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[2286] USS Eagle - Lost to Time

[ Lt. Commander James Alan Pierce | Crew Quarters | Deck 05 | USS Eagle ][Show/Hide]
Lt. Commander James Pierce sat in his senior officer's quarters, laid out on his bed, and wondered what the day would bring. It'd been quiet lately other than hostilities with the Klingon Empire. From what he'd gathered from Intelligence reports that had come in, they were experimenting with some pretty bad and outlawed compounds. He leaned up and carefully climbed out as to not wake the woman who was lying beside him. She was beautifully asleep still covered up, with a partial view of an exposed breast. Her hair was auburn red in color, and if he had to say so himself, the young woman was stunning. Her career only just started as she was the age of 19 and a Cadet. Cadet Denielle Craig.

He snapped back to the thought at hand, only covered by his Starfleet issue boxers at this point, he stepped over and sat down at his terminal which was flashing a very faint shade of red. He tapped the terminal and a message came in from Admiral Cartwright with a covert message that relayed, For Your Eyes Only.

Pierce. We have a mission for you, and it's not an easy one. Although, I don't have to tell you that with the recent events around here. Thankfully no time travel is warranted like Admiral Kirk's recent stunt to avert the alien probe. Anyhow, Starfleet Command has detected that the Klingon Empire is once again experimenting with augments much like the ones they experimented with over a hundred years ago. Only this time those Klingon bastards have discovered a rare bio-mimetic gel that once combined with enzymes from key plants on the surface of the Qu'Vat Colony can create a Klingon augment. The face paled and took a deep breath before looking up again as if looking him in the eyes.

Your mission is to go on an undercover intelligence-gathering mission in Klingon space. Gather samples of the rare form of bio-mimetic gel the Klingons are working with for genetic experimentation. I want you to hack into their database to compile the plans and the formulas for the compound and finally destroy not only their database but the facility. When you've done that, rendezvous with your ship, the U.S.S. Eagle and I'll send a transport to gather the materials for Starfleet Intelligence to examine. Good luck out there. Cartwright out.

He rubbed his chin as he deleted the message and scrubbed it from his private terminal. No telling who could get that and no reason to implicate the crew or the ship should he be caught. He had to get a move on soon. Duty was about to start and he had to find a reason to be off-ship so that Captain Katy Garretson didn't get implicated. He glanced at the young ensign still sound asleep in his bed. He walked towards her, touched her hair as he leaned in to kiss her auburn head. He scratched his head from an itch that was ever-present and stepped into his closet to get dressed. Quickly he emerged fully dressed in his uniform. He took a final look around as if somehow deep down he knew that he'd never step foot in the room again and stepped out the door as it swished closed behind him.

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[ Lt. Commander James Alan Pierce | Crew Quarters | Deck 05 | USS Eagle ][Show/Hide]

His quick jaunt to talk to the Captain met futility as Captain Garretson was busy with a transmission from the Admiralty. More than likely Cartwright finished appraising his CO of the need to travel off the ship. Or at least he'd hoped that to prevent any provocation that may yet arise. After all, he was the Executive Officer aboard the USS Eagle, but he also had a responsibility to Starfleet Intelligence even though at times it could get a bit stressful.

Elliot stepped out of his quarters, peered around, and saw Pierce standing nearby. James, please come in. I just received word from Admiral Cartwright he needs you back at the Starbase stat for some impromptu meeting. Care to shed a light on that excusal? The Captain gracefully welcomed Pierce into his quarters and pointed to a chair to let the two of them discuss what they were at liberty to state. He knew James was important to Starfleet but wasn't quite sure how far down the rabbit hole his XO went with the top brass.

"Thank you, sir." Hands now breaking from their formation behind his back, he stepped in after his commanding officer and relaxed slightly knowing this could be a difficult conversation despite their mutual friendship. "I wish I could sir, but I'm unable to disclose at this time what exactly they have for me. It's classified. However, it doesn't place the ship or her crew in any danger. It's a one-man sort of recon mission."

Eyes peered and squinted with a little bit of suspicion but Garretson let the matter go. Taking a stand, he reached forward to his XO and extended his hand to shake which Pierce met in mid-stride. The two of them gave each other a knowing glance despite the secrecy shrouding the mission at hand and the sneaky suspicion of wonder whether this would be that final handshake between friends.

"Well, good luck Pierce. I've never worked with a finer officer and friend." The Captain smiled showing the mustache riding upon his chin as he stood back at his desk. "Hopefully we'll meet again and you'll be back aboard the ship to continue as my Executive Officer and maybe we can get you into the running for a promotion as the CO of your own ship someday." He winked as he clasped his hands in front of himself.

Pierce stood in the wake of his Captain and smiled albeit solemnly at this particular conversation. "I hope for that too sir." Air exhaled from his lungs as he took the tension out from a deep breath. "Permission to disembark."

Permission granted. Safe travels.

James nodded and turned around. He entered the hallway the same way he'd come in and took off toward the shuttle bay. The time had come and the mission was at hand. Either way this turned out, he was on his own now.

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[ Lt. Commander James Alan Pierce | Shuttle Bay | Deck 17 | USS Eagle ][Show/Hide]

The special civilian transport housed a Starfleet shuttle inside its unique shell. No doubt someone else was appraised of Admiral Cartwright's mission onboard the ship as this wasn't here a day ago. Not surprising as Starfleet Intelligence seemed to be intertwined everywhere. Rumors abounded of a secret organization run within the articles of the Federation that was above the law. So far, Pierce had yet to see that in play in any way. Maybe they were simply rumors.

