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Valyn looked Enyd up and down once. “No offense, I just can’t see you butcherin’ a cow.” She shrugged, “Could be wrong though.” The thought of butchering names animals was unpleasant, even to her, but it was something she’d had to deal with. Her own guilt and emotion had  spent years forced to the side. Brushed under the rug. Ignored. Death and inflicting death, were simply a part of her career. A part of her life.

“It’s admittedly been quite a while since I’ve had a good plate of baked beans. Not the replicated shit.” She scrunched her nose in vehement disapproval. Her disapproval however, quickly shifted to amusement upon hearing the tale of the hazing granny. “So she made some poor kid steer a wagon that hasn’t been used practically in…hundreds of years, then tortured him the whole time?” She made a clicking sound with her tongue, “Grandma Madsen sounds like she’d fit right in on my homeworld.” She chortled then let out a sigh.

“Once we were all training, me and the other children in my cohort and in came the combat instructor. Older man, one of the only instructors who actually showed us kindness. He’s convinced this one kid that if properly executed, he could perform a two move takedown using only and index finger and his big toe. He had this kid trying to find ways in the middle of a damn fight to kick his boots off, and simultaneously hit two pressure points, one with a toe and one with a finger. Kid was certain he wasn’t being lied to. He spent three weeks at it before someone finally told him the old man was fuckin’ with him.” She chuckled. “There aren’t many good memories there, but there are a few.” A moment of silence passed, and she swallowed a hefty serving of the hooch.

As the apple flew, as did Valyns knife. She struck true, the knife piercing the core of the apple and halting its momentum, causing the fruit to tumble from the sky like a crashing shuttle. She offered Enyd a grin, then simply shrugged before she went to gather the knife and apple, setting them back down on the table. The knife however, was promptly offered a quick cleaning. It clearly meant something to the Romulan. Her movements were meticulous, following the edge of the knife carefully as she ran a finger over it, clearing it of any sugar-rich apple remnants that might eat into the knife.

“We all were given these when we graduated. They’re blank when you get them. Just…a knife.” She covered her rank,  to display what it may have looked like. “With each rank, you’re given an engraving. These knives are sometimes our most valuable tool. It’s the only possession we’re allowed to have that is ours and ours alone. Even my commander couldn’t take this from me.” It had seen use as well. Despite that, it was immaculately kept. “It’s seen its fair share of bullshit.”

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Enyd laughed at Valyn’s balking, “I am not a very good butcher, truth be told. More of a content consumer.”

Valyn didn’t know how right she was about her grandmother fitting into the Romulan homeworld. Enyd had often wished her grandmother had taken more time to tell her the juicy details of the more sordid realities of their mixed-blood past, but sadly, much of what had been intended to be shared just before Enyd’s wedding had never been shared, and by the time Enyd had emerged from the fiasco on Cardassia her grandmother was dead. So much of their history had been lost with her grandmother's death and it left a part of Enyd's heart perpetually melancholy, and curious.

Taking a large bite of food, Enyd forced herself back into the present as she listened to Valyn share an amusing story from her past. It was telling that even with this more endearing story, there were more than a few hints at the danger and pain Valyn had to endure to get to this place. She kept her comments to herself as Valyn demonstrated her prowess with the knife, leaving the apple up for grabs on the table once her demonstration was finished. Then, as Valyn walked Enyd through the meanings behind the markings, she reached out and snatched the apple with a sudden hankering for its juicy sweetness.

Nodding at Valyn’s statement, Enyd added, “I don’t have a fancy knife to display, but my tongue has spoken its fair share of bullshit in my line of work. Not sure if that’s much of a comparison.” She giggled before adding, “I’d rather not have it taken from me either.”

Her belly full of good food and tolerably fair drink, and her mind tickled with shared stories and newly formed friendship, Enyd couldn’t help the relaxed slouch as she leaned back in her chair to consider Valyn.

“While this is assuredly not how I expected this evening to go, I have no regrets.” A sudden hiccup gripped her, and Enyd grinned. “Nothing paracetamol can’t handle in the morning, at least.”

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“I was never great at breaking down my own game either, to be honest. I can do birds alright. Big game is another thing entirely though.” In truth, during her training she had been advised to take down the smaller game. It was easier to hide the remains to keep herself undetected by whomever's backyard she happened to be prowling in. “Little things too, like rodents. My first time taking down something bigger was on Romulus during a training exercise. We’d been out there for…hell, probably a week. They hadn’t sent us with food or water. Water was easy enough to come upon, we’d found a spring in this cliffside. Freshest tasting thing I’ve ever had after a few days of nothing but salt injections to keep us retaining. Well, I’d spotted a-” She searched for the word in english, “It’s kinda like an Elk, it had a pair o’ tusks though, and another set of antlers. Big mother fucker.” She motioned with her arms, as if that would emphasize how big it was.

“Well we were able to take it down, but I nicked his guts when I split him open. That did a number on our appetites.” She wrinkled her nose, as if the same smell had materialized itself into existence right there in the mess hall. “Still ate it, once we’d moved my mess away from camp that is.” She scoffed. “I never did make that same mistake again though.”

Valyn too, took a piece of the apple, and tossed it into her mouth with a satisfying, juicy crunch. “Luckily Starfleet doesn’t make a habit of taking people's tongues. No doubt it has done it’s fair share of fightin’ as much as this though.” She flipped the knife in her hand before she set it down on the table. “Truth be told, sometimes I’m jealous of you diplomacy types. I mean-” She paused, and the curtain peeled back ever so slightly, “I’ve done my fair share of spreading misinformation, propaganda, lies, fear…all that. The ability to make peace from platitudes though…that’s a gift.” Likely it was the liquor talking, “A gift I couldn’t cultivate, instead…” She looked at her hands, and the metaphorical blood that dripped from them, “I was taught to use these-” She blinked and didn’t finish her sentence, instead reaching for another drink of the hooch.

An audible laugh escaped the Romulan and she grinned, “I suggest some water to go with that, a piece of bread before sleep, then a nice greasy and carb-loaded breakfast to soak up the dregs in the AM.” It hadn’t been her first go around with a bad head after a long night. “ ‘Sides if it’s too bad the doc’s usually have some good shit tucked away, may not set the best first impression of us new arrivals though.” She took another bite of her remaining Mac and let out a deep, relaxed sigh.

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Enyd listened with rapt attention as Valyn shared stories, her descriptions vivid and enthralling. She didn’t know enough about Romulan culture yet, but if there was a storytelling tradition, she was certain Valyn would’ve made a wonderful storyteller had the fates been different for her new friend.

