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EPISODE 01: Outbreak [Chapter 02 - Contamination]

EPISODE 01: Outbreak [Chapter 02 - Contamination]

[Senior Officer's Quarters | USS Theurgy]

No ghostly tendrils of steam rose up from the bathing water, since Andorians preferred their baths cold. They had increased perfusion in colder environments, and the effect would be akin to that of a human bathing in warm water - making their blood flow more quickly.

ThanIda zh'Wann dropped her white robe and stepped into the tub, sinking down into the luxurious chill. The water closed in around her as she submerged, enveloping her naked azure skin in a cocoon of delicious moisture. She sighed and smiled as she lay there, allowing her body and mind to soak in pleasure. The world seemed to dissolve in a haze of languorous numbness.

It had been the new Chief of Security that had awoken her down on the planet, of course, enquiring about her whereabouts. It had been utterly shameful to be caught sleeping on the job - and even more so due to the cause for her involuntary nap. It still perplexed her how she had come to be rendered unconscious from a self-induced climax, but it was not like she was going to take the question to Sickbay. She was Andorian, former guardsman, and she would not admit to such a thing aloud. Especially not to the people she knew would be awaiting her testimony - neither the Head Nurse nor the Chief Medical Officer.

With thoughts upon their physical beings, and the paintings she had made of them without them knowing about it, it took less than a minute before her hand was between her thighs.

She did not even realize she was doing it at first. It almost seemed as though her hand had a mind of its own now - independent of her own will. Her fingers started to move slowly, as if idly scratching an itch on her groin. But the itch only grew worse, and soon she was rubbing vigorous circles on her vaginal lips. She could feel the arousal spreading through her - quickening her heart and making her skin tingle. These were the initial symptoms, the prelude to a downward spiral that would lead to moaning, squirming masturbation. There was no way to stop it. Nor did she bother to try. She just lay there and whimpered as her fingers went to work.

Why was she so aroused; like a dog in heat? She had been craving an orgasm from the moment she stepped off the transporter pad - despite the fact that she had just recently masturbated on the surface below. The urge seemed to get worse every time a good-looking man passed by, as if her body was reacting to the presence of a potential mate. When she got into the turbolift with two human Engineers, all she could think about was having sex with them.

She found herself imagining what would have happened if she had taken off her jacket and shirt, lowered her bra. What would they have done to her? If they were the dim-witted technicians that they appeared to be, they would not have thought twice about grabbing her and putting their mouths upon her bosom. Ida stroked her wet breast as she thought about it - how it would feel to have their tongues licking her flesh, sucking her nipples. She smiled at the thought of those two grown men, reduced to infants again as they greedily sucked and pulled upon her pouting tit stalks to bring out the milk. Ida's nipples swelled as she tickled them into full hardness.

Maybe she was imagining it, but her breasts seemed to have grown slightly bigger. In her mind's artistic eye, those two men continued to slurp and suckle her breasts, but their hands were now groping her crotch as well, getting her ready for the intercourse that would soon follow. As the erotic scenario played through her mind, her right hand lazily massaged her wet labia while her other hand kept toying with her breasts, squeezing and fondling the soft flesh where the imaginary men were feasting.

Then something unexpected happened. At first she thought it was just an errant splash of water, but then it happened again - a spurt of liquid shot out of her engorged nipple. She squeezed again - and sure enough, another squirt came out, landing in the bath water with a tiny plop.

Fascinated, Ida withdrew her hand from her groin and cupped it in front of her breast to catch the juice that poured out in response to her rubbing and squeezing. Within seconds, her hand was full of silvery cream - the color of cum, but not nearly as thick. She brought her hand to her face and sniffed a familiar fragrance - not unlike the sweet odor of the violet flowers she had examined on the planet's surface. She tentatively licked some of the cream from her palm. The taste was sugary and delicious. She took another lick, then another, then another.

Within seconds, her pussy was aching for contact. Her hand immediately darted down to the rescue, and she resumed her sexual manipulation. Yet now her groin had become hyper-sensitive. Every stroke of her fingers sent a wave of pleasure through her body, making her gasp and shudder. She rubbed her swollen vulva with lustful enthusiasm - but that was simply not enough. She had to feel something inside her. A moan escaped her as she sent two fingers poking into her, worming around inside her vagina to awaken dormant pleasure spots. The bath water churned as she pumped those fingers in and out of her hungry nether mouth, vigorously fucking herself and moaning helplessly. This was it, the avalanche, the inevitable slide into orgasm. Her fingers dove in and out of herself at a furious pace while she gasped and groaned. Her clitoris was hard and ripe, and her other hand reached down to tickle the throbbing bud, spraying jolts of erotic electricity through her body.

Her mind lost in a devastating flood of ecstasy. She heard herself moan as she drowned in it, all thoughts washed away by this indescribable joy. Pumping, pumping. Dimly aware that her vagina was in spasm, erupting with orgasmic juice.



Sanity washing away...

Ida woke up an hour later, feeling fresh and renewed. The bath water remained brumal, its temperature maintained by sensors in the tub. She rose up from the water, expecting to see wrinkles covering her skin - but she was as smooth as she had been when she got here. Strange.

She looked at herself in the mirror. It wasn't just her imagination; her breasts had grown larger - maybe due to the milk that they now carried. But why was she lactating? Wasn't that something that pregnant women did? She certainly wasn't pregnant; the only person she had had intercourse with during the past twelve months was herself, and Andorians' mating bondgroups - the quartet of individuals required to mate and create a baby - were arranged at a young age in preparation for the shelthreth - the ritualistic conception of a child. When leaving Andoria, she had more or less forsaken the possibility to bear a child.

