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Re: Chapter 4: When you wish upon a star [ Day 1 | 1400 ]

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Aerodrome of the Erudite ] Attn: @RyeTanker  and anyone else that wants to chime in

Faye gave a snort of amused laughter at the retreating form of Ens. Wix, shaking her head and smiling softly in the wake of the miniaturized tornado of personality. "No Ensign, you weren't," she agreed, not that the other woman would be able to hear her at this point having already vanished from view in swift form. "Not that you didn't try of course." The poor pilot had been broadcasting pretty hard as to what she was attempting to do and the Betazoid had been more than happy to let her try. Had she been successful well, that would have been another matter entirely, and one that she would have brought up with Ida promptly. She could only imagine the sheer havoc that could have unfolded with a newly awakened telepathic presence with absolutely no training on how to process such sensations, let alone control them. And something about Ens. Wix had Faye doubting that 'control' was in the pilot's vocabulary.

But the departure of the pilot just led to more of the dispatched Theurgy contingent circling in for their assignments. She got caught up in the work, and blinked in surprise when she felt the familiar touch and mental presence of Zark back in her sphere of influence again. Quite close at that, as soon the Andorian was nestled behind her, flicking through the room assignments. Faye thought to ask if she needed help but knew that there was little need for it, as the blue skin woman was soaking up the physical touch for the sheer enjoyment of it. And probably for Faye as well. The Betazoid relaxed back against the armored security officer as best she could, until Zark split off to get ahead of the crowd. Faye murmured a quick, "Later," in response, before turning to the next eager beaver looking for a port in the storm.

This resulted in Faye being perpetually stuck near the back of the mass of Starfleet personnel assigned to their particular mission. Given the nature of the party deposited aboard the Erudite had been far larger than one's average away mission. It was quite the command for Lt. Leavitt, she mused, and hoped that he was up to the task. He was brilliant, and he had been forthright and honest with the group once they had boarded the Savi ship about what lay ahead and what was expected for them. But it was a heavy thing to have to deal with, the command and the scope of the mission.

Of course he has Ida zh'Wann backing him up and she's a beast. He'll be fine, she thought to herself, and wished that her inner monologue sounded as assured of that fact as she wanted it to be.

Eventually however the crowd around her thinned out and Faye was able to join the rest of the crew within the confines of the berthing set aside for the detachment. The problem was, the closer she got to their quarters the more the pressure of the crew weighed down upon her. Disappointment swept over her and she gave a physical shudder, the normally bubbly Ensign curling back up and redoubling her mental blocks, slamming them tightly into place. She let out a ragged breath and looked around at the assembled group, all of them sullenly staring at their plate. She spotted Zark (now out of that armor and in the much more visibly appealing undersuit) coming back from the replicators with a tray and a less than pleased look on her face. Faye promptly detached herself from the tail end of the group she'd fallen in behind, and made a beeline for the other Andorian, with her own bag still thrown over her shoulder.

"What is it? What's wrong?" she asked, a trace of urgency and worry in her voice that she couldn't hide, her eyes up on the blue face before her - not at all noticing the obvious cause of dismay. ”I can feel it pressing all around me; it's coming off of everyone in waves, even you,” she added in a soft whisper.

Re: Chapter 4: When you wish upon a star [ Day 1 | 1400 ]

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Aerodrome of the Erudite]

@Brutus @ob2lander961 @Eirual @Griff @Tae @Sqweloookle @Eden

Lieutenant Zark stared at what was supposed to be a pile of alneesh on flatbread.  She frowned as she took her fork to poke it a few times. She speared a piece of meat and picked it up and smelled it.  It confirmed her earlier nasal assessment that it didn't smell like a whole lot of anything.  There was some food smell, but it was really faint.  Thinking back on the Savi themselves, she had to wonder if their small or almost non existent noses somehow changed their perspective on food.  Looking around, she saw a few plates that had some food missing, so people had tried to eat what was in front of them.  They didn't seem to be on the floor dying, so she presumed it was safe to eat.  Maybe there had been a programming incompatibility between the Theurgy's database and the Savi replicator. Sighing, she speared the food and bit in.  The first thought that hit her mind was Meh. At the same time, she stuck her tongue out in disgust at the idea that food could be so bland.  Maybe the Savi had lost culinary artistry over time.

The food was so bland and boring that it was easy to sense the approaching body.  She recognized the voice immediately and felt a shiver run through her anyway even though the Betazoid was simply asking a question of concern.  Turning to her, Zark gave a sad smile.  "It's the food Faye, The Savi's replicators managed to butcher this examplar of Andorian culinary creativity."  Zark looked at the food again . "Okay, butcher is a bit far for what they did, but they've somehow managed to suck the soul out of the food."

Sighing, Zark was about to toss the fork onto the plate, but at the same time she needed to eat.  Looking up again, she spotted her boss talking to the mission commander and an idea struck her.  "Wait here hun."  Grabbing the plate, she brought the plate of blandness over to Lieutenant Ida. "Sir, have you had a chance to try the food yet?  It's an experience."  The other Zhen looked at her exec, then at the food for about a minute, then back at her exec suspiciously. "Why specifically is this an 'experience'?"  The implied air quotes hung heavily. Zark shrugged and simply offered the plate.  Ida followed the same protocol as the medic and looked around the mess hall first.  The Deputy also noticed that no one was on the ground dying or in pain, but there definitely was a general mailaise.  Ice blue eyes narrowed on blue-green ones in suspicion. "And you've tried the food?"  The medic nodded and Ida sighed then took a piece and smelled it first.  Her own confusion began to grow as she tried to sniff the food, bringing it closer and closer to her nose.  Giving up, Ida put the foodstuff in her mouth and chewed very slowly.  Feeling it was tested enough, she dropped the grey mass out and turned to Lieutenant Leavitt. "I see, this is a probem.  Mr.Leavitt, we need to have the replicators examined so they can produce something palatable.  Our people won't be mentally prepared for the mission if they find our emergency rations were the tastiest thing they had on this expedition."

Zark blinked and grinned at the dead pan joke her boss had just delivered.  There was an unsightly urge to giggle, but she pulled in her lips to stifle the attempt. The security head nodded. "Thank you Lieutenant. Carry on."  Lieutenant Zark nodded at this turned back to where Faye was waiting. "Well, hopefully our bright boys and girls will be able to get the system producing something good enough for us to eat." A sudden thought crossed Zark's mind as she looked at Faye and she couldn't help it as gave a very leery grin.  "On the other hand, if we're really hungry, we'll eat just about anything, so what say you about going to build up an appetite." The Zhen bit her lower lip and bobbed her eyebrows. If she was going to have to wait, she'd at least enjoy herself in the mean time.


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