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Tears & Laughter 2019 | Award Nominations


The winners of the Suus Mahna and Pon Farr awards are announced, so I have decided to open up for nominations in two new award categories, since I would like to award as many of the Writing Awards as possible now in 2019.

Nominations for these two Writing Awards are now open until the 27th of November, where two separate polls will be posted on the 28th of November for the two award categories and their nominated scenes respectively. The two polls will be public, and of course, those casting the vote will need to read the scenes nominated before casting their vote in the poll.

The awards? :) This time, they are these:

Awarded to the main contributing writers in a humorous scene or situation that stands out way above the norm in terms of inducing laughter for the readers.

Earlier Recipients (not eligible): @Doc M.

Awarded to the main contributing writers in a dramatic scene or situation that stands out way above the norm in terms of emotional impact, keeping the readers on the edge of their seats and wondering what may come next.

Earlier Recipients (not eligible): @Auctor Lucan @SummerDawn @Masorin @Nolan


Here are the rules for Award Nominations:

  • Nominations should be posted in the announced nomination thread posted on the forum. Anonymous nominations may be made to the Game Moderator via PM on the forum, who will then post the nomination in the nomination thread.
  • Nominations are to be made before the announced nomination time expires.
  • Nominations may be made by any member that isn't an Applicant.
  • Self-nominations are not permitted.
  • There is no limit to the number of nominations one can make.
  • Prior winners of the same awards are not eligible.
  • Each nomination should include a motivation. The nomination write-up is 50 words minimum and should concentrate on why the recipient(s) is/are deserving of the award. You should also make sure to include links.

All nominations will be added to the polls that will determine the winner of the awards. 


  • Forum Name of Nominee(s)
  • Primary Reason for Nomination
  • Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional)
  • Motivation & Links (50 words minimum)

Of course, you should only nominate scenes where at least one of the writers in the scene are still an active writer on the forum. There is no need to nominate scenes where all writers that wrote it have left the sim a long time ago.

I look forward to reading your nominations here in this thread! :)

Best Regards,

Auctor Lucan

Re: Tears & Laughter 2019 | Award Nominations

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I nominate @BZ for her post in Vantage Points with Eun Sae Ji.
The sheer nonsense she comes out with while coming round from sedation brought tears to my eyes the first time round. Coupled with her befuddled honesty about how she sees Liam Herrold, the entire post can't fail to bring a smile.
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Re: Tears & Laughter 2019 | Award Nominations

Reply #2
Forum Name of Nominee:
I would like to nominate the shit out of @BZ (for the PAKLED AWARD)! That's capital BEE and a capital ZEE. Like the word BUSY, but only it's two alphabets. Comprende? Capish? You is the upperstand?!?

Primary Reason for Nomination:
Oh my God where do I begin. This post just makes my day (yes, it's just the one post) and BZ is an extraordinary writer and everything. With all she has to do IRL she still can find the time to sit back, look at something, and not only write an outstanding post, but she injects the EXACT kind of emotion she wishes to evoke from the reader at any time, and she makes them so good, they can literally be read and re-read over and over, and it never gets old. Until today, this one post never fails to cheer me up and leave me laughing for no apparent reason in my office, especially if I'm having a bad day. Thank you so much, BZ, for cheering us all up and making our lives better by being in it.

Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional)
Oh my God where do I begin. This post just makes my day (yes, it's just the one post) and BZ is an extraordinary writer and everything. With all she has to do IRL she still can find the time to sit back, look at something, and not only write an outstanding post, but she injects the EXACT kind of emotion she wishes to evoke from the reader at any time, and she makes them so good, they can literally be read and re-read over and over, and it never gets old. Until today, this one post never fails to cheer me up and leave me laughing for no apparent reason in my office, especially if I'm having a bad day. Thank you so much, BZ, for cheering us all up and making our lives better by being in it.


