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Day 02 [1345 hrs.] Sword of Damocles

Day 02 [1345 hrs.] Sword of Damocles

[ Lt.Com. Vivian Martin | CSO Office | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan

After she'd rinsed herself, happy to have helped the Gorn, Martin walked down the corridor leading to her freshly acquired office.

She ran over her rudimentary to-do list once again in her mind. She had looked over the members of her department so far, both those who were already in it, and those who had been integrated from the Resolve survivors. Sure enough, Williams was not present on the list. When all of this was over, she felt she should request to write the letter to Williams’ family personally. That would be a hard letter to write. She had been a good officer, a kind one, and a pang of guilt stabbed her as she thought about her romp with Daniel the previous night. Was it wrong of her to have bedded Williams’ former lover in a half-baked attempt at trying to forget the past? Had she desecrated WIlliams’ name in the process? Just thinking about it exhausted her, so she shifted her thoughts. Her speech had only been two hours ago, but she still wondered how it went over with her new department. Did they think her too pretentious and long-winded, too brief? Did they appreciate her, or were they ready to kick her out the door?

Almost absentmindedly Martin mumbled, “I hope my speech went well.” under her breath as she walked. It had been nearly two hours since then, and she had made some rather unsteady claims and declarations. Thus far there had been no more attacks on her by these “Devoted” in response to her words about no tolerance for their strikes. She felt like she had the sword of Damocles hanging over her, a razor sharp blade suspended by a thin wire. At any moment these Devoted could strike again, and she had half a mind to contact Bremmer or Mariner or someone else under Leon’s department. Perhaps she could later, but for now a meeting awaited her attention. She sighed as she stepped into her office, and looked around. It was new for her, a fresh start. Tovarek did not appear to have arrived just yet. As she waited she drummed her fingers on the desk and cast her gaze around the room. It was a nice place, one that she hoped she could get used to.

But regardless, she had a job to do, and her meeting with Tovarek was now coming up on her soon. She hoped to make it brief at least, an overview of her new department and its constituents, followed by a meeting with Morali. She was quite looking forward to her confrontation with this Sarresh individual, an oddity to be sure, and she had some choice words for him regarding this apparent cult which had cropped up from out of the proverbial woodwork.

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[ Lt. Simon Tovarek | CSO Office | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Hastata-Nerada

Walking through the corridor with the PADD in his hand Simon was looking over the schematics of his drones. He could see which ones were out in space and could see the readings they pinged back to the Theurgy, he wasn't interested in what they found just yet as that was the task for Operations or tactical to assess, no his interest were in how the drones performed in the nebula, how they endured and if there were any bugs he needed to work on. Of course, this wasn't a top priority issue, yet it was something that kept him busy before he'd have to tackle whatever his new department head chief would drop on his plate.

He was making his way back to his former office and it felt somewhat weird to remember the way to it, knowing he would work there days ago, yet now it had been vacated to a new senior staff member. He had met and briefly talked with Martin before and during the senior staff meeting, yet he still had to get a proper feeling for the woman. He wasn't going to give her any troubles as a former CSO though as the rank mattered little to him. For all he cared, the entire rank system was obsolete as he was only interested in doing his job at this point. The fact that he had less paperwork and human relation problems on his hands was actually blissful, though he did enjoy his time as CSO.

He looked at the door of the CSO office and looked around. How long had he been standing in front of this door? He couldn't recall arriving here... He had been too sunken in thoughts and ideas to actually realize he had arrived at the destination he had mapped for himself. His head working in overtime, though his demeanor showed a steady, cool Starfleet science officer that doubted to chime at the door. His hand did so for him though as he alerted the new CSO of his arrival. He waited for the doors to open while he placed the PADD behind his back and prepared himself for the talk with Martin, in which he would guide her a bit more through the new ship she found herself on.

He was proud enough to show her around what the various scientists had been working on so far and wondered how much of it she'd change in time and how she'd set the department to her hand. He was curious how she'd address the Sarresh situation. He had talked to the man when he was appointed to his new rank and found the particular individual to be somewhat... Reserved. He wasn't sure if the former alien even knew what was going on with these Devoted. Yet it was something he would face later, right now, he had to transfer most of the information that he had used in the past few weeks over to Martin, that was the task at hand.

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[ Lt.Com. Vivian Martin | CSO Office | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan

When Martin heard the chime, responded, “Come in.” and upon seeing Tovarek, she motioned to a chair sitting opposite from her that was facing towards the desk. “Feel free to sit down, though I would imagine that this is all very strange for you.” she addressed him formally, unsure how to approach him even after their brief acquaintance during the staff meeting earlier. After waiting for a few seconds she sat down herself, with slight unease as she lowered her body into the chair which used to belong to the man across from her. It was a strange experience a new one certainly, as she now sat within the former domain of someone who was now under her purview.

Having seated herself she set her hands upon the desk and began. “So, I’m hoping to accomplish two things with this meeting, the first is to familiarize myself with the department and the various projects in which they find themselves occupied. The second is quite a bit more pressing however.” She hesitated slightly before continuing. “The second is… this situation with Morali. After we go over the current activities of the department I’d like to meet with him and discuss the situation about these ah,,, the cultists for lack of a better word. As per the captain’s orders, and frankly my own personal preference, I’d like you and I to speak with him about the dismantling of the cult that appears to have formed around him. Does that work with you?” she steepled her fingers on the desk as she finished, awaiting his response.

