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PRO: S [D01|0630] Unexpected and Awkward.

[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Lower Gymnasium | Deck 14 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @ob2lander961 @chXinya 

The repeated thump, thump, thwap, thwack of gloved hands making contact with the swinging bag filled Sarresh's ears as he worked the punching bag over, going through another round. His hands ached, arms burning with the effort as he channeled his frustrations into each swing. Sweat dripped over his features, staining the navy shirt he work, with the legend of 'Thea' in white lettering over his chest. Standard gym attire aboard ship, a Starfleet tradition dating back well over a century, and one he found he didn't mind.

Having been unable to sleep after pulling a shift and a half the day prior, Sarresh had given up his nascent attempts roughly around 0500 hours. It would mean that he was going to be tired throughout his next duty shift, but that was hardly a first. The time travelers sleep schedule was always erratic and in truth, he never really slept as much as the average human was supposed to. He managed relatively fine, and the doctors down in Sickbay had never commented on any detrimental signs. He did, after all, have to go in for regular checkups. Understandable, considering everything that had happened to him to this point and time.

Is it any wonder I prefer the sentient robot to the rest of them? He thought to himself, as he spun and kicked the back, a shock of well earned pain working its way up the back of his calf. Leg extended, he held himself in place for a moment, body taut, heart racing. With a small groan, he lowered the leg and steadied the bag, catching his breath. He'd been in the ship's Lower Gymnasium for over an hour, he noticed, as he looked at the clock, having chased his frustrations across the exercise facility.

Usually preferring to take a dip in the ships main pool, he found he hadn't the heart for a swim since he'd heard about what had happened to Samantha Rutherford, another of his few close friends to encounter tragedy. He'd met her in that pool, and it had started...something. Where it might have gone he couldn't know, but she'd unlocked parts of his mind, not to mention cracked his gruff exterior and got him to open up about...a lot. She was a good friend, and he hoped that whatever might happen, she might one day come back. It was unlikely however, certainly not any time soon. But with the memory of their first meeting haunting him, Sarresh had taken to getting his exercise elsewhere.

His workout had carried him to almost every point of the room, though he did not step into either of the boxing rings set up catercorner to each other. There were plenty of others working out, many he even recognized, but he didn't feel like trading blows with any of them. Or talking to anyone. Solitary exertions had been his goal, and he had achieved that. Raking his fingers through his sweat damp hair, he turned and through his towel over his shoulder, around the back of his neck, and padded over to one of the replicators. "Water. Chilled. No ice."

The replicator delivered the drink, in an appropriate bottle for the location, and flush with necessary electrolytes to help replenish those exhausted already. Sarresh sipped it slowly as he strode back across the gym, watching as a buff Arkenite bent down, hooking his fingers under a massive rubber tire, and flipped it over with a shout. Sarresh had been there half an hour prior, and grimaced, remembering his attempts, which while successful, were to a lesser degree. The Arkenite was quite muscular for its species. Two Tellerites were badgering each other, seated side by side on rowing machines. Their arguing seemed to egg each other on, trying to see which could outdo the other. He shook his head and actually smiled, briefly.

But he was done being here, and he knew he needed to clean off. While he could go back to his quarters many decks above, Sarresh couldn't be bothered with the effort. And honestly, he had little desire to make anyone stuck in the turbolift with him uncomfortable. So his meandering carried him back into the communal locker room. Unburdened by any such nudity taboos that some species still harbored, he moved up to the locker he had selected earlier - it contained the last three digits of what he believed to be his birth year, if his tortured memories could be trusted - and pressed his hand to the biometric scanner, which unlocked the small cupboard for him.

Not paying attention to anyone else in the room - he wasn't alone, he was aware of that - he removed his gloves, as well as the shoes and his communicator. Lastly, the small monitoring band he wore during his exercises was taken off as well, placed inside the chamber, on top of his off duty casual garments he had worn down to the gym. The clothes he had exercised in had been replicated there in the locker room, and soon they would be recycled.

Shutting the door, he strode over to the replicator in question. Stripping down, he queued up the recycling sequencer, watching as his gym garments spun away into blue white motes of light, only to be replaced a moment later by a larger towel. Not bothering to wrap it around his waist, he turned, with the cloth tossed over his shoulder, and nearly barreled into someone else who had been crossing behind him. Shamefaced he stumbled back, having grabbed onto the arm of the other officer in an attempt to keep either of them from falling.

"I know its early in the morning but rea-" he started, his voice sounding ragged even to himself, only to stop as recognition flashed. The face before him, the person, he had last seen beaming up from a particularly unpleasant encounter on Qo'noS, with agents of a powerful shadow organization known as the Aegis. He had not expected to see any of them again anytime soon, let alone with himself standing naked on his way to a shower.

"Ah. You. Well. This is awkward..."

OOC: Up to y'all as to which of you Sarresh has just bumped into

Re: PRO: S [D01|0630] Unexpected and Awkward.

