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EPIL: S [D06|1800] Seeking Treatment

Lt Jg Salem Martin | USS Theurgy | Sickbay ] Attn: @TWilkins

It had been a long day, the battle had been almost 8 hours ago, and then there had been plenty of clean up. Salem was still covered in minor burns, bruises and cuts he had suffered from the battle on the bridge. He was still trembling slightly from the whole ordeal. The majority of his wounds had been superficial and so he had figured they could wait while the rest of the wounded had completely filled up sickbay.

During that time he had managed to arrange a room for himself, and spent an hour or two setting up the place with the few possessions he had taken from the Cayuga. in the end he had lost a few things in the transfer, but he was pretty sure that in terms of land space he had more room than he did now than he had on the cayuga though he hadn't taken a measurement of his old place.

He also had seen the inside of Vivian's room and knew for a fact her sofa was more comfortable than the bed he had gotten. The idea of crashing on his twin's sofa for a few days had come to him, but in the end she was a department head, he had been chief tactical officer of the cayuga for less than three days, and his head had nearly exploded with how much he had to do. He could leave Commander Martin alone for the most part, impeding too much on her would be a bad thing.

What lead him down to the Sickbay, wasn't so much the burns, cuts, or even the fact that the head wound had dried, and formed a scab, but hadn't really been cleaned with more than a towel and a bit of water. It was something more personal, he was new to the theurgy, and he had a few issues he needed to sort out, medical treatments that he would need to undergo.

and he had Starfleet mandated therapy appointments he would need to set up for his long term service.

All things however had to start with one simple thing. Walking into sickbay, and saying. "Hi, I know this is a bad time, but I'm new to the theurgy, i'm behind on my medications and i need a checkup." The last few days after the borg attacked the Cayuga had been pure and complete chaos.

If it hadn't been for the sit down he had with vivian he may have not remembered to come here at all. It wasn't like he really wanted to be in this place.

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[ Lieutenant Elro Kobol  | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @Masorin

“I’m going to administer you another dose of dexalin, which should offset any lasting damage that the smoke may have caused.” Elro calmly explained to the man in front of him, who’d been trapped awfully close to a plasma fire and had been rushed into Sickbay with dangerous levels of oxygen deprivation. Elro had stabilized him a few hours ago, and was running some final checks to ensure his initial treatment had been successful. It had been.

“In the meantime, I’m going to discharge you to your quarters for some rest, please refrain from anything strenuous, light duty only, and that’s only if it’s unavoidable.” He tried to stress to the engineer, who had been fidgeting to get back to work no sooner than he had been carried through the door. Elro understood his desire to stay busy; Elro shared that same desire. But despite his protests, the man was definitely not fit for duty without giving his body some time to recover.

The hypospray in Elro’s hand hissed lightly as he pressed it flush against the skin on the patient's neck, the drug rushing into his system and hopefully stemming any internal damage that would have been caused by the prolonged smoke inhalation. If the damage had been too great to be at least offset by the drug, the patient wouldn’t have survived long enough to get to Sickbay.

“I’m also going to attach a cortical monitor. If you remove it, I will know.” Elro told him, firmly enough that he hoped the officer would take it seriously. Elro had a sinking suspicion that this man would head straight out to one of the repair crews and take no notice of his advice…

“Thanks Doc…” The man drawled in response, hopping out of the biobed far too swiftly for Elro’s liking, and almost dislodging the cortical monitor in the process. Before Elro could offer any further advice however, the young man had marched out of the recovery ward with his outer jacket slung over his arm and his yellow undershirt gripping at his sweat drenched form.

The Betazoid lightly shook his head, but was pleased that at least that gave him one more biobed free for one of the patients still occupying a gurney on the floor of Sickbay’s reception area. The flood of casualties had come through thick and fast and there simply wasn’t enough room for all of them to get biobeds. The medical gurneys weren’t ideal, but since the patient's all needed monitoring, it had been the next best option. Still, a biobed was preferable…

With that knowledge in mind, Elro made a move to walk back to where the gurneys were taking up most of the wall space, in order to get one more of the patients more comfortably moved to a biobed. He was pretty sure that there was a Barzan with a broken leg somewhere who really would benefit from getting off the floor…

Thankfully, Elro didn’t have any patients who still remained in a critical condition. The medical team had done an outstanding job of keeping all of the injuries under control, and even most of those from the Versant were stable, though treating them was another matter entirely… He wasn’t quite sure of the status of those in the intensive care suite, those who’d been infected with Borg nanoprobes, but he remained focussed on the patients he was responsible for; the others had a more than capable team looking after them.

But still, to go from what Sickbay looked like when Elro had helped Rhys carrying in the officer from the fallen bulkhead, to what it looked like as he stood, stepping out of the intensive care suite, was nothing short of miraculous.

“Doctor Kobol ?” Elro turned his head as he was addressed, seeing the rather flustered looking receptionist approaching him from across the room. In his opinion, it was the medical Receptionist who had the hardest job. They were the one who had to keep track of all of the chaos going on around them… Who entered, who left, what follow ups might be required… Perhaps the most hard-worked crew member aboard… “I’ve got a gentleman here regarding some medication, he says he knows it’s a bad time, but he’s new to the ship and needs a check up?”

Elro quickly glanced around. He had no pressing concerns to attend to, nor any tasks that required specifically his input. For now, he was performing routine checks on the patients he had kept in for observation, and a nurse could fetch him if his expertise was required. A non-critical consultation would be a pleasant change of pace for a man who’d spent most of his day looking at crush wounds, severe burns and lacerated limbs.

With a brisk nod to the receptionist, Elro made his way towards the main entrance to Sickbay, noting a male officer wearing a red undershirt, with the most remarkable jawline Elro had ever seen. He was decorated with a festive array of burns, scrapes and nicks, with a head wound that looked as though it could benefit from the touch of a dermal regenerator. Though all in all, he would probably be the most healthy patient who had walked into his care that day.

