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Now it was her turn to take charge, as Nathan was pushing back, and Jien took the reigns, straddling over him, her body pressing against his, with his shaft pushing against her womanhood, yet being denied entry like it was under lock down.  It didn't prevent her from rocking her hips, and enticing him with each and every motion, displaying more and more that she was hardly just a Starfleet Captain, but a very capable seductress.

"Quit?  Why would I want to quit this?"  He responded, a wry grin forming on his lips.  One didn't walk away from a vacation on Risa, so why in hell would he want to stop such a powerful and intoxicating act such as this one?  If anything, he was left wondering just how long they could take advantage of this time before it would have to come to an end.  It was obvious that the gym wasn't theirs forever, and that the two of them needed to make sure no one was going to find them sprawled out on the floor, naked and joined at the hips.

As she finally brought herself down onto him, re-docking so to speak, Nathaniel took in a deep breath, exhaling a satisfied one a few seconds later.  His hands moved to her hips, feeling each motion she made, and only urging them to be faster and stronger, to give them both what they so craved.  His own hip motions were limited, with flat floor below and her weight focused on his pelvis above, but he moved as best he could, to try and add something to the experience for her.   Though he enjoyed the sight of a woman on top, he always felt a bit more useless.  Range of movement was limited when on bottom like he was, her body holding him down in the place where he most needed to move, forcing him to leave most of the pleasure management to her.  It had the benefit of giving him a look as her heaving bosom as it bounced with each motion, or even just a plain view of her facial expressions as she ground her body against his; she was better at finding the right places to make herself moan out when she was on top, as most women were. 

"Glad to hear it."  He responded to her claims of not being done with him.  He was feeling the exact same way about the situation.  There was still far too much potential in what they were doing together to quit when they had only just begun.

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After that, she didn't say anything, instead sighing softly as Nathaniel grazed against her inner walls. She groaned like an animal, grinding her wet crotch against his, desperately generating the friction that she so needed.

She noticed her happenstance lover was demanding more; surging upwards repeatedly, and Jien let him. She goaded herself on, knowing that he enjoyed as much as her. She leaned back a little and raked back hair from her face with her hands, letting him look upon her Chosen Form. While she thrust her lower body down in frenzied fervour; twisting, obeying an instinct she had suspected lost over the years, she began to caress herself for him as much as for herself. She cupped her breasts and ran her fingers over her nipples, reached down across her abdomen and out along her spread thighs. In the pagan rhythm, she trembled on the very edge of infinity, and tossed back her hair to give voice to her forbidden act.

So close. She could almost feel the surge starting in her cervix. "I'm..." she needed not explain any further. The fact of imminent release was plain in her every honest expression. The Lieutenant was writhing beneath her - pounding into her in a fierce paroxysm. Then, the first shudder came, and Jien's senses expanded. She let out another cry, and convulsed into a chain of spasms, seized by a rush of sensation so intense she almost lost her balance if it had not been for Nathaniel's steady hands. It was the final threshold, and passion crested. It was a fiery, cataclysmic response.

Just as the final shudder died out, and she let out a long shaky breath. yet nonetheless... for the sake of her lover... she continued to grind against him - the aftershocks making her lie down against his chest while she still thrust down upon him with the use of her legs. Her nails scraped his chest, and she chuckled as she moved, biting her lower lip as she stared into Nathaniel's eyes - her gratitude quite plain.

"How do you want me, Lieutenant?" she asked in her husky voice and grazed her teeth against his chest. For what he had given her, she would compensate for - be it by mouth or just continuing to milk him with her hips. Hell, she would even turn into her male form and commit sodomy upon him if he felt so inclined. In these few moments of respite she had in the Gym, she was quite liberated - making up for such times lost.

Once they left, she would  have to raise her fortifications again - dropping the iron curtain.

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Every rock of her hips held such pleasure.  Each motion only made him ache for the next, in an unceasing need to continue their copulation for as long as possible.  It was hardly the service he expected working under a Starfleet captain, especially after their first real meeting had been one of his usual acts of defiance, where she managed to earn his respect with her actions and her words.  Her sounds of pleasure were accompanied by his own, verbalizing his gratitude for her in his own way, his moans and soft, barely audible words of compliment to the feeling of her walls clinging to him so tightly.

As she hit her second orgasm, she tightened up even further, which served to make his hands hold even tighter against her hips, as a response to her body's forceful hold around him.  While he could never know what she was feeling, not like she was capable of understanding both the male and female orgasm, seeing every reaction she had was a turn-on in and of itself.  There was always a sense of pride in it; knowing that it was him who gave that to her.  Even her rested state, in which her body laid against him, was still in motion, refusing to abandon his own pleasure when hers had been sated.

"How do you want me, Lieutenant?"  She asked, and it made him wonder.  The idea of her male form never crossed his mind for a second; Nathaniel was purely heterosexual, and had no interest in such things.  In his mind, it was more a catalog of positions he was perusing through, looking to make a purchase for himself.  "I think . . . I wanna find out if your mouth is as talented as your pussy."  It must have sounded a bit vulgar to hear, but they were past pleasantries, and their relationship at that moment was hardly a tender one.  All he knew was that her body had been perfectly forged for what she needed, but when it came to oral pleasure, that was more about talent then biology.  He was interested to see what she was capable of.

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Hearing the pilot ask her for a fellatio in a way a rough pilot only can both served to amuse Jien as well as turn her on - rising to the challenge.

"Be careful what you wish for, 'Lieutenant..." she said and chuckled. Then, she bit her lower lip and raised her hips far enough to make his glistening and hard member slip out of her. It was a feeling of loss, of course, yet he had more than well enough sated her by then. Thus, she leaned down to kiss his mouth ravenously, her hands supporting her whilst resting upon his chest. Then she moved down to his neck, to the groove behind his collarbone, to lick the salty taste of his chest.

Then, she swung her leg up and and lay the sight of her most intimate womanly angle right into his face - straddling his face without a shred of shame. "I only ask in turn that you encourage me..." she said and gave him a mischievous look over her bare shoulder. Already, her fingertips had trailed down his abdomen - soon clasping around the base of his throbbing manhood.