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[ Lt. Simon Tovarek | CSO Office | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Hastata-Nerada

Once the doors opened Simon looked at Martin as she stood behind his former desk, she motioned to the chair where he could take a seat and he stepped in without saying anything at first before he pulled the chair back and took his seat without flinching. He looked up at Vivian and shrugged "Weird wouldn't exactly be my choice of words. " he answered her cordially yet with an icy look in his eyes. "I do believe we shouldn't dwell upon my former position aboard this ship ma'am, I'll assist you were needed with the scientists in our department, but I believe you'll perform admirably to the given task." he continued as he watched her body language and couldn't help but notice the slight unease. He pursed his lips for a second, seemingly wanting to say something else, yet refraining from it as he placed his PADD on the desk and gave Vivian Martin his undivided attention.

Tovarek could already guess what the more pressing matter was and he couldn't disagree with the opinion of the new department head "Morali is indeed a situation that will need to be handled, I do have to warn you lieutenant commander. The man is..." Simon paused as he searched for the right words "He appears humanoid, yet you should know that he truly is an alien underneath the flesh. Not as much a wolf in sheep's clothing, yet more like a..." the russian scientist paused once more as he shook his head "Scientific journals back in Russia portrayed a species of insectoid, that would use the skin of it's targets too blend in. consider it more like that, yet more painful for the man in question. His DNA was re-sequenced entirely, it must undoubtedly have some psychological backlash to the Svoloch'*."
"What I mean to say... The man should not be approached like a human, nor as a God for that matter. Yet knowing him, he'll probably have an own vision of the facts." he concluded before he looked into Martin's eyes.

"Either way, I'm here to assist you ma'am. I agree with your method of working. Where would you like to start?" he asked her "Should I send you the ongoing projects in a memo so you can read them over when you find the time? I can try and point out which ones have been the most promising so far, if you wish." he continued as he took his PADD up again and awaited her reply.

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Svoloch' = Bastard (in Russian)

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b][ Lt.Com. Vivian Martin | CSO Office | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ][/b] Attn: @Nolan 

Hearing Tovarek’s words gave Martin a slight boost of confidence as he stated that she would perform admirably in her new position. While she had many feelings to the contrary, it felt good to hear such words from someone who had so recently occupied the same position. Hearing about Morali soon after though, gave her pause as she listened to the strange circumstances surrounding the apparently formerly alien science officer. Supposedly he had changed somehow to become human, much like a wolf in sheep’s clothing though apparently very painful for the man. This would be a feat to look into for sure, perhaps something to advance fields of medical science if such an accomplishment were to be somehow replicated. Martin wondered how this had been accomplished. Did it have something to do with stem cells? Perhaps a donation of undifferentiated cells had somehow assisted the process? And if so, how and where were such cells obtained? This would be something to look into for sure. Certainly as per Tovarek’s words, the man should not be approached as a human or god, for clearly the man was something else, a sort of idiosyncrasy which was amongst their midst. Martin’s thoughts refocused as TOvarek concluded.

“Uh, right,” She said, as her meanderings within her mind were wrenched back to reality. “Yes, that would be good, I would like to see what the department has been working on. Any promising leads that you have would be good to look over as well.” A thought then occurred to her and she quickly added, “I would also like to look into how Morali was turned into a human, if I’m understanding you correctly. I feel like the feat could lend itself to several other leads, and perhaps even to several breakthroughs in medical fields.”

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[ Lt. Simon Tovarek | CSO Office | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Hastata-Nerada

About to explain what the department was up to, he didn't start quite yet as Martin added another request o find out more about the transformation of Morali. The Russian scientist laughed meekly as he shrugged "I think I managed to get some evidence of what Medical did to him..." He murmured before he took his PADD and tapped away at the screen "Right, thank God you're already seated... This is Morali's service record and ID picture. He was part of a lesser known species called the Ash'Reem. A sort of race that had specific..." Tovarek thought about the correct word once more "Genetic markers, their skin was moist and warm. Their bone tissue more hollow than human. They were completely different from us." he carried on as he also showed her the pictures of Amatras and Amikris.

Tovarek continued while looking at the reactions of his new boss "During our time on Theta Eridana we had fallen to Calamity once again, orbital strikes and the such causing for a tectonic chain reaction that nearly decimated the planet and ourselves. Yet Sarresh here tried to save his kin, that had been marooned on dry land in the midst of an acidic boiling lake. The damage to any human would have been extensive, but due to their natural physiology it was exponentially worse." he concluded.

"I heard rumors that Medical had been forced by the captain to save the Ash'reem whatever the cost, and thus, they scavenged what they could from the deceased. Used whatever drugs and medications that they could get their hands on and continued with what I would call a genetic sequencing process that had a very low and unlikely chance to succeed. However, against all odds, the man seemed to have pulled through, though everything he knew, lived by and experienced would forever be changed. For example, Sarresh was always touching stuff, getting the most information through smell and touch, hearing was limited to them, so imagine having your DNA reshuffled so you get to our standards. Standard and probably insufficient tactile organs and the sorts." Simon stopped there and he leaned back in his chair.

