol is something you swear by and abide to, and unless the examination would merit from the removal of garments, it is nothing you should impose upon species that originate from more... puritan cultures. Our regulations allow us to function as a crew, no matter the vastly differing view-points upon etiquette, social structure, morals, humility or respect that dwell in our ship's quarters. Protocol is the invisible seam that binds us together, and prevents us from turning on each other..."

He let her go with his gaze, and looked down to the deck again. "...especially in times like ours."

Having made his point quite clear, he gave her a weary smile that entailed just how important it was for him - as the ship's image of authority - to uphold these protocols... else everything would be lost. He moved on to address the observations that the Ash'reem family aboard had picked up. "If it is something that is bothering your sensitive perceptions, it is the first I have heard about it from anyone on board. To my awareness, no one has noted any scent besides the damaged ship, and no one has reported anything amiss. I will not leave anything to chance, though, so I would welcome if you and your parents moved to investigate the origin of this.. 'something' that is irritating your senses. The ship's internal sensors would not be able to assist you, so I suggest you look into the cargo bay areas first. Its where we keep the supplies we are gathering."

The exam seeming to be done unless she said otherwise, Jien slid down to his feet and faced her fully. The dragon moved in sync with his musculature, rippling as if it was alive. He placed his hands on his hips and thought for a moment. "You said... interesting side-effects? Is it harmful to the crew, or is it - in your estimation - something that your species alone would notice?"

Jien was inclined to think the latter, but he would not let the Ash'reem under his command suffer for the greater good of the ship. This one before him was young in their own estimation - despite the physically mature state her bodily form quite prominently suggested - and she might perhaps exaggerate in the way adolescents betimes did... but he would treat the matter respectfully.

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Amikris listened to the explanation blushing at several key points.  It wasn't necessarily a bad response to her suggestion but it was a slightly awkward one. As his gaze drifted down and felt a slight twitch in her jaw muscles as they lightly ground against one another.  It was a nervous reaction she'd developed similar to how some humans chewed on their lips well in awkward situations.  The lack of teeth made the act of chewing impossible in the sense that most humanoid races did.  The rough muscular pads inside her mouth however easily ground against one another in a vaguely similar gesture. 

"I didn't mean to imply that you should breech any authority, I merely thought perhaps it'd be more comfortable that way.  As for the side effects of the pathogen.  The first seems to be a low grade aphrodisiac that in higher concentrations may cause confusion, disorientation and lower inhibitions.  The second seems to be some form of pollen, although concentrations of it seem limited, although to high to be from clothes."  She explained, looking awkward. "It might be enough to cause breeches of protocol in some of the more sensitive species."

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Frowning, Jien was not sure whether he heard the Cadet right when she could derive such a thorough account from something so little.

And as for what she described... it seemed like it here was some plant or tree that caused this undetectable small breeze of aphrodisiac to agitate the Ash'reem. Something, as far as he knew it, was a kind of a challenge that the species did not need in the first place. It was not an easy adjustment that they had done to Starfleet, and if there was something that could tip their levelled scales, it was nothing he cared to have aboard.

"Use the records from the botanists in the away-team and check if they have logged anything remotely similar to the kind of source you are suggesting, and then transport the... whatever it may be... back to the planet surface," he said and paced the small room slowly, arms folding across the planes of his chest, "I will not have you suffer from the general demand to seek nutrients and possible medical supplies. If there is a chance that the away team transports more of it aboard, I need you and your parents to prevent it from happening. I don't care if there is only the three of you suffering from it. It is more than enough reason to leave it be. Either of you can report to me when you have any results."

Having addressed the concern and dealt his orders, Jien looked around the room - the lights shifting across his bare-chested form and his brow. "Are there any more examinations you need to make while I have made the time to come here? The CMO of the Imperator had made it his business to challenge my shape-shifting abilities and measure the time I need for each change, yet I don't believe that is the standard procedure any more now that mine and other species of my nature has become more common in our ranks."

Facing the young woman's form in the small room, he looked through the tinted lenses of her goggles - waiting for her reply since she had the current procedures listed on her PADD...

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"That will be all Captain, I will review these findings with the CMO and then have a report forwarded to yourself and placed in your official medical record within a standard stardate.  I will forward your orders to my mother as well, hopefully we can find out whats causing this before it causes any more complications to the crew."  She gave a quick salute and waited for the Captain to depart or reply before making her way back to the research lab with the data pad. 