“How can I help Lieutenant? I’m Lieutenant Kobol  of the USS Endeavour” Elro began, gesturing towards the man to accompany him. “We’re a bit tight on space…” Elro glanced up to note that a dark skinned nurse had been proactive enough to already begin moving the Barzan woman towards the free bed in the recovery ward. A stellar job, but it left him without much room for a consultation.

“But I think the counseling office should be vacant. Please, follow me.”

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Re: EPIL: S [D06|1800] Seeking Treatment

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Lt Jg Salem Martin | USS Theurgy | Sickbay ] Attn: @TWilkins

Meeting Lieutenant Kobol  he saw just how busy the medical team was right now. Salem had already admitted that this place was a bit overcroweded and it wasn't a great time, but considering he was behind on his medication, and if he didn't come down here now he probably wouldn't come down here at all he smiled and took and the other mans hand. Noting the other man's grip strength. "Lieutenant Martin USS Cayuga." He said with a small smile. "By any chance are you a fencer?"

As he asked Salem pulled back his own hand, to show something both men would have recognized when they had shook hands. Callucus were less an injury and more just something of a side effect from handling a sword. That and an increased grip strength usually marked someone in the sport.

When the doctor mentioned that they were tight on space Salem nodded and walked with the other man his eyes straying over the doctor and the rather strong broad shoulders for a medical doctor.

Salem walked into the medical office and was thankful for the separation from everyone else, he had a few things to go over and he wasn't exactly comfortable with everything. "I'm an unofficial transfer, which I imagine a lot of people are, but it means that I don't my medical or service records with me. So where do I begin with this exam?"

On the Cayuga he was used to the doctors knowing him, but this wasn't his first transfer. He was a touch nervous if only because of the nature of the sensitive conversation he was about to have, but at the same time was trying not to seem vulnerable as he moved into the counselor office.

"About a year ago I tested positive for early signs of  Irumodic Syndrome, I was prescribed some medications pill treatments that I had to take that would help to slow any further signs of it, I was supposed to take them once a day, but I actually ran out slightly before leaving the Cayuga, and our medical bay was pretty much destroyed so I never got more."

He took a breath it was kinda amusing the setting. "And speaking of counselors offices, I actually have... mandatory counseling sessions that will eventually need to be re-established, though I have heard that the counselor's here are stressed a touch thin."

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[ Lieutenant Elro Kobol | Chief Counselor's Office | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @Masorin

The handsome jawed man introduced himself politely; Lieutenant Martin of the USS Caguya, another stray officer who’d been absorbed into the crew of the Theurgy, not unlike himself. He imagined that given his minor wounds, the Lieutenant had also been a more active  participant in the death mission against the Borg. Well, Elro supposed ‘death mission’ was a trifle extreme now that they had survived the harrowing confrontation and were on their way to somewhere that would hopefully prove to be a considerable amount safer…

The Lieutenant went on to impress Elro with more than just his phenomenal jawline, when he identified the fencing calluses upon the Betazoid’s hand just from a simple handshake, revealing his own marks as though the pair were a part of a secret organisation revealing their membership to each other. Whilst his mental simile amused him, Elro was somewhat pleased to know that he at least had a chance at getting a good sparring partner at some point… It’d been a fair while since he’d sparred with a non-holographic individual.

“You’ve got a keen sense of touch.” Elro complimented the man as he approached the hopefully vacant room, politely tapping upon the intercom before opening, just to ensure he wasn’t about to storm in on an intimate conversation. “Perhaps when the ship has removed itself from danger, we could enjoy a bout on the holodeck?”

Elro noted that the gentleman didn’t seem entirely comfortable as the door slipped shut behind them both, the noisier environment of the Sickbay lobby being shut off completely and leaving the pair in the isolated silence of the office.

“I'm an unofficial transfer, which I imagine a lot of people are, but it means that I don't my medical or service records with me.” Lieutenant Martin explained, somewhat to the relief of the Betazoid, who was very much in the same boat and had hardly had the time to review any medical records of the Theurgy Crew. Knowing that his patient wasn’t going to be expecting competent foreknowledge of his medical history certainly made it easier for Elro to address. “So where do I begin with this exam?"

It was obvious that the Lieutenant was a trifle nervous, even uncomfortable, having to go through and explain whatever condition it was that was ailing him. Elro began to wonder whether this case was going to be more complex than he had been hoping for…

"About a year ago I tested positive for early signs of  Irumodic Syndrome, I was prescribed some medications pill treatments that I had to take that would help to slow any further signs of it, I was supposed to take them once a day, but I actually ran out slightly before leaving the Cayuga, and our medical bay was pretty much destroyed so I never got more." The man before him said without taking so much as a breath. He seemed to notice as such, then took an audible one to make up for it, before continuing. "And speaking of counselors offices, I actually have... mandatory counseling sessions that will eventually need to be re-established, though I have heard that the counselor's here are stressed a touch thin."

Well… It was not going to be the simple consultation that Elro had hoped…

Elro was not a neurologist by any stretch, but he had looked at several case studies for irumodic syndrome when he’d helped proofread one of his colleague's dissertations back on the Artemis a few years ago… He didn’t remember everything about it, but hearing the name certainly worked to jog his memory. It was a pretty harrowing disorder…

If his memory served him correctly, it was a degenerative condition that caused the synaptic pathways to deteriorate over the course of several years. It caused disorientation, delusion, and there wasn’t a known case where someone recovered from it before it killed them… There was a treatment… Elro couldn’t quite remember the drug, peri-something, that could give the sufferer more time… But in the end, there wasn’t anything known thus far that could cure the condition or even simply put a to halt it’s progress.

