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Final Award Nominations 2019


Merry Christmas! The results for the Writer's Heart and Scourge Award polls have been announced last week, so make sure you go there and congratulate the recipients.

Nominations for two new Writing Awards are now open until the 30th of December, where two separate polls will be posted on the 31st of December for the two award categories and their nominated scenes respectively.

This time the awards are these:

Often we see the completion of a character's life; yet this character's story has a beginning, a middle, and an ending. The writer not only willingly self-terminated their character, but did so in a dramatic and/or endearing way. The ending must be in "a blaze of glory" with superior epic or poetic quality.

Earlier Recipient (Not Eligible): @Brutus

This award is nominated by anyone, but only handed out once every second year to the most outstanding writers in the sim.

Earlier Recipient (Not Eligible): @Even Angels Cry


Here are the rules for Award Nominations:

  • Nominations should be posted in the announced nomination thread posted on the forum. Anonymous nominations may be made to the Game Moderator via PM on the forum, who will then post the nomination in the nomination thread.
  • Nominations are to be made before the announced nomination time expires.
  • Nominations may be made by any member that isn't an Applicant.
  • Self-nominations are not permitted.
  • There is no limit to the number of nominations one can make.
  • Prior winners of the same awards are not eligible.
  • Each nomination should include a motivation. The nomination write-up is 50 words minimum and should concentrate on why the recipient(s) is/are deserving of the award. You should also make sure to include links.

All nominations will be added to the polls that will determine the winner of the awards. 


  • Forum Name of Nominee(s)
  • Primary Reason for Nomination
  • Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional)
  • Motivation & Links (50 words minimum)

Of course, you should only nominate scenes where at least one of the writers in the scene are still an active writer on the forum. There is no need to nominate scenes where all writers that wrote it have left the sim a long time ago.

I look forward to reading your nominations here in this thread!

Best Regards,

Auctor Lucan

Re: Final Award Nominations 2019

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I would like to nominate @Auctor Lucan for the Golden Chevron.

As the Sim’s GM, AL not only guides the story, but tries to incorporate the idea of others where possible and attempts to provide other writers as much of a chance to be as involved in the story as he can. Given that ideas are frequently thrown about, not all of these can be worked into the Sim, but AL still gives these ideas consideration, and works with the sim’s writers whenever possible.

On top of this, he is also tasked with creating character, NPC, deck and ship images, as well as site maintenance, wiki updates, plot discussions, polls, mediation of disputes between writers, and keeping plotlines on track (which I would imagine is, at times, vaguely akin to herding cats), not to mention keeping track of the various characters he himself writes, threads he is in, and setting the stage for the various scenes that arise in the main story.

As someone who spends a good deal (sometimes too much?) of his time think about/planning/writing in Theurgy, I can’t help but think that the combined workload of all the above listed points sounds like utter insanity to me. And while I know that there have been hiccups, setbacks and disputes that have arisen throughout the time I’ve been writing in the sim, I firmly believe that Theurgy wouldn’t be the sim it is without all the hard work and dedication that Auctor Lucan puts in.

Re: Final Award Nominations 2019

Reply #2
@Fife  for Blaze of Glory

I would like to nominate @Fife for Eboh's lifeline.  Not only did he write a beautiful character, but he also did a fantastic death scene.  There was so much involved.  Being infected by the Borg nanobots, being able to push through it for the mission.  But, what really got me was the fact that he was able to write the struggle; internally and externally, so beautifully.  There was something so real about the whole situation.  I loved the way that it really resonated with the reader, allowing you to be there in person and see the whole situation unfold.  He did the writing so beautifully I think he truly deserves to be part of the world.  Fife continues to entertain me with his writing and the way that he writes the character that is a full person.  A range of emotions, the beauty of how far they can push themselves, and the way that they change from moment to moment.  He's adept at writing three dimensional characters and I quite enjoy the fact that I have the privilege of reading his posting and characters.  I was sad to lose Eboh, because as the only other El-Aurian, it was a special bond for him and Zyrao.  But, the writing called for sacrifice and Fife was willing to make it.  Great writing, great character, great death.