Motivation & Links (50 words minimum)
My motivation? WTF? Were reasons one and two not bloody flaming enough? Seriously! What is wrong with you lot!!! I just poured my heart out into this nomination and you have the unmitigated GALL TO ASK FOR MY MOTIVATIONS?!? READ THE FIRST AND SECOND REASONS AGAIN!!! give them an inch...

Oh links, yes, yes that I can do. Here's the links, YOU SUNKJET COPIOUS MOORING DICTIONARY!!! (No I don't have Tourettes):

[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Weapons Storage Locker - To Sickbay | In Transit | Happy Pills],2430.msg18297.html#msg18297

Re: Tears & Laughter 2019 | Award Nominations

Reply #3
Forum Name of Nominee:
I now wish to nominate the one (or two?), the only (the pair?), the honorable, wonderful and glorious @Nolan and @BZ (again!) for the Inner Light Award. Remember, it's Nolan like No land, but you know, it's a man! And BZ as in capital Bee...holy crap, do you really need me to remind you how to pronounce BZ?

Primary Reason for Nomination:
Nolan is one astoundingly deep, profound and incredibly proficient writer who can seamlessly fit his writing in with virtually anybody he works with, and BZ has a raw, beautiful and powerful emotional range that she explores through her unique and individual characters, no two of them sharing anything truly alike. You put these two together, and they will destroy the audience with their depth of dramatic delivery and emotional connection. It's honestly like watching the most beautiful ballet of words and paragraphs painting a work of art that is also a film of its own that requires no visual input to share their message and stories with you.

Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional)
I also would like to say, that I am an absolute fan of the tales these two have spun over the months and years. Taking time out of their busy schedules to feed the hungry masses eager for the next tale of woes and joys, loves and dramas, passions and life. Please, always be true to yourselves, you two. We love you!

Motivation & Links (50 words minimum)
So my motivations are quite simple here. The stories found in these three links absolutely, utterly, completely destroyed me. As I read them, I laughed, I cried, I wept, I screamed (literally, ask BZ, Numen, Arista, or any number of people) and I suffered and was uplifted all at once by the development of these two characters depicted within. I urge you all to read them thoroughly and join me in nominating them for what must surely be the best dramatic/romantic interlude ever:,2413.0.html,2445.0.html,2471.0.html

Re: Tears & Laughter 2019 | Award Nominations

Reply #4
Nomination Time:


So as far as the Pakled award,

I would like to nominate @Fife  and @Auctor Lucan  in their thread with V9 and Cross. 

Primary Reason:

Well, if being badass writers isn't enough and you insist on me going in depth, I shall endeavor to persevere.  So .. I hadn't initially followed this thread until I was talking one day with Fife and he mentioned the awkwardness he didn't want Blue to find out about.  Of course, my inner Blue sat up straight was like, what is this.. thing I shouldn't know.  Becuase we all know she loves a good bit of blackmail and she likes to mess with people.  So he sent me the thread and immediately upon reading it I knew, I KNEW this was going to be gold stuff right there.  And, I wasn't wrong.  Hilarity at the awkwardness carefully portrayed by both writers really came through excellently through the writing!  It was a great laugh, a great situation, and Blue truly enjoys the fact that it's something she can forever bring up in front of other people.  (Like at Senior Staff meetings....)

Secondary Reason:

Uh, well hell, there are only so many threads where the characters REALLY pull you into the thread and you're in the depths.  You can really imagine what's going on, see the scene in your mind as if you're watching it in high def, and this was one of those threads.  I really enjoyed the full on awkwardness, on a site where there is soooooo much bone jumping, and scissor technique practicing, and deep throat action, it was truly refreshing to find a thread that was just so damn awkward.  Neither of them were there for that, neither of them wanted it, and both of them are sworn to secrecy so they never have to worry about it again.. or do they!


Motivation:  To give cheers and luffs to amazing writers for making the site that much better and for making sure that people have things to read that are enjoyable and outside the norm.  I love writing with both of these fine people and truly enjoy the fact that they can write together in such spectacular fashion. 