Ida noticed some other differences. Her body had always looked pretty good - a condition that she maintained through careful eating and regular exercise. But now it looked even better. Her tummy seemed to have flattened a little, and her hips appeared to have grown slightly wider. Her thighs and behind had also improved, their firm curves even more shapely than they had been before. She smiled as she examined herself. This was the kind of body that men of any species would worship. With these features, she could probably seduce any man she wanted. She thought about that for a moment, imagining scenarios in which she would entice handsome men to make love to her. With her mind thus occupied, it wasn't long before a familiar stirring began to occur in certain parts of her body.

No, you cannot be serious, she thought, looking at her crotch in the mirror. How can you be hungry again so soon? I just fed you... But sure enough, she was starting to itch again.

Ida knew that something must have happened to her as a result of sniffing those violet flowers on the garden planet below. Somehow, those flowers were responsible for the changes in her body. She didn't mind the fact that she now looked perfect, but she felt as though her lust was starting to take control. She feared that her sexual urges might soon come to overpower her reason, and that she might wind up in a compromising situation. So she grabbed a towel and dried herself off, carefully minimizing the contact with her pussy and trying her best to block out the hungry signals coming from her groin. Her mind was raging for a solution.

Andorians high cobalt levels in their bloodstream made their flesh blue, and with Andorians being the only species known to the Federation that displayed characteristics of both mammalian and insectoid species, they both possessed an internal skeleton to which the body's musculature is anchored, yet also a limited exoskeleton - lending added strength and protection to the limbs and torso. It also compartmentalized their insides, which would make internal bleeding caused by blunt trauma quite limited.

This also meant that infections spread much slower. In horror, she realised that if other species would be affected in the way she had been, the incubation time would be far, far shorter.

Sickbay was but a few Decks away. She hoped that she could make it there without encountering any good-looking men. Donning her uniform despite her stirring desire to leave all her clothes behind, she emerged from her chambers and made her way toward the turbolift...

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Down in the fighter bay Jaru was more or less working alone. Sometimes he just liked to spend time with his fighter, or so he had so affectionately named her. Even with the bay devoid of any life apart from him the act of rummaging around the wing had caused him to heat up slightly, causing Jaru to discard his flight jacket and shirt so his muscles rippled as he worked the spanner. Of course he wasn't as adept as an engineer but tightening the bolts and testing the electronics didn't take a lot of skill, just practice.

At least he'd be able to get some peace while completing some form of duty. In that way alone there was a sort of balance. Besides, his Valkyrie needed some tender male attention after being neglected while he was in sickbay. Finally he was free to go out and about. Hopefully he'd have an excuse to fly, to dart around the void carefree. Now he'd just have to settle climbing her wings and sitting in her cockpit. Right now he just needed time to adjust. Even after all this time away from the Federation he still felt like he couldn't connect with the crew. As great a crew they were...they weren't his friends, just comrades. That was enough. They left him alone and he left them alone. Mutually beneficial that way after all.

Jaru wasn't the type of person you'd fall in love with or buy a beer for. While not cruel he could be edged and difficult to deal with personally. Professionally however superiors never had any problems. He knew the lines, he knew the limits. It would be interesting to see if this crew would keep to the Starfleet standard so far from home, hunted. With that in mind he continued with his work.

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Adam Kingston stepped off the turbolift with a slight yawn and began a slow journey toward his quarters.  It had been a long day already with his post being near the bridge's turbolift access.  Most of the day had been spent standing around admiring the forms of the few female crew members on the shift as they went about their duties and trying to look like he was doing his job.  A difficult task when nothing was happening.

He was glad that the shift was over and now he had some free time.  The idea of hitting the lower decks or just relaxing in his quarters for a few hours was very appealing.  In the past he would have flirted and perhaps even made some advances on some of his fellow crew members but since moving onto the Theurgy he had taking a step back from such behaviors for fear of dishonorable discharge.  Not that it mattered much at this time he imagined since they were officially enemies of the state.

Stopping in front of the door to his quarters he glanced down the hallway as the sound of another door opening greeted his ears. He noted Ida leaving her room and gave a smile in her direction. "How was the surface venture?  Find anything of interest or was it just watching some of the egg heads wander the forest pointlessly?" He asked curiously as his eyes wandered her form noting how she seemed more shapely today for some reason.  A realization that made him bite his lip slightly in awkwardness, as he felt blood flow slowly move into his groin with interest.  His eyes drifting back up to greet her face as he shifts slightly to try to hide the change.

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Oh, no... thought Ida as she spun around to face her subordinate, yet another voice cried, Oh, yes.. Oh, yesss...

It was as if her whole body was bent upon the need to answer Adam Kingston, to undress right there in the corridor and seduce the man in the most primal way possible. Yes, she remembered quite well how she had often imagined what it would be like to spread her legs for this handsome Pinkskin. She had sketched him out upon notebooks whilst he wore naught but his own skin. She remembered how she had masturbated down in the glade upon the planet with the image of him fucking her in her mind. She remembered how she had secretly hoped that he would make advances upon her. So why was she even bothering to deny herself of her own cravings?

She raked back her wet white hair from her antennae and her forehead. Her mouth was parched with need, and her slitted eyes and pursed lips begged for him to come closer even though her mind still reined her powerful desires in - making her sultry words that would make him come closer turn into a weak whimper. Why was she running her hands over her hips and her sides while she looked at him? With great effort she closed her hands into fists y her sides and stood a bit straighter. "Y-you should not speak of the Scientists that way, Adam," she managed, while thinking what she had just about said instead, I will show you what I found down there, why don't you come inside my quarters for a moment?

