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C05: S Day 01 [1405 hrs.] Dress Shopping!

[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu| Crew Berths | Deck 1 | USS Allegiant | Aerodrome of the Erudite ] Attn:  @Pierce @P.C. Haring


continued from Chapter 5: And so it begins...

Leading the Vulcan into the crew berthings, Lillee slipped around the bunk beds, only giving the redhead human a passing glance as she went. Upon reaching the large control panel at the aft bulkhead, she checked that the Vulcan had actually followed her before looking back at the panel.

"Computer," she said curtly, "show me all Romulan female summer dresses in the database, phanni styling, knee-length at a minimum."

"No data available," came the computer's smooth response.

"What!?" Lillee exclaimed in frustration, then rolled her eyes. "Elements preserve me from fools! With all their spies, Starfleet never thought to grab a fashion magazine?" She grunted. "Computer, open the dress editor, load a Vulcan spring robe." The screen changed to show a flowing blue robe, but Lillee started modifying it immediately. "The others can get away with being imprecise with their clothes, but since you can't show emotion...oh, I am Lillee, pilot. Remove your clothes, we need to fit whatever I are a doctor, yes? I have seen you on the ship."

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[ Lt. Commander Alana Pierce | Crew Berths | Deck 1 | USS Allegiant | Aerodrome of the Erudite ] Attn: @P.C. Haring @Griff [Show/Hide]

Walking into her 'quarters', Alana was admiring the fact that they were essentially screwed if they didn't take precautions early for the expedition on Romulus. Watching from the corner of her eye while she addressed her own concerns with clothing, she took note of Lillee's scolding of her Vulcan compatriot. Hiding a human with emotions and vigor was easier than hiding a Vulcan that lacked the emotions necessary to hide themselves in a social situation. So drawing less attention to them by their clothing was the next best thing.

Listening to Lillee's frustration was entertaining but at the same time, Alana had to agree that the lack of decorum on the Federation's part was startling. After all, there was always the records on how to hide someone with surgical modifications, but the clothing was an odd thing to forget. Thankfully, she had some files saved from her recent encounter with Hirek she could relay and with luck, recycle for their present situation. She nearly choked on her saliva as she heard Lillee demanding Hatheev to strip to satisfy her need to give her proper attire.

Stepping forward with a PADD she'd uploaded the holodeck data to, she passed it between the two women in the room. "As much fun as it might be to see this, and bicker about Starfleet's lack of clothing, I do have options thankfully to our Intelligence Agent, Hirek. He was kind enough to provide me some level of wears from the homeworld. Might need some tweaking but should suffice." She smirked as she handed the device to Lillee for inspection.

"I trust my clothing is in line with the mission perameters?" She said, waving down her body wearing the nearly skin-tight Romulan cloth of a noble woman of status from the homeworld. "My attempts to get this right was of the most importance but I'd understand if I missed the mark as well. Although, hiding a human has to be easier than a Vulcan in some regards. At least as far as personality is concerned." Stopping momentarily to reassert her comment, "No offence meant Commander." She stated to Hatheev.

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