"I never nicked guts, but I’ve been on trips where that happened, and yes, it can spoil a lot.” She smirked at the joke but didn’t draw further attention to it before continuing, “Fishing was always more relaxing. Have you ever been ice fishing?” Enyd truly had no idea whether such an activity was the norm on Romulus and didn’t know if Valyn had been exposed to that Earth tradition in her training. “It is a great chance to hang out in an old shack on the ice, eat junk food, drink beer, and tell stories around a stove while waiting for the fish to nibble. Maybe after our cow riding excursion,” Enyd giggled, “I can take you ice fishing. Had some cousins who lived on Lake Minnetonka. They were absolute pros at it.”

Enyd resisted the urge to reach out and lay a reassuring hand on Valyn’s shoulder. It seemed Valyn had slipped into her thoughts soon after sharing her sometimes wish for different gifts. Even with all the booze in her system, she knew better than to touch uninvited or unexpectedly, especially with someone who just proved how deadly they were with a knife. Instead, Enyd intentionally clinked her glass against the table before taking a sip.

“’Diplomacy is the art of dealing with people sensitively and tactfully.’ Sometimes you lean more on the sensitive side and others on the tactful. I’d say Intelligence operatives function as much like diplomats in certain contexts as the diplomats themselves, and vice versa depending on the diplomat’s training and background. Both require a specific skill with words and pragmatic problem-solving. And only an idiotic diplomat would enter negotiations thinking shit couldn’t hit the fan, and everything goes south in the blink of an eye. Words first, actions second, but action is necessary to enforce words.”

Enyd set aside her glass and stumbled over to the replicator, ordering two glasses of water.

“We are both necessary, Valyn. Both valuable and relevant.” Enyd spoke as she weaved her way back to the table. No sooner had she sat down, when Enyd needed to return to the replicator for another glass after guzzling her first. “I think that makes us a good team. And the nice thing about living, is each day is new. We can change, stay the same, whatever suits our needs and desires.”

Enyd giggled as Valyn spoke of good impressions. “I’m curious how Captain Ives felt when his new diplomat arrived with a Klingon sword strapped to her back.”

Remembering the handsome captain only made Enyd’s giggle grow more girlish as she decided to venture into terribly dangerous territory.

“So, Valyn, tell me, if you can without killing me, what is your status in the romance department?”

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Valyn’s ability to tell a story had been something she was known for even among the cohorts of her training class with the Tal Shiar, but it all boiled down to her ability to recall things – and vividly. Details that to some might go amiss, Valyn recalled as if they were still before her very own eyes. It was a skill she’d developed over the course of many years of providing reports, training others, and painting vivid images from half-truths and lies. It was her job, but it did extend to her personal life as well.

“It was foul, spilled the shit all over ‘is insides.” She shuddered; the stench practically fresh still. There really weren’t many things that had a similar smell to punctured intestines. “Never been ice fishin’ no. I did have some friends at the academy who took me down to the Bahamas over a summer, we did some divin’ and spearfishin’.” She smirked, “That was fun. Wouldn’t exactly say it was the most relaxing activity though, not something to sit around and drink beer over.” Given that spearfishing was frequently done underwater, that wasn’t exactly a big shock to Valyn. “Sounds like it might be nice after this whole mess though. Save the galaxy, then go sit in a frigid cold shack in the middle o’ a lake, pounding down beers.” She grinned at her companion and took one more sip of the hooch.

Valyn’s life had been marred with violence and tragedy. Even as a baby, she’d been ripped from the arms of a mother. Be that mother loving or not, Valyn had no clue. She did know that she’d been robbed of many crucial ingredients to those that lead what to her were ‘normal’ lives. In hinsight, she realized that she had practically been a slave. While she had certain freedoms, and certainly more than the true slaves of the Romulan Empire, she had been assigned a purpose. A purpose that at her core was something she had never entirely aligned with. The violence had taken a toll on her psyche, from childhood to adulthood. It left a permanent scar. Her attention snapped back to Enyd the instant she heard the clink of a glass.

“Guess you’re right about that.” She mulled over what Enyd had said for a moment. “With the caveat that while we may not like it, sometimes violence is the first and best response to a threat. Some things...some people, can’t be reasoned with. Guess that’s where the spooks come in, it ain’t exactly smiled upon to shoot first these days. That’s probably why they stuck me in security anyhow, good with a gun, but it might have been a bit much to start stickin’ a Romulan in Starfleet Intelligence.” She chortled. “I’ve done my fair share of talkin’ nice too, just usually wasn’t the purpose I was sent somewhere with.” She shrugged, and again lost herself in her own thoughts for a long moment. 

“Watch yourself over there, Hooch wizard.” She laughed, watching Enyd struggle and stumble on a journey towards the replicator. “Sword or not, I doubt the captain would appreciate his new diplomatic officer splittin’ her skull open in the mess.” She smirked, “I’m sure though that he’s seen stranger things than someone comin’ off a Klingon ship with a new trophy. As much as I used to fight them, and as much as the smell bothered me, they sure as hell know how to travel and have some fun.” She had to admire that about them. Their raucous nature. Their propensity to turn even the most distressing of situations into a cultural landmark or tradition. Deep down, they were quite similar to her own people. They were simply much more forward with their intentions.

She took a long pause then stared at Enyd. Truthfully she hadn’t been giving much thought to her romantic involvement. “About as alone as it gets. You’d be surprised how difficult it can be to find someone willing to-” She paused, looking for the best way to phrase it. “I can be a lot. I come with a lot. Had a fling here and there, some hookups but nothing serious. Not in a long time. It’s like a Vulcan trying to find a human partner. Ain’t easy, and you can’t blame the human for their apprehension. My people, and me, are a lot like our distant cousins. Where they’re subdued and shove everything down, we’re cagey and passionate.” She leaned forward and grinned, “And what about you, Enyd.” She’d heard a little of her history but...she didn’t know about anyone that she had currently. “Anyone catchin’ your eye recently?”

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“In the holovids those endings of the heroes drinking a beer on a hunting trip, I felt were always the most…” Enyd felt the buzz of inebriation block her usually deft tongue from forming a more fitting word, but she gave up after a few moments to say, “good.”

Enyd listened to Valyn’s assumed reasonings for why she was in Security and not Intelligence. She shrugged at the off-handed Romulan comment.