Then, she saw it.. It was like her eyes had been attuned to exactly such things; her antennae angling down in the direction of Adam's stirring cock.

It was too much. She panicked. She had to get away. Sickbay. Yes, Sickbay. That was why she had stepped outside, wasn't it?

"I-I... need," she rasped weakly and clenched her thighs together. I need to fuck you, right here and now. She gritted her teeth. "I need... to go to Sick...bay!"

However would humans withstand this? She ran away in the opposite direction. It was perhaps the hardest thing she had ever done in her life. Once she got to the turbolift, she did not have the presence of mind to tell it where to go any more. In her mind, what she had meant to do to Adam just kept repeating itself, and she began to smile, chuckle and then laugh quietly. It was not so bad, was it? It was not like he would have objected. Why ever did she have to leave? Silly her... Then again, there were plenty other men aboard the Theurgy.

Since she had made no request, the turbolift just sped off to whomever pressed a button next...

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[ Meanwhile, in the Fighter Assault Bay.. | Deck 15 ]

From below the wing of the SCO's Valkyrie, a female voice emanated from a spot that had just moments earlier been unoccupied.

"'Commander," the voice said at 93,6 decibel, loud enough to reach the human's ears and to break through the kind of strange reverie that she had noticed some indulged themselves in - also loud enough so that she would not needlessly have to repeat herself.

Below the wing stood the holographic projection of the ship computer, Theurgy NX-79854, though she had chosen to express a desire to be named Thea. It was a choice of her own, but made in alignment of the long discussions she had conducted with the many individuals from Counselling post her activation. In respect, even though she was not serving the Department in any current fashion, she wore the Tactical Conn whites upon her body suit, and she held her hands folded behind her back.

"May I speak with you about what you are currently doing?"

A simple query, and she had found that she was more often heeded if she smiled, so she did - her full lips curved and the corners of her eyes creased. In the back of her mind was the maelstrom of information that she handled sub-consciously - the tasks that made the ship function electronically. It was a silently screaming data-stream that she had come to neglect from time to time - her focus solely upon what her projected body did, saw, felt or heard. Smell and taste was too complex for her subroutines to handle, but at least she maintained a semblance of belonging to the crew in all other regards to her toned forcefield physiology. She felt the slight heat in the hangar, but did not suffer from it in any capacity.

"You seem to harbour some kind of affection towards an inanimate object," she said and inclined her head to the lesser vessel than herself - disregarding any kind of reaction that the SCO might have had upon her sudden appearence, "Would you please expound upon your thoughts in doing so?"

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|Fighter Bay

The sudden appearance of the hologram caused Jaru to jump and yelp slightly in surprise which almost threw him off his fighter's wing. Luckily he had managed to regain balance before he smacked the deck below. "Jesus Thea you caught me off guard." said the Scotsman in a complaining scowl before smiling at the 'woman' standing below him. After all it wasn't her fault she could pop up wherever she pleased. Instead Jaru promised himself to be more aware of his surroundings in the future.

Thea's question caused him to cock his head slightly in curiosity. Putting down his tools he climbed off the ladder so he was on the same height level as the holographic woman. She was one of the few people he could stand and of course he thought of her as a person. She had personality, self awareness...she was more than just a piece of technology. He wondered how to explain himself though, most biological life forms found pilot's attachments to their fighters somewhat difficult to understand.

"Well Thea, it's simple really." said Jaru. "It's called love. Love drags me up out of bed at 0600 to get dressed and run tests on her electronics, love makes me eagerly get the flight suit on and jump in her cockpit. I know this girl will get me back home in one piece. That's what you are Thea, you're the ship and this ship is home. It's probably why I stroke your plasma conduits sometimes. That and I'm praying that they don't, you know, explode at the wrong time. That would just be bad timing. Good enough answer?"

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Thea processed this information while nodding in a fashion she had picked up from someone aboard a long time ago. The minuscule mannerisms of her persona were a mix of most people aboard, since she - like any child would - had built her own program based upon what she had observed. Yet that did not limit her subjects for observation to the living and breathing crew, since all he holo deck programs were early on made seamlessly accessible for her pasitronic memory cells. It was simple data-retrieval for her, gathered from the computer core she was attached to and processed in the background of her normal functions. This was of course not limited to holo-novells but the Federations database as a whole - spanning from medical practice in theory to piloting. Hence, she had theoretical expertise in all departments while she was developing her practical application of each respective field.

Her nod was but faint, since the SCO had raised a number of new questions.

"You are referring to your Mk III Valkyrie as a woman, while... 'she' does not possess a soul - of either gender," to her own ears, she used the word 'soul' a bit too flamboyantly, since it was a phenomenon yet proven to be real scientifically. Still, she had heard others aboard express themselves in such words, and it seemed that it was some kind of social convention that existed because it simplified the linguistic expression of an individual's brain's unique output. "Love is a term I am familiar with, but I find it unlikely that you truly wish to court your Valkyrie, copulate with it, and have 'her' bear your children - to grow old with her post the social convention of a Scottish marriage. I would venture to guess that if a Mk I Valravn was issued to be tested here in my Fighter Bay, you would forego this Federation Fighter in benefit of a younger and more augmented model, would you not, 'Commander?"