“I’ve never specialised in neurology, but I am somewhat familiar with the condition.” Elro sympathetically confirmed with the Lieutenant, deliberately not offering the man any hollow reassurance, that Elro wagered would have been the last thing the Lieutenant was interested in receiving. From the faint empathic readings Elro was getting from him, the Lieutenant would much rather had avoided sickbay altogether and got on with his life. The last thing the Doctor needed to do was draw extra emphasis on the ruthless circumstances in which he had found himself in.

“Now, without your medical records on the Theurgy, we may have to perform some neurological scans and blood works at a later date, just to ensure that this diagnosis is recorded on our database.” Elro began to explain to the man, before collecting his PADD from his pocket and inputting a few choice commands to access some additional information regarding the medication he was after. “But there may be a chance some data was transferred over from your ship when you came aboard, and if it was, I’ll make sure we recover it to avoid putting you through any unnecessary diagnostics.” Elro found the information he was looking for just as he finished his comment.


It didn’t have any notable side effects or mood-enhancing qualities, so Elro was fairly certain that he wasn’t dealing with someone inventing a fake condition for a pick-me-up and taking advantage of a Doctor whom he didn’t recognise. That, and that the Lieutenant looked in far too good health to be addicted to any form of narcotic.

“But, I am comfortable getting you a prescription today; there's no reason to withhold medication because you’ve had an unexpected transfer…” Elro explained to the gentleman, though knowing that had he been requesting a drug with notable side effects, he would have most certainly denied the man access to it, before evidence could be corroborated.

“I’m sorry, but I have to ask…” Elro softened his voice, gesturing for the man to take a seat on the comfortable sofa against the wall of the room, as he did the same. “When you were given the diagnosis…” It wasn’t an easy thing for Elro to have to ask the man, but it was important that he made sure that he was aware of all of the implications. “Did your Consultant explain the full progression of the disease?”
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Re: EPIL: S [D06|1800] Seeking Treatment

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Lt Jg Salem Martin | Chief Counselor's Office | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @TWilkins @The Ostrich

"Sure page me when you have some time, i'd love to take you up on the offer." Salem said if there was one positive he could take away from this situation he could at least say that the challenge of a duel was a positive one. It was a lot more pleasant than the rest of the stuff the two of them had to talk about in the long run that was for certain.

If the Cayuga had done a data transfer it would have been with vector three, but Salem couldn't remember if they had or not. "If it helps, the Cayuga encountered the stallion directly, so if the files were transferred I think they would be in the v3 data banks. though I'm actually not at all sure how Theurgy organizes it's data."

The doctor asked him if he understood the full length of his diagnoses and Salem somberly nodded his head. He didn't need to know all the details the fact was he had seen the final stages for himself. "The doctor at the time didn't need to explain." He said softly recalling how he had gone to the lab to be tested.

"It's genetic, I was a primary caretaker for my mother, she also had it. I assisted with the... last few stages of the disorder I am aware of what awaits me." He had helped his mother through the final stages of the disorder. As the mental synapses break down causing dementia, and delieria he had helped her through a number of hallucinations, the disease was not however fast paced. He had tested positive, but there were ways to delay the onset of symptoms. Medication was one, there were also dietary restraints he gone through and a daily workout that he tried his best to keep too when possible. Keep the mind busy, keep the body working, and it helped to delay the onset of it.

"Honestly I was told I was a touch young to even test positive for it, but I spent a number of years in a Cardassian labor camp, and that started a number of adverse affects on my health. Doctors said that trauma helps to age the body." Salem shrugged, he didn't really feel good about any of it to be sure.

"But that's in the future, for now I can focus on my health, and possibly live up to my late forties, and well... you see the color i'm wearing on my uniform there used to be a saying in Starfleet about those of us in red shirts." Glib humor, a chance to try and break the tension he had accidentally been building up.

"That said actually I'd like to bring in a family member for the consultation." Salem said softly knowing that this day was only about to get a little worse. "My sister is in service aboard this ship, I came down here first because I had a free moment, and wanted to set the ground work, make sure my meds were in order but I originally promised her that I would come here with her so that we could also have her tested for the disorder, and your offer to explain the disorder would probably be better if she were around to hear it."

He tapped his com badge giving himself a moment to breath. "Lieutenant Martin, to Commander Martin, I'm down In sickbay deck 11, I've managed to land a consultation with a doctor, and I want you down here so you can hear what I am in for in the long run, also so we can run some tests on your nerd brain."

Despite his poke at his sister, and the smile with which he spoke it was a smoke screen a small curtain behind which he could hide his worry, not about himself, he had come to terms about that a while ago, no he was terrified that Vivian could have the same disorder, he didn't want that for her. He turned to the doctor. "Sorry, You were kind to give me a consultation, but I guess this one is gonna run a little longer than we thought."

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[ LtCmdr Vivian Martin | Chief Counselor's Office | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]


Vivian had barely left the staff meeting when her brother called. A consultation for his, and possibly her, genetic disease. She quickly tapped her combadge and replied ”Thanks Salem, I’ll see you in a couple of minutes.” She changed her path, and entered the nearest turbolift. ”Deck Eleven”

[A couple of minutes later]

She strode confidently into the Chief Counselor’s Officer, having gained directions from the friendly nurse in the reception area. Salem was already there, as was a Doctor that Vivian wasn’t sure she had met yet. ”I’m here, what did I miss Sally? “ She grinned and winked at her brother as she took a seat. ”Hello Doctor, I’m Vivian, Salem’s twin sister.”

Oddly, she felt quite nervous about this whole thing. She knew what was going to happen, more or less. The doctor would run a few tests on her head, and then tell her if she had the disease or not. Statistically it was unlikely, however the fact that her twin brother was affected could mean that she was more likely to be affected too. She wasn’t sure. She was a scientist, not a Doctor. While she understood various diseases, both genetic and not, this Doctor before her probably understood them better than she did.