Without further a due... she skimmed her palm up and down his arousal. She grazed her fingernails up his ventral side, and then applied her tongue to him - tasting both herself and him when she ran it from the base and upwards. The scent of him was all brute man, utterly intoxicating, and she groaned a little before she encompassed his gland with her lips - swirling her tongue around him inside her mouth.

Yet she knew, being male as well, that given the previous clasp of her cunt around him, all her subtle touches would be inadequate. So, she used her hand, and she used her whole mouth, to suck him firmly as soon as she earnestly began. With her free hand, she scraped her nails against his sack, and her breasts bobbed down against his abdomen with every movement.

Both her Chosen Forms were practised in the fellatio, so she hoped that the pilot would find her ministrations worthwhile...

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It was hard to describe the feeling of Jien disconnecting their intimate regions from  each other.  It was like his manhood had just come up from air, and was able to breathe properly again, yet he wished that it hadn't.  The air touched upon it, leaving her juices on his shaft to feel cooled, adding another tingle of pleasure that only furthered to the experience.  Her lips met his once again, though her body began to slip downward, bringing her mouth to his neck, as he gave a soft utterance that displayed his delight.

In one swift motion, her body was turned a hundred and eighty degrees, placing them in opposite directions.  This new position, known in Earth history as the sixty-nine, allowed for mutual oral stimulation, and more then lived up to her request of him "keeping her encouraged."  Staring at her fleshy curtains for a moment, he again admired the attention to detail the shape shifter had put in, making her appearance, which was nothing more then a construct of her own imagination, take on an appearance that the most amount of people in the universe would find attractive.  As he reached out to rub a finger along the slit for the first time, his member pulsated in excitement, moving before her very eyes.

Before he could do anything more to her, he felt the beginnings of her own skill at work, a soft yet strong palm brushing upward and down against his length.  She worked it up into a full performance of all the players, as her fingernails lightly slid along, and her tongue came into play, making Nathaniel draw in deep, intense breaths to maintain his composure under such talented manipulation.  Considering she knew what a man liked, spending some o0f her time in that form, he should have known Jien would know just how to work a man for maximum satisfaction.

The feeling of her breasts moving against his lower torso, and her addition of a second hand playing with his testicles, he almost felt overwhelmed, but chose turn all that gratification into something productive.  His other hand coming forward, he used his two thumbs to part her labia, and expose the soft pink flesh beneath,  Bringing his head forward, his tongue extended, he drew it along the tender skin, licking her in the most sensitive of places.  His lips would seal along any folds of flesh they could, as if to kiss them, before his tongue went back to it's exploration of her inner workings.  He had found that unpredictability was the key to pleasure for a woman; his tongue lash wildly, making it impossible for her to determine where it would go next.

Nathan was a big believer in cunnilingus, never shy about providing such a service to a beautiful woman.  Usually it was his opening; something to get them worked up before the intercourse, but this time, it would act as his closer.   That meant stepping up his game, and making sure it was as memorable as the sex.

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Jien's eyes opened as she let out muffled groan - making Nathaniel feel her voice vibrating down his fat length - when his ministrations began.

After letting the head go with a wet pop from her lips, could not help but look back his way and push her hips towards his face. Her breaths ragged, she rocked a little with her hips toward him to make him know just how much her sensitive womanhood enjoyed his tongue. In means of being encouraged, he was definitely showing great promise. There was no room for words, since their bodies spoke the same language - both calling out for more.

So she chuckled in rueful joy at this liberating feeling she felt, and her hand - currently massaging the bottom of his shaft - playfully pressed his turgid member against his lower abdomen, and she rolled it like it was roll of warm dough with her open palm. What was that thing Amikris said in Sickbay yesterday? came an errant thought, but she was far too preoccupied to pay it any heed. Any kind of catalyst for her behaviour was far from her mind.

No, instead she raised Nathaniel's phallus up anew, and she opened her mouth wide - taking him in. Her tongue ran against him even whilst it filled her oral cavity, touching the roof of her mouth. With little room to spare, she still licked the top side whilst it remained inside her mouth. Once she pulled up, she nipped the head gently with her teeth. Provoking and procuring - with each wondrous pass - her mouth was a heated grasp matching that of her labia, which was revelling and twitching in answer to Nathaniel's tongue and lips. Already made so sensitive from the two times she had come, he did not have to do much for her body to respond.

And her body's answers were plain, in how she rocked against his mouth subtly and she rolled her hips to meet the strokes and motions he made.

She wanted him to spend himself; craved the taste to explode in her mouth. Thus, she moved faster, building a steady and increasing rhythm. She would swallow it all down for him, and she meant to do so before she lost her concentration - falling to his mercy yet again. Her fierce movements caused her to naturally grind herself against his mouth... And she realised that they might come as one any second. Would she be able to keep her lips sealed around him then, or would she have to give voice to yet another climax?

In moments, she'd know, but she had no mind to care beyond the present.

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Nathaniel was plagued by the same kinds of problems as Jien herself was.  It was difficult to keep a focus on the pleasure of another when your own body was under such powerful waves of gratification for itself.  Still, her subtle cues worked to make him keep his focus, as she all but shoved her womanly region into his face.  The action made his hands take hold of her hips, and pull himself forward to more deeply lash with his tongue, while his nose brushed against her outer lips with each upward brush he gave to her moist, craving folds.  Her own actions made him moan out, causing his lips to hum against her intimate regions, and generate a degree of vibration in them, and he happily continued to eat out the Starship Captain.

Her scent was strong, yet appealing; it more then summed up Jien as a lover, or even as a commanding officer.  It was her strength as a leader which proved to command the most respect, but she also held the appeal of her subordinates, making decisions that only served to back up her strength with understanding of those beneath her.  How fortunate Nathan was to find himself beneath her, in a quite literal way at that point.

Hands releasing her hips, he sought to further her pleasure even more.  Rubbing his fingers against her slick opening, he got them as wet as possible, enabling Nathaniel to slide them inside of her with ease.  He had chosen his middle and ring fingers, being his longest ones, to take the plunge inside, where they put a light pressure against her inner walls by flexing upward and downward as they slid back and forth.  A quick adjustment of his head and his tongue was teasing at the clitoris, to double up on her stimulation, and further her up the steady slope to the climax.