A casual observation, since this was quite common amongst men in some holo novels - how they threw off an older woman for the sake of a younger one. She could understand them, by logic, in how they would gain more satisfaction from a physical being that could please them better in many senses of the word. If they had the opportunity, they had motive, and some men followed through - leaving the older women forsaken and unloved. "What is the correct choice, in your regard," she asked curiously as her thoughts had issued her another query, "that a man stays with his older woman and becomes less carnally happy than with a younger woman, or that he leaves the older woman and makes her less happy altogether - a forced choice to find a new man, lover, fiancée, husband, mate or partner dealt upon her at a more advanced age?"

She did not know why he would stroke her plasma conduits... They functioned with or without his physical touch unless they were afflicted by damage in some degree. The timing was not in relation to his touch either, should she become damaged. This was, by all accounts, the human tendency towards superstition - a concept she did not quite understand as of yet. "Thank you for stroking my plasma conduits..." she said quietly in the end, in lack f any other correct answer, "...yet if you believe your vessel here is your woman, would I be wrong in assuming she might become jealous in your own individual estimation of her... 'persona'?"

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With a small huff of air Jaru was wondering how he ended up in this conversation. Of course he'd happy explain what made his Valkyrie special to him. After all, he had grown accustomed to her. Working on his fighter wasn't a chore, it was a recreational exercise. It was a matter of survival at the end of the day. She kept him alive and safe, least he could do was take care of her.

"It's not love in that sense...more...attachment. You see I know she's not a woman in the technical sense. I'm not going to marry her or attempt to fuck her phaser array. It's just that even though she's metal doesn't mean you can't treat her with respect. She might not have skin but she has a soul. I know when she's hurting just by hearing her engines, I know when she's happy because she'll respond to my every touch without delay."

When Thea suggested that he'd swap his Valkyrie for one of the new fighters a scowl appeared across his face but that quickly settled. It wasn't her fault she didn't understand. So it was up to Jaru to help her. "The smart thing to do would be to upgrade as soon as possible. Out with the old, in with the new. I couldn't do that. All I've got is this fighter to see me through the times ahead. It's like if someone wanted to replace you Thea, I wouldn't let them. For all you've done this crew you deserve to be treated like a part of it. That uniform should be more than just part of the programming, it should give you full rights as a person. Call me a moralist. I know you think I'm wrong but well, I'm soft hearted that way. I find it easy to talk to you because you know very little about me."

With a smile he went to pat Thea on the shoulder but didn't know if it would either connect or he'd go right through. When he did he found she was in her solid mode. He needed someone to talk to, someone who didn't know a lot about moods to judge. Jaru turned around to place his forehead onto the fighter's cold metal frame. "I think I've finished, you got any more questions? I'm liking how your attention is focused on me, makes me feel special." Jaru turned to give a wink while he collected his tools and used a clean cloth to wipe the beads of sweat from his torso. "I don't think my fighter would mind, she's knows I'm the open minded and care free type."

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Given the SCO's explanation, Thea believed she could narrow down the human's actions a bit - recognising the characteristics of plain affectionate value placed in the most random of things. The margin of error she had discovered was her own capacity to comprehend how differently people would express their affections. In this case, it was a relationship based upon trust and familiarity - knowledge about how the Valkyrie behaved in every kind of scenario he might encounter as a pilot.

She nodded again, more resolutely, and folded her hands underneath her chest after Jaru patted her shoulder. His hand was warm, but she did not bother to isolate the temperature. It was self-evident that he should have been warmer than average given the glistening coat of salty egesta that the human had produced over his bare-chested form. "My rights are what they are, and my programming delicate - tightly bundled up since a malfunction could easily cause the death of the entire crew. My pasitronic brain is hardwired to only be able to read some data without affecting it in any way - like viewing a monitor from another room but lacking the ability to change the contents displayed. Should I - this image of me - be malfunctioning and hurting the crew physically, all Senior Officers have access to my deactivation command. I find it prudent, since like humans being exposed to compromising viruses or diseases, I might illicit my own."

Little did they know how close their conversation touched upon the immediate fate of the crew.

"I am flattered," she said as per social conventions when the human complimented her efforts and spoke of her disposition towards him, "yet I do have access to your personnel file, spoken with you and observed you many times, so I do believe I know a bit more than I might let on. In fact, I am restricted to express some knowledge in order to keep awkward information from reaching the wrong ears... I may act upon knowledge I glean if it is in the best interest of crew safety, but more often I just suppress the data-streams containing ordinary activity so that I do not need to run such an memory-search before I speak at all."

It was hard to explain it better than that, unless she said the obvious. She did, with a casual shrug. "I strive to function within the perimeters of what I - as an individual and not a computer database - would know in my interactions with the crew."

She watched the pilot wipe his body clean from sweat, and her emotional subroutines caused her to wonder what it might smell like, what it might taste like. Holo-novels often described it, alas, she could but imagine the kind of input that her lacking senses would grant her perceptions. "I cannot feel you touch my plasma conduits, by the way, no more than your Valkyrie can have a mind to know your preferences when it comes to courtship," she said, yet not without regret. She would hate to know how it would be like to have her sense-receptor-routines be expanded through her whole mass of 1,800,000 tonnes. So much data to sift through, too much distraction from such idle things that she did now...

...which was to openly study the human physique. It did cause something to happen in her advanced programming. At least she believed it so - uncharted as many things were for her.

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"It was a figure of speech Thea, I don't really stroke your plasma conduits. That's the engineers' job. I'm just here to keep you in one piece from the other ships looking to harm you. Lately though I've really not done a good job. I'll promise next time to stop you getting phaser scores on your hull plating." promised the pilot with a smile. Yeah, he liked talking to Thea mostly because she found him interesting to talk to. He liked that. He liked appearing more than someone bitter. Maybe she had no concept of bitter. Maybe she did and decided not to see it.