"I can imagine why people think of him as a God, yet most scientists would call it an abomination. I don't even know how ethical the entire process must've been for medical. Yet from a science point of view..." He paused once more, the words that would follow would be unsuited given his Starfleet rank "If you'd excuse my words for the next commander... From a scientific point of view, it'd be most interesting to study Sarresh, dissect him even if he would come to die. It's bizarre how it even worked in the first place. I believe he should've never have survived the ordeal, but yeah... Don't get me wrong, I'm happy he's still around. He's the one to go to when there's a temporal breach. He knows things that others can't even think of."

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[ Lt.Com. Vivian Martin | CSO Office | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan

The information shown by Tovarek was fascinating to say the least. There appeared to be a family of these Ash’Reem living aboard at one point, one of whom Martin recognized as being one of her former precursors. Martin had heard of the Ash’Reem only briefly in her studies as a scientist aboard Starbase 79, enough to know what was now being confirmed by Tovarek. That being that they are an amphibious species whose resemblance to the humanoid form was superficial at best. The fact that Morali used to be one of these was something she marveled at. She had already been briefed on what exactly had happened with Morali’s transformation from an alien to a human, but she had no idea that it was so… drastic. The idea excited her, and she felt her heartbeat begin to quicken as ideas raced through her mind. What else could be accomplished by such advanced medical techniques? Did this procedure hold the key to the holy grail of medical science? To be able to regenerate lost limbs and organs from nought but a simple batch of undifferentiated cells? The possibilities were staggering. But no, enough on that, she chided herself, she needed to focus, and focus on the issue at hand.

As Tovarek continued, Martin attentively absorbed every detail, and even winced when she heard that Morali had been exposed to the acidic lake. Given the Ash’Reem’s physiology, that would mean that Morali had absorbed acid directly through his skin, a fate which must have been absolutely agonizing. THe idea put some perspective on her own past injuries, which had only mandated the use of a prosthetic spinal implant. Compared to such a fate, being paraplegic without the use of an implant seemed almost trivial in comparison. The rumor that medical had scavenged from the deceased however, seemed a mite unlikely given what Martin already knew about the procedure from her briefing. Still, Martin said nothing, not willing to compromise anything she might unwittingly find herself blurting out. As for why people viewed Morali as a god, well that was somewhat obvious. That being said, the urge to dissect him seemed almost abhorrent to her, unless of course Morali wished for it to be so upon his death.

After parsing her thoughts for a few moments, Martin steepled her fingers and leaned forward. “That is all very fascinating Mr. Tovarek, but there shall be no dissections today.” She said, keeping her eyes level with Tovarek’s. “For now we must focus on how to get him to address this… this… cult, which has formed out of idiotic sycophancy for this temporally displaced mess of an individual.” She leaned back again and crossed her arms. “As far as I can tell, the direct approach should work the best, but you would know him far better than I, and I was wondering what your particular input on the situation is.”

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[ Lt. Simon Tovarek | CSO Office | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Hastata-Nerada

During his entire speech, it seemed like Martin was captivated by every word Simon spilled. It was amusing to see for the scientist yet a glimmer of disappointment could be seen on his facial expression and in his eyes as Vivian shot down the idea of dissection. As Martin sat back and crossed her arms, the scientist couldn't help but take in the image of Martin in her seat. It was as if for the very first moment, he acknowledged the rather feminine beauty she reflected. Simon straightened up himself with a nod as she continued talking before adding his own input.

"Honestly ma'am... If I would have to make a guess. I don't think Morali would even be aware of the situation if not for the debacle on the bridge during the battle." Simon mentioned before he frowned "I do have to note that Sarresh showed.... Quite emotional. Perhaps the switch to a human anatomy might also cause for psychological discrepancies." he noted. "Before Morali turned into what he was, he was usually straight forward, objective minded. In his new body so to speak, I'm not sure if he'd still be so devoted." Simon concluded. It took him a second before he snorted softly "No pun intended ma'am."

"Either way, if you show up at his station he'll probably treat you with the same respect as he has done so when I had an interview with him during my time as department head. If you wish, I can tag along to accommodate an easier transition." Simon continued after a short pause "Not that I don't think you'd be up for the task, I'm rather confident you'll do fine alone." The last thing he wanted was to offend his new department head.

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[ Lt.Com. Vivian Martin | CSO Office | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @

The fact that Morali was so ignorant of the Devoted was a concerning notion, and it showed clearly on Martin's face as she listened to what Tovarek said. Further was the notion that perhaps Morali was compromised on some level, or was otherwise insane, worried her to an equal extent. Turning from an alien to a human had to be a jarring experience, one that wasn't easily forgotten for anyone involved. That, Martin was sure of. Martin cracked a slight smile at the presence of the pun, whether it was accidental or not, before she replied in kind.

"I appreciate your concern, but I believe it won't be... Hm..." Martin almost said that Tovarek's assistance wouldn't be necessary, but a sudden notion in her mind told her that that idea was silly, and what was she doing dismissing such ready assistance so quickly. "Actually," She continued. "You know what? I'd love for you to tag along. Your familiarity with the department and with Morali would come in handy during my time here to say the least."

Martin wondered what horror Morali had seen. What pain he had experienced, and what excruciating experiences he had suffered from. Turning into a human had to be hard on him, and Martin couldn't help but imagine how much. "Do you think, based on your experiences with him, that he could be convinced to take care of the little resident cult?" She asked, as she stood up and straightened her uniform.