Throughout every action he performed, he was being rewarded with feelings of pleasure for himself.  Every motion of her tongue, her mouth, and her hands only made him beg for the conclusion, so that he might feel the orgasm she had been building up within him.  How good it would feel, even more so just because of the fact that they were both earning it.  As it approached, he held it back as best he could, tensing his manhood to hold back the stream of white fluid looking to escape.  He would bear it as long as possible, in the attempt to make their release simultaneous.  When he could bear it no longer, the teasing ended, and his climax burst forth like a dam breaking, spilling out a heavy amount with enough force to shoot upward into the air, at whatever part of Jien was in it's way in that moment.

"Hah . . . hah . . . "  He panted, body slowly wearing down.  His heart was beating like a jackhammer, but was working down to a normal pace, in pace with his pulse rate.  His body felt lighter, and weaker, as a result of expelling so much energy, as well as other things.   "So . . . does the Captain need a workout partner on a  . . . regular basis?"  He spoke, a weary grin on his face, at the thought of such an occurrence being more then just one time.  She needed her releases, and it wasn't like she could be forward about it with just anyone.

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The final moments that they shared so explicitly passed in a delightful haze, and Jien could not remember afterwards what happened first.. Yet she was crying out when Nathaniel made her climax upon the tip of his tongue, and when she did, she had the carnal presence to let her hand continue where her mouth had let go.

In the end, when the gymnasium stabilised itself in all its shadows and flickering light, she chuckled ruefully ad noticed how her lover had cum all over her exposed throat, her sweat-glistening breasts and the corrugated leanness of his abdomen. His seed was warm as honey, and she tossed her hair back to look at him while he spoke, her hand brushing against the areas where he had hit her. "I have yet to decide that," she said huskily and turned around, crawling up his torso like a lithe and powerful animal - her still hardened crests skimming tantalizingly against his chest, "for how can I objectively decide that in the delirious state that you have put me in?"

She punctuated her statement by laying her lips to his, them both having to breathe hard through their noses while the seal of their mouths lasted. Her hands ran up to to his wide shoulders - rounded with muscle - and then to his neck. In the end she let his mouth go, and pushed herself upright with her hands against the Lieutenant's virile chest. She gave him a last enigmatic smile, drinking the sight of him below her - between her legs - before lightly getting to her feet. "On your feet, Mr. Isley," she said, her tone somewhat returned to normal, "I expect you to report to your duty shift as normal, despite these events... however gratifying."

With her back towards him - uprooting the katana from the deck - her form changed so that she again wore her hakama and a black tank top - the stains she had bestowed upon her now visible upon the fabric, soaking into its mimicked texture. She turned her head to look at him with a very faint smile. "I will hit the showers," she glanced at his body again, "I suggest you do the same."

She walked to leave him, but paused at the edge of the light. She turned her head again.

"Thank you... You will not have to wait long for an answer..." she said before the darkness swallowed her.

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In wake of her climax, Nathaniel drew his tongue across her again, in an attempt to clean her up a bit, as well as get one final taste of her before their time together came to an end.  His efforts would be cut off when she turned his way, and began to crawl up his body, until their lips met once more.  While her hands trailed up his shoulders, his moved up her thighs until reaching her hips, where they rested until she gave him the order to stand.  He wasn't even sure if he had that kind of strength left in him after all they had done, but he did as he was told.

Standing up, he watched as Jien shapeshifted her body to clothe herself again.  To him, it almost felt like a cheat, considering he was still in a state of undress.  A grin did cross his face as he noticed that anything covering her body, such as his seed, remained on the clothing just as it had been on her naked body.  It was almost amusing to think there was no means for her to hide it without washing it off.  At her suggestion of hitting the showers, he grabbed his clothes and picked up the pace towards the locker room, taking her suggestion.

In the locker room, he deposited his clothes in a locker and headed into the showers, turning it on and beginning the process of cleaning up.  His hands ran across his body, wiping away the sweat and the secretions caused by the rigorous activity he had been involved in.  His mind was still partly in disbelief, wondering if he just had a very vivid daydream.  He knew that it had actually happened, yet it was such a wild, almost fantasy-like occurrence that it almost seemed impossible.  "Maybe I should be having a cold shower . . . "  He thought to himself for a brief second, noting his body hadn't calmed down all that much, with his mind still being back in the heat of the moment.

He hadn't been on board the Theurgy all that long, but he already had a secret to keep.  He wasn't permitted to reveal what had happened between himself and the Captain, by her own order; one could hardly call a demand from Jien a request, even if she had said please at one point.  In a way, it was disappointing; it felt like something one could brag about.  Still, he would honor his promise to her, and keep his mouth shut.

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[0630 hrs]

After having showered and left the Gymnasium behind, Jien - now in his male form - made his way through the empty ship corridors - seemingly more empty than other mornings at that early hour. Whilst he walked, he imagined to hear sounds from some crew quarters that he passed by - sounds explicit and unmistakable - yet after his morning 'exercise' with the fighter pilot, he wrote it off as echoes in his own head...

When he entered his rooms, he threw away the bag with his towel and training gear yet picked up his combadge from the contents first. As he fastened it upon his uniform, he spoke. "Computer, estimated time for the scheduled repairs for the day."

"Working," replied Thea's voice. There was a brief pause before the answer came. "Ninety-six point two hours."

Jien dropped his hand from his chest and frowned. "That can't be right."

The Ship AI's reply was delayed, as if it was not quite sure how to respond to a human who challenged its calculations. Thea's automated voice seemed to decide to prove Jian wrong by spouting off data. "Based on the number of available crew during the Gamma Shift with the subsequent affliction upon the scheduled repairs, and the people that have currently reported to the Alpha Shift, added with the delays caused by the energy crisis and the..."

"Are you saying that people have not been reporting to their shifts during the night?" he asked sternly, his frown deepening.

"That is correct. Forty-seven people of the crew did not show up on their posts during Gamma Shift."

Jien cursed in Japanese, yet kept his head cool - tapping his combadge again. "Jien to Bridge."

The sound of female giggling came through the terminal's speakers.

"Jien to Bridge," he repeated. "Come in please."

"Oh...hi, Captain." It was a woman's voice, low and sultry. Jien could not place it at first.

"Who is this?"