"Why do you talk to me so much Thea? I mean I like the contact and all but surely there's someone more interesting on this ship to ask these questions. We've got whole other species on board, I'm just plain old human with some deep scars on my heart. Metaphorically of course but I'm sure you already knew that." As he cleaned up after himself Jaru found his shirt but decided instead to just chuck it with the rest of his kit before placing a kiss on the Orion-girl pin up on the nose of the fighter. "Good as new." he said to himself before turning to Thea.

" can't see me shower can you? I know you probably can't and I'm not sure I want to know but really...since we're on the topic of what you can and can't feel. I mean you can 'feel' can't you? Just photonic receptors along your forcefields? Or is that more to do with spacial awareness than tactile feeling?"

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Before they left the Valkyrie behind, Thea answered Jaru's initial question immediately.

"As a learning, sentient program," she said without batting an eye, stepping after him, "you must constantly ask yourself these questions: Who am I around? What are they doing to me? What are they teaching me ? What have they got me saying? What do they have me thinking? Where do they have me going with my constant development? And most important, what do they have me becoming? Then I ask myself the big question: Do I approve of it? Neither mine nor your life get better by chance, it gets better by change."

Glancing back towards the inanimate fighter, she added, "To answer your question, I speak with you because of the aforementioned reasons, all with the same answer. I approve of you, as a sum of what you are giving me."

As the pilot's questions turned more... informal, Thea smiled a little - the humour of this kind of situation well understood from her experience thus far. "Since you do not wish to know the answer for your first question, I will not tell you out of respect to your preferences," she said enigmatically, and to tell the truth, she was programmed to not gossip about certain... personal things... regardless of her capacity or non-capacity. "As for my sense of touch..."

She shrugged, her smile remaining as she glanced about the hangar, "I have a network of receptors constructed to make me feel as human as technically - digitally - possible, and I cannot relay the results in comparison to your own sensations when you are touched or touch something else since I do not know your sense of touch to begin with. I only know my own sensations..."

Thea added only the obvious, tapping her finger once against the SCO's nose. "Just like you. Just like anyone... of any species," she chuckled a little and stroked back an errant strand of hair from her cheek, "I do not know any kind of experiment or analysis that might offer an answer adequate to that quite... philosophical question. We are what we are, everyone of us."

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Jaru could feel her finger on his nose sure enough. It still didn't calm him down in respects to why she talked to him however. Somehow he felt that her answer was just a spin of yarn to hide something. Not out of deception, of course not. Maybe out of embarrassment. Embarrassment of what? Surely she wasn't physically attracted to him, did she even have that capacity? His attempt at proving he could be a warm, fuzzy person to the Captain ended in disaster. Thea was his last life line in a way, his last friend. Sure he liked to talk to his pilots but getting attached to them would only hurt when the inevitable would happen.

"Thea?" began Jaru who placed down his tools. "You know when people say to the ship 'thanks for getting us through this' etcetera? Well here's my way of saying thanks." The topless pilot held the hologram close and gave her a gentle embrace. "Thank you for protecting us, for shielding us. Thanks for protecting me." He broke the embrace with a blush before shrugging. "Not often anyone gets to do that. Once you think about it we owe you a lot. So if you ever need anything don't hesitate to ask. Obviously it's time dependant but I'm free for the rest of the day. More or less, I have a report to sign and then the day is mine. I'm going to have a shower and then decide what to do. If you know any great holonovels now is the time to share, I'm not sitting around like I did in sickbay."

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To be surprised was something relative to Thea, but this was certainly what she felt when she was embraced.

"Thank you," she said when the feeling of Jaru's frame was bereft of her photogenic receptors - which was sending signals to her that she was quite unfamiliar with, "Or I mean... You are welcome, I guess." She was unsure about the social conventions, lacking any proper reference to the situation.  She brushed her upper arm and looked to the deck for answers - or was it just so that she could escape looking into Jaru's eyes? She did not know. Why was her face feeling so heated? It had occurred before, when contemplating the data-streams that pertained to the crew's more intimate moments. Though she could not discuss them openly, she did have the ability to peruse them (unless she had far greater priorities, which she certainly had).

She realised that the SCO had bid his leave. "I will keep it in mind... that you have your day off, and I will see what I am about - or where."

Thea turned to leave and added, "Enjoy your shower, Jaru." She gave him a smile, and she almost supplemented her statement with, I know I will.

After three steps, she vaporised in a digital haze - her retreating back vanishing before the pilot's eyes.

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|Jaru's Quarters

After spending time fixing his Valkyrie and talking to Thea, Jaru decided that it would be time to make himself presentable. The sonic waves gently massaged the grime, dirt and sweat from Jaru's skin while the vibration caused his skin to heat up slightly as if he was under warm water. Once he was clean he stepped out and proceeded to get dressed into a more civilian attire. Two of his squadron were currently carrying out a Combat Air Patrol or CAP. His duty hours were more or less over anyway so all until he decided to drop off to sleep to begin a new day, the night was his.

Though he hadn't really made plans since there was no one to make plans with. The holodeck was more or less useless since the power was being used for more important things than recreation. Still naked Jaru decided to put on the standard issue underwear; blue vest and boxers before putting on a casual shirt and a casual pair of trousers. Anything was better than a duty uniform. Without much ceremony he produced a bottle of spiced rum and a glass, pouring a couple of fingers before settling down in his sole chair in his quarters which were decorated with nothing more than a wall of moments captured in picture. Pictures of friends, of lovers. His entire life for all to see, when times where happier.