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[ Lt. Simon Tovarek | CSO Office | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Hastata-Nerada

With a smile gracing her lips, Simon smirked amused as he seemingly managed to made his superior officer show her sense of humor. The reply was not however as he had expected as she agreed that he should come along. He was hoping she'd take the matter in to her own hands despite his effort to invite himself along in the first place.. However it would made sense to a certain degree. As much as Simon was starting to annoy himself with interaction of the social kind, he figured having him along would be perhaps a more strategic plan of Martin.

Martin was standing up as she straightened out her jacket. Simon's eyes lingered to the little elevation at her chest, he followed her example though as he stood up himself and placed his hands behind his back. "I believe he can be convinced to the matter ma'am." Simon thought over the response while he walked over to the door and waited by it "Perhaps convincing him that the cult isn't as.. Little as it is might help. If only to push him more to the right course of action." Simon continued as the doors opened up and they made their way further.

"Try to convince him that the cult is a real viable threat to our mission. That it's imperative that it's deconstruction is vital to our end goal." Simon added as they passed a few fellow scientists. The former CSO had the reflex to not talk out loud among other crew member about the cult as they truly didn't know who was on the devoted side or theirs.

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[ Lt.Com. Vivian Martin | Martin’s Quarters | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan @Brutus

Martin nodded in approval as Tovarek explained himself before her. "Good. It is imperative that we manage to convince him, no matter what." And then, after Tovarek had replied again, "I concur, If we can get him to see the gravity of the cult, it can push him to a more ah... responsible course." As the doors opened and Martin made her way into the science labs, she nodded in agreement to Tovarek's following statements and continued further in to the laboratories. As they passed the scientists around them, Martin grew silent and cast her gaze around her. There was no telling who was in the cult.

Martin thought about what the cultists had said to her before Hi'Jak had suddenly interrupted them. "Dear child of time" they had said. Did they actually venerate this man? Martin made a note to bring up her assault to Morali as soon as she could. Clearly this little cult had gotten far, far out of hand. Any one of the people around her could be a member of it and there was no telling who until they revealed themselves. To make things worse, it seemed to have spread beyond just the science division, as if one of the cultists was to be trusted then they even had people in security. Though to be fair, this could have merely been the mad cultist bluffing.

Regardless of the case, their destination was in sight, and Martin stopped before the man whom her and Tovarek had been seeking. "Mister Morali," Martin said. "Do you have a moment to talk?"

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Science Labs | Deck 7 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Hastata-Nerada @Nolan 

If he closed his eyes, Sarresh Morali could still feel Ryuan Sel's lips, gently pressed to his, when they'd parted ways early that morning, prior to their duty shifts. They had forewent the option of eating together, instead - mutually agreeing - that it would be best to do so separate. Not that either feared the repercussions of their tryst becoming known to their superiors: they were, after all, in completely different departments. But Sarresh was a deeply private person, in so much that he could be called anything, and with a cult that seemed to hinge on his every action (and despite their very public start to the night) they'd agreed to a modicum of discretion.

At least to begin with.

That is neither here nor there, he reminded himself as he forced his eyes back open. Up until that point in the morning - after seeing Sel off - he'd been devoted to his work to the exclusion of all else. His cordoned off section of the Science Labs once more displayed the holographic representations of the timeline. He never bothered to put up the privacy screens he often raised to keep prying eyes away - after all, there was the Temporal Prime Directive to consider. But his need was too pressing to care. Truth be told, a part of him was distracted by the night prior, this new blossoming hope in his heart. And frankly, none of the people here would have the slightest inclination of what it was he did.

Half the time he didn't understand either. Maddeningly frustrating, to be driven on, making connections without the underlying science of what he had done. Just the end results.  Truly maddening.

Equally maddening was that when he opened his eyes, there before him was the woman from the Resolve, the one that had replaced - yup there he was too. Tovarek. Oh Bloody hell, now what?

"A moment?" He repeated the words, "To talk?" The incredulity on his face spoke volumes, before he let out a heavy, deep sigh, and then nods, straightening up in his seat. "I suppose after yesterday I have all the time in the universe. If this is to be believed." There was a  little twist of his hand, gesturing to the incomprehensible graphs slowly twisting about.

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[ Lt. Simon Tovarek | Science Labs | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Hastata-Nerada , @Brutus

Tovarek noticed the change of personality when Martin exited her office. Her encounter with the cult probably left their traces on her as they marched further. Simon's eyes observed his fellow science folk as he made mental notes here and there. Despite not being an CSO anymore he did feel inclined to still check up on the research and tasks of the crew members he had supervised not that long ago. Was stepping aside a fault perhaps?

When they entered Morali's lab, Simon took his time to quickly glance around at the work of the now human turned Ashreem. He placed his hands behind his back and just looked around as he noted small changes here and there, yet not fully understood or grasped what it all meant. Frankly, he hadn't put much effort in it to decipher the notes and symbols Morali used. Nor was it needed.

The reaction of the Former alien was not totally surprising to Tovarek as his face clearly indicated how he felt about the current situation. Simon suppressed a smirk at the words of the man, instead he chose to show the officer his place to his new commanding officer. "Sarresh, show the lady some respect will you." he offered to the scientist as his eyes narrowed a little, yet his voice sounded resolute and somewhat authoritative. It was the least he could to let the man understand the gravity of the current situation or the topic they'd slice in to.