"It's... Carletta," she said, breathing heavily. "What... ungh... what can I do for you?"

"Carletta?" It certainly didn't sound like the Science Officer's usual voice, the stern Hispanic woman who was posted at the Science Station during the Gamma Shift. "Why have people not reported to their shifts during the night?" He paused, recalling the sounds of the ship during his walk. "What's going on up there? Where's the Second Officer?"

"Ungh... n-not here. I think... ohhhh... I think he went off somewhere with... ungh ...some girl..."

"Well who's in charge up there?" shouted Jien.

"I guess I am," said Carletta. "Or at least... oooohh... I'm on top right now." She giggled.

"What do you...oh, never mind. Let me talk to Mr. Winterbourne."

She giggled again. "Um, I don't think he's... ungh... able to talk right now."

"Why not?" he asked sternly, having thought that the helmsman ought to have been available, "Where is he?"

"I'm sitting on him... ungh... sitting on his cock, anyway." She grunted again, evidently enjoying herself.

Jien paused, naturally. "What?!"

"Yeah, he's got a nice one... oooohh... big and hard and...  ungh... so full of cum. It just keeps...bursting..." A loud male groan came through the speaker, accompanied by Carletta's laughter. "There he goes again! I swear he pumps more and more cream with every orgasm. What was that, the seventh time?"

"Carletta, you're relieved." He grimaced at his choice of words. "Let me talk to someone else."

"Who do you want to talk to, Captain? Everyone is having sex." There was a brief pause. "You should be having sex, too. Why don't you come up here and..."

Jien punched the badge, terminating the conversation. He stood there for a moment, a scowl on his face. What was going on up there? How could Carletta, who usually acted colder than a Vulcan, be screwing the helmsman right in the middle of the bridge? It was impossible...someone must be playing a joke on him. Yet eerily, the words of the Cadet from the night before surfaced in his mind - the concerns of the Ash'reem that he had heard during his Physical.

As he entered a command into his computer console to bring up the Bridge camera, he realized that this was no joke. There was Carletta, completely naked, lifting herself off of Mr. Winerbourne's glistening penis. She left him sitting there in Jien's chair, with a dazed and vacant look on his face. All over the bridge, men and women were busily fucking each other, their bodies writhing together in erotic repetition.

Then, the Bridge doors opened on Jien's monitor to admit a male technician. The man stopped in his tracks when he saw what was happening, and he gaped in surprise as Carletta strolled toward him. She looked magnificent without her clothes on, and the technician couldn't help but stare at her gorgeous breasts. She whispered something into his ear and smiled at him. It took only seconds for the man to drop his toolkit and grab hold of her plump mammaries. Then he was sucking her, ardently kissing her nipples while his hands slid down to explore the lower half of her body. A moment later, he was hurriedly taking his clothes off. A moment after that, he was shoving his dick in and out of Carletta's pussy, just another participant in the lustful madness that had seized the Main Bridge.

"Jien to Deputy zh'Wann. Come in, please." He waited for a response from the deputy of the ship, but none came. "Computer, get me Lt. Than'Ida zh'Wann's location. On screen."

It seemed that the Andorian had fallen, too.

She and a handful of security guards were standing naked in a transporter room, holding a trio of women at gunpoint with their phasers. There was a human Operations Officer there too, naked by her console - smirking. The women on the platform were in the process of slowly undressing, reluctantly removing even their bras and panties until their bodies were completely exposed. Then the three women dissolved in a haze of static, and vanished. ThanIda and her men went back out into the corridor, probably in search of more people.

"Why are they beaming women down to the planet?" murmured Jien, frowning. What the hell is going on?

"Computer, what percentage of the crew is not wearing any clothing?" Imprecise, but perhaps the best statistics he could get...

"Working," said Thea, without bothering to question such a bizarre inquiry. Perhaps the projection of her might, but not the standardised comm routines. "Fifty-two point three percent."

"Show me the Chief of Security," he said, feeling his mimicked human heart beating fast, yet he found himself comforted by the sight of the man hard at work in dealing out orders in the Security Centre. "Jien to Security. Something strange is going on. The whole crew..."

"Yes, Captain, we know," came the static reply, "we have been made aware just a minute ago. We will have to safe-guard key ship functions and areas, so we will-"

"Indeed, and you may begin with Deck 01 immediately, and clear out the Main Bridge for the arrival of Alpha Shift." Jien was already out of his quarters, taking long strides down the eerily quiet corridor with his sheathed Dai-Katana in his left hand, "Meet up with me there, and make sure to keep your distance from those that you quarantine with forcefields and move to the Brig, or Sickbay, or whatever area convenient for expediency."

"Aye, Captain," came the reply, "be careful on your way there."

"Likewise," said Jien and terminated the conversation with Security by making another transmission. It was a risk since he did not know how far progressed the contamination had spread in the upper ranks, but he had little choice when time was of such crucial import. "Jien to all Senior Staff members, report to the Bridge asap, and do not stop on your way for any kind of reason or distraction. Better yet, make sure as few people as possible notice you while you get there. Try to keep comm transmissions to a minimum in order to not compromise each other, should either of you need to pass unnoticed. We are hereby at Yellow Alert, ladies and gentlemen, and areas of quarantine will be set as soon as we converge and know more about what the hell is going on."

Moreover, Jien cursed himself for not making himself available over comm earlier that morning - having instead fraternised with Nathaniel Isley.

The shame stung him deeply.

OOC: This Chapter is from hereof and hereby devoted to the stealthy paths your characters take towards Deck 01 and the Briefing Room in order to avoid contamination!

Feel free to depict encounters freely on your way there, whether observed or participated in... ;) Characters whom are not of the Senior Staff are, of course, in grave danger if they are not already contaminated. Contact me over PM if you need advise or an NPC or two! You might even come to incidental rendezvous with anyone else of the Senior Staff or trusted Officer on the way too!