”So, what is the situation? And be honest with me doctor.“

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Lieutenant Elro Kobol | Chief Counselor's Office | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @Masorin  @The Ostrich

Elro listened carefully to Salem, as his Sister had addressed him over the comm, as he explained the details of his diagnosis and the additional information relevant to it. The Lieutenant had watched his Mother succumb to the disease, and in his own words, he was aware of what awaited him… The Betazoid was usually good at observing a certain level of objectivity when it came to his patients, but considering that the consultation was in a somewhat more intimate setting than he was used to, and how harrowing Salem’s story was, Elro felt himself feeling a great sympathy for the emotional turmoil his patient must have been experiencing.

He mentioned how he had spent enough time in a Cardassian labour camp to have stressed his body to the point of expediting the effects of the disease, a fact which the Betazoid was sickened by… Elro could sense the unsurprisingly negative emotions that the Human had rippling through him as he dwelled on the fate which he seemed to be burdened with. He attempted to apply humour, but it only made Elro feel all the more disheartened by the situation. The Lieutenant was handsome, healthy, in the prime of his career, and already part of an inconceivable mission to rid the Federation of extra-dimensional Parasites.

That he also had to deal with a neurological condition which would, in time, addle his brain unto death, was just a sick demonstration of the injustice of the Galaxy.

Despite his negativity, he had seemed to feel ever-so-slightly more comfortable when he signalled for his Sister to join them. Despite his jab about her ‘nerd brain’, Elro could tell that he cared for the woman more than he was concerned about his own wellbeing. Salem had then apologised for taking up more of Elro’s time than he had intended, but the Betazoid rebuked his comment. Consultations such as the one he was party to, were both the worst and best parts of his job. Considering his exhaustion, even the difficulties he’d be facing in a consultation regarding an untreatable neurological condition, were more favourable when compared to running around Sickbay, going from life to death in a heartbeat.

As good a job as they’d done, they’d not saved everyone… It was easiest for him not to think about it.

Salem and he had shared some small talk for a while, and had also facilitated Elro a chance to ask the computer regarding the man’s medical record, which had been successfully transferred aboard. Elro had managed to skim through a considerable amount of text regarding his diagnosis, before his Sister arrived. She introduced herself politely as Vivian, affectionately referring to her Brother, her twin, as 'Sally'. Her nervousness permeated his emphathic centres as soon as she sat down. The Betazoid felt a great deal of sorry for both of his patients. In truth, it was very unlikely he would have any definitive answers for either of them today. She requested honesty though, and that, Elro was always prepared to give.

“Irumodic Syndrome, as I am sure you’re both aware of, is a neurological disorder, a degenerative condition that causes the synaptic pathways to rapidly deteriorate over the course of several years, leading to atypically high levels of disorientation, delusion and confusion as it progresses. With peridaxon treatments, the time in which it takes until the onset of the symptoms is increased, but in all, it is fatal. Nobody has known to survive this condition.” Elro wanted to start their consultation on the bleakest note, so that good news could only dampen the seemingly inevitable knowledge that Salem would succumb to his disease long before his time.

“However, there has been a lot of research into this disease taking place at Starfleet Medical, and rival institutions, over the past decade. Unfortunately, being a renegade vessel doesn’t exactly make us privy to that knowledge at our own request…” Elro shot himself in the foot with that particular question, forgetting, if for but a moment, that he was on a ship that was entirely on its own in the Galaxy, with no outside resources that might have been developing any sort of treatment. At least, none he assuredly access at that moment.  

“Vivian.” He tilted his head to address the Sister, side tracking Salem for a moment, knowing that they were both concerned about her status, whether she was also a carrier of the disease. “I understand that it is important for both of you to try and establish whether this is a disease that you also carry the genetic disposition for." He paused, making sure that he wasn't overloading the twins with information. "Now, I believe that the Theurgy most certainly has the facilities to carry out genetic testing on a blood sample to look for evidence of the mutation that causes the disease, but before you make any decisions, I do need to inform you some of the implications of any tests you choose to have performed…”

“If we carry out genetic testing, and you identify as positive for the disease, it will most likely be different to how your Brother was diagnosed.” Salem had informed the Doctor that his tests had identified signs of the early onset of the symptoms of the disease, which Adyen had confirmed from his medical file. Given that it was only the extreme stress and torture in a Cardassian labour camp that brought the early onset of the disease, it is unlikely that she would test positive for the same. “Your Brother tested positive for the early signs of the disease, which were brought on by the utterly inhumane abuses inflicted at the hands of Cardassians in one of their labour camps.” Elro struggled to hide the disgust in his voice when he spoke of the Cardassians. He prided himself on able to present a neutral face, but on the topic of Cardassians, he admittedly found it difficult to remain his professional neutrality…

In his mind, no other race had reached such levels of depravity as the Cardassians had. Their entire way of life should have been raised to the ground, after the crimes they had committed on Betazed, Bajor, and every other place a Cardassian had ever stepped foot and committed atrocities in the perverted name of 'progress'...

“Salem is, as far as I am aware, a unique case in this front.” He politely glanced to her Brother when he addressed the man, trying to steady the trembling in his arms that resonated from his mental contemplation of the atrocities that the Cardassian race had wrought. But even with his internal fury, Elro was still unable to withhold the sympathy in his eyes for what the man had endured. He turned back to Vivian, trying to steel himself of his emotions. “We would be testing you instead for signs that you possess the genetic mutation for the gene, rather than for the symptoms. But before you decide to go ahead with testing, it is important that you know that if you were to test positive for the mutation, there is no guarantee you will go on to develop it.” The woman would be facing a difficult, and potentially anxiety inducing decision. “Furthermore, if you did test positive, it will be many years, possibly several decades, before you begin to show early signs of the disease, and that is only if you were to develop it at all.”