“I am likely biased, and naïve, to think that one’s racial profile should not be the only thing keeping them from a position.” She paused long enough to finish off her second glass of water, already tempted to get up and get a third. She’d need to visit a toilet soon enough anyway, with how much they’d already drunk. “And hell yeah, Klingons know how to have fun. A fellow new transfer, Rem Kyle, was able to teach me some things about the culture, and I was lucky enough to fall under the protection of a few Klingons who likely looked at me like I was some sort of pet.” Enyd giggled as she remembered how only hours before she’d been on the Klingon ship just waiting for another cultural mishap to happen.

Her thoughts returned to Valyn when the Romulan answered her daring question. The picture Valyn painted of her past romantic endeavors was believable, and Enyd nodded along with her friend as the woman explained her various ticks and traits that would be considered “a lot.” When Valyn turned the question back on Enyd, Enyd merely blinked in response. Though Valyn’s question was voiced with mirth, Enyd’s mind could only focus on the truth of her status.

“Before Javec, I was engaged to a half-Bajoran half-human man. Victor. When things started to get dicey on Cardassia, I broke it off with him. I didn’t want him to get embroiled in the politics, and he was already having some struggles with the fact that I’d fallen in love with a Cardassian.” Sighed, Enyd leaned back in her chair, crossing her arms over her chest. “Not so much with the fact that I loved another man. Ours was a unique relationship anyway. Very open, non-traditional by Earth standards. No, it was that Javec was a Cardassian, and so soon after the Dominion War, Victor had lost good friends to the Cardassians, so…” Enyd gave a half shrug. “It’s been two years, and in that time, I had to get my head out of my grief before I could give thought to seeing anyone else as attractive. So that’s a rambling and fairly melancholic way of saying no one recently has struck my fancy, no. Perhaps someone on the ship will light my fire.” She winked, hoping to lighten the mood again.

“Now, I want to be a good wingwoman, so to speak. So IF you were to assembly the perfect match for you, what they he, or she, be like? Not so much with looks, unless that is your main focus, but more character-wise. This ship is ludicrously large and I’m certain we will both come across a myriad of available individuals. I’d like to be able to pass on some names to you if I casually come across someone who matches your preferences.”

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"All good things end with a strong drink." She rose her cup, with what little dregs remained of the hooch Enyd had conjured up, and tipped the rim in Enyd's direction, before finishing off the brutal concoction with a slight grimace. It wasn't bad by any means, but there were certainly plenty of other drinks Valyn may have chosen first. She felt as though the sharp edge that she usuaally carried herself as had been blunted by the booze, a feeling she didn't exactly allow herself to revel in often. It was...nice, being able to kick back and unwind a least, before the storm began, and she felt one brewing not far on the horizon.

"I think it's less my racial profile and moreso my history servin' the less moral folks of that races government." She shrugged, thinking again for a long moment. Like the knife that she carried everywhere with her, she also carried a heavy burden. Sure, she'd been trained since her childhood for a single, explicit purpose, that however by no means meant that she was some unfeeling monster. Everything she did, had taken a toll on her. The knife was not only carried out of sentiment, but as a brutal reminder of what she'd left behind, and who she wanted to become. Rising for a moment, a bit unsteady on her feet, she got herself a cup of water, and replicated herself an electrolyte pack to drop into the drink.

As she stirred, she turned around to again find her seat. She brought over a pitcher of water as well as the remaining electrolyte powder, refilling Enyd's cup and offering the powder over to her. "Might help your head in the mornin'." She chuckled, no...she almost giggled about the idea of the two of them stumbling around the ship feeling like they'd had a brush with death. It wasn't far from the truth either, given what they were drinking, and in large quantities. "I don't think I met him." She pondered a moment but shook her head. She'd been relatively solitary aboard the Klingon ship. The offensive odor of the crew alone had forced her into seclusion, though she'd made a few excursions into the bowels of the vessel of course, and was glad for it, else she'd not have met her newfound friend.

Valyn gave a few solid nods, understanding fully.  "I was never arranged a marriage, well...I'm sure I was I just wasn't aware of the specifics of it. On Romulus, a lot of marriages are arranged, and there are three partners in the marriage. Sometimes two, but usually three." She didn't go into explaining the cultural significance, more so she was trying to make clear that a more open relationship was by no means odd to her, and to set up what she said following, "I can understand why you broke it off." If it had been her...the feelings would have been to complicated to reconcile. While she did the majority of her fighting during the war against the Jem'hadar and only sparingly the Cardassians, Valyn still held a great deal of resentment towards those involved in starting the bloody conflict. Not simply for the conflict itself, but for what had become of her during the war. "I hope someones does." Valyn stared into her cup of water and took a large gulp, letting the citrusy flavor of the electrolyte poweder fill her mouth before she took in a breath. "Find someone to light your fire, that is."

It had been so long since she'd even considered that she might actually find someone to fill that role for herself, that Enyd's question left her bereft of words for a moment. "Someone...complicated." She offered, first of all, "I want to slowly get to know someone, peel back each layer. Knowledge of a person and who they really are, is intimate. Someone who understands that, and respects that in the same way that I do."  Again, she thought for a moment before she even closed her eyes, thinking about it for a solid moment before she continued, "Someone who's suffered, and understands suffering. Someone who looks at me, see's who I am, how I feel, and just accepts it. Someone who doesn't try to change that or wants to change that. Might be plenty o' people aboard, but I don't know if I'll find one o' 'em." She smirked, breaking the tone of her desire with something more comical, "Sure wouldn't hurt if they were a looker though."

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[ Lt. Enyd Madsen | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @BipSpoon

“At this point,” Enyd reached for the powder sachet with a smirk, “I will need all the help I can get to keep from nursing a hangover from alcohol and caffeine.”

As Enyd busied herself with opening the sachet—which was proving to be far more elusive than expected—Valyn shared more of her personal history. Marriage as a political maneuver and as a means of establishing a family line had been common in many old Earth cultures and was still common around the galaxy. Enyd had not realized that Romulans practiced arranged marriages, but knowing what she did about Romulan culture didn’t surprise her.

At Valyn’s comment about fire, Enyd giggled and hummed a few lines of the melody of an ancient Earth song before raising her electrolyte-infused water in a mock toast to Valyn.

“To fire starters!”

Enyd immediately quieted herself when she noted the almost flabbergasted look on Valyn’s face as she did some self-searching. She continued to sip at her water as the Romulan peeled back the layers of her meaning in much the same way as she alluded to preferring in a romantic partner. Enyd nodded and hummed her agreement as Valyn continued her list of desires, Enyd’s own list not entirely different.