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Adam grinned at the three women before him as he waved the phaser between them.  Each looking concerned as they stared back at him from the living quarters that he had herded them into just moments before.  There was no escape, none of them had overrides for the door he was sure.  Unlike himself.  "So, who wants to be first hmmm?" he asks his eyes wandering each woman's frame appraisingly as they knelt on the floor their hands held behind their heads by wrist restraints taken from security a few hours earlier, two of which hand the scent of a previous encounter still clinging to them, as well as some of the sticky sweet smelling fluids that had been exchanged in that encounter.  The first was a nineteen year old fourth year Cadet in engineering, Ester Hambard, the second was a twenty three year old Ensign from the Theurgy's fighter squadron named Hannah Slaverton, the last was a Bajoran from the Civilian crew Tuska Amoelia, science department he thought but it was hard to say as she had no rank.

The positioning of the restraints made it uncomfortable for the three women to move and more important forced them to emphasize their assets in a more appealing way.  Walking closer he reached down caressing each one along their cheek before slowly descending to massage their breast lightly.  As he reached the last one he turned and made his way back down the line removing a small pocket knife and making a clean precise cut down the back of their uniforms careful not to injure his toys as he did so.  Merely ensuring that they were more easily accessible for the upcoming events. 

"Will it be you Cadet?" he asks reaching in along her side to sensually caress her breast from behind.  Squeezing the nipple slightly and spinning it ever so slowly between thumb and forefinger before moving on.  "Or you Hannah?  How I've enjoyed watching you leave your quarters for a few months now." leaning down he gently kissed the side of her neck teasingly.  One hand drifting down to make an attempt to probe her depth if he could caressing along her hip either way as he went.  Lastly he looked at Tuska, "Or should I have the civilian first hmm?  You'll each get your turn I promise and then...then you'll be blessed as I have been."  He turned walking back down the row slowly.  "Well? Who will it be ladies?"

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Nerina was completing her early morning exercise when the captain's voice came over the comm. She was near the base of the ship, having found the quiet hum of the ship's recycling systems a pleasant, if slightly repedative sound to jog to. She would do a few laps of the outside ring of hallways, then do some squats, or pushups, or move a crate around. She knew that even without the holodeck, there was a perfectly servicable gymnasium on board. But her mother had instilled in her a dislike of 'busy work'. Her mother wasn't afraid of working long hard hours, but not if the job wasn't useful in some fashion. And to Nerina, running on a treadmill was just... wasteful. At least as she jogged around the corridor, she could pretend she was going somewhere. It felt less silly, despite knowing that she had to look after her body.

However, her final couple of laps would have to wait, as apparently there was something bad going on. She was confused, but then down here there was perhaps one technican around, staring at a readout. She called the hololift and toweled herself off, pulling down her tight work out top, the tight material keeping her breasts in place as she jogged, although it did show off her toned stomach and back, her slightly bronzed skin reflecting the lights, the sheen of her sweat still lingering.

But when the lift arrived, she paused, shocked. Inside it two scientific officers, Ensign... Jacobs? And Lt (Jr)... Kelly? She wasn't sure about their names. Partly because she didn't deal with the science officers that much on an individual basis, but also because both we quite naked, Kelly on her knees, Jacobs' large shaft sliding back and forth between her lips. Despite the fact that she was covered in seed, she was moaning with pure, unfiltered lust as she sucked at the cock. Nerina's hand was on the controls of the lift, and just as Jacobs seemed to notice her presence, she slammed the door close and then overrid it, the turbolift now halted where it was. She looked around, trying to decide what to do. She could head up a level and hail another turbolift, but what if there was more people in it? She shook her head. "Well, guess I'll get my workout finished regardless." she said as she went to the nearest wall panel. She unhooked it, slid in, then pulled it shut again, and began the long, slow climb up the ship's tunnels towards the bridge.

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Despite how evident the security officer's intentions - from the naked state of their captor and his actions towards them in the dim quarters they had been forced into - were, Hanna Slaverton braved the situation best as she might. Even as he cut the back of her uniform open, or kissed her neck, or had the fucking audacity to grope her, she let out no more than a grunt or the sounds of her teeth gritting. She swore she would kill him for this, regardless how good he looked. Odd, how that held any kind of consequence...

"You will be court-marshalled for t-this you swine!" she snarled, green eyes flashing, denying herself to pay any heed to the sense of loss she felt when he had removed his fingers from her groin. The sensation lingered in her mind, how he had pushed his middle-finger past her nether lips, and how she had felt them come out slippery afterwards. How could her body respond to him? How! "The Captain will throw you out an air-lock, if my brothers and sisters in the Lone Wolves does not get to you first!"

On either side of her, the civilian and the Cadet both seemed to have their own complications, breathing more heavily than her. Their cheeks were flushed, and their eyes a bit narrowed. They had not been treated much dfferent than her, so why were they... Did they truly consider this? Was it some sort of act from their side? Hannah again tested to chafe against the restraints behind her head - dry and adamant against her wrists. She blinked away red strands of her hair from her dark eyelashes, being the only red-head among the captives. The Bajoran had short auburn hair and dark eyes, along with a sheen of sweat on her brow. The Cadet was a blue-eyed blonde from the northern regions of Europe, Hannah herself being from Ireland. Regardless of nationalities and species, they were all equal in their predicament, so why the bloody hell did the other two seem more inclined to actually listen to him?

As of yet, none of the others replied, perhaps due to her own outburst. Hannah continued to scowl at him, focusing on his eyes instead of anything else...

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Adam grinned at Hannah moving closer to her and with a yank on her hair pulling her back away from the wall and onto the floor.  He was careful to yank just hard enough to knock her back, not hard enough to injure her or risk a concussion when she landed.  No it wouldn't do to hurt the initiates would it?   "I see we have a volunteer then?  I wonder if you'll retain that fiery spirit after you've been blessed, or would you prefer I release you to Ida?   I understand she was taking some young women to the teleporter receive the blessing first hand.  Hmmm Cadet would you like to help in this matter?"  He asked as he took a step closer to Ester reaching up to lightly grope and massage her breast well leaning in to grant the cadet a deep and passionate kiss, sliding his sweet moist tongue deep into her mouth and swirling it around hers allowing his saliva to mix thoroughly with her own.