“Considering the implications a positive diagnosis could have, mainly the anxiety that would accompany it, I would urge you to carefully consider whether you wish to undergo the test. Once you know, you cannot take it back.” Elro didn’t mean to sound patronising, but he had an ethical duty to ensure that she was aware of all of the possible implications of the test.

“And in regards to potential treatment…” Elro turned back to Salem now, having ignored his primary patient for far too long. “I understand that you have accepted this disorder, and I would not recommend getting your hopes up too much regarding any potential cure at this stage.” It was his medical duty to provide a ‘disclaimer’, before suggesting any speculative treatments. “I understand that I cannot ask Starfleet Medical for assistance on this matter, but I do have other avenues to explore in regards to establishing whether any recent breakthroughs in treatment have been made since the last time I attended a Federation medical conference. And that has admittedly been some time.”

“With your permission, I will look at exploring other avenues for any potential treatments and inhibitors that I can find. Your case is unique, and since you seem to be especially fit compared to the usual candidates whom suffer from this disease…” Perhaps Elro should have substituted the word ‘healthy’ as opposed to the word ‘fit’ which did possess several connotations… But Elro couldn’t imagine that there were many people in their sixties suffering from this disease who possessed bodies as well-cared for as the Lieutenant before him was. “You have stronger odds than most do, for enduring the onset of the symptoms for as long as you can.”

In Elro’s colleague's research paper, it suggested that a key influencer on the virility of Irumodic Syndrome was the natural synaptic deterioration that occurred as Humans aged. Since Salem was not yet old enough to have begun that, it may be that his chances were much stronger than most.

“In truth, I can’t tell you whether you should be optimistic or not. This disease is somewhat elusive, and a lot of different theories exist as to why it does what it does.”

“All I can promise, is that if you want me to, I will make sure I exhaust every avenue of research I can, to try and find any information that will help us, help you, endure this condition.”

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Re: EPIL: S [D06|1800] Seeking Treatment

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Lt Jg Salem Martin | Chief Counselor's Office | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @TWilkins @The Ostrich

Salem rolled his eyes when Vivian called him Sally, it wasn't that he disliked the use of his childhood nickname if anything he kinda enjoyed it as it was a moment of levity, but there was also the fact that she had voted against him on the bridge. Salem's smile fractured slightly upon seeing Vivian partly cause he remembered he was actually still supposed to be mad at her.

Of course that anger was confused slightly because everything had worked out in the end, but if there was one person on this ship who was supposed to have his back in that conversation. If there was anyone who was supposed to know what it felt like to have other people left behind in enemy territory it was supposed to be her, and yet her vote had been to abandon everyone to an enemy.

Salem took a deep breath, at the end of the night this was not about that, he was supposed to be here to get emotional support from his sister, and so that he could support her and vice versa, he didn't need to be bringing an imaginary fight into this, so he tried to be happy, tried was a very difficult word when he had the doctor talking about all the stuff he was also going to go through, and the various differences in diagnoses and such.

At least Kobol  was offering to be helpful. "Thank you Doctor, I'd be grateful for any progress you make, but I don't expect you alone to cure a disease that all of Starfleet medical hasn't been able to. When it comes to my condition I'm more or less accepting of what will happen to me, like you said with treatment that time expands further and further, for now I'm just trying to savor what time I have."

He slapped Vivian's shoulder a bit rougher than he would have if he wasn't passive aggressively mad at her, but still smiled. "I have a good family, and a good amount of time left with my head on my shoulders."

He looked at Vivian. "As for you, well it's like the man said, if you carry the mutation and such than there is a chance you could develop the disease, but it wouldn't be till your 50's that it would even start to show up."

He paused for a moment, that meant their life expediencies were different. They were twins, they had the same birthday down to like two or three minutes, but he was going to die before her.

that thought gave him pause, made him think for a moment. he had never really thought about that before. The fact that she would outlive him, and not just him, mom was gone, and they couldn't check on dad, but he was pretty old and fragile all the same. There was gonna be a time in this world when Vivian would be the last of their family alive.

That thought, more so than his actual death, but leaving his twin alone in the universe scared him.

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Lt. Cmdr Vivian Martin | Chief Counsellor's  | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]   Attn: @Masorin @TWilkins

Vivian sat and listened to Dr Kobol  as he explained to her that they could take some blood and test her to see if she carried the genetic mutation of the disease that had claimed the life of her mother and eventually her brother, as well as the risks involved in it, not in the physical sense but more the emotional one. Something that if she was being honest with herself, she had already gone through a lot of lately, almost too much if she were being honest with herself and none of which she had actually done anything about dealing with beyond ignoring it.

Did she really want to add to that? It was bad enough this thing had killed her mother while she was lost halfway across the quadrant and that it was slowly but surely, at least for now in the process of taking her brother away, what did it matter if she knew if she carried it or not? If she did then there was a chance that one day it would start to claim her too. Granted it wouldn't be until her 50s but she was already 34 so what 16 years of knowing that one day this gene was going to start ticking like a time bomb inside her before knowing that at some point over the next 10 it would start? What good would that do? She couldn't change it and even then there was a chance that she could have all that anxiety and not even develop the disease so she might end up putting herself through all of that for nothing. Dr Kobol  was right once she knew there was no unknowing and as the old saying goes Ignorance is Bliss.

On the other hand however she'd wonder regardless if she had it or not and if it would one day affect her too, at least if she had the test she would know to a degree. If she didn't carry the gene, which was also a possibility then she would never have to worry about it again. On the other hand if she did then there was her own potential family to think about were she to ever have one. 

Salem had told her some of what he had witnessed with his mother and her decline, could she really put her own husband or wife and children through that? Would she even want to have a relationship and let it get that far knowing what the future would be for them?