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[ Lt.Com. Vivian Martin | Science Labs | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan @Brutus 

"A moment? To talk? I suppose after yesterday I have all the time in the universe. If this is to be believed." Said Morali.

A slight halfhearted frown quirked the edges of Martin's lips as she listened to Morali's statement. She placed her hands behind his back and looked the Ashreem-turned-human up and down with her brown eyes. She was very much not amused by the incredulity of Morali's words, and gave a slight sigh in response. "Mister Morali, are you aware of the recent actions of several crewmen in response to your presence here aboard the ship?" Martin paused for effect before continuing.

"And are you aware that these several crewmen have taken to deifying your name, some of which have even turned violent and aggressive in the process of such deification?" Martin asked. "And, were you aware that they have made assaults on several officers, including myself as of today?"

Martin paused again and straightened out her uniform. "Mister Morali, these actions have come to our attention, and we would like you to take the time to address this little cult which has sprung up in your name." She concluded. No doubt such words would be irksome to the scientist before her, but they had to be said nonetheless.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Science Labs | Deck 7 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Hastata-Nerada @Nolan 

Did i tell you to go fuck right off? No? Well then I was showing respect you stuck up machine. I have more important things to do than deal with this he thought bitterly. It was surprising, because up until that point his interactions with Lt. Tovarek had been just dandy. He schooled his face-  he didn't need crap from the former head of the science division right then and there. He got enough of that from the ships Captain. So he sat up a bit straighter in his chair and bit back the scathing retort that he wanted to unleash.

Not that Sarresh could see it, but the mechanical eyes he had seemed to spin and narrow as the took them in, forcing his gaze away from Tovarek to Martin as she began to speak.

Elevated bloodpressure
increased pulse
Elevated levels of adrenaline

The statistics began to scroll across Lt. Morali's field of vision, just in the corner of his eyes, as he looked at Vivian Martin. Attractive for her species, if not for the look on her face. The readings were an annoying hold over from the previous owner of the eyes that Sarresh Morali now possessed. And he had no idea how to turn the damn setting off. But it had its uses, and the Temporal Affairs Officer was slowly getting a better handle on how they worked and what he could learn from them.

For instance, despite his relative issues with determining human body language, he could tell that Vivian Martin was quite agitated, and taking it out on him. He listened, stone faced, as she began to ask him questions. Stupidly obvious questions, in his opinion. Of course I'm aware the words didn't get a chance to leave his mouth, as he watched the hardening of Vivian's eyes. She barreled right on, throwing one rhetorical question after another at him and he had to wonder just what he'd done now, before she informed him that she had been attacked by the cult.

Well, shit. he thought to himself, letting out a sigh he just couldn't hold back any longer. All the good intentions of the morning, teh warmth he'd felt in the afterglow of the night before seeped away, leaving him with the weariness of not enough sleep, the ire of having to deal with this, and the frustration at how stupid some people could be.

"Commander Martin," he began, once he was sure she was done speaking. "After the events on the bridge yesterday, i have locked myself in these labs. I took a break last night to sleep." I even have a witness! "and since I woke up this morning, i have been back in this lab. Trying to decipher the implications of the latest fork in the time stream." He gestured back to the graphs of glowing yellow behind him, as if those explained everything. "Up until that damned fool shot Miss Rez in the chest, I'd had no direct interactions with this so called cult you wish to blame me for. And please," he held up a hand to stave off a retort, "I can tell you blame me. Its in your elevated heart rate." He tapped the side of his head lightly, right by the false eyes.

Planting his hands on the desk he stood up, to his full height. Not as high as some humans - not as high as Tovarek, or or that matter, the woman standing before him. But it still seemed to give him an air of authority that his rank would not have done so. Something in the set of his shoulders, the terse, angry confidence that laced his words. "I would love to know just what it is you think I can do. i am here, on this ship, for one reason, and one reason alone - to deal with this," he snapped his hand back. "Not to deal with people.

"I am truly sorry that this misbegotten bunch of poor souls have attacked you, Lt. Commander Martin. Thats unforgivable, and I wholeheartedly condemn their actions. But what i feel about it won't do a damn bit of good to stop them. And frankly, after what Sonja Acreth did last night, I don't have the time." A mirthless laugh slipped out, giving him an air of barely restrained insanity. "Or perhaps I do have all the time, as I said earlier. Its kind of a tricky thing to sort out."

He made a face then, a grimace really, before forcing a smile back across his lips. "Regardless. I have no control over the cult. I have no say over their actions. I have, on the record and off, made it abundantly clear that I think they are a gaggle of ...whats the human words....ah yes, fucking idiots."

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[ Lt. Simon Tovarek | Science Labs | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Hastata-Nerada , @Brutus 

Tovarek moved over to stand in between the two parties, yet more to the side as if watching a match unfold before him. He leaned against one of the tables, being careful enough to not disturb the work of the temporal officer as he watched Martin while she started her 'attack'. His eyes shifted over to Morali who just sat there and took it like it was nothing. If Tovarek didn't know better, he'd believe if someone told him Morali had been replaced by a silicon puppet.