As the kiss ended her grinned staring into her eyes happily before resuming the kiss slightly lighter and asking again. "Do you want to help me bless our dear Ensign?  I promise you'll enjoy it and I might even make you second in line if you wish." he grins softly rolling her nipples between his forefinger and thumb before pulling away and taking the knife to cut Ester's restraints.  Then moving back to Hannah and leaning next to her keeping himself just out of kicking range as he leant over her chest aiming his rod toward the Ensign with a hint of interest. "All you have to do is stroke it Ester, stroke me and aim it at our dear friend's face." he said with a grin giving her an expectant look. "If you wish you may take a few licks or even suck softly on the tip." 

He watched as Hannah threw another steam of insults, hisses, spit and growls at him.  It didn't seem to effect him at all as he looked back at Ester with an expectant look.  His mind drifting into the gutter further as he envisioned the passion that soon would be flowing through the two girl's veins.  Perhaps after they were blessed they would even ravage him first if he was lucky. 

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Incredulous, Hannah watched the Cadet... timidly kiss the security officer back? The little trollop even whimpered a little when the man parted from her! With wide eyes, the Lone Wolf saw the 19-year-old shudder and look down in embarrassment, as if unsure what was right and wrong when asked to help out. What had gotten into her? Sure, the man's physical form and his... endowment was magnificent, but to actually..? She even arched her back to press her breasts against his touch!

Sure enough, when this bastard they faced asked a second time, Ester fingered her smarting wrists and shuffled over to Adam Kingston's side.

"Cadet! What have gotten into you? Get away from him!"

Yet Ester turned her blue doe-like eyes to Hannah and mouthed 'I'm sorry...' before she lifted a hand and began to rub it along Adam's engorged manhood. The Cadet bit her lip and slumped her shoulders as she did it, as if in resignation to her own needs. Her sliced uniform fell down one shoulder as she did, and a last tear of her former self fell to the deck. Then she resignd herself to the attetion of Adam's member, stroking it, looking up in plea for more into the hovering face of their captor.

"Cadet, stop it at once!" Yet Hannah could just as well have been in another room. Ester only seemed to have eyes for Adam, and she extended her tongue to lick him from the base and outwards - swirling her tongue around the pre-cum covered glad. "Ester, no! Bite him!"

Behind Adam's back, the Bajoran was shivering, head slumped - looking as if she was the most abandoned woman in the world. Yet she said not a word, not ready to voice her feelings. Hannah realised she was mesmerised with the development, almost feeling eager to see how Adam would go about this. How could he have pulled this off? The scent of his bared member above her filled her nostrils, but she tried to weakly crawl away - horror spreading across her features...

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"For all its worth Ensign, I highly doubt the Captain will do anything about this, after all it won't be long before we get her to.  As for your squadron mates, well how would you like to know that I know for a fact at least three of them are participating in similar activities elsewhere in the ship.  You're dear friend Eve Llewellyn caught them unprepared in the squadron commons room just an hour ago.  She quite enjoyed herself I'm told, although I sadly wasn't there to witness it.  I was there to bless her just a few hours before that, it truly is amazing how swiftly the transformation can occur in a willing subject." Reaching out he began to softly rub Ester's clitoris as she licked him, slowly beginning to slide his forefinger along her nether lips dipping in slowly and rubbing them eagerly.  "How does that feel Cadet?  Enjoying yourself already?" He asks with a grin as a second finger drifted in to begin to stretch her a little and 'thrust' into her depths slowly. 

As he thrust his fingers into Ester's mound confidently he grinned at Hannah and then smiled at Ester. "Its almost ready point it at our 'friend's face now and stroke a bit faster won't you?  I promise you won't have to wait much longer after that my dear" he used his other hand to undress Ester the rest of the way confidently ripping the last of her uniform from her body and reaching up to once again massage her breasts happily.  The throbbing member almost ready for release as he imagined how his seed would look on Hannah's face.  Better yet how its sweet scent would begin to change her well he ravaged the other two, leaving her desperate for attention and begging before he gave her what she wanted most.

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Hands immobilised, and Adam's weight holding her down, Hannah could hardly recall what ran through her head at the point when Ester began to give her best attentions to the security guards cock above her eyes. The blonde young woman stroked it hard, licked and sucked at it in turn, panting and moaning before and after her clothes were removed - twitching at the fingertips of their captor.

"Please, don't do this... You must have caught something and will infect me too... whatever it is... please, you need to go to Sickbay.. or turn yourselves in for examination." Adam had spoken of many others doing these sinful things, and she supposed her whimpering plea came too late. Still, it was all she could do at that point. "Can you not fight it? Realise that this is not yourselves?"

They had been dull and loyal crew members before these events, just like herself. She felt that she was being too harsh, and that she ought to be sharing in the fun, but it was a far cry from such fantasies to actually carrying out what Ester was doing to Adam. "Oh, god, please don- AH!"

The Lieutenant's thick seed sprayed over her mouth, and she barely managed to close it in time. He came a lot, pumping it out over the lines of her lips and her jaw, her throat and one cheek. She began to sob afterwards, closing her eyes against the tears that almost came. Ester had let out a delighted cry, and now turned her eyes up to Adam in plea for her to become his centre of attention. She leaned against him. "Please... fuck me... fuck me now, I can't stand the wait."

There were sobs coming from the Bajoran too, her restraint fully corroded but unable to do anything about it. She was wriggling where she sat on her knees, as if she was wet all the way down her inner thighs....

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Elsewhere on the ship, William Regal was walking with a slow saunter towards his target. He had gotten distracted during the past couple of hours, having come across a couple of cute technicians and a Bolian science officer, all of which he had welcomed into the light. They had put up a little bit of a fight, hence why he was now in a new set of clothing, but all were now happily spreading themselves in one of the docking bays. When he had left, there were 8 men from over the ship all taking turns with their holes.

But he had been asked to do this one, and he was a man of his... Well, ususually he wasn't a man of his word, but right now he felt compelled to ring the chime of the door of the ship's erstwhile assistant... William couldn't remember what exactly she was, but she was in fact some sort of a spy, or something, and she'd recently been released from the brig and now had her own quarters. Bill found it hard to think, it was as if trying to swim through jelly, any thought that wasn't about women and sex took so long to grab, his mind wanted him single minded.

But if there was one thing he knew how to do, it was talk while being distracted. So as he chimed on the Trill's door, he pulled his cream shirt down slightly, checked that his pants were at an acceptable level while still, if you looked hard, showing off his body, and waited for an answer.

