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[2381 - USS Theurgy] - PRO: S [D01|0533] A Day In The Life

STARDATE: 57709.01
MAY 10, 2381
0533 HRS

[ Lt. Commander Alana Pierce | Pierce's Quarters | Department Head Officer’s Quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn:

It was early. Too early. Alana's alarm was going off and despite it's subtle nature, her hearing had been amplified enough to hear it whereas before her transformation, she could sleep through almost anything...almost. Her mind was tired still and sluggish from the weeks leading up to now. It wasn't that long ago she joined the crew and began her journey on the Theurgy. Why was her mind racing? What was so damned important she had to get up and around?

Another thing she noticed since the change was the lack of peace. Her mind was always racing and thinking over various scenarios and situations she would no doubt have to tackle yet. But at this moment, she laid still in the comfort of her bed, with the silky Starfleet sheets covering her partially clothed body. Knowing that in a few hours she had a breakfast with her great-great-granddaughter and Reggie, followed by a briefing and other normal work details, she laid still.

Crimson hair strewn across her face that she took an arm and wiped away the sleep from her eyes, clearing the hair with it. Pierce let out a stretch and yawn as she drew her arms above her head, lifting her bust and shirt while stretching her legs out, intertwined under the covers.

"Ugh, I am tired...and still not used to my life..." She mumbled before turning to her side, the weight of her breast leaning on her upper arm and elbow as she looked at the wall. Another feeling she had was to get clean...and to pee. Damn tiny bladder... she grumbled in her mind as she leaned up, head tilting forward with tiredness, and hair falling in her view. Her V-neck Starfleet issue pajamas, with shorts were fitting to say the least, but it was still far less constricting than her undergarments which were non-existent underneath at present.

She looked down and couldn't see past her massive chest. Part of her smirked and then she remembered she still had messages, a shower and a drink to wake up before she headed to breakfast. Finally taking the effort to stand up, Alana glanced at the photo next to her bed of the USS Eagle. Nostalgia at it's finest that she couldn't shake, but like her, survived the tests of time. Seeing the reflective coating, her visage was disheveled. Sleep was evident on her face, hair and clothing. A smirk broke the mental gymnastics going on before she took a quick walk out into the main living area to fully wake up.

Ordering a morning cola to hit the taste buds but also the caffeine fix, she stepped to her desk and began to look over the recent messages. Thus far, nothing she didn't already know about was on the docket. Which meant, more time for lounging. Standing up, and heading to her wall of décor and memorabilia, she had her old badge from the 2280s, a model of the Eagle, a photo of her and the bridge crew, and some of her favorite knickknacks from various travels and missions.

Taking a swig of the drink, she placed the glass back on the replicator as it was empty, the glass dissolved back to the ether. Still odd how that worked she thought. The urge to pee hit her again and she headed to the rest room finally to relieve herself as she took off her top and her pants to shower afterward. Throwing the garments to the edge of her bed, she stepped into the bathroom to start a bath before sitting on the throne.

Finishing her business, she stood up and stepped over the edge of the bath before it slightly burned her foot and lower leg causing a slight yip as she retested it in the water before placing the other leg in. Climbing in, she laid back before sitting down in the water. Thoughts crossed her mind as she relaxed in the tub, closing her eyes and letting the heat build around her.

Her wet hair resting on her chest, and shoulders as she took a deeper dive under the water to rinse her tired face and top of her head before re-emerging to the surface and leaning back again. The last time she went for a swim was several weeks ago when she ran into Tessa and Amanda in the pools. It was jarring but she rather enjoyed her time with Amanda... The thought of their time, made her feel...things she didn't yet know if she entirely enjoyed or not. But the urge was fairly strong as she felt the need to touch places she hadn't done since her change happened...

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