“Well, I don’t think we should start opening up Jeffries tubes or staring under bulkhead looking for these folks,” Enyd chuckled at her own mental image of their efforts to “find” the one desired, “my grandmother always said it was a waste of time ‘looking’ for the right one instead of working on becoming the right one at the right time. She liked to quote statistics of birth rates in response to the romantic drivel of ‘soul mates,’ sounding almost Vulcan in her statements of ‘compatibility’ over sensuality.” Enyd shrugged, finishing off her water before setting aside the empty glass and leaning back in her seat with a satisfied sigh. “My own list is not so different from yours only, I know I can be damned stubborn and quite idiotic, and I very much would like someone to help keep me from getting myself killed or remind me of my own idiocy from time to time. A little humble pie for breakfast never hurt anyone. So while I’d also like someone who accepts me, I also want to be with someone who encourages me to be better than I am now. Not so much in what he says, but in how he also works to better himself, and I can be inspired through his efforts alongside him.”

Enyd could feel the water and the electrolytes doing their work and already began to feel more level-headed the longer they remained. It would be a few more minutes before she’d managed to walk without looking like she was at sea, but at least some of the brain fog was receding.

“I’ll keep my eyes peeled for someone I think fits your list. But, when you say a looker, are you talking tall, dark, handsome, and male? Or…what exactly?”

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"Me too, to be honest with you." She chortled and sipped on some of the electrolyte drink as she studied her counterpart across the table. "Romulan blood or not whatever the hell you had the replicator make was lethal." She blinked away some of the bleariness the hooch had brought on. "Hell, I think my morning is gonna be startin' with a hypospray." She laughed again, realizing that it was the first time in quite a while, at least since the Enterprise, if not earlier, that she'd shared a genuine connection with someone.

Valyn lifted the electrolyte drink, diverting away from the intoxicants for the remainder of the evening, "To fire starters!" She chugged back the cool liquid and let out a solid breath of air as she finished off the cup, immediately moving to refill it. The thought of her marriage had been an interesting one for her. Of course, she'd always mulled over the idea of marriage, but she didn't believe that her duties would ever be considered...'fulfilled' enough by the powers that be on Romulus, to allow her the right to wed. The right to be her own person. It just hadn't been feasible. It was yet another piece of her life that had been robbed from her at the very instant of her birth.

However, in losing that freedom, she had gained another once she'd come to the Federation. Now, she had the right to choose her own partner, instead of it being arranged for her. In truth, she had planned to ensure in the case she was forced to marry, that she would never carry a child to term. The thought of subjecting another, particularly one of her own blood, to what she had been through had been unthinkable.

"Again, your grandmother sounds like she was particularly wise for a human. Compatibility is the key to romance and knowing when someone is your soulmate." Of course, Valyn had little to no experience in the department of romance. The more physical aspects of a relationship, sure. However, when it came to true emotional connection and understanding with another Valyn really only had experienced a few, short-lived jaunts having her life intertwined with another. She listened intently to Enyd's own desires in a partner, and nodded in agreement. Hazel eyes moved across the table, and up her friend before she smiled lightly, "That's a good list. I'll keep an eye out for you." She winked and then paused for a moment, mulling over her next words with care.

"In the meantime, lets make a deal. I'll watch out for you, and serve you humble pie when it's needed, and you do the same for me?" She dipped her head once, before raising an already pronounced, vulcanoid brow at the human, her face further pressing the question forward.

"As for my...tastes, that's complicated." She thought again, pausing to choose her words very carefully. "Bein' taller than me doesn't hurt. Probably...Human or Romulan, maybe Vulcan. Male..." She paused leaning forward and hushing her voice some, as if she was being overheard. She wasn't exactly ashamed but, she was actually mildly embarrassed by what she was about to say, "I find women attractive but I've uh-"
The silence stood for a moment, pregnant and uncomfortable.

"I've never been with a woman. Never kissed one, touched one. So...maybe women too?" She truthfully, didn't know.

"Someone intelligent, for certain. I like dark hair, and-" Valyn's cheeks actually gained the smallest hint of color for a moment, before she steeled herself, "Someone fit, someone who appreciates and works on themselves, both physically and mentally. Someone who looks like they have strength." She shrugged but truthfully, she wasn't overly picky, and it was difficult for her to describe what exactly attracted her. She simply knew that when she saw it, she would know that she liked it.

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[ Lt. Enyd Madsen | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @BipSpoon

Enyd bowed her head as one might curtsey, taking pleasure in knowing she’d managed to concoct something Valyn found to be a worthy “opponent” to drink. She mirrored Valyn’s drink salute with one of her own. The electrolyte-infused water was a welcome change from her engine fuel strength liquor. Enyd again mirrored Valyn’s movements when the Romulan woman made a pact to keep an eye out for one another, dipping her head down in a firm conspiratory nod.

“Your tastes don’t sound so complicated, dear.” Enyd waved away Valyn’s supposed complications with a feigned look of boredom. “And definitely NOT impossible to find. There are probably a few who fit that description onboard right now, in fact, given how very large this ship is.”

Valyn’s struggle to confess regarding her attraction to women had Enyd smiling and again shooing away any would-be concerns. “I’ve also never been intimate with a woman, Valyn, so there's no need to be stilted in the confession. I think it is possible to find someone of the same gender physically appealing, perhaps even emotionally attractive, but without the sexual desire attached. For instance,” she shifted on her chair to stair more intently at her friend, “I think you are very beautiful. Strong, capable, and attractive physically and mentally from what I have been able to experience so far. But I hope you don’t take offense that I would probably not think to kiss you soundly unless I was much drunker.” She shot her friend a wink, hoping it helped dissuade any lingering concerns or awkwardness.

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“I’ve heard that before” She grinned momentarily. At nearly each of her postings she’d gossiped among some of the others similarly to how she and Enyd were then, and each time she’d not managed to find herself a suitable partner on station. Be that the Enterprise, or the station. “I have faith though, Enyd. You might be the one to break my bad luck.” She joked, momentarily allowing the self-deprecating humor to take over the situation before she divulged a tad too much about herself.

“See that’s the kicker, I’m not entirely against the idea of being intimate with a woman. Not just emotionally but physically too.” She shrugged. Her sexuality and desires weren’t something she often contemplated, only Enyd’s probing had been the thing to even ignite the flicker of curiosity within herself. She’d never given much thought to it, because she’d been told not to. A life of service to the death, didn’t leave much room for the exploration of one's self. “No offense taken.” She returned the wink with a look of amusement.