Re: Tears & Laughter 2019 | Award Nominations

Reply #5
Alright, round two! More to follow, but for now here's two for the Inner Light Award:

Forum Name of Nominee(s): @Numen
Primary Reason for Nomination: Extremely characterful and moving writing in several threads
Motivation & Links: To get a full spread and properly demonstrate the range of Numen's writing, I'm nominating her for the following threads: 'The Targ House' as Khorin, 'Cardassian Rhapsody' as Bila, and 'Far From the Tree' as Seren.  Seeing the usually more comical Khorin become so serious and gentle in 'The Targ House' is really moving, and Numen does a spectacular job of showing us exactly what's happening inside his head.  'Cardassian Rhapsody' is another intense scene exploring both a recent death and Bila's Cardassian heritage, and seeing Bila work through these issues is really great to read. Finally, 'Far From the Tree' is a bit of a departure, with Numen writing the extremely repressed and overly-logical Seren. This scene is great because not only is Numen a master at writing traditional Vulcans, but she's also able to clearly show how Seren is feeling despite his inherent lack of emotion, and the details of how he behaves and thinks are subtle and perfect.

Forum Name of Nominee(s): @BZ and @Top Hat
Primary Reason for Nomination: Blucote. 'Nuff said.
Motivation & Links: I'm specifically thinking of the threads 'Into Blue Depths', 'Hollow to Whole', 'Meet the Tirans', and 'Victuals and Visitations', but also the moments in 'We are the Borg' and the reunion scene in 'Dropspace'. These threads are emotional, moving, tense, funny, bittersweet, painful, and a real rollercoaster to read. I'd like my heart back now, thanks.
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Re: Tears & Laughter 2019 | Award Nominations

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My nomination for the Pakled award is as follows: (Gosh I've been waiting for this for such a time.)

Forum Name of Nominee(s): @fiendfall
Primary Reason for Nomination: Perfect characterisation of a hungover Vulcan having to deal with an Orion and his bat. Absolutely hilarious to read (I howled like 2,000 times reading it) but still inarguably in keeping with the quirks of the species.
Motivation & Links: Specifically for the events of the thread 'Snakes and Ladders' but also tying into any thread that Hathev has ever existed in, the character is downright hilarious whilst remaining totally affixed to her logical disposition, which, of course, makes her even more hilarious to read. @fiendfall also does an incredible job of reacting to the antics of the Orion and his pet with the most ludicrous but also Vulcan of reactions. It is honestly amazing how well this character is written and, whilst she's an incredibly serious character, she is also downright hilarious. If you can read her posts without cracking a smile, you must be a Vulcan... I recommend giving the thread a read, if only for the lines:  'You will control your rodent, Mr Zeshryr,' and 'I have no desire to touch your rodent.'
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Re: Tears & Laughter 2019 | Award Nominations

Reply #7
Awesome nominations all around! :)

Since I got the question when the first nominations were made for the other awards, I just realised that I neglected to mention that nominations are not restricted to the last couple of years. Threads from the earlier Episodes are also eligible to be nominated too.

Keep em coming!  (L)


Auctor Lucan

Re: Tears & Laughter 2019 | Award Nominations

Reply #8
Nominations Time Part Duex:

Inner Light Award
Nomination:  @Top Hat

Primary:  So writing with TH is always a joy.  Every time I have a thread with him it's always a joy to write and completely worth the wait for the beauty of his responses.  They are so real and down to Earth, he really delves into his characters and really thinks from their perspective and not so much of what he wants to accomplish but what the characters will accomplish.  That's the mark of a great writer. 