His thoughts were loaded with an abundance of details of what may happen on the coming mission. As far as he'd managed to decipher, there was an element that Cartwright needed but getting it in a Klingon research facility wasn't going to be easy. Especially with the Klingons involved. Tensions were high and he couldn't risk an interstellar war with the Empire and the Federation.

The turbolift door opened and an Ensign walked in the door towards the shuttle. He had a PADD in his hand and approached Pierce.

"Hello sir. I was told to give this to you. The coordinates are already loaded into the shuttle and it's filled with secure storage tanks as well as a full complement of weapons and fuel. God speed."

Pierce smiled and nodded. "Thank you Ensign. If that's all, I'll be off."

He took the PADD and stepped into the shuttle as the door closed slowly behind him activating the maglock seals. He paced and stepped to the controls and sat in the seat. An aching feeling seemed to preoccupy his mind. Something about this mission was alarming him despite having gone on ones like this before. He shrugged it off and activated the thrusters. Hands moving across the panel in an almost majestic manner. He reached overhead and activated the shuttlebay doors. Within moments, he was off and in the blackness of space. Now, his mission begins.

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[ Lt. Commander James Alan Pierce | Crew Quarters | Deck 05 | USS Eagle ][Show/Hide]

It was quiet around him. Well other than the hum of the shuttle's small engines. The stars strown by his viewscreen as the ship traversed the small distance to Klingon space. With any luck, there wouldn't be too much trouble in his way before things got hairy. But that typically wasn't the case. He sat relaxed in the chair, checking over the star charts, as he monitored the sector for any incoming vessels. Thankfully Klingon's can't fire when cloaked. But it was only a matter of time before that was created he thought to himself.

The distance closed as he approached the Qu'Vat Colony. Supposedly he was tasked to obtain for Starfleet Intelligence some rare form of bio-mimetic gel the Klingons were working with for genetic experimentation. He was also tasked with hacking into their database to compile the plans and the formulas for the compound and destroy their database. The Empire in their desire to beat the Federation employed enzymes from key plants on the surface of the Qu'Vat Colony, which was the same place the Klingons created the Klingon augment virus over a century ago. They hoped to succeed where others had previously failed with this new form of a Klingon mutagenic virus.

He groaned as he stood up and gathered a dark, special ops Starfleet Uniform from the bulkhead compartment. His arms lifted overhead as he pulled the duty uniform off and replaced it with the special black top half. Communicator and phaser now mounted to his hip holsters. Pierce grabbed a few tools of the trade to disrupt local sensors and download the data to the PADD for transmission to Cartwright. Lucky bastard never seemed to get his hands dirty. One of these days, James thought he'd have to confront the man about his rather mysterious tasks.

Today wasn't that day however as the sensors were tripped. He rushed back towards the console and sat down, finishing his in-flight checklist as he did. Luckily there were two Klingon scout ships on rendezvous with the station and not near him. His hands worked the controls to keep him on the outskirts of the Klingon's sensors. No need to get detected. James scanned a place to set the shuttle down on the other side of the cavern near the colony. Wasn't opportune but it would have to do.

A short time later, the ship's thrusters whined as it entered the atmosphere. With any luck, the colony lacked proper scanners to allow him inside. Just to be sure, activated his personal scatter field device. Better to not be detected he thought. The landing gear set down as it covered the unlikely position. He tapped the controls to activate the transponder for his personal transporter to beam him back once he'd accomplished his mission. Activating the security protocols, Pierce placed the shuttle in standby mode and stepped off into the atmosphere. He climbed the nearest ridge and spotted several Klingon patrols as well as their...pets...if they could be called that. What passed for a Klingon dog was nothing he wanted to come face to face with. He might be able to hide from the sensors but the line of sight or line of smell wasn't something he could hide from. He climbed further up the ridge until he was out of the way before pulling his binoculars to scan the facility.

It was going to be like taking candy from a baby. He smirked as he jumped the ridge and made a mad dash for the building. The sensor disruptor was working flawlessly. He tapped the control pad on the exterior of the nearest doorway and it denied him access. Hearing footsteps, he jumped around a corner and hid as two Klingon scientists walked to the door and tapped a few keys. Pierce took note of most but missed the initial command. The two scientists stepped in the door and turned as Pierce barrel-rolled into the entry as it smacked his foot with an audible clang. The two Klingons turned, clearly startled by the sound but to their surprise, no one was present. Shrugging it off, the two laughed and continued their banter.

Pierce sat behind the nearest bulkhead, panting quietly as he tried not to make any further noise. "Fuck that was too close." He whispered. His head peered around the corner and didn't see any further possible security risks. "It's game time you Klingon pigs. Hawkeye is on the loose." He stood up and held his phaser in hand as he approached the computer terminal. Carefully he interfaced his PADD into the computer to download whatever data he could find. Unfortunately, the data he actually sought wasn't here in this terminal. Likely kept on an off-network computer system to prevent people like him from doing what he'd just done.

