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CH07: S [D03|1600] New Renegade


STARDATE 57654.79
APRIL 18, 2381
1600 HRS.

>> Click For Full Resolution

[ Captain Jesse Jackson | Bridge | Deck 01 | USS Oneida ]
Seated in the command chair of his bridge, Captain Jesse Jackson watched the viewscreen as the Sabine launched from his ship's shuttle bay, and in short order - before the inbound enemies dropped out of warp - the shuttle activated the odd device that Captain Ives has mentioned. This... zero-point energy unit which the Theurgy's commanding officer hadn't offered much detail about, likely given time restraints. The Sabine went to warp.

"Unbelievable," said Jackson's First Officer, Commander Mag'Lev, as he watched the sensor readings, "it says here that the shuttle is travelling at a higher warp speed than we were. How is that possible?"

"I don't know," said Jackson with a lopsided grin, watching the ETA on the Klingon ships, "but it means that the Chancellor will get to Qo'noS, and House Mo'Kai won't catch them. Now, it's our job to make sure these birds of prey don't give chase. Jackson to all departments, what's your status?"

[ Lt. Rodrigo Rivera | Security Centre | Deck 04 | USS Oneida ]
When the voice of Captain Jackson was heard in the Security Centre, Rodrigo was wearing his security exosuit as he stood by the holotable displaying the Oneida, carefully watching the deployed security details moving into position around the ship's secured areas.

"This is Lieutenant Rivera, all teams, report in!"

Seated around the holotable were his officers, and they relayed the order and reported on ready status in order. All teams, starting with Alpha Team, stood prepared, and Rodrigo nodded in contentment, thinking about his Deputy and the officers on the Sabine, wishing them well in the bold attempt to breach the Great Hall. Ironic, how the Chancellor has to break and enter into his own seat of power...

"Security to bridge, we're ready for anything," he reported eventually, checking the energy level on his own Type-III rifle, ready to head out if so required.

[ Lt. Kaneko Aio | Sickbay | Deck 07| USS Oneida ]
In sickbay, there were nurses and medical officers hurrying to their different wards, and in the middle of the busy area stood Kaneko Aio, directing her people in terms of priorities.

"We need those supplies readied in the ICU, and make sure the last of the triage equipment is brought to the Recovery Ward! Those biobeds have to be readied for intensive care, not rehabilitation! Nurses, you have your assignments, stand ready to receive injured and make sure the ward assignments are entered in good time when we get patients!"

Focused, sharp like a laser, Kaneo ran a hand through her dark hair and answered when Captain Jackson was heard over the intercom. "This is sickbay. We're ready, but we'd rather not have any patients at all if you can help it," she stated firmly, but if any Klingons made it into her sickbay, she was perfectly willing to kick their ridged arses herself.

[ Lt. Lozrah "Loz" Grian | Engineering | Deck 16 | USS Oneida ]
"Divert more energy to the impulse engines. Our baby need to be ready for quick manoeuvres, and it has been a long time since she saw combat," said Loz, standing in front of the Oneida's pulsing, blue warp core in Engineering. "Power levels for shields look great, but be ready to transfer anything we can spare towards their regeneration, should she need it."

Walking away from the warp core and shouting further orders, Loz heard Captain Jackson on the intercom and she tapped her combadge. "This is Lieutenant Grian. She's purring like a wild cat, her claws are sharp and her skin is thick. She can dance and she can kick. Engineering out."

Grabbing the railing in front of her, the Trill looked down at her engineers and hoped they all would be alright. It was her first assignment as Chief Engineer on a starship, and she ended up being a renegade to Starfleet. What a start...

[ Lt. Commander Wogak Ikthan | Bridge | Deck 01 | USS Oneida ]
On the bridge, Lieutenant Commander Ikthan heard the rest of the departments report their ready status, and at the helm sat Sabrina Lail, whom he'd be working with closely in the coming battle. He relied on the woman at the helm to give him the target vectors he needed for the Oneida's weapon systems, which weren't overly substantial, but he was more than proficient with their usage. Jesse Jackson would likely be dealing out orders in terms of attack patterns, but if the Captain left it to Ikthan and Lail, they had run their simulations, and would be able to maintain coordination through their individual stations.

"Weapon systems armed and ready. Torpedo launcher diagnostics finished and defensive phaser systems ready for automated defence," he said with tight lips, and when he deemed everything primed for combat, he stroked his beard and raised his eyes towards the viewscreen. It was the sensor readings that drew his eye... and his hand went still.

"That's not two warp signatures. It's four. Two of them just decloaked. We've just been tracking two of them."

A silence fell over the bridge, as they realised the opposition they faced was twice as strong as they initially believed.

"Bridge to all Tactical CONN officers aboard," said Captain Jackson, "launch the aerowing and join Lieutenant Hale out there. We will need all the help we can get..."

[ Captain Gant'ech | Bridge | Ker'Lah-class Bird of Prey | House Mo'Kai ]

Swearing loudly, Captain Gant'ech of House Mo'Kai soared to his feet on the bridge of his Ker'Lah-class bird of prey. "What was that? A shuttle? How did it vanish so quickly?"

"It went to warp, sir," growled his weapons officer, shaking his head. "Our sensors must be off. It's quicker than any vessel of that size."

"Dropping out of warp, sir," said the officer at the helm, and before them waited the Federation starship that had opted to involve itself with Klingon affairs, protecting Martok and apparently letting him slip away at the most opportune moment.

"Bah!" snarled Gant'ech, thinking of his options. Either we head after the shuttle immediately, or we bite these soft Federation gagh... "Gant'ech to Felka! Shall we stay or give chase?"

[Felka here, if that was Martok leaving like a coward... I want to hunt him down,] said his female compatriot from the outpost they had left not long ago. Besides the two of them, two other Captains and their Ker'Lah birds of prey had joined them from another Mo'Kai outpost, decloaking just off their bow. They had been in correspondence for the last hour, converging on their target, thinking they would be killing the Chancellor and securing Gorka's rule of the Klingon Empire. Now, they might have to take the battle to Qo'noS, after this pointy starship was destroyed.

"Go," he said, baring his teeth, "I will come as well... after I have this starship destroyed."

[Glory to House Mo'Kai,] said Felka, and after the transmission was cut, she ordered her ship to turn around, about to go to warp and give chase to that errant shuttle which, undoubtedly, carried Martok to Qo'noS.

"Open fire!" shouted Gant'ech, not meaning to keep Felka waiting, or let her have all the glory.

>> KerLah renders by Jetfreak-7

OOC: This group thread is here for all writers with characters on the Oneida, and as the fourth bird of prey slowly breaks away to set a course after the Sabine, the other three are attacking the Oneida. The priority here is to have fun, and feel free to use the NPC officers on the Oneida however you see fit. It is also encouraged that writers with characters on the Oneida work together to direct the development and have their character collaborate during the battle. I will be writing the Klingon ships and their actions now and again too, offering challenges as the development allows it. Priority one is to decide what to do about the fourth bird of prey, which is about to go after the Sabine. Looking forward to what you all make of this battle!!

Re: CH07: S [D03|1600] New Renegade
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[ Lt. JG Logan Hale, callsign "Wraith"| AC-477 Mk I Valravn | Wolf-02 | near USS Oneida] Attn: @Eden @Luciain @Hope @Auctor Lucan
Logan completed the pre-flight checks and eagerly awaited the go-ahead for takeoff, which would come just seconds later. "Here we go." The pilot flipped the thrust control and launched the Valravn, which had already taken a beating in the previous skirmish. As he left the USS Oneida's shuttle hangar together with Alith, aka Hunter and the Sabine, he reported back to the Iroquois-class ship.
"This is Wolf Zero Two. Escort SS Sabine."
[Wolf Zero Two, this is Onieda.] came back over the radio from the ship's ops. [Roger that. Escort SS Sabine. Good luck.]
"Thanks, Oneida."
Logan steered his fighter level with the Sabine and formed a loose formation with the prototype shuttle, which should probably now have an upgraded warp drive. Logan was eager to see this thing in action, and from the looks of things at the moment, he would indeed be doing so shortly.
"Wolf zero two to Sabine..."
Logan had a few things he wanted to say to Sera. But he didn't know how to explain himself and somehow it all just seemed to fade into the background. So, his radio message remained fairly matter-of-fact.
"...Good luck, Sera."
He had barely uttered the words before the Sabine went into warp. Logan was amazed. His readouts did not deceive him. The upgrade had it all. No one would catch up to the Sabine anytime soon. He just hoped the shuttle's engines could withstand the strain and they wouldn't be wiped out by an overload en route.
"Oneida. Sabine is on her way. Return to help you against the bandits."
"Updated sensor data from the Oneida, Wraith. Forward them to your HUD," his RIO Hunter interjected.
"Fuck!" the pilot cursed. "Why can't it be once, just once, easy."
He released the weapon safeties and checked the status of his weapons one last time. All indicators were green. It was time to go into battle. Logan put his Valravn into a steep left turn and moved to intercept. His hands tightened around his helm controls and then the second battle of the day began. Phaser and disruptor shots broke and took each other under fire. The experienced pilot dove under most of the gunfire and tried to reach the runaway.
"Oneida, this is Wolf Zero Two. Trying to catch up and attack the runaway. If you can provide any support, now would be a good time."
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Re: CH07: S [D03|1600] New Renegade
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Lt Sabrina Lail | Main Bridge | Deck 1 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Nero @Eden @Luciain @Auctor Lucan 
As the red alert klaxon sounded and the Sabine jumped away, the Valravn, the Aeroshuttle, and the Oneida became all that stood in the way of the House Mo'Kai Birds of Prey. It was clear to the Oneida crew that this would not be an easy battle and the reality that casualties may end up in Lieutenant Kaneko Aio's Sickbay had already been accepted. Now the Oneida had a mission to complete and a crew steadfast to complete it in such overwhelming odds.