Secondary:  My favorite thing about reading his threads is because the characters choose their own actions.  Like, when he was going to fire the thrusters in the Theurgy bay, because he was not coming out on some traitor ship.  They were going to murder his people and he would do anything to protect them.  The fact that he doesn't take any crap from Nicander, the fact that he is so very much Ducote.  He doesn't bend to the will of the site and the threads, he plays the man as he should be.  His intense First Officer moments just resonate well with me.  I can see him, hear him, picture him.  From his day to day life, to his work life, everything Ranaan Ducote is just pure magic.  Even when he writes other characters, like his own father Erich Ducote, everything is so very “In” the character that they just work, and they leave you wondering, guessing, and waiting for the next response.

Motivation:  Pretty sure my above statements work here.  So lets break it down.
TH=amazeballs writing.
TH= amazeballs characters.
TH=amazeballs staying true to who they are.

Threads:,2332.0.html Charades (He WILL blow shit up),2596.0.html Dropspace (reuniting with Blue),2709.0.html  Meet the Tirans (Your kid is dead),2302.0.html We Are the Borg (GTFO Borg)

Re: Tears & Laughter 2019 | Award Nominations

Reply #9
One more, this time for the Pakled Order award:

Forum Name of Nominee(s): @Numen
Primary Reason for Nomination: Seren is more hilarious than a Vulcan has any right to be
Motivation & Links: Numen writes Seren perfectly. He's a traditional Vulcan and never displays any emotion, and yet he is somehow also a complete and utter dork. He's written so subtly and well that even though he's telling you how logical he is, you can tell from Numen's description and wording that in reality he's an awkward dumbass. Try these on for size:

It could not be said that Seren was rushing in that direction. Vulcans did NOT rush. -- 'Lads Night Out'

"The purpose of my suggestion was not to serve as a matchmaker." He asserted. "But if it is necessary that I perform such role in order to assist your psychological treatment, you shall provide me with a detailed list of your sexual requirements as well as the objective of this partnership research, be it reproductive, recreational or other." He assured with extreme professionalism. -- 'The More Things Change'

On Pon Farr: The Vulcan readjusted his position a little, awkward, as he remembered the first (and only) time he had been swept away by such mindlessness. "There are instances in which every Vulcan, despite their self-control, lost the battle against their emotions. But we shouldn't talk about those times," he said before he fell back into an uneasy silence. -- 'Egos Emotives & Expletives'

As a rule, Seren would not apologize. His behavior was impeccable and, therefore, he had no need to exercise such an idle practice. -- 'Far From the Tree'

His heart was beating 0.3 times faster than it was proper, but given how unruly it had been in the last few weeks, Seren accepted that variation as a deviation above the norm within acceptable parameters. -- 'Lads Night Out' (again)

Seren trying to maintain his Prim and Proper Vulcan act while being a total doofus is genuinely delightful to read: hilarious, ridiculous, and fantastically written in its subtlety. I love this Vulcan idiot immensely.
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Re: Tears & Laughter 2019 | Award Nominations

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Name of Nominee: @Numen

Primary Reason for Nomination: Khorin's hilarious antics

Motivation & Links:
I’d like to nominate Numen for the Pakled award for her excellent writing of Khorin in the thread Dropspace, as well as in various other threads. Despite the seriousness of Dropspace, Numen managed to infuse humour into it with the antics of everyone’s favourite loudmouth Klingon. A perfect example of this is in Reply #7 of Dropspace, where Khorin is so busy yelling insults at another character that he accidentally falls down a hole in the deck. Numen continues to write Khorin as a colourful character who's loud and boastful nature constantly gets a laugh out of me.,2596.0.html

Re: Tears & Laughter 2019 | Award Nominations

Reply #12
Well I'm almost late for the nominations but I've had a busy combo these last few days and I've tried to write on the active threads first ^^U
Most of the writers I wanted to nominate have already been previously nominated, but I will try to add some extra candidates who have not been named or add extra threads to the already existing candidacies.