In his download, he managed to get an updated map of the facility. Cartwright's intel was almost right but they'd clearly done some remodeling since that data was stolen. Time was on his side, for now, he glanced at the nearby corridor and his PADD. If this was to be believed, he had to find the turbolift and go down two levels to Science Lab 03. There should be where the specimen was located that he needed as well as the formula data. Taking careful steps down the hall, he found what appeared to be a dead-end. He touched various spots on the wall and his PADD confirmed, there was a door here...somewhere.

"Well well well. What did they cook up here? The PADD says there's a door. But there's not. So...where is that button?" He pushed his fingers closer to the wall to discover it was a holoprojector as his hand disappeared into the panel before him. His green eyes lit up as he smiled at the ingenuity of the Klingons. "Very clever boys. Let's see what else you're hiding in here." He stepped inside and was on the other side where sounds of machines could be heard humming loudly. What did he just walk into?

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[ Lt. Commander James Alan Pierce | Klingon Outpost | Qu'Vat Colony ] | [Show/Hide]

He found the turbolift nearby behind the "door" and activated the lift to go down the levels needed. The door opened and the sound intensified quickly.

The visuals looked like some old chemical factories back on Earth from the 21st Century. Rather impressive if a bit antiquated. Nonetheless, the Klingons seemed to be more focused on their scientific endeavor over the appearance. After all these weren't engineers deciding the decor. He could hear the loud thrumming of the machines much more clearly now that he'd gotten to the devices. Peering inside, he saw a chemical ingredient being mixed, zapped, and recycled within itself.

Around the corner he saw several Klingon officers messing with the compound he was after. They laughed at something he clearly missed being in hiding. That and the humming of the machines. That was when the scientists left the room, leaving the compound on the table ripe for the picking. "This is going way too easily. Something's not right. I can feel it." He whispered quietly.

Quickly the Starfleet officer ran towards the console and swiped the Bio-mimetic Gel container peering into the bluish liquid. Placing it carefully into his covered belt clip, he ran towards the computer terminal pulling the connection cords out of it and connecting it to his smaller tricorder prototype. His fingers danced across the console as he began the transfer of files to his tricorder. Meanwhile planting a time delayed fractal encrypted virus that would wipe their systems clean of all the key research required for the augmentation of the Klingons.

Shuffling could be heard from outside of the room, looking back at the console he saw the transfer was only at 54%. There clearly wasn't going to be enough time to get out without being caught now. He tabbed the controls to shut the door and lock it out for the moment. He heard running through the corridor as the door slammed shut and sealed. Banging grew loud on the other side of the door. He peered back at the computer and it was now at 76%.

The banging grew in intensity as he saw the thick doors start to heat up and turning a shade of burnt to bright orange in the middle of it. Meaning that as soon as they burn through the doors, he was toast. Reaching under his left armpit, he grabbed his Starfleet issue phaser from it's holster. Time was a luxury he didn't have to work with. The console read 92% now as the door melted away in the center. He dove behind a machine as the door burst open and Klingon's flooded through one by one. He fired.

The first soldier fell to the ground with a gaping hole in his chest and saw the shot went through into the next one to pass through the door into his side. That Klingon dropped as well. He glanced at the terminal to note that the console hit 100%. Quickly he ran forward firing still which slowed them down. He grabbed the tricorder and watched as the virus began to work. Klingon text disappearing from the screen at a rapid pace.

"Don't fire fools! You'll destroy the tanks with the liquid in it. Once it's out of it's containment, it will evaporate on contact with the floor! The lead Klingon could be hear from within the corridor still.

Pierce got a wonderful idea. He ran back the way he came and fired at the containment tanks, releasing the compound as it washed over the ground and near some of the Klingon brutes. The feeling of laughter welled within him as he knew they were just as screwed as he was in this predicament.

"NOOOOO!!!! You Hotlh, you'll pay for that! Quickly, obtain that human! We shall gut him like a targ when we catch him.

"Don't hold your breath Commandant." He dove past the door as the others tried to stop his virus but beat their hands on the controls in anger. The door closed behind him sealing the Klingons inside as he fired on the control panel for access. If nothing else it'd give him some time to escape. Alan ran towards the lift as he had before gaining access to the upper levels. The door opened and it wasn't a welcoming party.

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[ Lt. Commander James Alan Pierce | Klingon Outpost | Qu'Vat Colony ] | [Show/Hide]

As the doors opened, Pierce stood in awe at the amount of Klingons. "Well...that was unexpected. Thanks Cartwright..." he muttered under his breathe but despite it was still heard. Multiple Klingons turned to the Starfleet officer standing alone with nothing but a phaser pistol and a compact tricorder at his hip. They lifted their arms at him as he stood smirking.

"Have you come to die human?" One of them barked at him smugly.

"Actually, I was just leaving you targ." Pierce pulled out a compact detonator and threw it as the Klingons eyes grew wide in alarm. All of them ran but in their hurry to escape continued to crash into one another before finally the doors closed on the lift protecting Pierce. "One, two, three, four..." The count never made it to five however as a huge explosion could be heard on the other side of the turbolift's plated doors. He reached forward and tapped the controls to manually open the door. The smell was sickening but at the same time, there was nothing else in his way.

Making a mad dash for the corridor, the klaxons had gone off and rang in his ears continuously, nearly drowning out yells and howls from the rooms behind him. No doubt sending their brethren to Sto'Vo'Kor. Hitting the end of the map, he turned each way glancing for the one side with the transporter. Finding it to his right, he ran as fast as he could, the breath barely able to keep up with the speed of his legs as he found the control terminal. At least transporters for the most part were fairly universal between vessels he though. Tapping the controls, he set the coordinates for his hidden shuttle and beamed off ship.