"Lt Commander, the Captain just finished with her physical.  When you get the chance I'd like to review the results with you, although the readings appear to be in line with her previous reports.  Furthermore, I mentioned my, discomfort to her as of late and she'd like to have my parents look into the matter of the new pheromones on board the ship."  Almost as soon as she finished giving her report Amikris raised her hand to her forehead rubbing it slightly, as a slight tremor returned to her other hand.  Low level shaking of the fingers causing the datapad to shift back and forth slowly in her grasp, almost falling from her grip at one moment.

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In the Medical Lab, Dr. Nicander's face was lit by the readings upon the wall panel he was studying. In his hands was a PADD upon which his tattooed hands were inserting new parameters that he derived from the information he he was studying. He did not have to look upon the touch screen in his hands as he did so - as the focused scowl was piercing the secrets behind the readings of Amikris' blood samples.

"Very good, Cadet," he said and turned to her with a friendly smile, yet behind his eyes were the cold need to make her indebted to him, or make her trust him to the extent where he - someday - might take advantage of her family relation with the Chief Science Officer aboard. The difficulty lay in charming her without making it appear too untoward, and stain the good reputation he held with the crew. He stepped up towards her, his intimidating height coming to a stop at arms-length from her. "I will peruse the Captain's results, and I hope your search for the pheromones is successful, but before you leave, I think you would like to try th-"

Noticing the tremor in her hands, he plastered on a concerned frown and looked down into her eyes. He raised his inked hand and rested it upon her shoulder - looking down into her eyes while his thumb brushed against the side of her neck. "How are you holding up? There is no pain involved is there? From what I have found, it is not due to hurt until a couple of weeks more."

Oh, he knew the area he stroked was sensitive to her species - like many other humanoids finding the touch upon the sensitive and thin skin of the neck quite arousing. Yet he only let her feel him stimulate the erogenous node of her nervous system for a couple of seconds before returning his hand to the PADD he held. "As I said, I think you ought to try a little cocktail I have made with a number of immune system boosters for the Ash'reem body. It took me a while, but I have the distinct pleasure to tell you that there will be little to none side-effects, and it will serve to help your body restore itself after the damage that your medicine has caused. Its not a swift cure, yet it is safe to take. You might experience some thirst as the body heals itself on a micro-biological level, and you will have to remain off the medicine and off duty until the remedy has won the war. Your seizures will only gradually be reduced..."

He handed her his PADD to let her review the contents of the new medicine he would have her replace with the harmful one. Aldea had come a far way in the medical field, and Lucan was rather certain there were few in Starfleet Medical that would be able to replicate his delicate touch.

Folding his tattooed hands behind his back, his pale grey eyes would read her reaction like an open book. "I will administer the medicine myself, once I have prepared enough shots for the hypospray for the first couple of weeks. I hope you understand that I cannot trust you handling this on your own, since your body will still be demanding your old medicine for some time."

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Amikris reads over the report with interest despite her shaking hand which made it difficult to read.  A part of her mind envisioning a better world where she could just have the information appear before her eyes on her goggles, but realizing such a thing is not in her future, at least not immediate future.  Pondering this information she opened a separate file and took notes on the file, then read the notes more closely.  Despite the numerous typos that occurred do to her hand shaking she nods at the end. "Alright, I accept this treatment Dr. I'll be relieved from duty immediately following this correct?  Do you know how long this will take?"  She tilts her head to the side in response to his touch and lightly tenses the muscles there exposing the most accessible of the Ash'reem veins namely the Subclavian vein as it was forced up by the muscle constriction and exposed at the base of the neck where it merged with the Jugular vein a few inches lower on the neck.   Although on a human the Cephalic or Basilic veins would have been ideal on Ash'reem their close knit position with their respective arteries made them more difficult targets in the long run for blood work and shots. 

She tensed expecting an injection soon, the action actually making the vein more exposed and ideal for injection as it pushed it further from the Subclavian artery by a quarter inch.  "I expected as much, the risk for my body to trade one addiction for another when its desperate is a clear risk afterall.  Will I have duties well I'm relieved of medical duty?"

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Watching the Ash'reem expose her neck for him just so, Dr. Nicander's pale grey eyes watched the minute movements of her vents and musculature - resisting the urge to lay his mouth against it rather than a hypospray.

"As I mentioned, the concoction is not finalised yet, but if you give me a few minutes, I will have the replicator calibrated to produce a dosage for the hypospray. I am gladdened to hear you are willing to start the treatment right away. Please, make yourself comfortable while I make the proper preparations. Why don't you seat yourself..." Lucan looked around the medical lab, noticing the absence of cleared chairs since his research had made him spread PADDs of info fromthe database around the area, "...on the table there. Also, please drop any cartridges of your old medicine that you have left into the recycler."