I want to support (strongly) the candidacies of @BZ , @Fife  and @Auctor Lucan for exactly the same reasons (and threads) cited and in addition

Forum Name of Nominee(s) @fiendfall
Primary Reason for Nomination a combo of the previously suggested of Hathev (a vulcan has NO RIGHT of being that hilarious) and, overall due AVI
Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional) I've told you Avi need more screentime and interactions? He does
Motivation & Links (50 words minimum) Avi has had very little time to shine in the story so far but mate, he's here to blow us all.  I could say a lot of things about him but I'm going to qualify him as the only character I've seen call a Vulcan as stuck-up as Seren "Twinkletoes" without blinking. That has its own merit. But I think the best thing I can do is to leave you some snippets of his colorful personality.

'Yeah, yeah, sure,' he said, wavin' him off best he could. 'Course, it would be an ensign what thought they had the right t'order folks around, commision goin' to their damn heads, little idiots what they were. 'You got it, boss.' There, that satisfy your damn Vulcan ego? He just wanted a damn bath, christmas.

An' t'make things worse, 'pparently Epsilon Mynos, Aldea, whatever the fuck, was a total shithole. Most ghost than city, more dust than ground, an' every time somethin' moved outta the corner Avi's eye -- tumbleweed or whatever -- his hand started jitterin' toward his phaser. Though, frankly, any poor Fed motherfucker waitin' out here t'ambush him deserved it, he'd hand himself over just to end the poor bugger's sufferin'. Good job, you got me, now get on outta this damn wind.

Followed Erev's instructions, made their ways to the pickup point. Only one bloke there already, some hooded shifty-lookin' motherfucker standin' so still Avi thought he was like, a dead tree, right up until they got real close-like an' he realised oh shit no that's a real person huh.

Gave the fella the old once-over, up an' down; didn't look like he was armed. 'Course, was dressed in that floaty shit Aldeans 'pparently like, an' that shit could hide almost anythin'. Avi'd know, he was wearin' it too -- some long tunic thing, like a dress what was too embarrassed to own it -- an' paired with a sash, mate, you'd never even know he was armed six ways from Sunday.

Examples of Hathev being more fun that she should could be found here,

Forum Name of Nominee(s) @BZ and @Fife
Primary Reason for Nomination Vulcan Hand Jobs
Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional) As an extra for consideration of their individual nominations
Motivation & Links (50 words minimum) I think I have already quoted on several occasions that these two writers are excellent and have extraordinary control of the written word. But besides that, the relationships they establish with their characters are delicious and authentic, and this thread is a good example. The two overly grumpy characters get a perfect mix between akwardness, grumpyness, emotion and playful banter that is delightful to read. The balance between comedy and emotion makes you feel like you're witnessing two real people bonding, instead of reading two fictional characters. Be aware of these two characters (and writers) because they are here to steal the spotlight. For me they have already stolen it ;)

Forum Name of Nominee(s) @TWilkins
Primary Reason for Nomination For Y'Lev in Snakes and Ladders
Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional) add-on to Fiendall candidature due this thread
Motivation & Links (50 words minimum) In general Twi is not a writer given to humor, focusing more on drama and yet the inteaction between Y'Lev and Hathev is wonderful to read, hilarious and enjoyable. Enter the Vulcan too overly hangover and the spy too mischievous for his own good they created a strange dynamic but worthy of reading especially for the dadaist situation even treating a serious subject in the background. Y'Lev is another of those characters that hasn't had many chances to be written yet but has left us some unforgettable moments. Let's always remember the thong that must not be named which, although it appeared at a scene that is better not to repeat, has given us countless hours of humour in the OOC. Let us remember this situation from the best possible prism :)

Forum Name of Nominee(s) @BZ
Primary Reason for Nomination Kiki and Albert
Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional) they are npc and, still they are SO COLOURFUL
Motivation & Links (50 words minimum) Kiki has been portrayed in few threads (this and this) while Albert has had his own spotlight since he was rescued in the versant, tied to his creator Blue Tiran (i want to spotlight his solo appearence here but even in threads were he is barely a appliance like here he steals the scene like here - how the hell it can't be hilarious a utterly proper owl-robbot with a heavy brit accent with the tiniest bow and top hat???) In a story as dark as ours has been during the last episode, some npcs like these provide the necessary comic relief that allows you to bring a little light in the dark and go a little further, thinking that there are still good things in the world that are worth fighting for. In Albert's case, it also provides a wonderful rendering of an artificial creature, which is always interesting to read and, surprisingly, very amusing.

