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EPISODE 01: Outbreak [Chapter 01 - Pollination]

Captain's Log, Stardate 57505.5. Starfleet has yet to find us, and we believe our trail has gone cold. While we have restored propulsion adequately, we are still in great need of both spare parts and energy in order to repair our ship. Therefore, we have decided to transport a team of scientists to the forest planet of Niga in the Mahéwa System. Apparently, Niga is a mostly unexplored planet, but expeditions three years previous to our arrival have revealed a rich abundance of plant life - including several new types of flora that exist nowhere else. Yet most important for us on board is the hidden deposits of deuterium that our sensors detected below the foliage of the eastern continent – hidden just underneath the undergrowth. Our ambition is to harvest whatever we can in means of water, food and energy from this planet before we regroup for our journey back towards Earth – bearing the truth to the ears that needs to hear it.
- Captain Jien Ives, Commanding Officer, USS Theurgy

Jien Ives tapped a key - wearing his male form - to end his log entry, and then left his Ready Room. "Approaching Niga now, sir," reported Lt. Lance from his station at the helm once Jien stepped out on the Bridge.

"Good," said Jien, greeting his First Officer with a nod. Nerina took her position at the Mission Ops console, and Jien seated himself in the Captain’s chair. "Plot a standard orbit."

"Estimated arrival in fourteen minutes," said the deep voice from Hendricks, the Chief of Operations.
"Acknowledged, any contacts?"

"Negative, sir,” said the new Chief Tactical Officer – Lieutenant T'Less – from her station, her Vulcan intonation void of feelings. “Scans show no ships in this vicinity."

"Hardly surprising," said Jien and folded his fingers underneath his eyes. "We are a long way out." He swiveled toward the communications console. "Signal the research team to begin their preparations. Also, send a security team to accompany them to the planet's surface and ask Dr. Nicander in Sickbay to send someone down there too. They probably won't be needed, but a little extra caution never hurts."

Too much was at stake to leave anything to chance.

[ Niga | Planet Surface | Drop Site | 1500 hrs. ]

As Deputy, Ida beamed down to oversee the deployment of security to the different teams. It was all a huge undertaking, with plenty of personnel splitting up in search of deuterium deposits and other usable resources for the Theurgy. Yet once everything was organized, Ida was left standing alone at the beam-down site.

She looked around, and while her Andorian body preferred the cold above the tropical climate, she – as an artist – did see the quality of beauty found on the planet. Not the least inclined to beam back aboard and face her new Chief, David Grayson, she stepped into the jungle instead of beaming up.

Ida admired at the lush foliage as she walked through the forest, taking occasional glances at her tricorder to make sure she was assisting in the exploration - even though it was for her own sake she had strayed. After being confined to the small rooms and narrow corridors of a starship for the last months, this vast green wilderness was like paradise to her sense of artistry.
She spotted an unusual reading on the tricorder, and stepped that way – her curiosity getting the best of her. She pulled out her phaser pistol, just in case.

As she reached the location indicated on the tricorder, which showed a concentrated abundance of life readings within a relatively small clearing, she put the phaser away. There was no canopy overhead to keep the sunlight from warming the ferns and flowers that surrounded her. Their sweet smell was everywhere, and she inhaled deeply, allowing the floral aroma to fill her senses. Her antennae lifted appreciatively.Beauty is indeed not all in the sense of sight...

There was a patch of beautiful violet flowers nearby, and she knelt down next to one of them, bringing her face close to the petals. The first sniff brought a smile to her face, despite everything that had happened lately. Such a lovely fragrance; this was definitely where the scent was coming from. She closed her eyes and took another sniff, then another, then another. Intoxicating, she thought. Ida kept breathing it in, enjoying the exotic scent. After a full minute of incessant sniffing, she began to feel dizzy, and decided to lie down on a blanket of grass, right in the middle of the flowers. All manner of crazy thoughts came to her, and she closed her eyes to focus.

The pungent aroma was all around her; it permeated the air like a cloud of perfume - making it hard for her to think clearly. She slowly became aware of a familiar sensation stirring in her body. Her heart was beating faster, her breathing grew more rapid, her nipples tingled and... her sex was starting to come alive. What is happening? Had the flowers done this to her? She wouldn't have thought it possible - but there she was, growing more and more aroused by the second. She could feel herself opening her legs, her labia beginning to throb and pulse with excitement. At this rate, it would not be long before her juices would stain her uniform.

Ida found herself smiling dreamily. It would be at least forty-five minutes before she was due back for anything important. More than enough time for a little self-gratification, she thought, surprising herself further with the idea to... Could she really? Still, she put away the tricorder, laying it down next to her.

She tugged her jacket up along with the under-shirt and then unfastened her bra at the front. The sunlight bathed her azure breasts with golden warmth as she pushed her hand down her toned abdomen, past the hem of her uniform trousers, down into her Starfleet-issue panties. Finally, she was allowed to feel it, her fingers reaching her itching folds. Desperately, she tugged her trousers and panties down a bit more for better access.

It took only seconds for her to become wet. She had never felt so sexually famished before in her entire life. She stroked the fleshy folds of her sensitive labia, vigorously massaging herself with one hand. Her other moved up to caress the firm, globated flesh of her left breast. Its nipple was already stiff and swollen, and she pinched and tugged at the taut blue tit, sending erotic tingles through her entire body. Pretty soon she was panting, making soft little moans as she lay there, eagerly pleasuring herself amidst a sea of sweet-smelling flowers – rolling and panting against the grass.