The Klingons had opened fire first with a barrage of disruptor fire aimed at the dorsal shields of the Iroquois-class, continuing to strike the shield vector. "Return fire, attack pattern Delta Three," Captain Jesse Jackson ordered.

Lieutenant Sabrina Lail slid her fingers over a part of the LCARS display that was shaped like Oneida's saucer section, slightly tilting the ship to expose more of the port side to one of the more viciously attacking Bird of Prey. Lieutenant Commander Wogak Ikthan locked in the attack pattern and opened fire with all of Oneida's phasers at the three vessels in range with a particular focus on the port side Bird of Prey. "Captain, according to navigational sensors, one of the enemy ships is breaking off at 358 Mark 42; moving away at full impulse," Lail stated while looking at the navigational display.

"Confirmed, a Bird of Prey is moving off," Ikthan reaffirmed via tactical sensors.

"Pursuit course Lieutenant, engage," Captain Jackson ordered in haste.

Already having the location of the fleeing Bird of Prey marked in the navigational computer as the next course, Sabrina tapped the buttons representing the primary impulse engines located on the saucer section and the secondary impulse engines located at the aft of the ship before pressing the button to engage. The Iroquois-class turned to the relative bearing where Wolf Zero Two was now headed and into the fray of being surrounded.

"Attack pattern Alpha, all forward launchers fire a full spread of photon torpedos," ordered Captain Jackson as the Oneida caught up with the escaping Bird of Prey.

Ikthan fired the forward phasers and the forward torpedo launchers at the Bird of Prey's warp engines.

The Oneida didn't leave the other three ships behind and as they closed in they had begun to open fire on Oneida's aft shields with disruptors. The fire was so concentrated it sent surges through the EPS grid and violently displaced people aboard as the inertia dampers couldn't compensate for the sudden impacts.

"Aft shields at seventy-two percent," Ikthan announced as the EPS grid surged.
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Re: CH07: S [D03|1600] New Renegade
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[ Lt. JG Callax Valin | Aerowing Shuttle | near USS Oneida ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Hope @Nero @Luciain

Valin maneuvered through the Deck 17 hallways at a steady jog, brushing past personnel as he made his way towards the aerowing mounted on the ventral side of the hull. "Make a hole!" There was a general feeling of haste and tension in the air that fed the young Ardanan's adrenaline. Before long he found his way to the cockpit of the aerowing shuttle itching for the action to begin.

With the pre-flight checks of the shuttle's systems running, the comms panel lit up with a message from the bridge. [Bridge to all Tactical CONN officers aboard. Launch the aerowing and join Lieutenant Hale out there. We will need all the help we can get.]

"Acknowledged, bridge. Aerowing away." The shuttle's engines purred into life as the pre-flight checks were completed. Valin's arm reached up to grab one of the overhead levers and pulled down. With a slight thud the shuttle detached from the hull of the Oneida and began to maneuver under its own power. His co-pilot, a Hekaran ensign, plugged in the updated navigational data as it streamed in from the more powerful sensors on the Iroquois-class vessel.

"The Sabine has gone to warp," the ensign said with a slightly stunned tone. The reason quickly became clear as the same data appeared in front of Valin. The Sabine was traveling at a rate of speed beyond anything he had expected it to be capable of. Breath escaped his lips in amazement. Suddenly the aerowing did not feel quite so fast.

With the Sabine away at warp the pair returned their attention to the matter at hand. Four Birds of Prey, to be exact. "One breaking off to pursue the shuttle. Three turning to engage the Oneida," the ensign said as shields were rerouted towards their bow.

[Oneida, this is Wolf Zero Two. Trying to catch up and attack the runaway. If you can provide any support, now would be a good time.]

"The Oneida will have to make do on its own. Our mission is to support the Sabine," Valin said to the copilot before keying on his comms. "Wolf Zero Two, this is Oneida aerowing coming up on your seven."

Valin did his best to accelerate the aerowing and catch up with the faster Valravn but the smaller more agile fighter already had a significant lead. Not helping were the volleys of phaser and disruptor fire coming from the klingon vessels causing the Ardanan to continuously adjust his flightpath to evade oncoming fire.

"Calculate a targeting solution for their warp engines. Concentrate phaser fire and full spread of torpedoes," Valin commanded with a stern but level tone. His copilot complied and soon the solution was confirmed by the computer.

A hard evasive maneuver took the aerowing off their desired attack vector and Valin did his best to recover the original flight path before their positioning would render the firing solution useless and invalid. Just as their opportunity to attack was to close, the aerowing rolled and inverted itself putting them in position. "Fire."

Phaser banks erupted with bright amber streaks followed closely by a salvo of torpedoes directed at the aft section of the Bird of Prey. The computer confirmed a hit and damage done. Not enough to get through the ship's shields but enough to begin to drain them. Sure enough, those drained shields soon fell victim to an exponentially larger attack from the Oneida. As Valin pulled the aerowing out he thought he could see flashes and flames erupt from a section of the Bird of Prey's hull.

"Shields at 63 percent," the ensign said, reading out the panel listing their own shield levels as the black of space lit up with streaks of weapons fire all around them. The shuttle shook as their shields deflected another disruptor shot.

Grimacing, Valin scanned his radar for the Valravn. "Doubt we would survive another attack run like that. Moving to cover Wolf Zero Two. Redirect power from weapons to the shields." His copilot complied and Valin banked the aerowing off again towards Lieutenant Hale.
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Re: CH07: S [D03|1600] New Renegade
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[Ens Katherine Locke | Sickbay | USS Onieda] attn: @Auctor Lucan @Eden @Hope @Nero

The ship that had become a home was moving to a different beat now, a cadence that the young woman had rarely experienced before. She'd gotten used to the beat of the ship, its culture its cadence. It felt like a comfortable set of clothes now that she could slip into, from the moment she woke up in the morning it was a familiar routine. She could almost make her way to sickbay without ever opening her eyes, the same footsteps, dodging around the same crewmembers going about their work. It was...almost relaxing, comforting how safe her routine had gotten. wasn't exactly a routine day, not anymore. The red lights that flashed on and off through the rooms and corridors of the ship were accompanied by a blaring klaxon that shifted the whole tempo of the ship. The comfortable easy pace had vanished in favour of a frenzied pace that had the crew scurrying from one side of the ship to another. They weren't just fighting an enemy, they were fighting to protect their homes, their friends and family. It gave them a determination, a need to fight to get back into it and protect their ship. You could see it in the faces of the crew rushing from room to room. You could see it in the faces of the crew who had gathered in the sickbay, the usual bumps and bruises of any fight mixed in with burns.

Katie had heard someone mention that there was a cascading failure in the EPS grid that had caused a blowout, plasma and sparks filling compartment after compartment. The young nurse honestly didn't understand the workings of a ship, not enough to be able to fix one or lecture on the physics which drove it. What she did know was the working of the body, what it could take and what it couldn't. Fire flashed in the petite woman's brown eyes as she stared at the Caitian man in front of her. His fur was singed where they hadn't had to shave it off to get to the burns marring his skin.

"Get out of my way little girl or...or...or I'll make you. My team needs me and I'm not gonna let them down."

Muscle strained and shifted under the man's clothes, pulling them taut as he glared at her from his position perched on the edge of the table, a low growl reverberating from his throat as he glared at her. It was an imposing sight, and there was a part of Katherine that quailed under the look, that wanted to scamper away from him, to hide behind a table, in another room, anywhere but here. That primitive primal part of her brain that recognised an angry predator. She wanted to run but instead crossed her arms over her chest.
"You could probably pick me up and bull your way out of sickbay. You look tough, you could probably even make it back to engineering, maybe even your station. You might even last all of 5 minutes there, but the first time you tried to actually do anything those burns are gonna crack and tear and leave you in the kind of agony you can only dream of in your nightmares. Your team is gonna have to drag you back here, leaving them even more shorthanded when they need it...but none of that matters because if you don't lie down and let me treat you then I'm going to inform the computer that you are no longer medically fit to perform your duty. That means the doors won't open for you, the consoles won't respond and you'll end up confined to sickbay or your quarters by security. So...what's it gonna be?"

The Caitian held his pose for a moment, before he seemed to deflate, curling up onto the table, the defiance and anger that ha been surging through him mere moments ago abandoning him as he crumpled up into himself.

"I'm sorry little Locke it's just that my team are..."

"I know."

The anger that had sparked in the woman's eyes vanished as quickly as it appeared, a warm smile curling up the corner of her lips as she rested a hand on his shoulder.

"Just, give me 30 minutes to get you fixed up and rested then you can go back and take over some light duties to free someone up ok...but if you come walking through my door again today I'm confining you to quarters for a month. Deal?"

As she saw the ghost of a smile appear on the man's face the nurse turned away, reaching for her hypospray as she let her eyes flick out over the crowded sickbay. So many people, so many injuries. Delicate fingers curled around the hypospray as another shockwave rocked the ship, lights flickering as sparks flew from a nearby panel. The calls for medical aid coming in from all over the ship, the nurse caught the eye of Lt. Kaneko Aio, catching a nod as she tossed the hypospray at her superior, reaching for a medical go bag as she span for the door.

Time to go to work.

Re: CH07: S [D03|1600] New Renegade
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[Lt. Regiene "Reggie" Suder | Deck 06 | USS Oneida] attn: @Auctor Lucan  @Nero @Luciain @Eden @Hope

It had been a decent day, all things considered.  The incident at Training Center Omega sat front and center in her mind, but as Regeine Suder convalesced on board the Oneida and prepared for her pending reassignment to the Theurgy, she had started to find some perspective on the fiasco.