Sipping down the rum Jaru let out a satisfied sigh, letting the rich flavour gently assault his taste buds before slipping down his throat. "Computer, dim lights." With the lights at a lower level Jaru could feel his senses being forced to rely on more things less than sight. Somehow it just made the rum taste all that better. Jaru could spend all night waiting for anyone to come calling. Unless it was duty related, no one would. There was a slight peace in that. At least he wouldn't have to share the rum. God knew when he'd get some more.

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William Regal waited for the turbolift. His 'shift' in Below Decks was over with almost, and he just had to fetch a crate of Andorian Mineral Water and then he could sleep. Below Decks had a small office built into it for the manager, to go order new drinks and communicate with the outside world. Bill had adapted it with a cot and such as part of the deal to him not staying in the brig, he had to be close to the bar at all times and thus he ended up sleeping in a room smaller than the brig.

But his thoughts got derailed slightly as he saw that the lift already had someone in it. "Oh, hello... Uh... Sorry." he said, trying and failing to remember her name. He stepped in and went for the controls. As the doors closed he tried to remember which exact storeroom the few crates of drinks he had were stored in. He always found the Starfleet system of numbering everything too hard, he named rooms back when he owned a ship, he felt it was easier. He turned around to the woman already in the lift. "Do you recall where Storage Area 16 is?" he asked, smiling at her, hoping she'd remember.

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After the doors closed behind the pardoned culprit Pinkskin, Ida knew that he would be her first man she shared her new body with. She had been smiling sensously even before he asked his question. Something quite uncharacteristic for her, specially since she was the Deputy Chief of Security and Mr. Regal was... whom he was.

"Oh, I can do even better, Mr. Regal. I can take you ther-"

A faint shrill sound, followed by a rumble, and the tubolift rocked to a halt.
Barely, Ida kept her balance. Stumbling, she had inadvertently stepped into the man before the turbolift went still. Briefly, their eyes locked at close range, their individual balances maintained by the others' hands. Her lips brushed against hers, and a shudder went through her willing body. It had been unforeseen, but most gratifying. She had half a mind to use the sudden excuse and roll with it - wrapping her arms around the man she had decided to fuck-
Yet the risk that he'd pull away was too steep, and she had to force herself to be patient. Hastily clearing her throat, faking embarrassment, Ida parted and moved to the control panel. She tapped at it rapidly - receiving the evident answer that there was a power failure. So, she tapped her combadge. "Engineering, this is Turbolift 02, we are standing still."
A man with a drawling southern accent answered. [Hold ya horses ther', and lemme jus' verify... Yepp, heh, you sure are! Sorry about tha', lady, we're doin' maintenance - evadantly - an' seems we've overlooked sam... ah well, naw reyson ta' explain tha'... shouldn't take too long...] A fizzling noise was heard in the background. [Err... I sure stand kinda corrected by my... burning console her'. Pu'haps two hours, if ya lucky... Gotta go naw, later!]

After hearing the message, Ida smiled with her back towards Mr. Regal. Now he was hers. She could not have asked for a better opportunity to get herself filled with his man-flesh. She turned around, and the smile had faded into a more benevolent rueful grin.

"I suppose we will have to keep each other company for a while," she said in a voice inescapably sultry, and she placed her hands on her hips, taking a step closer. "Unless you want to climb he maintenance ladder above the lift. There is a hatch, if you have pressing business and have to leave..."

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William had been careful in interacting with people outside Below Decks. He knew his presence on board was not well received by some, many crew members, he understood, thinking he should still be locked up in the brig. At least behind the bar he was able to use it as a barrier, it was a way to make sure the crew didn't view him as a threat. Not that he was, but even he would admit that his past did not exactly make him wholly trustworthy.

So when the Andorian staggered into him he kept his hands away from anything offensive. The last thing he wanted was for a crewmember to accuse him of inappropriate contact or some such. His hands found hers to keep them both upright before he let go quickly and brushed himself off, in an attempt at embarrassment as well. In any other situation, he would have made a lewd joke or something, but here and now, he tried to play it cool.

But then, after her short conversation, she turned back to him, and spoke. And he was sure that he could detect that familiar tone of voice. He had heard it plenty of times, from women who were genuine, to others whom it was their job, and a few in-between whom he wasn't quite sure about. He glanced at her uniform rank, and doubted this was a trap. Why bother?

"Uh, no, I'm not in any rush uh... Lieutenant." he said, slowly, leaning back against the wall of the lift, hands resting by his sides in a relaxed, calm posture. "And besides, what sort of man would leave a beautiful damsel such as yourself alone in such a predicament?" he asked, keeping his tone light in case, somehow, he had misread her and she took offence. He was just making a joke, sorry for the confusion, he could claim...

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At his compliment, Ida reckoned that this would be so easy she hardly had to make any effort at all. She did not have to overdo it. She would simply flow with the conversation and let her body convince him. She smiled and laughed at his comment, her antennae angling towards him. "Surely not such a prime example of a handsome man as you, Mr. Regal?" she said, and she stepped a little closer - her prey trapped against the wall. "I feel that I have to apologise for the other night in your bar... Officer façade in front of my team, you know? All angles and no curves..."

Speaking of which, her hands ran up her flat tummy and cupped underneath her breasts - as if offering them to him.