Doing as promised, he returned to his wall panel and made the inputs required for the replicator to assemble the cure for Amikris' condition. "Of course I can allot you administrative duties during your treatment, and it should not elicit the kind of attention that you don't want," he said and removed his lab coat and unfirom jacket, this being so late in the evening and it was time to retire as soon as they were done there. Yet besides that, he had a mind to use this opportunity to get closer to Amkris, if the situation and conversation so allow it. He knew that Ash'reem did not react to exposure of one's body, yet he would still grant her the chance to feast her eyes upon him however much she wanted. "As for a duration, its wildly dependent on how well your body accepts it, yet I would suspect it might take more than a fortnight. I hope you will be able to bear the declining symptoms of your withdrawal until then..."

The replicator produced a small object that Lucan deftly fished up on his way to Amikris - a hypospray already in hand. He came to stand very close to her, and his undershirt strained against his arm when he lifted his medical instrument towards her neck. His forearm happened to brush against her chest ever so minutely. "Mind if you pull down your collar a bit more for me, Cadet?" he said in a low voice, and his breath mingled with hers in the dim light of the after-hours medical lab.

His smile was warm, yet not so much as to relay his intentions to be beyond seemly. Yet not too strictly professional either.

In his impenetrable mind, he imagined to recalibrate the hypospray in the last second, and stun her enough to claim her right there upon the table. As usual, he resisted, and injected her with the promised dosage of her remedy.

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Amikris listened to him with interest as he explained what she'd be doing and made her way to the table taking a seat there calmly and watching him make the preparations in relative silence.  As he removed his labcoat and shirt she watched with interest.  Although her  goggles covered the most obvious signs of interest by concealing her eyes and how they moved, the faint hint of a smile at the corners of her mouth did sneak through her filter.  "Will it take long to alleviate the symptoms or will it remove the most obvious signs of withdrawal?"

When he asked her to lower her collar she nodded and reached down lifting her shirt up and over her head calmly.  The upper portion of her chest including all of her breasts were encased in a plastic fabric like wrapping that clearly had water inside it.  The water however was cloudy with a white opaque contaminate.  Once the shirt was out of the way she tilted her head slightly to the side to give him better access to the vein and tensed her muscles appropriately.

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Behind his professional detachment, Lucan was considering how the contamination in the plastic wrappings that Ash'reem people wore consisted of pheromone secretions that have been leaked into the water.  It was a measure that had been standardised for the species in Starfleet service, and the means for how the Ash'reem limited their potential influence on the crew. For by wearing skin tight 'bands' of plastic - filled with water - over their pheromone secretion ducts, they could not secrete. Instead they secreted into a liquid that captured the pheromones before they become airborne.

To Lucan's passing irritation all the pheromones were organic compounds, and not all of them absorbed completely into the water - suspending them in the fluid until it sunk to the bottom of the wrapping. Yet to his concealed delight, he found that she had chosen a wrapping that was transparent instead of a solidly coloured one. It made him wonder whether the choice was a bold and intentional one, or if it was partially a choice due to the Ash'reem liberated attitude towards modesty when it came to the display of their own bodily forms. A form which the CMO found a very pleasing one.

Being Caroôn,  he had the ability to affect the elements to a minimal degree, and he had to steel himself from affecting the water inside her bra-like contraption - to make the sediment flow away and amass to her back. No, this was not the opportune moment, so he just applied his hypospray to her exposed neck and pressed the trigger - the injection hissing like the kiss of a snake. He answered her when he lowered he medical instrument, not stepping away from her while he explained. Yet while he spoke, images flashed before his eyes where he filled his hands with her water-covered breasts and split her mouth open with his own.

"There are too many factors that influence the initial progress of this cure..." he said, letting on an apologetic frown to make her think that he wished he could give her a better answer. Meanwhile, other images in his predatory mind showed him breaking her neck with his tattooed hands, banging her head to pulp against the edge of the table, or strangling her to a slow death. The denied impulses watered his mouth, giving a slight tumescence to his plenipotentiary instrument.

"Potentially, you will notice a decrease of your tremors, your cold sweats, the dehydration you feel at times, even the migraines as soon as on the morrow, but I can not guarantee you more than that your body will still crave the Bupropion that it has grown dependent upon. What this cure does, is that it strengthens your immune system to a degree that will expedite the alleviation of the withdrawal symptoms. Yet the original cause for you to take the Bupropion will still remain; the Isophobia not dealt with. As for that, I think you need to speak with the new Ship Counsellor. I will, however, inform her to not prescribe you any more anti-depressants. Speaking of which..."