Theurgy... now that was a mind fuck.  For the past three months she'd heard nothing good about that ship.  It was a ship of traitors, of Romulan defectors, of terrorists and rebels that had attacked a Federation starbase, savagely destroyed ships assigned to hunt them down.

Yet when she had finally had the opportunity to see the evidence herself, it told a completely different story and consider the accompanying call for volunteers to transfer over it was not a hard decision.  Joining the Theurgy crew would brand her a traitor in the eyes of the Federation.  Her family would be told she had betrayed the uniform.  It would devastate them... worse than learning about Lon had.  If she signed on, and things went pear shaped, her parents might come to the end of their own lives believing their daughter had followed in her brothers path and betrayed her uniform.

But the truth was on the side of the Theurgy.  Of that, Reggie had no doubt.  She had sworn to protect and defend the Federation.  Now that Federation was under attack from within and she carried a responsibility to stand up and fight for that.  Eventually, her family might understand.

That made the choice, clear albeit difficult.

Since then, she had taken some time to herself, caught up on some reading, and gone through as many of the reports on the Theurgy's mission as she could get her hands on.

Then the Red Alert klaxon sounded and activity aboard Oneida jumped into a fevered pitch.  It had caught Reggie off guard.  She had known, of course, that an encounter with the Klingons was inevitable.  But she hadn't been briefed on the time table.  She should have asked, she realized, but given there were no fighters aboard the Oneida she had assumed her talents, as well as those of the survivors would not be needed.  Still it caught her on the way to the gym for a work out, ending her trip immediately. 

The turbolift doors opened, granting her entry. 

"Main Shutt..."

[Bridge to all Tactical CONN officers aboard. Launch the aerowing and join Lieutenant Hale out there. We will need all the help we can get.]

"Cancel that.  Aerowing shuttle."

The doors closed and the lift wisked her away.  As it moved, she opened her mind to whatever she could hear around her.  Quite a bit of noise to be sure, but she got the gist of it.  Shit was about to hit the fan.  She expanded her reach, mentally seeking the one voice that mattered most to her in moments such as these..


I'm here, Reggie.  I was just arriving at the shuttle bay when the orders from the bridge came through.  I'm backtracking now.

The turbolift slid to a close and the doors open.  Ahead of her, Reggie saw the airlock doors to the Aerowing shuttle cycling closed.

Belay that.  Return to the Shuttle bay and prep a class 9 for support just in case.  The Aerowing is already launching.  You'll never get here in time.  Good hunting.

She slipped in and the lock sealed behind her.

Two crewmen sat in the pilot and co-pilot seats, one she recognized immediately.  Reggie had not had the opportunity to meet Lt. Valin in person at Omega, as class hadn't started when the incident had occurred, but she was familiar with the roster.

"Liutenant JG Valin," she said by way of introduction. "Good to see you.  Formal introductions when all is said and done here?"

She did not recognize the crewman in the co-pilot seat.

For a breif moment, she considered pulling rank and taking her preferred position, but threw that idea out just as quickly.  He was established, the shuttle was already en route, and there was no time to hash it out.

"Right then.  If you have it under control, Lieutenant, I'll take Ops."

She crossed and took her seat, bringing up the sensor data immediately.  Four Klingon birds of prey were closing on the Oneida.  Of that group, one had broken off to pursue the Sabine which had just gone to warp.  The remaining three were staying on target.  Beyond that, a lone fighter craft, something called a "Valravn" was moving to intercept the one Klingon vessel. 

"Hello there," she said to herself. 

Calling up the transponder data, the Valravn came back as Wolf-02 assigned to the Theurgy, Callsign "Wraith".

Switching over to the TacCONN Combat frequency, "Wolf-02, this is Oneida Aeorwing.  I am Lieutenant Reggie Suder, callsign Gemini.  We are piloted by Lieutenant Valin, callsign Archon.  We are on station and moving to engage the Bird of Prey," she paused to check the sensor returns.  "Identified as IKS Km'Quwhat"

Her fingers tapped the keys on her console and she monitored as the two ships exchanged fire..  Kalil was far better at this, for certain and damn how she needed him right now  But, in their years together, she'd picked up a few things.  But she didn't have to be an expert to see the writing on the wall.

She paused and executed the request to transfer weapons power to the shields.  "Shields back up to 87 percent."  She checked the power distribution reports, and more ideas came to her, including a tactic from the Dominion war she had read about. 

"Archon," she called. "We're not going to do much to that ship without support from Wraith.  Good news, though is that we don't have to destroy that ship.  We only have to keep it from catching the Sabine before she gets out of range.    Unless you have any objection, I'm going to further re-route power.  I want to cut life support to other compartments and re-route warp power.  If we can get a little more speed out of this bucket and get in close enough,  I might be able to disrupt the Klingon's warp field and keep them here.  You game?"
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Re: CH07: S [D03|1600] New Renegade
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Lt Sabrina Lail | Main Bridge | Deck 1 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nero @Luciain @Eden @Lathaniel @P.C. Haring
With three Klingon Ker'Lah-class Birds of Prey giving chase to the maneuverable Oneida and the fleeing Bird of Prey occupied by the Valravn fighter, the Aerowing, and a Type 9 shuttlecraft, Sabrina knew it was time to face the Klingon's to their aft directly. Without an order, Lail stated with confidence in her composure, "bringing us to course 187 Mark 32," as she continued to slide her hands and tap the appropriate parts of the LCARS display to bring the ship about with a sharp turn to port.

With no objection from Captain Jackson but rather a nod of confirmation that Lail had made the right judgment call, Lieutenant Commander Ikthan began priming the phaser emitters and photon torpedo launchers for ship to multi-ship combat.

[Engineering to Bridge] Lieutenant "Loz" yelled over the ship's intercom. [We have a cascade surge through the EPS grid blowing out conduits all over the ship.]

"Understood Lieutenant. Do the best that you can to prioritize weapons, engines, and shields," Captain Jackson replied.

Sabrina noticed something peculiar about the Klingon movements as the Oneida closed in: the ships hadn't opened fire and were moving off as if they were repositioning.

"Captain, take a look at this," Sabrina asked with interest. "The Klingons, they should be firing on us by now - not breaking off."

"She's right Captain, the Klingons are maneuvering into some sort of formation," Ikthan stated.

"Let's not give them the chance, attack pattern gamma four, all phasers, fire!" ordered Captain Jackson.

As the Oneida entered between the House Mo'Kai formation, Lail rotated the ship in a 360-degree arc allowing Ikthan to fire all nine phasers at the three Birds of Prey, the split beam attack resulting in reduced damage to the shields of all three Birds of Prey. After the Oneida rolled out of the maneuver, the House Mo'Kai ships began to engage at impulse and opened fire with their disruptor cannons.

Sabrina attempted to maneuver to the Iroquois-class out of attack pattern but the Klingons were far more maneuverable and the onslaught was relentless as disruptor cannons blasted the shields dorsally at the saucer section's impulse engines, along the phaser arrays, and near the bridge.

With the disruptors constantly bombarding the ship, the interior was shaking from the failure of the inertia dampers to compensate and sparks were flying from overloading panels and consoles. "Report!" Captain Jackson yelled over the sounds on the bridge.

"We're caught in an attack formation I've never seen the Klingons use before," Ikthan reported as more disruptor fire hit the shields.

An LCARS alarm went off and a diagram depicting the Oneida came up on a hardly used part of Sabrina's console. Flashing was the dorsal section of the shields.

"Dorsal shields down to twenty-two percent," Lail stated with much less confidence than she had earlier.

Lail looked up towards the ceiling with her eyes and followed the sound of the disruptor blasts down before refocusing. "Lieutenant Lail, can you get us out of this?" Captain Jackson had asked for the second time.

"I don't see how. If we make it out now, all they have to do is move into the same position again and we are simply not that maneuverable," Lail had to state the reality.

"Bridge to Engineering," Captain Jackson activated the intercom.

[Loz here]

"Divert auxiliary power to the dorsal shields and weapons," ordered Captain Jackson.

[Understood. Loz out.]

A highly focused blast from the three Klingon ships' disruptors negated any change in the dorsal shields and a second blast bled through the shields.

"Dorsal shields down to six percent," Sabrina stated as she saw the weapons had bled through. "Damage to decks four, five, six, and seven. Emergency forcefields are holding."

"Ikthan; Lail, we're only going to get one shot at this. Lieutenant, on my command I want you to stop the ship and let the Klingons continue on course. Commander, retarget all our phasers and photon torpedos in a concentrated pattern on the closest Bird of Prey and fire," Captain Jackson stated decisively.

"Understood," the duo responded.

If Sabrina hadn't known any better she would have believed that Captain Jackson may have used this tactic during the Dominion War. This was however a last-ditch effort to get out of being ensnared by the Klingons.

"All stop, fire!" Captain Jackson ordered.

With additional power diverted to the impulse engines when the Oneida was preparing for the engagement, Sabrina was able to stop the ship almost immediately although not without being tossed forward slightly. Simultaneously, Ikthan fired all forward phasers and launched two full spreads of photon torpedos at the closest Bird of Prey, appearing to have disabled it.