Ida found herself wishing one of the away-team would find her here, one Adam Kingston for example, and that he would see her lying there on the ground, feverishly masturbating. Being the gentleman that he was, the pinkskin wouldn't want her to be in such agony, so he would promptly remove his own clothes. Then he would lie down on top of her, his hard cock dangling against her skin. She wouldn't protest; she wouldn't even say anything. She would simply spread her legs for the human, inviting him to enter her, to shove his penis deep into her. That's what she wanted - to feel a big meaty phallus, sliding in and out, in and out, ravishing her, making her squeal and groan. She bit her lip in anguish and rubbed her sex even harder, her mind focused on what that handsome, imaginary man was doing to her. Was this really her, doing this? She had a vivid imagination, being an artist, but her thoughts were never so... fervid.

Then she felt it - something soft, slithering against her leg.

Her eyes flew open, and she looked downward to see a greenish purple vine beginning to wrap itself around her thigh. She screamed and tried to back up, but the tendril was deceptively strong. Her leg was trapped. As she tried to pull free, another vine slid out from the foliage, ensnaring her left wrist. She managed to pry the vine away, but not before two more of the tangling strands had grabbed hold of her other arm, pulling it above her head – away from the handle of her phaser. Both of her legs were trapped now, and yet another creeper was starting to entwine itself around her free arm. She screamed again as the leafy tentacles quickly fastened themselves to her body, twisting around her arms and legs, making it impossible for her to move.

"Help! This is Ida, please, anyone, help me!" she called, but to her horror, one of the writhing vines had happened to push off her combadge in the struggle. She was all alone. Helpless.

Like something from a nightmare, a snake-like tendril slowly rose up from the ground between her legs. Its 'stem' was about four centimetres wide, and at the tip she saw a larger, purplish bulb, shaped like a flower that had not yet opened. Ida watched in horror as the penis-like vine descended toward her. It touched her calf and began to slide upward along her inner thigh, tickling her through the fabric of her uniform. As it slithered its way toward her waist, the purple bulb kept weaving back and forth, as if trying to track down some elusive scent. She held her breath, her heart racing as she watched the plant move closer and closer toward her crotch. When it finally got there, it paused, its bulging head hanging poised at the entrance to her womb. It is smelling me? thought Ida, paralyzed with fear. It smells my juices.

Without warning, the vines holding her legs suddenly pulled them apart, spreading her thighs wide open. The purple bulb moved forward and began to poke against her, skirting around the hem of her askew panties - tentatively prodding her slick flesh as if trying to figure out how to get inside her. And then... it discovered how.

Ida gasped as the plant-like intruder slowly pushed its way past her distended nether lips and began to squirm its way into her. She didn't want to enjoy it. She wanted to feel horror, disgust, and revulsion - but as the vine slowly worked its way inside her, she knew she was in trouble. It felt like a male organ - a large, thick phallus, massaging her inner walls, sending waves of erotic stimulation through her groin and up through her belly. She was getting raped, but there was no way for her to block out the pleasure of being filled. The alien weed began to move, slowly pulling out of her...then sliding back in again. She couldn't do a thing to stop it. Her sex was betraying her; she imagined it whispering, This feels exquisite...this is exactly what I want... don't fight it... give in to it... just lie back and enjoy the invasion...

"No!" she whimpered as the alien squirmed back inside her. I have to think of a way out of this! The tendrils covering her belly writhed continuously, their leaves tickling her naked skin. "I can't just lie here and let this thing ravish me..." But as the tentacle plunged back into her steamy crevice, her defiance began to wane. "I can't just..." It shoved inside her again, filling her with its satisfying hardness. "I have to..." In it went, slithering into her juicy love passage. "I...I..." With each thrust, her willpower grew a little weaker. She knew it wouldn't be long before she just gave up, allowing herself to moan and writhe as if she was an animal in heat. It just felt too good... too good to resist. Her legs opened wide, the alien organ pulsed in and out of her frothing entrance, even using the hem of her open trousers for leverage. Just surrender... Let it take you... Feel what it's doing to you... You know you're enjoying this...

It was true. The serpentine tentacle was pleasing her, and she was helpless to resist the erotic sensations that coursed through her body, threatening to consume her. She could feel the alien writhing inside her, filling her up, burying itself deep within her. Unstoppable. She announced her surrender with a lusty moan, arching her back as the thick rod skewered her yet again.

The violet flowers surrounded her. All of their petals had turned to face her, as if they were spectators who had come to witness the seduction of this Andorian female. Their intoxicating scent was as strong as ever; the aroma just kept pouring into her nose, into her mind, loosening her hold on sanity. As the plant continued, she gradually lost the capability for rational thought. All that mattered to her was the pleasure emanating from those firm thrusts into her. It wasn't long before her hips began to buck against those thrusts, welcoming the alien invader into her.

She could feel the smooth vines moving all over her body, stroking her face, her breasts, and her thighs. Ida moaned softly as the tentacle continued to plow into her, incessantly pumping with its hard, rubbery stem. It seemed to be getting larger, slowly swelling in girth as it drilled her with deep, rapid strokes.

It finally proved to be too much. Ida groaned as her orgasm erupted, causing her body to writhe and convulse. But it wasn't done with her yet. While she thrashed and moaned deliriously, the rigid organ just kept pumping into her creamy sex. She could feel it getting thicker, plunging into her at an even faster pace. If it were a male's organ, she would have thought that he was getting ready to ejaculate. But this was a plant; it had no sperm to deliver.

Alas, she could then feel it throbbing as 'something' began to squirt into her. If Ida's mind hadn't been laid waste by her own orgasm, she would have been terrified at the thought of being impregnated by this alien invader. As it was, she simply moaned and wondered what was pouring into her womb. There certainly was a lot of it; she could feel wave after wave of warm liquid spurting inside her, bathing her spasming sex until her orgasm finally subsided.

Then, all of her thoughts faded as she lapsed into unconsciousness.

She woke up to the sound of her combadge. She groggily sat up and searched for the device on the ground.