Forum Name of Nominee(s) @Triage
Primary Reason for Nomination The recurring joke of Cameron's clumsiness
Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional) Those little glimpses of comedy that she brings to most of her threads, whether with a flowery accent or small details like this one.
Motivation & Links (50 words minimum) I'm going to particularly point out this post In general, triage provides that point of humour which, as I have mentioned on several occasions here, is very necessary in a story like ours. Also in general her good disposition and support in the OOC and her general goofiness should be appreciated in its right measure.

Forum Name of Nominee(s) @Bastila
Primary Reason for Nomination Being able to induce a Vulcan to tell a joke
Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional),2785.0.html
Motivation & Links (50 words minimum) Bastila has been with us for relatively little time and yet I have had the pleasure of sharing a thread with her. In spite of the seriousness of the subjects treated during this therapy session she has been able to perfectly balance comedy and drama making it not only a session where her character develops, but also helping the therapist (usually the passive agent of the session that functions as a wall on which the patient's reflections can be reflected) to acquire a more profound nature as a character. It is a very dynamic and natural interaction and I am convinced that we will see many interesting things from this writer.


Re: Tears & Laughter 2019 | Award Nominations

Reply #13
Second part of the nominations


Forum Name of Nominee(s) @Nolan @Fife @Stegro88 @lisavw
Primary Reason for Nomination Ekon's dead scene and the ORE application in "An Open Ending"
Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional) the repercussions of the events that have taken place here, how deeply the characters are affected by this, distancing them and, at the same time, bringing them closer together as former Cayugers
Motivation & Links (50 words minimum) First, I want to put on record that this thread and how it was developed was not planned at all. It is a thread that has been brewing since I started working with Bila in the ORE, which 'exploded' with the assimilation of Ekon and Lorad (and later continued in Lorad's cure thread) and has had repercussions that still affect many characters long after. This thread has been a bomb, literally, a nuke that has sent seismic waves through the stories of these characters and has marked them deeply and will continue to affect them. It is an important development that has been slightly obscured by the main events but that I think should be appreciated in its measure. Fucking Fife ripped a tear out of me here and I hate him for it. This only fact need to be awarded.

Forum Name of Nominee(s) @BZ and @Top Hat
Primary Reason for Nomination Blucote separation arc and further (still development and i hope it keeps going FOREVER)
Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional) Blucote is LIFE
Motivation & Links (50 words minimum) There have been mentioned many reasons why these two should be honored that i'll not repeat here. In general they are brilliant writers, deep, intense and who stay in character until the last consequences. They had made my heart hurt. But for real. These two suckers have had me worried af because I couldn't stop caring about their characters and they keep me thrilled and excited about the wedding of their characters. I am going to emphasize especially (with an accesit for @Auctor Lucan ) This was one of the first threads that I got to read out of the ones I was writing. In fact I thought it was the thread that made me sig up on the forum (to congratulate AL and all the writers in my behalf) but then checking dates I found it wasn't exactly this one. Still I remember it like this due HOW GOOD it is. This thread, and no other, caught me entirely and absolutely on this SIM. This thread made me want to know more about Blue about her love for Ducote, where all this came from, who these characters were and made me read practically ALL the threads and post that were written in the SIM over MONTHS. This damned thread has made me stay here and start to feel these characters as real people because of the depth and the feelings it leaks, because there is SO much behind it that you can't help but need to find out more. And it must be read by everyone who comes here. This thread is gold.
Now I want to do a little excerpt just for Top Hat, even though his nomination is tangled with BZ's here. TH writes less exuberantly and prolificly than BZ. His characters are more restrained, more frugal in words and actions, but they are VERY TREK characters. They are extraordinarily deep and meditated characters that let us see bits and pieces of their soul in very brief occasions but that at all times we know why they act as they do, what their motives are and why they are like that. Without ever losing their subtlety. Achieving this is extremely complex and says a lot about the skill level of the writer we are dealing with. I want to bring up a solo thread with a character that is not why I nominate TH here: [url=,2367.0.html] Nator.  In this thread we can see what TH usually distributes in small doses along his threads. He doesn't need here a post the size of a novel to give a deep and exquisite moment to a character EXTREMELY COMPLEX both for hir personality, for hir background and species. This is an authentic diamond that has gone unnoticed by most people.