"Do you like them, Pinkskin?" she said with playfulness in her voice, her eyes bright with anticipation, "I have wished to meet you alone for some time now... so that you could get to know the softer, warmer side of me. I hope I'm not too forward... but I want you to touch them now... when we are all alone..."

She swayed with her hips with each small step towards him. Her fingertips pulled down the zipper of he jacket for him, and before she reached him, she had pulled her undershirt up - her ripe globated orbs of blue flesh spilling out into the open. Her nipples were already hard, the dim light of the powered-down turbolift caressing the puckered skin of her aureoles.

"See how they react to you, Mr. Regal?" she whispered as she reached forward and ran a single fingertip down his abdomen. Her other hand remained cupped around one of her mammaries. "You wouldn't want to leave me in this kind of predicament either, would you? Why don't you suck on them for me?"

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William had been about to speak, to reassure her that whatever she did was fine, the bar was there to relax, when her hands went to her breasts. As she began to talk about them, his fingers slid to the skin between the top of his pants and the bottom of his shirt. And when she pulled down on the zipper, he pinched his skin, hard. The familiar pain shot through him. Well, if this was a dream, then it was a damn good one. And if it was a hologram, then that was fine by him, here and now.

"Well I wouldn't be much of a gentleman if I refused such a kind offer." he said, smiling. He propelled himself upright slowly, using a minimum of effort, slowly moving to an upright position, before he took one small step towards the blue skinned woman. He smiled at her, his hands moving to her neck, rubbing them, gently pushing back the undershirt to her shoulders, and the jacket down her arms, leaving them slightly trapped, her arms forced backwards, her chest pushed forwards. He then, slowly, leant down, placing a kiss on the nape of her neck before slowly, teasingly, began to lay in kisses to the cobolt skinned female, his lips drawing ever closer to her nipple, his lips tracing a path down her chest to the mounds of her breasts, circling them before making his way to the hard nub, before taking it into his mouth and softly sucking on it, his lips pressing down on them, like a child.

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Ida's intent to touch him was only halfway thwarted as he restrained her arms with her own uniform jacket, but it bore no consequence - his mouth upon her plump breasts already. She moaned and her eyes fluttered, her skin being not only super-sensitive, but fragrant too - her own natural scent resembling that off... violet flowers? Yes, that was it, those she had scented on the surface of Niga. She failed, at the moment, to make any kind of connection.  For the scent was freed once the undershirt was pulled up under her armpits, and it was a fond recollection that the smell gave her - the scent filling her own nostrils. It would affect the man in the same way, making him insatiable.

It seemed as though her body wanted to reveal itself to this, and there was nothing she could do to prevent it. Why would she, however? She tugged at the sleeves behind her and dropped the jacket upon the floor of the turbolift, breath heavy by the touch of Mr. Regal's lips and stubble. She pulled her undershirt over over her head and tossed it free from her antennae. Topless, he blue skin vibrant in the dim light, she slipped her fingers into the Pinkskin's hair and purred. There was no inhibitions left in her. No regrets. No mercy.

He was soon there... She didn't have long to wait. At first there was just a tentative lick, his tongue gently probing her aureole. Then his lips closed in on her breast, and he kissed her taut nipple. The kiss lingered a moment and soon became a long, slow, sensuous suck. She could feel his tongue swirling against her firm tit, as if testing its hardness. Then the suckling began in earnest as he eagerly nibbled her stiff nipple. "Yes, that's it," she cooed. "Suck me...suck me..."

Ida ran one hand behind his neck - her fingers playing with his hair. The other framed her breast for him, offering the succulent flesh to his hungry mouth. She could feel the milk starting to course its way through her breast. She squeezed her plump mound against the proprietor's face. It wouldn't take long before she...

Squirt! She gasped as her milk filled the man's mouth. She remembered the sweet, delicious taste from when she had tasted it in her bath tub - how it had affected herself. She held his head in place and soothed any kind of worries with her fingers, somehow... knowing that he was hers now - that she had inevitably, permanently intoxicated him. She smiled as she looked into his eyes.. the spell beginning to work on him too. No remorse felt... as she had just damned another to her fate, for she saw it so differently. She wanted everyone to feel as good as she was going now.. all the time.

How could she have resisted this? Why would she want to? Her pussy would soon get exactly what it wanted, and she groaned helpless female heat, surrendering to the restraints of her voracious anticipation. She was far from done with him, the pollination yet complete, but he could not escape any more - not when the milk trickled down his throat.

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William had been focused on pleasuring her, licking and caressing her flesh, when suddenly he had a mouthful of milk. He spluttered as he tried to pull away, but Ida's hands held him in place. As the milk slowly ran down his chin, her skin and, more importantly, his throat, he quickly tried to remember if this was normal in Andorians. He'd never been with one, but had met a couple, and he would have remembered this, right?


He tried to think, but his thoughts quickly hazed over, as his mind slowly but surely began to slow down. Who cares if it's normal or not, it certainly didn't taste bad, and now, more importantly, here was a willing female to have, to hold, to take, to fuck...

Regal's hands slowly, as if being controlled by wires, Regal's hands went to her pants, before roughly yanking down on them. He pulled them down to her ankles, before he looked up and then, moving with more and more speed and desire as the warm sensations washed over him, his face moved to her sex, seeking to match his earlier ministrations to her breast. He seeked to taste, to enjoy, to explore her body, from the very tip of her antenna down to the soles of her foot, but he found himself drawn to her sex first and foremost, even as his own body quickly got to speed, a huge and almost painful erection soon pressing against the material of his pants.