After rematerializing on the shuttle, he made a quick jaunt to his navigation system and chair. Swiveling the chair around, he sat down and turned towards the ship, firing up the various systems which laid dormant for an amount of time. The small containers with samples he'd previously tagged with transporter transponders displayed on the controls. He beamed the canisters aboard the shuttle for the ones he hadn't already destroyed. Now it was time to warp back to Starfleet Intelligence and get rid of the cargo.

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[ Lt. Commander James Alan Pierce | Klingon Outpost | Qu'Vat Colony | Shuttlecraft Asimov] | [Show/Hide]

It wasn't long before the fire of disruptors could be heard and felt on the shield plating of the smaller shuttlecraft. The Asimov shook violently causing the containers Pierce brought with him to clang together. It startled him as he hoped those containers didn't break while he was in route. This mission was not going to get the squeaky clean getaway that he had hoped for either.

Turning about, he fired some phasers at the Klingon colony Birds-of-Prey before barrel-rolling the Asimov back towards his plotted course. "Damn Klingons..." he muttered to himself before scanning the vicinity. "Stupid shuttlecraft...not fast enough..." The ship lurched forward again as he continued to get pelted with weapons blasts. There were three of them now on his tail. He had to do something but wasn't sure what. It was then he noticed a weird distortion forming ahead of him. Not ideal but not something he could afford to pass up.

"Well then. Let's see what's out there."

Taking the shuttle on the new course he kept flying at full speed towards it. The Warp Drive was offline on this prototype shuttle and he had no means to escape three Birds-of-Prey. "Sometimes I hate Cartwright. Slime ball."

The Klingons in hot pursuit began to take head of the distortion and slowly backed off with some limited disruptor fire hitting off the port bow. Pierce grinned as his plan was working, albeit briefly. "That shows them..."

His thoughts cut short by the Klaxons once more as the ship began a violent tug towards the entity. "What the?!" His hands furiously attempting to dodge the pull of the energy dragging his shuttle inward.


Panic hit him full force. This was not how he saw this day going as the bluish hue enveloped the ship, sucking it through a wormhole like maze. The shuttle rocking to and fro as it went and Pierce held on for dear life. He just hoped he'd survive this and be able to get back home in one piece. Looking into his pocket he found the photo of the woman he'd just earlier this morning been with. He hoped that she'd be alright. He could smell the lock of hair she'd attached to the back of the photo and the tranquility of it washed over him as the Asimov lurched forward even harder in the cosmic tunnel. The photo dropped on the deck as his head hit the console pretty hard knocking him out completely as his falling body hit the ground.

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[ Lt. Commander James Alan Pierce | Temporal Distortion | Shuttlecraft Asimov ][Show/Hide]

The klaxons were still heard overhead as he came too briefly. The shuttle rocked about to and fro as he climbed back up to his chair to grasp the situation. Console was toast and so he was merely a passenger on a time travel excursion he didn't want to partake in. He found the image of the young redheaded yeoman from the Eagle and her lock of hair. It was a beautiful crimson color, perfect in every way. He smelled it to help drown out the smell of burning circuitry around him. Not sure whether he would die or not, he attempted to stand as the ship lurched forward.


The computer barked loudly over the sound of the hull banging around. He was thrown sideways into the chair, grasping his sides, he sat back down as the temporal distortion faded out and the shuttle was adrift in space. All seemed well enough he thought.


"Damn!" he said loudly as he ran to the transporter console on the shuttle in attempts to find anywhere to beam to. "C'mon! Computer, locate Class M planet, or ship, shuttle or spacestation and beam me out of here!" His hands glided across the console once more as it continued to drift unbeknownst to him near Starbase 82. He continued to look on the display as a bulkhead nearby ruptured and exposed the bio-mimetic gel he'd stolen from the Klingons, spraying him as the impact of the rupture threw him against the opposing bulkhead rendering him unconscious. Knocked unconscious by the bulkhead rupture, and his precious cargo being compromised, he was sprayed with the bio-mimetic gel enzyme chemicals as he lay sprawled on the deck.

Starbase 82 - Transporter Staff

"Sir! We have an old style shuttlecraft adrift nearby. There appears to be one humanoid lifeform aboard and the shuttle is looking to have a warp core breach!"

"Beam them out of there mister!"

"There's interference! Can't get a good lock!"

The Transporter chief pushed aside the younger individual at the console and couldn't get a proper lock. They did however tap into the old shuttle's computer system and lock on that way. He tapped the controls beaming the individual off the shuttlecraft just as it detonated. However the individual didn't materialize immediately being stuck in the Starbase's onboard pattern buffer.

"Sir, there appears to be a pattern buffer malfunction. This person seems to be covered in something our bio-filters were unable to identify."

"Finish the beam in procedure regardless."

On the transporter pad, a redheaded woman appeared, wearing a 23rd Century Starfleet issue vest, and Lt. Commander bars. Her body laying still out cold on the platform.

"Transporter room to medical! We have a medical emergency! Prepare to receive patient."

"Acknowledged." The doctor stated as the woman was transported to medical.