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[ Lt. JG Logan Hale, callsign "Wraith"| AC-477 Mk I Valravn | Wolf-02 | near USS Oneida] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Eden @Hope @Luciain @P.C. Haring 
"Good to hear your voices, Oneida Aerowing.", Logan greeted through clenched teeth, anxious not to get caught in the disruptor fire of the predator bird now identified as IKS Km'Quwhat. Logan had noticed a few hours ago in the asteroid field that the Klingon gunners had gotten better. It was exhausting to avoid the fire. Fortunately, he only had to avoid fire from two guns here.
"Take us under them, Wraith. They don't have any dorsal guns as far as I can see," Hunter explained from the rear seat. She had completed her scan of the Ker'Lah-class Bird of Prey.
"I recognize the standard armament for a Bird of Prey-class ship. Two forward facing main disruptor guns, also forward-facing torpedo launchers. Plus, two compared to the main guns, weaker secondary guns on the ventral stern."
The fighter trembled under a salvo Logan could not dodge.
"I thought they were supposed to be weaker, Hunter?!" the pilot huffed.
"Weaker, yes, but no less dangerous. Shields are holding at seventy-two percent. I repeat myself: take us under them."
Logan wasn't about to be told a third time. He pushed the control stick and thruster forward. The Valravn pushed the nose down and described a wide ellipse under the Bird of Prey. Logan pulled the trigger. Orange-red lances of light fired from the emitters of its wings, causing the Km'Quwhat's shields to light up. He fired more short but accurate bursts. He tried to prevent the ship from pursuing the Sabine and going into warp. He also tried to buy time until the Oneida's Aerowing shuttle arrived, and they could attack together.
Helplessly, the pilot watched as the three remaining Klingon ships attacked the Oneida and regrouped for another assault. Logan cursed. Despite the support of the Oneida and their shuttles, this was one hell of a fight.
The continuous fire from his two forward Type VIII phaser batteries periodically flashed the Bird of Prey's shields. But that wasn't enough for the pilot.
"About time we built up some pressure."
His thumb flipped up the microtorpedo launcher's safety. He logged the targeting lock on the Klingon's warp core and his thumb pressed the button. A volley of microtorpedoes left the fighter and headed straight for the enemy. Many small explosions hit the ship.
"Superficial damage. No change in course or speed." the Vulcan explained in a monotone voice.
"Fine. Then something bigger."
His fingers slid over the console in front of him. Again, he logged the targeting on the warp core. "Firing photon torpedoes one and two."
A slight hum went through the fighter as the projectiles were fired from the outer torpedo launchers mounted under the wings. Through the transparent aluminum cockpit window, the two pilots could see the two reddish lights fly and strike toward the enemy. Bright explosions testified to the two hits. Logan dove further down with the fighter to avoid being hit by any possible debris.
"Less damage than expected. But still no change in course or speed."
Logan sighed. He looked through the transparent aluminum covered cockpit window and finally saw the Aerowing shuttle. Grinning, he activated the coms.
"Finally. Archon, Gemini, let's show these bandits who's boss."

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Lt JG Sorek Morgan | Deck 6 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Luciain @Nero @P.C. Haring @Eden @Hope


The tall, young Human-Romulan hybrid was in full sprint, approaching the dorsal section of deck 6 in a hurry. His palms were sweating and he panted heavily as he turned the corner and immediately identified the problem.

Sorek received the medical emergency kit from sickbay after providing only a brief description of his task. The medical personnel was in the midst of preparing themselves for possible incoming casualties and did not have the time to question him about his qualifications to handle medical emergencies. It would have taken them nothing more than a quick glance at his file, which of course was not accessible to everyone aboard the Oneida. So they refrained from checking his qualifications and let him go.

Once he was back in the corridor on deck 7, his combadge came to life. [Support personnel on decks 5, 6 and 7, assistance is needed on deck 6. We're loosing grips on life support control in the dorsal saucer section. Someone needs to check what's going on there!] The voice of an Operations Officer advised and Sorek was quick to tap his badge. "Lieutenant Morgan here. On my way to deck 6 now. Standby for damage assessment.

Three minutes later he was looking at a seared wall panel from behind which smoke and the occasional spark were visible. Sorek had seen this before and was pretty sure it was a malfunctioning EPS relay. Carefully he approached the wall and prepared for a cloud of smoke engulfing him, as he ripped the panel off the supporting structure. He was not disappointed. The burned out relay filled the empty space behind the panel with a nasty mixture of plasma vapor and the emissions of burning casings and tubes. Luckily, the fire suppression routine had done a great job to keep the affected area from going up in flames.

Sorek stumbled backwards, letting the warm panel drop to the floor and covered his mouth and nose with his left hand. His right quickly activated his combadge. "Lieutenant Morgan to Ops. We have a burned out EPS relay on deck 6, dorsal section. No fire, but the damage is probably about to spread to other relays and conduits." While he was talking, the dense smoke started to spread throughout the corridor, making it harder and harder to stay put. The atmospheric filters - usually reliable friends in a situation like this - seemed to have been affected as well. [Alright Lieutenant, a damage control team is on its way. Stay clear of the immediate surroundings and please warn any personnel in the area.] Sorek nodded his head. "Understood. Morgan out!"

Sorek stood up and hurried to get away from the still smoldering relays. He estimated that if he stayed just barely in sight of it, he could breath almost normally and would still have his eyes on the threat. Now, that everything in his power was done, he wondered what happened here. He heard of randomly malfunctioning relays before, but it was rare. Usually this only happens if they overload or suffer external damage. Since he did not see any manipulation or damage to the panel itself, except from it being burnt and therefor a little deformed, he could only guess that something must have overloaded it. But what?

He scolded himself. It was not the first time that his curiosity took over and made him ask a lot of questions about areas very well above and beyond his expertise. He was not an engineer. Why was he thinking about the details of a damaged EPS relay? Especially since the ship was this close to battle. And his task was not to repair damages, but to be on standby for medical emergencies and/or possible boarding parties. But this was about to change.

[Bridge to all Tactical CONN officers aboard, launch the aerowing and join Lieutenant Hale out there. We will need all the help we can get...]

"Fuck..." He mumbled, realizing that he had quite the distance to cover in order to get to the Aerowing. He had to hurry if he wanted to be there in time. If its pilot was training well, the launch would happen in under five minutes. He turned his head, letting his brown-green eyes scan the corridor behind him. To his relief, he spotted two young Crewmen casually walking through a doorway and into the corridor.

"Hey, Crewmen. I need you to watch this corridor and make sure that nobody comes through here. There is a damaged EPS relay up ahead, filling the air with toxic gas. A damage control team is on its way. Understood?" He ordered as both Crewmen approached him in a hurry. They nodded and the allegedly older one replied. "Yes, Sir. Of course!"

Sorek did not wait for the answer. He had already started to jog into the direction of the turbolift. He had a chance to get out there. To get back into space and fight on the terrain he knew and loved. His blood was rushing, creating a pulsing roar in his ears with every heartbeat. Please don't take off without me. He thought as he rushed into the turbolift. Aerowing! He barked. And while the door was closing in front of him, he prepared to engage in a sprint upon arrival.

When only moments later the door to the turbolift slid open, he did not waste any words to yell after Lieutenant Suder, who just now approached the closing airlock in a hurry. He knew, the only chance to get on board was a stupid and potentially dangerous maneuver, He dropped the medical emergeny kit and started to a full sprint, swinging his arms in tact with his short but fast steps, he built up a lot of momentum in the blink of an eye.

In front of him, the airlock was half closed, the figure of the Lieutenant disappeared and he knew what he had to do. Calling upon his last reserves, he made a few more steps, bringing a bit more distance between him and the Aerowing before he crouched and bounced himself off the floor plating, jumping headfirst towards the narrow gap between the ship's hull and the closing airlock. The momentum carried him through the air and as his head passed the duranium contraption, he worried for a second that not all of his body would make it through.

But it did. He crashed hard onto the floor, caused by the grippy floor to tumble on in a rolling fashion, only to be stopped by the hard surface of a storage compartment, in which he crashed feet first. The pain rushing through his left ankle was enough to make him gasp. "Nargh... fuck!" He groaned and closed his eyes for a second. Then, careful not to do any more damage, he slowly started to get up to his feet. He was on board, now all that was left was to get to the cockpit and see how he could assist. Walking carefully, he made his way down the small corridor, already able to listen in on Lieutenant Suder laying down a plan.

"...Sabine before she gets out of range.    Unless you have any objection, I'm going to further re-route power.  I want to cut life support to other compartments and re-route warp power.  If we can get a little more speed out of this bucket and get in close enough,  I might be able to disrupt the Klingon's warp field and keep them here.  You game?"

He smiled. This was his world, or at least it came a good step closer to his world than serving as Command Assistant. "Lieutenant, how can I assist? He asked when he finally reached the doorway. Standing mostly on his right foot, he took in the scene and recognised not only Lieutenant Suder but also Lieutenant Valin. Tactical CONN reunion at the brink of battle. Perfect! He thought and waited for orders.
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Lt JG Sorek Morgan
PO2 Kino Taer

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[ Captain Gant'ech | Bridge | IKS bey wIH | Ker'Lah-class Bird of Prey | House Mo'Kai ]

Baring his teeth, Captain Gant'ech of the IKS bey wIH felt the mounting rush of battle in his veins. It quickly became clear that the Oneida and its small craft ships didn't care at all for Felka breaking away in pursuit of the shuttle that carried Martok, because they all went after her, leaving Captain Gant'ech turning his own bird of prey around - glaring into the impulse wake of the Oneida.

"Have at her!" he growled, and the other two Mo'Kai ships followed suit, going after the Federation starship. What followed was a rapid sequence of events, in which Felka contacted them from the Km'Quwhat, her shields in tatters and the combination of phasers, micro-torpedoes and full spread of photon torpedoes eating away at her ship.

[This is Felka, I'm almost adrift. Turning around to return fire!] she roared, more angry than Gant'ech had ever heard her, and in a limping way, she slowly had her bird turn around to face the Federation vessels. It would take her some time, and Gant'ech had no mind to wait and let up on his assault.