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"you act like its such a horrible fate Ensign, when all I'm doing is setting you free of the burdens of this world, and blessing you with eternal bliss.  Is that so bad??" he asked leaning into Ester and kissing her passionately and deeply.  His tongue slipping out to swirl and wrestle with her own tongue.  He pulled the young woman onto his lap happily as he leaned down kissing along her neck and collar bone on his journey toward her breasts.  "Do you wish to taste it Ester, or feel it within you first?" he asks curiously as he began to suck on one of her nipples swirling his tongue over its tip coating it in the contaminated sweet tasting saliva that filled his mouth.

He glanced at the other two women idly as he slide his hands down and over Esters frame lovingly stroking her form well allowing Ester's juices to pool over Hannah's chest.  Soaking the girl's uniform in them and allowing it to slowly pour out over her neck.  In his mind he wondered if Ester was already contaminated to the point that it was spread by those juices but he doubted it.


Cir'Cie smiled as she made her way through the isles of her garden.  It had taken her several hours but she had cleansed the soil of all the plants she once so endeared.  Paving the way for her new pride and joy.  Carefully digging several small ditches in the soil she began to plant the seeds she'd collected from the surface.  Part of her worried there wouldn't be enough room for the plant in her garden but it was all she had available at this time.  Hopefully in time she would be able to procure a larger area like one of the cargo bays to grow her precious 'children' in but it was difficult to be sure which would be best protected from harm.

Glancing at the various fruit and food baring plants around her she idly wondered if this was the right choice.  Her mind of course replied with complete certainty yes...the children were all that mattered now.  It wasn't as if they'd need those plants anyways, they had rations that could last several months.  Perhaps they wouldn't even need to send the girls down to the planet soon, in fact they might even be able to spread the blessed flower to several planetary cities if they were lucky.  Repairs should be made first priority! 


Arcorn and Amatras gave a slight groan as they heard the captain's orders.  It was the last thing on their mind, but it was a priority to report as ordered.  Slowly they pulled themselves out of the water and began to get dressed each admiring the others form with a grin as they did.  The water was still slightly murky from their events, although the plankton inside it would soon cleanse it to purity again with any luck. 

Once dressed they began to make their way toward Deck one with a silent if clumsy gait.  Along the way intermittently Arcorn would cut power to the lighting systems when they needed to avoid people, plunging the ship into darkness for several minutes as they moved toward the maintenance hatches.  Then began their ascent toward the top of the ship. 

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Hannah heard Ester reply, and also got to see what she referred to from her prone position.

"Is it still hard?" asked the Cadet and slipped a hand down to admire Adam's meat-mast with her fingers. And true enough, despite the cum that had splattered Hannah's face, the security guard's phallus still stood proud in-between Ester's and Adam's bodies. Hannah could see it plainly underneath Ester's derrière. "Then... I want it inside me... since I have already... well, since I got to taste it when I... when we..."

She trailed off, for obvious reasons besides her eroding shyness.

Accompanied by Esters moaning, Hannah was accosted further by being grounded against by Ester's wet folds. This before Ester could not stand it any further, and raised herself far enough to help align the tip of Adam's member against her entrance. Hannah watched in growing interest - and lessened trepidation - how Ester worked to lower herself down upon it several times before the great girth and length was swallowed by her hungry nether lips. All the fighter pilot could do was lay there, with a sweet and intoxicating scent filling her nose, and watch Ester riding their captor's cock up-close. It was mesmerising, to see the progress, to hear the sopping sounds of the feverish act. It made her loose focus, as if hypnotised, and she pursed her lips a little...

...her tongue unwittingly skimming across her cum-covered lips.

It was all downhill from there, as each thrust of Ester's hips down upon Adam's penis made her more and more famished for the same thing. Hannah could not remember afterwards when she had begun to try and lick as much as possible from her own face, but it tasted so good she was soon bereft to taste more of it. Her breath heavy and her thighs spreading behind Adam's seated form, Hannah whimpered at her own naughty thoughts - how they both made sense and horrified her.

"T-that looks g-good," she whispered, almost to herself - not believing that she had actually said those words at all. "That must f-feel so nice..."

Behind Adam's back, Amoelia was watching with hunger even grater than Hannah's - something mad to her eye. Bitter jealousy towards the emboldened and utterly wild Cadet that was riding Adam's perfect cock. The young woman was clawing at his shoulders, kissing him with tongue and teeth, offering her breasts to him, and impaling herself upon Adam repeatedly. This, until she soon came, as if electrocuted and screaming her lungs out in explicit fulfilment.

And Hannah watched it all up-close, quivering and squirming in the final residues of sanity - slowly ebbing away. She wanted to beg him to take her next, but could not voice the words out of shame. All manner of thoughts about fleeing was gone though, so she could ask him to free her hands, right? At least she would be able to sate herself with her fingers... "I... I'll not run... Please remove the cuffs?"

Amoelia made the same request, just as Ester leaned heavily against Adam and slipped into a semi-concious state.

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[ Meanwhile | Deck 15 | Fighter Assault Bay ] Attn: Nathaniel Isley

As Wolf-09 approached an intersection close to the Fighter Assault Bay, he would hear a female voice.

"Stop it! Let go of me!" If he would peek around the corner, he'd see that a group of naked men had trapped a black woman between them - an Operations programmer by the name Lisa Hawthorne. While two of them grabbed her arms and held her back to the bulkhead, another kneeled in front of her, his head at the level of her crotch. He had just managed to force her legs apart, and it was clear that he was about to do.

"Don't you dare!" Lisa growled, but the man's leaned forward and his face buried itself between her legs. Although Wolf-09 would not be able see it, he would know that the young woman was getting cunnilingus. He might try to think of a way to help her, but he would likely know that he was hopelessly outnumbered. The girl struggled defiantly, helpless to prevent the virus-carrying tongue from delving into her sensitive sex.

Her angry shouts soon turned to frantic pleading. "Please... don't do this... I can't... I have a... ooooohh... I have a boyfriend..." She might as well have been talking to herself. The man kneeling in front of her simply grabbed the backs of her thighs and pulled them further open as his tongue began to make scooping motions. He wasn't going to stop eating her until she came -- and the girl eventually seemed to realise this, because her protests grew more and more feeble as she gradually succumbed to the stimulation of her sex. Soon, she was just standing there, silently allowing herself to be licked and sucked by the lustful, predatory man.