Medical Lab - Starbase 82

Dr. Rialto stood nearby observing the patient. The scans were very curious in nature. This woman was in peak physical health, no physical trauma, and no reason she should still be unconscious. Yet, here they were. Not to mention that she was showing some oddities in her DNA structure, as if things were in flux or in a odd form of symbiosis with something. "These readings are disturbing to say the least. Wouldn't you agree Ms. Decker?"

"Yes doctor, she should be awake right now but maybe we can wake her up?"

"Do it nurse."

They gave a hypospray on her neck and her eyes owned slowly at first as she slowly gained consciousness. Bursting upward, she sat entirely up looking at them confused as to her whereabouts and why she was in this highly advanced medical facility.

"Who are you? Where am I? Last thing I remembered was a temporal distortion and..." Realization hit her that something was off. Her voice sounded softer? Almost feminine and not like what she was used to hearing. Not to mention she felt off. Something clearly happened she thought. But before she could speak again, the doctor and nurse placed her back down on the bio-bed for better readings.

"Well, I am Doctor Rialto, and this is my nurse, Ms. Decker. Took quite a blast there on the ol' shuttle." Dr. Rialto said with a chuckle. "We narrowly saved you before the warp core breach. Luckily Starbase 82 was here in range."

Starbase 82? she thought. There was no Starbase 82. Confusion hit her face as the doctor realized that she wasn't grasping the details. "Temporal Distortion you say? What year are you from?" He asked quizzically.

She managed to squeak out, "2286"

His face grew concerned as did the nurses. "I'm sorry to tell you this, but it's the year 2380. You've come forward nearly 94 years to the future."

Shock hit Pierce's face as she laid there in the bed. She moved her arms to rub her face when she saw that her arms were smaller, daintier, and rubbed them on her face to feel an entirely different vibe. Placing her hands all over her face and then feeling the difference in hair, she pulled some of it causing a yip. Grasping a smaller portion of it, she pulled it into view of her eyesight and discovered it was the same crimson red that Yeoman Craig had possessed. Realization was beginning to set in but she couldn't bare to deal with it and started to have a panic attack.

The doctor, grabbed a hypo and gave her a sedative to relax her to sleep. "This is not good. She has come forward in time and something appears to be off with her. Run a level three diagnostic scan on her and see what we can dig up. Maybe we can get her some help if we know what is wrong. Judging by her grasping at her arms, face and hair, she isn't expecting the visuals she's getting."

"Aye sir." Nurse Decker stated.

Hours later...

Pierce woke up again and saw a more comfortable room this time. Not the bright while and advanced room she saw previously but a standard sickbay from the 2280's. 2380? Pfft, she thought. Must have been a bad dream. Her mind continued to race as details began to accumulate. Her mind was coping she figured with the trauma of time travel. Just then, Dr. Rialto came in and sat down in a chair next to her bio-bed.

"You're awake. Good. We have a lot to discuss." He breathed deeply and then exhaled. "First, what is your name and rank? You are clearly Starfleet but of an older breed."

Her voice felt wrong but she spoke regardless. "I am Lt. Commander Alan James Pierce. USS Eagle. Last date I remember was 2286." She couldn't shake the feeling in her throat as if something was wrong. And this heaviness on her chest but she couldn't move much at present. Her body felt like it'd been in a severe brawl with some Klingons.

The doctor pulled up Pierce's records on his PADD. Much more advanced than what Pierce remembered but if this was 2380, then it made sense. "Well Lt. Commander, you have been pulled 94 years into the future. And there appears to be quite a few other issues to deal with too. While you were unconscious we ran a series of tests on your body. Things are you remember them..." He said sadly.

She gave a curious eye perk as she listened onward. "Due to a pattern buffer malfunction when we attempted to beam you in, we also took in some sort of compound we have yet to identify..."

" gel enzymes..." She said raspily.

"I see. Well that makes a world of sense then. You see, you were covered in it from what the transporter chief said. And the bio-filters were off or non-existent on your shuttle. In short, the enzyme mutated your chromosomes, which led to a change in your cellular structure mid-transport. You essentially were combined with the plant’s enzyme and the bio-mimetic gel, creating...a new individual."


"We theorized that this had been made possible by the fact that during transport you would have to be broken down to a microcellular level, and so your DNA and proteins were all in a state of molecular flux. If an enzyme causing symbiogenesis interacted with DNA while in the matter stream, the patterns might then be merged. Symbiogenesis is a rare reproductive process. Instead of pollination or mating, symbiogenetic organisms merge with a second species to create a hybrid. The bio-mimetic gel and enzymes reacted with the separated microcellular state you were in, thus combining DNA. The enzyme was found to contain the same elements as many plants including chloroplasts, lysosomal enzymes, and cytoplasmic proteins. So in short, as a result, there had been only one pattern, the combined one, which rematerialized on Starbase 82. The biochemical analysis of a symbiogenetic plant was found to be a contributing factor in the result. The combination was a success, and while the chromosomal layout was entirely changed, it resulted in your body being inadvertently converted to a female version of yourself due to the plant’s chromosomes being that of a female’s."

Shock and fear struck her quickly as her breathing increased heavily. "The fu---what do you mean?! I'm now a female? Can't you undo this? Change me back?"

"Unfortunately due to the nature of the transport and the not having a scan of you on file prior to the transport, you are as you are for the rest of your days. I'm truly sorry." He paused and stood up. "I'm going to have Nurse Decker take care of you and your needs in the meantime and someone is coming named Philip Crey to speak with you. Again, I am sorry. Try to be careful as you get up and down. You're still acclimating to your new body."