"Ida here," she said sleepily, absent-mindedly stroking her naked belly. Her uniform was still hiked up over her breasts. She glanced around her. Something wasn't quite right. She felt sort of strange, as though there was something she was forgetting - something important. The last thing she remembered was masturbating; she remembered lying on the ground, eagerly rubbing herself. Then... nothing.

Could one pass out from an orgasm? But there were other things that she didn't understand. Why did she have all these scratches on her body? Why did her vagina feel raw, as if she had been poking something big inside herself? And why this persistent, nagging thought that something wasn't quite right?

That thought stayed with her as she tried to focus on the voice emanating from the combadge.

OOC: This thread is for the planet-side scenes. I welcome any character fitting to have a short chat with Ida before she beams up on the ship. For those whom are about to be 'pollinated', I'll play the sentient plant if you want to, otherwise, feel free to write out the scene freehanded like I did above. Both ways work fine. Threads/Scenes started - which everyone is free to do - after this one will be played out on the ship, so keep the planet-wise activities in this one. Have fun and my email/PM-box is always open for plotting! :)

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Amatras and Arcorn Neotin glanced between one another with approval as they neared completion of the deuterium extraction 'facility' along the sea coast some thirty miles North west of the main landing site.  To describe it as a facility was a bit of a stretch the structure was in fact quite simple.  More of a distillation apparatus then an actual building.  Two ten foot tall towers were placed on the beach, one housing a small makeshift fission reactor, well the other acted more like an air conditioner.  At the edge of the ocean a number of small pumps were allowed to float in the surf, each connected by wires to the reactor, well having long transparent tubing extending from them that fed into a slightly more complex network of tubes, that in turn wrapped around the reactor cooling it.  This cooling network superheated the water to a flash boil, and at key positions along the network, small tubes shot off venting impurities as their appropriate boiling points were met.  Next the tubing was wrapped around the cooling tower that cooled the water down to a near freezing point.  The result was purified heavy water, that was then sent into an electrolysis apparatus to break apart producing oxygen and deuterium as byproducts.

It may not have been as pure as the gas deposits in the underground chambers, but this system had given Arcorn something to focus some of the disheartened engineering staff on, well they set up a phaser array to aid in smelting some of the accessible ores on the planet's outer crust.  True the ores wouldn't be able to withstand the same tests that the Theurgy's hull could beforehand but it would allow for some of the more important temporary repairs to be completed until more suitable materials could be acquired.

The smelting facility consisted of a tarp of transparent aluminum (TA), that was spread out over a sixty foot diameter basin.  Around it dozens of phasers were set up, their beams modified to the appropriate wavelengths needed to smelt iron, copper, gold, and various other precious metals into a liquid state.  After they were superheated engineers would collect some of the metal and using TA molds shape what they could into more suitable forms.  The yields weren't great but it was helping to make up for the shortages they found themselves in temporarily. 

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Ensign Cir'Cie slowly made her way away from their landing zone.  The objective of the landing team was to explore, and discover any useful resources or life forms that could assist the crew's survival chances.   The young vulcan was hopeful that the mission would be successful, especially since the pre-mission scans of the surface showed considerable mineral and gas deposits that could hopefully be exploited to solve their current difficulties.

The biosphere was also quite extensive and the further she traveled from the group the more intrigued she became by the wide variety of plant life.  She continued to make scans of every plant they passed, taking note of its cellular structure and composition, in some cases she even collected seeds and fruit for further study back in the lab.  Although these incidents were few and far between. 

She approached a small stream that followed the edge of a small glade, taking note of a peculiar smell in the air she began to make scans of the air and follow the scent back toward its source.  It smelled nice, fruity in some ways but was clearly some form of pollin.  Her journey lead her into the glade itself her boots sinking nearly to the heel as she walked through the wet soil.  It wasn't long before she came across a small island in the marsh like glade, dominated by a strange light purple flower.

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As the potential vector crept closer to the glade, the flowers there remained perfectly still but for a light stir caused by the wind.

Dormant and patient, the nature of the plant would not suggest any kind of sentience - perhaps not even aware of the approaching female just yet. It would not react to anything outside its evolutionary doctrine, but kept spreading its pollen into the air - luring prey closer yet still unresponsive to anything except the smells and signs that had caused it to survive for millennia.

No, it did not move; did not hint at what was to come - the chain of events that evolution had dictated merely suggesting that the pollen had to be spread constantly during the blooming period of its annual cycle. Yet the pollen was thicker in the air the closer the prey might come, and the effects upon a female quite undeniable once it came closer. Thick and sweet the scent was, and it would wear down any kind of defences - any inhibitions that might shelter the primitive minds and desires of animal or humanoid. It made no distinction, as the urges of all the creatures devoted to reproduction possessed their own self-evident weakness. The need which the plant would feed upon; the scent of extracts that would show the plant where to lay its own seed for survival.

Dormant, waiting, the plant bided its time by spreading its intoxicating scent...

...until steps upon its underground roots caused the intoxication to increase ever more, like a nondescript puffball that spewed through the stalks of the flowers all around its glade.

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Cir'Cie took note of the appealing smell and blushed faintly as she felt parts of her body respond to the scent in an unexpected way.  She makes note of it on her tricorder as she advances toward the flowers with interest, the sticky mud like glue about her feet making it harder and harder to move as she advanced to the base of the island.  Scanning the plants slowly with the tri-corder as she did her best to have cold unmoving logic dominate over the more primitive feelings that were slowly taking root in her mind.  "Cir'Cie to science team, I think I found some interesting plants, this flower seems to exhibit some aphrodisiac properties, and might have other medical uses should I collect some seed pods?" She asks into her communicator as she kneels closer to the flowers to get a better look stepping out of the mud and resting her knees on the soft moist soil of the island. The faint scent of her vaginal secretions slowly spread out as she knelt on the ground examining the flower with interest. 

