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All is Fair in Love & War 2021 | Award Nominations


The theme for the first Writing Award Nominations is "All is Fair in Love & War".

Indeed, nominations for two Writing Awards are now open until the 27th of October, where two separate polls will be posted on the 28th of October for the two award categories and their nominated scenes respectively. The two polls will be public, and of course, those casting the vote will need to read the scenes nominated before casting their vote in the poll.

The awards? :) They are....

Awarded to the main contributing writers in an action scene that stands out way above the norm in terms of pace, thrill, scope and stakes.

Earlier Recipients (no longer eligible): @Auctor Lucan @Doc M. @BZ @Fife 

Awarded to the writers of an erotic scene that stands out way above the norm in terms of emotion, adherence to character, atmosphere and steaminess.

Earlier Recipients (no longer eligible): @Auctor Lucan @Fife @steelphoenix @SummerDawn


Those who make a nomination in All is Fair in Love & War 2021 will receive 1 Story Token. Here are the rules for Award Nominations:

  • Nominations should be posted in the announced nomination thread posted on the forum (here). Anonymous nominations may be made to the Game Moderator via PM on the forum, who will then post the nomination in the nomination thread.
  • Nominations are to be made before the announced nomination time expires.
  • Nominations may be made by any member that isn't an Applicant.
  • Self-nominations are not permitted.
  • There is no limit to the number of nominations one can make (but will not get extra Tokens).
  • Prior winners of the same award are not eligible.
  • Each nomination should include a motivation. The nomination write-up is 50 words minimum and should concentrate on why the recipient(s) specifically is/are deserving of the award. You should always include one or multiple links.

All nominations will be added to the polls that will determine the winner of the awards. 


  • Forum Name of Nominee(s):
  • Primary Reason for Nomination:
  • Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional):
  • Motivation & Links (50 words minimum):

Of course, you should only nominate scenes where at least one of the writers in the scene are still an active writer on the forum. There is no need to nominate scenes where all writers that wrote it have already left the sim.

I look forward to reading your nominations here in this thread! :)

Best Regards,

Auctor Lucan

Re: All is Fair in Love & War 2021 | Award Nominations

Reply #1
Suus Mahna Nomination

Forum Name of Nominee(s): Griff, Rye Tanker, and Jreeves1701

Primary Reason for Nomination: The Sabine Crash site thread. To Quote Auctor from the message to all of us...   "What an achievement everyone! Imagine, in retrospect, visualising this great adventure that your characters went though. The scope of illustrating the fighting in the streets of the First City, and the rescue of the people holed up at the Sabine's crash site. Imagine the kind of CGI budget that would be required to put this adventure on the screen? The special effects ranging from buildings collapsing, the shuttle actions and combat?"

Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional): It was just a damn fun thread that I had fun writing with my fellow participants. It was my first story objective, and it will always have a special place in my heart.

Motivation & Links (50 words minimum): I was motivated to do this in part because I had fun with my fellow writers. I'm the sort of person that will always do what I can to show my gratitude. and the best way that I can do that here, is with this nomination. While it may not be much in the grand scheme of things, this is what I can do (other than continue to write with you all).  It was a wonderful experienced that helped me to grow and develop as a writer here over the months that this objective took to complete. I look forward to significantly more in the future.,3171.0.html

Re: All is Fair in Love & War 2021 | Award Nominations

Reply #2
Pon Farr Nomination

Forum Name of Nominee(s): Brutus
Primary Reason for Nomination: His amazing work across the board deserves recognition.
Motivation & Links (50 words minimum): Brutus is easily one of the finest writers I have ever read. I’d nominate Auctor again for a second award if it was allowed. But this thread, the way it builds up the pace and events is a clear example of what happens when two masters put their mind to writing. It was a pleasure to read this as it was written initially and now that it is completed and can be reread as a single concise piece, it was even more enjoyable. I salute you both.