Yet there it was, the shift in posture and the sound of Morali escaping his lips as he retorted to Martin. Simon crossed his arms and observed the reaction of the temporal officer with interest. Simon somewhat expected a defensive answer of Morali, yet the defensive seemed more like an offense as the officer continued and made it even personal as he directly addressed Martin's elevated heart rate and condition. 'Well played.' he thought to himself as he looked over at Martin for a second before looking back to Morali.

After that he completely seemed to spiral out of control as he claimed to not have time for them and concluded it by categorizing them as idiots. Tovarek had to laugh softly at the remark as he shook his head. He looked over at Martin again before he readdressed Morali "Lieutenant, I believe you when you say that you have no ties or connections with this cult. I agree with you that they're duraks. However, these people will follow you blindly... Perhaps addressing them to disband or cease their idiotic cult would help?" he suggested as he looked at Morali "I mean, perhaps it can be that simple to get rid of them and it would take a minimum amount of time on your behalf to solve this matter. Anything we'd do would probably be considered as heresy in their eyes."

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Duraks = Idiots

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[ Lt.Com. Vivian Martin | Science Labs | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus @Nolan

Elevated heart rate? Well... Vivian supposed that her heart rate was in fact elevated, given that she was not at all pleased by this man's behavior. She did not blame Morali for the cult, nor for it's actions, she blamed him for failing to do anything in his power to stop it, instead locking himself in this laboratory and cutting himself off from outside contact. Or so she thought, she had no idea just what kind of contact that Morali had had in the meantime. Vivian remained unimpressed when Morali poised himself to speak directly to her, especially when Morali said his job wasn't to deal with anyone, an outright refusal to take responsibility for the actions of the cult which sprang up in his name, the cult which had attacked her that very day.

Despite how much Morali said that he condemned the cult's actions, he continued to deflect blame and responsibility, continued to claim that Morali had no way of enacting control over the cult. "Mister Morali, have you actually tried to do anything about this cult at all?" Vivian asked, after Morali blatantly referred to the group as "fucking idiots".

Luckily, Tovarek was able to rescue Vivian before she burst a blood vessel. Tovarek was able to relay what Vivian had hoped to; which is that perhaps Morali would be able to personally address the idiotic cult and ask that they disband. Vivian sighed in relief and spoke up in turn. "Yes, that would be helpful. If you can use your power as the person whom these individuals seem to worship to hopefully instruct them to disband, then I think that will help everyone get along better. After all, to quote Mister Tovarek here, anything that we do would likely be seen as "Heresy"." Vivian paused before continuing. "I would like you to make an official announcement to the Devoted crew-members, officially denouncing their actions and declaring that they disband. Hopefully we can get some sort of resolution that way." She said.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Science Labs | Deck 7 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Hastata-Nerada @Nolan 

 Morali's gaze darted up and over to Lt. Tovarek for a moment, contemplating the mans words. And then Martin jumped in, expanding upon what Tovarek had suggested. Not quite ordering, but stating an outright desire to have Sarresh address the Cult. To make an official proclamation. Demand that they stand down, and adhere to the oaths they'd sworn as Starfleet Officers. Tug at the proverbial heart strings, speak out to duty and civility.

Oh, he could understand the logic. The question was, did he himself give an actual damn? No, more accurately, the question was, did he think it would do any good. After all, he gave a damn about the mission. Until last night, it was all he had. And he gave a damn about Ryuan Sel. After last night, he gave quite a few damns about her. Knowing the fiery, passionate Bajoran woman the way he now did, he was certain that should there be some sort of uprising, she would be smack in the middle of it, trying to maintain and restore order to the ship. Likely by the barrel of a phaser rifle.

The time travelers eyes narrowed slightly as he forced himself to step past his initial reactions and actually run the logic in his head. Would they actually listen?

The conclusion he reached wasn't one that he imagined either his former or current boss would enjoy hearing. But Sarresh's job often entailed delivering bad news. There had been days since he'd joined this ship of the damned that he actually enjoyed being such a bearer. It felt like today wasn't going to be one of those days, if only because he was sure that laying down such truth wouldn't help the situation all the same.

What, he wondered softly, does that say about me?

"Lieutenant," he paused, glanced at Martin and added, "Commander. Respectfully," he tried to make it sound respectful, "What indication have they actually given that would lead either of the two of you to believe that they would listen to me? They don't even know me. Any 'official reproach' from me would be seen as coerced. Forced. Because that's what they'd want to believe. That their savior would never condemn their efforts. All I'd do is fan the flames. Fanatics will justify their actions however they can, rather than face the harsh truth that they and their actions have gone beyond the pale."

Sarresh was, frankly, proud of himself. He hadn't shouted. Or snarled. Or implied that either of them were stupid. Well, maybe not that last one.

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[ Lt. Simon Tovarek | Science Labs | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Hastata-Nerada , @Brutus

Aided y Martin's words Tovarek watched Sarresh as he seemed to process the information. His answer would either solve this entire mess or make it worse. That much was for certain and as the former Ashreem began to talk, Simon knew it had gone for the latter as he began with 'Respectfully'. A sigh was just able to be reeled back in before it left the lieutenant's lips and instead Simon just shifted in his spot and stood up once more to gaze at Sarresh before looking over to Martin.