“I’m more anxious about settling into the everyday flow of things in my duties though. Security on a ship is far different to that of a station.” She pursed her lips, a moment of trepidation forcing her to pause a moment. She was good at her job, but she certainly didn’t feel a calling to security. She could feel the more brutish edge of Enyd’s alcoholic concoction beginning to fade, and thus it gave birth to more serious thought. “I still tend to feel a bit…out of place.” She quirked her lip, “From time to time.” Of course, that wasn’t entirely detached from their conversation in finding a partner. Feeling out of place, made it difficult for one to find the place to find that person to begin with.

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[ Lt. Enyd Madsen | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @BipSpoon

Enyd tipped her chin up and stared at the ceiling in contemplative silence. Many times over the years she’d noted the beauty and sexual allure of other females but had never felt inclined to do anything about it. She’d never fantasized about kissing or touching another woman, and aside from connecting emotionally as one might a kindred spirit, Enyd had never pondered the concept of a romantically inclined emotional tie. She held no judgment toward Valyn or any other woman who did feel that curiosity or pull but just as her question had prompted deeper probing for the Romulan, Valyn’s candid response had Enyd assessing her own mental state in connection to the prospect.

“Duly noted.” She tapped her right temple and nodded to her friend. She’d keep an eye out for male or female prospects, though more heavily on the male. Enyd was determined to show Valyn that there was always someone nearby to offer at least some sort of connection. Even if it wasn’t romantic, Enyd was certain there was someone else on board who would enjoy spending time with Valyn just as Enyd was. And if it was romantic, well then, their time spent could potentially be even MORE enjoyable.

Valyn’s subsequent confession to feeling out of place had Enyd nodding her head, not so much in understanding as it was in affirmation for having heard her friend’s words.

“I think diplomats relish the feeling of being the only one of their race among strangers. At least some do. The constant thrill of learning something new takes away much of the sting of loneliness that can accompany far off postings.” She shrugged, knowing she could only speak for herself and no other. “My posting on Cardassia had me working primarily with the locals and a few other Federation members of other races beyond human, so I was both out of place and exactly in place. Living on Vulcan for my studies before pursuing Starfleet, I was never the only off-worlder, though often the only human. Yet I still didn’t feel out of place because of the ancestry link.” Enyd’s eyes widened, and she gave a firm nod as she came to a conclusion. “I think that’s it. I’ve always found something in common with the people I encounter. At least, so far. I know my background and perspective are both drastically different from yours but is that something you’ve ever done before when you’ve moved into a new position or place? Have you intentionally looked for commonalities to use a bridge in integration or problem-solving?”

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Valyn’s opportunities for self-expression and growth had been minimal until she joined Starfleet. Each passing day she spent among the humans, the smallest, thinnest layer of the protective shell that had been forced upon her within her own society eroded, ever so slightly. There was a constant, creeping sensation of human ideals that slowly blended with those she’d been raised with. Those ideals ushered in the realization of just how truly…traumatic, her youth had been. She hadn’t actually had the chance to develop many of the things that humans and other races considered so integral to personality, not least of all her own sexuality.

Valyn appreciated the lookout from her new friend. There were times she still struggled with social situations involving humans. Sometimes, she just didn’t understand them, just as they didn’t understand her. Their cultures were so aggressively different that integration in Starfleet really did require work, and with each new posting it felt as if she had to start anew, regaining the trust of her comrades day by day. Enyd had shed any cloak of distrust at once, choosing to speak to Valyn for who she was instead of her race, and it had been a breath of fresh air.

“I suppose there is sometimes an allure to it.” She admitted. Not being around the cagey, aggressive, and paranoid nature of other Romulans at all times was welcome. On the flip side, until she’d been ousted, it was all she’d known. She did miss her own kind, and she felt that was an entirely natural reaction to her situation and life events. “That loneliness though is hard to break.” She wasn’t entirely alone by any means, and didn’t feel that way either. She had comrades. She had people she trusted. Hell, she’d made friends at each posting she’d found herself on since graduation from the academy.

“Our time in Cardassian space was wildly different.” She scoffed, but didn’t quite elaborate just yet. “I wasn’t learning anything but how to more-“ She froze, trying not to spoil the mood, but she did want to offer her friend the truth. “How to more effectively kill in wartime.” She shook her head slowly. War had been an entirely different game to her than her usual espionage and wet work. It was more gruesome, more constant, and even more violent. The carnage that surrounded each battle was desperate, each man fighting for his own survival, each second meaning the difference between life and death. It was a desperation she didn’t want to see again. There was no trying to ease the pain of death in war. Enemies were killed however they were needed to be.

“I liked Vulcan. Funnily enough, there were some things there that did actually stick out to me as familiar there.” She grinned, “At the very least, pointy ears were a good reminder.” Their lack of any sort of passion though was frankly unnerving.

Trying to find something in common with each race she ran into though…had shockingly not even been something she’d thought of. Call it Romulan arrogance, or simply ignorance in regards to other cultures, she just…hadn’t even bothered to think of it.

“Actually…no I haven’t.” She slowly nodded as her cheeks gained the slightest hint of color, perhaps from the slightest shred of frustration. It seemed like a simply solution, but then again, that was why Enyd was the diplomat, and not Valyn.

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[ Lt. Enyd Madsen | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @BipSpoon

Enyd nodded as she listened to Valyn share of her experiences in Cardassian space. She had no reason to judge her friend for the differences in their background. Enyd showed no signs of judgment or horror while blinking at the reality that sitting before her was a trained fighter, fully capable of killing her ten dozen ways till Sunday and on into next week if necessary. If anything, she displayed more signs of understanding and empathy than anything else, allowing her genuine curiosity and care to shine through the strongest.

She shifted forward in her seat when Valyn mentioned Vulcan, “What was your favorite food on Vulcan? If you can remember, at least. What places did you go to? I loved the seaside, any seaside. Growing up in Montana, well, it is landlocked, so any opportunity to visit the sea has always been a welcome change for me.”

Valyn’s blush as she admitted her lack of empathy only caused Enyd to wave away her friend’s discomfort.

“Starfleet would be woefully inefficient and ineffective if everyone wielded empathy as a sword and no one was willing or trained to hold a real one. At the same time, when you can find that common ground, sometimes it helps you fight your enemy more strategically, giving you an advantage, or even preventing greater loss of life or destruction.” Enyd laughed at a sudden thought. “Granted, I’ll admit I can’t readily think of much I’d have in obvious common with a Tholian, I’m sure given enough time—and protection—we could figure something out.”

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Thinking back, Valyn offered Enyd a friendly quirk of her lips and chortled. “A lot of Vulcan food isn’t entirely…what you might call the most flavorful.” She wasn’t making a dig at it, by any means, she was just being honest. “There was this soup though I had at this old sanctuary. The monks were fascinated that a Romulan was even bothering to give them the time of day so they added a kick to my soup.” She made an ‘ok’ sign with her hand and nodded, showing her clear approval of the dish.