Links:,2574.0.html  [Eboh gets infested by the Borg nanobots],2615.0.html  [Eboh's passing]

Re: Final Award Nominations 2019

Reply #3
For the Blaze of Glory

Forum Name of Nominee(s)
Primary Reason for Nomination the death and final moments of Wen Cinn
Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional)
Motivation & Links (50 words minimum)
battle of the apertures & Storm Glass
I believe that Wenn's death is the only one that counts as "a blaze of glory" in this round, and it is also practically symbolic: the man brought back from the dead performs the action for which he has been spared, leaving everything behind in order to do what the Prophets have designated for him. BAM an ideal ending for a bajoran

For the Golden Chevron

Forum Name of Nominee(s) @BZ
Primary Reason for Nomination Overall quality of writing, character depth and meanful contributions to the story
Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional)
Motivation & Links (50 words minimum) I' m not going to add more links to BZ's work in this round because I think I' ve covered them more than enough in the previous nomination rounds. BZ is one of the highest-quality writers in the SIM atm in my opinion and she has one of the best prose in the forum, she has infinite resources to develop her characters (and contribute to the development of the characters that interact with hers) and she is a writer who has enough talent to see her work published in physical books. In fact, I hope that we will soon be able to see a novel with her name on the cover of the bookstore shelves (and that it will be translated into several languages :) )
I think she is a remarkable writer at all levels and should be rewarded for it.

Forum Name of Nominee(s) @Top Hat
Primary Reason for Nomination Depth of character, subtlety of prose and concise but powerful writing style.
Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional) I'm going to put here a note that I'm VERY outraged that he doesn't spam the forum with his posts because I consider reading them a delight
Motivation & Links (50 words minimum) TH is a very seasoned writer, with a meticulous knowledge of the Trek universe that gifts us with a measured and yet meaningful post. It is not easy to overlook one of his posts because it ALWAYS contributes to the development of the thread and has a special deepness. All the words in the TH posts are important and perfectly measured and it's well worth reading them carefully to enjoy them because, at least for my part, I always feel that there is more in there than what is really written. I think I've said it before but subtlety and precision are a real art, more so when, instead of resulting in a poor post, they add a hidden and subtle richness to it.

Forum Name of Nominee(s) @fiendfall
Primary Reason for Nomination  variation and richness of her characters, colourful of these and depth of character
Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional) I will add the special note that she is relatively new to this fandom and yet you could NEVER tell by reading one of her posts because her characters are so thoroughly studied that they work perfectly in the universe
Motivation & Links (50 words minimum) For me writing with Fienfall is a joy, her prose is excellent, she is always open to help others to develop their character and to add more layers and levels to their interactions and in general she shows excellent skills as a writer and as a writing partner. I have to say that at the time I thought of suggesting her to share part of the background of our characters I NEVER imagined what a delight it would be and what a rare gem of a writer I would find in doing so.  I'm sure this writer will be a must-have asset in the new season.

Re: Final Award Nominations 2019

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For the Golden Chevron award, I'd like to nominate @Numen

Numen writes engaging prose that's fun to read, full of personality, with a wide vocabulary and good craftsmanship, and generally just so so rich with Trek lore details; her characters are well-rounded and well-written; she's proven herself to be equally wonderful at writing comedy (Lads Night Out), drama (Cardassian Rhapsody), and romance (The Targ House); and she has long-term plans and consequences for her characters (see Shar's arc). And all of this in her SECOND LANGUAGE.

In RP I firmly believe the social side totally counts towards a writer's skill, and Numen is as great to write with as her posts are to read. She's a creative and enthusiastic writing partner, and one of the most lovely and supportive people in the sim — just look at how many of these nominations have come from her!

In my opinion Numen is 100% one of the best writers in the sim, and that she does all of this in her second language is frankly amazing.
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Re: Final Award Nominations 2019

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Forum Name of Nominee: @Brutus for the Golden Chevron.
Primary Reason for Nomination: I have been wanting to write a thread with Brutus since about 6 months after joining the sim. I had read his prose and was impressed greatly. I knew that writing opposite them would elevate my own work beyond what it was worth. Sadly, it took more than a year more before I had the opportunity to share a thread with them.
Motivation & Links: I can only list the single thread Material Girls as a primary example of his work but you won't have to look far to find other examples. Brutus has been with the sim since 2011 and has knocked up over 1200 posts in the time; his threads are Legion! He has well and truly earned the Mythic Theurgist title.


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