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Centuries of trial an error granted the plant infinite patience, even though the first whiff of the humanoid female's desires caught it's attention. Underneath the surface of glade, its body began to shift ever so slowly - its vines that filled the trunks of the trees slithering out into the canopy. Hidden to the naked eye.

It possessed no sense of hearing, yet the noises thrummed against its sensitive petals.

[Science team to Cir'Cie, this is Lt. Gladstone,] came a male voice over the static, [An aphrodisiac? I am surprised you of all people would detect something like that... In a way, it is the last thing that the crew needs right now, and yet in another way, I reckon it might be what it needs the most. Collect the seed pods, by all means. Gladstone out.]

All the while the noise lasted, the plant kept spewing its pollen into the air; wearing down the prey's will-power. The plant knew, if that was the right term for its kind of dormant awareness, that timing was the pinnacle of its own survival, and while the wildlife in the region would not offer the kind of resistance and violence that would hurt the plant, it had pollinated the dangerous humanoids before - several times, yet long, long ago. In fact, the experience was integrated with its evolution; as it stood the victor over the native people upon Niga - whom were now quite extinct.

However, the plant did not feel any pride, joy, or sense of victory.

It just grew, and spread its kind by the means of perfected evolution.

It bided its time until the prey would be more easily accessible...

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Cir'Cie made a slight sound of irritation at the man on the other side of the comm. "Lt. Gladstone, I'd think an officer of your rank would have the maturity to realize that mental discipline and biology are two separate things.  I can sense the effects the plant is having, that hardly means I'm tempted to give in to its influence.  Cir'Cie out" She said with a calm voice, as she removed a small pocket knife from her pocket and began to carefully sever the seed pods one by one.  Her attention focused solely on ensuring both the plant and pods remain intact with minimal damage. 

As she approached the half way point in the harvesting process she let out a slight groan.  Her mind was resisting the effects of the aphrodisiac but her body was giving some ground sadly.  A slight dampness spread out of her vaginal lips coating her uniform slightly.  This brought a faint frown to her face, it was inconvenient that she'd likely have to change her uniform when she returned to the ship. 

She continued her work slowly and frowned as the moistness slowly thickened, causing irritation, and more perplexing a strange if distant desire to remove her uniform.  She ignored the desire for now and placed the pods in a small pouch with several other plants she'd collected thus far.  Glancing at the water she let out a slight sigh and began to get up finding the mud suddenly quite sticky, which caused her pants to sag slightly as she struggled to free herself from the slight vacuum of the mud indentation she had created.

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By then, the vines had come to hung lower and lower from the canopy overhead - moving slowly enough for the movement to not be caught in an animal' peripheral vision. It was a gentle and silent process... ever slow... until the vines would reach the prey by scent and touch.

As the humanoid had raised its hands slightly to balance itself upon the treacherous ground, it just so happened that the vines made contact with her wrists and forearms first. Lesser plants than itself had a kind of nervous system that allowed them to catch flies before they flew away, and this plant was no different - only far stronger. In the span of a millisecond, two thick wines latched themselves around the humanoid's arms - strong enough to bruise the skin underneath the fabric layer that concealed it. And when those two vines found the prey, the rest of the vines above the prey whipped in to squirm their way down along them - a leathery sound marking their speed.

In but three seconds, the dozens of vines were coursing down the humanoid's raised arms - two of them slithering down inside the edge of her shirt's collar.

In the mud below her feet, the ground was shifting too; thick whipping stems rising - flaying wet dirt around themselves. Four of them appeared around her legs, and upon contact, they attempted to tightened themselves like ropes around her calves, ankles and hips...

As one, thousands of violet flowers turned their open petals in the prey's direction, and they all spewed the intoxicating sweet scent towards her- the centre of concentration being right where the vines had ensnared the female humanoid.

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Cir'Cie looked up in shock as she felt the vines coil around her forearm and wrists.  As more vines coiled down around her arms and into the collar of her shirt she struggled slightly in a vain attempt to break free wincing as the blood going to her hands was cut off by the tight grip of the vines.  As soon as the vines began rising up around her calves, ankles and hips her eyes widened in fear. 

"This can't be happening" she mumbled to herself as she found herself helpless in the vines grasp.  As the flowers turned to face her she braced herself expecting a poison or acid to be released.  When instead only the pollen sprayed in her face she looked on confused as she attempted to process what was going on.  She could feel herself becoming more and more aroused within seconds of the spray, her mind clouding in the intoxicating scent that filled her lungs.  Focusing her thoughts she did her best to struggle more and attempt to break free. 

The vines around her hips soon find where her shirt and pants meet.  Her pants already slightly pulled down from her struggle in the mud, exposing bare skin and the smell of her vaginal secretions slowly leaking out into the uniform itself.  In her mind she felt herself scream to resist and break free, to yell for help or anything, but another smaller voice inside her cooed slightly at the sensation of the vines brushing against her bare skin.

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Through barely sentient instinct, the plant knew the prey to be caught, the struggles not a threat for it to proceed with the pollination.

Thus, it hoisted the female humanoid free from the ground. Not only those that had grasped her arms lifted her up, but also the vines that had slipped down her collar. Subsequently, as the vines curled upwards, her clothes were ripped in the seams as they were peeled up - uniform jacket and undershirt and underwear bundled up underneath her armpits - the jungle's humid air touching her exposed chest and abdomen.

Consecutively, the lower vines might have given leeway for the humanoid to be hoisted from the ground, but they also had to make sure she could not kick herself free. So, those vines that had reached the hem of her panties and trousers also curled down along with those that pulled her legs straight - baring her buttocks, hips and thighs. The pull was not meant to injure the prey, since the plant needed it alive, but it was not the least gentle in its ambitions.

Thus held suspended, there was a pause in which the flowers kept breathing its pollen upon the prey. There was no rush any more, and it took a some time for the next step to begin - a new kind of thick slippery vine extending out of the canopy above - swaying and dripping on its way down before the female's face.