Lucan held out his palm between their bodies. " did not place your Bupropion in in the recycler like I told you to."

It was a delicate act, yet one he performed all too often; this concerned frown that animated his pale grey eyes, and the apologetic smile that also showed how he did not hold her subconscious oversight against her. All that he - truly - wished to do was to make her into his pliant slave, to hypnotise her like he had so many others on board - charmed them with his charisma and pocketed them for the final day of the USS Theurgy.

The day... when he had made the whole ship into a vessel rife with his engineered virus, and crashed it into the major cities of his homeworld. He would take the rest of this crew with him into his own death, as well as the death of the civilisation that had made him into the wretch he was, and also taken Kisane away from him. It was all in the interest of his... other self as well; to rip this ship from existence.

The evidence against his other kin, and the progress they had made in the highest ranks Starfleet, would all vaporise with the ship.

Reeling his mind in, Lucan found that he was still holding his open hand between his own and the Cadet's chest, and that his swelling extension had begun to slight press against his trousers. Ever the image of professionalism, he did not draw any attention to it. "What do you think was the source, the catalyst, for the Isophobia?" he asked her quietly, portraying the common mawkish sense of concerns for others - the result of an non-existent empathy. Understanding, yes, but empathy? Why should he care? It only served him to ask her this; to learn more, and to lead her on... "What has plagued you the most in taking this path in life; to serve the Federation with all its rules and protocols just like your parents?"

In the dimmed lights of the medical lab, Lucan stared down into her eyes - dissecting her mind just like he would have done to her dead body.

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Amikris listened to Lucan with interest as he told her about the progress of the cure.  Her nose flared slightly as she listened, something seemed slightly off about Lucan's smell as he stared at her band.  A hint of frustration, a dash of lust and something else she couldn't quite place.  It didn't matter she guessed as she focused on keeping herself still for the injection.  One wrong move would result in a nasty cut if the hypospray was jerked along the skin.  The fundamental flaw in using pressure to peal back the skin exposing the muscle underneath to the injection.  It worked wonderfully in preventing infection but it also meant accidents could be quite deadly. 

"I didn't bring any to work today Sir, they are in my quarters.  I will deliver them once off duty if that is acceptable?" She waited till the tip was away from her neck before turning to look at him.   "In response to your other question, my entire race suffers from Isophobia, its part of who we are as a species.  Much like the earth Lemming or Locus the presence of other Ash'reem in our environment is essential for certain biochemical reactions to occur.  Prolonged isolation can lead to dopamine deficiencies and even spikes in Epinephrine.  In theory returning to this ship and the presence of my parents when I sleep would have been enough to relieve my symptoms of depression, but that didn't occur sadly."

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When Amikris said she would deliver the medicine one she was off duty, Lucan saw the perfect opening she had unwittingly provided.

"Yes, you may deliver them directly to my quarters once we are done here," he said casually as he stepped away from the table, figuring that his intimate presence had served its purpose already, and there would be ample opportunity to make further progress at the aforementioned time of opportunity. "You wished that your addiction was to be off the record, yes? Then its better you come to me with it instead of flaunting it about for the Gamma shift."

It was late at night by then, and Lucan had believed that they would be able to remain alone in the Medical Lab. Alas, he found that he was mistaken. Normally, it would just have required him to make the usual authorial noises and they would go away. Yet the two visitors that passed through the sliding doors were far from the usual kind of visitors he had set routines for. Because when Lucan turned his pale grey eyes to them, after the doors had slid shut behind them...

...he found that they were stark naked. Moreover, they seemed not the least uncomfortable about it.

"What is the meaning of this?" he said, refraining from making some lewd joke about the Lab being no place for the kind of celebrations they might be conducting together. His frown took them in; and he recognised them as the Vulcan Science Officer named Cir'Cie, and a Lt. named Anthony Gladstone from the same department. He had seen them before, yet never had he imagined they would look quite that way when their clothes were removed. In fact, he knew from an earlier physical examination that the Lt. had not had that kind of chiselled frame, and the Ensign seemed to have... developed curves he ought to have noticed far earlier.

It was Gladstone who answered first, whilst they both ambled towards Lucan and Amikris. His eyes were fully upon the Ash'reem woman on the table, and his blatantly visible arousal twitched at the sight of her - as if it had a life of its own and could scent her exposed skin. "We seem to have misplaced our clothes," he said with a slight shrug, as if it was a cursory lie he had no mind to press upon anyone, or that he did not seem to see the import of saying something more believable. Even though he had answered Lucan, his fierce magnetic pull was fully aligned upon Amikris; his eyes undressing her to her bones and soul.

