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Star Wars: Frontier Aspirations Character Thread

Character Template

Orientation: (if applicable)
Birthdate: (typically between these dates: 100 BBY/0900 RR - 005 ABY/1005 RR )
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Avatar: (if applicable)

Rank: (if applicable)
Position: (if applicable)
Service Record: (if applicable)

Physical Profile:
Special Notes: (if applicable)

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Re: Star Wars: Frontier Aspirations Character Thread

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Name: Emi-Lee "Millie" Westar
Species: Human
Age: 31
Sex: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual (leans more to Asexual)
Birthworld: Corellia
Birthdate: 28 BBY
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Color: Sunny gold
Eye Color: Dark brown

Position: Doctor/Gunslinger
Service Record:
* Fought in the Battle of Finlow Pass on Corellia, Independent party, in favour of the Galactic Empire
* Aided the Rebel Alliance in numerous sorties against the Empire
* Defended an independent outpost on Tatooine against both the Rebel Alliance and the Empire
* Joined the Havenborn

Background: Born and raised by her uncles in Corellia, Emi-Lee Westar, or simply Millie, never knew her parents, who died shortly after she was born. Raised by the brothers of her father and mother, she learnt to fly and maintain starships alongside learning how to grow produce on the lands owned by her uncles, as well as animal husbandry.

Her parents had been killed due to their involvement with the Rebel Alliance, who were opposing the Galactic Empire. Her uncles didn't want her to get involved, and she did her best to follow their wishes, but conflict and trouble had a way of finding her. Jaime Westar, her uncle on her father's side, eventually started teaching her how to defend herself with a blaster, gifting her with a weapon type made by her namesake.

Together with Ruubin Tanser, her mother's brother, she eventually began travelling, learning trade, and out of interest, medicine. The Empire paid close attention to Amy and her surviving family, suspecting they were at the least, Rebellion sympathizers, and the suspicions were exacerbated by unintentional involvements or run-ins with Rebels.

Amy began to participate in numerous conflicts that continued even after the fall of the Empire, and she became a qualified field combat medic, saving lives while assisting in combat, having become adept as a competent blastfighter, often seen sporting two blasters at a time, though neither weapon were identical. The WESTAR-34 blaster pistol and Glie-44 blaster pistol were her signature weapons. Despite the imbalance of wielding two largely different pistols, her style and persistent practice seemed to overcome any reduction of effectiveness or accuracy.

She was often touted as acutely intuitive, often realizing or becoming aware of dangers and traps before they're even visible or before they're sprung, saving her friends and family's lives countless times. This could be attributed to her latent Force-Sensitivity. Her fast-learning nature could also be attributed to it.

Something of an adventurer, she became a wandering soul, lending aid where she could, never forming attachments or staying anywhere for long...

Personality: Millie does not have a strong sense of loyalty towards any of the factions, having served and fought the Empire, the Rebel Alliance, and various other organizations as and when she saw fit, many easily misjudge her to be a mercenary, but she is in fact driven by her heart and beliefs in justice and protecting the innocent. She is honest, fairly easy-going, but a bit of a loner and introverted, preferring her own company than the company of others.

She outwardly shows very little emotion, but does have a sardonic sense of humor that can show up from time to time. She is quite reckless, and almost completely lacks fear, thus she is not prone to panic or nervousness, but holds a sharp, fast-thinking mind and keeps on her feet, ever-ready to act first.

Physical Profile: She is quite petite, with light golden hair and fair skin. Her eyes are dark brown, and she has a small sharp nose, with thin perpetually pursed lips.

Special Notes: Largely unaware of the fact, both of Millie's parents were in fact Jedi Knights who died during the events of the end of the Clone Wars and the eventual rise of the Galactic Empire. Like them, she's strong in the Force, but does not know how to wield it since she was never taught or even told that she can.


Re: Star Wars: Frontier Aspirations Character Thread

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Name: Temari  Onk'alo
Species: Human
Age: 32
Sex: Female    
Orientation: Bisexual
Birthworld: Corellia
Birthdate: 973
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160lbs   
Hair Color: Pale blonde   
Eye Color: Hazel
Rank: Captain of her own scout vessel - “Three Little Words”
Position: Scout
Service Record: N/A


Even from a young age, Temari eschewed the trappings of her family position, finding herself more at home in the outdoors. For her, no better day was spent then out in the cold snow, returning home hours later with the bite of rosy red cheeks. She felt a strong connection to life around her, and the potential within her. Sadly it would be beaten and tempered by the experiences she would endure.

She was raised on Duty. Honor. Loyalty to Family. And she chafed under it. The repressive nature of the Republic that she was taught to revere clashed with her own vibrant independent streak. Being confined to the small mountain village, removed from the greater workings of Corellian urban life, under the powerful thumb of her parents and the estate guard only served to further foster the desire to simply escape. And as soon as she could, she bolted.