It was almost as if it stared upon her through the needle-point eye at the end. Then... it descended, slithering against her breasts and down her abdomen, scenting the bountiful juices that poured down the inside of her thighs - searching... prodding... smearing her body with its natural lubricant. Yet what might be even more terrifying for the prey - though the plant was completely oblivious that its own kind of reproduction might be considered on any kind of emotional basis - was that a second vine had appeared from below.

And it was writhing its way down her spine.

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Cir'Cie's eyes widened slightly as she watched the vine descend.  The part of her that still was rational forced her body to act turning her head slightly to the side she tilted in the direction of the vine and attempted to grasp its leathery surface in her mouth and pull it back away from her as best she could.  She was blissfully unaware of the second vine that had become to ascend from below as she attempted to delay the inevitable with her last line of defense. 

Her body felt the urge to assist the vine, its caress over her form welcome and eagerly desired.  An internal war had begun between her rational mind and the natural calling of Pon Farr. (sp)  Her rational mind realizing it was losing the war made the one move it could make, chewing eagerly on the vine as it attempted to severe it before it could descend any lower.  Help was beyond her reach, and even if it could reach her in time would they not end up a meal for this plant as well? 

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Plants owned no thing such as pain receptors, but it did have a natural defence mechanism though the lubricant coating - the potency in it far greater than the pollen in the air. It was unwise indeed for a prey - wildlife or humanoid - to take it into the mouth and even more so to chew it. It would only serve to hasten the effect upon her mind. She might damage the stem with her teeth, but the sap filled her mouth, trickled down her throat, squirted across her cheek and ran down her neck.

Still, the first vine did continue to writhe and stroke wherever it could still reach, only with slower and more languorous movements since the stem was damaged. It coating her breasts and abdomen with transparent slime. The sunlight made her puckered areolas glisten - every visual attribute to her Vulcan physique shining wetly. It scented its goal, yet could not reach it.

The second vine did make itself inexplicably known, its touch descending her bare back and slithering down the crack between her firm buttocks. It was close to its mark, and it might have mistaken her anus for her vaginal orifice since it had also become wet with her love juices. Nevertheless, the scent was stronger a bit further beyond, and the bulbous head skimmed along her crevice of sodden fleshy folds.

The wines holding her legs suddenly  pulled them wide - making her into a suspended X in the air.

All the while, the scent fermented the air in the glade, whilst the vine aligned itself to get the leverage need to squirm its way inside the humanoid. The thicker head prodded against different places long her wet slit, and as soon as it got close enough, the vine's head popped inside the female - encompassed by her wet and warm grotto. There was a shudder in the vine, as if it did hold the capacity to become aroused by external stimuli. Either way, it began to wriggle and squirm, pushing as far as it could get - which was quite a few inches given how wet she had become and how it's own sap-like lubricant was more than equal to the task.

Once it got no further, it pulled out slowly, only to thrust inside her again - making her breasts bounce in the humid air.

And thus, it continued... the slow retreat and the firmer push... driving the humanoid to a height of pleasure that would make it increase the rhythm... and the plant would meet it - all in order to make the humanoid loose the grip on her mind. The damaged vine hanging down in front of the prey could but caress her - weakened as it was - unable to do much else...

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Cir'Cie stirred slightly some time later and glanced down at her uniform.  It was mostly intact if fairly muddy and torn in some places.  Why couldn't she remember what happened, for that matter why couldn't she focus her thoughts? She wondered as she stared at the ground before her with slight concern.  Then more pressing matters began to appear in her mind.  She could feel the subtle changes occurring with a steady surge after surge. 

It took her a moment to clear her thoughts, a task that was becoming increasingly difficult with the way her breasts reacted to her uniform's fabric caressing them, and the warm emptiness screaming to be filled in her loins.  In her mind a voice whispered to her ~ This shouldn't be happening, its to soon, something is very very wrong here~ but it was drowned out by the urges that steadily overtook her thought processes.  Slipping her uniform on a little further she began to make her way back to the drop site. 

In her mind a dozen fantasies played out as she imagined herself with each of the crew members on the expedition, thoughts that did not help her focus on the task at hand.  It also didn't help that the sweet smell of the flowers nectar was all over her.  A sticky residue going from the edge of her lip, down her throat and across her breasts.  As she moved it hardened like glue against her skin slightly.

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Next to the beam down site, a small camp had been set up to accommodate for the research of the Science Department on-site. Next to it was the small triage centre; a tent - actually - providing the Medical Department with enough equipment for the treatment of injuries without having to beam the personnel up to the Theurgy. Normally, there was just one person stationed there. Most often a seasoned nurse that knew what she was about, but would probably be quite bored with this particular assignment.

Junior Lt. Anthony Gladstone, who was alone inside one of the container-like laboratories, had not been able to keep himself from looking at Jovela - the Head Nurse - during the brief time they had been down upon the surface of Niga. He imagined she was quite bored, and inside the dim light of the lab, he dreamed of following her once she had enough and wandered out into the jungle to speak the warmth from her brow in a lake. It was warm, after all, despite the lab having its own modern generator that could maintain normal indoor temperature. Her tent, though being fitted with climate control apparatus as well, did not have the sold walls to keep the sun away. Closing his brown eyes, he imagined seeing her remove her uniform and wade out into the forest lake, and then she would turn and see him, crooking her finger at him with a inviting smile - asking him to join her.

Was she still down there, or had she been relieved and replaced with someone else? Perhaps he'd go over and take a look.