Hot Rocks and Compromises

Re: All is Fair in Love & War 2021 | Award Nominations

Reply #3
Suus Mahna Nomination

Forum Name of Nominees: @Stegro88, @Nero, @chXinya, @SaraKnight, @Ellen Fitz, @Brutus, @Nesota Kynnovan
Primary Reason for Nomination: Often when we do these big complex threads, they can be difficult to follow. They can meander, writers could leave, the action can be hard to follow, narrative momentum can stall, etc. I want to highlight a thread where all involved got it spot on and showed how to write such a thread with consistent quality and direction.
Motivation & Links: It is perhaps a tad excessive to nominate seven writers for this thread, but I can't find it within me to narrow it down any further. The entire thread was top notch action mixed with some great characters, an overarching threat, political wrangling, Klingons being Klingons, and general Star Trek awesomesauce. SaraKnight and Ellen Fitz got dropped in at the deep end and both did an excellent job with their characters. The demise of Gorka and the Infested was very satisfying in particular. Each character had their moment to shine, making the entire thread thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish, and doing an excellent job of tying everything off. This reads like a group effort, and an excellent one at that. It's cooperative roleplaying in action.

All or Nothing

Pon Farr Nomination

Forum Name of Nominees: @Brutus, @Nolan
Primary Reason for Nomination: It's a top notch thread, and two of the sim's oldest writers (yes guys, you're old) deserve recognition in this category.
Motivation & Links: As far as steaminess goes, this thread is right up there. The thread is long but doesn't drag, including rather lovely romance and character-building along with the lovemaking. Faye and Riley are one of the more notable couples in the sim, with a rather mature relationship that both writers handle very well. They make great use of the setting, write two excellent guest NPCs and make it an excellent read overall. The erotic RP is excellent, but the romantic aspect and use of character are what elevate this thread to my mind. Great stuff all round.

Tan Lines

Re: All is Fair in Love & War 2021 | Award Nominations

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Pon Farr Nomination

Forum Name of Nominee: @BipSpoon

Primary Reason for Nomination: Natural development of the thread and organic execution while staying true to character traits

Motivation & Links: Even though it wasn't the most erotic thread of all the contenders, I enjoyed working with BipSpoon on it. The natural progression of the sequence of events culminated in the face of death not in sex but in what I thought was an interesting erotic encounter between Cameron Henshaw and Logan Hale which has brought some tension between those two characters. And even though I was involved in this thread myself, I would like to thank BipSpoon with this nomination. I often hesitate to write of erotica and sex and like to skip over such with the usual fade to black, as it is somewhat of a taboo subject for me for whatever reason. BipSpoon took away my hesitation and helped me feel confident about something I would have otherwise just skipped over.

Covert Shuttle Ops

Re: All is Fair in Love & War 2021 | Award Nominations

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Ponn Farr Award Nomination

Forum Name of Nominee @stardust

Primary Reason for Nomination Exceptional quality of writing capturing a single moment and remaining within the confined focus of a single character's perspective.

Motivation & Link While not explicit in its content it is one of the finest examples of staying within the mind of a character I have ever seen.  This post takes a simple moment, and slows it down to where that one, moment becomes the character’s entire existence.  It is an amazing read that is written with a well-paced flow that carries the reader through the moment as if they were the character in the scene.  It is deep in characterization, perspective, emotion while at the same time painting a vibrant picture in the readers mind.

Once It's Gone

Re: All is Fair in Love & War 2021 | Award Nominations

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Suus Mahna Nomination

Forum Name of the Nominee: @P.C. Haring
Primary Reason for Nomination: Unique, intriguing, and wholly entertaining method for one character to save themselves, and another from death.
Secondary Reason for Nomination: Writer was still relatively new to the SIM at the time, and didn't waste any time jumping in and being creative.
Motivation & Links: The siege of sickbay was an excellent thread, which afforded a lot of writers, many new, to get their characters into the thick of battle in some unique and creative ways. What P.C. Haring did in his first post in this thread, and there were plenty others from him in it that were excellent, was establish a sense of freedom that I think spread to all the other writers involved. The descriptiveness of the manner in which Hathev manages to subdue and defeat a Klingon, feels like and reads like a method that Vulcan would employ. It was clever, unique, and in a sense rather funny to read. But it was still delivered in a serious way, that didn't detract, but instead enhanced the thread, which I think flourished from that point onward. Additionally, I think P.C. Haring deserves extra recognition for the fact, that at the time he was still a relatively new member of the SIM, and to reach out achieve like he did, is of especial significance since it went such a long way in seeing the whole thread develop and prosper in the way it did.