Wave after wave of disruptor fire laced the shields of the starship, and the other two Mo'Kai ships - the may 'Saj and the tlhapragh - managed to hit the smaller vessels as well. Soon enough, Gant'ech gave the order to use a manoeuvre taught to all Captains of House Mo'Kai. The ra'Duch tIQ, or as the Federation would know it, the Equilateral Triangle. It was quite effective, razing the shields of the 'Oneida', as the transponder named it.

"All ships! Ready boarding parties!" he barked, and his word carried to the transporter rooms and the warriors amassed there. Even Felka's ship was in transporter range, readying to tear the Oneida apart from within. "Beam aboard the moment we breach her!"

The ra'Duch tIQ finally managed to pierce the shields of the ship, and the boarding parties were deployed, yet instead of tearing into the hull plating of the ship... suddenly stopped dead in the water, putting her aft of the Klingon ships. Sensors predicted the attack, the weapon signatures flaring on the screen, but Gant'ech had already predicted what would happen. "All ships, all available power to aft shields! Now!"

They managed to mitigate the worst of the damages from the sly trick, their shields taking the brunt of it. Yet with the formation broken, Gant'ech gave the order to regroup. "Come about wide, and flank her from both sides! I will go high and bear own on her. Felka! Fire all that you've got from afar!"

[Acknowledged...] came the reply, and while the Km'Quwhat wasn't very mobile, it still had teeth, and Felka concentrated her fire upon the Oneida while the other three ships came around like a talon closing around its prey.

[This is the may 'Saj,] said a voice, coming from the Captain of that bird-of-prey. [I will level my attack on the Oneida, but I am powering up to go after that shuttle next. We cannot linger and let Martok escape, so I will pursue.]

"Hunt down that fat Targ!" was all Gant'ech said, then roared at his weapons officer. "Fire!"

OOC: There be Klingons aboard the Oneida now, Felka is almost adrift but firing on the Oneida from where she's at, and the other three ships are coming about to make a pass against the Oneida from three different directions. One of the ships are powering up to go to warp after making its attack on the Oneida. That's the overall situation! I hope I got all the details about the battle so far correct, but please PM me if I need to make some minor edit. :)
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[Ens Katherine Locke | Corridor| USS Onieda] attn: @Auctor Lucan @Hope @Lathaniel @Nero @P.C. Haring

In the blink of an eye young woman's world had changed, the peaceful sense of community that had united the crew of the Oneida had been shattered in a heartbeat. The flashing redlights of the alarms, the blaring alarms that filled the ship with their strident tones. There didn't seem to be any recourse from them, anywhere to hide from the sound and the weight of consideration that came with them. That noise that had only ever been a sign of an impending drill before now carried with it a far more sinister tone. The strident sound was a reminder that the ship and crew around her were engaged in a fight for their lives.

The brunette wasn't even focused on saving those lives right now, wrapped up in the process of triage. The nurse would bounce from room to room as the calls came in, stabilising those patients she could and making first diagnosis she could communicate back to the sickbay before the patients arrived giving the team working back there time to prepare for any emergencies before they arrived. She knew it was important, that the work was necessary but at the same time, it was hard tiring work and she'd been worked harder than she had since before coming onboard the ship. Eyes closed, the young woman pressed her back against the cool surface sliding down to the floor as she sucked in a deep breathe of air.

Just a moment, a heartbeat to rest her eyes, to rest her tired body. A moment to recover before she threw herself into the next room, the next set of hopeful eyes staring at her, hoping that she'd have good news.

A moment she wouldn't have.

The sounds took on a new sound, the alerts tearing through the ship alerts souding out of the communicators.


Everyone had heard of it, back in the ancient past, in the time of wooden ships, the age of sail. But people didn't do that these days, except these were Klingons. They lived for this, for the honour of combat. She didn't really think about it, plan or run through it in her head. There was no planning, no thought involved. Hands pushed her up off the floor, feet carried her down the corridor towards the sound of fighting and the guttural roar of combat. She'd fallen in with the security teams running into the fight, into the horror of combat. It wasn't just plasma burns now that passed under her hands. Phaser burns marred bodies, blade wounds pumped blood onto the floor, covering her hands and uniform. She didn't have the training that the security officers did, couldn't shoot a phaser or hold back the tide of Klingons that seemed to batter the flimsy defensive line they'd established, but she could at least keep them alive, help to hold them here in this place.
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[ Lt. JG Callax Valin | Aerowing Shuttle | near USS Oneida ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Hope @Nero @Luciain @Lathaniel @P.C. Haring

Suddenly the Aerowing did not feel so empty.

A familiar voice brought back a flurry of memories. The rogue pilot. The training station. Death. An unpleasant experience he was doing his best to suppress as he eyed the location of Valravn on the Aerowing's sensor readout.

"Lieutenant JG Valin," the voice said from a short distance behind him. "Good to see you.  Formal introductions when all is said and done here?"

"Aye, Lieutenant," he said.

His response was cordial enough with ample deference to the two golden pips on her collar though his focus never strayed from the task at hand. She was right--this was certainly no time for introductions.

"Right then.  If you have it under control, Lieutenant, I'll take Ops."

[Wolf-02, this is Oneida Aeorwing.  I am Lieutenant Reggie Suder, callsign Gemini.  We are piloted by Lieutenant Valin, callsign Archon.  We are on station and moving to engage the Bird of Prey. Identified as IKS Km'Quwhat.]

Now that was a name. There would be time to ruminate on Klingon naming conventions after the battle but Valin allowed himself the smallest of smirks as the skirmish began to play out. A strafing run yielded some results but took more out of their shields than he would have liked.

"Shields at 63 percent," the co-pilot said.

"Doubt we would survive another attack run like that. Moving to cover Wolf Zero Two. Redirect power from weapons to the shields."

"Shields back up to 87 percent."

A decent safety blanket but one that would quickly disappear under just a few disruptor impacts.

"Archon," Suder said. "We're not going to do much to that ship without support from Wraith.  Good news, though is that we don't have to destroy that ship.  We only have to keep it from catching the Sabine before she gets out of range. Unless you have any objection, I'm going to further re-route power.  I want to cut life support to other compartments and re-route warp power.  If we can get a little more speed out of this bucket and get in close enough,  I might be able to disrupt the Klingon's warp field and keep them here. You game?"

Valin offered a nod of his head as he pulled the Aerowing into another sharp maneuver to avoid some incoming fire. The Aerowing, while maneuverable, did not have the agility of the Valravn and shook violently as a disruptor strike hit home. The panel to his side erupted in a flurry of sparks sending the ensign to the floor. They were alive but it was clear just from a quick side-glance that their arms were severely burned. "Get yourself patched," Valin said without turning his attention from the viewscreen, tone somewhat emotionless. "Morgan, you're up."

"Gemini, you had a plan? Let's do it."

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Lt Sabrina Lail | Main Bridge | Deck 1 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nero @Luciain @Eden @Lathaniel @P.C. Haring  
"Dorsal shields have failed, Captain," Lieutenant Commander Ikthan stated in concern.

Looking at one of her sensor displays, Sabrina continued the statement, "we are surrounded."

The Birds of Prey, identified as the may 'Saj off the port bow, the bey wIH off the forward bow, the tlhapragh off the starboard bow, and the Km'Quwhat off the aft starboard quarter had boxed the Oneida in with disruptors trained on the Federation starship. No matter which direction the Oneida turned, the vector with no shielding would be exposed to weapons fire.

As the battle came to a momentary lull for the Oneida, Lail thought to herself about how to get the Oneida out of the situation it was in. It was during that brief moment that the intruder alert klaxon sounded.

[Security Center to Bridge, we're being boarded on decks 5, 7, 8, and 9] Lieutenant Rodrigo Rivera's voice could be heard from the ship's intercom. [Security teams have been dispatched].

No sooner the bey wIH opened fire on the dorsal hull plating of the Oneida. The interior of the ship shook violently as each disruptor shot hit its mark.

"Hull breaches on deck 4," Sabrina said before being cut off.

Disruptor fire hit deck 3 before it ceased but the damage was done. Sabrina was cutoff by EPS relays exploding around her and as she looked back, two crewmen being thrown from an exploding console while her own console surged and forced her to the ground; all she could do was watch as the bridge seemed to fall apart around her.

Once the dust and sparks settled and Sabrina got her bearings, she realized that aside from a minor facial burn that a dermal regenerator could fix, she came out unscathed, unlike others on the bridge.

Captain Jackson tapped the ship-wide intercom on his command chair. [Medical team to the bridge.]

[Aio to Bridge, Sickbay is being overrun with patients. We can't take another hit like that.]

[Do the best that you can, doctor. Jackson out.]

"Ikthan; Lail - she's right, we can't take another hit like that," Jackson commented.

"We rotate the ship. Loz can't give us more shield power so we use the shields we have," Sabrina stated.

"I can use the ventral, aft, and forward weapons if Sabrina can keep us on the axis," Ikthan added.

"Do it," Captain Jackson ordered.

[Bridge to engineering, divert all remaining available power to weapons and engines, give me everything you got] Captain Jackson broadcasted to Loz.

[We're ready down here, Captain] Loz replied.

"Lieutenant, on your mark," Jackson told Lail.

With a deep sigh, Lail entered into the flickering LCARS display the commands needed and slid her left hand around what represented Oneida's saucer section to the right. "Full axis rotation to starboard. Engaging impulse engines."

"Firing all ventral phasers," Ikthan declared.

The Oneida came to starboard rotating 180 degrees as it fired five phasers simultaneously at the may 'Saj, the bey wIH, and the tlhapragh in a barrage as it headed directly towards the Km'Quwhat.