His frown growing darker, the CMO turned his eyes towards the Vulcan, whom was heading his way. Something was not right, yet he could not keep himself from admiring the movements of the female body that so unashamedly let his eyes feast. "Even if you are off duty," he said and cleared his throat austerely, "you should stay in your quarters and ask for garments over the comm. Now get out of here."

Oddly, as soon as the two had entered the room, Lucan did feel less and less inclined to send them off...

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"Of course Doctor.  I'll go there right away." she replies nervously as her eyes open slightly and her nostrils began to flare outward.  "Something's not right....the smell's here."  The reaction came just before the doors entered, it placed Amikris almost in a trance as her breathing began to accelerate and deeper the surge of chemical reactions rushing through both mind and body as a light yellow milk like fluid began to pour from the 2nd of the secretion ducts on her arms. 

Gladstone was much closer to her when her eyes returned to normal and she stared at him in shock.  "What...what happened to you Lt?  You, something's colonized you somehow, whats wrong exactly?" She began to get up her body preparing to defend itself, well her mind tried to come up with a solution.  "We...we need to get away from them fast as we can run." She turned to tell Lucan, her back turning on Gladstone to do so giving him amply opportunity to move in on her smaller form.

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Hearing Amikris deducing that something about the two crewmen was so wrong that they would have to run, Lucan's eyes widened and he acted as any ordinary Starfleet Officer would. Even though it was for his own merit, and to facilitate his own impeccable façade, he still raised his tattooed hand and shouted for Amikris to look out.

Yet the bronze-skinned god-like Lieutenant did not hesitate to seize the ample opportunity that Amikris had happened to provide him in her affected condition. Lucan saw him across her shoulder, licking his fingers thoroughly before picking her up from the ground. His wet hand was shoved down the front of her uniform trousers and panties - groping deeply into her crotch. Holding her from behind, he suspended her weight upon the apex of her legs, while the other hand cupped one of her plastic-wrapped breasts. He even licked the surface of her 'ear', not caring one wit that Lucan was right there.

"Put her down!" shouted Lucan and took a step towards the accosted Cadet, yet the other one - the Vulcan Ensign - was in his way. Across Cir'Cie's small frame, the CMO saw the small shifting movements at the front of Amikris' trousers that indicated that Lt. Gladstone was squirming his fingers inside the Ash'reem. He could also hear her plastic wrapping protest loudly as Gladstone's other hand savagely stroked her bosom, going for a nipple and digging a hold around her heavy rounded mound. A part of him relished the sight, while the pragmatical side of him knew it was in his own best interest to save her from her assailant.

Yet in-between was the Vulcan Ensign, who's movements and body tantalised the primal side of his soul. Moreover, Amikris was probably secreting all over the area, and she had alluded that the two visitors were somehow contaminated. The semi-erection that the Ash'reem had given him previously had turned into an iron hard bar that strained against his trousers, and he stood slightly doubled over. His mind was a haze of lust and carnal needs.

Still, the residual presence of his symbiont fought to keep his mind aligned and towards his own true needs. His instinct was to run, to get away from this strange scene as quickly as possible, yet he also knew that it was his priority to appear the hero to the rest of the crew. If he fled now, he would be deemed a coward, and that would effectively ruin the good standing he had placed himself in. In this case, his interests coincided with that of Amikris', not to mention the rest of the crew - even if he had yet to grasp the full ramifications about what was happening.

The Vulcan, with superior physical strength, was in his bloody way. He might have to draw from his Caroôn powers, but to kill the two contaminated crew members would not serve his image either. He truly had no legitimate reasons for such gruesome acts, contamination or not. Yet he could still-

"Release her and back away," he rasped whilst gritting his teeth, his breath grown heavy with desire, "or I will burn you both to ashes..." In the dim light of the Med Lab, his struggle was less plain in his darkened eyes - rendered into black sockets of unknown depths. The shadows played over his husky skin as he clenched his tattooed fists by his sides - murder screaming to be done out of his ravaged heart. His worded warning proved obsolete...

...for just like that, he killed them all.

The Theurgy was still rife with power. He drew from the primary fusion reactors - sucked the electricity out of the wall panels - and watched the three humanoids engulf in scourging fire - screaming and falling to the floor. He watched them writhe where he stood, eyes red from the flickering firelight until the environmental systems kicked in to douse the flames.

Lucan blinked.

Cir'Cie was still smiling before him, Amikris was still at the mercy of Gladstone's embrace, and his shaking fists were still at his sides - the fires just a manifestation of his inner visions. Though his sudden bark cut eardrums, he still backed away from the Vulcan. "I said, release her!"