There were five of them, all chiselled muscles, and a few familiar faces from the Lone Wolves - fighter technicians as well as pilots. A few of them had begun to stroke their erections when the helpless woman tilted her head back and started to moan. Her soft, feminine cries filled the corridor, accompanied by the rhythm of masturbation. Her moans slowly grew louder and more desperate, and soon there was no need for the men to pin her arms any more. Her infection had reached the point where she craved an orgasm, and she wasn't going anywhere until she had one. She made no protests as they lowered her to the floor and began to fondle her naked body. All she seemed to care about was the mouth between her thighs, furtively swirling and digging into her while she gasped and groaned.

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Adam pulled out of Ester and gently set her aside on the floor next to Hannah.  A small stream of his thick white seed pouring out of her as he moved her, flowing out onto Hannah's uniform and beginning to soak through.  He smirked sadisticly at Hannah as he got up allowing more of his seed to drip out onto her stomache, then chest and face.  "Now why would I do that when you've so feverishly denied that you want this blessing hmm?" he asks giving a few more strokes to his shaft to spray her face with more of his juices and empty the shaft of its contents. 

Adam smirked as he slowly made his way toward Amoelie leaning into kiss her passionately as he began to slowly cut the rest of her uniform off slowly and confidently.  With a grin he reached down and began to lower her panties and align himself with her. "How do you want this to go my dear? hmmm?" he asks as he kisses her again drawing it out slowly and confidently and beginning to massage her clit with his thumb.  His other hand reached up to massage her breast roughly.

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[ Officer's Quarters ] Attn: Lt.JG Adam Kingston

Hannah could but let a passing glance stay upon Ester as she lay down - seemingly exhausted - while her eyes drank in the sight of Adam's retreating form. She saw him, heard him, but was having trouble speaking because of her heavy breathing. She had eagerly licked up the new semen that landed upon her lips, and she wung her thighs together to try and stimulate herself. There was little coherent thoughts left now; all bent upon the desperate need for release... regardless what it might entail.

She could just lay there, thrusting her hips a little futilely in the air, when the Security Officer moved over to the Bajoran. The woman was pliant and willing enough, just like herself, and she made the needy sounds and movements to accomodate Adam's intentions best she might - regardless the restrictions Adam left upon her wrists. Hannah watched Amoelia spread her legs willingly to let him rub his thumb along her wet slit, and leave her answer as a gasp in the stuffy air.

"I can't wait to have you inside me," she said to Adam and tried to reach his lips again with her own, "just do it... Please don't let me wait any longer..."

[ Amidst the ascending Jefferies Tubes ] Attn: Cmdr. Nerina

At an intersection between two maintenance ladders, there was a spot where one might be able to stand up. Moreover, it was a place where there were three holo-emitters installed, and it served to be the best place for the Ship AI to manifest itself in wait for the First Officer to reach her.

"Commander Nerina," said Thea, wearing her red body suit and her hair tied back from her smooth features. She stood with her hands behind her back, folded and completely still. Given the Yellow Alert that had been issued by Captain Ives, she had chosen to deactivate most of her emotional sub-routines. Last night, when the crew had been acting strangely, she had not know the proper protocol - given her programming - yet now she had more facts.

Enough, in fact, to serve in a capacity that might tip the scales in their favour. She had not projected herself to speak with the Captain for fear of compromising his current movements through the open areas of the ship, and therefore gone to the First Officer instead.

"SAH reporting for duty," she continued when the half-breed Klingon woman came closer, "I am sorry, I have been witnessing the progression of this infection, but I have been programmed to not act upon or spread information about the intimate relations taking place upon this ship. In lack of experience about what might be considered regular behaviour, I fear I have chosen to speak up too late. I am, however, at your disposal now."

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Nerina slithered out from the ladder, sliding down onto the floor with a slight lack of grace, had anyone been watching who cared. Her movements were slightly awkward as she pulled herself out of the confining space of the ladder's tube and stood up, cracking her neck and doing some stretches, her muscles needing the time to recover. "Yes, normally that would be proper... I don't know of any Starfleet regulations regarding crewmembers deciding to just... engage in intimate relations." she said darkly, her arms bent at an odd angle as she stretched them.

"All right, so this is an infection then? Something you can scan for, something we can detect? Is it airborne, is it some sort of psychic attack, is it originating from a source or spreading up all over the place? What exactly are we dealing with? Basically we need to shut down the ship, but I don't want to trap uninfected crewmembers with infected ones." she said, her words coming out fast but clear as she mentally went down the Starfleet regulations for shipboard infections. She looked at the ship and awaited the answers to her questions.

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In answer, Thea inclined her head, yet otherwise remained where she stood.

"The contamination, which the CMO and Cadet Amikris of the Medical Department discovered through the latter's innate perception - and later verified through scans with proper medical tricorders - is not airborne, but contaminates through exchange of bodily fluids. The vectors of this affliction does spread a scent that makes their victims susceptible to the... idea of surrendering to their own biological, primal, desires, but the scent is not contagious. Nor is it a psychic attack, but a viral one. My scans are, however, not calibrated to detect the contaminant - since it is of unknown origin and not filed in my database. With some assistance, since I may not reprogram myself actively, I will be able to differentiate infected crew members from those uninfected. Until now, I have only been able to sift through the vast data-stream that relays what my internal sensors can pick up on these kind of... activities. The CMO will be able to tell more from his tests..."

Stepping over to the next tube with the next ladder that would take the First Officer to the Decks above, Thea frowned, not able to keep her regret from her voice despite the fact that she had almost made herself numb to emotions. Such grief did she hold with this matter. Such helplessness to remedy what had come to pass. She had tried to speak with the SCO about what she could not mention to no aval; tried to understand what was normal and not when the ship's crew had cause for celebration. A quite erroneous notion, she realised now, given the sheer... frequency of sexual intercourses that had taken place and the flamboyant manner of the locations picked as well as the almost forceful advances people had experienced...

"I f-feel that I need to stress my deepest apologies for not speaking up, but as I said... my programming forbid me-" she began before she was cut off.

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