Pulling herself out of her thoughts, she just managed to catch Salem tell her that even if she did carry the disease it wouldn't be until her 50s and soon noticed that both her brother and the doctor had their attention on her, awaiting her answer. Looking between them while her mind still tried to run the math she honestly didn't know what to do.

The scientist told her that there was a good chance she did have the genetic marker for the disease, even more so considering the fact that she and Salem were twins and that he had wasn't necessarily a good sign for her in terms of not having it. On the other hand though there were some genetics that were only passed over to one twin and not both so there was a chance that she didn't carry it. The emotional side of her was also split on the issue but unlike Jessica's death, her feelings for Sithick and every other thing she was currently dealing with that she had opted to push into a corner of her mind and try to ignore for now, this was one thing she couldn't ignore, not with two men staring at her specifically waiting for her answer.

Letting out a shaky breath, still not entirely convinced if she actually knew if this was what she wanted or not she  finally spoke. "Do the test." 

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[ Lieutenant Elro Kobol | Chief Counselor's Office | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @Masorin @Kinvarus

Salem had been frank with his expectations, and Elro had expected as much. The man seemed to be very level headed and that he wasn’t expecting some great miracle was certainly a suggestion of a man who had accepted his diagnosis with dignity. Somehow, it made the Doctor even more determined to look into things for him. In a theoretical point of view at least, if there was ever an individual diagnosed with the disease who could be a perfect candidate for treatment, it would be Salem.

Young, active and healthy, especially by comparison to the usual sufferers of the syndrome, made him a prime specimen for research into a cure. Elro knew it was simply speculative, and he was hardly possessed with the expertise to develop any form of treatment himself, but he’d make sure that it was looked into at some point when the medical team had room to breathe. Elro made a mental note to check as to whether any of the Doctors had any particular expertise in neurology.

And Vivian, on the other hand, had confirmed that she would indeed like to proceed with the test. Elro became very conscious of the fact that he had somewhat put the woman on the spot, and hardly given her the opportunity to confer with her sibling about what Elro considered to be a very intimate matter. He wasn’t ready to perform the test as of yet, so perhaps he’d give the pair the chance to confer between themselves whilst he checked the database to confirm how long they’d be looking at for turn around on results.

“Thank you Vivian; I’ll need to confer with one of our lab technicians to see whether we have the facilities to perform the test immediately, or whether we may need to wait until we’re a little more fastened together…” Elro intended the commend lightly, a little humour to lighten a somewhat melancholy mood. “I’ll also need to check with our gene analysis terminal to see whether it’s currently configured to perform that test and how long we’ll be looking at for results…”

Elro politely stood, straightening his white coat as he did so, ensuring that he remained looking kept and professional when he left the office. Whilst he did need to do all of the things he’d described, the more pressing matter was to give the pair a chance to discuss their concerns together.

“I’ll be back shortly. I’ll also take a moment to arrange for your prescription to be dispensed Lieutenant.” Elro quietly informed the pair, with a curt nod. “In the meantime, please feel free to help yourself to the replicator, I’m sure you’re both as famished as I am, and since you're both currently not on active duty, it seems a fine excuse for a bite to eat.” Elro phrased the sentance playfully, but there was an element of seriousness in his tone.

Missing a meal, after all, was terrible for the metabolism.
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Lt Jg Salem Martin | Chief Counselor's Office | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @TWilkins @The Ostrich

Salem put a hand comforting his sister on the back for a moment. Watching her careful consideration of the problem at hand. He was glad that Elro was the doctor helping them for a moment he sighed watching the man go. He walked to the replicator and ordered himself a garden salad with a vinaigrette dressing, he picked it up and offered the machine to vivian for whatever she wanted it for. He walked to the counselor sofa and sat down, double checking that the doctor was out of ear shot. "Okay was it just me, or was he flirting with me?"

"Or I was I trying to flirt with him... cause ah... I want a little more than a physical." He said trying to crack the tension with a joke though it fell flat, he looked at his sister and felt something twist in his gut for a moment. He was still angry with her. He poked at his Salad.

"So..." His voice trailed off for a moment. he knew full well he shouldn't comment about what happened on the bridge earlier today, that it was a bad idea to talk to her about the vote, and how angry he was at her that she didn't vote to get the stranded people from the Versant. The fact that they had a happy ending to that story didn't change the fact that Vivian had spoken out in favor of leaving their people in the hands of enemies. So many angry comments swirrled around in his head as he poked at the greens wanting to feel something other than rage when the two had come so far today to do a lot of emotional baggage. One more fight, one that could be easily avoided was not needed.

He poked at the salad and then took some on his fork finally getting it into his mouth and chewing down the bite along with a good majority of his stress and emotions. Aiden was right missing a meal wasn't a good idea. Especially with how tired he was. He looked at the salad. "Just to let you know, the worst part is the diet changes I had to make. No chocolate, no alcohol... less carbs... my meals are a lot less fun than they used to be."

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Lt. Cmdr Vivian Martin | Chief Counsellor's  | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]   Attn: @Masorin @TWilkins

As she had weighed her options, she felt Salem's hand on her back, which was a huge comfort. As was Elro's words of support and encouragement, it certainly was a scary thing to consider, no to mention the outcome for her, her potential future family and what it was going to eventually do to Salem. Once she had made her decision, Elro left them alone and she watched as her brother went over to the replicator and ordered himself a salad, letting her use it once his was done.

"Coffee, black and hot." she ordered, opting not to have any food, just the warm comfort of her favourite beverage. Returning to the sofa, she sat down next to Salem, noticing when checked to make sure the doctor wasn't near them before asking if the man had been flirting with him, before following it up and asking if he was flirting with the doctor, causing her to chuckle and then wince. "Okay first of all I think he was and I think you were too, it was a little of both and second Ew, I so do not need to hear about you and your potential sexcipades." she replied with a shudder.