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Cir'Cie smirked and made her advance moving confidently forward toward Lucan.  Each step intentional and seductive as she stared deeply into his eyes.  Licking her lips she stepped in closer and attempted to kiss him deeply and passionately.  One arm moved to wrap around his neck and drag him in closer well the other reached for his pants and began to attempt to remove them and stroke his shaft. "Why should he let her go? When she'll be enjoying herself so much soon....Do you want to enjoy yourself Doctor...I can promise you'll enjoy yourself for hours.....and hours."

Cir'Cie smirked as she began to press her form into his body and push into him slightly attempting to move him back against the wall or nearest table to make the process so much easier.  He'd be a great asset, a blessing for certain if they could convert him to their cause.

Meanwhile Amikris attempted to wiggle her way out, her hymen resisting the penetration of his finger strongly he attempted to violate her.  Her small ample breasts strained slightly under the stimulus as she struggled with Gladstone as best she could. "Let me go, or I'll...I'll hurt you severely." Her throat tightened the muscles noticeably swelling outward as the potential energy began to store in the muscle tissue.  She turned her face to glare at him as she moved to stroke at his shaft and bat it away from her rear.

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When the Vulcan seamlessly leaped to embrace him, Lucan had not anticipated how sweetly she smelled, and how her scent seemed to numb his willpower to extract himself. Even the ever-present voice of his symbiont seemed startled, unsure what to do.

Still, Lucan just barely managed to wring his head away in time, so that her lips merely grazed and savaged the side of his neck. He did not know the import of that lucky stroke, not yet, but being a Doctor he supposed that direct contact with a vector of any sort was not very advisable. Yet her mouth felt so good on his ear and his neck, his jawline, his throat, and no matter how much he struggled against her as he backed away, her hand still managed to free his member and stroke it. Also, in trying to fend her off, his hands - subconsciously - came to push a her chest. He filled his tattooed hands with her ripe breasts, and could not help noticing their weight and softness, to feel her nipples graze his palms.

He was by no means weak, being a Caroôn, and he exercised frequently, yet his will to fight her seemed - to himself - ebb away under her persuasion. Rubbed away with the movements of her fingers along his heated shaft. In his struggle to keep his mouth away from her hungry lips, he managed to see what Lt. Gladstone was doing - just when he stumbled back into a diagnostics table and tipped over on his back - Cir'Cie on top of him.

Seeming to have encountered some trouble with groping the Ash'reem - for reasons Lucan had no time or mind to decipher - Gladstone used his lower hand to yank down her lower garments. He was tearing them off whilst she hung suspended upon his upper arm. They caught at her ankles, but he did not seem to mind. Instead he lay her down on the deck with her face down - his enlarged manhood swaying ad slapping against her exposed butt during the struggles. Errantly, Lucan thought Amikris was about to be sodomised by the Science Officer, and that she would be contaminated in the fashion that Amikris feared their assailants were.

Yet it seemed that the Lieutenant had a mind to go about things a more traditional way, for he suddenly turned her over and held her down with the strength of her arms upon her shoulders. He wriggled her thighs wide with his hips, and sucked at a nipple through the plastic wrappings she still wore. A cursory thing, since his shaft was sliding along her crevice - his hips bucking towards her in simulation of  the imminent penetration...

Then... Lt. Gladstone lay his lips against hers, kissing her deeply there upon the deck - just as the head of his cock pressed firmly against... the resistance of her hymen?

That Amikris was a virgin had not really occurred to Lucan yet, and the thought, along with the demanding actions of the Vulcan that he struggled against on top of the diagnostics table, made his head reel towards letting Ensign Cir'Cie get what she wanted - since that was also something he now craved for. Yet not like that! No, he needed to be in control, somehow. How could he fight her on her terms and not be exchange any contaminating fluids..? He had no answer ready, but to try and push at her hips so that she could not impale herself upon his throbbing arousal. He cried out in anger and frustration at himself for resisting the astounding woman that merely wished to make him enjoy himself, or for some other reason too... Yes, to remain sane, and to save Amikris. Perhaps it was too late for her, but...

But what? His reasons and reservations seemed to de-materialise, and his shaking arms and grips had begun to seek out her curves. When he pushed her back, he pushed at her breasts, and it made her grind against him too. When he pushed at her face, his fingers grazed her lips. When he pushed her hips down from his legs, he could feel her wet womanhood smear against his cock with its juices.