He left Pierce to her own devices. Although her genetics were almost identical, her male body was unfortunately lost to her forever. What a way to end a mission she thought. The door opened once more and it was that of Nurse Decker. "Hello Pierce. I would call you by a first name to be more informal but...I don't think Alan is going to cut it anymore.

Pierce sighed and responded. "I suppose not. I could always be called Alana. But feel free to call me whatever you want." She tried to move again and that sudden burst she obtained earlier in the day was a fluke. She was still unable to move much outside of her arms and neck and head.

"Let's begin your physical therapy. And since you're having to catch up on 30 plus years of womanhood, there is that I'll have to teach you too." She walked over to Pierce and grabbed her arm pulling her up. The weight on Pierce's chest dropping allowing her to breath but weighing her heavily forward.

"Peachy..." she said as the day began with a new mission.

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[ Lt. Commander James Alan Pierce | Medical Lab | Starbase 82][Show/Hide]

The lurching forward was unforeseen. Something she didn't really expect at all when it came to the movements. And her hips swayed to and fro now which in of itself was new. The medical gown she now wore felt breezy and flowing over her now soft skin as she knew it was more akin to a dress than a proper uniform. Something else she'd have to get used to. They practically had to cut her old one off of her due to the chemicals saturating it after transport. She examined the newer fashion made by Starfleet and it was an improvement for sure but not much different aside from the insignias and lack of additional pins on the uniform.

The nurse walked her to a nearby replicator wardrobe and began measuring her in various places. She lifted her arms and had to make several different poses as Nurse Decker input the information into the computer system. The LCARS looked different too from what Pierce could recall. So much had changed in such a short stint for her.

"Well Alana, I've programmed the computer under your name and file for whatever assignments you undertake. So as long as you don't fluctuate too much in weight, or shape, you'll have exactly what you need to wear. Feel free to replicate the items when ready and get dressed as I step outside....That is unless you need additional help." She said as a way to offer help in the event Pierce struggled with some of the new undergarment changes she was going to be wearing.

Pierce looked up and shook her head, crimson hair swaying as she did and other parts jiggling as well under the gown. "No thanks. I think I have it from here."

The nurse left her be in front of a mirror and a replicator in the restroom to change. It was a surreal experience to her to say the least as she looked at her new face and shape, pulling the gown tightly against her skin to get a better idea of her new shape. Replicating her new uniform, bra, underwear and pips and combadge, she stood staring for a few moments at the contents before her. "Why. Why did the universe see fit for this punishment?"

Groaning and muttering aside, she grabbed the clothing and set it on the stand nearby. "Here goes I guess." She began taking off the gown over her head. Her hair obscuring her view initially before finally showing her new body in all it's glory. She nodded in appreciation as she realized she was extremely good looking and benefitted greatly from the accident, had she wanted to be the way she was now. But some would even be envious of her shape, her contours and her chest size. It was all, perfectly proportioned and beautiful. And, it was now hers. She touched aspects to get a better vibe of who she was now and it sent a ripple down her spine and into various portions of her person. But decided she should get dressed for now and explore later.

Alana pulled the underpants up as she followed by putting on her socks before grabbing the form fitting pants and putting them on afterwards. It looked, and felt most weird to be honest with herself. She wasn't used to form fitting clothing or things pulling in every curve she now possessed. It didn't feel bad, but different. She admired herself momentarily before grabbing the Starfleet issue bra and placing the cups over her well endowed chest and reaching the front to latch it. Thankfully it was a front latch she was able to work with. Sliding the straps up, she looked again seeing once more this beautiful woman looking back at her before grabbing the red tunic. Something that back in the day was reserved for Engineering, Security or other parts of a ship were now command and command was the opposite too. Blue seemed to stick oddly enough.

She felt the snug pull of the fabric giving her warmth as she grabbed the jacket, placing the pips on it and the combadge. Something she figured was a fleet logo more than anything, not realizing it yet that she was about to use it for communication. Lastly, she grabbed the jacket and put it on before zipping it up the middle. Much nicer than the velcro and clips on the old uniforms. Finally she was fully dressed and looked at herself in the mirror. She was not what she expected to see in the mirror today, but same could be said for a lot of things. She was about to check on other aspects, peering at her body twisting to see her behind in the mirror when the knock came on the door.

"Pierce, are you decent? I need to come in and see if you're doing alright."

"You can enter..." She said with a slight hint of panic and anxiety hitting her in the chest as she breathed in and out. Unsure if it was the new body, the shock of the appearance looking back at her, whether it was the bra holding too tight or what. She couldn't be sure but stood ready attempting to hold it all together now.

"You look stunning Ms. Pierce..."

"Just Pierce" she interupted.

"Ah yes...I'm sorry about that Pierce. So as I was saying you look stunning and the computer seemed to have you pegged with a proper uniform now. So let's get you off to meet Philip Crey before we run some more tests on you. He wants to get a feel of your acclimation process to this century before we work with him to release you back to active duty...if that's what you'd like." Decker said as she looked on waiting.

"It is what I would like. Duty is the only thing I have now..." She said, feeling emotions, odd emotions welling inside her new body. It felt like she was about to pour out a gallon of water from her face as it was hot with embarrassment from the situation and from the uncertainty she now held.