Forum Name of Nominee(s) @Brutus
Primary Reason for Nomination Sarresh as a whole
Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional) this thread
Motivation & Links (50 words minimum) Sarresh is a very complex character. He's been in the forum a LONG time and has suffered some incredible changes and setbacks. I have been able to witness only part of them: his kidnapping by the Savi and the discovery of the loss of Sel. Throughout the entire versant arc, Sel has been, mainly, the motive that has kept this character alive, only to find when he has returned that that love he thought impossible has died. Reading this entire arc has been devastating but, not only that, it shows the skill of the writer to continue developing a character despite the setbacks IC and OOC. I hope that Sarresh will soon have some light in his story and that I can read it. I hope Bru would be praised in the level he deserves. And, for the records, he is not EVEN my fav Bru character ;)

Forum Name of Nominee(s) @Auctor Lucan and @chXinya
Primary Reason for Nomination Cinn good bye
Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional) It can be found here and onward
Motivation & Links (50 words minimum) I imagine that Cinn's death will be nominated in another category and I have been looking for the scene of the vision of the Prophets that Cinn had on the bridge but I haven't been able to find it and time catches me. But in any case: Cinn's last moments are glorious and must be acknowledged, not so much his death itself but the escalation and last steps that led him there.

Forum Name of Nominee(s) @fiendfall
Primary Reason for Nomination Due Triss Liebrecht
Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional) Mainly due this solo thread.
Motivation & Links (50 words minimum) Let's see where I should start. Triss is a background character. She's not even an NPC, she's part of the past of a character who, apparently, only serves as a piece to build the 'main character'.  Also I want to make you aware again that English is not my main language so a format like the thread I point out is more complex to estimate than to a native. And, in spite of all these problems, Fienfall has provided us this thread, which flashes emotion in all its lines, which tells so many things with so few words, with so few pieces on which to build that it is an authentic masterpiece of the written word. Please read me carefully, since recently it is possible to give Like to closed threads, do me a favor and show your appreciation for this little gem.

This post is long enough and I don't have time to keep looking anymore but I want to remind you just some of the wonderful moments that have happened in the last episodes that have been remarkable (and that I haven't been able to find) but they deserve to be in this list too.

- @FollowTomorrow and @Arista with their Cardassian breakfast, like two lost souls without roots can share a quiet moment
- @Triage Hather's 'death' and everything that happened around it
- @Nolan Tovarek's disappearance that went almost unnoticed and was sudden and absurd and therefore very real.
- @SummerDawn K'Ren finding she has lost her kittens and how that pans in the savi labs
- @Auctor Lucan the last days of Nerina, who was the commander they needed in the time of need
- @Stegro88 Mickayla struggling with her new being, specially here (even if she needed to deal with the pain in the ass that Khorin could be)
- @TWilkins with Oth in 'Lads night out', this kid is made of drama
- @AlyFox Jovela bedside manners in Lorad recovery scene.

....and so many other characters and scenes that I'm sure I'm forgetting or that I don't have time to add here atm. Thank you all for your time, for your stories and for building this story a little bit together.

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