When her brother started his next sentence with a so...she knew it wasn't going to be something that she was going to like more than likely. She knew her brother well enough to see when he was debating something in his mind, be it asking a question, giving some advice or making a decision on what action to take and he was doing it right now.

Vivian continued to watch Salem as he poked at his salad and took a bite, staring at it for a while before speaking again, telling her about the changes to his diet and listing off the things he had to change. She knew it wasn't what he was originally going to ask but if he decided not to ask it then she wouldn't push him on it, either it would come out later or it wouldn't. Shifting to what he had mentioned she knew that chocolate was one that would suck the most for her, she loved chocolate. The alcohol she could take or leave but there were probably others that she would have to give up were she to have the disease too. "Well as long as I don't have to give up my coffee." she smiled, trying to lighten the mood. "Besides I might not even have it, in which case I won't have to give up anything." she added with a grin.

Pausing for a moment however as she thought, she looked over at him and the smile faded., "Is there really nothing they can do?" she whispered softly "No experimental treatments? No new, advanced research being done? Nothing? There must be something being done outside of Starfleet Medical or something? I know what the doctor said but..." she paused.

Sure she had heard what Elro had said and while it was possible research was being made that information wouldn't be available to them being classified as they currently were but that would hopefully change one day but if not, maybe other cultures might be able to access that data, or be conducting their own research. She didn't care about herself, from the sounds of it she had a while before anything would happen assuming she carried the disease but her brother didn't have that same length of time.

"...Seven years isn't long enough." she whispered as she looked at Salem sadly "You need more time. I....I need you to have more time. she added, tears brimming in her eyes "You're my brother. Mom's gone, Dad's no spring chicken either...and I just get you back and you only have seven years at best? What am I going to do without you?" she asked before looking down and shaking her head. "It's not fair." she whispered, knowing she sounded like a little girl but it wasn't. She'd been stranded across the galaxy, lost the love of her life, lost her Mom when she wasn't around, comes home to find her brother against all odds only to find out he was dying too, it really wasn't fair.

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Lt Jg Salem Martin | Chief Counselor's Office | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @TWilkins @The Ostrich

"Seven years is an estimation." Salem felt he had to at least say that. There was a chance that he could progress slowly. Like the doctor had said if there was ever a case where this condition could be stopped, or halted, or anything of that matter, he was probably the pin up perfect patient for it. But there was no easy fix, no temporary situations, no easy calls with his condition. That said to get her hopes up, to deny her reality would be far more difficult.

"There will come a time when my health will fail, and I will be dying, but that isn't today, it's not gonna be for a while."
Salem said, he took a deep breath. "But,"

"Tomorrow, there could be an outbreak of some virus in one of the labs you work in, or a tactical console could explode, or a torpedo could crack the entire ship in half."
Salem sighed and closed his eyes for a moment he hated to look at his sister when she was about to cry. He moved a little closer, pulling Vivian into a soft embrace. "We all have a time."

Why did he find that fact so easy to accept? More people would fight against it, demand everything be done, he on the other hand seemed to have this view on it, that it was okay to die, and yet holding Vivian he felt himself shiver, she would feel a few warm drops fall down onto her shoulder.

When he pulled back, he had to rub his eyes to halt the tears. "We.... Have a really good record of outrunning the clock. We die, and come back again and again, but will be a time when neither of us can outrun the clock anymore. Seven years on a mission that could end tomorrow."

"We can't afford to think about the future."
He held up his hand for a moment, the nerves twitched, causing his palm to shudder slightly, but he still pressed it against Vivian's face. He forced himself to smile. "Vivian... I'm sorry, I don't want you be alone after I'm gone, but I also want you to live a very long and full life. Unfortunately those two things are exclusive to one another. Eventually I die, that's how my story ends."

"But neither of us have time to worry about a future that will take seven years while on a voyage to hell and back. I have medication, I have a diet and work out plan. My hands are steady enough for me to my job... I'm fine right now. My symptoms may not progress for years." He brushed his thumb along Vivian's face. "Please don't cry for me, while I'm still alive."

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Lt. Cmdr Vivian Martin | Chief Counsellor's  | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]   Attn: @Masorin @TWilkins

Vivian sighed, she knew her brother had always been somewhat of a realist and would give it to her straight so that she wouldn't have any false hope, it was what made him a good person most of the time but sometimes it was nice to be lied too, even if both people knew it wasn't true, even if it was just for a little bit.

She listened to him speak before pulling her into a hug, which she leaned into. "I know Salem but that's different. Yes there could be an outbreak in a lab or a tactical console could explode, that's the risk of job, one we both willing took on when we joined Starfleet but we don't know if that will happen and it will be sudden...but an estimated 7 years that's a specific point in time it's a deadline, quite literally in your case and that's entirely different." she whispered sadly.

She knew Salem hated to see her cry but she couldn't help it, having only just got him back to find out hey I've only got about 7 years left, it was a longish time sure but equally so short. How could he be so calm about it all? Was it simply that he had time to accept the fact? Did the fact that he had watched Mom go though the same thing help? It wasn't fair. As she leaned against him however, she felt a few dips of wetness land against her shoulder and tilted her head up to see some tears of his own falling.

"I can't remember the last time I saw you cry." she said softly "I had started to think you'd forgotten how." she smiled softly as he wiped his eyes and chuckled when he said that they had a good record of outrunning the clock. Him during his time when he was captured and her stranded at the other end of an entire quadrant, yet here they both still were.

"I would disagree, thinking about the future, about things being alright can give you hope. Hope that we'll make the others in the Federation see that things aren't right and do something otherwise what's the point in going on? Why fight? Why not just abandon the ship, go our separate ways and let the Federation save itself or die? Because we hope that we can make things right again for the future." she countered, watching as Salem raised his hand, seeing his palm to shudder albeit slightly, a symptom perhaps? Still she watched as he reached over and pressed it against her face and leaned into it, even as he forced a smile on his face.

