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Re: EPISODE 01: Outbreak [Chapter I - Pollination]

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Tilting his head curiously as he walked, Tony saw Sarah try to hazily struggle against Cir'Cie's superior strength. She being a Vulcan, he knew that his like-minded had the Ensign well in hand. He saw milk leaking from the thrusting point of Cir'Cie's breast, and even though his vantage point did not allow him to see whether she swallowed any, he knew that the scent of whatever amount decorated her upper lips and jaw would fill Sarah's nostrils. He did not even answer Cir'Cie, yet smiled contentedly during his unaltered pace towards the slight struggle in the transporter room.

He came up behind Sarah, sandwiching her between his hard, hairless chest - the slab of his abdomen - and Cir'Cie's proffered mammaries. He now saw that her mouth had been stuffed full with the Vulcan teat, and that her resillience had been reduced to twitches of involuntariness. She started when she felt him so close, and as he smiled to Cir'Cie, he picked Sarah's uniform apart - tossing the jacket, shirt and bra each in time. Her breasts spilled free excitedly against the Vulcan - her taut pebbles making imprints as they scraped aganst Cir'Cie. He chuckled, and filled his hands with her - pinched her to make her moan hard... and to swallow down more of Cir'Cie's milk.

His need surmounting the idea to toy further with Sarah, he yanked her trousers down along with her panties. In moments, he folded down his rigid arousal so that he may slip his whole length forward - along the crevice between her legs. Oh, he could already feel her dampness - the effect Cir'Cie and him had dealt upon Sarah already taking hold. He thrust a few times, his hands coursing both over Cir'Cie and Sarah, his lips seeking out the Vulcan's to share in a ravenous kiss. Soon, he pressed a hand against Sarah to make her arch her back further...

...letting him slip inside. There was some kind of reluctant protest - however half-hearted - escaping Sarah, but she was already lost. Before long, he was thrusting into her - making the transporter room be filled with the wet noises of another contaminated woman welcoming her first man amongst many that night. Tony's hands had gone to Sarah's hips, yet whenever able, he would grin to Cir'Cie and chuckle, kissing her and tasting her milk yet again.

"Yesss... Fuck me, fuck me harder!" cried Sarah at one point, before feverishly claiming the Vulcan's mouth as well with her own.

It did not take many minutes until he spent himself inside Sarah... an inhuman amount of seed that also splattered the floor.

Thus, they went into hiding in the heat of a Jefferies tube, celebrating until Sarah was ready to join the crusade for everlasting pleasure for real.

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