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[Lt. Regiene "Reggie" Suder | Oneida Aerowing Shuttle | Oneida Combat Zone] attn: @Auctor Lucan @Hope @Nero @Eden @Lathaniel

Reggie realized just how out of practice she was when it came to combat engagements as she worked the ops station.  The aerowing was a crew now...she realized had filled out and the team synergy was starting to show.  She winced as a console blew out behind her and felt the Ensign's conscious thoughts drop dramatically.  He'd been knocked out, she knew.  Yet there was no drop in performance as Morgan stepped in and took over Tactical.

The situation inside the shuttle wasn't the only one undergoing rapid change.  In the brief moments since Reggie had come up with her idea and proposed it, the battlefield conditions had seen a dramatic change.  The Km'Quwhat had gone from a nearly impregnable fortress to a ship pecked nearly to death by the proverbial 'thousand papercuts'.  A second ship, the may 'Saj had pulled away from the Oneida and looked to be vectoring away to follow after the Sabine

They had no time.  Sure they were in range, but at the same time they were just a bit too far out of range for the shuttle to be effective.  There was little they could do to keep the may 'Saj in system without giving the Km"Quwhat a respite long enough find their second wind and continue wearing down the already beleaguered Oneida.

[This is shuttlecraft Downey on station.  Call sign, Janus.  Preparing to engage.]

Reggie's eyes flashed to her ops display as she saw the new Federation signature enter the battlefield.  Kalil had launched, and was pulling away from Oneida his own course taking him on an intercept with the may 'Saj.

"Good to hear your voice, Janus," she replied into the comm.  It would have been preferable to have connected with him in their battle sense, but he was too far away and their respective courses were far too erratic.  But as Kalil bore down on the may 'Saj, a new idea presented itself. 

"Janus, this is Gemini.  Remember the first battle of Chin'toka?"  She didn't give him time to respond.  They had read the mission reports together and learned the tactic for themselves should they ever find themselves going up against another Dominion torpedo platform blockade.  "The may 'Saj is your mark."

[Understood, Gemini.  Just give word.]

"Standby, Janus."

She started working her console running a quick sequence to re-configure the deflector emitters on the Aerowing.

"Archon, get us in as close as you can to the Km'Quwhat.  I don't care what angle you take.  Just keep us out of their firing arc as best you can. We're going to use the main deflector to fire a directed EM burst at the Km'Quwhat."

"What good will that do," called the Ensign who had been injured.  Reggie had been unaware that he had regained consciousness.

"It'll blind their sensors long enough for us to pull a fast one on them, Ensign."

"I...I don't get it..."

"Watch and learn, then," she said, a hint of a tease in her voice.

Archon offered no reply, but as she monitored the situation on her console, Reggie saw the vectors angle right where she needed the ship to be.  He picked a good vector, but it couldn't keep the Aerowing completely out of the line of fire and the shuttle bucked and rocked under the pressure as it it took hits on it's forward shield.  The course wavered slightly as the shuttle engaged evasive maneuvers despite closing on the target.

"Steady at the helm," she coaxed.  The deck lurched again, the cabin lights flickering off then back on again.  "Steady..."  her voice continuing to coax, to trail off as she monitored the range to target, the distance numbers dropping fast as the arbitrary red line, representing the deflectors range drew closer to the Km'Quwhat"Steady...steady...." 

The red line turned green.  "Activating deflector!" 

The deflector powered up projecting it's burst of EM interference towards the Km'Quwhat.  The effect would not last long, a minute tops if they were lucky.  But she only needed half that time.

"Break off!  Burn hard," she ordered within the cabin.  "They should be blind,  but be prepared to evade just in case it didn't work."

"Gemini to Janus," she said into the comms.  "NOW!"

Kalil offered no verbal acknowledgment.  Instead, Reggie watched the sensor returns regarding the may 'Saj.  It seemed to fade out for a second, only to have a Federation warp signature appear in it's place.  With any luck, when the Km'Quwhat regained it's sensors in a few seconds, it would think the may 'Saj had been ambushed and destroyed by the Defiant class U.S.S. Wolverine and their bloodlust might just cause them to make one hell of a mistake.

OOC - Let me know if I need to make revisions.   I took some liberties with Archon, so if I've overstepped, I'll be happy to adjust.

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[Lt JG Sorek Morgan | Oneida Aerowing Shuttle | Oneida Combat Zone ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Luciain @Nero @chXinya  @jreeves1701 @Stegro88 @P.C. Haring


Morgan did not hesitate for a second when the co-pilot went down. With a few determined steps he reached the console and started re-routing the energy flow to bypass the damaged components. No sense in sitting down and be the next co-pilot to be struck by a bursting plasma leak. Once the console was secure, he sat down and ran a quick system check.

"Console's up and running, Sir!" He reported while already assessing the situation. The maneuver Suder came up with was perfect and the only real option they had. Eager to support their objective, he monitored the Aerowing's course, kept an eye out for enemy flight paths and was ready to jump in if needed.

But that was not necessary. Valin was a great pilot and admirably steered the little vessel exactly where it needed to be.

Morgan ran another scan, this time checking the integrity of the Aerowings weapon systems and the payload available regarding torpedoes. Naturally, this little thing was not heavily armed, but to see that there were merely micro-torpedo launchers installed made him feel quite uncomfortable. His lessons on the Aerowing probably mentioned that, but he had forgotten about it. In any case, he felt that this setup was less than ideal.

"Sir, all weapon systems are functioning but we we only have phasers micro-torpedoes!" He stated matter-of-factly. This was not the time to babble, stay short and precise is what they always preach during training.

When the deflector pulse was sent out towards the Km'Quwhat, Sorek tensed. He knew that the success of this move was vital for the entire plan. Glancing over towards Lieutenant Suder he listened to her communication with Janus, hoping that all went well. A very subtle feeling of admiration for the Lieutenant was quickly put aside. No time for that! He reminded himself.

A few moments went by after the Downey had successfully fulfilled its part of the deal, when the Km'Quwhat altered course and turned her bow to face the may'Saj, immediately opening fire once her weapons were in range. A barrage of disruptor beams and photon torpedoes erupted from the Bird of Prey, headed straight for the may'Saj's center mass.

"Your plan is working, Lieutenant!" Sorek announced just as the port shields of the may'Saj lit up under the first impacts of disruptor fire. The following torpedoes brought the shields close to collapse. The Km'Quwhat, crippled and already starting to show visible signs of disintegration, fired another volley which quickly found its ill prepared target. This red-on-red situation was playing out nicely for the Chancellor. "The may'Saj lost shields and is slowing down."

Turning towards the Lieutenant, he announced. "I suggest attack pattern Delta-2, Sir. This would most likely finish the Km'Quwhat for good!"
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Lt JG Sorek Morgan
PO2 Kino Taer

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[ Lt. JG Callax Valin | Aerowing Shuttle | near USS Oneida ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Hope @Nero @Luciain @Lathaniel @P.C. Haring

"Archon, get us in as close as you can to the Km'Quwhat.  I don't care what angle you take.  Just keep us out of their firing arc as best you can. We're going to use the main deflector to fire a directed EM burst at the Km'Quwhat."

Well now there was a plan and one wholly unexpected. It was ballsy--but it could work. That is, if the klingons didn't immediately see through their intent.

Even if they did, however, he had no intention of making it easy for them. Banking the Aerowing into a tight arc, Valin narrowly avoided oncoming disruptor fire from the Km'Quwhat as it attempted to halt the smaller vessel's progress. The vector was good but it would not take long for the klingon weapon's officer to compensate for their maneuvers.

"What good will that do," called the Ensign who had been injured.

"It'll blind their sensors long enough for us to pull a fast one on them, Ensign."

"I...I don't get it..."

"Watch and learn, then," she said. The ardanan thought he could detect the faintest hints of a tease in the words.

Valin's brows furrowed as he focused on flying. The voices behind him had almost broken his concentration and he had to bite his tongue to keep him from saying something to the pair he might regret later. Regret saying to Suder at least, who was by Starfleet protocol his superior. To the ensign, however, he had little qualms about making his displeasure known.

The ship shuddered as weapons fire glanced off their shields. Despite its size it was a tough little boat, he had to admit.

"Steady at the helm. Steady... Steady... steady...."

Valin pushed the shuttle forward, accelerating as it approached its target. Time seemed to slow as the bursts from the klingon weapons beyond the viewscreen almost blinded the young pilot. Despite all that the ship held and finally the red line turned green.  "Activating deflector!"

The deflector pulse was activated and Valin could not help but allow a small smile to form. Their part of the plan had worked. Now it was up to the others to capitalize on the opening.

Immediately after the burst was delivered, Valin put the aerowing into a hard turn and increased the throttle to its maximum.

"Break off!  Burn hard. They should be blind,  but be prepared to evade just in case it didn't work."

No reply was offered as distance grew between themselves and the klingon vessel. Lacking their sensors, the weapons fire directed their way from the klingon vessel shot off harmlessly into space. For now, at least, the aerowing was safe.

"Your plan is working, Lieutenant! The may'Saj lost shields and is slowing down," Sorek noted. "I suggest attack pattern Delta-2, Sir. This would most likely finish the Km'Quwhat for good!"

"Delta-2. No objections here."

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Lt Sabrina Lail | Main Bridge | Deck 1 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nero @Luciain @Eden @Lathaniel @P.C. Haring  
The Oneida had banked to starboard to expose its ventral shielding as it was facing three Birds of Prey with its support craft otherwise occupied by the Km'Quwhat and its dorsal shielding down. However, the thinking of the crew aboard the Aerowing may have just given the Oneida the advantage it had needed. A blinded Km'Quwhat had assaulted the may 'Saj and disrupted its entire shield grid. It was time to turn the tide of battle and Captain Jackson had realized this opportunity.

