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One Small Step for the in-Game

After reviewing notes from the campfire meeting, discussions on Discord, and the board, we created this poll to determine the next in-game movement. This is a SUPER simplified allotment of options that were brought up with specific details (i.e., who the next captain could be if we go that route, will we have NPC fleet ships to work with, employment of time jumps, etc.) to be worked on after we have determined this next step. Please reach out if the simplification causes confusion and you need more clarity to vote (and the poll has been amended to allow you to change your vote if you voted contrary to what you understood). This poll will be up for one week (7 days), and all members are invited to participate during that time (one vote per member).

*We are still determining the site hosting separately from this (and thank you again to all those with experience in this part of the mechanics for reaching out and sharing!). *

Re: One Small Step for the in-Game

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Howdy folks,

Apologies for the delay and thank you for your patience; please have a looksy at this document. It is a bit lengthy, but efforts were made to condense what was already written by AL elsewhere (you can read through that as well if you'd like greater details than what are here).  On a non-storyboard note, we do have some solid concepts for domain hosting and are looking to have that finalized well before the Janurary deadline so in the meantime, keep on writing and being creative as we step forward into this episode! We will gear up for moving into the episode by the end of the month so please take the time before then to wrap up anything, or create and draw to a close anything needed for the episode, before then.

It is a synthesized synopsis of the story AL created using the storyboarding process we all pitched in with some time back. The only adjustments included to what he originally posted would be making space for his characters to be utilized for the story progression and later disembark for one reason or another (we are discussing with him what he’d prefer for his character's fates, and he will also share some of his story notes with us in his time as he’s able). We voted to keep the original story established already on the forum, so there is no need to try to rehash the details of the chapter objectives and overall plot of the next episode. However, there is a need for storyboarding details for the epilogue and the bridging to episode 3 (please read the document before you start sharing ideas).

For the folks who offered themselves up as tribute…er…assistance for storyboarding, we need 3-4 story prompts per chapter, as well as for the prologue and epilogue. They can be funny, terrifying, mysterious, heart-wrenching, you name it, but they should move the story forward and develop the characters more. Please send your story prompt ideas to Brutus, Rae, or Ellen so we can bouncy bounce the ideas and get them situated in the storyboard.

Re: One Small Step for the in-Game

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Loving this and I'm more than happy to send Hathev off to Romulus to help with the Romulan Look alike sneaky sneaky aspects.  In fact I think that would be hella fun...  So if the Eurdite leaves without her, I will be very sad.

Question regarding Tac-Conn.   What is the current thought on how the squad will deploy?  Will they all stay with the Ranger or will they split off to support the Helmet as well?

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Question regarding Tac-Conn.   What is the current thought on how the squad will deploy?  Will they all stay with the Ranger or will they split off to support the Helmet as well?

Unless I've read the synopsis wrong (its early, still getting my coffee) I believe the plan was for the entire squadron to deploy with the Ranger to intercept the Romulan carrier so as to engage in one (if not THE) big dogfight of the episode. The Helmet was to stay behind with Donatra/Martok and their fleets awaiting the upgrades necessary to counter the radiation-that-makes-everyone-ashy.

Re: One Small Step for the in-Game

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IMPORTANT REMINDER: The main storyline progresses this week. Please make any character changes that could affect the story soon, submitting the requests via the google form @rae created to assist in organization.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: If, as an active writer, your current numbers qualify for another character according to the old formula (2 characters: 0.2 - 0.29; 3 characters: 0.3 - 0.39; 4 characters:  0.4 - 0.49), you may submit a character concept application to Rae, who will utilize the feedback system from those who opted into the applications team to help the applicant fine-tune their concept. Once the fine-tuning is done, Rae will refer the application to the GM team for final approval.

Side note for the greedy: even IF your numbers qualify you for four characters right NOW, you can only apply for one character at a time with the standard 3 months cool down in between character concepts.

Another important note for all: this is a present situation allowance. The previous format of in-thread posts vs. out-of-threads, time between replies in threads, etc. was very helpful in the past, and we'd like to keep it that way. Still, we also understand the desire for some reorganization and creative build-up considering our present circumstances. We hope this is the halfway point where you can happily launch from


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