Blinking, Tony pushed such errant thoughts aside. Currently, as he was sitting on a box in front of a computer console - studying the geography and comparing it to the reports that were being submitted by the crew on the planet surface. He had come to find some interesting facts. Evidently, there had existed a pre-warp civilisation on the eastern continent, and quite a large one too. It was so odd that there was almost no evidence of it, the only signs left being stretches of cultivated land here and there as well as evident signs of mining in the northern mountains. On top of this was of course the evident explanation - derived from the young state of this jungle they were in - that the planet had just recovered from an ice age. Yet what of the cause? Had the planet been bombed to smithereens, and the subsequent holocaust encasing everything in ice?

Tony could not make much sense of it with so little data, but it seemed that the roots of the jungle had managed to survive, given how easily it had come to resurface once the sun managed to reach the surface. Yet what about the intelligent life that had mined those mountains and grown crops upon the savannah? Where be the remnants of the people that had once lived there - so close to the food-bearing jungle with all its wildlife?

A mystery, which Tony had decided to crack, since he had been derived of the possibility to experience the jungle for himself. He had decided to leave the door open to the lab, just in case he might spot the single other person in the camp pass by - the alluring Ms. Jovela...

Yet someone entirely else then appeared.

"Cir'Cie?" he said and gave her a small frown, not particularly liking the cold Vulcan even though she was easy on the eye. With the sun at her back, he could barely make out the details of her appearence. He returned his eyes to the graphs on his computer console. "You should have reported back to me thirty minutes ago, but I suppose you didn't want to talk to me so I just left you be. Are you returning to the ship now?"

To tell the truth, he had completely forgotten about contacting her - busy as he was with either his imagination or his analysis.

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Cir'Cie enters the lab and slowly makes her way toward him with a slight grin on her face.  The smell of the nectar and pollin thick around her as she drew closer to the LT. "I don't remember getting any comm messages LT...are you sure?" she asks as she moves within feet of him and leans forward admiring his form idly for a few seconds as she gently begins to rub herself.  Taking another step closer she reached out and began to trace a hand up his knee toward his lap.

"Or were you to busy to really send any messages?" She asks idly as she leaned in bringing her lips closer to his in an attempt at kissing him. Again inside her logicial mind was trying to scream out that something was off here, that she shouldn't be doing this, not only was it against regulations but she could be ill or worse.  This little voice however was drowned out by the images of what she'd like to do, and the raging desires slowly spreading through her body.

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At first, Tony thought her tone odd, yet only noting it subconsciously as he continued to work by the computer. "As I said, I thought you didn't wish to speak with me, so I let it be," he confessed and threw a glance her way. Her following question hit him just like her sudden touch upon his knee - his eyes going wide in consternation as to what the Vulcan was doing.

"Wha- You..."

Then her sap-cover chin touched his, and her lips split his open like a sea shell. Alarmed, he scrambled out of his chair and made it topple over. Yet even as he was on his feet, he regretted having pulled away. Her saliva the sap coated his lips, her taste sweet and delicious on his tongue. the imprint of her hand upon his thigh burning as if she had been on fire, even tough it was only his own sudden response and ache for more. His lips pursed helplessly to the effect she had on him, how the scent he only now picked out in the air filled his nose and subsequently his mind with voracious desires. He had to steady himself on the desk with one hand and pinch the bridge of his nose to gather his thoughts.

"Cir'Cie, this is highly inappropriate..." he said raggedly, having to swallow before continuing. Already, his arousal was stirring and straining against his uniform trousers. What was happening? Was it his thoughts upon Jovela that had paved the way for his reaction?

"We can't... I mean... You can't do this when on duty. The Nurse might... She is not twenty yards away...." Was it time for her pon farr? His eyes could not help but begin travelling her form. Wasn't she more curvaceous somehow? Or had he not quite looked at her in this particular way before? No, something was wrong, yet at the same time his eyes and his loins screamed to him how very right it was. Her uniform was dirty and seemed a bit ripped in the sides, there was something sticky on her chin and neck, something sticky, and he could taste it from the kiss. He felt dizzy, light-headed with sudden desires to pick up where Cir'Cie had left off - before he had so inconveniently distanced himself.

What if Jovela, if she was still down on the planet, walked in on them? Wouldn't it be wonderful if she wanted to join them? Strange thoughts, subdued by the state of alarm his mind was in - as if he was loosing it already. Cringing, with his hand on the desk and his forearm trying to conceal his raging erection, he remembered her report. "The aphrodisiac you f-found? Did you...?"

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Cir'Cie didn't seem to listen to him as she moved in closer to him pressing herself to his form and kissing him passionately on the lips.  Her hands drifted to his shoulders then hesitated as if unsure of themselves before trailing down his sides, to the hem of his pants and beginning to push down them as best she could.  Her lips covered in the sap, transferred their contents to his own, allowing it to cling to his skin slightly as he sap coated tongue slipped forward into his mouth to dance with his. 

"I can feel your erection human, you want this as much as I do, so why don't you take what you want?" she asked as he could feel the warm sensation of her hips resting on his thigh, the damp fabric soaking through onto his own uniform.  Using her weight and leverage she attempted to move him back against a table or any nearby object that could be used as support.  It didn't matter what, all that mattered was what they'd be doing.

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While she practically ate at his mouth with her lips, Tony could no naught but respond just as eagerly, his mind turning more blank by the moment - mellow in acceptance. Who cared if she was affected by some aphrodisiac she found; this sap that she had eaten, perhaps? She was prepared to screw his brains out, so who was he to object and raise an issue? True, the one posted in the triage tent might discover them while at it, yet did they not all deserve some stress-relief after the few past weeks on the run? Tony told himself that people would sympathise in case the truth came out about what was to happen.

She tasted so good it was unbelievable, a sweetness and delicious tang to her tongue that remained even when the sap had been shared and dissolved by their saliva. He could feel himself throbbing for this cold Vulcan turned into a sexual freak without remorse. The thought of ploughing her had never been upon his mind, but now he could not stop thinking about it - his entire existence bet on the anticipation. She parted to question him, but she needed not argue with him any more. He was about to mutter something incoherent about him indeed wishing to claim her right then and there, but she had already pushed him on top of the desk.