"Evacuate decks four, five, and six," Captain Jackson commanded. [Lieutenant Loz, reroute field power to the dorsal shield emitters.] "Lieutenant Commander, cease dispersal fire. Retarget all our phasers and photon torpedos at the may 'Saj. Lieutenant Lail, bring us about and set your heading for the may 'Saj."

Oneida's maneuverability was on full display as Sabrina entered the new course into the LCARS display. The ship completed its starboard axis rotation in time for the dorsal shields to return to minimum power as the decks were slowly evacuated and field power rerouted. The Oneida, which was on course for the Km'Quwhat flew overhead of its support craft before banking right and upwards at a much slower rate of speed than the ship had previously been traveling.

As the Oneida changed directions for the may 'Saj its phaser arrays began to glow a bright yellow-orange as nadion particles surged and then were emitted from Oneida's various phaser arrays at the nearly disabled ship. As Oneida's phasers ravaged the hull plating of the Klingon Bird of Prey, the ship's forward photon torpedo launchers came into alignment with the may 'Saj.

"Photon torpedos, fire!" Jackson stated.

The red-orange glow of photon torpedos joined the yellow-orange glow of the Oneida's phasers as they were launched towards the may 'Saj.

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[ Lt. JG Logan Hale, callsign "Wraith"| AC-477 Mk I Valravn | Wolf-02 | near USS Oneida] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Eden @Hope @Lathaniel @Luciain @P.C. Haring 
When Logan realized what the Aerowing was up to, he smiled with satisfaction. They flew close to the Km'Quwhat, blinding their sensors. Logan understood and saw the Downey move into position. The Oneida's shuttle imitated the warp signature of the USS Wolverine, a Defiant-class ship. The whole scene looked as if the Wolverine had come to the aid of the Oneida and destroyed the may'Saj. At least that's what the Km'Quwhat was led to believe. Logan hoped it was working.

Suddenly, things escalated. Apparently, their ruse had worked. The Km'Quwhat opened fire on the imaginary Wolverine. Poison-green disruptor blasts erupted and slammed into the shields of the other Bird of Preys. Logan could see the shields flare up and finally give way after heavy fire.

As the Km'Quwhat opened fire on the may'Saj, the may'Saj now fired on the Km'Quwhat. A fierce battle broke out between the two Bird of Prey, and Logan was glad that the Klingons were too stubborn to admit a mistake. The two ships cozied up mercilessly and Logan saw his chance coming. He dove under the may'Saj and fired two photon torpedoes at the Km'Quwhat. The red-hot projectiles destroyed the starboard gun only a fraction of a second before the orange-red lances of light from the Oneida slammed into the may'Saj and more photon torpedoes caused violent explosions on the ship. Combined with the Km'Quwhat's disruptor fire, the may'Saj was the clearly outgunned ship.
"Shuttle Downey, Wolf-02, get out of there now!"

It didn't take a moment for the shuttle to depart. For shortly thereafter, the may'Saj exploded, scattering its parts over vast distances. Logan shifted gears quickly. With a path through the debris calculated by Hunter, he left the destroyed wreckage behind. He put distance between himself and the Klingon Bird of Prey, which must have been slowly coming to its senses and realizing what a terrible mistake it had made.

The Km'Quwhat shook off the confusion and threw herself back into the fight. Limping badly, she again opened fire on the Oneida, which held firm despite the heavy damage it had already sustained. Logan, who by now had moved to a safe distance, saw that the remaining Klingon ships were also recovering from their shock and regrouping.

"Aerowing, Shuttle Downey, Wolf-02 here, form up at my position. Let's take the pressure off the Oneida and take care of the Km'Quwhat." Logan shoved the thrust control forward and held toward the opposing Klingon Bird of Prey. "Let's show them that Wolves shouldn't be cornered."
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[ Captain Gant'ech | Bridge | IKS bey wIH | Ker'Lah-class Bird of Prey | House Mo'Kai ]

Thick eyebrows raised in utter disbelief, Captain Gant'ech of the IKS bey wIH was an outside observer to the ruin that two of the birds of prey wrought upon each other.  "You petaQ! What are you doing?" he roared to the two Captains even though they could no longer hear him. For a brief moment, it looked like the Km'Quwhat was going to survive the exchange, but the delay of its fate was but momentary. Likely, the engineers tried to spare the warp core from overloading, but as the small warp fighter approached it, it disintegrated, just like the may 'Saj. One of Gant'ech's bridge officers started babbling about what may have happened, but he would hear none of it. "Silence!"

Felka was dead, and as moronic as she'd proved to be, she had been a fine woman to bed between missions. Hands clenching into fists at his sides, he stepped closer to the viewscreen, glaring at the damaged Oneida and the smaller crafts out there, who had proven more than a mere nuisance. Was it worth the momentary delay in destroying those first, before setting his teeth into the main course of the Federation starship? Then again, the Oneida is bleeding, shields weak, he thought. If the bey wIH and the tlhapragh resumed their attack, the Oneida would be done for. What would the smaller vessels do then? Better yet, with the damages the Oneida had suffered, perhaps it would be ideal to split attention between her and her smaller vessels, to keep the upper hand?

"bey wIH to the tlhapragh, destroy the smaller vessels. Have at them, while I hound the Oneida into her grave..."

[Acknowledged, changing to the smaller targets,] came the reply, while Gant'ech walked back to his command seat.

"Go for the weakest shields! Don't let up on the disruptors unless they are about to fuse. When she is properly tender, finish her with a full spread of torpedoes." Gant'ech bared his teeth at the sillouette of the starship on the viewscreen, seeing that she could still defend herself. "Also, reroute spare power to fore shields, and take from the others if if needed be. Attack!"
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Lt Sabrina Lail | Main Bridge | Deck 1 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nero @Eden @Lathaniel @Luciain @P.C. Haring  
With the destruction of both the Km'Quwhat and the may 'Saj, there was a momentary lull in the battle. For the first time since the battle had started, she was able to breathe. Lail took stock of herself since the console overload forced her to the ground as the bridge fell into disarray around her. She noted that she came out rather unscathed with a rose pink burn on her right cheek that a dermal regenerator could heal and debris dust on her left. Sabrina turned towards the crewman that suffered the worst of the overloads and saw he was still on the floor being treated with a Starfleet medical field kit but he needed immediate medical attention. The medical team Captain Jackson had asked for earlier hadn't shown up which Lail believed was likely due to the battle damage the Oneida had suffered.

"Ikthan, keep an eye on the two remaining vessels. Lieutenant, damage report," Captain Jackson requested.

"Aye, Captain," Lieutenant Commander Ikthan responded.

Sabrina had her work cut out for her. The ship had suffered severe damage at the hands of the Klingon fleet and compiling a list from all departments took a little time. "Dorsal shields are at eight percent; aft shields are at seventy-two percent; all other vectors are at one-hundred percent. Structural integrity has been compromised on decks two and three. Decks four, five, and six have been completely evacuated and emergency field power diverted to the dorsal shields. Hull breaches on deck seven; emergency fields in place and holding." Sabrina continued, "Lieutenant Aio reports a significant number of casualties although fatalities are light. Lieutenant Rivera also notes there are still sporadic firefights throughout the ship from the remaining Klingons." As Lail's list seemingly got longer, she reached the end, "there's damage to EPS relays on all decks, and Engineering reports we'll have reduced power until repair crews can reach critical EPS junctions."

"Captain, the Birds of Prey are starting to move," Ikthan noted in haste.

"Prepare for battle. Lieutenant Lail, keep our bow on the bey wIH," Captain Jackson ordered, "if we destroy the lead vessel maybe the other one will retreat," Jackson reasoned.

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[Lt. Regiene "Reggie" Suder | Oneida Aerowing Shuttle | Oneida Combat Zone] attn: @Auctor Lucan  @Hope    @Nero   @Eden   @Lathaniel 

The plan had worked.  Far better than she could have anticipated.  She had hoped to severely damage the may 'Saj and put two birds on their heels.  Instead their gambit had succeeded in annihilating both ships, giving Starfleet the 4 to 2 numerical advantage.  But these Klingons were not going to give up, she knew.

Returning her attention to her scans as the wolf pack formed up on each other and unified their flight plan, she noted the remaining birds of prey also regrouping.  The two tangos then broke their own formation, the bey'wIH accelerating towards the Oneida.


The voice entered her mind unbidden and, for the briefest of moments, it caught her off guard.  But she knew it too well.  She and Kalil had worked in lockstep for far too long for her not to recognize it.  With the Wolves now in formation, he must have moved close enough that she could perceive him.  It wasn't close enough for their deeper connection, but it was enough to communicate.

What about them?

Power transfers on bey wIH

She turned her attention to the sensor data coming back from the bey wIH.  Kalil was right.  Sensors showed an increase in power to the weapon systems as well as to the bird of prey's forward shield.  She noted a corresponding drop in power from the other shield faces.

What are they doing, she asked herself.  It made no sense.  Sure, if they were going to turn on the Oneida the re-alignment of shield power made sense.  But the Oneida wasn't the only target and by manipulating their shields, the Klingons had left them vulnerable to attack from the aft.  Even in their deepest blood lust, most Klingons were not stupid.

But they had made an error and given the wolves a tactical opening, one they had to take.

"Gemini to all Wolves, the bey wIH is drawing power towards their forward shield at the expense of their other facings.  Hit 'em hard from the aft!  Wraith, if you have any more torpedoes left now would be a good time, I think."