"Right this way..." the nurse stated walking Pierce from the restroom to the corridor and back to a medical meeting room where a dark skinned man awaited her in a similar uniform and blue on his collar.

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The man stood in the quiet room, blue collar displayed beneath his uniform with an Ensign's pips. That alone was raising alarm bells for her but the secondary portion was that she was unable to fathom why he looked so familiar. Holos? had to be something but she wasn't sure. Just then, he saw her and extended a hand to welcome her.

"Hello Pierce. I am Ensign Philip Crey. Temporal Agent Liaison here in the 24th Century. As you no doubt are having questions as to everything going on..."

"That's an understatement..." she quipped quietly.

"We wanted to test you and see what and when you came from. You may leave nurse. I will call when we're finished."

The woman nodded and left the room with Pierce and Crey. As the door shut, a temporal screen was launched. One to shield them from the outside scanners and that displayed some sort of timeline.

"Our goal here is to find when you're from and acclimate you to the major events since that time. It can overload your mental capabilities depending on the level of information but we need to get you up and running again. So when were you from?"

The question lingered like she was in a bad horror holo. It rang in her ears as she attempted to sift the days events. "I'm from the year 2286. I am unsure the exact date but..."

"What was your name and rank?"

Pierce looked at him quizzically as if thinking he was an airhead with her standing there but realized she didn't exactly appear as she once did. "I was Lt. Commander James Alan Pierce. Posting was the USS Eagle as her Executive Officer."

Crey fed the information into the system and the profile popped up as well as a photo, service record and many other items pertaining to her time.

"Ah. So it says you were lost after a battle with Klingon battle cruisers in a covert mission..."

"Birds-of-Prey actually and I was doing a job for Admiral Cartwright...bastard...." She muttered.

"Well, then you'll be pleased to know he got what was coming to him in 2293 during the Khitomer Peace talks. Regardless, this is troubling." He pulled several items and showed them to her to see if she could figure them out compared to the 23rd century counterparts.

She ruffled around the gear and couldn't figure them out. One was a modern tricorder, a phaser, and a communicator pin. "I can tell the one is a modern phaser. The other is my badge and the other is some scanner of some sort I'm unfamiliar with. Is it Romulan?"

"Unfortunately those are a tricorder, a phaser and a communicator. We may need additional testing to see if you need to be demoted or can stay in your current rank. And also we're going to need to redact your entire previous identity unless the time arrives that it needs to be cleared."

This sent her mind reeling as she started to get dizzy, wobbling on her knees. She could make out Crey leaning for her with his arms wide open as he tapped his combadge yelling something to someone. Her ears went deafening and she no longer heard as her vision blurred and she saw a woman rushing to her in while before blacking out again.

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In her subconscious state, she figured out why she thought she knew Crey. He was on the USS Bozeman when it disappeared. She'd read the reports about the ship and how it disappeared miraculously through a wormhole of some kind that emitted chroniton particles.

But that wasn't all. For some reason, she could still hear them talking about the changes and the other aspects of her psyche. And the need to demote? What the hell was that about?

Still fighting her mind in her sleep, various channels opened up to her, with multiple chains of thoughts going on simultaneously as she thought about it all. What was happening to her? Was the change even real? Was she actually here or was she dead?

The voices began to get louder as she felt her mind sifting back to the top of the thoughts and her hearing returning as well. Her eyes slowly opening to show the vibrant green iris' off to the nurse and doctor standing nearby.

"Welcome back Pierce. Gave us quite a scare there." The doctor said.

"She was talking to Ensign Crey and..." Nurse Decker stated as Pierce cut her off.

"As I blacked out. That's what I remember." Nope, definitely real. The voice was still the same and the weight on my chest, and then there's this hair... She thought before speaking again. "I remember reading about the Bozeman disappearing in a anomaly or wormhole of some kind and..."

"And it really happened. He appeared in the 2360's with the USS Bozeman and Captain Morgan Bateson after nearly colliding in a temporal causality loop with the USS Enterprise-D." He said matter of factly.

She shook her head, red hair going all over the place. "Enterprise, D? As in, more than one? I only remember the original being destroyed. Not another one..." Her vitals showed a near fainting spell before a hypo was applied to give her the energy to stay awake.

"As soon as you're ready, you'll need to take the re-acclimation courses to see what your level is for active duty. Unfortunately you had multiple red flags when Ensign Crey showed the devices to you. Also, that badge is your communicator. Tap it to see." He said pointing at the badge on her chest.

She tapped it. "Computer, what year is it?"

THE YEAR IS 2380.5

Alana laid her head back on the bio-bed and considered her life now. Things were forever changed. Whether she liked it or not. The question was, does she go along with it? Or end it all? Ending didn't jive with her though and so duty and moving on had to be it.

"So, what's next doctor? Where do I stand now?"

"Well, as unfortunate as it is, you are stuck like this permanently. So there are many options available to you. You could retire and the Federation would take care of you. You could go back and get another profession. You could continue duty. Or you could find someone to settle down with, have a few kids..."

"Yeah, that final options is not happening!" She barked. "Duty it is for me. What next?"

"We can run a few tests, take a few blood samples and let you go for now, pending and further tests. But your biometrics are incredible for the first few tests we've run. No illness, pique physical health! You have the body of a 32 year old but looks and runs like a 20 year old. We could all be so lucky! Not to mention your metabolism is incredible. No augmentations or super strength from whatever that substance was, but it gave you the best in terms of your system breakdowns. I don't see why you couldn't go back to active duty."