“Made with this like bread. Have you ever had uh-“ She thought for a moment, trying to remember the name of the bread, “Soda bread! Dense, dense bread. Great for dipping.” She really hadn’t had many unpleasant experiences on Vulcan. Of course there were a few, but other than those it was remarkably peaceful on the planet of her distant cousins.

“I love the ocean. I didn’t get too much of it on Romulus, at least not for leisure. So when I got the chance on Earth, I spent a lot of time there. I found this private beach in Northern California, one of my professors actually owned it technically. He’d let students use it though, nice guy.” She tried to think of his name, but the subtle haze of hooch still prevented her from doing so. “I’ll have to show you a holo of some of the ones I was able to visit back on Romulus though.” She seemingly had a whole array of holoprograms to show her friend, and expose her to her own distant culture.

“You might both be annoyed by one another’s environmental needs. There’s something you’d have in common.” She quipped, smirking with mild amusement as she did so. “Other than that…” She couldn’t really think of anything she may have had in common with a Tholian either. Some races were just too different.

“What else do you like to do for fun?” She questioned her friend, attempting to gain even further insight into the woman.

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[ Lt. Enyd Madsen | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @BipSpoon

Enyd snorted, “My first morning visiting at my cousin’s, DISTANT cousin, I was following the tradition of making the morning meal for everyone.” She shrugged. “Not my favorite tradition to follow considering how much I loathe early mornings, but the point is since I was in charge, I decided to make breakfast in a fairly Earthy way. So while I kept it vegetarian, I didn’t hold back on the spices and herbs when I made the scrambled eggs, potato hash, garlic toast, fruit salad, and grilled tofu in lieu of steak. I think my cousin liked it well enough, but most of the elders of the family ate enough to be polite but quickly excused themselves and weren’t to be seen for a few hours. Probably meditating away their annoyance.”

Enyd nodded at Valyn’s recollection of some Vulcan foods, “I think I know what you’re talking about. Not bad stuff. I would take that bread with me on hikes. Hit the spot.”

She listened with a lazy smile when Valyn shared her California story. It brought to mind a few memories of her own time along the western coast of North America, but she tucked those memories away for now. Valyn’s question had Enyd’s mind darting away from memories of places and settling instead on activities.

“Gymnastics, dancing, horseback riding, hiking, swimming, hunting, camping, learning cultural dances or martial arts, collecting sharp pointy things, talking with folks from other cultures, exploring new places, reading about the history of those places, watching people in a non-creepy way, watching old films or listening to old music,” Enyd laughed and shook her head, “most of the things I enjoy either require my body to be in motion or my mind. My grandmother had quite the time of it, keeping me occupied enough to stay out of trouble. What about you?”

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Valyn laughed, and leaned back some in her seat, propping her feet up on a nearby chair as she listened to Enyd. A family dinner was a strange experience and one she truly had absolutely none of her own with. She didn’t really have a family. She grew up with other agents, but they were pitted against one another as adversaries not allies. “They not like tofu?” She quirked a brow, lips still stuck in an amused grin as she stared across the table at her companion. “If you like foods heavy on spices, I’ll have to try and get my hands on some Romulan ones. We used to make this dish when we were out on survival expeditions, would hunt some wild game, anything we could get, and one of us would smuggle this spice from the south into our kit. May not have been earth family dinner quality but, they hit the spot.” It had been one of the few times they’d all cooperated enough, just so they could get a decent meal aside from wild berries.

“That bread is damn good, I’ll give them that. I like the one they slap right on the side of the kiln for the soup, kinda like a-” She tried to think of the oven name from Earth, “Tandoori?” She had seen it in a restaurant once, and the bread had reminded her a lot of some Vulcan breads.

As Enyd info-dumped her interests onto Valyn, she nodded along, taking note of the activities they both enjoyed. “I enjoy a good hunt, martial arts, and definitely a good swim. Particularly in the ocean.” She thought for a minute on what else she enjoyed and sighed, “I like a good fight, and I’ve come around a great deal on holonovels. I used to think they were a waste of time, but a friend got me into some good ones back on the E and I haven’t been able to stop. Usually they involve some amount of adrenaline pumpin’ action but-” She smirked and took a drink of the electrolyte mix.

“There’s this one where you get to play a member of the parisian resistance back in Earth’s second world war. Action packed, even has a bit of romance. Jumping rooftop to rooftop, trying to either kill or manipulate german spies.” She made a ‘tsk’ sound with her tongue, but nodded slowly. “Should try it with me some time, it’s a kick. Hell, you may be able to sweet talk the bastards into some shit I couldn’t.” Usually her own experiences in the program ended with hails of gunfire.

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[ Lt. Enyd Madsen | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @BipSpoon

“Sounds amazing. I’ll definitely hold you to that offer. I’ve not had too many Romulan dishes, and I’ll admit, it will be a dream come true to eat one prepared by a Romulan.” Enyd blushed. “I’ll try to work past the fan girl stage of our acquaintance.”

Enyd had never been known as someone who could sit still for long periods of time. And she wasn’t always aware of when this dislike of stationary status prompted her to do what could be considered odd behaviors. As she listened to Valyn share her own set of interests, the diplomat scooted forward in her chair and did a series of tricep dips with her legs outstretched. It was only once she was situated back in her chair, ready to respond to Valyn’s offer that it dawned on Enyd what she’d done.

“Sorry. My grandmother always got on to me for my fidgeting. That’s why she made sure I was enrolled in something physical every season of my childhood.” Giggling away any semblance of embarrassment at getting caught in the act of fidgeting, Enyd returned her attention to Valyn’s offer. “I’ve only recently been exposed to much use of a holodeck. I was always so involved with real-world comings and goings with the planet-side assignments I hadn’t much use for a holodeck. It sounds lovely, though; thank you for the invitation.” Enyd recalled what she knew about the second world war and the culture surrounding it and quickly added, “Which one of us is the femme fatale and which of us serves as bait to the Nazis?”

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Valyn held up a finger and chortled, “Fair warning, I am no five star chef. What I make, may end up being a brick of charcoal by the time I’m through with it.” She laughed at her own culinary ineptitude and shook her head slowly. Quickly, Enyd had grown on her. She’d come to understand the importance of finding a strong cadre of allies aboard starships, and here she’d found her first one.