"What indication has been given to us, these sukas have been doing all sorts of things resulting in at least two crew members in stasis. All of that in the name of their so called prophet." Simon replied with a calm voice, it wasn't aimed at Sarresh yet vocalized more as a way to inform him what these dimwits had been doing for his name. "I can agree with your reasoning that any official address would seem coerced, yet what about an unofficial one. Instigate a meeting with your followers through back channels to add to its credibility. Group them all in the same room and either address them or play it through to Security. Either way, the problem would be solved for the greater good of the ship." he said as a smug grin appeared on his face. The notion to airlock the followers had been dancing on his mind as well, yet Federation policies would not agree to these 'barbaric' solutions.

"Doing nothing however would fuel their actions. Not even their so called prophet is seemingly condemning their actions. The way I see it Mr Morali... How crude as it may seem... Is that if you do nothing, you might as well be fanning the fanning the flames." Simon concluded before he looked at Martin to see if she'd want to add anything more to it. Or perhaps come up with a different alternative.

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[ Lt.Com. Vivian Martin | Science Labs | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan @Brutus

Morali proceeded to ask what indication they had that the cult would not simply become exacerbated by him addressing them. It irked Vivian, who believed that it was in everyone's best interest to attempt any solution they had against the fanatics. The fanatics who had attacked her simply for being in her rank and position and frankly existing. The same fanatics who had attacked her because this time traveler- the odds of one being here on this ship was something that Vivian found to be astronomical- was not in a position of power aboard this accursed vessel.

Luckily Tovarek was quick to aid Vivian in explaining the situation properly, and elaborated that at least two members of the crew had been put into stasis by the cult's actions. He then went on to suggest an unofficial meeting with the cult, a notion which didn't sit well with Vivian at all. The way to make certain that the cult was addressed in its entirety and to ensure that action was taken by its constituent members to dissolve was to make an official announcement to all of them at once, without having to wait any further and attempt to weed out its membership based on attacks or actions.

Luckily, Tovarek made his point clear, that inaction was just as bad, if not worse than action in the first place. "I concur with Mister Tovarek." Added Vivian. "Inaction is potentially a worse option. At the moment, the most direct and effective action would be for you to address them, officially or not." She said. "But, as it happens, we do not have the time to stand and debate, or waste any more time trying to locate members of this..." Vivian's face twisted into a grimace. "...Charming little cult that has sprang up in your name. So please, Mister Morali, if you will, we require your aid."

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Science Labs | Deck 7 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan @Hastata-Nerada 

There was a point, as he listened to Lt. Cmdr. Martin, and Lt. Tovarek, where he had to wonder if either of them had listened to a word he said. This was not at all the kind of distraction he needed. Truthfully, while he might enjoy the kind of diversion that a certain fiery Bajoran woman might be able to - willing to - provide him, such an inturruption, even as pleasant as Ryuan Sel, was not something he could afford at that point in time. He had to see, futile though it might be, how Sonja Acerth's trip through time affected their own continutiy. If he could. Time was of the esence (wasn't it always?) and he couldn't spare the time to deal with these fools. He didn't have the time.

Of course, they were incapacitating the crew. And Sarresh needed the crew, and more importantly, they ship they crewed, to survive a while longer. Every person that these jackasses put into stasis or killed outright was one less person available to Captain Ives, and himself by extension, for the completion of their mission. And his own. It sounded like no one was out right dead yet, but it would only be a matter of time. And he understood how these people thought.

"Despite the fact that i have no involvement with this cult," he thought aloud, perhaps not even realizing he was doing so. "Despite the fact that i despise them, you are laying any blood they shed on my hands. You are blaming me for the actions of others that I in no way actively encourage. You place the fault for someone's own decisions on my hands. Were they to be drunk on alcohol, they would be blamed for their actions, not the drink. Yet because they are intoxicated on misplaced belief, I am the one you lay the blame on. And do not pretend otherwise," Sarresh noted as he straightened his shoulders and tugged his jacket into place.

"You, Lieutenant, do not, i don't think at least, blame me. But our new boss does," he turned his gaze back to Vivian. "Your rank, your position gives you the right to order me to say something. My duty is to council you in that I feel that nothing I can say, or do, would have the result you desire - thus is the nature of fanaticism.

"But no position, no rank, gives you the right to judge me thus, Lt. Commander." Just as I may not tell you to go straight to hell with your trumped up self-righteousness, nor can you pain my hands blood red by the actions of those I have no relationship nor association with. "So if you are going to order me to say something, fine, i have no choice. I cannot say without reasonable doubt that the order would be legally unjust, so an offical protest of an official order would be pointless." He let out a resigned sigh.

"Their actions certainly are beyond the pale. That is not in argument. But as I feel it would not help in the slightest to gain that which you wish, Commander, will have to make it an official Order, for me to step away from my assignment and devote my limited resources to tackling this Devoted problem...."

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[ Lt. Simon Tovarek | Science Labs | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Hastata-Nerada  , @Brutus

Simon was content that Martin had agreed with the idea that doing nothing was worse than doing anything at all. However, she didn't seem to back the idea of making it an official meeting. Tovarek couldn't really blame her as it would mostly be cloak and dagger kind of work, shady at best. Sarresh on the other hand seemed to still be opposed to the idea. The words he used made that much clear as he persisted on claiming he had no affairs or links to the cult. Simon watched the man and just crossed his arms as he could do no more at this time. A slight nod given to the turned human as he got mentioned in not blaming the temporal officer for the actions aboard the ship. His eyes shifted to Martin though as Sarresh openly attacked her by pointing out that she blamed him for the actions of the Devoted.