An image of her burned face resurfaced from his earlier vision, and it made him lash out with his powers - finally. It was a random thing caused by a last resort of panic, but the burst of flames ignited from his tattooed hands - currently positioned upon her sides. She might have seen the flames lick his fingers before it happened - notice how the lights in the room dimmed to near pitch-blackness - but either way she managed to disentangle herself in time, the flames roared briefly in he darkness.

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Amikris continued to struggle as she began to realize just how futile her physical efforts were.  Her mind began to process a new plan, she wasn't about to give herself to this, this abomination? Lt Gladstone was a nice man overall but this wasn't him anymore.  It was whatever this symbiont? Parasite? Disease was that had claimed his mind and body.  The fear and thoughts only helped tense her throat more as her brain began its rapid work.  Simply exploiting the 'junk' DNA reminiscent that had shaped much of their body's non-humanoid structures.  Predatory instincts present since the Ash'reem first swam in the primordial soup of their homeworld, emerging as creatures not so different from Terran frogs.  Before Sargon and his people changed them, before their nature had been altered to be more human like. 

Amikris's eyes closed as her mind did the unconscious calculation, a target well beyond her assailants head, Vector, force, target...vector, force, target.  The process causing her forehead to twitch slightly just as her jaws and face clenched into action.  The muscles in her throat releasing their stored energy and her facial muscles adjusting the direction of the tongue in her throat.  It was over in less then a second for Gladstone.  A sudden sharp piercing pain at the back of his throat, a ripping sensation as muscles and connective tissue was bruised then torn, and then a tingling emptiness in his body.  His head barely feeling anything as his spine was severed in one clean blow. 

A splattering of blood out the back of Gladstone's neck signified the end of his life, as the 2nd vertibrea in his spinal column was forced out through the skin by a muscular worm like tongue that wiggled slightly as if grasping at something violently before retracting back into Amikris's mouth fully.  His body slumped to the ground as nerves no longer had instructions to keep muscles tense, a limpness coming over most of his body as his breathing stopped entirely, and his heart began to slow.  Amikris turned her head to the side and spit out the red fluid that coated the inside of her mouth trying to cleanse herself of the contaminating fluid as she struggled to regain her balance and shake off the slight headache that came from the mental strain required. 

Cir'Cie's heard the sound of the skin ripping like paper, and then the sound of a body hitting the floor.  This distracted her enough to take her attention from Lucan.  As she lined up the last movement she hesitated the tip of Lucan's shaft pressed against her nether lips as she prepared for the final thrust to claim him for their 'master'.  That hesitation was all that Lucan needed, as the flames sparked from his hands it further reached out to run across her skin.  The pain caused her to jump back his tip breaching just inside of her its warm fluids coating the very edge of his shaft just before she pulled herself away running from the agony that now crossed her sides.  Cir'Cie did what any creature did when faced with fire, she fled.  Leaving the two of them alone. 

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It did not take many moments before Dr. Nicander stumbled off from the diagnostics table, and he was in inner turmoil about running after the Vulcan he had just burned or... what? What was the right choice? Yes, to look after the Cadet. To see if she was unscathed. He shook his head to clear his mind... and blinked at the gore that Amikris had made. There was splatter of blood across the smooth grey ceiling, and the naked Science Officer lay on the floor with his head at an unnatural angle - his vertebrae sticking out from underneath the base of his skull.

The sight, which Lucan found quite palatable had it not been for the complications it meant for him, served to clear a lot of the haze - thinning the fogs of desire. He had not come so far that he had by being a dim-wit, and he thought on his feet daily, so he immediately found sequence and priorities that adhered to the rather embarrassing incident. He may still have had his trousers unbuttoned and his erection still throbbed for more, yet the talons of his mind - honed by his melded symbiont - cut through the twaddle like a laser.

"Listen to me, Cadet. Since we are currently forced to assume the worst about this... contamination," he said through ragged breaths as he made his way over to the Ash'reem, "yours and mine actions still hold water; we acted in self-defence and in the best interest of the ship. Think naught of this, but rather how we now have to decontaminate ourselves from... whatever this is." He used her rank to snap her out of any residual trauma, and only took the time to try and ease her mind about killing Lt. Gladstone since that was what an Officer a tad more truthful than himself would have done. He rested his tattooed hand upon her shoulder and squeezed i briefly. "Follow me, and save it for Counselling..."