He hit his head against a computer console, knocking t to the floor, a couple of PADDs was brushed aside carelessly, he lay on his back, but reached down past the the great meat mast that she had raised for him to try and yank at her zipper - opening her uniform. He could not reach far enough to push it back from her shoulders, nor could he pull up her undershirt, so he instead turned his attention to his own arousal, stroking it breathlessly with one hand while watching her - this body that he had not noticed before. Cir'Cie's breasts were unbelievable even when they were covered up, no doubt about it, but on top of it all was the way she had turned wet merely looking at him.

He could hardly wait for her to climb up and skewer herself upon him.

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Cir'Cie reached down and slid her uniform pants down to her ankles before stepping out of them removing her panties with the same motion.  Once freed of the restraints she moved closer carefully sliding his pants lower well climbing over top of him and beginning to lift her uniform top up her athletic form.  Again the now meek voice in the back of her mind warned her to stop but was easily drowned out by the lust flowing through her mind and veins. 

Once freed of the shirt she lowered herself onto his shaft carefully aligning it well pressing her swollen breasts against his face slightly.  Leaning forward and into him she slowly slid down onto him, enjoying the engorged sensation she felt as it entered.  She adjusted her posture to get a better angle and then pressed her hips tightly against his sliding him deep into her depths.  With the sudden movement game a slight gasp of mild pain as her tight vaginal walls clasped about him wonderfully. 

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Gone was the fear to be discovered, scourged from Tony's mind by the heat now encompassing his member.

She was so wet and yet so tight that each inch that he traversed with his cock made him clench his jaw and hold his breath - not wishing any momentary friction to be lost to his senses. He stared at her with wide eyes; her body unreal in its perfection. Her heavy breasts jutted at him - taught nipples poking at his cheek. His hands had come to lay upon her hips to assist her, yet they soon travelled up to frame those Vulcan mammaries with his fingers. He could not stop himself from closing his mouth around one of her tit-stalks, and to twirl his tongue around it, to kiss it, to nibble it between his lips, and to suck at it like a child, each in turn.

His hips moved at their own accord, and he did not have to concentrate to abide to his own urges. He ascended into her depths - filling her warm gooey cunt with his meat, his hands squeezed her breasts and licked them, savaged them with his lips...

...until his mouth was suddenly filled with milk - a sweet and delicious taste coating his mouth.

"A-are you pregnant?" he asked her dimly - his hazed-over eyes finding hers above him. Still, he could not stop moving, could he? He grunted as he thrust into her continuously - his mind on the brink of abandon.

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Cir'Cie could barely hear him over the raged desires and thoughts rushing through her mind.  Her hips grinding and pushing down into his shaft as she sought to have his member engulfed and devoured by her womb.  When he drank from her breast she noticed the change as his eyes dilated, a part of her screamed from within that this was wrong and that somehow she was sick, but her mind was to far gone to listen.  All she wanted was to feel him release inside her, and hopefully find more willing members to join in their fun. 

As she imagined more of the away team joining them her vaginal canal clenched around his shaft tightly.  It quivered in orgasm milking the shaft slightly in the process as she dug her nails slightly inside his side and let out a groan of pleasure.  As her nails dug slightly deeper she drew her lips closer to his ear. "Should we invite others?" she whispers seductively as her nails drew slight blood from his sides.

Her mind shifted slightly between the thoughts of the away team and the lingering taste of the sap in her mouth.  Images flashing in her mind, of her planting the seeds on the Thuergy, or her adding the sap to the drinking water, or luring the female members of the crew into the glade where she first encountered...what?  She couldn't quite focus on what happened in the glade, asside from a violet flower the images were fuzzy.  It didn't matter she thought, all that mattered was now and spreading this gift to others. 

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Lt. Gladstone's gaze swept up and down her naked body, sometimes lingering on her heaving breasts, sometimes staring at her eyes or her smooth belly. The sight of her Vulcan body added fuel to his lust. The more he looked at her, the more he wanted of her.

Thus, Tony also watched as Cir'Cie erupt. Her naked body squirmed and quivered, and she did not give voice to her climax, yet he could feel in quite explicitly, and not just because her nails cut his sides.

Although he wanted nothing more than to achieve his own orgasm, Tony watched in fascination as the erotic storm raged through her, completely overpowering her usual cold reservations. It was beautiful to watch, and he began to think about how nice it would be to induce the same ecstatic reaction in other women. As if she could read his mind, she said...

Should we invite others?

Oddly, he found his member twitching at the thought. he gasped as her nails drew blood, but also that made him throb. Right then, there was only one woman he wanted to fuck, but he filed away her question for later. Mouth falling open in a silent moan as he resumed his meaty thrusting. Her vagina was so slippery now that he could easily shove himself all the way inside her, and he eagerly did so, over and over and over again. He had never known that a Vulcan pussy could feel so wonderful, and he relished it to his full contentment - unaware that he was about to lose his mind completely.

His notions of duty and discipline had abandoned him, and all he knew was that Cir'Cie wanted him to fuck her, and that they should make others enjoy themselves too. Cir'Cie, her thighs spread wide open, her vagina warm and gooey with her body's own sex juice. Cir'Cie, bouncing upon him as he stuffed his girth inside her, pumping her with firm, rapid strokes. Cir'Cie had brought him to this; she had fed of some sort of drug that had clouded his thoughts with lust, she knew full well that it would lead to this debauched union. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Tony knew that this was wrong - but that wasn't going to stop him. There was no way he was going to stop. He was going to keep at it, until his cock was ready to inject her with cum. At the rate he was going, it wouldn't take much longer.