Triage and Tactics

Pon Farr Nomination

Forum Name of the Nominee: @stardust
Primary Reason for Nomination: Intricate, poetic, and wholly different method of telling a romantic encounter.
Secondary Reason for Nomination: Challenging her writing partner to match her brilliance.
Motivation & Links: I've written 'erotic' and 'romantic' encounters between two characters in the past, but never have I gone through such an encounter without using crass or typical language to describe what's happening between those characters. What Stardust achieved in how she wrote, and in fact how she always writes, is an example of someone rising above the standard fair, and embarking on a journey that elevated the interaction/encounter the two characters were having. Instead of Samantha Rutherford and Andrew Fisher simply having sex, they connected in an almost spiritual way that wouldn't have been nearly as impactful, were it not for how Stardust drove the direction of that thread. It feels like a poetic story of coupling, wherein the cracks lies the hints of eroticism, but it doesn't feel dirty or nasty in a usual way. It's an achievement in it's own right, and it forced me as her writing partner in the thread to really rise to a standard I'd never before thought I could.

... Once it's Gone

Re: All is Fair in Love & War 2021 | Award Nominations

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Suus Mahna Nomination

Forum Name of Nominee: @Swift

Primary Reason for Nomination: I could list more than one thread but I will keep it to two examples of the writers excellence in skilfully crafting high-paced action scenes: Operation: Dinner Out & Operation: Return to Sender (I see a naming pattern here)
Swift imo is unparalleled in pushing the narrative forward and detailing the plot in a thrilling and enticing manner, with the effortless skill of a seasoned writer. In this effort he makes use of intriguing NPCs, to flesh out the scenery, and to make the storyline come to live around everyone involved.

Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional): Why I truly think he deserves this award is not only because he's an excellent writer of action scenes, but because he tirelessly strives to include everyone in them. As a mentor he goes out of his way to come up with plots and set pieces, reaching out to other writers, bringing them together to partake in these fantastic stories.

Motivation & Links (50 words minimum): Idk, maybe I did not understand the assignment, I already spent like 100 words on the reasoning above. But I am sure I can take a leaf out of Swift's book and elaborate even further. He's the sturdy oak tree in the lush meadow of creativity, where other writers blossom like poppies and dandelions. His roots spreading out across the green, protectively around the newly grown flowers and shrooms, bringing them all together to become part of something bigger ... there you go.

Pon Farr Nomination

Forum Name of Nominee: @UltimaImperatrixia

Primary Reason for Nomination: Again, this writers lyrical prowess is not limited to just one encounter: A Reconvened Interest & Walking through the Valley of Death (WIP)
With skill, creativity and a keen talent for immersing oneself into their character's world, Ultima manages to turn the sheer act of biological colligation into an ode to the spirits of erotica.

Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional): That being said, he also manages to marry the descriptive, physical aspects of the scene, with the inner turmoil and struggle of the character. Making their inward, as well as outward, reactions fall effortlessly in line with what the character had been set up with. No, he manages to elevate it.

Motivation & Links (50 words minimum): Ultima is a terrific writer that infuses the mechanical abstraction, that sex can be, into a poetic lesson in character building and scene development, that his writing partners get the profound privilege to learn from. And I know, it isn't always easy for him, but he's a trooper for good smut, through and through.


Re: All is Fair in Love & War 2021 | Award Nominations

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Pon Farr Nomination[/u]

Forum Name of Nominee(s): @Pierce @Juzzie @Griff

Primary Reason for Nomination: The trio managed to craft an excellent story of exploration and pushing boundaries for all three characters, albeit in one of the AU threads (What if, public baths)

Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional): Look, this was damn hot to read, I'm not going to lie, that's part of the reason for nominating this. It was a great threesome.

Motivation & Links (50 words minimum):

Starts with this post:,2301.msg30122.html#msg30122

Now, full candor, this thread has a lot of really good (and really out of date good lord all the writers not here anymore) sub plots going in it. The whole thread was designed to explore characters in ways that might not be feasible in the main story, and let writers have fun and let off a little steam (heh). I'm nominating this specific trio because, in addition to the great detail in the actual acts of lust, all three writers showed how their characters were exploring themselves, and each other, their inner desires, their conflicts with self image, with fitting into what could have been an uncomfortable situation. Pushing personal boundaries. Willing to experience new sensations, or help guide others to a better understanding of themselves. All while writing, as noted, a well formed intimate scene. Really couldn't be happier with reading what they came up with. While it was an AU thread that won't have any concrete impact to the story canon, I can only imagine it has helped better inform the writers of their own creations and allowed for exploration in many forms, all while being damn hot. Since I'm starting to repeat myself, I'll simply say: Can you ask for more?

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