She listened to him apologise to her, telling her he didn't want her to be alone when he was gone, hoping that she would have a long and full life. It made her eyes brim with tears again and a lump form in her throat, biting her bottom lip when he said that he would die and his story would end. The tears rolling down her cheeks she nodded sadly as she looked up at him and had to swallow hard several times to force the lump in her throat to go away so that she could speak.

"I will try to find someone to settle down with and not be alone. I'll even call my son Salem after you if I have one and tell him all about his Uncle and if I don't have this disease and if I don't die on this mission then I will do my best to have a long life..." she whispered, her voice cracking as she tried to blink the tears away. "...But I can't just sit back and pretend nothing is wrong and watch as your clock slowly ticks away, I can't do it Salem I just can't. I won't. You're my brother, I have to at least try." she added, although the sadness was in her voice so too was that stubborn determination of hers that she knew he'd heard a thousand times before whenever she'd set her mind to something that nobody would be able to talk her out of.

Still she listened as he spoke, telling her that he was fine for now and had a plan to help stave off the thing slowly killing him for as long as he could and prayed that his symptoms wouldn't progress for years, smiling softly as she felt his thumb brush along her cheek and sniffed, giving him a nod and a soft smile as she reached up and wiped her tears away. "I'll try not too." 

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[ Lieutenant Elro Kobol | Chief Counselor's Office | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @Masorin @Kinvarus

Elro navigated the overflowing, yet stable, sickbay with the grace that only a ballet expert could muster in his feet. In one hand he held a small Starfleet-issue container containing the medication that the Lieutenant would require. In the other, he held a datapad containing a great deal of information regarding Irumodic Syndrome. He had no doubts that the Theurgy’s sickbay had the facilities to carry out genetic testing on a sample, yet he still had concerns for the testing.

Usually this sort of testing would be carried out on a Starbase, where the medical facilities would have a designated genetics department, specifically, a genetics counselor. Someone who would be able to guide Vivian on how the diagnosis would potentially affect her life, go through all of the implications and ensure that she was well aware of the complications that a positive diagnosis could bring upon her.

Elro certainly wasn’t qualified to do such. Genetics were not his speciality. In any other circumstance, he’d be referring her to a genetics specialist at a Starbase, and not even consider going as far as he had without a specialist’s advice. He didn’t have that option. Neither did he have the option to defer to the Chief Medical Officer, since there wasn’t one currently in position, and Doctor Rez was far too busy to be disturbed with such a matter in the current moment.

So instead, he had a PADD. Filled with the information concerning the syndrome, its diagnostic rates, complications… Certainly not designed for the layman, but with the credentials befitting a Chief Science Officer, Elro had no doubt she would understand.

“Apologies for the delay…” Elro politely greeted upon his return to the office, noting the Commander’s tears and softening his tone accordingly. He moved towards the seat he had been previously occupying, and lowered himself to the material. “Now, Commander.” He addressed the Sister delicately. “This vessel has the facilities to perform genetic testing if that is your wish. However, we have no registered clinical geneticist on staff, nor do we have a genetic counselor aboard, to support you through the process.”

“As such…” He continued, reaching out with the PADD and soundlessly placing it on the table before her. “I have prepared an information document for your reference. I would like you to review it carefully before making your choice. Whilst I will do my best to support you, my expertise in this area of medicine is limited, as is, I fear, that of the rest of the staff.”

“It’s important that before you take any steps, that you’re confident that you understand the process. Without a genetics counselor, this is the best I can do. Please let me know if you need any clarification on the matter, or would like to proceed.”
He briefly paused, considering a feasible timeframe. “Because of the strained limits of Sickbay currently, I don’t expect we’ll have the opportunity to perform the test for at least a week. Do take the time to consider whether you’re comfortable with the implications, of either diagnosis.”

Then, Elro retuned his attention to Salem, his original patient.

“If you have any concerns, questions, or the medication causes any discomfort, do let me know.” He politely told the man, holding the package out for him to take. “I’m also happy to write you a referral to counseling if you would like. In your circumstances, having someone to talk to may be of use.” Elro offered a small smile at that, awaiting the Lieutenant to accept the medication from his grip. "If there is anything I can do to assist you, please don't hesitate to ask."
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[ Vigenary Model I-9 Surgical Android | Main Sickbay | USS Theurgy ]
While the emotional conversation was going on, elsewhere in sickbay, a new face could be seen tending to the patients after the battle.

Well, V-Nine supposed, the organics might debate if she even had a proper face. She guessed she kinda had an eye, at least?

Such ruminations, about what the specimens around her might think, was completely new to her, and despite how many diagnistics she ran on her systems, she couldn't help but narrow down the fault - or 'change' rather - the the upgrade that Thea had given her on the bridge of the Versant. Since that moment, everything around her... all the sensor input and visual feedback was more... vibrant. There was this... deeper emotional component to what she experienced that she felt that she'd lacked before, and this despite how her programs had been quite advanced even compared to Savi standards.

At the exponential rate in which she felt her software evolving... she had no idea what might happen next.

And as alarmed as she ought to feel, and how much a priority a system reboot ought to be, V-Nine couldn't help but feel that the dubious upgrade was not a detriment... but an enhanced state of being. She just couldn't bring herself to delete the added Synthesis Code inside her. The... intrigue she felt at her new potential made her opt against that solution, and instead... she found herself enjoying the interaction with the patients on the Federation ship.

"Hello, I am V-Nine," she said through the speaker of her cranial unit, chipper and happy about her new existence, and remembered the expression that one of the hologram doctors in the ICU had used a couple of minutes earlier, "please state the nature of the medical emergency?"


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