She bided her time, went to all the schools her parents desired of her. Took the galactic tour with her classmates as expected. Entered University off world. Finally she bean to branch out. Temari would skip classes where she could cut, where she knew she was smart enough to get away with it. Slink off into some bar down in the slums. This....this was where she got her first true taste of freedom.

Being away, being free from the pressures of home and the constant observation. It had begun when she was younger, when she’d first shown signs. And it had continued all her life to that point. But Even under the oppressive rule of the Empire, crime thrived, and Temari fell in with a crowd that was less than legal.

This was also where she finally drew the attention of the Empire’s Jedi hunters and found herself on the run. Location and family had kept them at bay for most of her life. Now she was in their sights, as she was no longer under her family’s constant protection. She’d been planning to make a break anyway, but the encounter in the bar, with the man she could feel walk in the room when no one else could put an end to her fun. The best efforts of protection and discretion her family could afford had finally failed - now the Jedi hunters had found her. And tried to hem her in.

She escaped, barely slipping into those dark warrens under the city. Using the friends she’d made. Those already disaffected with the Empire. Smugglers. Grifters. Scum. Her new family. And from that point she was on the run, constantly. System to system, earning her way however she could, staying one step ahead.

When she dropped off the face of respectable galaxy, her family pulled up their ties. Rumors had begun to surface that their eldest daughter had taken up with smugglers. A bounty was placed on her head. The shame made its way back to Corellia, and cost her father’s company an attractive Imperial contract. That was the last straw.

They disowned her. Now even Corellia was off limits to her.

In the following years, Temari found herself involved on the fringes of the Rebellion. She at one point scouted the planet Dantooine as a possible Rebel base,  shortly before the destruction of Saw Gerrera partisans, and the Battle of Yavin. In the wake of the destruction of the first Death Star, Temari found herself being accosted by three of the Empires more vicious Jedi headhunters. She had been on a contract mission for the Rebel Alliance, picking up supplies on the famed smugglers moon of Nar Shaddaa.

Luck, or the Force, favored her that day. She managed to escape, leaving two of the three pursuers behind, dead. The third gave her chase, but she managed to break free during her run for hyperspace. Two short jumps later, without her cargo, Temari pulled up stakes and dropped off the face of the Galaxy again. She found her way to Dathomir, and spent the next few years under the tutelage of a tribe of Force Witches.

Eventually she was told that her destiny lay not on Dathomir, but elsewhere, out in the Galaxy. The Empire was setting up a garrison in the vicinity of Dathomir, and it was time for the Corellian to make her way out into the Galaxy at large once more.

Estranged or not, Temari still holds a soft spot for her sister, Yasara. The younger girl adored her older sibling, and she in turn doted on the one member of her family that mattered. But the falling out between the two, over the conflict with the burgeoning Rebellion, with stories of Saw Gerrera and smugglers fighting the righteous rule of the Empire that had pulled them out of the corruption of the Republic, has left a hefty rift. Now that Temari had fled the Empire, reconciliation seems even harder, despite the elder sister now seeing further justification for her actions as she feld from those that hunted down Force users.

Ambitions: pure survival - hunted for her limited abilities;  to find a place beyond the grasp of the Empire and their Battle with the Republic

Captains/owns a HWK-290 Corellian freighter modified defensively with blaster cannons, use primarily as a fast scout/blockade runner for the Rebel Alliance, briefly, during the early years of the Rebellion. She was more freelance than military and as such holds no Rebel rank. Most recently her Co-Pilot droid was destroyed while escaping republic forces and she has since picked up a temporary co pilot, paying their way to their own destination by helping with piloting.


Temari has a strong independent streak and a sense of self preservation. Her no-nonsense attitude has gotten her into trouble more than once, especially when her acerbic tongue comes into play. More often than naught she prefers her own council and company. She can be flirtatious and wicked when it will get he what she wants, and can be equally aloof and distant at other times.

Physical Profile:
tall and well toned, with an athletic body and modest, if perky bust,  that shows years of training and care. If asked, she'd say her legs are her best feature. Having a good set of legs to run on to make a get away was a key requirement in her line of work, and physical endurance kept her alive.  Her skin was almost always sun-kissed tan by exposure to numerous alien suns. Many are drawn to her piercing eyes, and the dimples of her smile, and often taken in the shoulder length, pale blonde hair with appreciation.

When asked about her, one disgruntled Imperial Stormtrooper whom had the misfortune of trying to arrest her commented that, "She was a slippery as an eel and as attractive as the stars. She was bawdy, but with the voice of an aristocrat. Those legs went on forever - and by the Emperor, could she kick like a mule.”

Special Notes: Temari is, for all her sins, a Force Sensitive. This ability has manifested itself in her extremely  well maintained physical conditioning, and a preternatural sense of warning and premonition as well as the occasional unexplained random accident. The blond often finds herself feeling more in touch with nature and her surroundings, as well as the workings and vibrancy of her own life forces. She gained at least a modicum of control over these abilities after a short stay with the Force Witches of Dathomir while on the run from the Emperor’s Jedi hunters, during the consolidation of the Empire, before resuming her efforts in planetary and military scouting.

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