Valyn had watched her fidget, but said nothing about it. “You won’t find any judgement from me. I used to be a damn field agent and then a soldier. I can’t sit still either.” She herself had adjusted her position in her chair repeatedly since she’d sat herself down, only sitting still when she had been shoveling food into her face. Even as she sat there, her foot and leg moved up and down in a repeated shake from an idle tapping motion at the ball of her foot.

“Holodeck was how I survived on my last assignment. I was assigned to a station, let me tell you…” She looked as though she was in physical pain describing the place, “I have never been so bored on a day to day basis. Never get to leave for away missions. Never get to see anything natural, nothin’ planetside.” She shuddered, “The holodeck was a lifesaver, and clearly the only thing the place had goin’ for it, place had to be scheduled at least two weeks ahead of time to even get a slot. I’ve got some good programs though, I’ll send them to you and you can pick a few.”

It took her a moment to think over her question though and shrugged, “Either or works. The most fun part is that on the holodeck, you can be whatever you want.”

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[ Lt. Enyd Madsen | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @BipSpoon

“If we both can’t sit still,” Enyd leapt to her feet and then immediately grabbed the table, the sudden changing making her head rush. A smile touched her lips as she shook away the dizziness, “May I escort you back to your quarters, dear Valyn?” She mimicked the Southern drawl in her voice and waggled her eyebrows for comedic effect. “If we sit much longer, I’m afraid all that cheese is going to go straight to my hips!”

As she waited for Valyn’s response, Enyd began a series of stretches and light agility moves. She could still feel some of the effects of the hooch, but it was mostly all cleared out now. Her belly full and body back to mostly normal, Enyd was feeling the passage of time and the hour, and yet she was still happy to spend the last dredges of the night with her newfound friend.

Clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth, Enyd shook her head, “I was only briefly on the station before being transferred here, and even though the station was larger and had about as many if not more people than the Theurgy, I still felt confined. Maybe because the station is that stationary, whereas this ship can and does go places. I would have gone stir crazy had I ever been assigned to a station permanently.” Enyd nodded in empathetic understanding to Valyn’s grimace as she remembered her time on the station.

“I’ve always wanted to put together a program, something like the program itself learns from your behavior and constantly adapts to you to keep the challenge or the energy up? Is that even possible?” Enyd blushed. “Also, is it possible to be physically intimate on the holodeck? I mean with one of the programmed people? I know it may seem odd, my complete lack of background in it, but I’ve never been in a place where they were popular or been around people who used them often.” She began laughing and held up both hands to stave off judgment before it could be tossed her way. “And to be clear, my program would not necessarily entail physical intimacy. That was a random thought on the tail end of my statement.”

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Valyn followed Enyd up to her feet, and reached forward to try and stabilize her companion. “Careful there,” Valyn teased, an amused quirk present on her lips. Her case of the spins had ceased not long after she’d drunk her share of the electrolytes, though she still had a giddy, warm feeling emanating from deep within her. “You may.” Valyn couldn’t help but let out the slightest chortle, “Got the accent from the officer I learned english from.” She wasn’t sure if she’d already clarified that fact, but it was a question that was often asked. Having a Romulan in Starfleet was rare enough, one that sounded as if she’d attended school in the deepest, most rural parts of Alabama however, was likely unheard of.

“With ships, you at least see new ports, new stars, hell even new nebulas, on a station though, it’s the same scenery day in and day out, with typically the same group of troublemakers takin’ up every second of your time, particularly if you’re a security officer.” Valyn pointed to her collar and sighed. “They’re usually mostly harmless, not doin’ anything to actually get themselves locked up for any long period of time, but hell they’re annoyin’.” She’d spent her fair share of time digging through shipping manifests, and when she went to verify the cargo, it was something else entirely, and often something entirely illegal.

“It really wasn’t too bad though. I much prefer a ship, but I did learn a fair bit on the station.” Mainly in regards to de-escalation. On the station it was in her best interest to just get the bad guys to reel it in, and throw them in holding overnight. On a ship when it came to enforcing the law, the stakes were a great deal higher, she’d realized. After a brief moment of silence, Valyn paused in her steps, and turned to face Enyd fully, “Out of all your assignments thus far…which has been your favorite?” Valyns was entirely evident, just given the excitement in her voice when she even mentioned the Enterprise.

“That sounds like it could be fun.” She thought for a moment on the practical applications of a learning program. “A bit beyond my ability, but I wager some of those engineering minds might have an idea how to get the program to learn.” She paused, thinking again on just how it might actually work before Enyd’s question halted hr in her tracks, causing her brow to furrow in an expression that seemingly questioned if Enyd was actually serious. After a moment, she realized she was.

“Course it is. I don’t know exactly how it deals with the  uh-” She searched for a less crass word, “leftover, of the experience, but I’ve never walked into a holodeck full of someone elses bodily fluids, so I imagine there’s somethin’ that deals with that.” Her nose wrinkled at the idea though, “I prefer flesh and blood people, but I can imagine that for some people it functions much the same way as their  personal…devices.” She shrugged once. “They get a lot of use in the civilian market for sex though.”

She grinned and added a caveat to her statement, “While I may not want to be physically intimate with a hologram, it doesn’t hurt to have some holographic eye candy around from time to time.” She grinned at Enyd, an expression of utter chaos playing across her features.

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[ Lt. Enyd Madsen | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @BipSpoon

“Favorite assignment?” Enyd drummed her index and middle finger against her lower lip in thought. “That is like asking me what’s my favorite ice cream. Every assignment has had its ups and downs and every assignment has had growth. Which I’m all about growing and learning. But I’m sure I will be exposed to more cultural diversity here than I was on Cardassia or Vulcan, which is exciting. That’s partly why I went in to diplomacy was to go out and explore other cultures, learn from them on their own terms, and act as a bridge between their norm and ours.”

It was Enyd’s turn to pause and poke Valyn’s shoulder, “Did you ever have a secret crush on one of your colleagues? Be they superior officer or subordinate.” She waggled her eyebrows and let out a giggle before resuming their pace. “A lecturer at the Academy, Dr. James Hudson Marlowe, hit it off with me. He’s rather a pariah in the more civilized circles now because he doesn’t shy away from telling it like it is, which often includes showing the ugly underbelly of the Federation. Our attraction was mutual, but I was already getting serious with Victor, and James was already married to his work, and that was that.”

Valyn’s halting explanation about body fluids on the holodeck had Enyd laughing. She hadn’t even thought of it that far in detail but now that Valyn mentioned it, Enyd was doubly curious how that worked. She determined to find an engineer and ask them about it some time, in genuine curiosity, but also to watch their face turn red with embarrassment.