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[ Ens. Via "DixeBee" Wix | Lower Gymnasium | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus  @chXinya

Via had always been a rather active person growing up. With the hussle and bussle of the megacity she grew up in it there was always something to do, people to meet, deals to be made etc. The young woman loved street fighting, watching them, and being in them. Occasionally she would go to the gym with her friends but otherwise the illicit activities her brothers involved her with kept her in shape. When she joined Starfleet the incentive (or really requirement) for her to be physically active increased. Daily physical training sessions on top of the usual drill NCO smoke session allowed her to pass the academy's standards. In flight school, most of the physical intensity was toned down but the requirement was still there. Via however didn't feel the need to do anything extra and started to somewhat coast in terms of working out until graduation. After the incident and being medically grounded on the Oneida, Via had wasted away for several months before joining the Theurgy. The yearly Starfleet physical assessments that were required for her were waived due to her situation but once she had been released by the medical staff there was a requirement of doing physical therapy to work her body up to strength.

Something that she completely ignored

Via instead did all she could to relax, drink and do the bare minimum administratively. The young woman was getting too comfortable.  If she could find a way to get out of it she would and the medical staff was hounding her constantly about it. So to get them off her back she would "report" that she went to the gym for at least an hour each week which was still 3 times less than she was required to do, but it showed that she was at least doing something. In reality, during these workout sessions, she just talked with a few friends she made while they worked out, or she just sat in the locker room and watched holovids on her PADD all day or read bad romance novels.

This day Via actually spotted one of the nurses that were hounding her at the gym. Not wanting to get caught lying she actually got on one of the treadmills and ran for a good while. The said nurse didn't even notice her but Via not wanting to risk it kept it up until she left. Drenched in sweat and feeling like her legs were about to fall off the young pilot slowly brought herself into the locker room where she would sit as she caught her breath with her first instinct being to take off her pants so her legs would breathe. Of course, being Via she had forgotten to wear her underwear which while strange to some was quite normal for her. Not that she cared about people seeing her nude in the slightest, all that was on her mind was how much she wanted to head back to her room and lay down. She stood up but smelt something horrendous. It was coming from her and it made her gag.

"Damn, my ass stank...shit." she said to herself as she smelt her armpits. Via hated being nasty, smelling nasty, and generally being around nasty things so taking a sonic shower was her first priority. Seeing a large group of people walk in smelling worse in addition to expecting them to take all the shower spots, Via made a beeline to the section, passing someone who just at the right moment turned his towel in a way it hit her straight in the face nearly causing her to fall. The man in question managed to grab her arm in time preventing her from impacting the ground but Via wasn't having it.

"Watch where your dumbass is goin-" Via was about to go off but then she finally processed who it was she was talking to. He recognized her as well. This prompted an "Oh its you..." look from the young pilot.

"Hey, I member you! From them stupid ass aliens that kidnapped us!" Via didn't even bare a look at the rest of his body which was completely naked, nor was she ashamed that she was half naked from the waist down. She just placed her hands on her hips and looked mildly annoyed. "Your ass be tryin' to kill me damn. Anyway, ain't you a scientist or somethin? Since when y'all be workin' out, don't ya just sit there and talk about...mitochondria bein' the powerhouse of a warp cell and shit?" she paused after she noticed his awkward expression. "Wait why you lookin' at me all weird?" she chuckled thinking he was scared of her. "I ain't got any problem with you, just that fuckin' andorian bitchass who left me hangin'. I swear if my ass sees him again I'm takin' his kneecaps. Just gotta find somethin' hard and pointy..." she said thinking about a metal rod she could use to do the job.   

Re: PRO: S [D01|0630] Unexpected and Awkward.

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[ PO2 Kythalie Benmual | Lower Gymnasium | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus   @chXinya @ob2lander961

Morning routines were a habit for Kythalie if her shift started later in the day. Just get that morning tiredness out of her system and warm her muscles up for the day to come. The gym wasn't overly crowded, yet it seemed like it had drawn more crew than on other days. Kythalie continued to do her morning routines though, a list of sets beforehand that she always cycled through to break a sweat and maintain her muscle mass. Luckily she had just finished up on said sets as the gym seemed to get somewhat busier.

Kythalie lingered a little longer in the gym, watching a few of her colleagues spar and cheering them on before they were eventually too banged up to continue. She was laughing and said her goodbyes to them as she made her way to the locker rooms to get ready for a shower. Once in the communal locker rooms, she discarded her gym outfit and let it disintegrate in the recycler before she opened up her locker for a towel. She just held on to the towel, not being bothered with casual nudity like most who visited the communal locker room.

She was about to make her way to the nearest sonic shower section when she heard a dispute forming a few aisles down the lockers. Figuring that she was off duty, she still felt the need o go and investigate if it was more than just a verbal dispute. She turned around the corner and first spotted a dark haired woman who was scolding away at someone. She didn't quite catch all of it, nor did she recognize the woman. Figuring she could check in and make her presence known, she spoke up.

"Everything alright here? I heard some commo-"

Her words grinded to a halt as she saw who the woman was interacting with. Sarresh Morali stood there with just a towel over his shoulder. The man and her had interacted a few times before and Kythalie's eyes moved over him, taking in his true shape and size as he could undoubtedly do the same with her as she was on full display herself. Kythalie snapped out of the surprise view and closed her eyes for a second before continuing.

"I'm from Security, is there a problem here?"

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