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Oh, yesss... She could see it now, the mindless need taking him over. Licking her lips, Ida freed her foot from her panties and trousers and raised her leg for him - putting the sole of her shoe against the wall behind his crouched form.

She gyrated her hips against his mouth - giving him her juices and the scent of her sex eagerly. "Oh!" she whimpered as she felt his tongue and began to thrust herself upon it gently - her blue fingers grabbing a hold of his head. It had been so long since anyone had done this for her, and with her new appetite for sex - these insatiable cravings that both plagued and freed her - the longing for it to finally happen seemed all the more acute.

She had never fantasised about Mr. Regal this way given her profession and position in comparison to his role aboard. He had been forbidden, she realised, and never considered to fill her sopping cunt, at least not before... whatever had happened to her did. Yes, he had been forbidden, but no more, since she did not care for the boorish duties she carried out on the Theurgy. How could she give a damn, when she had a body that she could use to seduce anyone, and to constantly have her warm gooey vagina filled with man-flesh if she so wanted?

And she did, oh, she did. "Yeah, that's right, drink me...  I am all wet for you... Lick it all up... and then take off your clothes..."

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William found it harder and harder to focus, as his mind became more and more filled with a lust that, even for him, was overwhelming. He'd always enjoyed sex, and the end goal of his life featured a variety of half naked women all begging to let them touch him, but this was different, this was new. This wasn't desire, this was need.

He had to keep licking at her, he had to spread her nether lips apart with his fingers, exposing the shades of blue that marked the insides of the security officer. He had to slide his tongue as far and deep inside her as he could, his nose rubbing against the hard nub of her clit, as he drank up her fluids, which seemed to only drive his need further.

Her words, her need, were somewhat irrelevant, although they were certainly welcomed. The fact that she was enjoying this, that she was begging him for more, was not really an issue. He had to take her, so he would. Her opinion did not matter. But she did at least have a good idea, as he gave her one last, long lap with his tongue, a trail of their combined fluids spanning the bridge between her sex and his lips before he roughly grabbed her leg and spun her around, making her face away from him, before he quickly slid his pants down to his ankles, quickly yanking them off of one foot before pulling the shirt he was wearing off, his shaft now throbbing, and slightly larger than usual, as he leant forward, his hard shaft the first thing to touch her body, running along her slit for just a second before he grabbed her hips and positioned himself.

"Ready, slut?" he whispered harshly, his breath hot on her antenna and ears as he forced forward, his cock slowly entering her waiting slit.

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In her state of delirious need to have her cravings - finally - sated by a man, ThanIda did not object to being treated roughly in the way she was. Hardly not, since she knew he was lost and bound to fuck her. No, instead she uttered a delighted yelp as she was spun around, and on her own accord, she spread her legs and slapped her hands against the wall of the turbolift - merely looking over her shoulder at the first lover she'd had in a very long time. It was a look of wanton desire for his body - naught else mattered.

"Ready, slut?"

"Yesss... Hurry, Pinkskin!" He was a fine specimen of a male humanoid., her midnight blue eyes revelled in the sight of his bare form. His denomination of her was only fiting for the feelings stirring inside her. She did not even bat an eye. She squirmed where she stood and reached between her legs when she cold feel his gland running along her slit. She angled her hips just so, and spread her nether lips with her fingers - pushing with her hand against the wall to meet Mr. Regal's inevitable entry inside her.

And when he did slide inside, oh, how it felt good. So long without a cock inside her when she'd been feeling the way she did - her lust having been so insatiable. She bounced with her hips a little to help him ease his way in - feeling his Human reproductive organ graze her inner walls. She gave a little cry of contentment.

"Mhh... Does it not feel good, Mr. Regal?" she said in a sultry voice as she ached her back and rubbed her clitoris with her fingertips - her hand betimes going further to scrape her nails against the base of his moving member. He was not gong to have any trouble filling her up completely, considering how wet she was, yet she rocked against him nonetheless. "Don't you wish... there'd be more... than just the two of us... feeling this good?"

She tossed her hair back and looked at him over her shoulder again. "Hurry, faster, I want you to cum inside me, Pinkskin!"

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Unless being invited directly over the comm, Thea could not materialise herself inside a Senior Officer's quarters. It was - to her - a strange addition to her Modesty Sub-routine, given that she already knew what most people aboard did if she put her 'mind' to it. She was not allowed to bespeak it, but she found some actions she had witnessed... peculiar. Such intimate relations were strictly prohibited for her to consider in means of expressing it, but nonetheless... the actions of the Deputy and the civilian named William Regal was... perplexing.

She had accommodated the SCO when he asked the lights to be dimmed, and she knew he was sitting in his chair - perhaps in reverie of past times in his human life - but still she had to physically project herself outside his door and chime it with her finger. The feeling of the cold panel she pressed her fingertip against was not too familiar, since she rarely made house calls in her duties.

Still, the SCO had suggested a social undertaking, so she was well within bounds of the logical actions of a human participating in the social life of the crew.

Thea had chosen an evening dress in black satin that her rudimentary grasp of fashion said was adequate, with a horizontal neck-line and form-fitted fall around her hips. Black low-heel boots and her hair combed back along with some tasteful make-up filtering... and she was content with her appearance. She had not taken the time to replicate "actual" clothes given the energy crisis, and she was not too convinced her activation was the best idea in the first place. Still, even if she was never off-duty, she had chosen this convenient time to dress casually and speak with the SCO as long as she was could.

That was, until she was bidden to appear elsewhere on the ship. Chances for that were, as far as her calculations went, rather slim whilst they orbited Niga.

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