He headed for a small room seldom used in a modern Sickbay - the Decon Chamber - which in earlier instalments from the mid-22nd century was used for decontaminating crewmembers after exposure to the potentially dangerous environmental conditions, life forms, materials, airborne bodies, or other contaminants found in alien environments. By the 23rd and 24th centuries, the instalment became obsolete aboard Federation vessels, as Transporter biofilters and advanced shipboard ventilation systems ruled out the necessity for such a device. Yet now, when the environmental systems were largely down from the damage the Theurgy had suffered, they had limited means to address their current situation but to resort to unorthodox means.

Utilizing a combination of now far developed ultraviolet radiation and various topical skin gels to achieve effect, Lucan had to stop by he replicator outside the door. "I need epicutaneous gels, three cans, for biological contaminants, type: Group VII." In medicine, a topical medication was applied to body surfaces such as the skin or mucous membranes, and it was an effectively direct measure to rinse their bodies as best as they might before whatever they might have gotten would spread. After receiving the cans, Lucan led the way into the decon chamber and switched on the blue lights.

"Your wrappings are tight enough to protect you, so you need not remove those - and this is not being me that is partial to not reap the full effect of your secretions," he murmured distractedly as he removed his dishevel undershirt and already-opened trousers. He hurriedly yanked off his underwear as well - residual images of Cir'Cie imposing upon his concentration. By the apparent state of things, Lucan's phallus had not forgotten her either, but it did not stop him from switching on the steam and sonic purification features of the modern decontamination room - the wetness, vibrations and warmth washing over the two of them.

"What do you make of it, given your advantageous perception of these things?" he said loudly, overriding the sounds of the small chamber they shared with his voice, opening one of the cans of gel and filling hi palm with the transparent liquid. There was an edge of urgency to his tone, yet that was to be expected after all, despite how Lucan hated to have been caught off guard like this. His life was a life of absolute control, and now he could not even stop himself from shaking with anger, stress, and a small amount of fear.

If Cir'Cie had managed to contaminate him below skin-level... It was impossible to tell, but her nectar covered his lower body from all the struggle - the wetness gleaming in the ultraviolet light. There were degrees to all contaminations too, but Lucan could not know more than what he had seen...

Presiding over all his thoughts were the urge to finish what had been started; the carnal need for release that threatened to overtake his senses. He feared he would loose his mind otherwise, or rather loose it in a way he already hadn't...

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It was at this point that, from the back of sickbay, Nurse Jovela wandered out. She was just coming off shift, having spent the last few hours cataloging the samples and materials she had brought back from the planet. She had found it a nice, if slightly boring land, but then her work had been important but also dull. She had stuck to her tent, as samples had been brought to her. None of them were interesting, she had not concerned herself with any of the planets fauna or flora, instead bringing on board a lot of soil, water and other such samples, testing and analysing them for possible harvesting of raw materials. There were some good leads, and she had filed them in a report, which even now sat, waiting in the computer.

She yawned and streached out, her uniform outlining her curves in every sensual swell. She then noticed the lack of activity in the sickbay, and raised an eyebrow. "Hello?" she called out, beginning to look around, trying to locate the other medical staff.

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Amikris seemed to be quite unsettled in the decon room as she entered.  Glancing out the observation window as she did she stripped off the last of her uniform and wrappings a faint unsettling sensation spreading through the room as her mood effected the pheromones she was secreted subtly.  She handed him some of the cream and looked for a transparent bottle on the shelves.  It wasn't widen spread throughout the ship but she had ensured that Ethyl alcohol had been stored in the decon room encase of any exposure she might have on the journey.  Ethenol being one of the pure disinfectants that was effective under almost all circumstances, at a 95% solution it killed almost all microscopic organisms within minutes.

She opened the bottle hesitantly and glances nervously at Lucan before opening her mouth and pouring the clear almost water like fluid into her mouth.  The look of pain on her face was quite evident but she sealed her mouth shut almost instantly and began to slosh it around inside the large cavity that served as a mouth.  Various facial muscles changing as they shifted the muscles inside her toothless mouth about steadily spreading the alcohol evenly throughout.  The burning sensation of the purified reagent grade ethanol was evident in her eyes though as she winced several times.  She offered the bottle to him as she resealed it and then continued sloshing it around for ten minutes.  At which point she moved to the safty drain and spit it out coughing and gagging as she reached for several water bottles to drink.  Her skin color had turned several shades lighter, now almost a pale Cyan color. 

She began to drink the water and moved back over to him after the second bottle speaking as her color began to return to her skin. "How badly were you contaminated?  Did any of her body fluids get on any open wounds or bruises?" She asked with concern as she opened a third bottle of water and moved to help wash his lower torso with disinfectants, using the nearly perfect seal of her two thumbs crossing to assist in cleaning Lucan's shaft, and coating it with the disinfectant fluids.

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