Tony grabbed Cir'Cie's breasts and fucked her even harder - the desk rocking with his movements. He couldn't stand it any was time for him to come. His rigid cock surged in and out of her sopping cunt, repeatedly ploughing its way toward her womb. As he screwed her, he still stared up at her naked, trembling body - marvelling at her. He noticed that milk had begun to ooze from her nipples, dribbling down her bulging breasts, as if her tits were having their own little orgasms. He wanted to lean up and suck on those stiff nipples - but not yet, not yet. He had to finish fucking her, had to pump his sperm inside her. Nothing else mattered.

Savage grunts. Wet sex noises. Her breasts, wet and jiggling. His hands upon her breasts, squeezing, caressing. Feverish coitus. His dick, filling up with cum, throbbing, swelling - squirting. Sperm pouring into her cunt. An explosion of cream. His engorged cock squirted loads of cum into her vagina, thick bursts of semen that would send a horde of wriggling sperm toward her womb. One of them might even make a baby.

Then he collapsed, holding her in his arms and stroking her skin. When he very soon fell asleep, he dreamed of all the other female crew members he would soon be fucking. He would plant his seed in their wombs, and in nine months' time there would not be a single woman on-board the Theurgy whose belly wasn't bulging with child.

When he woke up, he would not be the same man he was before Cir'Cie entered the lab.

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Cir'Cie grins at Gladstone as he stirs, running her fingers lightly over the man's chest. "How do you feel?"  Glancing at his changed form she smiled somehow knowing that he like her had been permanently altered.  Nothing would bring him back to normality and why would he want that even if it could.  Stepping closer she gave him a light kiss. "ready to return to the ship?" she asks reaching down to lightly stroke his shaft.

Her eyes met his with a mischievous grin as she emptied most of the botanical satchels they'd collected instead filling them with samples of their new master.  Cir'Cie's mind no longer directed her actions only her desire to spread the gift she had been given.  To ensure that as many as possible were granted it and to take the plant far and wide.  Once She was ready and perhaps finished with a second round with Gladstone she activated her comm. "Two to beam up and we're bringing samples with us." 

Cir'Cie grinned as she saw Gladstone's eager expression.  All to willing to comply with her wishes, as if realizing what she had in mind.  The grin disappeared as the light blue light engulfed them teleporting them up and into the transporter room nine.   Her grin spread as she glanced at the reaction of the female operator mere feet away from them as they both appeared in the nude before her. "Go get her tiger, This...should be fun" Cir'Cie says as she began to move toward the door preventing the young woman from escaping should she attempt to.  The scent of the sap still clinging to her skin and spreading into the room around them as she made her way toward the door.

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After having tested his evolved body thoroughly with Cir'Cie a second time, and having come to clear terms with himself and his new motivations - altogether different from when he had beamed down to Niga - Lt. Gladstone was all too eager to spread his seed into another womb.

He smiled to her, seeing how she stood there and trembled in uncertainty behind her console; like a deer caught in the headlights of a moving train. He knew her to be an Ensign by the name Sarah Mitchell, and having not noticed him before, she now stared wide eyed upon his body. She was looking at the play of his toned musculature, the way his skin gleamed in health and how his manhood stood straight up along his abdomen like a meaty pillar of absolute perfection.

"T-Tony? I mean, Lt. Gladstone?`What happened t-to you uniform?" she said, with great hesitation as she backed away from the console - trapped against the wall behind it. Fear built enough to replace mesmerized perplexity. "What are you doing, what did the Ensign mean? Get m-?" Yet Tony said nothing. He merely smiled as he stepped around the console. His eyes were upon the new female's chest and thighs, her lips and only for last - her eyes. His look told her everything she needed to know. The realisation made her jaw drop and her hand go for her combadge.

Tony was there just in time to drab her wrist and to twist it away from her chest. She screamed, and the most efficient way to silence her would be to strike her with his free hand. Yet his priority was not her silence compared to his own needs. Thus, he slammed both her wrists into the wall behind her back, her arms bent over her head, and he silenced her with his own mouth - his lips closing over hers and his tongue wresting hers into inaction. She tasted like wild berries, and her muffled noises sounded like that of a mewling animal...

...until they fell silent.

He took the opportunity to let one wrist go, and to remove her combadge with the firm caress that he cupped over her breast. He could feel her nipple through the uniform already - taught and in sincere reaction to his presence. He opened the front of her uniform deftly, and yanked her undershirt up over her breasts. Yet something about the cool air touching the skin around her black bra yanked her back from the pleasurable limbo she had fallen into, since he felt her raise her knee straight up into his exposed sack.

He groaned and doubled over, catching glimpses of Sarah disentangling herself and almost ripping herself away to run for the exit.

Despite the minute pain he suffered, he chuckled as he fell to his knees - having seen how flustered she had become. He soon climbed to his feet and went after her, perfectly aware that Cir'Cie would catch her for him. He had kissed her, and that meant she would gradually give in... as long as she did not get away. The pain he felt only served to engorge him further - his predatory smile as unwavering as his step.

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As Ensign Sarah Mitchell rushed the door, Cir'Cie reached out slipping her arm around the girl's waist and adjusting her course to slam her straight into the wall just outside of the doorway.  As the blow disoriented the Ensign Cir'Cie proceeded to pull her back against her own body and shove her slightly back toward the room.  Using her hands to gently adjust her captive's head just enough to press her swollen nipple against Mrs Mitchell's mouth.  "Now now is that any way to act Mrs Mitchell?  You should be glad to have Mr Gladstone's attention shouldn't you?" she asks as she watched her captive.

Slowly Cir'Cie began to move Sarah back toward Lt. Gladstone with a grin on her face.  Soon there would be a third added to their number and hopefully they would spread like wildfire thereafter.  "Here you go Tiger, you're morsel ripe for the taking and eager to be sampled."

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