Then the other shoe dropped.  Reggie had not even had the chance to scan the tlhapragh before she saw their strategy.  The bird executed a hard 180 degree turn, bringing her weapons to bear on the the TacCONN ships.  At this close formation, all three vessels sat squarely in the narrow forward firing arc.

"Wolfpack, Scatter!  Scatter!  Scatter!" she ordered.  "The tlhapragh is turning to engage us!  Break formation, scatter and stay out of their firing arc while we take down the bey wIH."

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[ Lt. JG Callax Valin | Aerowing Shuttle | near USS Oneida ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Hope @Nero @Luciain @Lathaniel @P.C. Haring

Valin highly doubted that many who found themselves facing down a Klingon bird of prey in nothing but a shuttle lived to tell the tale. It was far more likely that a momentary flash of green disruptor fire would have been the last thing they ever saw in this existence.

The loss of a junior officer would be an unimportant blip in Starfleet history. A tiny name on a plaque commemorating the fallen. Forgotten by all but close friends and family. That was not how Valin intended to go. It was not yet a good day to die.

"Wolfpack, Scatter!  Scatter!  Scatter! The tlhapragh is turning to engage us!  Break formation, scatter and stay out of their firing arc while we take down the bey wIH."

Before the words from Suder's mouth could be completed, Valin banked the Aerowing hard to the right taking care to clear the other ships in their miniature formation. Sure enough, green disruptor fire appeared in the space the runabout had occupied just a heartbeat before. A close call.

They were not out of danger yet. Far from it. Further streaks of green disruptor fire lit up the night sky around the vessel as Valin initiated evasive maneuvers.

"Give me port and aft shields. I'll try to keep the tlhapragh at our 7 o'clock. At best, we hold them off long enough to hit the bey'wIH. At worst we're a distraction to give the others an opening to do it."

What the Aerowing lacked in speed and maneuverability it made up for with shields if only due to the vessel's size. While they by no means could 'tank' for the others, Valin imagined the Aerowing could withstand a few more strikes than the others. Still, if he could avoid it he would and for a while he managed to do just that. The Klingons were skilled but the Bird of Prey's pursuit was predictable and the Aerowing just barely managed to avoid its attacks. It almost felt like one of the training scenarios from the Academy. Almost.

A violent shudder drove home the reality of their situation as the shields cushioned the sudden impact. The Klingon weapon's officer had lived up to his title as one of their shots hit home. Alarms that began to chirp at his console were quickly muted but it was apparent from the readouts that another shot like that would not be as pretty and he imagined the others were realizing the same.

"I can get us on the bey'wIH's tail but it'll be close. Your call, Gemini."

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Lt JG Sorek Morgan, Callsign "Chaos" | Oneida Aerowing Shuttle | Oneida Combat Zone ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan  @Luciain  @Nero     @Eden  @Hope  @P.C. Haring


Watching the battle unfold while sitting in an Aerowing shuttle and operating the tactical controls felt weird to Sorek. This was not at all how he preferred to contribute. On the other hand, things turned out to be not as catastrophic as before. With two enemies down, the odds were in favor of Starfleet and Sorek was determined to make this advantage count.

When the tlhapragh turned and started her attempt to take out the three smaller Starfleet vessels, Sorek crossed his fingers. He  had anticipated Gemini's plan to go after the bey'wIH and agreed, but at the same time he had a good look at Archon's console and realized that the Aerowing was taking a rough beating. With his fingers flying over the partially scorched console, he quickly plotted the target he had in mind for the aft phasers and locked on.

"I'm trying to blind them with our aft phasers. He said and executed the command with the tip of a finger. The aft phaser ports of the Aerowing spat orange beams towards the tlhapragh, passing its command module only to impact her shields right above her sensor module. The phasers of the modified shuttle were not nearly powerful enough to make a lasting impression, but the sudden blaze of the impact should create some nice flares on the tactical console of the Klingon ship.

Sorek was about to turn towards Gemini in order to ask for a specific target to lock on with regards to the bey'wIH when he saw another phaser charge bursting into the shields of the tlhapragh. On his screen, Sorek was able to see the shields glowing in an attempt to compensate this second impact, but only for a brief moment. The glow died and with it the shields.
Quickly checking the console his suspicion was confirmed. "The tlhapragh has been hit by the Oneida. Must have been a stray shot." Now he turned halfway, facing the Betazoid and could not help but display a cheerful smile. "Sir, the thapragh's sensors are offline." He proclaimed before continuing after a second. "Our current course brought us slightly below the bey'wIH. I suggest diving even deeper in order to scratch her belly with a Delta-1 maneuver." He voiced his proposition, knowing that everyone on this vessel knew that this was the place to go if one wanted to take out a Bird of Prey. Bringing the Aerowing up under the bey'wIH's primary hull while targeting her ventral hull might just get the job done.
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Lt. Arven Leux | Sickbay | Deck 7 | USS Oneida ] Attn:  @Auctor Lucan  @Luciain  @Nero     @Eden  @Hope  @P.C. Haring @Lathaniel

Arven had known this was going to happen, they were going to get into a fight with the Klingons, and they were going to get boarded. He was glad that he'd given the order previously to make sure that everyone had a phaser. A sad necessity, but it had indeed proved to be one. The parceling out of trauma and triage kits had been a good move too. Dr. Aio setting up the medical beds for ICU was an excellent move that he'd make sure to thank her for later. He was about to start work on a patient that had suffered burns from something exploding or catching fire when he'd spotted Katherine slipping out into the corridor to take care of some triage patients out there. The posture that she had to her when she slumped to the floor, he knew it well. Arven bites his lip and finishes with the Petty officer he was currently working on, applying a local anesthetic, and a loosely wrapped bandage around the burn, giving him a careful pat on the shoulder. "You'll be ok, Vorek, and it wasn't that bad. Trust me, and I've seen a lot worse." He knew that the Vulcan should recover in time, but right now, there was another patient that he needed to be treating one of his own.

Arven takes a squirt of sanitizer as he steps out into the corridor with a Triage kit, and he kneels next to Katie, keeping his voice low, placing a strong, comforting hand on her shoulder. "Nurse Locke, I know what you're going through. And it's about to get a whole lot worse. You may have to make choices soon that you'll hate. But if the Klingons come for us, and they will, you'll have to choose between shooting them with this phaser or getting hurt yourself. But that choice is, and our significant than that. We need you, Nurse, and our patients you. You won't be able to fulfill your own oaths if the Klingons chop you to pieces. So the choice here is to defend your patients or become one if you're lucky." Arven removes the phaser from his hip and offers it to her, giving a slight shrug. "There's no such thing as a non-combatant to most Klingons. Right now, this is as essential as the rest of your tools. Now, take the phaser, and help me with the rest of the triage, alright? Most of the injuries aren't quite so bad just yet."

There was a calmness to his voice that might be scary under any other circumstances. But Arven had been through hell and torture at the hands of the Dominion and Cardassians, he knew just how bad things could be, and he knew when there was still a chance, and there was one here. The Klingons weren't apparently shooting to destroy the Oneida, so that counted for something at the very least. "Look, Katie, You know I've been through some rough patches. I won't let you get hurt if you don't let me get hurt, ok? So please, help me to keep everyone safe." Arven gives Katie an honest, caring smile, not one of the forced or fake ones that he gave so often to his patients, and stands up, extending a solid and steady hand to the Nurse. Arven was actually smiling, a gentle, almost warm gesture that wasn't usually seen on his handsome if haunted features. The appearance of that gesture so rare as to be notable all on its own.

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Lt Sabrina Lail | Main Bridge | Deck 1 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nero @Eden @Lathaniel @Luciain @P.C. Haring @Tae  
"Captain, the bey wIH has transferred most of its shield power into its forward grid," Lieutenant Commander Ikthan stated as he looked at his console.

"Lail, can you get us behind them?" Captain Jackson asked.

Sabrina turned in her chair, almost having a look of being insulted on her face when she declared, "give me the shield power to withstand the disruptors and I can do it."

"Ikthan, divert power from the starboard and port shield emitters to the forward shields," Captain Jackson requested. "Lail, engage," Jackson ordered.

Sabrina aligned the course of the Oneida with that of the bey wIH with a few button taps and a confirmation chirp, selected both primary impulse engines and engaged the new course. The computer warned her that the selected course was a collision course but Lail was taking no chances and had already accounted for it.

The primary impulse engines engaged while the Oneida and the bey wIH began opening fire on each other; yellow-orange glows streaking across space flaring the shields of the Klingon vessel while green disruptor fire darted back at the Oneida flaring its forward shields.

"Forward shields down to seventy-six percent," Ikthan reported. Sabrina had no intention of veering off the course they were on and knew the Klingons would be too stubborn to give way to the Federation starship. In fact, she was counting on this Klingon pitfall to get the Oneida behind the bey wIH. The distance rapidly closed as the bey wIH got larger on the viewscreen. As the bey wIH and Oneida neared collision, Captain Jackson caught on to what Lail had been setting up. "Attack pattern epsilon eight, all phasers fire!"

With the maneuverability of the Oneida, Sabrina had calculated when to rotate the ship and go underneath the Klingon Bird of Prey executing a full axis rotation maneuver to starboard although the inertia dampers couldn't fully compensate for the quick maneuver and it was felt throughout the ship. Lieutenant Commander Ikthan now had his opening to fire where the bey wIH was vulnerable and begun to execute the attack pattern.

Yellow-orange glows of energized particles strayed off into the surrounding combat zone before more accurately aimed phasers flared the bey wIH's ventral and aft shielding, depleting both vectors and scorching the hull of the Bird of Prey.

"Bringing us about," Sabrina stated as she tapped multiple buttons on the control surfaces of her console.