It wasn't something that Simon would openly defend Martin for as he wasn't sure if it indeed was the case. Sarresh had the ocular implants to prove his point. Yet this discussion wasn't something that Tovarek would mingle in. It'd be a far too slippery slope to engage in and would probably influence the effect on further cooperation with either party. His eyes drifted back to Sarresh as he simply awaited the reply of Martin. It was a hard choice to make. Sarresh had pushed her with her back to the wall. An order needed to be given to the scientist in order to deal with the devoted, as it would seemingly not be done on his own accord.

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[ Lt.Com. Vivian Martin | Science Labs | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus @Nolan

Vivian was starting to get frustrated with Morali. The blame was not on him, there was no blood on his hands save for that which was garners from inaction. It seemed that Morali would refuse to budge unless the official order was given, something that Vivian was more than prepared to do.

"Yes, Lieutenant Sarresh Morali, I will order you to order this charming little cult to stand down." Vivian emphasized charming little cult with a definitive frown on her face as she did so. "Consider this to be an official order Mister Morali." She said. "You will address the fanatics in an official manner and inform them that they will stand down and disband." Vivian concluded. She was frustrated indeed, and she took a deep breath to try and calm her nerves a bit before she elected to continue.

"You must address them or else we risk losing more people to your confounded inaction and your insistence that you bear no responsibility over these people who commit such crimes in your name." She continued, and then took another breath. She did her best to remain calm in front of her staff, and to try and maintain some sort of semblance of professionalism. But if Morali was able to tell that she had elevated heart rate before, there was no use hiding her state of being now. Or at least that's what she told herself as she continued to do so anyway. Above all, Vivian hoped that this would work, and that they would finally see the end to this ridiculous cult of personality.


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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Science Labs | Deck 7 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Hastata-Nerada @Nolan 

So that is that then, Sarresh suppressed his desire for a resigned sigh, swallowing it and leaving it trapped in his throat. He breathed in deep through his nose, and let it out slowly, quietly through barely parted lips. He didn't feel that he'd won some battle - far from it. He'd forced her to order him so that when it backfired it'd be on the record. Huzzah a bitter retort.  History showed that fanatics did not respond to the kind of official response she was asking for. It just had them making a martyr of the person making the proclamation. This would end in blood, and it would damn well be on his hands, because he was going to become a flashpoint by opening his mouth. Because he'd been ordered to satisfy his superiors need to lash back out at the people that had hurt her.

For a moment, he pictured bringing in whoever the faceless leaders of this cult were, into a room after making an announcement. in his minds eye, he imagined dragging the blurred figure to him and punching over, and over and over. His fist connecting with the damned fools face, just like they had so violently done to others. The sickening crunch of bone under his knuckles, the feeling of blood - red, green blue, it didn't mater -between his fingers. Dropping the unconscious body to the floor and flinging a blood stained hand at the Lt. Commander, asking if she was satisfied now.  Was that a message that these so called Devoted would understand?

It was there and gone in an second, hardly a flicker of intent in his artificial eyes. It didn't leave righteous indignation behind, nor the fiery conviction of vindication. No, Sarresh just felt drained, and had a suspicion it wouldn't get any better. At least Tovarek had the brains to stay quiet at this point. He'd said his piece and backed off. Sarresh would miss that hands off approach. He imagined that whatever working relationship he would have with Lt. Cmdr. Vivian Martin was going to be irrevocably tarred by the assholes that attacked her before he'd even met the woman in person. So be it.

"Very well," he rolled his shoulders back, "as ordered, i'll obey." He promised Ives that much. Ives promised him  a free hand in solving their time stream issues. Ives had him keeping his hands off. Let them sort this out. "In that case, Commander, if you have any further insight as to how to -"

Of course, that was when the voice of Thea, the ships AI cut through the compartment in crisp, if hurried fashion. "Bridge to Lt. Morali. Report immediately.  Emergency Site to Site transport will be authorized  if need be." She delivered the news with calm aplomb, in even tones that only someone well versed with the AI would be able to pierce and detect the notes of concern in her ever present voice. Sarresh was not that familiar with the AI. Certainly not enough to know her idiosyncrasies when it came to her emotional state.

But he was well aware of the Starfleet standard protocols involving site to site transports. Such a notice could not be good. His first reaction was to check his chronographs behind him. Rapid eye movement took in the whole display that was nonsense to any but himself. Nothing was out of place. That said to him that whatever was going on, was not related to the time stream; or at least not in a significant enough capacity as to trigger an alert or even a ripple.

And that left...well, nothing he wanted to deal with. Not at all. His eyes narrowed as he took in his superiors, turning back around. You may have been too late Sarresh thought to himself as he tugged his uniform jacket into place, and squared his jaw, summoning what dignity he could.

"Acknowledged. I am on my way," he affirmed to the computer. Then he said to Lt. Cmdr. Martin, "With your leave, Commander? I think this conversation has been effectively tabeled. Once the bridge is done with me, we can revisit the specifics of how to....address the fanatics in a fashion that will result in the least amount of bloodshed." Stupid fucking idiots.  Every second they pull me away from this is a wasted opportunity. Just arrest them all and be done with it.

- Fin

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