Philip Crey re-emerged. "Well, Pierce, I need to speak with you on a number of fronts but have something that may be of interest."

"May I?" She motioned to the doctor who waved her off. Climbing down from the table quickly, she nearly fell, forgetting her new center of gravity and physical attributes. But she managed to pull it back together before heading to the other room with Ensign Crey.

"So what will I be pleased with?" She asked with a near snarl and grumbled face. Which was difficult to do on such a beautiful face.

"We've taken the liberty of re-creating your profile. Your original personality and profile is redacted on your current but you will be Lieutenant Alana Pierce from here on out. I'm sorry Pierce. We had to demote you with how far out of date you were. I was a Lieutenant in the 23rd century and coming here, I too was demoted. Somehow Captain Bateson wasn't but he was another matter. Regardless, we'll assign you to Starbase 82 as an Intelligence Operative, Communications Relay Scanner. There you'll be able to do reconnaissance from the safety of a desk in short stints until you're back up to speed on Starfleet's latest toys and protocols. Best I can do..."

He left the PADD he brought along with the new details and job description. Pierce sighed and accepted defeat rather sadly. "I appreciate it Ensign. Thank you for your help, despite all that's transpired today. At least my help came in the form of a fellow officer of the 23rd Century." She smiled weakly and shook his hand. "I accept your terms."

"Good! Then I'll let command know of some of the details, as from here on out, you're Lt. Pierce. No longer will anyone below Admiralty and Starfleet Temporal Investigations or Starfleet Intelligence be able to access your past. Good luck out there, and I'm sorry about your tragedy."

He nodded and left the room as Pierce sat in the chair briefly, glancing at the PADD. It was interesting the life she now led. It sucked too. She tapped her combadge. "Computer. Where are my quarters?"


Pierce headed off to the nearest turbolift with the PADD in hand. Turning her back on her past and heading towards her future.


Pierce walked into her new abode. Blank slate room, blank slate person. No real past for her new identity and no idea bout her future. Mind still racing from the events of the day. She couldn't believe the changes going on with her life. She set the PADD down on the nearest table before walking to the chair and sitting down in it. Everything felt...weird to her. Her legs, her head, her stomach, her chest, her hair, and also her butt and the part missing between her legs. It was quite simply a disaster.

"What to do now..." She said looking at her new dainty hands, perfectly manicured and pristine. As if she'd never done hard work in her life. Standing up, she walked to a mirror and looked at herself in it.


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Her mind was running like madness. All she wanted was some rest. Rest and to discover that while she was now cursed with. Or in some circles they might say blessed. Peering at herself in the mirror, she took a gander at her face. It was soft, smooth, beautiful and all She smiled, frowned, furrowed her brows, piqued an eyebrow like a Vulcan, stuck her tongue out and did a multitude of other humorous faces. Then her mind turned to other faces she could make, of the rather interesting kind. She looked sultry as she placed a finger on her lip, puckered them into a kiss, and did a variety of other faces she'd seen women do over the years. She had to admit, it was kind of hot, even if it was coming from her own face.

Then she smoothed out her face and looked at herself, clad in her red command grade uniform. She played with her hair momentarily before finally pushing it behind her and standing in front of the mirror. Slowly she unzipped the outer duty jacket revealing a red turtleneck undershirt beneath. Clung tightly to her curves and delicate form that she now possessed. Then sat down in a chair, taking her boots off, then socks and tossing them aside. This was the moment she was most scared of. She took off her loose fitting pants leg by leg and deposited it on the floor before stepping out of them. Delicately smooth, and muscular legs revealed beneath them. She touched the skin and it was soft to the touch.

Her undergarment bottoms clung to her hips as she turned to get a better view of herself. Impressively, she was amazed at the size of it. She was rather stacked for sure. Then she looked back at the mirror setting a gaze at the green eyes looking back at her. She began to unzip the red turtleneck slowly and little by little as it revealed more of her collarbone, her cleavage and her chest before her. The amazement of what lay beneath caused her jaw to drop some as she saw her new chest revealed in their massive glory. Depositing the shirt on the back of the chair, she looked at herself. Clad in only her underwear. Staring for what appeared to be hours, was merely minutes and she unclipped the bra in the front, letting it drop to the floor and finished the ensemble.

Now in the buff, she stood in the front of her mirror, taking it all in. Panic and fear struck her briefly as she saw the finer details of what she'd been given. But then comfort and admiration. She was beautiful, not only in appearance but to the touch. She felt the new parts of her body before finally discontinuing it all. "Wow..." She managed to whisper before finally stepping back. Alana laid back on her bed as she stayed on her back. No longer able to see down her chest, stomach and to her feet due to the new mounds in her face, she chuckled. "Some things certainly have changed quite a bit."

Rolling over, she grabbed the covers and covered herself up to take a nap. Maybe with any luck, she'd wake and things would be normal. Then again, maybe not. Closing her eyes, she tossed and turned attempting to get comfortable to no avail. Sleep was also difficult with that hypo the doctor gave her. So Pierce climbed up out of bed and decided to get dressed once more. Quickly throwing everything back on, she looked around her new abode. Before leaving, she checked herself in the mirror, and after everything was in proper form and as it should be, at least as far as she knew, Alana Pierce headed out to discover her new duty. After all, all she had left, was time.


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