“If you like eye candy, you’ll love the ranch. We get a new crop of young buck ranch hands every summer, coming out to prove their spurs in a sense, doing the cattle wrestling the old ways. They’re finely built men and women, each with a character as sharp as your blade. Anything less and their momma’s would skin them alive.”

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Valyn screwed up her face and without a second thought, added, “Rocky Road.” That was an easy one to Valyn at least. She’d found a small ice cream shop near the Academy campus, and frequented it from the instant she’d found it. She’d likely tried each and every flavor they offered, but she always came back to Rocky Road. Marshmallow and chocolate were two things that Romulus didn’t really have. They had similar things of course, but chocolate was a human extravagance she just couldn’t get enough of. She nodded, understanding Enyd’s choice of career. “Well you seem good at it.” Valyn wasn’t built for that line of work, she knew that. She had her own skill set, just as Enyd did.

It was an interesting dichotomy between the two. One trained in diplomacy and cultural acceptance, the other trained as a soldier. Two opposite sides of the very same coin. When diplomacy failed, violence was sent in. Where violence failed, diplomacy was the solution.

She paused, briefly and followed after Enyd, listening to her describe her crush in the Academy. “Someone has to be vocal. Every society has its ugly side. The Federation while, in most ways better than many others, tends to sometimes forget that there is more to the Federation itself than the utopia of Earth. Plenty o’ worlds where things aren’t so great.” She shrugged, having learned that lesson firsthand, seeing some of the more downtrodden during her first assignments with Starfleet. “I think for me, it was probably…” She thought for a long moment, then grinned. “Probably…” She repeated. In truth, she was simply trying to pick on out of the lot of inappropriate attractions she’d experienced. “On the Station. One of my officers, he was an Ensign basically straight out of the Academy but that boy was a dangerous flirt. A very…suave man.” She smirked, and if she was watching closely, Enyd may have even seen her cheeks go just a shade darker, before Valyn composed herself. “‘Course, CO thought it was amusing, watching this Ensign pursue, he didn’t think I’d take the bite.” Valyn turned to Enyd, and smirked, not answering in full if she took a bite of the Ensign or not, leaving it to Enyd’s imagination.

“Bunch o’ men lookin’ to impress, sounds like a good way to spend the summer.” Again, she grinned, imaging herself on the porch of some dusty old house she’d seen in some holonovel, sipping a lemonade and bathing in the sunlight as some strapping young men and women proved their worth through physical prowess.  “A very nice way to spend the summer…” She trailed off, still in her own imagination. “I imagine gettin’ a bunch of folks like that together it may get a bit rowdy sometimes.”

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[ Lt. Enyd Madsen | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @BipSpoon

“Oh, rocky road is yours? Mine is rich mocha mousse flavored with chocolate chips, and a swirl of creamy vanilla mousse swirled in. My grandmother called it French silk.” Enyd shrugged, mouth-watering as she recalled both the flavor and the last family dinner she’d had it at. “If you like Rocky Road, I think you’d like that. We used to have ice cream making parties at the ranch, sometimes seeing who could make the best flavor rendition and sometimes creating new ones with no names. At least none that could be repeated in polite company. Maybe we could start doing that, hosting ice cream making competitions, and everyone can make flavors representing their homeworld?” 

Enyd smile turned into a lecherous grin as she mentally combined what she knew of Valyn with what she remembered of her Academy crush and the result was stupendous. Enyd chuckled, “I think I should figure out where Marlowe is and toss you two together. You’d find him amusing, cute, and potentially sexy, and he’d fangirl over you. In a very suavely hapless way of course.”

It was a shame Valyn couldn’t grab a popcorn, watch the images, and hear the imagined conversations all occurring in her mind in a split second. The shared memory of Valyn’s crush had giggles gurgling her throat, and she had every reason to believe Valyn had taken a bite out of the Ensign. Her mental images of Valyn’s biting a blushing Ensign were halted when the Romulan commented on the rowdiness of the summer gatherings. Enyd snorted, shaking her head.

“You’d like we were Klingons. The roughhousing between two bunkhouses got so heated about half of them ended up in the hospital for a few days, and those that didn’t were doing double the duty just to avoid getting thrashed by my grandmother. And those less inclined to wrestle with their fellow man enjoyed cattle wrestling or bronc and bull riding.” Enyd sighed, remembering the feel of the saddle beneath her and the quiver of a horse’s withers between her legs. “I was never much for the bull riding, but I enjoyed roping the cattle and wrestling, and the bronc riding was always fun.” She turned a smile toward Valyn. “Would you get on the back of a horned animal weighing just over a ton?”

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“French Silk?” Her accent drawled out the words as her lips pursed, her head nodding slowly. “I’ve never heard of that one. I’ve had the French silk cake, but never an ice cream. I like cherry Garcia too. Or during the fall and winter the pumpkin and peppermint ones. Mmmm…” She trailed off, fantasizing about all the time she’d spent at the small little ice cream parlor. Her eyes went wide though, “that would be fun! Gotta be some creative flavors that people would come up with. Not like everyone aboard is human. Some pastries I used to be able to get in the market back on Romulus would make great ice cream. I bet I could get the computer to whip up the treats, toss that into some.” She was salivating just thinking about it.

“Maybe once we aren’t wanted criminals.” She chortled, almost snorting from the amusement. “I don’t imagine most at Starfleet would be keen to hear from a bunch of traitors, even if they are beautiful.” She smirked, complimenting both herself and Enyd. “Why would he fangirl over me, he got a thing for Romulans?” Even worse, it could be that he had a thing for Vulcans, which she easily passed as if it weren’t for her rather fiery bouts of emotional display, nearly every single day.

It had been a while since she’d even thought of the Ensign. He’d been reassigned not long after their little fling. She had nothing to do with it, she’d actually liked him a little. Perhaps not in a strictly long-term romantic fashion but he’d been good for her, and she felt she’d been good for him. She knew full well they weren’t the first pair of officers to find entertainment with one another, drifting into the arms of the other out of convenience instead of emotion.

Her brow rose and she laughed, a hearty amused laugh. “Every thing you say about your grandmother makes me like her more and more.” Her eyebrows narrowed though, before her left brow quirked. “I mean, I would if I needed to. What exactly is the point behind trying to ride a very angry wild animal? Just to prove myself?” She paused, looking around the corridor for a moment before picking her pace back up again. In truth, she wasn’t really sure where they had wandered to. The corridors all looked the same. “Shit…where are we?” She laughed at herself and continued to glance around. “In any case, I would ride a wild animal. To how much success, I do not know.” She rolled her eyes at herself before they locked onto Enyd.

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